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Chasing Stars

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With a big yawn Kara Danvers stretched out. She grabbed for the empty paper cup to fill it with another round of the awful coffee they serve here at H.H. Security. She and her sister Alex both worked for this company and were waiting for chief Jones to show up for the daily briefing.

“Kara, can you bring me some too?” Alex asked from where she was sitting at the table.

“Are you sick?” Kara asked as she tapped a fresh cup of coffee, Alex never took coffee from this machine.

“Just had a bad night,” Alex sighed and smiled up at Kara accepting her cup.

“Should I worry?” Kara asked as she sat down next to Alex.

Alex shook her head. “Just had a bit of a week,” she winked.

Kara nodded sympathetically, Alex did have a hard week. One of her details got killed, Alex had been just too late. Chief Jones had told her it wasn’t her fault, the drive by could have only ended up killing her as well. Yet Kara knew Alex felt guilty, she even had sent money to the family. Kara looked up when the door opened and the rest of their team filed into the room, chief Jones closed the door.

“Alright, listen up,” he started, leaning with his butt against the desk that stood in front of the circle of desks and chairs. “We’ve had an intense week, but once again we all pulled through.” For a brief moment his eyes landed on Alex, who took a deep steadying breath. “This weekend is quiet, only a few assignments around the Comic Con and a concert down town.” He grabbed the small stack of folders from his desk and started to hand them out. The last one ended on Alex’ desk. “If you are not up for it, I get it,” he softly said.

Alex shook her head and opened the file. “I’m fine, chief. Promise.”

He nodded and walked off. As soon as he had turned his back, Kara leaned over and whistled lowly. “Why do you always get the drop dead gorgeous ones and I’m stuck with them?” she complained, as she motioned to the rookies messing around in the training area below them. They were visible through the floor to ceiling windows, giving a view on the training area.

“Hmm?” Alex’ eyes darted up to the picture and shrugged. “Hadn’t really noticed. Besides, don’t you have the hots for Cat Grant?”

Kara stuck out her tongue. “I do not.”

Alex chuckled and closed the file. “This going to be a quiet one. I only have to pick her up every morning and be with her the next three days. What can happen at a Comic Con?”

“Haven’t you seen her fanbase?” Winn Schott, one of their co-workers. “Don’t underestimate fans,” he hinted.

“It’ll be fine,” Alex said. “But thanks.”

“No problem,” Winn winked and walked off.

“He seriously thinks he has a chance with me,” Alex chuckled and shook her head. “I’m going to hit the gym and pick up my detail in a few hours. Dinner together on Sunday?”

“Yes please!”

Alex gave her sister a quick hug and walked out of the room. Kara stood up, looked down on the rookies and after a deep breath she walked downstairs, ready to put them through the paces.


If there was something Lena Luthor absolutely loathed, it was the smell of airports. She couldn’t quite describe it, but it made her sick to her stomach. The airport at National City was no different and she was glad to see her security detail was actually already waiting for her at the exit. Lena was happy to see that this time they had assigned a woman to her, she just felt more comfortable with a woman protecting her. Men were easily distracted, even if they were trained to keep their eyes on possible suspects. Lena had more then once caught them staring at her ass and she had made it clear to her agent she would no longer tolerate men in her security detail. The woman in question was about her height, her hair cropped short and she had a strict look over her. She wore a black suit that fitted her really well. Lena quickly averted her eyes, she couldn’t look at a woman like that. This woman looked like she was up for the job and that was all that mattered.

“Misses Luthor?” the woman asked, a small smile hinted around her lips.

“Miss,” Lena corrected her. “But it’s easier to call me Lena.”

“If it’s all the same to you, I prefer miss Luthor,” the woman replied.

“Sure,” Lena nodded.

The woman nodded and took over Lena’s luggage. “The car is waiting for you outside,” she said. “Oh, and if you need me, my name is Alex,” she added, a shy smile appeared on her face.

Lena quickly looked away, Alex’ face seemed to softened when she smiled and it was cute. “Nice to meet you, Alex,” Lena replied.

Alex lead her out of the airport and loaded up her luggage as Lena stepped into the car. It was a luxurious town car. Lena was impressed, it looked like this comic con was well organized. She’d had seen worse. Alex stepped into the driver’s seat and drove them to the hotel. Lena pulled out her phone and turned it on. As she waited for it to be booted, she stared outside. The coming con weekend made her excited and anxious at the same time. She loved meeting her fans, but she also felt the pressure of not disappointing them and being perfect. She was forced to put up an act the entire weekend and it was exhausting. Yet seeing all her loyal fans gave her energy and made that she went to bed with a smile after every con. A ping from her phone pulled her attention back to the screen and saw she had multiple mails and messages. She decided to first start with the mails, they were mainly from her agent and from her producer sending her the new scripts. Lena smiled, she would look them over tonight in the hotel. Then she went to her messages and ignored the messages from her mother. She did reply to Sam, her best friend, telling her she arrived and had a pretty hot security detail. Sam was the only one who knew Lena liked women better then men and Lena liked to keep it that way. There was no need to stir the beasts, besides, she had no time or energy to date anyway. Throne Of Dawn, the show she played the main lead in took up all her time and energy.

