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Been waiting for you...

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Tell me, tell me that you want me,

And I'll be yours completely

For better or for worse.

I know, we'll have our disagreements,

Be fighting for no reason.

I wouldn't change it for the world.

'Cause I knew the first day that I met you

I was never gonna let you,

Let you slip away.

And I still remember feeling nervous

And trying to find the words to

Get you here today.

You make my heart feel like it's summer

When the rain is pouring down.

You make my whole world feel so right when it's wrong.

That's how I know you are the one.

That's why I know you are the one

Life is easy to be scared of.

With you I am prepared for

What is yet to come.

'Cause our two hearts will make it easy.

Joining up the pieces

Together making one.

(Christen - “The One” by Kodaline)

We’re all looking,

That’s what she said,

For someone to share our thoughts,

For someone to share our beds.

But if you find someone that doesn’t try to change you,

If you find someone that doesn’t have to blame you,

If you find someone you don’t need to explain to,

You’ve found the one you love.

We’re all searching,

That’s all I know,

For someone to keep us warm,

When the rain soaks through our clothes.

But if you find a hand to hold when the night comes,

To be there when you’re old and your frightened,

If you find someone who loves you with the lights on,

You’ve found the one you love.

(Tobin - “The One You love” by Passenger feat. Kate Miller Heidke)


“Babe! Would you grab that?” Christen yelled from the bathroom. She was busy helping Scottie wash the paint from her hands, so she couldn’t answer the phone she’d left on the table.

“Got it!” Tobin called, wiping her hands on a rag and picking up Christen’s cell phone from the table in her studio. She didn’t even look at who was calling, too distracted by the little hearts and smiley faces Scottie had painted on her forearm. 

“Hello,” Tobin said, unbuttoning the huge shirt she had put on as a smock. 

“Uh...I’m assuming this is Tobin?” Vlatko’s voice came through the phone, slight amusement in his tone.

“Yes...Christen’s upstairs. I’m gonna guess this is Vlatko?” she said, knowing exactly what his voice sounded like. 

“Yes,” he chuckled. “Would you mind bringing her the phone?”

“Yeah. Yes. Of course,” Tobin spluttered, forgetting about the smock and racing up the stairs, her feet nearly slipping on several of the steps. But she didn’t care. 

This was the call. This was the phone call Christen had been secretly stressing over, the one that had Christen tensing up every time her phone rang, and it was finally happening. 

Christen’s joyous laughter filtered out of the bathroom, completely blind to who was on the phone and the fact that Tobin was racing to give it to her. “I should really stop trying to wear any sort of white clothing over here,” she laughed, making Scottie giggle in response.

“I’m sorry,” Scottie said with a sheepish smile, looking at the small heart she’d drawn on the neck of Christen’s shirt. 

“Hey, I’m taking over,” Tobin said breathlessly, poking her head into the bathroom. 

“I got it, babe,” Christen replied with a reassuring smile.

“No, I’m taking over,” Tobin repeated. 

Christen’s brow furrowed at the change in Tobin’s tone. She pressed a kiss to Scottie’s head and stepped away from where the girl was sitting on the counter. 

“Everything okay?” Christen whispered, her hands falling to her hips.

“Your phone’s on the coffee table, and Vlatko’s on hold,” Tobin murmured quietly. 

Christen immediately stilled, her green eyes flashing with worry. She swallowed thickly and nodded.

“You’ve got this,” Tobin whispered, pressing a kiss to Christen’s forehead for luck. “It’s written in Sharpie, remember?” 

Christen chuckled weakly and nodded. “I’ll be right back,” she murmured, reaching out to squeeze Tobin’s forearm and then moving toward the living room, snagging her phone off the coffee table.

“Hey, Coach,” Christen greeted, trying to sound as confident and upbeat as she could. 

“That sounds more like you,” Vlatko teased. 

Christen forced a laugh and ran a hand through her hair, starting to pace around the room. 

“Sorry, I was on hand-washing duty and left my phone with Tobin.”

“No sorry needed. That’s a very important job,” Vlatko replied, a smile evident in his voice. “Would you like me to put you out of your misery now or ask about how you’re doing first?”

“I’m doing wonderful so let’s jump to the misery business, Coach,” Christen said with a more genuine laugh this time.

“You still free this summer?” Vlatko asked. 

“Definitely,” Christen confirmed, feeling her stomach tighten in anticipation.

“Not anymore. We’d love for you to join us in Sydney.”

Christen schooled her reaction, not wanting to completely freak out while still on the phone with Vlatko.

“Thank you, Coach. I look forward to helping us win Gold,” Christen replied, a little breathlessly, her beaming smile clear in her words.

“That’s what I like to hear,” Vlatko laughed. “We’ll be having a camp before the Summer Series. That’ll be at the end of this month, and then we’ll have a couple send-off games at the beginning of July. You’re free to compete with Gotham between the camps.”

“I’ll put that on my calendar,” Christen replied, still pacing circles around the room.

“We’ll send more detailed information in an email later this week, so you and your family can coordinate schedules,” Vlatko added. 

“Thank you,” Christen said, feeling beyond grateful.

“Thank you . Now, go get back to hand-washing. I’ll see you in a few weeks,” Vlatko chuckled. 

With another laugh, Christen bid him goodbye and hung up the phone, dropping it back onto the coffee table. 

She took a moment to breathe, to feel , to embrace the importance and weight of the phone call she’d just received. And then she was taking off at a run, sprinting to the bathroom where she knew Tobin and Scottie still were.

She skidded to a stop in the doorframe, an elated smile on her face.

“It was good news,” Scottie said, slipping off of the bathroom counter and making Tobin turn around to look at Christen. 

“I’m going to the Olympics,” Christen breathed out, still looking a little like she couldn’t quite believe the news.

Within a split second, Tobin and Scottie were both cheering, fist-pumping, and wrapping their arms around Christen. They weren’t surprised. It was completely expected, but that didn’t change the joy and pride and adoration that they felt for the woman in front of them. 

“Sharpie,” Tobin whispered, pressing a kiss to Christen’s neck. 

Christen let out a stuttering breath and tightened her hold on both Tobin and Scottie, feeling beyond overwhelmed and thankful and like everything just continued to fall into place for her. 

“Yeah, Sharpie,” Christen murmured, dropping her forehead to Tobin’s shoulder.

“Christen, did you know that there are beaches in Australia?” Scottie asked, pressing her face into Christen’s shirt. 

