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Testing the Borders

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            Eren was entirely too impatient for his own good. Anyone that had known him during their time as cadets in the 104th training corps understood very well that he lived life fast paced, sped through his courses, and was determined to take what he wanted, no matter the cost. He was unhinged back then, or rather, he could hide his lack of preservation a bit better now than before. After the events of Annie’s betrayal had taken place, he understood clearly just how valuable living was. People were so ready to risk their freedom for life.

            Eren wasn’t sure why one couldn’t exist with the other.  

            Captain Levi was what his definition of living with freedom was like. A guiding hand, a messiah, an untouchable god—Eren had worshipped him like one as a naïve child. He looked upon Captain Levi as a peasant to a king the day he saw him mounted on his horse returning from a grueling mission. Speaking to him would be an honor and touching him would be something he would dream about for weeks on end.

            Then, they did speak. At the courthouse where scrutinizing eyes watched as the man he admired beat his face in for the sake of saving his life.

            Like a freezing bucket of water being thrown over him, the sudden realization that lit his nerves and caused goosebumps to rise on his skin was that Levi was human and Eren was a monster.

            Spending time with Captain Levi’s squad had been educational, inspiring, moving. And in an instant all of that had been torn away from his hands with just a swipe of a titan’s fist. Appropriate considering it was a titan’s fist that cost their lives. Eren, for once in his life, had chosen patience and in that split second decision, it had cost the lives of his comrades—of Levi’s comrades.

            He had expected the man to lash out at him at best and to ignore him at worst. His nerves had been running haywire and the expectation to be renounced by his hero was high. Except that never happened. Instead, they sat at the empty mess hall table, feeling the splinters of the aged wood prick his fingertips as he dug the appendages into the grooves, and mourned.

            They mourned together.

            The light from the dimly lit lantern painted over Levi’s sharp features like a thinly bristled brush stroke, and his eyes were heavy with reserved anguish.

            Eren, during that time, was too distraught over his own lack of technique and ability that cost the lives of his friends, that cost Petra’s life. Levi wasn’t occupying his thoughts during the whole ordeal.

            It wasn’t until a few nights after the event, when Eren went into the kitchen, brewed the chamomile tea that Captain Levi loved to drink whenever he was stressed, brought it into his office to spend a few moments with him before retiring to the dungeon, did he realize that he had started to develop feelings for the man.

            The lingering touches, the knowing piercing looks, the breathless whispers at night underneath the starless material sky, even after being taught to wait, was testing his patience to no end. He knew what he wanted, he knew just how little time they had, and he knew that whenever he looked away—through his peripheral—Captain Levi would stare longer than what would be deemed appropriate.

            Eren could feel the heat from Levi’s stares scorch his skin, burning him with an endless trail blaze. Yet, the minute Eren turned to face him head on, he would move his head to the side, pretending as if it never happened, as if he didn’t just send Eren’s atom’s alight with his presence.

            He pretended as if his blood wasn’t boiling with the need to push Eren down and claim him for the world to see.

            Eren knew, he knew, because he saw that look in his own eyes whenever he stared at his reflection with the thoughts of Levi running through his head. He wanted to lose control for the sole reason of being put back in his place by the one man who acknowledged him as a monster. By the one man who could tame him like the monster he was.

            Eren was tired of being patient, tired of waiting, it was against his brash nature to begin with. He’ll take what he wants, and Levi would just have to make him stop. Levi would have to pull his leash and, oh, what an image. He wouldn’t mind getting on his knees, stuffed to the brim, being yanked around like a dog if Levi was the one forcing him there.

            Time was ticking and, in a world like theirs, pleasure was a luxury not many were able to afford—or lived long enough to indulge in.

            “Eren, what’s wrong?”

            Eren looked up from his bowl of soup, addressing Armin’s concerned voice. “What? Nothing, I’m fine.”

            “Right…” Armin hummed, eyeing him for a moment before continuing. “Is it about the Captain?”

            Mikasa’s spoon clattered against her bowl and Eren felt warmth creep up underneath his skin.