‘What does she look like??’

Lena chuckled reading the message and quickly described Alex to Sam. ‘Oh, and her name is Alex!’

‘That’s gay.’

Lena snorted and locked her phone before this was getting out of hand. She took a deep breath, maybe asking for a woman to do her security detail wasn’t such a good idea in hind sight. Soon enough the car parked in front of a fancy looking hotel. While Alex retrieved her luggage, Lena went inside to get checked in. She was just done when Alex appeared behind her.

“Checked in?” Alex asked.

“Yes, room number 502,” Lena said, flashing the card.

Alex completely ignored that and Lena wished she could fall through the floor now. She was behaving like a love struck teenager and she needed stop. Now.

“Do you need me to help you with bringing the luggage up?” Alex asked.

Lena eyed the one suitcase she brought and shook her head. “I’ll manage,” she replied.

“Good. I’ll be staying in the room next to you, so if you need anything just bang on the wall okay?” Alex said as they made their way to the elevator. “I have the key to your room as well, so don’t worry about that.”

Lena nodded. “Thank you.”

She felt even more like an idiot now, of course Alex would know in which room she would stay. The elevator shot up to their floor and they walked to their rooms.

“Good night, miss Luthor,” Alex said before stepping into her room.

“Good night, Alex,” Lena murmured and stepped into her own room.

The door fell closed behind her and Lena leant against it, closing her eyes. She really needed to get her act together, Alex wasn’t the first gorgeous woman she laid her eyes on and she most certainly wouldn’t be the last. Lena shook her head, her mask slid into place. She needed to focus. Unceremoniously, she dumped her suitcase on the second bed and pulled out her sweatpants and a loose fitting t-shirt. Before she pulled it on, she picked up her phone and opened Instagram. She walked over to the window and as she slid the curtains aside, she saw she had a beautiful sight on the skyline of National City. She turned around and snapped a selfie. Quickly she typed up a message and pressed sent. Her agent would be happy. She quickly changed and plopped down on her bed. She grabbed her tablet and opened the mail from her producer. Curiously, she opened the attachment and started reading the new script. She smiled, a lot of awesome things were going to happen and she couldn’t wait for the fans to see it. Her phone pinged and she saw she had a message from her agent.

‘Be aware not to tell any spoilers. Stick to what already has been shown.’

Lena shook her head and started to type up a reply. ‘Yes mam.’ She added the emoticon with the tongue and went back to the script until it was time to go to sleep. Thankfully, she didn’t have to battle a jetlag…


In the room next to Lena, Alex was stretched out on the bed. She held up her phone, Kara was visible on the screen.

“So, how is she?” Kara asked.

“She’s okay, I guess,” Alex added. “She did a piss poor job of trying to woo me,” she chuckled at the thought of it. Lena had looked so embarrassed and cute at the same time. “It was cute.”

“I thought brunette’s weren’t your type anymore,” Kara chuckled.

“Nope,” Alex said, carefully avoiding the painful subject of her rejection of brunette’s. “But it was clear she was trying to hide it. Kind of sad, actually.”

“Hmm, yeah,” Kara agreed. “I googled her for you. She has a huge ass fan base and plays in this medieval costume drama called Throne of Dawn. She plays the lead, Queen Alyna. No mention of her being gay, though.”

“Yeah, I figured as much,” Alex nodded. “She’s a typical closeted lesbian.”

“Poor girl,” Kara said and looked up at Alex. She frowned. “Are you sure you are okay?” she asked.

“Yeah, why?” Alex asked, frowning as well.

“You look as white as a sheet,” Kara pointed out.

“I’m fine,” Alex said. “Just need some sleep.”

“Okay. Be careful tomorrow.”

“I will. Sweet dreams, Kara.”

“Sweet dreams, Alex.”

Alex hung up and none to soon. She’d been holding in this cough all through the conversation and now it wanted out. She started to cough, feeling it vibrate deep in her chest. After minutes of coughing, she finally could draw a normal breath and shaking she sat on the edge of her bed. Her head felt clammy and she hoped she wouldn’t get sick for real. Just to be sure she took two painkillers, a big glass of water and went to bed. Tomorrow would be a long day…


They arrived well in time in the expo hall where the con was being held. As soon as they arrived, a volunteer from the con showed Lena the routes she would walk between the autograph table, the photo op booth and to the main stage. Lena only half listened, she was more looking at Alex. The red head looked exhausted and if possible even paler then yesterday. Lena had no doubt Alex would be able to do her job, but she didn’t want her to drop dead. Just as Lena was about to look away, Alex looked her way and frowned.

