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Bucky slowly walked through the aisle where they keep the enclosures of rescue cats for adoption. Bucky knew he wanted a pet, and he narrowed it down to a cat. He dragged Sam with him too, because let’s be honest, he has no idea what he’s doing. What Sam wouldn’t tell him though, is that he’s happy to be there with him.

Bucky stopped in his tracks, a particular cat catching his eye.

It was a small white cat, with bright blue eyes to rival his own. But what was unique about this particular cat, was its missing front left leg.

“I want that one.”

Sam turned and followed his gaze to the three-legged cat.

“You want that one?”

“Yes. Look at it! it’s missing it’s left arm. We’re twins.”

“Do cats even have arms? Isn’t it just four legs?”

“That’s not the point.”

“Do you even have a name? Sam asked.

“I am insulted you think I don’t have one. Of course I have a name.” Bucky paused. “Alpine.”



“Weird for a cat name don’t you think?”

“You’ll learn to love it.”

“I’m sure I will.”

Sam took this moment to observe both that cat and Bucky. They were cute, he’ll give them that, but both their eyes were piercing right through him, “Great, now I got two pairs of steel blue eyes to stare me down. So what about the leg? We gotta do anything special about that?”

“I actually have an idea about that…” Bucky said, almost too mischievously.

“Do I wanna know?”

Bucky just gave him a smirk before pulling out his phone. Bucky knew exactly who to call, he knew she wouldn’t refuse his favor. It’s for a cat after all. He dialed the number for Shuri and let it ring.


“It’s Bucky, I uh, got another favor to ask.”

“Don’t tell me Sam already ruined his suit.”

“Actually, I got something else in mind…”

“Alpine!” Bucky called as he poured food into the bowl.

Sam won’t admit it, but he loved the name.

Alpine came running in the kitchen, much faster than before the new leg. The new leg, curtesy of Shuri and the Wakandans, looked very familiar. It was a dark gray, with a gold color underneath the moving parts. He’d think Bucky almost asked them to make them matching arms.

And that’s something Bucky won’t admit, that he asked them to make him and Alpine matching arms.