            “No!” Eren defended, shrinking underneath Armin’s incredulous gaze. After a few seconds of both Armin and now, Mikasa, watching him, he cracked. “Is it that obvious?”

            “Eren, you whisper his name in your sleep.”

            “I—what?!” Eren hissed, eyes flitting around to make sure no one was listening in before narrowing them. “Why didn’t you say anything?!”

            “Okay, you don’t.” Armin admitted sheepishly, shrugging his shoulders high enough to reach his lobes. “But you basically just gave away the fact that you do, in fact, dream of him.”

            “No I didn’t.” Eren frowned. “I just asked why you didn’t say anything about me whispering my captain’s name in my sleep!”

            Mikasa curled her fist on top of the table, peeking out from the old ruddy scarf. “Asking why we didn’t stop you instead of denying it all together gave you away.”

            Eren was seriously reconsidering his choice in friends. Why was he sitting with them again? Mikasa and Armin always knew how to get through to him. They knew him better than he knew himself sometimes and for that, he was grateful.

            Except now. Right now he wanted to transform, dig a titan sized hole, and bury himself in it. He prayed his attraction to his commanding officer wasn’t so transparent as to reveal itself in front of Jean of all people. Oh, he’d never hear the end of it.

            “Why him?” Mikasa asked, tone dark and vicious. Eren pursed his lips, ignoring her disapproval and stood up. He didn’t have to explain his feelings or the reasons why it was Levi he was so enamored with to anyone. He didn’t have a reason. Not everything needed one and somethings didn’t deserve one either. He was happy in his pursuit for Levi’s attention. He was happy being able to stand in the same room as his captain and that’s all that should matter.

            Eren didn’t have time for this.

            “I’m not hungry.” He muttered quickly in passing to Mikasa and Armin as he grabbed his plate and brought it to the kitchen. Ignoring her question and the perturbed glances they threw his way, he began to brew the captain’s tea in order to begin his ever so devious scheme. They could judge and scrutinize him all they want. It wouldn’t change what he wanted—what he craved with such a primal appetency that made his skin crawl. Hopefully, he hadn’t been completely imagining Levi’s longing looks and their feelings were, in fact, mutual. Or else he would have to deal with an ass beating plus the humiliation of being rejected.

            Eren would trust his instincts with this one. Right now, he was wearing a tighter pair of slacks that came alongside the standard issued uniform cadets were meant to wear. He had grown out of these specific ones from the time he spent at the barracks as a trainee but kept them around for sentimental reasons. He had a strange feeling they’d come in a clutch one of these days. That day was today.

            Eren had a plan, and he would execute it to a T.

            He grabbed the fine porcelain teacup along with its saucer once it was stirred to perfection and began to stride over towards the Captain’s quarters. His heart began to beat frantically, sending blood rushing throughout his body. The cup began to rattle slightly, barely being able to contain the liquid contents of the tea as his hands trembled with his nerves.

Eren had built up all this confidence, all this morale to go ahead and finally make a move on the captain but now that it was finally happening, an uncomfortable wave of emotions flooded his lungs and traveled to his throat, drowning his thoughts and muddling is mind with self-doubt. What if he wasn’t good enough for his Captain? What if he read the signs all wrong? What if everything changed between them for the worst? Eren doesn’t think he’ll be able to handle losing those nights together, that comfort they shared with each other.

            Before he could talk himself out of it, his feet instinctively came to a halt in front of that, usually unwelcoming, mahogany door. He swallowed thickly, shaking his head to bring himself back to reality, and brought his fist up to knock on the door.

            One, two, three sharp raps on the wooden structure. Almost muscle memory at this point.

            “What is it?”  

            Eren pressed his teeth to his bottom lip at the sound of Levi’s voice before replying, “It’s me, sir.”

            There was some silence and the muffled sound of shuffling of paper. Then Levi spoke again. “Come in.”

            Eren walked inside, closing the door behind him and making sure to discreetly lock it by blocking the knob with his body before stepping to Levi’s desk and placing the tea there. His captain looked so disheveled, hair a mess with more strands than usual falling over his tired sunken eyes. His jacket had all but since been abandoned, thrown haphazardly across the couch with his cravat undone and his tunic stretched deliciously around his muscles. Eren swallowed down the saliva that was building up in his mouth from the sight, watching as Levi moved his exposed arm to grab the cup by its rim in the unique way he always does.