“What?” she asked.

Lena shook her head. “Not now,” she replied, motioning to the preppy volunteer in front of them.

Alex nodded understanding and Lena saw her taking a deep breath. She couldn’t shake the idea Alex was pretending she was stronger then she actually was. They finished the tour and ended up backstage. Lena walked to a quiet corner, not many of the special guests were present yet. She motioned to Alex to come sit with her and Alex seemed glad to be sitting down.

“I’m fi…” Alex started, but Lena cut her off.

“It’s clear you are not, Alex,” she said concerned. “Maybe you should call for relief?” she suggested.

Alex shook her head. “No. The painkillers just need to kick in. I can do my job,” she said through gritted teeth.

Lena reached out, hesitated and then placed her hand on Alex’ arm. “It’s okay to admit you’re sick, Alex. I won’t blame you.”

“I would,” Alex said. “I’m literally hired to protect you and here you are, protecting me,” she chuckled.

Lena shrugged. “You wouldn’t be any good to me if you’d faint while keeping all those crazy fans away from me.”

“I’ll be fine,” Alex chuckled. “I promise. And if I still feel this way at the end of the day, I’ll call for back up,” she added.

“Deal. And if you feel yourself getting worse during the day, let me know,” Lena pressed on.

“I will,” Alex nodded. “Now, if you’d excuses me, I need to check the exits.”

With that, Alex stood up in one fluent motion and walked away. Lena took a deep breathe while watching her go. She grabbed her phone to check Instagram and saw she had hundreds of mentions on her latest post. As usual, she ignored those and set out to take a new selfie to let her fans know she had arrived at the con and was looking forward to meet everyone. She then went to her messages to finally open the messages from her mother and replied to her. She had a difficult relationship with her mother and was glad to be far away for even a weekend. Lena looked up when more people entered the room. There were quite a few familiar faces and she stood up to greet them. Soon enough, Alex had returned and was it time to get started. Alex walked with her to the autograph table, Lena noticed she looked a bit better. According to her schedule, she would do autographs for an hour, then head off to the photo op booth. Then back to the autograph table, a fifteen minute break and then to the main stage for her first panel. Lena was already getting tired at the sight of it and when she saw the long, long line in front of her table she couldn’t hold in a sigh.

“You okay?” Alex asked worried.

“Yeah,” Lena said as she walked to her chair. “It’s just gonna be a long day.”

“If it gets too much, I’ll force the organization to give you a break,” Alex replied, a frown already forming on her forehead.

“Thanks,” Lena smiled and sat down.

The day went by in a blur of a lot of faces, questions and flashing lights of the photographer. By the end of the day Lena was completely exhausted and welcomes the soft cushions of the car with a sigh. She hardly noticed Alex starting the car as her eyes almost immediately slid close. These comic cons were definitely fun, but she had forgotten how exhausting they were. The drive to the hotel seemed much shorter then this morning, because it felt like only seconds they left the con when Alex was calling her name.

“Miss Luthor?” Lena only groaned, she kept her eyes closed. “Lena, we are at the hotel.”

At the mention of her name, Lena opened her eyes and found Alex turned around in her seat look concerned at her. It was only now, Lena realized Alex was in a worse shape then she was. Alex was white as a sheet again, almost ghost like and she was sweating.

“Alex…” Lena started, but Alex was already out of the car.

Lena quickly stepped out as well, following Alex into the hotel. Alex didn’t stop until they were in the elevator. Lena stepped into Alex’ personal space and lifted her face gently with a finger.

“Lena…” Alex started. “Don’t…”

“Worry?” Lena finished for her. “That’s already too late. You are sick, Alex. Go home.”

Alex shook her head. “No. I have a job to finish.”

Lena sighed. “Were you born this stubborn?”

“According to my sister, yes,” Alex chuckled. “Seriously, there is nothing to worry about. It’s just a cold.”

Lena blinked, there was a second version of this gorgeous human being? She shook her head, she really needed to get her mind out of the gutter. The elevator reached their floor and the door slid open. Lena kept an eye on Alex, she was a bit wobbly on her feet. They reached their rooms and Alex turned to face Lena.

“Thank you for your concern,” she said. “I’m sure I’ll feel better after a good night of sleep.”

“Okay,” Lena said, it wasn’t her place to push. “I hope you’ll have a good night then,” she smiled.

“Same to you, Lena,” Alex smiled shyly back and disappeared in her room.

