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Little!Reader BTS Requests Pt. 3

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REQUESTS ARE OPEN FROM NOW, 5/3/21 00:00 UNTIL 5/8/21 00:00.

I have 4 more requests from the last batch of requests that will be posted during this week that requests are open and directly after, then I will begin working on these new requests.

A quick reminder of the rules:

No sexual age play, messing/scat/poop, vomiting, suicide/suicide attempts, double penetration, breathplay, pet play, female-recieving anal sex, gender-bend BTS/BP/TXT (male reader or !trans reader/nb reader is fine to request), ABO, fantasy/magic/religious AUs.

Requests must be BTS or !Reader focused. I do not write BP or TxT-centric stories.

I will not include any fandoms outside of BTS, BP, TXT.