            Eren has never wanted to suck dick so bad in his life.

            “Good evening, sir.” Eren greeted, lips curling as the man let out a tired grunt in response before taking long sip of the tea. He smacked his lips once together then placed the cup down, going back to his paperwork.

            “Tea s’good.” Levi didn’t look up once, too focused on his paperwork to pay Eren any mind aside from that small compliment. Eren usually would be beaming at the minimal praise. But today was different. Today he wanted more. He wanted Levi’s eyes on him, undressing him, scarring him, humiliating him for just the sake of their festering lust to be sated already. It was excruciating at this point.

            Eren pressed his lips together before inconspicuously placing his hands on top of a pile of important files. “I’m glad you enjoy it, Captain. Actually, I—” In the middle of speaking, Eren pretended to lean a bit too hard onto the desk, causing the papers under his hand to slip from the table and onto the floor in a flurried mess.

            “Oi, brat—”

            “I’m so sorry, sir!” Eren quickly got on his knees, making sure to angle his backside for Levi’s view, and began to gather the mess on the carpeted floor in a neat pile. “I can be so clumsy—I…I’ll get that cleaned for you.”

            Eren heard Levi’s breath hitch and he had to hold back the smile from breaking out on his face. Got him.

            For a moment, only the sound of shuffling paper was heard. Eren was almost afraid Levi would completely ignore his particular choice in wardrobe. But then Levi cleared his throat, causing him to turn and look over the rise of his shoulder. “Captain?”

            “Are you…” Levi frowned, thin brows pressed downward causing the skin between them to wrinkle in frustration. “Have you not updated your measurements for the uniform?”

            Eren blinked, milking the façade of innocence he had on. “Oh—are you referring to my pants, sir? Unfortunately my usual pairs got ruined during the expeditions so all I have left are these from my trainee days. Is that a problem?”

            “You didn’t report that.”

            “I didn’t think it was something I needed to report.” Eren hummed. “I apologize.”

            The muscles in Levi’s jaws shifted as he moved his eyes back to his work. “Remember for next time. I’ll jot that down for the suppliers.”

            “Yes sir.”

            Eren had to keep the joyous tilt out of his voice. This was too good. He would have been disappointed from the lack of any escalation after that conversation but seeing Levi’s tight grip on his fountain pen—to the point where he could hear it creaking in his hands—and the bulge that was straining against his pants was enough to send scorching heat down to Eren’s belly. Levi was aroused. By him.

            Oh, he could work with this.

            Eren would make him suffer, just a little bit. He’ll make Levi wait for a few more seconds longer than necessary as revenge for making Eren wait for months on end. It was only fair. He’ll pretend to be a good little boy, picking up papers like a nice pretty cadet, who would do anything for his captain. Then, when Levi expects him to leave and allow the humid air to settle into a more comfortable temperature, Eren would crawl right up between those parted legs forcing his Captain to finally give him the right orders.

            Even when he wasn’t looking, he could feel Levi’s gaze, searing his skin. That feeling was always incomparable. The electric waves that would wash over him in glee was so much more addicting—so much more riveting than even the feeling of turning into a Titan. Whenever Eren was allowed to transform, the minute he bit into his skin and let the metallic taste of blood explode onto his tastebuds, he could feel the grotesque feeling of muscles enlarge around him, enwrapping his body in a protective casing of bone and tissue. His blood would rush to his head, pounding it, shoving it with excruciating power he, at times, feared.

            That spark to gun powder before an explosion, the flash before a match was lit, that was what turning into a titan was like. Intense variable energy swirling inside of his body and making him invincible.

            And yet, just Levi’s eyes roaming his clothed skin as if he was bare for the world, vulnerable and exposed, was enough for him to feel like a god.

            Eren curved his back a bit, hearing Levi shift in his seat from the action, and gathered all of the papers in a pile. Once they were lined up perfectly, he turned around to see if he could catch Levi in the act again but to no avail. Levi was known for speed and, if Eren didn’t know any better, he would have thought he was imagining the whole thing.

