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Little Maid

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John knew James liked quality clothing, and since he wanted to please his boyfriend he had the outfit tailored for his small frame. Looking in the mirror he happily noted that it hugged his trim waist perfectly. The black and white contrasted his golden skin and blond hair beautifully and made him look almost etheral.

He ran his fingers over the black bow tied around the neck of his white blouse. He felt the little diamond charm in the middle. The fringes at his shoulders covered his more masculine arms and made him seem much more soft. He skimmed his front and smoothed down his skirt. It was black and poofed out a little, barely covering his bottom. Over it lay a little white apron, the bottom hem of it rounded and also frazzled. He looked like the world's most indecent maid.

He really hoped James would like his surprise otherwise this will be very awkward.

He glanced at the clock sitting on his nightstand and cursed internally. He's been prodding in the mirror for way too long and James would be home very shortly. He checked his reflection in the mirror one last time and headed downstairs to the kitchen.

Filling a pot with water and setting it on the stove, he felt a bit lost. He didn't want to actually start cooking something, he only wanted the illusion of service. Nevermind if his plan went as well as hoped, the activities he would soon be getting up to in this kitchen would be very dangerous near hot surfaces and an open flame.

So he resigned himself to stirring the cold pot of water with a wooden spoon and humming his favourite song.

He heard the front door open and knew his partner was home. A pleasant shiver ran throung him in anticipation. Only a couple minutes now...

He could hear James walking through the hallways that lead to the kitchen, following the sound of his humming. Every one of his quiet but deliberate steps further built the excitement he felt. Finally the criminal rounded the last corner and entered the room he was in.

"Good evening Mister Moriarty." John greeted the man with a smile, continuing to stir the pot and not yet looking at his boyfriend.

A stunned silence answered him from the other man. Ten seconds passed by, then twenty. Finally half a minute later James spoke.

"Well, what do we have here, Johnny?" Murmured the man, slowly getting closer to John. In contrast with the criminal's intense scrutiny, John just continued to pretend-cook by the stove, as if nothing unusual was going on. Finally he looked up at his boyfriend. Well, in this scenario more like employer. He loved the danger of this pover imbalance.

"Sir?" He asked innocently. Looking up at the taller man. He fluttered his eyelashes for emphasis.

James cleared his throat. He was very close to the blond man now. Rounding up on him, he brought his hands up to John's waist and pressed his smaller body up against the cabinets from behind. "What are you cooking?" Came the murmured question. John could feel the edge of the marble countertop cutting into his hips.

"Dinner, sir." He whispered his answer ahead, too scared to look at the man behind him.

James ran his hands up and down his sides, squeezing everytime he passed over John's waist. "Is that so?" He asked. "Why are you dressed so slutty then?" The murmured words were like growing winds before a storm for the doctor. Only gentle as of yet, but soon billowing and dangerous, having the power to take everything and everyone with them.

"What do you mean, sir? I alway dress like this." Of course he doesn't actually, but better stick to character. Playing innocent was part of the act. He leaned more heavily back against the taller man. He could feel a growing hardness press against his bum as proof that James was enjoy his surprise. Thank god.

He could feel the taller man breathe in his perfume that James had bought for his last birthday. John was correct in assuming that his boyfriend would enjoy the possessiveness that came with wearing the fragrant assigned by him. "Sure you do, baby." Answered the criminal ironically.

John hummed as he felt the kisses that have started up on the back of his neck. Soon he was turning his head around to be greeted properly. Even though he had to strain a bit to be able to reach his intended target with his mouth, the feeling of James’s lips and tongue were like heaven to him.

The other man was now porpusefully grinding against his arse as his hands slid lower and lower, until he could creep his fingertips under his short skirt. John could tell when he came in contact with the lacy panties he was wearing from how he freezed for a second.  "Lace panties? Very naughty, John." The shorter man shivered as a hand groped him through his underwear. He could feel himself getting harder just from this little stimulation. God, the things this man could do to him.

While one of his hands kept massaging him through his knickers, James drew back with his right hand, until that one too, has disappeared under the black skirt. He felt along the edges of the tiny underwear John was wearing until he couldn't wait for any longer. The doctor could feel his panties being pulled aside and his skirt being lifted. The sensation of suddenly being exposed in the middle of their kitchen made him blush. He knew what James was looking at right now.

The buttplug nestled between his cheeks was new. They haven't been together long enough to have had time to experiment with sex toys, and even though he was relatively confident that this would go over well, he still felt a little bit of nervousness come over him, so he turned his head back for some reassurance. "Do you like it, sir?" He asked tentatively.

"Fuck, Johnny." James was biting his lower lip to stay calm. He had a pretty wild look to him, clearly barely containing himself. "You got all done up and ready for me, didn't you?" He was pressing at the base of the plug now and John could feel it shifting inside of him. "Tell me, did you finger yourself nice and open for me? Could I fuck you right now, as you are, if I wanted to?" John could only whine from all the attention he was getting, which earned him a hard slap on his left buttock. "Answer me." James ordered.

