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War. When I dreamed all I saw was war. Countless battles in the vast emptiness of space and on the harsh, rugged land. I saw  gigantic dagger shaped ships go up against other, much smaller, ships in large-scale battles. I saw dogfights with weird X looking fighters versus fighters similar to H shaped ships. Stuff that only a sci-fi fan dreams about. Soldiers in pristine white armor battling on harsh and unforgiving worlds against a variety of different aliens some seemed near-human, and others not even remotely similar. I smelled their burnt flesh as lasers blasted their way through armor and clothes. I saw diseases that could wipe out the entire human race within a matter of days. Diseases that could turn anyone into a disgusting monster. I also saw the abuse of the non-humans. I saw thousands if not millions of aliens enslaved just for not being human. The lucky ones were treated as some second class citizen. I saw them work on a battle station the size of Earth's moon. A planet killer. 


Then, I was standing on the bridge of a gun-metal ship. I stared out at a massive fleet as they bombarded a colorful planet. What were they shooting? ‘Bombarding a major rebel base on an uninhabited planet’ my mind answered me. Then, I heard someone call out a familiar name, and I turned around and the bridge had suddenly turned to what seems to be some sort of personal quarters. It was decorated with a variety of statues and paintings that looked to be of alien origin.  At the back were what seemed to be a pair of large alien lizards. I wouldn't have liked to see them alive, but somehow I had? I felt myself walk to what I think is the bathroom. Then, I found myself staring into a pair of burning red eyes. I felt myself scream, but no sound emerged. 


I woke up soon after




Dreams such as these had been plaguing me for the past two months ever since the locker.  Whenever my eyes closed, I saw bloodshed. War was war, it never changed. You could change where war occurred and how you waged it, but it never went away. War was a natural part of life. Life revolved around warfare. Peace? Peace was a lie and a temporary truce until you could develop better weapons and tactics to overcome your enemies. 


I was in a war. I warred against my mind as I tried pushing down these dreams- no not dreams. These were memories. I had come to this conclusion after a few weeks of sleepless nights and nightmares. My head was filled with the memories of the greatest admiral from a galaxy far far away, Grand Admiral Thrawn. I rubbed my forehead as I felt another headache start to form. This happened whenever I tried suppressing his memories. 


Why were his memories in my head? Was this simply a figment of my imagination? Am I crazy? Of course I had more questions than I had answers with no one to ask. Dad wasn't exactly all there anymore. I had no one to rely on except myself, especially at school. 


A quick step to the right managed to save me a bruise from one of Sophia's goons from some random sports team. They were rather unimaginative when it came to bullying me. Trying to bump into me so I can be slammed against a random locker? Now you get a bruise for your trouble. The hallways were full of students ready to go home. Winslow was ass, with a lowkey gang war going on between the ABB, Empire and Merchant wannabes. There was a stabbing yesterday in one of the restrooms judging by the screams down the hall from Mr. Gladly's class. Class had ended early that day after another teacher got stabbed after he tried breaking up the fight. 


Hopefully it happened today again. I had one more class to go to, and I didnt want to be here any longer than I had to be. Wait a minute. I eyed a disheveled Merchant wannabe that was stumbling past me. His eyes are bloodshot and his hands are shaking slightly. He's high and not thinking straight. Most likely on his way to meet up with his friends. 


I formed a smirk on my face as I eyed a few skinheads. A strategy that was often used throughout the world would be very useful here. 


Manipulate your enemies into destroying each other. A suggestion here, a false accusation there. Yes this could work. Plus it would be good practice for the future. 


Emma...Sophia...and what was her name again? Maddie? Whatever her name was, she wasn't important, not in the long run. I would make them suffer for what they did to me. Changing directions, I slowly started to follow the drug addict. 


School was about to be very busy, and even if class wasn't canceled, I could always escape in the ensuing chaos. Teenagers were drawn to conflict. Whenever fights broke out, phones came out to record said fight. 


Friday's were always fun. 




The walk back home was very short since I decided to take the bus today. The Merchants based in Winslow weren't happy to hear that the football team's star player, who happened to be a skinhead, was talking shit about their drugs. They were like that for some reason. Insult them personally, they didn't care what you said. Insult their ability to get high and their product's lack of quality, now you've pissed them off. Come Monday, I doubt that the school will keep plastic knives in stock anymore. 


One of my legs soon started shaking and I took a deep breath. I did what needed to be done. I-I couldn't go to that class. They were in there, and no amount of planning would have allowed me to come back out unscathed. Squeezing my leg, I hardened my gaze. At least no one innocent was caught in the crossfire. That would have made me feel even worse. I did what I had to do to survive. I could only depend on myself and Thrawn I guess. Leaning my head back, I closed my eyes. My headache was gone now. Looking back trying to supress Thrawn's memories was a bad decision on my part. All that did was cause me more pain. 


I could do great things with Thrawn's help. I orchestrated that fight at Winslow, so what would happen if I tried it on a bigger scale? What if the Empire, ABB, and the Merchants destroyed each other in their fight for power? A fool's dream. Lung and Kaiser weren't the idiots that the PRT made them out to be. 


No, a different plan would be needed to purge Brockton Bay of their filth. Thankfully, I had a genius in my head now. All I had to do was let loose and let the memories flow through me. 


I felt the bus come to a stop. Hopefully the school didn't decide to call Dad to tell him about the fight. I wasn't in the mood to see anyone at the moment. Grabbing my backpack, I walked off the bus without giving the driver another glance. 


If only I had a single Star Destroyer with me. 




Dad's truck wasn't in the driveway which meant he wasn't home. Well duh! What else could that have meant? Skipping over the broken step that I should probably fix sometime in the future, I glanced over my shoulder to see if anyone was watching me, and I quickly walked inside. 


Hopefully Dad wouldn't be here for a few hours if I was lucky. A quick stop by my room resulted in me throwing my backpack on my bed. I could always do my homework later. Dragging myself to the restroom, I splashed some water from the sink onto my face. 


Sensing someone staring at me, I slowly raised my head to look at the mirror. 


"Hello Taylor." 


Glowing red eyes stared back at me, and I screamed. 



FINALLY THE REWRITE IS OUT! I have found memories of Chimera. It was my first Worm story as well as my first writing project in years at the time. 

Sadly, it hasn't aged well so I decided to go ahead and rewrite the story. I hope everyone finds it more enjoyable. 


Yes, Taylor was written a bit more crazy on purpose. Wouldn't you be crazy if you woke up with an alien's memories in your head?