            That’s fine. Two can play at that game. Instead of getting up, Eren crawled over to the edge of the desk and reached up, placing the pile of papers back in the corner it was in before. Levi pretended not to notice, eyes scanning over the words on the file in his hand, but it didn’t seem like he was retaining any information.

            Eren glanced down at Levi’s crotch and—wait. Did it get bigger? A huff of air escaped his nose from the amusing sight. Well, seemed as though his Captain wasn’t as resilient as the man liked to think. That’s alright though. That’s what Eren was here for. To test Levi’s restraint.

            Without another word, Eren crawled over to Levi’s legs, making sure to shove himself between his knees, scooting slightly inside of the opening underneath the desk. Levi let out a grunt of surprise, jolting back in his chair as he finally turned his head down to face Eren with widened eyes. His brows were lifted in surprise, pale chapped lips parting and his chest expanding as he took in a deep breath. Eren smiled coyly, moving his large palms up Levi’s muscular calves, salivating at the thought of Levi using his entire body to ravish Eren from bottom to top.

            “Eren,” Levi’s voice wavered before ending in a low, displeased growl. “What in the name of Sina do you think you’re doing?”

            “Captain, I noticed you were having some trouble there.” Eren answered, innocently batting his lashes at the older man and resting his cheek on Levi’s knee. “Can I be of assistance?”

            Levi snarled, gripping the wooden arm rests of his chair, holding onto them for dear life to the point where they were beginning to creek and split open. “Do you understand what your implications could mean? I’m your commanding officer, Jaeger. This kind of lawless behavior could subject you to the MP’s if anyone ever found out—”

            “So?” Eren scoffed childishly, reaching up to unzip Levi’s trousers. “Then let’s make sure they don’t find out.”

            Eren felt Levi’s callouses before he felt his fist wrap around Eren’s wrist to stop him. He shouldn’t find the rough, hardened skin to be so stimulating but the shudder crawled up the base of his spine anyway.

            “Christ, I’m twice your age, kid.” Levi argued, small pants escaping from his teeth as he glared down at Eren. Any sane person would drop it, would cut their losses and leave. But Eren was hardly sane, and he could tell that Levi was just as unhinged as he was. Those intense molten gun metal irises were only slightly visible from behind Levi’s enlarged pupils. His heavy breathing, his lust filled gaze, his tongue peeking out from between his lips to wet them instead of running all over Eren’s body, were all signs that he wanted this. He just needed little a push.

            Eren could do that.

            “If you can’t keep up with me, just say so, Captain.” Eren purred, tugging Levi’s pants by the hem. “Since age is the thing stopping you.”

            Levi snapped, shoving Eren’s hands off of him with an annoying tut of his teeth. Eren felt his blood run cold, afraid he had pushed the man too far and was going to be kicked out with an embarrassingly hard erection in his own pants. But then, Levi tugged his pants lower, reaching his hand into his briefs. Eren watched with rapt attention, eyes zeroing in on Levi’s cock once he pulled the ruddy length out.

            Fuck, that blew every expectation he had out of the water. Eren wasn’t sure if scary or pretty were the right words to use to describe Levi’s dick, so he’ll go for an in between. The mushroom tip was an angry scarlet color, slick with precome and seemed hot to the touch. Eren swallowed as his eyes trailed down the pathways of the thick veins that decorated the underside of the girthy length, planning to do the same with his tongue as soon as he was done admiring. From beneath Levi’s shirt, Eren could see the trimmed dark curls barely touch the base of his cock and suddenly, the fire that had been building in his own stomach traveled straight down to his own weeping prick.

            He wanted a taste. He wanted to taste it so badly.

            “Please sir,” Eren panted, tongue rolling out of his mouth and eye lids drooping as the scent of soap and Levi’s musk ingrained itself in his mind. “Can I—” He pawed desperately at Levi’s knees, shifting on his legs, getting closer just to breathe on the head. “Please. Just a—taste.”