Christen chuckled and ran her fingers through Scottie’s messy curls. “I did know that. But I don’t know how much time I’ll have to go to the beach, though.”

“Maybe after you win,” Scottie mumbled. 

“Yeah, after you win,” Tobin agreed, holding Christen even closer to her chest with Scottie smushed in the middle. 

Hearing the absolute certainty in both of their voices, Christen couldn’t help but believe it too. Now all she had to do was figure out how to best surprise Scottie to let her know that the Heaths were going to Sydney too.

Tobin pulled the car into the familiar parking lot, looking out at the green grass on the practice field and the hoards of kids standing with their parents for check-in. 

“Do you think Christen will let me wear her jersey instead of the Academy one?” Scottie asked, fidgeting with the hem of her PRESS jersey.

“I don’t know, buddy,” Tobin said, turning around to look at Scottie. 

“Maybe if I ask really nicely,” Scottie said, her words the exact same as the ones she’d uttered a year ago.

“The worst she can say is no,” Tobin said with a wink. 

Scottie grinned. “Christen doesn’t say no to me. Not even when I ask for ice cream twice in the same day.”

“Someday she might, but that’s okay, right?” Tobin hummed. 

Scottie rolled her eyes and unbuckled her seatbelt. “Duh, Mommy. She can’t say yes forever. She’d get sick of all the yeses.”

“You want to go wait in line?” Tobin asked, knowing that this would be the worst day of the Development Academy. This would be the only day she’d really have to interact with other parents and get those sceptical looks that bothered her no matter how much she tried to prepare for them. 

“I have a better idea,” Scottie replied. She jumped out of her seat and leaned over the center console. “Let’s go hug Christen. She already checked me in!” she added, pointing through the windshield at where Christen was setting up cones on the practice field.

“Of course, she did,” Tobin said with a laugh, unbuckling her own seatbelt. She grabbed Scottie’s soccer bag and handed it to her, watching Scottie run ahead. She followed behind, just a little slower, with the regular coffee order and a dopey smile on her face, despite having woken up with Christen that morning. 

“Mini Tar Heel!” Kelley greeted, dropping the bag of balls and holding her arms out for a hug. But before Scottie could get close, Becky swooped in and stole a hug first, swinging  Scottie around.

“I get the first hug of the Academy season,” Becky said with a wink for Kelley.

“Sorry, Coach Kelley!” Scottie giggled, squeezing Becky tight and then squirming out of her arms. “You get the second,” she added, wrapping her arms around Kelley’s waist and grinning up at her. 

“Fine, but I’m your favorite, right?” Kelley teased. 

“ Mommy told me never to lie, so,” Scottie said, pulling away from Kelley and narrowing her eyes at someone who was crouched over by the benches, sorting through pinnies.

“What a burn,” Tobin laughed. “Want some coffee?” 

“Please,” Becky and Kelley said at the same time.

“Is that…” Scottie said, cocking her head to the side and shielding her eyes from the sun. “Oh my gosh, Auntie Dunny!” Scottie shrieked, taking off at a sprint. She all but tackled Crystal in a hug, making Crystal and the rest of the adults who wandered over all laugh. 

“Hey, cutie pie!” Crystal greeted, wrapping her arms tightly around Scottie. 

“Why are you here? You were in North Carolina!” Scottie said, completely in awe. 

“As Gotham’s newest player, I decided to volunteer my services as an Academy coach. I couldn’t leave my favorite niece all alone!” Crystal laughed.

“I’m the opposite of alone,” Scottie grinned, burying her face in Crystal’s neck. 

The adults all shared fond smiles as Scottie hugged Crystal tightly and then let go. She turned back to Tobin and her eyebrows scrunched together, her mouth moving as she silently counted the coffees in the tray Tobin was carrying.

“Mommy, you knew! You have five coffees,” Scottie said, pointing at the three coffees still in her hands. 

“It was better as a surprise,” Tobin shrugged. 

“Yeah and this one didn’t almost end your relationship,” Kelley teased, earning her an elbow to the side from Becky.

“Pressy was heated ,” Crystal laughed, standing up and taking the coffee meant for her from Tobin with a thank you. 

At the mention of Christen, Scottie looked out toward the field, noticing that Christen was still setting things up all by herself. 

“Mommy,” Scottie said, gesturing for Tobin to give her Christen’s coffee. 

“Don’t run with it,” Tobin warned, handing Scottie the dirty chai latte. 

“I wasn’t gonna,” Scottie grumbled, making sure to keep her steps slow and measured as she crossed the grass. “Christen Press!” 

“Scottie Heath,” Christen grinned, dropping the stack of cones and putting her hands on her hips.

“I have a coffee delivery,” Scottie beamed, holding up the cup of coffee. 

“Well thank you very much,” Christen replied, taking the cup with a smile.

“Mommy bought it, but I carried it, so it’s kind of from me,” Scottie said with a grin. 

“It can be from you. I won’t tell her if you won’t,” Christen winked.

“I missed you,” Scottie hummed, stepping into Christen’s space and wrapping her arms around Christen’s waist. 

“Didn’t we have french toast sticks together this morning?” Christen teased, pulling Scottie in close.

“Mhm, but then you had a team meeting,” Scottie mumbled. 

“I did, but I missed you too, sweetheart,” Christen admitted, grinning down at the happy look on Scottie’s face. “Are you ready for another year of Academy?”

“Oh, I need to ask you something,” Scottie said, offering Christen her sweetest smile. 

Christen narrowed her eyes playfully, recognizing the change of voice and smile on Scottie’s face. She was about to be asked for something.

“Yes, we can get ice cream after this,” Christen teased, guessing at Scottie’s question and giving her an answer.

“No, that wasn’t the question, but that sounds fun,” Scottie giggled. 

“What was your question?” Christen asked, pulling Scottie with her as she headed over to the bench, where she could see Tobin and her teammates gathered.

“Do you think that maybe I could wear my lucky Christen Press jersey instead of the Academy jersey?” Scottie asked, poking her lip out a tiny bit to really sell the request. 

“ drive a hard bargain,” Christen replied, pretending to think on it. “But you’ve got yourself a deal.”

“So you only make her change if it’s Carolina Blue?” Tobin asked, raising an eyebrow at Christen, having caught the end of the request. 

Christen looked away from Scottie and met Tobin’s gaze, her smile softening and her heart starting to beat just a little faster in her chest.

“Of course. Those are the rules,” Christen replied with a teasing smile, stepping away from Scottie and leaning into Tobin’s space, giving her a quick peck on the lips. “No UNC on my field,” she added with a wink.

