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Exactly What You're Looking For

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The glass on the cryotube drew back, letting a fog roll out into the room. As soon as the glass was fully retracted, an avalanche of small items spilled onto the floor. Odds and ends, everything from keys to bottle caps came tumbling out.

The Asset was still unconscious. It would be a few more minutes before he began to stir. The team of agents was already cleaning up the soulmate items, trash bags in hand. It shouldn’t surprise Rumlow, but it was still strange to think that the Winter Soldier had a soulmate.

A watch laying inside the cryotube caught his eye, and without thinking too much about it, he crossed over to where the Asset laid and picked it up.

It was heavy in his hand, well made, and it was still ticking. He checked the time against the clock on the wall and saw it was right. Whoever the Winter Soldier’s soulmate was, they were in the same time zone. What were the odds?

He fit the watch to his wrist with a smirk and waited for the Asset to wake up.

They had a mission to complete.

Bucky hadn’t slept great the night before, so he wasn’t paying attention when he grabbed the pair of pants beside him that morning. If he were honest, he wasn’t even sure he’d opened his eyes. He was operating on muscle memory.

He got one leg in, noticing it felt a little tight, but he didn’t think too much of it. It was still early, the sun just creeping over the horizon. He struggled to get his other leg in, then started to shimmy them up. He got them to his ass, where they grew very tight like his thighs had grown thicker overnight.

Finally, his brain connected the dots, and he realized that something wasn’t right. He looked down at the jeans and saw they were a lighter wash than the ones he’d taken off last night, and the legs were too tight.

Face scrunched in confusion, he tried tugging them up once more, then groaned in frustration.

Looking to the side of the bed, he saw his jeans from the night before. He looked back at the pair he was trying to wriggle on and sighed.

It was too early for this shit, and apparently, somewhere in the world, his soulmate was looking for his pants.

Sam was sure he left his dildo in the drawer beside his bed, but when he looked, it wasn’t there. Then he remembered taking it to the bathroom to clean. Somewhere between drying it and putting it away, he’d lost it.

Then, like a wave slowly crashing over him, a horrifying thought hit him. He had a soulmate, which meant somewhere in this world, his soulmate would be waking up with Sam’s dildo beside them.

The only comfort he had was knowing that it was at least clean. He didn’t think his soulmate would be too forgiving finding a lubed-up dildo in their bed.

He really hoped they had a sense of humor. They were gonna need it with a soulmate like him.

Bucky considered himself an in-control type of guy, and he usually knew where his things were. That was until he took in a stray white cat he’d later named Alpine. It was shorthaired, and its right ear was missing, but Bucky had connected with it instantly. They were both survivors, trying to get by in a harsh world.

And it was all going well--until it wasn’t.

Because Bucky had left the window open when he’d gone to the store. When he got home, Alpine was nowhere to be found. He tried looking for him all day and night, left out cans of tuna, but it was no use. Alpine was gone.

He hoped wherever he was, he was okay.

Sam’s eyes were still closed, which is why he assumed he was dreaming when he heard a cat meow next to him. Snuffling against his pillow, he rolled over, only to get a face full of fur.

His eyes snapped open, and he jumped back. There was a literal asshole in his face, an asshole attached to a white cat. The cat turned around, purring, and Sam noted it was missing an ear.

“What the fuck?” he said, then blinked a few times, hoping the cat would disappear.

The cat meowed again, looking at him expectantly.

“Again, what the ever-loving fuck?”

Sam got up, pointedly avoiding the cat. He checked the windows and doors, but everything was sealed up tight. Then the dawning realization hit him. His fucking soulmate must have lost their cat.

Dragging a hand over his mouth, he watched in horror as the little cat rubbed against his leg, purring like a motorboat. And then a second later, because he was just that lucky, his nose started to itch, and he sneezed.

Perfect. Just perfect.

He was allergic to cats.

His soulmate owed him so much for this.

-Alternate Ending-

Sam and Bucky had been dating a while, and things were just getting interesting. Bucky was lying on his bed, wearing nothing but his socks, and Sam was straddling him, still in boxers. He’d stripped off his shirt before they’d even made it to the bedroom, Bucky wanting access to his chest.

“Where’s the lube?” Sam asked, ready to get this show on the road. The idea of Bucky opening him up was almost too much. He thought things couldn’t get more perfect. They’d been working toward this for so long.

He rocked his hips, feeling Bucky hard beneath him, snug between his cheeks. Unable to help himself, he ground down against him, pulling a groan from them both.

Yeah, he was ready for the lube. He wanted Bucky in him, sooner rather than later.

“In the nightstand.” Bucky nodded toward it. Then his tongue peeked out to wet his lips, his eyes lidded. “You’re gorgeous like this.”

Sam was too far gone to be embarrassed by the praise. Instead, it just made the ache to be filled deepen until he felt it down to his toes.

Putting one hand on Bucky’s chest to steady himself, he stretched to the nightstand, fingers barely able to reach. He missed the handle the first few times he tried. Then he rocked his hips forward a little, feeling Bucky press against him, and grabbed the handle, pulling it open.

He wasn’t prepared for what greeted him in the drawer.

He nearly fell off Bucky when his eyes landed on the purple dildo, tucked in the back behind the lube. He recognized it immediately. He’d know it anywhere. It had been a custom job. Besides, he recognized the worn yellow smiley face sticker on the bottom of the handle. He wasn’t even sure why he’s stuck it there, but now, it made him certain that it was his dildo in Bucky’s drawer.

Which meant...

Forgetting the lube, he dragged himself back onto Bucky, his mouth slightly open. His eyebrows knit together, and he tried to think of what to say. “That’s—that’s my dildo,” he stuttered out.

That seemed good. It was to the point anyway, and he hoped Bucky understood what he meant.

Bucky frowned, eyes flicking to the drawer, then back to Sam. “Wait, what?”

A laugh bubbled up out of Sam. He pressed a hand against Bucky’s chest, leaning down to kiss him. He nipped at Bucky’s lips, his own mouth stretching into a smile. “You don’t happen to be missing a one-eared cat?”

Bucky pushed him back. “What? Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

Sam nodded, a smile splitting his face.

“You really have my cat?” Bucky said dumbly. Clearly, his brain was still catching up.

“Well, it’s my cat now, but yeah. Also, you owe me for all the allergy meds I’ve had to buy. I’m fucking allergic.”

Bucky’s eyes turned soft, a crooked smile brushing over his lips. “You’re really mine?”

Sam blinked, looking up from Bucky’s plump lips to meet his gaze. “Only if you get your dick in me soon.”

Bucky laughed, “Fair enough.” His gaze slowly raked over Sam, making him squirm. Everything about Bucky was intense. Then finally, Bucky licked his lips and said, “Come here.”

Bucky gripped Sam’s hips, then slid his hands up his back, pulling him closer.

Sam grabbed Bucky’s shoulders and lowered himself into a kiss. He put everything into it, all his desires and love. When they finally broke apart with kiss-bitten lips, a thought occurred to Sam, making his face scrunch in confusion. “Wait, have you been using it?”

Bucky frowned, hands smoothing up and down Sam’s sides. “Using what?”

“The dildo.”

Bucky laughed, dragging him back down. He pecked at his lips. “Why else would it be in the drawer?”