            “Look at you, Eren.” Levi stroked himself from his balls to the tip of head, rubbing his thumb over his slit before repeating the motions nonchalantly. He looked like a king upon his throne staring down at the drooling peasant that was on his knees for just a chance at being dominated underneath all that luxury. “You really are a worthless mutt, begging for a treat.”

            “Yes.” Eren whimpered, the ruthless bitter words that Levi spewed making his cock throb in his pants. “Give me it. Captain, give me—”

            “Is that how you ask for things you want, Eren?”

            A low whine released form his throat, pathetic and desperate as he rubbed his face against Levi’s thigh, feeling a simmering hunger build up right at his ribcage. “Please captain. Let me be a good mutt for you. A good puppy. Promise I’ll be perfect. I promise.”

            Levi huffed, leaning over and using his free hand to pinch Eren’s chin between his thumb and fingers, bringing him closer to his cock. “Don’t make promises you can’t keep, mutt.

            Eren sobbed, muttering high-pitched thankyouthankyouthankyou’s against the side of Levi’s shaft like a devoted worshiper. Levi sighed and pulled his hand back, placing them on the arm rests beside him, and stared down at Eren with a bored, almost listless, expression.

            “Go ahead, mutt. Do what you were born to do and lick.

            Eren sighed in relief, hot breath fanning the warm skin of Levi’s cock before darting the tip of his tongue out to drag it up the vein like he had originally planned to do. It throbbed in his hand, but Levi didn’t make a sound, spurring on Eren’s actions. He would force Levi to break through that stoic façade and indulge in the pleasure that Eren would undoubtedly give him.

            Eren continued lapping at his cock with tiny mewls in between, placing a small kiss on the tip once he reached it. Levi finally let out a breath, reaching over to card his sinewy fingers into the slightly knotted strands of Eren’s hair, and pulled him against his cock. Eren gasped, nose pressed against the length while his chin was barely touching Levi’s balls.

            “Hurry the fuck up. I don’t have all day to play with you.”

            Eren was practically drooling at this point, eyes rolling up as tiny pricks of pleasure pierced his skin from just the sound of Levi’s voice and attention being directed at him. He quickly parted his lips, mouthing Levi’s tip before minding his teeth and immediately pushing his head down onto the hot shaft.

            Levi groaned as his cock was enveloped in a wet vacuum heat, throwing his head back while Eren began to bob his head slowly, taking in more and more. That’s what he wanted to hear, this is what he wanted to feel on his tongue. Levi’s moans while he forced Eren to choke on his cock. This was what they needed.

            “Mmf…! Nng!” Eren continued to bob his head, squeezing his eyes tight as his gag reflex was starting to rise up from the back of his throat. Tears began to wet his lashes as he attempted to take more and more of Levi’s thick length into his mouth. The taste was so addicting—Eren felt insatiable. It was almost unfair how much he wanted Levi to ruin him, to take him apart atom by atom just so he could thank him for it in the end. The salty tang of precome, the weight of his cock on his tongue, the intense musk that sent his mind into a hazy fog—it was all so enslaving. He really was a mutt hooked on a treat.

            “Good, puppy.” Levi hissed, pushing Eren’s head down further. “Take my cock down your throat. That’s it…Uhn…Yeah.”

            Eren trembled at the praise, keening with his mouth full and stuffed to the brim. He was being moved at a leisurely pace, head being guided up and down that slick shaft repetitively to the point where he began to feel conditioned to bob alongside Levi’s hand. His throat began to expand with each extra inch Levi forced down his throat and the tears were now falling freely down his face.

            It still didn’t feel right. Even with Levi fucking his mouth like he had spent nights dreaming about, it still wasn’t everything. Levi could go faster, he could be making Eren cry and sob and choke, but he wasn’t. He was still so fucking patient, and it wasn’t fair. This just further explained the gap in age, the gap in experience the two of them had. Eren was the childish kid and Levi was the resigned adult.

            Eren wouldn’t take that.

            He reached his palm up and began to slowly massage Levi’s balls, rolling them and feeling the heavy weight in his hands. Levi let out a surprised sound, clicking his tongue and grasping Eren’s head with both his hands now. Eren let the edges of his mouth curl in a self-satisfied smirk as he continued to bob his head up and down Levi’s cock.

