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There was a major difference between myself and Thrawn. While he had the political support of Grand Moff Tarkin in the Empire and Admiral Ar'alani in the Chiss Ascendancy, I had none of that here. Thrawn also had the support of his trusted subordinates. Gilad Paelleon was a competent officer who served under Thrawn during the Battle of Lothal, and would later serve as his trusted second in command during Thrawn's campaign against the New Republic. Eli Vanto was considered a close friend throughout his service as Thrawn's aide. Even Commander Faro was a trusted subordinate who Thrawn helped tutored until her transfer to the Eleventh fleet under his guidance. 


I had none of that here. No Star Destroyer, no base of power, no one to trust on. All I had was myself and my brilliant mind. Blowing up Winslow was going to be a piece of cake. Sadly it seemed that the homemade bomb made of household products that definitely shouldn't be combined wouldn't be able to blow up Winslow on it's own. I had all day to come up with a solution. The plan had to be in motion Sunday night so I didn't have to go to school on Monday. It should take the school a few days to get everything organized for transfers to other schools, but Winslow's staff was so incompetent that it might even take weeks for the transfers to be complete. The American education system really needed to revamp itself. 


I gave my computer a glance. If only that stupid thing was able to load pages faster. I didn't need Dad walking in on me taking in my notes and why it was full of alien letters. Good thing he was downstairs watching TV with a beer most likely in his hands which meant I had some time to create my plan. After all, a great tactician creates plans. A good tactician recognizes the soundness of a plan presented on him. A fair tactician must see the plan succeed before offering approval. 


Thrawn was a great tactician, and I needed to live up to his legacy. Blowing up a school was necessary. If I go to school, that means I have to see Them, but if I blow up the school, that means I have some time off without having to see Them. That could distract me from advancing my goals. Too bad I couldn't arrange an accident for a certain Trio. That would have to be on my todo list. I turned my attention back to the decoy notebook I held in my lap. 


Winslow's kitchen has numerous stoves powered by gas. A simple flame could cause a chain, and amplify the homemade bomb. The gas needs to spread around the school for maximum effect. 


I felt a smirk form on my face. This was perfect! I just needed to make sure that no innocent bystanders would be caught in the explosion. Domestic terrorism was a great way to start my career. 


Now I just needed Dad to fall asleep. It was time to cause a potential war crime. 



Winslow didn't have much when it came to security. During the school day all they had was an off duty cop that seemed a bit too close to the skinheads for my liking. What was with adults trying to get the approval of teenagers? We're stupid! Well, most of us were. Me on the other hand? 


Well, I'm a genius. That's why I was wearing a ski-mask with a backpack full of chemicals that shouldn't be mixed together while I broke the lock and chain that held the back door shut. Winslow didn't have many security cameras, and the few that they did have were mostly for show. Only the main office had a working one, and I wasn't planning on heading in that direction. 


The lock broke after a few minutes of struggling. I really needed to work on my physical strength. Maybe I could find something to work out with at the thrift store? Jogging wasn't clearly doing enough. 


Winslow looked like trash, but it looked even worse at night. Half drawn graffiti was everywhere, and it seemed that the janitors didn't do their job right last night. Poor custodians who didn't get paid enough for this. One of them was hospitalized by a gang of ABB thugs last month. 


Even if I could close the school for a few weeks, I could make that work in my favor. I just needed to disable the fire alarm and the sprinklers. 


Good thing Blackwell embezzled the money that was supposed to go into security or this would be much more difficult to complete. Ah, good old corruption. Who am I to deny such kindness? 


Walking past a hallway of dented lockers, I made my way to the maintenance room. Hopefully this shouldn't take long. Grabbing a wrench I found by a used car dealership with a gloved hand, I felt a smile form on my face. Time to beat the crap out of some old equipment. Then I had to spray paint some Empire logos and swastikas. 




Beating the shit out of the system that controlled the fire alarm and sprinklers took a bit longer than I hoped it would. Now I had to speed up my time table before the first members of the faculty start to arrive. I gave my watch a glance. Hm, I had about two hours left before I had to get out of here. Good thing I already had the homemade bomb ready to go. I had placed it in the main hallway, while I formed a pathway with gasoline that led to it. Afterwards I grabbed a blue spray paint bottle and went to work. It should be easy enough right? It's not like that the skinheads were the next Picasso. I just needed them to get blamed for this. After drawing a few rough E88s and swastikas which caused me to cringe, I threw the bottles back in my backpack. 


Walking into the cafeteria, I made my way towards the kitchen. The lone flashlight I held in my hands only served to make the experience even creepier. Once the stoves were turned on, I only had a few minutes to get out before I could light it. Pouring more gasoline on the floor, I threw the container to the side. 


I had found that at the dump halfway across the city so no one could trace it back to me. It had a bloodstain on it for some reason, but that should work in my favor. Someone else would have to take the fall for this. 


Thrawn would be so proud. I giggled as I slid into the kitchen and started turning on several stoves. Naturally, I didn't actually light them. The gas should spread around the school, and combined with the homemade bomb and gasoline, do quite a bit of damage. Hopefully enough to cause Winslow to close for a while.


The smell of the gas caused my smile to turn into a grin.  


It was time to start the fireworks. 


Well, once I got out of here first. 



WOW, this took much longer than expected. 

A writer's block hit me so I spent my time playing Rimworld and total war games. 

This past Sunday I attended my city's comic con and I had a blast. The local 501st chapter was there decked out in Mandalorian, Stormtrooper, clone trooper, and Rebel cosplays. This one Boba Fett had a working flamethrower built in too. 

Sadly, I saw no Thrawn's :(