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NOTE: Italic is for character thoughts and speaking. 



Ichirou feels emptiness. 

He was somewhere around North America for the new “contract” deal and received a call from his alliance, told him that there was an attack at his house. All the guard was killed, and his brother is missing, seems to be kidnapped by the attackers. 

The black suit man saw red, slashing out anyone in his way, cause a train-wrecked mass attack on his way back to Japan. And all that welcomed him was an empty house, his brother is gone, his mate is gone, some stupid, aggressive playing heroes dared to get in his house and took his beautiful Omega-soon-into-labor away from him. AFO could imagine many many many torturing punishments for this Revolutionary leader.  

But first, he needs to find his brother. His beautiful Omega brother, whose carrying his child and his utter most powerful power in the world. And where could they be?  


Yoichi was locked in the house for so long, he soon starts to forget what the world outside looks like. His world was just all around the comic that his big brother bought for him and their silent empty house on the hill. He hardly remembers their parents faces since his big brother took him away and told him it was safer to live far away from them. But soon he realized that the one that have problem was his brother.  

Yoichi always find strange that his brother always insisted to sleep with him even though they’ve grown up. Or takes the bath together or even asked to stay with when his heat came. He couldn’t understand. At first, he thought his brother just being caring and protective but soon he learned that his brother was nothing but a mad man. 

They’re brother, family couldn’t smell each other scent but why his brother was so persistent about they’re soulmate and they should always be together. Clutching on his shirt and circle around his belly, this child was the outcome of many heats they spent together, this child was an abomination. It shouldn’t be born into this world, but he couldn’t. Yoichi couldn’t kill the child, this is his child, he wants the baby to grow up in this happy world, to live freely away from his psycho brother. So, he ran. The moment two armored men broke in and offer him to run away with them, he wasn’t hesitated. He knows his brother reaction, but he will and always chose to leave, because he wants his child to live a life far away from this underground world.  


The leader of the revolutionary is a man with ambitious. The rising of these supernatural power sadly pushing the society to chaos, but he can see the light at the end of the tunnel. There will be light of peace and people with power and no power can live together happily. Unfortunately, there is a rise of darkness in every corner of Japan. A man declared himself as All for One. Offering a piece of treat to every misery people in the street.  

I can take your burden away. He whispered to their ear, and one person come with a thousand of people. He can take the power away, and we soon can become normal again. They whispered to each other ears.  

Soon, AFO got the whole country wrapped around his finger. Followers call him God, because he helps them taking away their burden and people who seeks for power comes to him every day. Like a Saint, giving out hand that help but no one except the Leader realizes the harm of taking away and gaining the new power.  

People whose gained the power becomes greedy and mass-murder, they always thirst for blood and sadly none of them could stay alive for more than a year. While people who gave up on their power soon to get on well with their family and friends but slowly discovering the emptiness of themselves, like missing an important piece of puzzle of their body, and sadly after a year, killed themselves in their own house.  

To prevent the spread of AFO power, many people rise to against the man, but no one can stay alive long enough to strike because of his followers. But the new Leader believes they could win this battle, no peace was paid without spilling the blood. 


The second leader was quite confused, they have broken into the house but somehow, the owner isn’t here, but as long as his leader said they’ve to look for evidence or anything that can win against AFO, he has to oblige. But what he wasn’t expected was finding a locked-up Omega behind a big sturdy door, the Omega seems to be pregnant and maybe famines. He was skinny with long white hair. His eyes showed that he was afraid but also hopeful, hoping to be saved from God knows how long he has been trapped inside this hell hole. Judging from his bite mark, they’re pretty sure the poor Omega was forced to bond and carry the child by AFO. Don’t be afraid, because we’re here to help you  

Later, they all learned that this Omega was AFO younger brother and was forced by his own brother to pregnant. The thought of being forced to carry a child by his own brother made them want to puke, they all know AFO is a crazy man but not this much of a psycho. God bless the young man heart.  

I want you to take the power. He said one day when they’re running away. The boy now is in his last second trimester.  AFO gave me a powerful power, but my state of health isn’t strong enough to control it, and you the leader of the revolutionary  wants to defeat him, and I do believe that this power can help you on the way. He explained. I want you to have it, different from my brother, I can only transfer my power to a person that I want, so I want you to have it, please. He whispered. Please. He begged.    

One for All. That what they name the power. The power was strong, hardly to control and took days to learn. The leader and his right-hand man keep practicing every day to hope for a day that they could stop AFO and brings peace to this land. On the other side, they also have to hide every day from the eyes and ears of AFO. The mad man seems to be very persistence about retrieving his ‘mate’ and son, mass murder every day to giving out warning and put up the intruders name and picture on media with a lot of money for whoever can catch them alive. It’s getting harder when Yoichi hitting his third trimester. Pregnancy requires stay at one place a lot and bed rest, so the leader and his right hand decides to stay at an abandoned house outside the city near the wood, they can practice in the morning and sneak into the town for food at night.  

