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Don't get too close

It's dark inside

It's where the demons hide

"Demons" - Imagine Dragons

Chapter 1: Demons

If someone had told Mike that he would be dating Harvey, he wouldn’t have believed them. Sure, he couldn’t deny that he had developed feelings for his boss. A full blown, heart pounding crush. But he never thought Harvey would ever feel the same way. So, he had filed it away as never going to happen. But then, two months ago, they found themselves celebrating a big win at a local bar. The morning light brought the evidence that they had drunkenly finished the celebration at Harvey’s condo. Mike shyly asked Harvey if he regretted it. Harvey kissed him with the same amount of passion as the night before saying he was done trying to convince himself that he didn’t feel something for Mike. But, neither man was ready for the office to know. Mike didn’t want anyone thinking he got special treatment because he was sleeping with his boss. After the debacle with Scottie and having to convince Jessica just to hire her, Harvey wasn’t ready to have to defend his relationships. So they decided to wait before telling anyone else.

“Stop fussing with your tie. You’re going to mess it up and I’m going to have to redo it.” Harvey said pulling Mike’s hand away even though a light smile played on his lips.

Ray was driving them to a party thanking all of Pearson Specter clients. To Mike it seemed like a pointless party. They could be doing other things that didn’t involve a bow tie...or clothes.

“It just feels weird. I was not meant to wear a bow tie.” Mike sighed before taking Harvey’s hand in his mainly to stop him from grabbing the tie again. But he also wanted to feel Harvey before he was off-limits at the party.

“You look sexy.” Harvey whispered against Mike’s ear.

“You’re just saying that because you want to get into my pants later.” Mike turned his head chastely kissing his lips.

Harvey hummed as he leaned in nibbling on Mike’s lip. “Doesn’t change the fact that you look delicious. I’m seriously reconsidering this deal we made. Everyone should know that you’re mine.” Harvey’s growl sent a shiver down Mike’s spine. “Everyone in that room is going to be imagining you naked, wondering what it would feel like to be inside you. But I’ll be the only one to know. How tight you are. How you look just as you’re reaching your limit. You were made for me only.”

Mike groaned feeling his pants become uncomfortably tight just as the Chilton’s lobby lights lit up the car.

“I hate you.” Mike said shakily. He licked his lips chasing after Harvey’s lingering earthy taste. “You timed that.”

Harvey chuckled before leaning in to kiss Mike one last time. “The party is just for a few hours, then,” He cupped Mike’s cheek stroking his bottom lip with his thumb, “I’ll show you how you are mine.”

“I vote we do that now. Screw this party.”

Harvey laughed. “Sorry, kid, Jessica made this mandatory. Do you need Ray to drive around the block?”

Breathing deeply, he gave Harvey a side glance. “I truly and honestly hate you. You are the devil.”

“Come on, you’re wasting Ray’s time.” Harvey said finally. “I’ll make it up to you tonight.”

The moment that Harvey entered the room it seemed like everyone (mainly the women and some men) turned toward him. People kept shaking his hand congratulating him on various cases or telling him that they looked forward to working with him in the future. Mike bit his lip trying not to laugh at the clear boredom written in Harvey’s eyes. Sure Harvey tried to include Mike into the conversations, but after awhile it was clear that the clients weren’t going to remember Mike as anything other than Harvey’s associate.

“You’re supposed to be socializing and--”

“Telling them thanks for getting sued and giving us your money?” Mike supplied smiling behind his champagne flute.

“Not helping.” Harvey said raising his eyebrow. “I know you don’t want to be here, but be professional at least.”

Mike chuckled softly. “Me unprofessional? You look like it’s taking all your willpower not roll your eyes the next time someone says they’re amazed at how young you are. New York’s best closer resorting to angsty teenage behavior. Scandalous.” Harvey’s lip twitched trying not to smile. “Alright, I’m going to “mingle” and by that I mean I think Jessica has seen my face enough to know that I was here and I can disappear.”

“You’re not leave me here. If I have to suffer through this, you do too.”

Mike waved Harvey off, “I’ll be around. Primarily by the bar.”

Harvey sighed. “Just don’t get drunk or tipsy. You’re still representing the Firm. And you owe me.”

After getting a beer, Mike made his way to one of the vacant round bar tables. From the table, Mike could see Harvey laughing at something a client made. For the first time, it sounded like it was an honest laugh. Shortly after Jessica joined the group. Mike sipped his beer enjoying watching Harvey in his natural element. No matter how much Harvey bitched about these parties, Mike knew Harvey would never trade this life for anything else.