“It’s okay, I’ll probably be a Cardinal,” Scottie said with a goofy grin. 

“Absolutely not,” Tobin said, her parent voice coming out immediately. 

Christen whirled around and beamed at Scottie, holding up her hand for a high-five. “Heck yes!”

“You two can walk home,” Tobin huffed, crossing her arms over her chest. 

“Oopsies,” Scottie giggled. 

“Don’t worry, I’ll give you two a ride. I don’t have a problem with Stanford,” Kelley joked, picking up a pile of pinnies. 

“Hey, Press,” Becky mumbled. 

“Yeah?” Christen asked, unable to wipe the dopey smile off her face as she looked between Tobin’s pout and Scottie’s grin.

“Look who came back,” Becky said, nodding her head across the field to a young soccer player in expensive cleats. 

And then the dopey smile met Joni. 

“Ugh,” Christen grumbled, her green eyes narrowing at the girl who had been rude to Scottie last year. “I was hoping she wouldn’t come back.”

“You could have her do ten thousand push-ups,” Scottie offered, her hand fisted in the back of Christen’s coaching shirt. “Or ten thousand laps. Ooh! Or a million push-ups and laps.”

“Not sure that would help,” Kelley snorted. “But I like the visual.”

“We’re going to go get things started. Take your time, Christen,” Crystal said, offering Christen and Tobin smiles and ruffling Scottie’s hair as she moved by them. Kelley and Becky followed close behind, continuing to discuss the multiple ways they could punish Joni, should anything happen. 

“Christen, did you know that I’ve known you for a whole year?” Scottie asked. 

Christen nodded, her heart melting at the sweet question. “A year went by super fast, didn’t it?”

“Yes, but I hope I get all the years, so I’m not worried,” Scottie admitted, glancing between Tobin and Christen. 

“I wouldn’t be worried,” Tobin hummed, running a hand over Scottie’s hair. 

“Definitely don’t be worried,” Christen confirmed, leaning into Tobin’s side.

“Cool beans,” Scottie grinned. “I’m gonna go juggle to a hundred,” she added, sprinting after Crystal. 

“Try for two hundred. You’re almost nine and we’ve gotta up the ante,” Christen called after her.

Scottie shot a thumbs up over her shoulder, finding the nearest soccer ball and kicking it up into the air. 

“You look really cute in your Coach Christen shirt,” Tobin murmured, leaning further into Christen’s side. 

Christen hummed and slung her arm around Tobin’s waist. “Is that why you almost spilled coffee on it a year ago?” Christen teased, kissing Tobin’s cheek.

“I mean, it ultimately worked, so I’m not complaining,” Tobin whispered. 

“I was so annoyed that I found you so hot,” Christen chuckled, her mind caught in the memory of the day they’d first met.

“Oh really?” Tobin asked, a teasing lilt slipping into her voice as she thought about their first meeting. 

“Yeah, this mom comes after me for supposedly making her kid cry, and all I could think about was how attractive she was,” Christen hummed.

“Well, I googled you, so clearly it was mutual,” Tobin laughed, looking toward the field and seeing the kids already sitting in small clumps. She pressed a kiss to Christen’s forehead, since they were all distracted. 

“You missed,” Christen murmured, angling her head up, a smile plastered on her face.

“My apologies,” Tobin chuckled, pressing her lips against Christen’s briefly. 

“You left too soon,” Christen teased, nuzzling her nose along Tobin’s.

“Third times a charm,” Tobin hummed, pressing a slightly longer but still chaste kiss to Christen’s lips. 

“Those other moms are definitely jealous now,” Christen said, stealing another quick kiss before stepping back.

Tobin couldn’t stop the loud laugh that spilled from her lips or the beaming smile that lit up her face. And just like she always did, she sunk down onto the bench and watched Christen start to walk away. 

“You got a sexy smile, did you know that?” Christen called out, walking backwards away from Tobin.

“When’s practice over?” Tobin sighed, wanting to get home with her girls. 

“Three hours,” Christen chuckled, her eyes never falling from Tobin’s. “I love you, did you know that ?”

“I did. And I love you so much, right back,” Tobin grinned. 

With a blush heating her cheeks, Christen finally turned away and started her trek across the field.

“Okay, don’t be mad,” Christen began, shutting her laptop and shoving it gently off of her lap.

“That’s a great start,” Tobin laughed, closing her book and putting it on her bedside table. 

“I did something,” Christen said, turning to face Tobin, a nervous smile on her face.

“ a tattoo,” Tobin teased. 

Christen rolled her eyes. “Pretty sure you would have found that this morning in the shower,” Christen chuckled.

“Okay, you...met another single mom who’s an artist, only this one has twins,” Tobin guessed again, turning in bed to fully face Christen. 

Christen snorted and reached out to tangle her fingers with Tobin’s, pulling their clasped hands into her lap.

“I know I’m missing your birthday next week because of camp,” Christen said, taking a deep breath.

“I told you that isn’t a big deal. I’ll get dinner with Scottie and call you when you’re free,” Tobin hummed. 

“You’re turning thirty, so it is a big deal, Tobin. And because it’s a big deal, I-”

“Ew, thirty’s old,” Tobin groaned, closing her eyes tightly. 

Christen huffed out a laugh and leaned forward to kiss the wrinkle between Tobin’s brows. 

“If you’d rather be old in New York City, by yourself, I can stop telling you about the thing that I did that I hope you won’t be mad about,” Christen replied in a rush.

“Sorry, continue,” Tobin sighed, opening her eyes to look at Christen. 

“I might have gotten you and Scottie tickets to Austin so we could celebrate together?” Christen said, cringing slightly and hoping she hadn’t seriously overstepped.

“’re surprising me with secret plane tickets that you bought for me and my kid?” Tobin verified quietly. 

“Yes…” Christen trailed off, a flicker of uncertainty igniting within her.

“Hmm...if I were you, I’d probably punch you in the arm,” Tobin teased, a tiny smirk spreading across her face.

“In a good way?” Christen asked, chuckling a bit.

“Mhm,” Tobin mumbled, rolling over even more in bed and partially on top of Christen. “In the best way. Thank you, baby.”

Christen let out a sigh of relief  and wrapped her arms around Tobin. “Don’t thank me yet. Pinoe and Kel are already planning your birthday dinner.”

“Not a karaoke bar,” Tobin murmured, pressing kisses to Christen’s neck. 