Lena kept standing in front of her door for several minutes, contemplating if she should force Alex to go home. She looked really sick and Lena didn’t believe she would feel better tomorrow. If anything, she would feel worse. Lena forced herself to go into her own room, Alex was an adult and was more then capable of taking care of herself. It was not like Lena had any power over her, she hardly knew the woman. Yet worry kept eating at her through the night…


Twirling the key between her fingers, Lena sat waiting in the lobby. Once again, she checked her watch. Alex was late and Lena was starting to worry. What if the woman had really gotten sick last night and Lena hadn’t checked on her? Guilt was already creeping up in her stomach and she was about to get up when a bubbly blonde bounced into the lobby.

“I’m sorry I’m late!” she exclaimed and stopped short before Lena. Lena looked her up and down and saw that beneath the bubbly, smiling exterior muscles were rippling through strong looking arms. The glasses threw her off a little bit, it made the woman look shy and insecure. Yet her strong stance and steely glance in her look told Lena otherwise. “I had to drop Alex off at home, she was in no state to drive,” the woman explained her lateness.

“Wait, you’re her sister?” Lena managed to get out.

“Jep!” the blonde beamed. “I’m Kara.”

“You two look nothing like each other,” Lena blurted out as she stood up.

“I’m adopted,” Kara replied, maintaining her bright smile, but Lena saw her eyes tighten just a smidge.

A sore subject.

“I see. Shall we?” Lena asked.


Kara walked her out of the hotel and held open the car door for Lena. Lena stepped in, smiling at the gesture. She watched as Kara got into the driver’s seat and the car drove away from the hotel. Kara and Alex couldn’t have been more of an opposite if they had tried, Lena observed. Where Alex was clearly butch, Kara was more girly. She had long blonde hair, tied in a French braid. The glasses suited her well, it made her look soft and approachable. The shy and softness stopped there, as Kara was wearing a tight grey tank top and black cargo pants. Lena pulled out her phone and started texting Sam.

‘Alex went home sick.’

‘Ah no!! So, bye eyecandy?’

Lena chuckled and looked up to glance at Kara, who was navigating them through the city with a relaxed ease. A smile ghosted over Lena’s lips, Kara seemed much more accessible then her sister, yet Lena didn’t doubt Kara wouldn’t be able to do her job. Kara looked up at that moment, glancing at her through the rear view mirror and Lena quickly ducked her eyed.

‘Not necessarily. Her sister came to replace her.’

‘She has a sister?! Or is she the ugly duckling?’

Lena snorted, Kara was far from the ugly duckling.

‘No. They don’t look alike, but daaaamn.’

‘You need to get laid, Luthor.’

Lena locked her phone quickly, this was going way too far. There was no way she would sleep with her security detail. Besides, what if the press would find out? Her mother would skin her alive. Lena shook her head, she really needed to get her act together. Soon they arrived at the expo hall and together with Kara she walked inside. She greeted the volunteers and walked straight to backstage. She still had a couple of hours before the madness would start and she needed some coffee and breakfast first.

“I’ll be right back,” Kara told her and handed her a business card. “Call me if you need me.”

“Don’t worry about me,” Lena smiled and watched Kara walk away.

Lena went on the hunt for some breakfast and coffee and settled in the quiet corner. She pulled out her phone and went through her mails. She replied to a couple of them and opened the script on her phone. She seriously needed to start learning the lines, the recording for this episode would happen in a few days. Lena sighed as she started to read the lines over again, softly reciting her own lines. She was so lost in the script, she didn’t notice Kara had returned until someone came sitting next to her and held out a sandwich.

“Getting breakfast means eating it as well, you know,” Kara smiled at her.

Lena felt herself getting red in the face as she accepted the sandwich. “I know. I just…”

“Was captivated?” Kara chuckled, glancing at the script.

Lena quickly locked the screen and put her phone away. “Sorry, no one is supposed to see that. I should have known better,” she apologized.

“I saw nothing,” Kara winked.

Lena chuckled and quickly ate the sandwich, it was almost time for the comic con to start. She grabbed the cup of coffee and study Kara for a bit. The blonde was looking around with a keen eye, her body seemed to be on alert all the time. Outside they could hear the excited chatter and cheers from the visitors and Lena licked her lips nervously. She checked her watch and saw she had at least another half an hour before she had to go to the photo booth. Trying to distract herself, she looked up to Kara.

“How is Alex doing?” she asked softly.

“Sick,” Kara chuckled and shook her head. “I told her not to take this job and leave it to someone else, but Alex is as stubborn as a mule.”

“I hadn’t noticed,” Lena grinned and felt herself relax.

“She called me late last night, so I came over and brought her home. I hope you didn’t need us?” Kara asked, suddenly insecure.

