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Captain Hook

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It was just a typical Sunday for Bucky, so far at least. He was sitting on the couch watching TV, finding it nice to not have to worry about something. He’s even got real dinner plans with Sam for once too. No chaos, no aliens, sorcerers, or whatever Sam wants to call it.

But speaking of Sam.

“Hey Buck what’s this?” Sam was holding a case he likely found in the closet. “It kinda looks like the case my cap suit came in, but that’s in my room.”

“That…” He’s going to kill Shuri for this.

Before he got his current arm prior to the battle with Thanos, he’d go to Shuri’s lab once and awhile to work on prototypes. They weren’t as advanced like his current one by any means, but rather it was just to see what he like and didn’t like. And it served as an opportunity to Shuri to mess with Bucky with the sort of things she’d come up with. Unfortunately for Bucky, she insisted he bring the case with himself after leaving Wakanda.

Bucky continued, “Uh, nothing, those are just some arm prototypes in case something happens to this one.” He gestured with his left arm.

“You’re sounding like you don’t want me to open this.” Sam said, as he placed the case down to open it. Sam looked at the older arm for a second before picking it up, “I don’t see why you’re acting weird it’s just an arm-“

But then the hand of the arm fell off. Sam looked confused, but Bucky knew hell was coming to him.

“It doesn’t seem like Shuri to make something so flimsy.”

“It’s not.”

“Then why-“ Sam must’ve noticed the other contents in the box, “-Ahh what’s this?”

The thing about this prototype arm was that the hand can be taken off, and other attachments can be added. Useful in theory, Bucky thought, but…

Sam let out a sudden burst of laughter, “Is this a hook?” Sam picked up the hook from the case, “Like, ‘Arrg i’m a pirate’ type of hook?”

“Shuri’s idea of a practical joke.”

Sam examined the other attachments, “HA is this a.. wii remote nunchuck? Please, tell me how this works, I need to know.”

“Well.” Bucky sighed, goddammit Shuri, “Instead of the nerve impulse wiring going to actually moving fingers, it moves the the little control thingy.”

Sam smirked, “We are so playing Mario Kart with this later.” Sam locked eyes with Bucky, and if he knew any better, Sam was gonna ask him to do something. “You should put this arm on. Not forcing you to though.”

In that case, Bucky wouldn’t do it. But is he going to refuse with Sam looking at him like that? No, he supposes not. “Fine.”

Hitting the pressure points in his current arm to release it from the socket, he switches it out with the prototype arm. Of course Sam already put on an attachment, and wouldn’t he know, it’s the hook.

“Now all you gotta do is get some pirate getup and we got a real Captain Hook on our hands.”

“We have dinner in less than an hour and there’s no way i’m going out like that.”

“Fine, party pooper. No pirate getup.”

“Glad we agree on that.” Bucky reached over to remove the arm when Sam stopped him.

“No no no, you’re wearing the hook to dinner. I got a thing for pirates.”

“Well how can I refuse, then.” Bucky said flatly.

“And don’t think I forgot about the Mario Kart thing.”

“I hate you.”

“You really do know how to sweet talk a man, Barnes.”