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Spying On Your Boyfriend, Just Don't Do It!

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It was supposed to be a normal sleepover. 


Exam season was starting in earnest, and both Kyan Reki and Hasegawa Langa knew that they wouldn’t have much time to skate, much less hang out. So, when Langa had asked him over for the night, Reki said yes without giving it too much thought. It had been during lunch and they’d been looking over footage Miya had sent them from his recent competition. Because his attention had been drawn elsewhere, he knew he only had himself to blame.


When he and Langa had entered the Hasagawa apartment, it had been dark and plates of food were wrapped up on the dining table with a note saying that Mrs. Hasagawa had to head back to the office for an emergency and she would be back later. Langa had shrugged it off, focusing on what was wrapped on the plates while Reki’s mind screamed at him that they were truly alone for the first time since they started… dating. 


It was still weird to him; that he was dating his best friend and a foreigner. If someone had told him this is how things would turn out the first day Langa had showed up, Reki would have laughed in their faces. Loudly. And yet, his freaking out about being alone with said boyfriend was proof enough of his feelings and the sudden awareness of Langa made him realize that he desired him as well. And it was embarrassing. His face had flushed so hot he felt like he’d stuck it in an oven. 


Langa, oblivious as ever, had thought it was too hot in the apartment and blasted the air condition unit. Though he was freezing his ass off, it managed to snap him out of his thoughts and the curry and vegetables effectively made him forget any remaining anxieties. 


After dinner, Langa had pushed them to do their homework, claiming that they would “feel better” getting it out of the way. Reki found it hard to stay focused, mostly because it was a Friday night. But also because Langa had chosen to sit close to him, close enough to feel his body heat. That close, Reki could also smell him, the scent of flowers and honey as intoxicating as it was distracting. Yet, he’d managed to act like he wasn’t affected, and dwelling on the fact that they were still alone , though it had gotten later and later in the evening. 


Langa had suggested they go out for a casual beef to their new “spot” at the underpass between their homes, but Reki just wanted to hop in the shower, if only to have some time and space to think to himself. Always the gracious host, Langa had let him go first. Reki even did his due diligence to prevent a porno-like scenario from happening: he brought all his clothes into the bathroom, and grabbed an extra drying towel for good measure. 


And yet. 


Here he stood. Peeking through Langa's cracked door, getting an eyeful of a scene he never thought he’d see in real life. 


His eyes immediately landed on the most perplexing part of this scenario, which was Langa’s dick at full mast in his hand. The hand that wasn’t moving up and down furiously over an erection had something balled in it, and it was held to Langa's face. Reki craned his neck to try and get a better angle without disturbing the door and felt his skin prickle with heat when he realized that his headband was in Langa’s fist, and that he was holding it to his nose. 


Langa is… using my sweatband to…! It was the last thing Reki expected from his aloof boyfriend, and he swore he could feel his synapses explode from firing. His utter shock overwhelmed him so wholeheartedly that he didn’t even realize his body responding to the sight in front of him. 


Ahhh,… ” Langa moaned his name as his finger traced over the tip of his dick, his hips lifting from the bed slightly. 


Reki was set ablaze and his armpits prickled with sweat, his mouth dry and his tongue heavy. Langa paused his movements to glance at the door, and Reki tip-toed away from the doorway, also conveniently realizing he had shut the shower off. Langa would know that he’d be leaving the bathroom soon. Damn it, I should have left the faucet running or something! Reki shook his head at the thought. It’s not like I knew he’d be… and what am I watching for anyway?!


Langa’s sudden hiss called Reki back to the cracked door, and he bit his tongue hard enough for the blood to spurt in his mouth, sharp and tangy. While he’d stepped away, heart threatening to fall out of his ass at being caught, Langa had put the headband over his head so that it was positioned partially over his mouth and under his nose. It was where that other hand was that made all thoughts cease. 


Like any horny teenage boy, Reki looked at porn. And since falling for Langa, he’d looked into how men had sex. So, he knew that eventually some of the things he’d seen they would eventually try out. But, he’d always assumed he’d be the one having to prepare himself. Right in front of him though, Langa pushed two long fingers into his ass. The hand gripping his dick was still moving, though not as fast as before. 


Fuck,” Langa groaned, thrusting those fingers inside him with increasing speed. 


This time, Reki realized he was sporting a raging hard on, but only because precum had made a large enough wet spot at the front of his boxers. And now that he realized it, Reki shifted his weight on his feet at how tight everything felt. He wanted nothing more than to grab his own erection and do what Langa was doing until he found release, but the guilt at standing and watching kept him from reaching for his throbbing dick. 


Reki, right… there!” Langa’s moans were a little louder and more frequent as he favored fingering himself, and Reki gawked at seeing a third slender finger join the other two. He could tell by how Langa’s hips were moving that he was close to orgasm. Reki reached for the waistband of his shorts, not entirely sure what he was going to do. But his body was begging for release, and I think I can catch it all in my hands. 


His hand wrapped around his dick and he looked up in time to see Langa’s body stiffen before shuddering, ropes of cum spilling onto his exposed stomach. Reki felt like there was something stuck in his throat as he watched more cum spill as Langa removed the three fingers from his ass. Is that… it? 


Langa rose from the bed slowly reaching so that he was briefly out of Reki’s eyesight. When back into view, he had wipes in his hand. Shit, he’s gonna be going to the bathroom and I have a freaking boner! Reki hobbled back down the hall as quietly as he could, the spot of precum cold against him, a cruel reminder of his behavior. He softly shut the bathroom door, locking it as he turned the faucet on. He’d thankfully left his toothbrush and toothpaste which he planned on using to cover his shame. However, he had his dick to take care of. 


Reki debated the best way to get rid of his problem and resigned himself to jerking on off into the toilet. The running faucet was loud enough to cover any noises, and he would use his shirt to muffle any sounds he might make. Double checking the door again, he stood over the toilet and pulled out his dick. There was more precum than he’d thought but he barely felt the embarrassment as he gripped himself firmly. He knew it wouldn’t take long and Reki couldn’t help but play the scene over again, recalling how Langa’s fingers had teased his entrance, at first using those fingers to stretch himself open. 


Reki’s knees hit the toilet seat as he felt his impending orgasm. It had been a while since he’d jacked off, and he knew there’d be a lot. Maybe as much Langa’s. So… much… cu—


“Reki, are you almost done?” 


The bottom of Reki’s shirt fell out of his mouth from him dropping it in shock, but his orgasm couldn’t be stopped, and the moan escaped before he could think about it. The faucet just barely managed to cover up the sound of his cum hitting the toilet water and the embarrassment soured the usual bliss that filled him post nut. 


“...Um, Reki?”


Fuck! By Langa’s questioning tone, he had clearly heard his moan. He tried to clear his throat but choked around his tongue. The coughs racked through him and Langa’s knocks became more insistent. This is so fucking embarassing! 


“I-I’m fine! Almost done brushing my teeth!” 


“Okay, well hurry up!”


Once it was clear that Langa had retreated, Reki sighed and reached for the toilet paper in resignation. I just watched my boyfriend jerk off and then got off to it like a total creep! It was humiliating and he would take this secret to his grave. 


Langa knocked on the door a few moments later as Reki was actually brushing his teeth. “What’s up? I promise I’m almost done!”


“I just wanted to say... that next time, you don’t have to just watch.”