Lena shook her head. “Slept like a baby,” she reassured the blonde.

“Good! Anyway, she’s resting now and hopefully taking care of herself,” Kara said. “Which includes binging Grey’s Anatomy on the couch.”

“That is a good show to recuperate indeed,” Lena agreed. “Have you been to a con before?” she asked.

“No, this is my first time. Are the fans as crazy as they say?” Kara asked, a slight frown appeared on her face.

Lena didn’t like that frown on Kara, it made her look worried. She reached out and laid her hand on Kara’s arm. “No. Some are, but biggest part are sweethearts. You’ll see.”

“Good,” Kara grinned. “And if they are crazy, I’ll protect you.”

“Thanks,” Lena smiled and stood. “Ready?”

Kara nodded and they made their way to the photobooth. Lena quickly fixed her make up and went to greet the photographer. She was glad to see she had the same as the day before, she liked him. She’d seen some of the pictures back later that day to sign, and he’d done a good job even with the poor lightning. After some small talk with the photographer, Lena took up her spot in the center and saw Kara was standing way off to the side, keeping an eye on Lena. Normally, it made her feel uncomfortable, but now she felt safe. She smiled when the first fan entered the photobooth and focused from that point on her fans. Yet she kept aware of Kara’s watchful eyes and comforting presence. Soon she was lead back to the autograph table, she just had time to grab a bottle of water, Kara followed her like a shadow. When she arrived at the table, she saw the long line and swallowed. Suddenly Kara was behind her, placing a warm hand on the small of her back and lead her to her chair.

“Call me if you need something,” Kara whispered in her ear as she said down.

Lena smiled at her thankfully and picked up the pen. Once again she focused on the fans that were waiting for her autograph and a little one on one time. Lena had to admit that even though this was stressful, this was what she loved the most. This was one of the only moments she could actually talk with her fans. Through it all, she was aware of Kara standing behind her and it made her breathe a little easier.

“Come,” Kara suddenly whispered in her ear.

Lena looked up surprised and saw the line had been closed. She glanced at her watch, she’d had at least fifteen minutes left.

“What?” she stammered.

“You’re on a break,” Kara told her.

Confused, Lena stood up and followed Kara backstage. “But I had fifteen minutes left!” she protested.

“And you were about to collapse,” Kara told her, while handing her another sandwich and coffee.

It was only then Lena noticed she was famished. She practically inhaled the sandwich and dunked the coffee. A breath of relief left her and she smiled thankfully up at Kara.

“Thank you,” she said softly.

“No problem,” Kara winked. “It’s in my job description.”

“No, it’s not. Your job is to protect me from crazy fans,” Lena chuckled as she poured herself another cup of coffee.

Kara took a step closer. “Well, I read the small print. It said you’d were prone to over exert yourself to please your fans,” she said softly.

Lena realized Kara was right, she tended to do that. She looked up and only then realized Kara was awfully close. She could see the little golden specks in her eyes and the sun induced freckles. Lena swallowed thickly as she smelt Kara’s sweet sent and she wondered what Kara would taste like. Unconsciously, she took a step back to compose herself.

“Would you like to get some fresh air?” she asked, her voice cracked.

“Sure,” Kara smiled.

Lena quickly grabbed her purse and followed Kara outside through one of the back doors. The fresh spring air cleared Lena’s head, but not for long. Kara appeared at her side and Lena felt intoxicated once again. They sat down on the steps leading up to another door. Well, Lena sat down and Kara leant against the wall imposingly. Lena swallowed as she saw Kara’s biceps flex and unflex to keep her balance.

“Thanks,” Lena said, noticing her voice was steady again. “I really needed this.”

“I know,” Kara grinned as she went through her knees so she was on eye level with Lena. She had one arm stretched out so she could place her hand on the wall and Lena averted her eyes. “So, what’s set life like? I’ve always wanted to know, but the actors and actresses I worked for up until now were all… diva like,” Kara said and Lena snorted.

“It’s hard work, but I have amazing co-stars and an amazing crew behind me. We’re one big family by now,” Lena told her. “Not every set is like that, I’ve worked on some pretty toxic ones, but this one is like a warm bath. No one hates or is being a diva, we all just work on something really awesome.”

Kara looked away a bit embarrassed. “To be honest, before yesterday I’d never heard of you or the show you play in.”

Lena quasi gasped, but secretly she thought Kara looked adorable biting down on her lower lip in embarrassment. “You didn’t?”

Kara laughed and shook her head. “Am I fired now?” she asked, her eyes sparkled.

“Nah, you’re too cute to fire,” Lena blurted out and immediately clapped her hands in front of her mouth.


“Why, thank you,” Kara smiled. “You’re not too bad yourself either.”

In a mock surprised, Lena stared at Kara. “Not too bad, huh?”