            “You’re really testing me, brat.”

            Good. Good. Eren wanted to test him, to push him past his limits if it meant they could meld together. If Eren was a monster then he’d turn Levi into one too. He wanted that everlasting satisfaction and Levi was the only one who could provide it. If only Levi would just break already.

            Hollowing his cheeks, Eren sucked hard, causing Levi to lurch forward with a groan and let out a colorful string of curses.


            “Mm…” Eren hummed, peeling his lids open to stare up at Levi from his damp lashes. His breath was immediately caught in his throat at the sight of Levi’s cold gaze and his ferocious snarl. He barely had enough time to take in another breath before Levi yanked his head down to the base of his dick.

            Eren gagged, sputtering around Levi’s cock to the point where drool dripped past his lips and down to Levi’s balls. His nose was buried within the small bush of hairs that touched Levi’s pelvis. Yeah. This was what he wanted. Eren felt his own cock throb in his pants, ready to burst as Levi began to relentlessly ram down his throat.

            It was so good being used like this, being forced to submit and treated like a dirty mongrel for Levi to abuse. He loved his captain, adored him, worshipped him to the point where even the basic need for air was completely thrown aside. He just wanted to be good. That fuzzy headspace was taking up his mind again, much like when he would masturbate to the thought of Levi collaring him and dragging him around naked for the world to see whenever he was alone in the dungeon on his grimy bed where he belonged. That feeling was coming back full force, sending ecstasy to drag through every pore in Eren’s body, making him feel everything Levi gave him.

            “Mmf…! Nng…”

            “You’re my little cocksleeve, puppy.” Levi kept going, fucking Eren’s mouth with no inhibition or restraint. “My fucking…nng...My mutt—Fuck, yeah…Eren.”

            Eren swiveled his hips, trying to rub his crotch against the floor while his face was being used for Levi, but it wasn’t enough. The weak friction would barely send vibrant sparks up the tip of his cock, never reaching the heat that swirled within his belly. He needed more. He needed more. He needed—

            “Mm…gonna cum like this, dog?” Levi taunted and pistoned his hips harder into Eren’s face, knowing well Eren couldn’t answer. “You ‘gonna cum in your pants like a little virgin bitch, huh? Need my cock that badly?”

            Eren let out a high pitched whine because it was true. It was fucking true. The minute Levi spurt that first load in his mouth, Eren was going to cream his pants just like a virgin kid who knew nothing about the world. Like an impatient child.

            Fuck, it was right there…! Just a few more thrusts down his throat, just a few more cruel words and he’d cum for Levi untouched. It would be so easy to let that mind numbing feeling spread through his body and white was already beginning to creep around the edges of his eyes.

            But right when he was beginning to reach his peak, Levi stopped, pulling Eren’s head off with a slick pop.

            He should have known Levi wasn’t one to break so easily.

            “Get up.” Levi’s eyes flashed with malicious desire. “Hands on the desk. Now.”

            Eren jolted, moving before the command even reached his brain. He struggled to get on his feet, cock so horribly tight in his stupid, stupid trainee pants that bending over made him hiss in pain. He placed his hands firmly on top of the desk, arching his back slightly and jutting his hips out for his Captain’s pleasure.

            He heard the slow grate from the chair as Levi stood up and crowded him from behind. The heat of Levi’s chest spread across his back and he trembled at the vulnerable feeling.

            “You really thought I’d let you eat my cum on the first time? Hm?” Levi rummaged through one of the drawers, pulling out a small vial of, what Eren presumed to be, oil. “No, that’ll be too easy. ‘M going to make you cum with my dick. Gonna fill you up until you’re full of my seed and using it for the next time you jack your pathetic little dick off alone over the thought of me.”

            Eren moaned, head bowing at the thought of Levi’s filthy promises coming to fruition. His face was hot and the tears that dropped onto the wooden topping of the desk could barely cool it down. “Please…Please use me, Captain. I need it so badly. Need—Your cock is so good. So good. Please…”

            “Keep begging me like that Eren. Good boy.” Levi husked, pulling Eren’s pants down his ass—the furthest it could go. Eren had decided to forgo any underwear, betting on Levi’s feelings for him to actually be true. Thank fucking god they were.

