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The first week after ShaoFei brought Tang Yi to prison was bad, really bad. He tried not to sound too heartbroken in his daily letters, but he wasn't confident he managed to do that. To be honest, he just wanted to lay in bed all day long and miss his love with every little piece of his body. But for Yi he had to stay strong, god-damn it, he wasn't the one imprisoned here, and yet he felt like shit. Maybe he should try to keep himself busy. He'll bury himself in work for the following three years, and they will be over before he'll know it. So he made his way over to the station and started to do all the paperwork he could find.

ZhaoZi was worried, although he knew, that his friend would be sad when Tang Yi had to go to prison, he didn't expect it to be that bad. He was in bed snuggled closely to his boyfriend Jack after a long day at work. While revisiting the past day he started to think about ShaoFei and how he would bury himself in paperwork, he really hoped his best friend would get better, he couldn't possibly keep on overworking himself like that for the following three years. He even promised Tang Yi to take good care of himself, but somehow ZhaoZi could understand the other Officer. If it was Jack who had to go to prison for three years, he would be a sobbing mess. It was a riddle to him how ShaoFei even managed to go to work. Subconsciously he pulled his Dian-Dian closer though that seemed impossible.

Jack had noticed the frown building on his boyfriend's beautiful forehead a little while ago but decided not to ask about it. But as ZhaoZi pulled him closer he held him tightly and gently asked: "What is troubling you?" - "I thought about A'Fei and how bad he must feel without Tang Yi. Then I imagined it was you who had to go to prison for three years and I just had to hold you closer to make sure you're here and not going anywhere." - "That's right An-An, I will stay. Because I certainly can't live without you anymore." After a while, ZhaoZi looked up "Can we invite A'Fei for dinner tomorrow? You can cook something good, and maybe he'll forget that Tang Yi isn't there for a few hours." - "Sure" Jack replied with a smile only ZhaoZi got to see "Whatever you want" and being Jack he couldn't resist and added "But you know that you can't have your usual dessert with Meng ShaoFei here" - "Jack" ZhaoZi whined and hit the other mans chest. "Sorry, baby, I just couldn't resist". - "You're so lucky that I love you" the smaller one joked, to which Jack very seriously replied "I am indeed. I love you, too, An-An. And now sleep, you have to go to work early tomorrow." - "Good night, Dian-Dian". - "Good night, baby"

Beep beep beep. 'God damn it, why doesn't Yi switch of that annoying thing already' ShaoFei thought. He reached over to the other side of the bed only to find it cold and empty. Then the reality hit him like a truck: his lover was gone for the coming three years. With a heavy sign ShaoFei got out of bed and switched off the alarm clock. His gaze fell on the pile of letters he wrote so far to Tang Yi, he hadn't had the time to bring them to the post office yet. He had to do that soon, otherwise his love would maybe think that he had forgotten about him. Not that that would ever happen. To stop that destructive train of thought right from the beginning he went to shower and get ready for the day. As he came down to the kitchen for breakfast, he felt his chest clench once again, Yi wasn't here to cook him a meal like he used to do for the last months. It will be hard for him to stay in the house without Tang Yi for the following three years, but they discussed it and came to the conclusion that he would stay here so that the mafia boss would know that his love was safe. He let out another heavy sign and made himself breakfast. After he finished he headed out to the police station.

"A'Fei. Good morning. How are you?" a happy ZhaoZi greeted him at the police station. And before he could answer he continued "You have to come to dinner tonight. Jack is cooking and his cooking is the best, so no backing out. You need to have some company, you can't resent to your shell, you did that for a week already." - "Woah, woah. ZhaoZi slow down, usually I'm the talkative one here. To answer your questions: I'm doing ok, I guess, I just miss him a lot. I'll come to dinner tonight. And by the way, a good morning to you, too." After that they went to their respective desks and did some paperwork as they had no open cases currently.

