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One Black and White Photo and One Very Weird Story

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“Hey Buck come look at this.”

Torres, the history nerd he is, sent Sam a link to a website that showcases photos of almost every single building in different New York boroughs. Including Brooklyn. He wasn’t sure if Bucky would actually remember these places, but it’s worth a try. Currently he had up a picture of 1940’s 569 Leaman Place, aka Bucky’s old place, pulled up on his laptop.

“What’s up?” Bucky asked as he sat down next to Sam.

“You recognize any of this?”

Bucky’s eyes went wide “You know how to blow a mans wig, Sam.”

“I’m sorry, I know how to what?”

“Get me exited,” Bucky elaborated, “Something we said back then. See that street corner?

Sam follows Bucky’s finger to where it’s pointing at the black and white image of the apartment building. “Yeah?”

Bucky’s face split into a large grin, something Sam wouldn’t mind seeing more. “I stole from an old lady there. Back then we were all rationing, so sweet food was hard to come by. But this old lady put down a basket of plums, and you see, she was facing the other way talking to some geezer. And that’s when I snatched it…”

Sam’s going to be completely honest, he stopped listening. He was just taking a look at Bucky’s face, relaxed way more than usual being completely lost in his story. And they way he told the story, with gesturing hands moving about, eyes wide. But he was broken out of his trail of thought by the sound of Bucky’s laughter, which is another thing Sam wouldn’t mind hearing more.

“…And that’s when the third guy came in with a knife, now call me khaki wacky but the guy was a looker. Anyway, he swung at me…” Bucky trailed off here, starring at Sam. “What?”


“Uh huh. Anyway, so, wait can I see this thing?” Not waiting for permission, Bucky took Sams laptop and pulled up a different picture of 1940s NY, “This! This is restaurant I ran too after being chased by the guys, and luckily we all made up by the time we got there. But at this point the plums were long forgotten.”

He’s going going to have to have Bucky retell that story later because he missed most of it, and because what the hell was that.

Sam turned his gaze back to the website, the the heading ‘Outakes’ caught his eye. He took the laptop back from Buck to look through it, and it seemed to be lots of photos that were too blurry, or photos that people were blocking. But his were eyes immediately drawn to one particular photo. “Buck is that you?” Sam pointed to a slightly blurred photo of what looked to be Bucky, running with a basket of (most likely) plums.