The day Yoichi went into labor was the most awful day. One of AFO pest found their hideout and they have to move into the forest. The leader guard at the outside to attract the attention, while his right-hand man helping Yoichi to give birth. A healthy baby was born after 4 hours struggling and all of them have to flee immediately. AFO arrived soon after that, he follows their tracks into the wood, so the leader decided to stay. Facing his early destiny, buying more time for the other to run. Sadly, their battle was not lasted for long.  

You think you can defeat me? You useless human. AFO growled. Now tell me where is he? Where is my mate. He demanded.  

Never. The leader replied. If he was you mate, then w hy don’t you use your nose to smell him huh?  He smirked. Oh right, you  can’t. He laughed.  

AFO face felt. He is angry, very angry. This piece of extra dared to mock him. He is the King of Underground. A God that can bring balance to this world. But that doesn’t matter, finding his brother is much more priority. He can sense his brother through the power that he gave him, but strangely his instinct tells him that he is here. How can that possible, his underlings just reported to him that they are chasing the other member who is running away with his child and his brother. That means his little brother must be somewhere around here, hiding.  

Come out, come out wherever you are. My dear little brother. I know you’re here. Stop hiding before big brother get mad and kill this fucking extra that you call your Hero! He growled out. But replied him was silence, and a laugh coming from a man beneath him.  

Guess what asshole, your brother gave me his power. Now you can’t sense him anymore, and as far as we speak, he and my team ha s run far a way from your pest.   

NO! Impossible. This is his power! This is my gift for him to stand beside me! You liar! Tell me! Where is my brother, you worthless scum!  

Didn’t I tell you. Use your nose to smell him asshole. The leader mocked.  

At the same time, they both heard a gunshot from far away, both men turned their eyes to the gun sound direction and a shiver was sent to the revolutionary leader. He could see a dark aura of rage coming from the King of Evil, the white hair man sure are pissed. Something makes him pissed. At that moment, he also feels a strange wave of strong power poured into him.  

Yoichi. Both man breath out. Yoichi has died. He was killed by a stray bullet on his way running away from with the other member. His death cause both Alpha into rage and distress. One losing a mate and one losing a friend, a pack Omega.  

Thanks to his connection with many other revolutionary organizers, the backup team come in time and manage to patch him up while AFO was distracted with his brother death. The Revolutionary doesn’t have much time, they have to hide fast before the man put his rage into them.  


Lying there was his brother body. His blood spilling from the wound at the stomach. For the first time in his life AFO feel scared. His brother has died. His mate has died. He was all alone now.  

But he still can sense his brother for some reason. A weakly wave of similarity that call his power is somewhere near him. Not a whole of a body but as a small spirit. Like how the small spirit of people that he took their power for being against him keep annoyed him every day until he gave the power away. Looks like there is a connection between the power and the spirit. That's mean his brother is still alive. All he needs to do is to find the revolutionary leader again. Retrieve the power and they will be together again.  

And his son or maybe daughter is also alive. Their child is still alive. Alive somewhere in the world. In Japan. He needs to find them. He needs to be able to hold his family in his arms again.  

Wait for me my love. Big brother will find you and we will be together again.  

He whispers, holding onto to the death body.   


Hello my hero.   

A familiar voice whispered in his head. The leader saw Yoichi sitting in a throne, or a chair or whatever that is. But that must be impossible. Yoichi had died. He can sense a death of a pack mate, but this Yoichi give him a strange family feeling. A connection. Not through scent like a pack but through his power. Their power. One for All.  


Somewhere in Japan, a huge figure running in the small alley with a small bundle in his hand. It was a miracle that the child was born safely and healthy. The right-hand man knows his mission, is to separate the child from their father as much as possible. Both he and the child sire have agreed that it was too dangerous for the child to grow up with them or near his sperm donor. The world of chaos is too dangerous for him to survive on. Putting him up for adoption is their last option.  

After a few hours of searching, he finally found the apartment of a middle-aged couple that doesn’t have children. They’re nice and kind people so he drops the baby in front of their doorstep and knock the door. Quickly hiding behind the staircase and listening to number of running sound and door cracked.  

Oh my God. Honey comes here quickly. The wife shouts. There is baby. Someone left a baby in front of our house.   

Poor kid, abandoned by his parents. The husband replied while handing out a warm towel. What type of irresponsible people leave their child here alone in this chaos hours.   

Beautiful baby isn’t he. His wife cooed.

Since somebody left him here so he belongs to us now. The husband said happily. Let’s name him. What should we call you then?   

Hmmm, how about Takara. Midoriya Takara. Our one and only treasure.   

While cheering for the new member of the family, the old couple didn’t notice a small shadow of a man near the staircase.  

Mission accomplished. He whispered before retreat.