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The rest of my stay in the library went by quickly. My notebook was filled with the names of various capes, along with their powers, or rumors of what their powers are if they weren't as well known like the Undersiders. It seemed that Tattletale was going to be quite annoying to deal with, her claiming to be a psychic and all that. That was a lie of course, capes with psychic powers didn't exist in the way her victims describe her as. She most likely had a Thinker power like myself, albeit one that worked much more quickly. Still, the human brain could only handle so much information at once, so defeating her would require a sensory overlord. Revealing a lot of information at once that had nothing to do with each other should lead her into a dead end, makes her power overwork itself and a migraine should set in. Well, that was my theory anyways. Thinkers were bullshit and I needed more information. The rest of the Undersiders could easily be disposed of. Hellhound was still a normal human despite her ability to enhance her dogs, and Grue was also a baseline human that could produce a smoke-like darkness. I needed more information to be able to form a plan against Regent. There wasn't much out there with only their cape names and powers being known. 


Anyways, I still had to deal with this city's so-called 'heroes'. The Protectorate was the main threat of course. Armsmaster was one of the greatest Tinkers alive, with those under his command being just as competent as he was. Give me command of a Protectorate department, and I would have already conquered half of the country by now. New Wave was another problem, as inactive as they are. Glory Girl was often spotted going out on patrol, while her cousins went out every once in a while. Panacea spent most of her time at the various hospitals throughout Brockton Bay, and the elder generation basically retired in all but name. They only appeared in public during emergencies, and even then it was quite rare for Flashbang to show up. An entire family, blessed with powers and they just let them go to waste. Manpower and Brandish both held jobs, while their respective spouses stayed home. 


Being in a hero team must've been expensive with someone as destructive as Glory Girl with them. Hero insurance wasn't cheap, and they didn't exactly cover everything. Funding must be a reason why hero teams were exactly as popular as they were before. Well, that and the death of Fleur. The Golden age of Heroes was over, long live the Age of Taylor! Too much? Probably. I still needed to figure out what I was going to call myself. 


Shaking my head as I analyzed the computer screen, I bit my bottom lip. Money was still the big issue here. Should I go ahead and offer my services on PHO? No, not yet. I was going to need a burner phone if I was going to do that. Plus I still had to deal with school and Dad. Hm, several household products could be used to create a homemade bomb-


No, what was I thinking? If I did that innocent people could be killed. I grabbed my forehead. As much as I hated Winslow, my grievances were with the Trio and Blackwell. The Trio deserved to suffer after everything that they did to me. They were useless and could not be used like Thrawn's classmates who assaulted him. Emma, Sophia, and what's her name shall be disposed of in time. I felt a smirk form on my face. Bombing Winslow could make them feel fear. This could work. With Winslow out of the picture, I could be transferred to one of the other schools or even apply to get a GED without Blackwell getting in the way. 


I just needed to make sure no one was there when I did it. Innocent blood would be shed eventually, but not today. 


Grabbing my notebooks and placing them in my backpack, I signed off of the computer. I would need to delete the burner email I used later. I had a dozen more that I haven't used yet. Making my way towards the exit, I accidently bumped into a mousey looking girl with short brown hair. 


"Sorry!" I said over my shoulder as I kept walking. I didn't bother to hear her response as I was already out the door. I had an ugly ass school to blow up. Heh, it would have been funny if that was Panacea. Nah, coincidences like that didn't exist in real life. 




There were several rules in life that you should always follow. First, you always returned a favor, and last, never trust anyone who was pretty or handsome. Nothing good could ever come from them. So when I saw a pretty blonde girl near the Boardwalk start grinning at me, I started walking faster. Naturally I took several detours in case she followed me. She was probably one of Emma's cronies, but I had never seen her before. Eventually I found myself back at my safe stronghold, home. I used Thrawn's gifts to make sure no one followed me of course. 


Dad wasn't home yet so I was going to be alone again for most of the afternoon. That was fine with me, I enjoyed the silence. Plus I'm able to get the chance to talk to myself. I'm sure that Thrawn was a fascinating person to talk if you stopped to consider everything. Nah, who am I kidding. 


I'm just...lonely…



Another short one but it was needed. You thought Thaylor was going to meet Panpan or Vulpine Grin Lisa right? 

Ha, I decided not to. Why not? Because I'm eviiiiilll. 

Well, that and I can't decide on Thaylor's cape name. 

I'm honestly torn between Thrawn and Chimaera. I really like both of them, so what do you guys think? 

I'll link the fanart for this story at a later date. If you're reading this on FF, it's the cover picture.