Before they knew it, it was lunchtime, surely ZhaoZis favorite time of the workday, not because this meant food but because this meant Jack bringing him food. But that was something his co-workers didn't have to know, so it came in handy that he was a huge foodie. "Hey An-An. Here is your lunch" a smiling Jack said entering their office space. Jack smiling was not unusual, he actually kind of always smiled, but ZhaoZi beamed, because he knew that this specific loving smile was reserved for him and him only. "Finally, I haven't eaten anything since breakfast" ZhaoZi smiled. "But why do you have two lunch boxes with you? Not that I am complaining." - "This one is for Meng ShaoFei." - "Huh?" two equally confused Officers looked at Jack. "Ex-boss's lawyer paid me a visit today and told me that ex-boss wanted me to make sure that his hubby ate his lunch. So that's what I'm doing." - "That's actually really sweet of Tang Yi, but that better be all you do for him. I swear if you do anything illegal for him, I'll kill you" ZhaoZi threatened. "I would never risk my life with you baby. I love you way too much for doing that" - "Look at the mercenary going all sappy on his boyfriend" ShaoFei teased, making ZhaoZi blush. Jack just shot him an annoyed look. "That's exactly the reason I go all sappy on him, because he is my boyfriend, the most important person in my life and I want him to know how much I love him." ZhaoZi's blush got more and more intense as he hit Jack. "Don't say stuff like that in front of my co-workers" - "So it's ok if I say it at home?" - "You are unbelievable Jack" was all ZhaoZi managed to say. "Let's eat" ShaoFei saved his best friend. "Yeah, let's eat" he agreed eagerly. After Jack left the rest of the day went by eventless. ShaoFei even found time to write his daily letter to Tang Yi.

ShaoFei knocked at ZhaoZis door at 7 pm and a second later the house's owner opened it with the widest smile "Hello, A'Fei. Nice to see you again" - "We literally saw each other 2 hours ago ZhaoZi" ShaoFei answered laughing. "I know, but still, it's nice to see you. Especially when you are laughing. I didn't see you do that this last week a lot" - "Yeah, well. It's hard to laugh, if your lover isn't around". - "I know, I'm sorry for reminding you. Why don't you come in first?" They entered the living room and ShaoFei greeted Jack who was standing in the open kitchen cooking dinner. The police officers sat down on the table and talked about the newest gossip from the department as they watched Jack moving around pots and pans.

Not long after that dinner was served and the three of them started eating, well more like ShaoFei ate and Jack fed ZhaoZi with his favorites. "You two are really the most disgustingly sweet couple I know" ShaoFei cringed at the sight of the two. - "Oh my god, we are idiots. Sorry A'Fei, we are sitting here and being sweet when you are here all alone without Tang Yi." - "No, it's ok. I am just surprised how sweet Jack actually can be. I did not expect that at all." - "Like I told you earlier, An-An is the most important person in my life and I have to make sure that I take good care of him. I want him to know how much I love him with everything I do and say." - "I'm sure his grandmother would have approved of you" ShaoFei said. - "Thank you. That means a lot" Jack answered with an honest smile.

After they finished dinner talking about everything and nothing, Jack went to clean up in the kitchen. ShaoFei and ZhaoZi settled on the couch, because ZhaoZi insisted that he would burst if he didn't lay down. "Maybe you should eat a little less" ShaoFei suggested "But Jack's cooking is the best, and we can't risk anything going to waste, can we?" ShaoFei could only laugh at ZhaoZis impressive logic. They lounged on the couch for a couple of minutes. "ShaoFei, please tell me honestly. How are you?" ZhaoZi ended the comfortable silence between them. "Honestly, I don't know. It's really hard to wake up and remember that Yi is not here. I try to work a lot, so that I have something to do... I know, that's not healthy and that I can't keep this up for three years, but I really hope, that it will get better over time. There are definitely moments, I feel really down, but I try to remind myself, that it's not forever, and I'll get to see him in three weeks." - "You are allowed to visit him?" - "Yeah, once a month I can visit him for an hour, there will be a glass between us. But at least I can see him..."

"I told you about how I write him a letter a day right?" ZhaoZi nodded "Strangely it really helps me, when I write them I feel really close to him." - "So that stupid promise actually helps you. That's good." ZhaoZi smiled reassuringly at his best friend. "You know I am always here for you, you are not alone A'Fei. You can call me anytime or come over and sleep here, if the house gets to big and lonely" - "Thank you ZhaoZi. That really means a lot. It's just... I don't know how to put it... I just feel so... Incomplete without A'Yi by my side." ZhaoZi scooted over the couch and hugged his best friend tightly. "I don't know how hard it is or how you feel, but I'll be there for you." ShaoFei smiled sadly "Thank you, ZhaoZi, you're the best." - "Anytime, you would do the same for me"

Jack joined them bringing drinks for them, they continued talking for a bit as they finished the drinks. It was already 11 o'clock when ShaoFei left his friends house feeling a bit better. 'It will be alright, I can endure being without Tang Yi for those three years. What are three years against a lifetime' he thought and started to smile as he imagined their future together.