"Yes, yes I did." He stammered. He could feel his face warm up even more from the sound of his own debauched voice.

"Good boy, Johnny." Praised James. "We'll get to that soon enough then. But first I want you to do something else for me." Said the criminal, still playing with the toy, pressing at it and twisting. "Turn around and kneel." Came the new order.

John did as he was told. The cold tiles of the kitchen floor dug uncomfortably into his knees. In this position he was right at eye level with James's crotch, bulging in his trousers.

"You know what to do." Ordered the Irishman. John hoped he was right and what he knew was good enough because he desperately wanted to please the man. He pressed his face in his partners pulge, rubbing his cheeks over it. He reched up, popped the button open and slowly pulled the expensive trousers' flies down. He carefully moved the waistband of the pants lower, so James's cock could spring free. It was already hard and he took it in his hand. He moved his hand up and down the shaft twice, then keeping ahold of the base of it he licked the tip. The familiar taste of his partner urged him on. He swirled and petted the glands with his tongue, then took the head in his mouth and sucked. He didn't think James wanted teasing right now, so he moved lower until he coul feel the cock reach the back of his throath. He started a rithm of taking it as deep as he could then pulling off, then in again. With his right hand he aided his mouth, moving along with it and covering the parts he couldn't reach.

He could feel cold fingers slide through his shaggy hair. They held on tightly which made it harder to move and keep a comfortable rithm. Suddenly James's grip tightened even more and held his head in place. John knew what was coming. The criminal started to thrush into his mouth vigorously. He choked a little when he first felt the glands scrape at the back of his throath, but he managed to relax and open up as much as he could. He could feel tears welling up in his eyes from the forceful movements. He tilted his head back a little for better angle. In this position he could see his partners face. James’s brows were pulled tight in concentration and he was breathing heavily. When he noticed the smaller man staring at him, he let his mouth crul into a devilish smirk.

John felt a tear roll down his cheak.

With a final thrush in his warm mouth James reluctantly let him go. John clung to his thighs, breathing heavily and coughing lightly. He could feel a hand wipe down his tears and cup his face. "You did well, baby." At the praise, John could feel pride well in his chest. He did good. That's all he wanted. He smiled at the other man happily.

James pulled at him until he was standing in front of him again, now face-to-face. "Come, sit here." John followed the instruction and pushed himself up on the countertop. His legs dangled off the side and James pulled them up until they were around his biceps, supporting them with his arms. He leaned back until he was holding himself up with his forearms for comfort. His panties were pulled dow his thighs just enough, so that James could access his arse and the criminal reached down and grabbed the base of the plug still inside him. He pushed at it and twisted it a little, just to see John squirm at the sensation. Finally he slowly pulled it out and placed it on the counter. Understanding what his boyfriend wanted now, John reach in his dress's pocket and pulled out a small bottle of lube, handing it to the criminal. The other man took it with a murmured 'yes' and flicked the cap open.

James poured some lube in his hand and slicked his cock up. He pumped it a couple of times before grabbing the base of it and lining up with John's hole. The shorter man could feel the heat of it and the idea of what's to come made him shudder. The hand on his hips tightened and he felt James start to push in. He whimpered at the initial stretch but his boyfriend didn't stop. They both knew he could take it so James pressed in with one smooth slide.

Feeling his boyfriend fully in him he threw his head back and moaned. This is what he had been waiting for all day. Everything was going well and according to plan. He was finally splayed out and with his lover's prick in his arse. What a glorious day to be alive.

He gazed at James with wanton eyes and silently begged him to get on with it. The other man must have understood his expression, because he slowly started to move inside of him. He first winced at the feeling. It always took him a couple minutes to get used to James's size but when the little discomfort had faded he relaxed back and wiggled his hips a little to show his enjoyment. At that James took up a comfortable rithm, not too slow and not too fast. The sensation of James's cock sliding in and out of him  made him sigh happily. He felt wanted, and so so full.

He was also surprised. He didn't expect this moment to be so wholesome. He reached out for James's hand that wasn't holding his hips and twinned their fingers together. He smiled at him, then moaned as he felt his lover struck an especially sensitive spot inside him. James aswered him with a smirk of his own and some well placed thrusts that made the smaller man's breath hitch.

Gradually their movements got faster. The sound of their bodies moving together was obscene in the otherwise silent kitchen. John let out a loud moan and tightened his thighs around James's shoulders. At this his partner automatically moved one of his hands to hold onto his left leg, just bellow his hips. John distantly registered that he was making little 'ah' sounds to the rithm of James's thrushes. With great effort he moved his gaze higher to look at the other’s face and cried out at what he saw. James was staring at where their bodies joined in awe, not being able to tear his eyes away. John writhed and bucked in his iron grasps, more turned on than he ever remembered being in his life.