“Umm...” Christen grimaced.

“I have an eight-year-old. We are not taking her to a karaoke bar,” Tobin huffed. 

“Vlatko said he’d babysit,” Christen shrugged.

“Are you kidding me?” Tobin laughed. 

Christen laughed along with her. “Do you really think I would let them plan that? We’re going to dinner, just the three of us. Everyone said we could have a birthday breakfast the morning after our family dinner.”

“There she is,” Tobin whispered, lifting her head up enough to find Christen’s lips with her own. 

“Oh, but I will say,” Christen said, breaking the kiss. “They’re planning on getting you a jersey with MILF written on the back, so act surprised.”

“That will never see the light of day,” Tobin murmured against Christen’s lips. 

“I wouldn’t mind seeing it though,” Christen smirked, sliding her hands high up Tobin’s sides.

“Only you, and you have to come up with a kid appropriate explanation for that acronym,” Tobin chuckled, pressing her lips to Christen’s again. 

“What does MILF stand for?” Scottie asked, eyeing the jersey Tobin had just unwrapped.

Christen felt Tobin nudge her knee, so she cleared her throat and fixed Scottie with a smile. 

“Most interesting lifelong fan,” Christen replied with as much confidence as possible. 

“Why don’t I get a MILF jersey?” Scottie asked, her eyebrows scrunching up in thought. 

“Oh my god,” Tobin murmured, tossing the jersey back in the gift bag. 

Megan cackled at the situation she’d gotten them all in, making Kelley, Crystal, Becky, Alyssa, Ashlyn, and Ali laugh as well. 

“You don’t get one because you’re the most...amazing lifelong fan?” Christen replied, hoping beyond hope that Scottie would buy it.

“So I’m a MALF?” Scottie asked, cocking her head to the side. 

“We should just stick with your name and my name on the jerseys I think,” Christen said with a tight smile.

“It would make people jealous,” Scottie sighed, sticking her fork in her bowl of fruit. 

“That’s right, little bit,” Tobin said, sending a glare in Megan’s direction. 

“That was gold. Solid, Olympic gold,” Megan chuckled, grinning at Tobin.

“Oh speaking of the Olympics...” Kelley said through a mouthful of breakfast. 

“Kelley Maureen O’Hara,” Christen said through gritted teeth, sending Kelley a warning look.

“Ooh you got full-named,” Scottie sing-songed. 

“Can it, Mini Tar Heel,” Kelley grumbled.

“Can I call her Maureen now?” Scottie asked, a smile spreading across her face. 

“Only if you want to do ten push-ups,” Kelley replied.

“Please, I eat push-ups for breakfast,” Scottie smirked, lifting her arms up to flex. “Who wants to play tag?”

Everyone was quick to agree and headed to the patch of grass next to the outdoor seating area. 

Christen and Tobin stayed at the table, watching as Kelley, Becky, Crystal, Alyssa, Megan, Ali, and Ashlyn all ran around and dodged Scottie trying to tag them. 

Christen leaned into Tobin and put her head on Tobin’s shoulder. “Thirty doesn’t look too bad, right?” she asked softly, her eyes taking in the way Scottie was interacting with her teammates, at the easy smiles and laughter coming from them.

“I only care about what it looks like to you,” Tobin murmured back, sinking into the complete comfort she felt next to Christen, watching Scottie goof around. 

“Looks a lot like forever, you MILF,” Christen hummed quietly.

“You too?” Tobin gasped, rolling her eyes. 

“Hey, who am I to argue with fact?” Christen chuckled, reaching out to twist the gold ring around Tobin’s middle finger.

“Thank you,” Tobin sighed, turning to kiss the top of Christen’s forehead. 

“I’ve told you many times. You don’t have to thank me every time I rock your world,” Christen teased, continuing to spin the ring, the motion mindless and soothing.

“I was more referring to you not letting me just pretend my birthday doesn’t exist this year,” Tobin hummed, unable to stop smiling. “But you rocking my world is much better.”

“I’m going to celebrate you every year, the way you deserve to be celebrated,” Christen promised, her teasing and joking set aside for the moment.

“Even when I get really old and wrinkly?” Tobin chuckled. 

Christen snorted out a laugh, lifting her hand to her face to try and quell it. “Oh my god,” she laughed, shaking her head slightly. “Yes, even then, you goof.”

“Woooow it must be love,” Tobin grinned, wrapping her arm more securely around Christen’s back. 

“Two goofs in love,” Christen murmured in agreement. “With a third little goof running around over there with seven of her twenty-one aunts.”

“By the way, we’re gonna need to make a no-go list for Scottie’s birthday presents because I’ve already overheard Megan talking about hoverboards,” Tobin whispered.  

“You think that’s bad. I had to deter Ali and Ash from getting her a set of Gucci tracksuits,” Christen whispered back.

“I mean...that’s awesome, but not at nine,” Tobin laughed. 

Christen felt that warm laughter encircle her heart and make it beat just a bit faster. “They appreciated the snapback and sneaker direction I steered them in.”

“They have two months. I’m sure they’ll get her a Gucci snapback or something,” Tobin teased. 

“Did someone say Gucci?” Ashlyn called out from where everyone and Scottie were playing tag.

“What’s a Gucci?” Scottie asked, her eyebrows furrowing in confusion. 

“Nothing!” Tobin and Christen replied at the same time, earning them more than a few laughs from the adults.

“You’re gonna win, anyway,” Tobin whispered, pressing a kiss to Christen’s cheek. 

“You think?” Christen hummed, a flutter of nerves swarming through her stomach.

“Baby, she still thinks we’re watching you at the Olympics on TV for three weeks,” Tobin said quietly. 

Christen subconsciously lifted her free hand to the necklace she wore, tracing the hearts on the New York City charm.

“What number should I put on her jersey?” Christen asked with a smile. 

“Yours,” Tobin murmured. 

“Are you sure? No one is in 17,” Christen replied.

“She’ll want people to know she’s with you,” Tobin nodded. 

“And what number will you want?” Christen asked, leaning off Tobin’s shoulder and smiling at her softly.

“I want people to know I’m with you too. Have you seen yourself?” Tobin said, her smile getting bigger as she spoke. 

Christen blushed and leaned in for a quick kiss, that didn’t stay quick for long, not with the words ‘ I’m with you too ’ hanging in the air.

It was a miracle that their one year anniversary didn’t fall during a U.S. camp, a game for Gotham, an Academy practice, or any other event that could have taken them away from what they were currently doing to celebrate their anniversary.

