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War is primarily a game of skill. It is a contest of mind matched against mind, tactics matched against tactics. But there is also an element of chance. As a result of that chance, I didn't buy all of my materials at a single store. I took detours, took longer routes and retraced my steps in case someone decided to follow me. At one store I bought fabric, at another I bought fabric of a different color, and at another I bought other supplies that I may need, storing them in my backpack. People gave me weird looks of course, only assholes wear sunglasses inside buildings. 


Still, I managed to make it home, after taking several detours and several stops to throw off any wouldbe pursuers. Better safe than sorry, especially in a city like Brockton Bay. Once I was done working on my costume, I would have to start practicing Ascendancy martial arts since they were superior to the ones taught at the Imperial Royal Academy. Dad still wasn't home by the time I arrived which I anticipated. Since he's also been seeing somebody, I'm sure he's going to be coming home much later than usual. 


Thrawn was already waiting for me, his glowing red eyes staring at me from the TV screen as I walked by the living room. He simply raised an eyebrow, but said nothing as I went around the house, securing the area and making sure no one snuck in while I was doing my errands. 


Afterwards, I went downstairs where Mom kept her old sewing machine. I didn't need a masterpiece, just something that I could use to create my image. All according to plan of course. Once my 'costume' was ready, I could use my Thinker power to make money off of PHO as a private investigator. As I did that, I would slowly undermine the gangs, gaining information and making connections with the police. 


Today the costume, tomorrow Brockton Bay, the future the world! Sadly, there was a mirror facing the table with the sewing machine, so I had to deal with Thrawn staring at me, this time dressed in the cadet uniform of the Chiss with a much younger face. 


"You do know that creating the uniform yourself could prove detrimental in the future, correct?" Thrawn spoke softly as I took out my fabrics and materials. "Each pattern, each stitching could be used against you, against us." The creation of clothing is a form of art. 


"Of course, but I doubt there's anyone with a mind like ours in this world. Even the greatest minds of your galaxy couldn't understand art as well as you do." I fired back emotionlessly. Ziara understood Thrawn's logic and believed in his theory, but even then she couldn't fully comprehend the true extent of studying art. She did come the closest out of Thrawn's social circle. The Chiss made a fine choice promoting her to admiral. 


"Perhaps, but we didn't have Thinkers and other parahumans in my galaxy." Thrawn smirked. "The Jedi don't count since their abilities aren't as diverse." 


"True, but it's not like I can afford having it professionally made." I shrugged. Grabbing a piece of fabric, I felt a shiver down my spine. 


The chances that I'll stab myself with a needle is extremely high. 




Sadly, it seemed that my prediction was correct. A half dozen stabs later, my bandaged fingers were finally done with a shirt reminiscent of the Chiss Ascendancy uniform. Good thing I bought extra material just in case since I messed up the sleeves on my first two tries. Once I had more funding I could add more protection to my vital areas. Using the leftover fabric, I made a simple black mask with a chimaera stitched in red. Thrawn's personal emblem should serve me well. I would have to give Uingali foar Marocsaa of the Paccosh from Rapacc system my thanks the next time I saw him. 


I shook that last thought out of my head and glared at Thrawn, who had grown silent as I worked. 


"Stop messing with my head." I muttered as I took off my hoodie and pulled my new costume over my head. Making sure that it fit me perfectly, I placed the mask on my face, the cloth covering the lower half of my face. Walking towards the mirror, Thrawn disappeared, allowing me to finally see myself. 


There are a few mistakes here and there. Not bad for my first time working on something like this, but definitely not the worst. 


Suddenly, red eyes started staring back at me, my features slowly turning sharper, my skin a familiar shade of blue. What the hell?! I took a step back and stared at my hands. Still a pale white, I looked at the mirror again. My skin was back to normal, the corners of my eyes were still red, and my face remained unchanged. 


What was that? A vision? Or is it my brain trying to figure out how my transformation is going to take place? That sounds about right. My brain must be trying to figure out how I'm going to look in the future. 


Red eyes stared back at me from the mirror. 


"Mitth'raw'nuruodo." I said the Cheunh name, the syllables leaving my lips easily. Was my throat changing as well? Maybe I could try to imitate Thrawn's accent to use in my cape persona. 




"Why did I look like a younger version of Ar'alani?" 


Thrawn blinked slowly, his smirk leaving his face. Rubbing his forehead, he sighed. 


"Don't be a speciesist." 



This chapter is shorter than I had hoped it would be. 

I'm planning on eventually writing a crossover between all of my stories. That's right. 

Tavy Jones from DYFD?, Khepri from Lore Khepri, Marine Weaver from Smoker the White Hunter, Anna reincarnated as Taylor from The Snow Queen's Worm and Thaylor from Chimaera all in one story! 

When would it be released? I don't know if I'll get bored writing any of my other stories.