John needed more. "Go faster." He breathed out. But instead of speeding up, James pulled out and stopped entirely. He looked up at the taller man, startled. "What- why did you stop?" He asked desperately. He was so hard he could feel his own heart beat in his prick and he knew James was in a similar state so why did he stop? Looking up at the other man's face a different sight greeted him from what he expected. James was angry. His face was like stone, his features pulled tight. The criminal ripped his fingers away from John's and gripped his waist harshly. John could feel a spike of fear slice through his chest. What just happened? "Who are you to tell me what to do?" Asked James, his voice raised but not quite yelling. Oh, right. John forgot that he was playing a character. Right now he was Mister Moriarty's maid, here to provide service and get fucked. He was not supposed to make demands. Shame spread through his chest and pink blush of embarrassment painted his cheeks. "I'm- I’m sorry." He stammered out, bowing his head. He couldn't keep looking at James's disapproving gaze.

He suddenly felt fingers slide through his hair, not having realised that one of James's hands had released his waist. "Johnny. You know I'm going to have to punish you for that, right?" Came the whispered question. James's voice was quiet, but dangerous. John shivered at the sound of that voice. He felt shame for talking when he shouldn't have, but hopeful at the promise of redemption. If he took the punishment well, maybe James won't be mad at him anymore.

"Yes sir, I know." He said, keeping his eyes down in submission.

James tugged at his waist until John was standing again, feeling empty and unsure after being fucked so well. He was turned around by strong hands and bent over the kitchen counter. He could feel his short skirt ride up, only covering the top of his arse. He was exposed, and with his panties still around the base of his thighs there was nothing in the way to cover him from James's intense gaze. He hid his face in the crook of his arms in shame.

The first blow surprised him and he let out an indignant yelp. The sharp sound of James's palm connecting with his left bottock rang out loudly in the silence. He braced himself for the next one, and managed to only whine when three more punishing slaps were placed right after each other. He stayed completely still when James stopped to put his hand on his back and squeezed his arse. The next five blows landed on his right cheek, all of them hard and sending him forward, but he managed to catch himself with his forearms. The last slap was placed where his cheek connect to his thigh and left a stinging feeling behind.

John was so turned on by the end if it that he could feel precome dripping from his cock and onto the tiles. He moaned and wiggled his hips in the air to show his enjoyment.

"You dirty slut. I can't even punish you without you getting hard." Snarled James and with that he thrushed into John once again. John screamed in surprise and then in pain. The strech of his hole around James and the pain of his sore arse bouncing from the forceful thrushes left him feeling used and owned.

He loved it.

He widened his legs and arched his back as much as he could and tried to fight the instinct to reach down and tuch his cock. James must have sensed what he needed because he grasped his member so John could thrush into it. With the relentless assault to his prostate and cock it didn't take too long for him to come. The build up to it started in his belly and slowly crept down to his groin where it exploded in a powerful wave of pleasure. He screamed in ecstasy as his eyes rolled back into his head. He could still feel James relentlessly fucking him through his orgasm, making him shake and moan wildly.

He was barely conscious enough to keep his hole tight for James's pleasure. Seated, he leaned on the counter heavily and let him have his way with him. He let himself enjoy the attention and the little tremors that still ran through his body, while the criminal's thrushes were getting increasingly erratic. John could feel him growing impossibly harder in him and with a harsh snap of his hips and a grunt, James grabbed his waist and burried himself as deep inside him as he could. The feeling of his lover's release spreading inside John made him moan and he wiggled his hips for show.

As James grew softer, John felt him pull out of his body and heard the zipp of his flies being done up as he tucked himself away. He tried to straighten up and turn around, but a strong hand pushed him back dow and held him there. Confused, he craned his head back to find out what was going on, but before he could see anything he felt his plug being pushed into his hole once again, and his panties being pulled back into place. He hiccupped in surprise and turned around as the pressure on his back ceased.

James was grinning at him like a madman. "There. Nice and ready for me when I want to go again." He said and promptly grabbed John by the waist and pulled him into a searing kiss.

John let him explore his mouth and only blushed a little when his arse was groped sinfully. He felt happy and like he was floating in his post orgasmic state. He felt his partner pull away from him all too soon.

James looked him in the eye to get his attention. "Here is what's going to happen Johnny. I am going to go upstairs to our bathroom and take a shower. While I do that, you are going to get your cleaning supplies and clean up the mess that you've made on the kitchen cabinets." At this, John glanced at the expensive piece of furniture that was now covered in his come and looked back at the criminal who just smiled at him calmly. "When you are finished, I want you to come upstairs as well and join me in our bedroom so we can continue our night." He smiled wickedly and finished with a light peck on John's forehead before he left.

John couldn't do much else than just stand in the kitchen, trying to control his breathing for a minute. He couldn't help but be charmed by this dangerous man. He knew he was in it deep, but he didn't worry about it anymore. This, whatever this was with James Moriarty was working, but most importantly it felt right. He wanted to see what they could become in the future.

He let out a deep breath and started for the cleaning supplies. He wanted to get the scrubbing over with so the fun could continue. Looking forward to see what else his lover had in store for him, he finished up quickly and all but ran up the stairs to join his boyfriend, the world's only consulting criminal in their bed.