“You’re kidding,” Christen laughed when she saw the sign.

“You told me that you like Coney Island, and I believe there are memories that need to be replaced with new ones,” Tobin hummed. 

“None that will be relived today, so pipe down,” Christen chuckled, shaking her head in amusement. 

“We have the roof for that,” Tobin teased quietly, sending a wink in Christen's direction as she pulled off at the right exit. 

“Did you know they have teacups here too?” Scottie asked, from the backseat. 

“I didn’t know that,” Christen replied, meeting Scottie’s eyes in the rearview mirror and shooting the girl a smile. “We can definitely go on those.”

“And Mommy sometimes lets me get cotton candy,” Scottie added, putting her hands on the back of Tobin’s seat. 

“Whatever you do, don’t get a funnel cake. Way too much sugar,” Christen shuddered, still haunted by the taste all these years later.

“Cotton candy is pure sugar,” Tobin laughed, searching for a parking spot. 

“What if I put cotton candy on a funnel cake?” Scottie gasped like she’d just thought of the most innovative food creation ever.

“Then Glennon and Abby won’t let you sleep over,” Tobin hummed, pulling into a spot and parking the car. 

Scottie’s eyes went wide. “That would be sadder than that puppy commercial,” Scottie whispered seriously.

The three of them got out of the car, immediately taking each other’s hands as they walked toward the boardwalk. 

“Hey,” Scottie said, her voice still serious as she looked between Tobin and Christen. “You guys are pretty cool.” 

Christen shared an amused but adoring look with Tobin.

“Mimi’s mom and dad went on a trip to Mexico for their anniversary and left her with her aunt. They didn’t even bring her anything back,” Scottie sighed. 

“I would much rather be here with you two,” Christen replied, swinging her and Scottie’s hands between them.

“You could go to Mexico if you wanted to, though,” Scottie offered, smiling up at Christen. 

“Are you gonna be there?” Christen asked.

“I mean, not if you want…” Scottie lowered her voice to a whisper, “alone time.”

Christen threw her head back in laughter, having to literally stop on the boardwalk to catch her breath she was laughing so hard.

“Are you trying to get rid of us?” Tobin laughed, poking Scottie’s side and making her giggle. 

“NO! I just- I want you guys to be happy together, not just happy with me,” Scottie explained, scrunching her face like she wasn’t sure if she was explaining it right.

“I’m very happy with Christen,” Tobin said, looking over at the woman who was still wiping tears from her eyes. 

“And I am very very happy with Tobin,” Christen added, finally having caught her breath, a beaming smile on her face.

“Ooh, she beat you with the verys,” Scottie mumbled, a mischievous grin on her face. 

“I guess I’ll have to win something for her then,” Tobin shrugged. 

“I think I’ve already won,” Christen murmured softly, winking at Tobin as they continued down the boardwalk together.

“Who knew Coach Christen was so sappy,” Tobin whispered, letting Scottie run ahead and look at the cotton candy vendor. 

“Who knew angry soccer mom was so sweet,” Christen countered, lacing their fingers together.

“Hey, I really love you,” Tobin hummed. 

“I really love you,” Christen replied. “And I’m totally going to win you something too. Consider it my anniversary present. Well, the first of a few.”

“A few?” Tobin hummed, quirking her eyebrow up at Christen. 

“Yup, and I’m wearing one of them,” Christen smirked, leaning in to give Tobin a fleeting kiss.

“Scottie, we’re going to Glennon’s right now,” Tobin muttered under her breath for only Christen to hear. 

Christen laughed again, sliding her arm around Tobin’s waist, moving her lips close to Tobin’s ear. 

“Trust me, baby, lingerie is always worth the wait.”

“Oh, I’m aware,” Tobin groaned, remembering the pieces she’d already taken off Christen over the past year. 

Later that night, when Tobin got to take it off, she realized just how worth the wait it was.

Not only was it lacy and sexy and barely-there, the color of it was goofy orange, her favorite.

“It’s kind of crazy not being a ball girl,” Scottie said, leaning into Tobin’s side at the last game of the Send-Off Series. 

“Yeah, but now you get to watch the entire game with me,” Tobin grinned, looking around at the groups of friends and family that were sitting near them. They had a reserved section and had even been escorted in by members of the staff, making the whole thing seem kind of foreign and serious and official. 

“And Sloane! Who’s just the cutest little baby in the whole universe, yes you are,” Scottie cooed, kissing Sloane’s forehead. “You’re so cute and I already love you to Pluto and back, even though Pluto’s not a planet anymore.”

Tobin’s heart melted at the way Scottie just seemed to want to hover over Sloane, making her giggle and smile at every possible moment. Tobin had offered to hold her during the game when Ali and Ashlyn’s nanny called in sick, and Sloane was proving to be the happiest baby she’d ever met, strapped to her chest, snoozing most of the time and laughing when she was awake. 

“You’re already in my top five favorite people ever, Sloane,” Scottie continued, making silly faces at Sloane to make her laugh.

“Whoa, what are we, chopped liver?” Tyler asked, putting her hands on her hips as she gave Scottie a faux-stern look.

Scottie looked up to see Tyler, Lindsey, Channing, and Mikel all standing nearby, having just been escorted over to the family section.

“Oh my gosh,” Scottie gasped, hurrying out of her seat. “Tyler Press and Lindsey and Channing Press and Mikel!” Scottie cheered, giving out warm hugs to everyone.

“Tobin, do you need to tell us something?” Channing teased, looking at Sloane strapped to Tobin’s chest. 

“This is Ashlyn and Ali’s baby, not mine,” Tobin said with a laugh, standing up from her seat and offering side hugs to everyone. 

“I wish,” Scottie said in a quiet voice, hopping up onto the chair next to Tobin and pulling Tyler into the chair at her side.

“You wish?” Channing laughed, enjoying the slightly panicked expression Tobin shot her when she indulged Scottie in the conversation. 

“Yeah but I shouldn’t have used my outside voice to say that,” Scottie sighed, smacking her forehead with her hand.

“That’s something you can wish for when you’re fifteen,” Tobin said, running a hand over Scottie’s hair and watching the team line up on the field. 

“There’s Christen!” Scottie cheered, completely darting away from that topic of conversation. She jumped to her feet and leaned against the wall separating them from the field. “I like these new jerseys. They look like one of your paintings, Mommy.”

Tobin wasn’t completely sure if that was a compliment or not, but she knew Scottie had meant it as one, so she nodded her head and grinned at the players on the field. 

