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If I Could Turn Back Time

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John learned exactly how little Richard appreciated John's enthusiasm all over his suit very early in their relationship. He'd gotten naked and sucked Richard, opening Richard's pants to get his cock out, but leaving him otherwise dressed.

Afterwards, Richard had pulled John upright to kiss the taste of his own come out of John's mouth. John had been eager to let him, moaning enthusiastically the whole time, hard cock pressed up against one thigh. He'd been so into the kissing, he hadn't realized how close he was to coming, until he was spurting all over Richard's leg.

Richard had broken the kiss with a sound of annoyance. "Well, now you've made a fine mess, haven't you?" he said, tone full of impatience, that made John think of McKay. "It's not as if Pegasus has dry cleaners is it?"

John ducked his head, face burning at his loss of control. Richard's hand on his shoulder exerted pressure, pushing John back onto his knees.

"Clean it up, then," Richard told him, impatient tone still in place. "And afterwards, you can expect to be punished for this."

John couldn't help making a sound at that. Richard had insisted on a discussion of their respective likes and dislikes after their first time, so he knew just how John felt about being punished. Richard's hand tugging at his hair got John's attention and he leaned forward, tongue darting out to lick at his come, where it was splashed across Richard's leg.

The hand stayed in place the whole time that John was carefully licking Richard's pants leg clean, although he didn't pull at it again, which John was grateful for. Hair pulling in the heat of sex was one thing, but he didn't like it otherwise.

Once John was done, sure that none of his come remained on the wool suit in front of him, he moved back, resting on his heels, head bowed. He'd left wet patches all over the wool, but they would be easy enough to clean in the Ancient washing machines.

"Very well then," Richard said, tone more moderate now and John couldn't help noticing he was half-hard again, just like John. "Into the bedroom and wait for me," he instructed.

John took a chance, he hadn't been given instructions either way, but he remembered the things Richard had told John he enjoyed, so he crawled across the living room of Richard's suite, towards the bedroom. He didn't try to be silly or showy, but he did take his time and grinned to himself at the sound Richard made behind him.

In the bedroom, John knelt beside Richard's big bed, head down again, as he waited for whatever was going to happen next. He heard Richard go into the bathroom and shifted slightly to ease the ache in his knees. Getting older sucked and he knew Richard would be a little while, as he changed into pajamas and otherwise prepared himself for bed.

When Richard joined him in the bedroom, he first went to the closet in the corner, before crossing over to stand by John.

"I want you to stand up and bend over the bed," he told John, who hurried to comply, wincing as his knees creaked. He didn't look to see what Richard had fetched from the closet, wanting to be surprised. Therefore, when the first blow landed, he yelped, surprised. He'd half been expecting Richard to warm up with his hand first, but that had been some sort of cane or crop and it stung like hell. The second blow came with barely a pause and John wished he'd asked how many to expect, even if he'd risked adding to his punishment by doing so. But among the things they'd agreed was that John wouldn't speak unless given specific permission to do so and that Richard had complete control over what happened and how he would punish John, if he felt it was warranted.

John didn't cry out again, bearing the rest of the dozen blows silently, knowing they were deserved. At the end, he heard Richard drop the tool to the floor, before he was pulled up and into his arms. John was as surprised by that as he'd been by the first strike, but was glad for the comfort, shaking a little in Richard's arms.

"Well done, John," Richard told him. "You took that very well, I'm very pleased with you."

John made a pleased sound at that, burrowing a little close to Richard as he did so. The flannel pajamas his lover favored were warm and comfortable and John was shivering a little now, as he came down from the punishment.

Richard guided them onto the bed and allowed John to remain in his arms, as he pulled the bedding over them. A soft kiss to his forehead followed, before John was urged to sleep and spent by the events of the evening, John did just that.