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“you knew?"

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She stares at the screen, reviewing all the footage again, from the night before at the concert to see if there was anything more they had missed. Every time Sara’s wide smile and bright blue eyes flash across the screen, it makes her intake a sharp breath, and it never gets any easier the more times she watches the video. The more times she hears the words fall from Sara’s lips; “I am going to propose to my girlfriend.” 


It almost wrecks her completely, and she takes a staggering step backwards only to bump into Nate in her hurry to just get out. 


“Hey, you okay?” He questions softly, his hands gripping both of her biceps as she stabilizes herself on her feet. 


She nods, almost over convincingly. “Yeah, Nate, I’m fine.” She says softly. 


“I know you don’t want to talk about it, but Ava, you still haven’t said anything about Sara’s proposal.” He brings up again. 


She just shakes her head in response. “I said I was fine. Sara’s out there. She’s alive. I can feel it. We saw proof in the way that wormhole opened up and spit out those pods. She’ll come back to us, we just need to help her.” Ava reassures herself more than him. 


He shrugs, knowing Ava seemed to be right. The wormhole had been a positive sign that Sara was out there. So, he gives her one last look before turning to walk away. 


“Hey, Nate?” She asks, hesitantly before he gets too far. He turns, facing her, inquisitively. “How come you didn’t seem as surprised as I was or the rest of the team when Sara on the screen said she was going to propose to me?” Nate looks down sheepishly at his feet for a moment. And in that very minuscule moment, its all it takes for it to sink in with Ava. “You knew?” She asks. 


Nate nods his head in confirmation before walking back over to Ava, leaning up against the table she had been working at, crossing his arms over his chest. “Yeah, I knew.” He says softly. 


Sara hadn’t felt this nervous since the time she had run off stage in her Peter Pan costume back in elementary school. Though, at least this time, she knew they were happy nerves, butterflies fluttering around in her stomach as she reached Nate’s cabin and knocked before Gideon slid the door open on his command. 


“I have a mission we have to go on.” She swallows and Nate perks up, standing up immediately. 


“Cool, where we headed, Cap?” He said, readying himself as much as he could without warning. 


Sara looks down for a moment, trying to tamp down the butterflies in her chest. “Star City, 2021.” She says and Nate looks confused. “We have to see my dad, and then um, I need your help with picking something up.” She says softly, the man still not catching on. 


But Nate shrugs anyway, following her to the jump ship and telling Gideon they’d be back soon. If Ava asks, tell her to just call. 


Before long, Nate notices they’re outside an apartment building and knocking on one of the residents’ doors before an older man with a buzzcut opens the door to them, smiling widely as he pulls Sara in for a hug.


“Hey, Baby Girl, who’s your friend?” He asks. 


“Dad, this is Nate, Nate this is my dad, Quentin.” She makes quick work of the introductions. “I just came here to tell you Nate and I are ring shopping today. I want to ask Ava to marry me.” 


And there it was. The picture that Nate had been holding in his hands, a picture of Sara, her father and a woman he assumed was her sister Laurel, smiling brightly back at him, clatters to the ground as he makes eye contact with his friend in shock. 


“You’re going to ask her to marry you?” He asks almost as giddy as a kid in a candy store. The smile that finds its way to his face draws from ear to ear in excitement, and if he wasn’t in front of Sara’s father, she’s sure he would’ve started jumping up and down for half of a second. But instead, he pulls her into a surprised hug, squeezing her close. “She’ll say yes. You make her so happy, Cap.” 


Once Nate releases his hold on her, she looks back up at her father, for his thoughts, and is met with a smile that beams just as bright as Nate’s. “I have never seen you as happy as you are now. If Ava is the one who makes you feel this way, I can’t wait for her to be apart of our family. I’d be lucky to call her my new daughter-in-law.” Quentin smiles, pulling Sara into another hug now. 


She relishes in the feeling of her father’s arms wrapped around her for another moment longer before she pulls away. “Thanks, Dad.” She says softly, as if she’s trying to hold back tears. “Okay, before I lose it, we need to go. I’m taking Nate to help me pick out a ring.”


“Wait.” Quentin stops her before disappearing into what Nate thinks is probably his bedroom. They stand there, waiting, listening to the sound of shuffling and a door creaking. There’s rustling of probably papers, and a grunt at one point. Sara calls out to make sure her dad is alright and he replies that he was before returning to them in the living room, holding out a ring in between his fingers. 


Sara studies it for a moment, trying to remember if she recognized it at all, or not. It’s a unique ring. The stone in the middle is a brilliant blue, almost the shade of her own eyes, and the band is silver, or maybe white gold. The stone is cut into a round shape and sits on top of the band, simple, yet elegant. 


“Your grandmother found this ring, back oh lord, I was probably only still in high school at the time. She gave it to me, and told me to marry a girl with it. And so I did. And I married your mother. And when we divorced, she told me to keep it for you and your sister, keep it in the family to pass down to one of you. We had a feeling that Tommy would’ve ended up proposing, and I had it ready to give him, years ago, until–” he grows silent for a moment. “But secretly, I’m really glad I never had to give this to Tommy. I always mentioned to your mother how much this diamond reminded me of your eyes and I thought that whomever you married should give it to you, or at least stay between you and your partner.” 


Sara’s bright blue eyes are now fighting back the tears as she listens to her dad tell her about the ring. She accepts it, as he places it into her hands and squeezes them gently. She hugs him one last time before looking back at Nate, silently asking him if he was ready to go. He nods as Quentin begins to walk them to the door. 


“Call me and tell me what Ava’s answer is, okay kiddo?” He says, even though all three of them are positive it won’t be anything other than an ecstatic yes. 


She nods before the two of them leave the apartment building. 


As they walk out of the building, to the alley where the jump ship was cloaked at, Sara holds the ring out to Nate. “Can you hang onto this for me? Just until I figure out the perfect moment. I don’t want her to see it on accident in our room.” 


Nate grins at her, accepting the ring solemnly. 


“Nate, I swear if you lose it, I will skin you alive.” 


“Noted.” He promises. 


“I kept it in my nightstand for two weeks until she pulled me aside and asked me to give it to her last night.” He says softly. “She said that she felt like she waited long enough, that there wasn’t ever going to be a perfect moment and that she just couldn’t wait any longer to call you her wife.” 


Ava takes a deep breath, trying to hold back the tears that threaten to spill over. “I told her yes. When John made the connection, I told her I’d marry her when she got back home. We just need to bring her back home, to us. We’re supposed to do this together.” She says, weakly. “I can’t do this if she never comes back. Nate, she has to come back home.” 


Nate leans forward, pulling her into a hug and holding onto her for a moment. “We’re gong to get her back. Someone has to wife her up.” Nate laughs, getting Ava to crack a small smile in between her tears. 


They’d get her back, she just had to hold onto that hope that her love for Sara would bring her back to them.