            “Look at that.” A pop echoed throughout the room from the cork being undone. “Guess mutt’s can be trained.”

            Eren gasped as cold oil was being poured down his crack, pooling around his twitching entrance. Levi then shoved in two fingers, eliciting a loud cry from the younger boy. He wasted no time and thrusted them ruthlessly inside the heated orifice.

            “Ah—! Levi! Nng…’s too hard!” Eren whined, pitchy, high and whorish. The sounds he was making were so obscene and drawn out, it caused him to flush straight to the tip of his ears. Every time Levi’s fingers would brush over his prostate, another dirty moan would fall from his slack-jawed lips. “Ha-Oh, fuck!”

            “Yeah, but you can’t complain, can you?” Levi added, curling his finger just right causing Eren’s cock to jump and his back to arch from the agonizing ardor that spread throughout his body. When Eren let out another broken sob, Levi pushed his dexterous fingers deeper, stroking his sensitive walls. “No, because you like being used like a dirty bitch. You like when I spread your cunt open.”

            “N-Not a girl…!”

            Levi cruelly added a third finger and his heart jolted within his chest. “No? You keep cryin’ like a girl. Like a little slut begging for my dick. Your pussy is throbbin’ for me, sweetheart. You want it?”

            “Captain, more!” Eren dropped face first onto the desk, pushing his toes against the floor so his ass was higher in the air for Levi’s convenience, and cried out with salacious euphoria. “I want—something bigger in me! Ah…Captain Levi…!”

            Levi relented, humoring his pathetic sniveling, and pulled his fingers out. He forced Eren to flip so his back would be on the desk and his legs would hang awkwardly off the edge.

            “Kick your boots off.” Levi said, licking his teeth underneath the dim light of the lantern. “Not gonna ask you again.”

            Eren mewled, struggling to push off one boot from his foot with the other. When he was finally able to kick them aside, Levi got to work on peeling his slacks off his legs.

            Eren blinked, trying to focus as Levi got in between his spread legs, grasping the slick skin of his thighs and pushing them wide so that he would be completely exposed for his captain. Levi’s cock looked alarmingly hard, practically turning purple as he positioned himself to Eren’s aching rim.

            Levi huffed, panting lightly as he sneered down at Eren. “Open your mouth.”

            Eren brought his bottom lip between his teeth, chewing on it for a moment before Levi tugged it free with his calloused thumb. “I said open, mutt.

            Eren sighed, head heavy, parting his lips for the man he was falling deeper and deeper for with each poison doused word.

            Levi bent over him, staring down into his eyes with fervor swimming in his own silver ones, and spat into his mouth.

            Eren cringed at the slimy feeling, flinching as it hit his tongue, but the desire to swallow outweighed his discomfort. He pressed his lips together, eyes rolling shut as he tasted Levi’s saliva and let it travel down his throat. Eren was drifting back into that space again, feeling his mind blur with thoughts of pleasing Levi, being good for him, being perfect for him.

            Usually he would be fighting back, growling, trying to assert himself as the monster everyone feared him to be.

            But with Levi it was so different.

            Being tamed by him was a gift that kept on giving and he would greedily take all he could get.

            “M’gonna fuck you so good.” Levi grunted, pushing his tip inside Eren’s entrance. The young cadet choked on air, trying to inhale too fast for his lungs to take. “Gonna make you my personal cock warmer.”

            “Please…” Eren whispered breathlessly. “Want your cock so bad, Captain.”

            “I’ll give it to you.” Levi promised, rocking his hips forward suddenly and burying himself inside of Eren until his balls smacked against his ass. “I’ll make it good for you, puppy.”

            “Uhn!” Eren shouted, feeling his insides stretch to accommodate the thick girth of Levi’s cock. Fuck! He wasn’t expecting this. He wasn’t expecting the first breach to be so invigorating. Levi was already brushing against that bundle of nerves and he hadn’t even started fucking Eren properly yet.