“ look good with a baby strapped to your chest,” Tyler murmured softly. “You look happy.”

“Sloane’s doing all the work, really,” Tobin laughed. “But I am happy.”

“She is seriously adorable,” Mikel cooed, reaching over and letting Sloane grip tightly onto one of his fingers.

“Yeah, you look happy, Tobs. It’s a good look on you,” Channing grinned.

“Thanks,” Tobin said with a slight blush. “You guys look good too. I’m glad you made it out here.”

“We can’t all be going to Australia to watch Christen play,” Lindsey whispered and waggled her brows at Tobin.

“Gotta get the games in while we can,” Tyler agreed, throwing her arm across the back of Lindsey’s chair.

“Mommy, look how fast Christen looks today,” Scottie sighed, leaning against the wall and resting her chin on her arms. 

“She looks extra fast today,” Channing agreed, getting up and crouching down next to Scottie, both of them watching Christen do her final sprint before kick-off.

“I’m gonna miss her so much when she has to play in Australia, but she said she’d let me wear the gold medal when she comes back,” Scottie mumbled, her eyes staying glued to Christen. 

Tyler snorted, earning herself an elbow from Lindsey and a smack to the shoulder from Mikel.

On the field, Christen started to head away from the huddle and towards half field, but then she pivoted so she could face the family section. She kissed two fingers, tapped them against her heart and pointed at Scottie, Tobin, and the rest of her family. She smiled a huge, beaming smile and headed to her place for kick off.

“Those were heartstrings,” Scottie announced, putting an arm on Channing’s shoulders and watching the game start. “Just for us.”

Tobin couldn’t help but look at the bracelet on Scottie’s wrist and the ring on her own finger. She couldn’t help but think about where they’d been a year ago and about the new family they’d found since. She couldn’t help but think about the intense love she and Scottie had both found in the woman on the field, who’d only been a stranger a year ago. 

“Scottie Heath!” Christen called out, holding open her arms and waiting for Scottie to sprint across the field and launch into her arms.

Scottie let go of Tobin’s hand and raced across the field, flinging herself into Christen’s arms. 

“Your goals were beautiful,” Scottie whispered, pressing a kiss to Christen’s cheek. 

“One for you, and one for Tobin,” Christen whispered back, swinging Scottie around and holding her tight.

“Mommy cheered so loud that she woke Sloane up,” Scottie said, slipping from Christen’s arms but practically glueing herself to Christen’s side, her hand fisting in the back of her jersey. 

Christen couldn’t find it in her to respond, her eyes glued to Tobin as she walked across the field, accepting handshakes and side hugs from some of the players, Sloane still strapped to her chest. 

It took her a few moments to identify the fluttering in her heart and the quickening of her breathing. And when she did, a luminous smile broke out across her face.

She wanted that too. A future that looked like that

A future with a baby strapped to Tobin’s chest. A future with more than one kid. A future with kids. Plural. 

And she wanted them with Tobin Heath. 

The weight and gravity of the realization nearly brought her to her knees. It was only Scottie’s hand on her back and the fact that Tobin was almost there that kept her upright. 

“And Channing and I chest bumped both times you scored,” Scottie added, not noticing Christen’s revelation. 

“That’s um- really sweet of you guys,” Christen replied, her voice a little distracted. 

“Hey, awesome game,” Tyler hummed, wrapping her arms around Christen when she got to her, just a few steps ahead of Tobin. 

Christen blinked out of her daze and hugged Tyler back, her cheeks holding a fierce blush.

“Doesn’t she look really good with a baby?” Tyler whispered, squeezing Christen once more before she stepped out of the hug with a smirk on her face. 

Christen just narrowed her eyes and pressed her lips together, not wanting to dignify the teasing with a response. 

“MILF,” Megan coughed as she walked by, making her way to her own family and causing Tyler to burst out laughing and drag Scottie away. 

“Okay, the second goal was literally the best goal I’ve seen on a soccer field,” Tobin said, stopping a few feet in front of Christen and bouncing a slightly fussy Sloane. 

“Thank you,” Christen murmured, erasing the space between them, her hand rising to grab onto Tobin’s forearm. She offered Tobin a soft smile and then looked down at Sloane. “And did you like the game, pretty girl? We won and your Moms played so well,” Christen cooed softly, poking Sloane’s nose with her finger, making Sloane giggle.

“Her eyes can melt hearts,” Tobin whispered, pressing a kiss to the top of Sloane’s head. 

Christen ran her thumb along Tobin’s forearm and swallowed the lump in her throat, unable to look away from how right Tobin looked with a baby, unable not to realize how right it felt to be standing beside her. 

“You two can get your own!” Ashlyn called from a few yards away, reaching for Sloane with grabby hands. 

Christen’s blush returned with full force. She forced a chuckle and stepped away, letting Ashlyn swoop in to help grab her baby from Tobin.

“Say thank you to Auntie ToTo,” Ashlyn cooed, holding Sloane as Tobin unbuckled the carrier and handed it to Ashlyn. 

Sloane gurgled and put a hand on Tobin’s cheek, seeming to do just like her mom told her to.

“Bye, bye, Sloane,” Scottie said, running up and joining them. She reached out and let Sloane take her finger in her fist. “I love you, cutie.”

“How those ovaries doing?” Channing whispered, leaning into Christen’s side. 

“Great,” Christen choked out, her voice thick with emotion and her smile holding so much hope.

“Scottie would be an adorable big sister,” Channing added, patting Christen on the back. 

“I know,” Christen whispered.

As soon as Ashlyn carried Sloane over to Ali, Scottie returned to Christen’s side, wrapping her arms around her waist and burying her face in her jersey. 

“You have to leave,” she mumbled, tightening her grip on Christen’s jersey. 

Christen held Scottie close, her smile never falling because she knew the truth. She knew she wasn’t going anywhere. And now was as good a time as any to tell Scottie. She gave Josh, one of their team administrators, a nod and gestured to Tobin, which led him to hand Tobin a bag with a smile and a wave for Christen.

“Scottie, do you remember what I got you for your birthday last year?” Christen asked softly.

“Tickets to Frozen and the U.S. jersey,” Scottie replied, resting her chin on Christen’s stomach and looking up at her. 

“I kind of hate that our jerseys don’t match anymore,” Christen sighed, trying to hide her smile.

Scottie stepped back and looked down at the white jersey she was wearing. “Yeah, but this one is still cool. It’s special because you gave it to me.”