“You scrub up nicely,” Kara teased. “But come on, the real beauty is me,” she grinned as she flexed her arm.

Lena laughed and gave her a push against her shoulder. Kara lost her balance and tumbled backwards into the grass. Startled, Lena stood up.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry! Are you okay?”

She walked over to Kara and bend over to check if she wasn’t unconscious. Before Lena could react, Kara pulled her towards the ground as well and Lena ended up on top of Kara. Their faces were inches away from each other and Lena’s entire body tingled. If she would only just moved her head down an inch, she would be able to press her lips on Kara’s.

“There you are!”

Lena looked up and immediately scrambled to her feet. One of the volunteers walked towards them, looking panicked.

“I was just getting fresh air,” Lena explained and helped Kara to her feet.

“The panel is about to start!” the young woman said and grabbed Lena’s hand.

Lena saw Kara was about to intervene, but she shook her head. The volunteer lead them back inside and Lena only had seconds to compose herself before she had to go on stage. She looked over her shoulder to Kara, who looked straight back at her. Lena swallowed as she saw the regret and longing echo in Kara’s eyes. They both had felt it, the connection, Lena was sure of it.

“Please welcome, Lena Luthor!”

Lena tore her eyes away from Kara and stepped onto the stage with a big smile.


Kara stood watching Lena in the wings of the stage. She could still feel where Lena had laid on top of her, it felt like her skin was on fire. She could still smell Lena’s scent and picture how close she had been. If she had lifted her head, she would have been able to kiss Lena. Kara sighed, she’s shouldn’t think about this. She needed to focus and do her job. Yet she couldn’t shake how she felt having Lena in her arms and how she was longing to hold Lena again. Kara looked up at the stage and watched Lena answering the questions and seemingly having a good time. Kara peeked around the curtains and saw the room was filled to the brim, Lena really was popular. A young girl stepped up to the microphone, but Kara couldn’t hear the question. Instead she looked back up at Lena who smiled at the girl and Kara’s heart skipped a beat. Lena’s smile was dazzling and for a moment Kara wished she was standing in the place of that girl receiving that smile. She shook her head, she needed to focus. She and Alex had made one rule, not to fall for a detail. Kara took a deep breath, pushing down any feelings she had felt not even an hour ago. Lena was a part of her job, nothing more, nothing less. She nodded and looked back up at the stage. At precisely that moment, Lena looked aside and their eyes met. Kara’s throat dried up and her knees buckled. That glance, that look was only meant for her and Kara saw the longing in Lena’s eyes. Kara bit her lip, this was not good. Lena looked away as the host said something and Kara grabbed her phone.


She stared at her screen and saw Alex come online. Alex started typing and nervously Kara tapped the phone.

‘What’s up?’

‘I think I may be falling for her.’

Kara closed her eyes for a second, why was this happening now and why with this woman? There was no way in hell Lena would feel the way, and besides, the internet said she wasn’t gay. Yet Kara remembered how Lena’s eyes had turned darker moments before they were interrupted.


‘I know!’ She didn’t need Alex to remind her of their no dating rule. ‘That’s why, help!’

Kara looked back at the stage and knew it was hopeless. There was no way she would be able to dampen her feelings, not when Lena was looking at her like that.

‘Back off, Kara. It’s not worth it. After this weekend she’ll move on and so should you.’

Kara groaned, that was not helping. But she knew Alex was right, Lena would move on and probably forget all about her.

‘I know.’

At the sounds of footsteps, Kara looked up and found Lena standing in front of her. She had a half smile as she took Kara in. Kara blushed and put her phone away.

“You call this guarding?” Lena teased.

“I can multi task,” Kara grinned. “Had fun?”

Lena nodded. “These panels are always a blast, but also exhausting. You can never predict what the questions are going to be asked.”

“Yeah, I get that,” Kara nodded. “Back to the autograph table?” she asked as she walked down the quiet hallway.

“Yeah,” Lena nodded and stopped walking half way down the hall. “About earlier…” she started, but Kara cut her off.

“That was just fooling around. Right?”

Her heart was hammering in her chest and she was sure Lena could hear it over the low hum of a hundred voices through the thin wall. She searched Lena’s face for any signs of agreement. Instead, Lena’s face clouded over with disappointment.

“Yeah,” Lena finally said and Kara’s heart constricted as she heard the rejection in Lena’s voice.

Lena turned her back and walked away with sharp steps.

“Lena, wait…”

“I’m expected at the autograph table,” Lena replied shortly, but Kara grabbed for her arm.

Lena turned around, her eyes were almost shooting fire. “You were the one to call it fooling around,” she snapped. “Maybe…” Lena shook her head and looked away from Kara.