            “Fuck…Fuck, so tight.” Levi cursed through his teeth, eyes squeezed shut and eyebrows furrowed. The two of them took only a second to catch their breath until Levi snapped his eyes open, growling as he began to thrust in a steady rhythm.

            Each time Levi’s cock pushed inside with that delicious drag against his walls, Eren would convulse, moaning low as the simmering gratification began to grow and grow into a building orgasm.

            When Levi began to pick up the pace, Eren found himself arching off of the desk, crying and screaming Levi’s name into the heavens as if he was a divine being meant to send him to those golden gates.

            “Ah! Nng! Levi—fuck, yeahthere!” Eren gripped the edge of the desk above his head, hoping to gather purchase as Levi sped up, beginning to rock his hips with more power in each thrust. The desk began to jostle with their intense fucking, making those same papers Eren had gathered so meticulously scatter onto the ground again.

            But damn, the fucks he gave amounted to absolutely zero.

            “Your cunt is mine, Eren, you hear me? You—shit! You’re so…hot—” Levi moaned, bending over to slot his lips against Eren’s in a messy attempt of a kiss. “Mine…”

            “Yours!” Eren sobbed against Levi’s mouth, their hot breaths intermingling. Becoming one. “Yours…fuck! Harder!”

            Levi complied, squeezing Eren’s hips in his hands before slamming ruthlessly into his searing hot orifice, aiming directly at his prostate with little restraint. There was no patience, no more ability to wait between them.

            Just what Eren wanted and more.

            “Fuckfuckfuck! Le—yeah!” Eren shouted, convulsing in undulated pleasure. His navel trembled and the muscles in his abdomen flexed as his orgasm hit. His cock throbbed, spurting cum all over his chest and Levi’s tunic. Some had even landed on his chin, but Levi had cleaned that up with his tongue, trailing down his neck to his nipples and sinking his teeth around the perky buds.

            “Ow…!” Eren sobbed, overstimulated as Levi’s cock continued to pound into him even after his mind numbing climax, bruising his ass with his blistering speed and his heavy strength behind each thrust.

            “No more—No more, Le-vi! Too—Too muchhh…!” Eren drawled, tongue out and head lolling to the side from the overwhelming sensation.

            “Drooling all over yourself…Revolting slut.” Levi groaned low and gruff. Full of pleasure, contradicting his disgust coated words. “Want my cum in you? Huh? Say it.”

            “C-Cum in me—” Eren whined, fingernails digging underneath the grooves of the wood. “Cum—Want your cum so badly, s-sir! B-Breed me like a mutt…”

            Eren wasn’t even sure where that had come from. He would usually be too embarrassed, too prideful to say anything so vile and filthy. But with his mind being in orbit and his eyes seeing stars rather than reality, he was just spilling whatever sounded right.

            It seemed to be the right response as Levi shoved his cock balls deep inside, grinding against Eren’s stinging ass before releasing his large load. Each thick spurt coated Eren’s walls, making the boy whimper at the feeling of the sticky substance flooding his insides and warming his body.

            Eren began to catch his breath, chest rising and falling with labored breaths as Levi did the same. After a few minutes, Levi pulled out with a sickening squelch, watching as his cum began to leak out of Eren and onto the floor.

            Eren reached up to wipe his face clean from the reside of tears and drool but was stopped by Levi who took to clearing up the mess with his cravat.

            “Captain?” Eren tilted his head, peeking out from the white fabric.

            “Went too hard.” Levi frowned. “Let me take care of you.”

            “I’m not fragile.”

            “I never said you were.”

            Eren hummed and decided to lay still, accepting the gentle pampering and basking in the afterglow. The giddy feeling in his chest returned and when Levi moved his cravat down to his legs, the smile on his face was exposed—wide and toothy.

            “What’re you grinning for, brat?” Levi hummed. “You look creepy.”

            “Just happy.” Eren chuckled, reaching up to feel the fuzz of Levi’s undercut bristle against his fingertips.

            “From testing my patience?” Levi snorted with a roll of his eyes. “I bet.”

            Eren stayed quiet, unable to deny it. That was the goal after all.

            “Patience is overrated.” Eren smiled. “Take what you want, Captain.”