“Well…” Christen trailed off, taking the bag from Tobin with a slightly nervous yet giddy half-smile, “how about you open this early birthday present and tell me if it’s special enough?” she asked, holding the bag up for Scottie.

“Silly,” Scottie grinned. “It’s from you, so of course it’s special. I knew we would celebrate early before you left for Australia, but I didn’t know we’d celebrate this early.”

Christen took a small step back, wrapping one arm around her waist, scratching at the corner of her jaw as the nerves came back. She knew that this was a big gift. It wasn’t just a jersey; it was a trip to the Olympics.

She looked over at Tobin, who hovered by Scottie’s elbow. Tobin gave her an encouraging smile and then dropped her attention to Scottie, Christen doing the same.

Scottie pulled the tissue paper from the bag and pulled out the jersey, a beaming smile spreading across her face. 

“It’s like your new one, a Mommy painting jersey! We can match!” she grinned, pulling the jersey on over the white one she was wearing. “Why does it say number seventeen?”

Christen grinned at the look of surprise on Tobin’s face and the look of awed confusion on Scottie’s.

“I had to pick a different number for the Olympics, so I thought I’d pick that one,” Christen replied softly.

“You’re gonna play in Mommy’s lucky number?” Scottie asked, her eyes growing even wider. 

Christen nodded, her smile just continuing to grow at the dumbstruck looks on her girls’ faces.

 “And that’s not all.”

“What else?” Scottie asked, kissing the crest on the new jersey and looking back up at Christen. 

“How would you like to watch me play in Tobin’s lucky number? In Australia? Where they have beaches?” Christen asked.

There were no words. Scottie couldn’t even scream or cheer. Her mouth flopped open at Christen’s words and tears sprung to her eyes, immediately slipping down her cheeks. 

“Oh shit,” Christen said, quickly dropping to her knees in front of Scottie and wiping away her tears.

“That’s a bad word,” Scottie blubbered, wrapping her arms around Christen’s shoulders and burying her face in Christen’s neck. 

“I didn’t mean to make you cry, sweetheart. You don’t have to come if you don’t want to. You can just wear the jersey,” Christen hummed, rubbing Scottie’s back gently.

“It’s a good cry,” Scottie hiccuped. “I didn’t want my heartstrings to stretch.”

Tobin reached down and ran her fingers through Scottie’s hair, understanding just how overwhelmed she was. Scottie had been worried about weeks without Christen. She’d been sad about not having Christen around. 

“So you want to come with me?” Christen asked in clarification, looking up at Tobin, who she noticed had tears gathered in her brown eyes.

Tobin nodded, letting Christen know that it was okay, that the tears were okay and the surprise was good. Her own eyes were watery. It wasn’t just seeing Scottie happy that made tears spring to her eyes. It was the number. It was the overwhelmingly sweet gesture that Christen had made by choosing her favorite number. 

“Yes, it’s the best early birthday surprise ever,” Scottie murmured. 

“Buddy, you can’t make it go faster,” Tobin yawned, watching Scottie drum her fingers on the seat in front of her as a long line of people stood in the aisle and waited to deplane. 

“I can try,” Scottie sighed. “Excuse me! Everyone!” Scottie called out. “I have a really important person to see so if we could move it a little faster-”

“Scottie Katherine,” Tobin whispered, tugging Scottie down into her lap. “She’s waiting for us. She knows we landed, and we’ll get there in just a few minutes. I know it’s hard, but we’ve got to be patient.” 

“But Mooooooom,” Scottie grumbled, crossing her arms over her chest and pouting.

“Did you just ‘but Mom’ me?” Tobin asked, raising an eyebrow at Scottie. 

Scottie’s eyes widened and she shook her head. “No, Mommy, I’m sorry! I just really want to hug my Christen.”

“Me too, little bit. I can’t wait to hug her and then go to the hotel and take a nap with lots of cuddles,” Tobin murmured. 

“Cuddle puddle nap time,” Scottie grinned, pumping her fists at her sides.

“And then maybe we can go to the beach tomorrow morning,” Tobin added, watching as people started to move. 

“We’re moving!” Scottie declared, elbowing by Tobin so she could get out of the row first. She took off on a sprint down the aisle, her PRESS 17 jersey swishing around as she ran.

“Scottie Katherine Heath,” Tobin called, making Scottie stop in her tracks, her shoulders slumping. 

“Yes, Mommy?” Scottie asked, grimacing.

“You can walk with me,” Tobin said, holding out Scottie’s backpack for her as she caught up. 

“Can I hold your hand?” Scottie asked, taking her backpack and slipping it on.

“Obviously, dude,” Tobin nodded, holding onto Scottie’s shoulder as they walked off the plane. She laced their fingers once they were out of the aisle and off the plane, walking quickly to keep up with Scottie’s excited pace. 

“Does that sign have our names on it?” Scottie asked, tilting her head to the side and narrowing her eyes.

“Looks like it, buddy,” Tobin hummed, beaming as they rode the escalator down and got closer to baggage claim. 

“Christen looks pretty,” Scottie sing-songed, swinging Tobin’s hand around. “Boom, boom, boom.”

Tobin let her eyes linger on Christen, on the easy smile on her face and the way she just seemed to radiate happiness, and felt her heart go boom, boom, boom too. She looked ahead at the escalator that was practically empty before she leaned forward. “You want to run ahead?” she whispered, letting go of Scottie’s hand. 

“Will you run with me?” Scottie asked, hesitating.

“I’ll run, but you’ll probably beat me. Make sure to give her a huge hug as soon as you get there,” Tobin winked, knowing that she’d be slower than Scottie because she had three carry-ons in her arms. 

“That’s because I’m fast! I’ll give her the bestest hug ever,” Scottie nodded,  offering Tobin one final grin before taking off at a dead sprint.

“Scottie Heath!” Christen greeted, leaning the sign she’d made with Crystal’s help against the wall.

“My Christen!” Scottie yelled, dodging past other travelers and flinging herself into Christen’s arms. 

“My Scottie,” Christen murmured, swinging Scottie around in a circle, holding the girl as close as she could.

“You have no idea how happy my heart is now that I don’t have to miss you,” Scottie whispered, wrapping her legs around Christen’s waist and clutching onto her tightly. 

“My heart is just as happy, sweetheart. Welcome to Sydney,” Christen grinned.

“Hi,” Tobin said, dropping the snack bag and her backpack onto the ground next to the sign. 