“Maybe I did feel it too,” Kara said softly.

Lena’s head snapped back up, she seemed breathless. “Y-you did?” she whispered as she took a step towards Kara.

Kara nodded. “But we will never see each other again after this, so why torture ourselves?” she wondered out loud.

Kara startled as Lena took another step closer and placed her hand on Kara’s breastbone. Automatically, she responded and wrapped her arm around Lena’s waist.

“You’re right,” Lena whispered. “But I can’t stop thinking about what would have happened if we hadn’t been interrupted.”

“Me neither,” Kara admitted.

Lena took a deep breath and took a step back. “But you are right. We shouldn’t do this, to save ourselves a shitload of hurt,” she said. “Shall we?”

Kara nodded and followed Lena down to the autograph table. She took up her spot behind Lena and knew she should distance herself from Lena, she should back off to guard her own heart. Yet Lena had such a strong pull on her, she wasn’t sure if she could do it…


Exhausted, Lena walked out of the expo hall. Today had been fun, but also mentally draining. For the rest of the day she had been acutely aware of Kara’s presence and even though she had said they shouldn’t get involved, she couldn’t shake the pull Kara had on her. It was like the axis of her world had shifted into Kara and that was all that mattered. Realizing this, Lena knew she was in trouble. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Slightly panicked, she stepped into the car and felt the car starting to move. She wasn’t supposed to fall in love with a woman. She wasn’t supposed to fall in love at all, she had promised herself to be celibate. If she couldn’t live the life she wanted, she just wouldn’t tempt herself. Yet she found herself in this mess and she didn’t know what to do. Her entire being screamed that she should follow her heart and fuck the consequences, but the old fear she was all too familiar with was holding her back. She knew her mother would never accept her that way and deep down Lena knew she needed her approval. It was all she wanted for her entire life. And even if she would go ahead and indulge in her feelings, she would never see Kara again after the weekend. No, it was better to bury her feelings and…

“Hey, you want to grab something to eat?”

Lena looked up, confused. “What?”

“Eat, you and me,” Kara smirked, looking at her through the rearview mirror.

“Uh, are you sure that’s a good idea?” Lena asked, she knew she never could sit down at a public restaurant without getting recognized.

“Don’t worry, I know the perfect place,” Kara smiled.

“Okay,” Lena nodded and smiled back.

Maybe, just maybe she could find a middle ground. Maybe she didn’t need to choose between two extremes. Maybe they could just be friends. Lena nodded and immediately realized it would never be enough. Feeling desperate, Lena stared at the back of Kara’s head and wished the world was simpler. The car stopped in a dark alley and Lena looked doubtingly outside.

“Is this where you’re going to kill me?” she asked.

Kara laughed and Lena’s stomach constricted. It seemed Kara’s laugh lit up the entire world and Lena felt like the laugh was especially meant for her.

“No, I promise. Come on.”

Kara stepped out of the car and Lena followed her hesitantly. When she stood next to the car, she spotted the little Chinese sign. Kara was right, this was a very secluded place. Kara grabbed her hand and a jolt of electricity went through her arm. Oh yes, she was in deep trouble. Inside, Kara greeted the owner and exchanged a few words with him in Cantonese. The man lead them to a table in the far back and handed them the menu’s. He bowed to Kara, who bowed as well and left them to choose what they wanted to eat.

“How do you know about this place?” Lena asked as she looked around.

The place was small and was decorated very tasteful. There weren’t much tables, six at most. The walls were hand painted and depicted the Chinese wall.

“I guarded his daughter for a few weeks, she had a creepy stalker. We caught him in the end and he got send to jail. They were so thankful, they offered us a lifelong free pass to the restaurant,” Kara told her. “But we always pay, despite they never want to take our money. We’ve become very creative with leaving the money,” she chuckled.

“That’s amazing,” Lena smiled and finally relaxed.

No matter what, she was sitting her with a drop dead gorgeous woman having what looked like to be an amazing dinner. Lena decided to just enjoy it and not to worry about the consequences for now…


The last day of the con flew by. Lena was handling some last things with the organization, while Kara helped the photographer to pack up. She was just crouched next to a big crate when Lena came strolling her way.

“You know, Paul said he had time to do one last shot,” she said as she stopped next to Kara. “What do you think of making some lasting memories?”

Kara smirked and stood up. “Sure.”

“Just on one condition though,” Lena smiled mysteriously. “You need to put this on.”

Lena pointed at a suit of armor that stood in the corner as a prop. Kara chuckled and walked over to it. It didn’t look very comfortable, but she wasn’t one to back down from a challenge.

“Deal,” Kara agreed. “But then you need to dress up too.”

“Well… There is nothing to wear for me,” Lena argued.

