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Despite finally allowing Thrawn's memories to run wild through my head, I still wasn't able to get as much rest as I wanted. My dreams were filled with destroyed worlds, the feeling of death wrapping around me. I woke up two times in a cold sweat, so Dad gave me a weird look when I appeared with bags under my eyes. Thankfully I had the excuse of having too much homework to keep any questions or concerns he had at bay. Good thing he got called to go into work so I didn't have to come up with another excuse on why I was going to the library this early. 


Sure I had an old computer in my room, but that relic was slow and could barely pull up PHO. A visit to the library would be an excellent distraction from my lack of social life, as well as allow me to gather information about the various gangs, PRT and Protectorate. At a glance, Lung and Kaiser would be difficult to deal with, but Lung was still only one person, albeit a very one. Kaiser would rarely show himself in public, usually only showing up to fight Lung himself with assistance from Menja and Fenja. The Empire also had another heavy hitter in Purity, but she hasn't been seen in a few months, only making the rare appearance here and there to fight the ABB and Merchants. Rumors had it that she had left the Empire, but I seriously doubt that. 


Glancing outside of the bus' window, I sighed. I would need to do a lot of planning. Manipulating the gangs into mutual destruction wouldn't be as simple as the wannabes at Winslow. I would need to establish my own presence here in Brockton Bay, but that would take a little while. I needed to raise funds and support. Plus, I doubt that most full grown men would be willing to follow a fifteen year old girl without a power that could easily force them to respect me. I needed to gather my own thugs that would be loyal only to me. Recruiting parahumans would also need to be high on the list. Normal humans could only do so much against capes, even with my strategies and tactics. 


Still, first things first. Before any operation could start, information needed to be gathered and plans needed to be perfected. And I still needed to gather funds. People wouldn't fight for free, and I still needed to get equipment even if they did. Maybe I could offer my services as a private investigator on PHO? Yes that could work. I would get practice in using my power, earn a bit of money, and start to build my own powerbase. I'm sure most people would be willing to pay a decent amount to see if their significant other was cheating on them. 


My bus soon arrived at my stop, and I got off without a hassle. Thankfully the library was a ten minute walk from my stop so I didn't have to walk far. Eyeing several people that walked by me, I felt Thrawn's memories surge through me. A nerdy boy wearing suspenders that didn't look much older than me rushed past me with a binder in his hands. Despite his outward appearance, his arm muscles indicate that he does plenty of exercise. Was he a part of the school's football team? A possibility. He also could have learned self defense to protect himself from would-be aggressors. 


Speaking of self defense, it seemed that I was going to need to up my exercise regime. Jogging wasn't going to cut it anymore. While Thrawn's greatest asset was his mind, he also trained his body to the same degree and was skilled in various martial arts from the Imperial Academy as well as various Chiss forms. At least I wasn't going to need to pay for some classes, I just needed to practice what was already in my head. Even if I wasn't going out on patrol like other capes, I still needed to be able to defend myself. 


Eventually, I arrived at the Library. Not even a few minutes later I was already seated at a computer in the back after showing the Librarian my library card. Glancing around the area next to me in case anyone just happened to be watching, I signed in. Normally I would have used my personal email that I used back at home, but I didn't trust public computers one bit so I created a new burner email to sign into PHO. Tinkers and Thinkers were everywhere, and I didn't need any of them being able to find out where I live or who I was. 


Thankfully various PHO users had made a wiki of the gangs and Protectorate of Brockton Bay. Why would they create such a thing? I don't know, maybe they wanted a target painted on their back. Any information that I couldn't find here could always be found with a search or news report. Let's see. 


The Empire Eighty-Eight first came into prominence during the rule of Allfather. Rumors had it that Iron Rain and Kaiser were his children since they were often spotted together and Kaiser's rise to power after Allfather's death. Other rumors say that they have a connection to Medhall. Now that was interesting. Cross-checking Richard Anders and Olivia Anders profile, my theory was proven correct.  Max Anders' sister died around the same time as Iron Rain with Allfather's death being reported a week after Richard Anders own. 


Really? You didn't even need to have a Thinker power to know that Richard Anders was Allfather and Olivia Anders was Iron Rain. I clicked on a picture of Hookwolf. His costume was literally an iron mask with jeans with two tattoos. You seriously can't tell me that the PRT and Protectorate don't know his civilian identity. The government was always watching. Last week the IRS put a warrant out for Circus for not paying their taxes and they skipped town. 


Pulling up a picture of the Empire's infamous logo, I suppressed my anger at our local law enforcement. Their logo was modeled after the Nazi flag with two stylized eights that looked like swastikas. Red, white, and black were the dominant colors. The original flag that the Empire based their symbol on was originally created by the Nazi's. The colors were taken from the German flag from Bismarck's era. White stood for nationalism, red for socialism, and the black swastika represented the 'Aryan race'. Nationalism? Really? They did remember that the United States fought the Nazi's during World War Two? This would sound more believable if they were Neo-Confederates. Neo-Confederates are mostly found in the South, with the Sons of the Republic being the equivalent of the Empire in Houston. Anyways, the Empire was flawed in every possible way and was fueled by hatred. They could easily be taken apart by dismantling their mandate. Their capes are keeping the gang together. Kill the capes, kill the gang. Kaiser's death would cause a rift in the Empire and cause it to fall apart. 


Hm, an assasination could work, but I didn't want him turning into a martyr. I needed to come up with a better plan. I could come up with plans on how to get rid of their capes slowly. Now onto the Azn Bad Boys. 


The ABB, while not as large as the Empire were just as dangerous. Yellow, green, red, and white are visible throughout their territory. White was often associated with death, so those that had earned Lung's rage had their shops painted white. ABB thugs are usually dressed in red and green. Greens stands for eternity, vitality and energy in the Japanese culture. Red means strength, passion and blood. The ABB respects strength and Lung is one of the strongest capes on this side of the country. Get rid of Lung, and the ABB will dissolve into smaller gangs. Oni Lee doesn't have what it takes to be a leader. Very interesting. 


Let's see what the internet said about the Merchant's. I immediately closed the tab and rubbed my forehead.


Who fucking used piss as paint?



I know I said Smoker was next but I couldn't help myself. 

Are you guys enjoying the rewrite? I like that it feels slower than the original. Plus it doesnt have Thaylor making stupid mistakes.