Christen felt her heart stop in her chest at the sight of Tobin Heath, in wrinkled sweats and a snapback, standing a foot away from her with the most adorable sleepy smile in the world.

Scottie squirmed out of Christen’s arms so that she could properly hug Tobin. Christen squeezed Scottie’s shoulder and then all but threw herself at Tobin, wrapping her arms around Tobin’s neck.

“Hi works,” Christen choked out, kissing every inch of Tobin’s face that she could reach.

“I really really really missed you,” Tobin mumbled, trying to re-memorize everything about Christen that her memory had failed to remember properly during the past two weeks. 

“I really really really missed you too, baby,” Christen whispered.

“You look stunning,” Tobin hummed. 

Christen blushed and tucked her face into Tobin’s neck. “So do you. You always do.”

“I look sleepy,” Tobin chuckled. 

“You said sexy wrong,” Christen whispered.

Tobin let out a soft, hoarse laugh and buried her face in Christen’s skin, breathing in the familiar smell. 

“Christen, are you working more today?” Scottie asked

Christen pulled out of Tobin’s arms, immediately reaching for Scottie. “I’m yours all day. I trained this morning so I could have tonight to spend with family.”

“How does a cuddle puddle sound?” Scottie asked with a sleepy grin, hooking her finger in Tobin’s sweatpants pocket. 

Christen’s eyes teared up at the question, having missed everything about Scottie and Tobin while she’d been getting ready for the Olympics here in Sydney, but that might take the cake for what she missed the most. 

“A cuddle puddle sounds like home,” Christen replied softly.

“And we all finally get to be home,” Scottie sighed, sinking into Christen’s side. 

As she took a final deep breath to steady her heart rate, as she tuned out the thousands of fans in the stadium in Sydney, Australia for the opening game of the Olympics against Germany, Christen Press knew three things for certain. 

 One, she had never felt more prepared for a game in her entire life. Last night, she’d gotten to cuddle puddle with her girls and wake up with them this morning. She’d gotten to see them in the stands right after warm ups, matching PRESS 17 jerseys and smiles on their faces. She felt rested and relaxed and so incredibly at peace, that she knew today’s game was going to be a good one.

Two, she wanted to win Gold more than anything. Not only did she want to stand on that podium with her 21 teammates by her side, she wanted to win it all with her girls by her side. She wanted to win on the biggest, grandest stage with Tobin and Scottie there. But even if she didn’t, even if she fell short of her goal, she would be going home a winner. Fourteen months ago, she’d been given the greatest gift of all, and no Gold medal could beat the love she had for Tobin and Scottie, or the love they had for her.

And three, she was no longer just Christen Press, professional soccer player and National Team star. Now, she was Coach Christen to dozens of Academy kids. She was a staple at family dinners with Abby and Glennon and family barbecues with the Heaths. She was the sister Tyler and Channing needed her to be.

She was a role model and a friend and a favorite person to Scottie Heath. She was Scottie’s pancake flipper and hug giver and secret keeper. She was Scottie’s ice cream buddy and the Anna to her Elsa. 

She was also someone to Tobin. She was Tobin’s muse and confidante and lover. She was Tobin’s date to gallery openings and her best friend and her everything. She was someone Tobin wanted a forever with, and she was someone who wanted a forever with Tobin. She was Tobin’s and Tobin was hers. They fit and they worked and they made sense. They were right for each other in every single way.

With a final deep breath Christen opened her eyes and smiled. She kissed her two fingers, tapped them over her heart, and pointed at Tobin and Scottie in the stands, sending up a silent wish that their forever together would continue and grow and flourish and prosper. 

That their forever together truly would be forever.

As she leaned against the railing separating her seat from the field, as she looked out at the players in red and blue jerseys, lining up for kickoff, Tobin Heath knew three things for certain. 

One, she had never felt more at peace in the stands at a soccer game. When asked what her Olympic dreams were as a kid, she would have placed herself on the field with a ball at her feet. But now, she was living a dream that she’d never even thought possible enough to imagine. She was standing in the front row of the stands with her daughter’s hand in her own, watching the woman she loved play in her lucky number. And all she could feel was pride and love and peace. 

Two, she was still a mom. She was still just as much a mom as she was a year ago, as she was five years ago when she first adopted Scottie. Only now, she thought she might actually be a better one. Now, she looked at the joy on her kid’s face and didn’t only see a little girl who was watching her favorite soccer player on the field. She looked at Scottie and she saw someone who trusted her implicitly. Her relationship with Scottie had always been good, but now, it felt even more open and solid and full of trust. Now, sharing her didn’t scare her. Seeing her love Christen as something undefinable only made her love both of her girls more. 

And three, she wasn’t someone who had to worry about making it past drinks or appetizers anymore. Now, she had a woman who wanted years with her, not just one night. She was in love with a woman who wanted a forever with not only her but with her daughter too. Tobin wasn’t worried about scheduling the next date or talking about real life because Christen wanted it all. She wanted Scottie and Tobin and all the messes that their life involved, and she wanted it forever. 

As Christen raced down the field, the ball at her feet and Tobin’s number on her back, all Tobin could think about was forever. A forever that had already started. A forever that would only continue when the final whistle blew and she and Scottie could climb down onto the field and wrap their arms around Christen. A forever that would continue long after Christen wore her last jersey. 

As she raced down the stairs, as she jumped down onto the field and ran toward Christen, Scottie Heath knew three things for certain. 

One, Christen’s goal was the most beautiful goal she’d ever seen in her whole life, and she needed Christen to teach her how to score like that. There was nothing like sitting next to the person she loved most in the world, her Mommy, and watching the person they loved most in the world, her Christen, playing her heart out and scoring perfect goals. The only thing maybe a little bit better than that was curling up in bed with both of her favorite people for a cuddle puddle, laughing and being silly and sharing love. But it was close. 

Two, she had never seen her Mommy as happy as when she was watching Christen play soccer. Okay, that wasn’t true. Tobin was happiest when they were sitting in Gio’s, sharing garlic bread between the three of them, with Christen telling a funny story and Tobin trying not to laugh so hard water came out of her nose. But this came pretty darn close. Her Mommy looked so happy, with tears in her eyes and her lucky number on the jersey Christen had gifted her.

And three, she wanted Christen to be theirs forever. She wasn’t sure yet what Christen felt like, but My Christen didn’t even seem strong enough anymore. All she knew was that she wanted this. She wanted them. She wanted her little family, every single day. And maybe she wanted their little family to get a little bigger too. But she could wait a few years.