“I think I have something for you,” Paul interjected and he disappeared behind the curtains. Within minutes he returned with a replica of one of Lena’s dresses she wore in Throne Of Dawn. “I like to come prepared,” he smirked.

“Fine,” Lena chuckled and disappeared behind the curtains to get changed.

Paul helped Kara into the suit of armor and to her surprise, it fitted pretty well. “If I were you I would ask for a role on Lena’s show,” Paul winked. “You two have amazing chemistry.”

“I’m not really much of an actress,” Kara chuckled. “I have no desire to be on tv with my head.”

“Too bad, you do look the part.”

Kara looked up when she heard footsteps and her heart skipped a beat. Lena looked amazing in the long deep red dress she was wearing. She had finished the look with a subtle tiara on top of her hair and a blue pendant. Paul pulled up a chair and Lena sat down. It was only then Kara noticed the split in the dress that run up high on Lena’s thigh. She quickly diverted her eyes as her throat went dry. She took up her position behind Lena and placed her hand on the back of the chair.

“You look handsome in that suit,” Lena whispered as Paul walked away.

“Thanks,” Kara replied softly. “You don’t look to bad either.”

Lena chuckled and was about to reply when Paul asked them to look forward for the picture. Kara knew Lena would get her back as soon as she could and to be honest, Kara couldn’t wait. Paul took the picture and developed it right on the spot. Kara started to pull off the armor, which seemed to go easier then pulling it on. Lena disappeared behind the curtains again to change back into her regular clothing. They met back up just when Paul reappeared as well and handed them both a copy. He edited the pictures, making it look like a painting, including some tear marks. Kara loved it, she did look amazing in the armor. But the most stunning was Lena, she radiated authority. Kara decided to go catch up on her shows as soon as she was back home, she was sure she could convince Alex to watch with her.

“This is amazing, Paul,” Lena smiled. “Thank you!”

“It was my pleasure,” he replied. “As was it working with you.”

“The pleasure was all mine,” Lena smiled.

They said their goodbyes and after Lena gathered her stuff, they left the expo hall. Kara drove Lena back to the hotel and Lena asked her to wait for her to get her stuff from the hotel room. Kara agreed and turned up the radio while she waited for Lena to return. She had already checked out that morning and thrown her bag in the back of the car. While watching the sun go down, she started to feel sad the weekend was over. It also meant she had to say goodbye to Lena soon and she wasn’t sure if she was ready for that. She’d loved to spent some more time with the brunette, but she knew Lena had to go. This was just a weekend away for her, while Kara would go back her work in this city on Monday. The back door opened and Kara looked up. It was Lena who placed her suitcase on the couch and closed the door again. Kara frowned when she watched Lena walk to the door to the passenger seat and opened it.

“I figured this would be more pleasant,” Lena explained as she looked questioning at Kara.

Kara smiled and motioned for her to sit in the passenger seat. Lena slid into the seat and closed the door. Kara started the car and drove away from the hotel.

“When does your plane go?” Kara asked as she took the turn towards the highway.

“I still have a couple of hours left, so I was hoping you would like to show me a bit more of the city?” Lena asked, hope sounded through her voice.

Kara smiled and nodded. “As a matter of fact, I do.”

She drove off the highway again and drove into the city. She showed Lena some of the city’s famous landmarks and drove by her work. Kara drove up a hill to show Lena a panoramic view of the city. They stepped out and settled next to each other on the hood of the car.

“Thank you,” Lena said and leant slightly into Kara.

Kara looked aside and frowned at the solemn look on Lena’s face. “What for?” she asked.

“For treating me as a normal human being,” Lena said softly. “I’ve had so many star struck bodyguards.”

Kara shrugged, involuntarily bumping against Lena’s shoulder. “I don’t really care much about fame. It’s my job to keep you safe, that’s all that matters. And it’s a plus we clicked,” she winked.

A goofy smile appeared on Lena’s face as she nodded. “That we did.” Her watch beeped and Lena let out a deep sigh. “We’ve got to go.”

Kara nodded and slid off the hood. She helped Lena off the hood as well and they stepped back into the car. Kara drove them to the airport and her heart sank when she stopped in front of the drop off point, turning off the engine. It looked like Lena was about to lean towards her, but instead she smiled and got out of the car. Through the rearview mirror, Kara watched Lena grab her suitcase. All of a sudden, Lena grabbed Kara’s arm and pulled her to the back seat. Kara stumbled onto it, straight into Lena’s arms. Lena pulled the door close behind her and kissed Kara full on the lips. Surprised, Kara let it happen and after a few seconds she kissed back. But before she could really get into it, Lena was gone and she was left alone on the backseat of the car. The world was spinning slightly and it was only when she got up, she noticed the piece of paper in her hand.

(619) 555-4961

Call me. L.