“Mike?” A voice said softly from behind Mike.

Mike plastered on another fake smile wishing he could go home instead of meeting all these clients. “Yes?”

It was like everything stopped when Mike turned to toward the voice. He couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t hear anything. Too afraid to even tear his eyes from the person in front of him. The man looked professional in his suit with his dark hair styled back. But the eyes were the same. Cold, calculated, terrifying.

“It is you. It’s been awhile. How are you?” The man said smiling. A cold shiver ran down Mike’s spine. He bit his lip to stop from whimpering.

“What are you doing here?” Mike rasped, hating how his voice cracked.

“I’m a client. After you left me, my business really took off. “ The man asked smirking. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m a lawyer.” Mike said almost in a whisper.

“Good for you.” The man said like he was praising a dog. “You finally managed that?”

Mike could hear the patronizing tone. The paralyzing spell the man cast broke. Mike cleared his throat, courage slowly taking control Mike said, “I have to go.” With that Mike turned away.

A familiar vice like grip dug into his forearm. And just like that the fear snapped back into place.

“Stay; let’s talk. I want to know what you have been up to.” The man smiled pleasantly.

“Let go.” Mike said with as much authority as he could muster.

“Mike, I’ve changed. After you left I went into counseling. I’m better.” The man said not letting go of Mike’s arm.

“It doesn’t feel like it because your fingers are still squeezing my arm. I said let go.” Mike said again trying to yank out his arm. His breathing becoming panicked.

“Mike. Stop it. You’re being childish. I just want to talk. I want to know who you’ve been whoring yourself off to because I know you’re too stupid to go to law school. So who did you have to fuck to get job here?” The hand squeezed harder making his eyes start to tear.

The next thing Mike knew his hand stung as he stared at the bright pink mark spreading on the other man’s face. Everyone in the room was silent. Mike struggled not to take a step back as he watched the familiar unpredictable storm brewing behind the dark eyes. Mike’s ears still rung from the slap. He was vaguely aware of Jessica standing a few table over narrowing her eyes and telling Harvey to deal with the mess.

Once Harvey walked over, he cleared his throat and the other man dropped his hand. Mike was suddenly very aware of everyone staring at him and the disappointment on Harvey’s face.

“Mike?” Harvey said trying not to show any emotions. It was clear that Mike was strung up on emotions and the wrong tone could send him over. “Apologize to our client.”

Mike’s jaw dropped; he was completely floored by Harvey’s demand without asking what happened. He didn’t need to see it to know the look of smugness written on the other man’s face.

“Mike.” Harvey repeated like he was reprimanding a petulant child. Sighing, when it was clear that Mike wasn’t going to saying anything, “On Mike’s behalf I apologize for the transgression. It was completely unprofessional. And as his boss, I take full responsibility and will deal with the matter. Please, let me get you a drink.” Harvey said gesturing toward the bar, leading him away without a second glance at Mike.

“Ross, I don’t care what happened, I don’t care if he told you to jump. Trevor Evans is an important client. More important than you. You better hope that Harvey can fix this, and Evans doesn’t leave us.” Jessica said smiling even though Mike could see the murderous look. Mike bit back every comment he thought unwilling to let Trevor win again.

Mike took one last look at Harvey who was engrossed in whatever Trevor was saying before hightailing out of the room. Once out in the frosty New York night it felt like he could finally breathe. He squeezed his eyes shut before setting out for the long walk home.

It took him an hour to walk back to his Brooklyn apartment. Harvey's place was closer and they had planned on staying the weekend.

"It's going to be okay." Mike whispered as he opened his door with shaky hands.

Mike stood in his living room staring at TV wondering what he was supposed to do. Every time he closed his eyes the demons from his past came out to haunt him. He thought he had buried the memories that he could never forget deep within himself; he thought he had run far enough away. He didn't; they still came out, they still found him.

“It’s going to be okay.” Mike repeated unsure of who he was trying to convince.

His phone buzzed. And for a second terror seized him until he realized it was just a text from Harvey.

Where are you?

Mike bit his lip trying to stop the memories from coming back. It was an innocent enough text but it was so painfully familiar. Memories of Trevor bubbled just beneath the surface. Mike whimpered before turning off his phone and crawled into bed. Curling into a ball, he hugged himself tightly before drifting off into a nightmare fraught sleep.