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A Saviour's Best Friend

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Argos’ early life was not a pleasant experience. 

Firstly, he had yet to be gifted his true name by Saviour, and as such was referred to as ‘Get Lost’ or ‘Eww Don’t Touch It’ or most commonly ‘Shoo’. Argos or Shoo,  at the time, was born into a litter of five others. He was the smallest of his siblings and, subsequently, rarely managed to push his way through his stronger kin to receive his mother’s milk. 

It is unsurprising, therefore, that Shoo’s first memory was that of hunger.

The next was that of cold.

His first home was under a pile of wet cardboard, next to a large dumpster. His mother would disappear for long stretches of the day leaving him cuddled with his siblings who would mercilessly shove him with kicking hindlegs to the fringes of their warm pile. Eventually, Shoo sought refuge under a wad of discarded magazines that had been kept somewhat dry by a large box that had once housed a television. It was this need to seek warmth and shelter elsewhere that meant when the group of people in overalls marked with ‘National City Dog Shelter’ across their backs came and took his mother and siblings away in a large van, Shoo was left behind.

That’s when his feelings of hunger and cold were joined by the last emotion that would mark Shoo’s life before he became Argos… loneliness.

Argos preferred not to think about his time as Shoo, his time before Saviour came into his life and ensured he would never be hungry, cold or lonely ever again. It happened though, on occasions when it rained particularly hard or when he was in a particularly dark street. He was inevitably dragged back to his time as Shoo when his skin itched - unable to grow his comforting white fur - when people turned away from him in disgust and when he barely had the strength to stand. Thankfully, whenever he was reminded of his melancholic past, Saviour and her mate were there to rub his belly and kiss his head and call him a Good Boy until he fell asleep spread across both of their laps.

Saviour found him by accident. 

See Shoo, at this time, knew better than to be seen by people, knew that they shouted mean things at him and would clap their hands and stomp their feet to scare him away from the somewhat dry nest he had made. But on that particular day - the day that would forever change the course of his life and give birth to Argos - his curiosity had gotten the best of him. 

He had heard crying just outside the pile of trash that he was hiding amongst.

When Shoo had ventured to poke his head out of his little nest that was the moment he saw Saviour for the first time - though at this point he had no way of knowing she would become Saviour and as such she was just Woman to him. 

Woman was leaning against the wall of the alley that Shoo’s trash pile was situated in, she was wearing dark blue trousers and a cuddly looking jumper that Shoo wished he had to wrap around himself. There was a familiar smell to the Woman that Shoo had learned to associate with aggressive people late at night, yet it wasn’t as strong on Woman as it was on those that taunted Shoo for fun. It was a light accompaniment to the Woman’s natural scent that was mostly floral mixed with something more grounded and earthy like grease or burning electrics - it was a scent that Shoo found welcoming in a way he had never experienced before.

The Woman was crying into her hands and looked exactly how Shoo felt all the time… lonely. No one should feel how Shoo felt. It was a wretched state of being and Shoo didn’t want her to be called ‘Get Lost’ or ‘Eww’ either. Maybe Shoo could make her feel a little less lonely to prevent her from becoming like him.

It was this thought that had Shoo gathering what small amount of strength he had left to lift himself up onto shaky, spindly legs and shuffle slowly out of his hidey hole. The Woman didn’t even notice his approach, her sadness so potent it blinded and deafened her to the rest of the world. Shoo approached tentatively easing down onto his haunches once he was close enough. He barely came up to the Woman’s mid calf, and as carefully as he could, using his last bit of energy, he nudged the woman’s leg with his nose.

The yelp of surprise and shock accompanied by how the woman’s leg jerked back had Shoo immediately turning to scamper back to his nest only to find his legs buckling under the stress and effort. Fear rocketed through him, making his small heart thunder in his chest at the same pace as a hummingbird’s wings. 

He shouldn’t have approached the Woman.

He should have stayed in his small damp safe haven and not added scared to his permanent list of hungry, cold and lonely.

He yelped and whined, desperately trying to crawl his way to safety when he felt the gentlest of touches on his aching back followed by the softest of sounds.

“It’s okay, you’re okay. You’re okay. I’m sorry I scared you.” 

The tremble that had been vibrating through Shoo’s entire body decreased in intensity. No one had ever spoken to him like that. He had seen other humans talking to each other like that - specifically Big Humans, like Woman, speaking to Smaller Humans - and it had always made him wistful for the warmth of that tone, believing that it would ease his coldness and loneliness if it was directed at him for even the most fleeting of moments.

It was then that Shoo felt his raw, itching body become ensconced in something warm and soft that reminded him of those few occasions where he had been nestled against his mother’s body - a quick glance revealed that Woman had wrapped him up in the jumper he had longed for only a few moments ago. Next thing Shoo knew he was being lifted into the air - his fear skyrocketing to a whole new level before he was pressed against Woman’s body, safely cradled in her arms and surrounded by her welcoming scent.

“I’m going to take you somewhere to get help, okay?” Woman murmured, tucking the jumper more securely around Shoo’s bare - ugly as it was regularly called by passersby - form so that his vision was limited and his panic could be more controlled.

He didn’t really know where Woman was taking him but he trusted her. 

She had made him not-cold and not-lonely for the first time in his short life. He would go wherever she took him and it was with that final thought that Shoo slipped into unconsciousness.



Shoo didn’t really understand what happened next and even years later Argos still couldn’t quite make full sense of his blurred and disjointed memories of that night, though he was sure of one thing… he was dying and most definitely would not have made if not for Saviour’s timely intervention.

He remembered the hum of an engine, and being nudged this way and that by lateral forces as Woman sped through National City in her car. He remembered Woman’s voice changing from gentle and sweet to sharp and direct, though the latter wasn’t directed at Shoo but at a small box she held tight to her ear. 

He remembered being lifted gently and placed on a cool table - a new person that smelled too clean and too much like animals all at once was there moving Shoo’s limbs this way and that in a controlled manner that wasn’t cruel but wasn’t warm like Woman either. He remembered the too clean/too scented man shaking his head, his face obscured by a piece of fabric over his mouth whilst his hands, which had been covered by bright purple skin, were shed back to their original dark colour as he stepped away from the table… away from Shoo. 

He remembered Woman’s face turning red - looking angry like those that were mean to Shoo in the street whilst simultaneously looking even lonelier than she did previously. Shoo had wanted to soothe her like she had done him, wrap her in his own jumper if he had one to offer but he didn’t so all he could do was nudge his dry nose against her tightly clenched fists and lick gently at the whitened knuckles.

He remembered the anger draining away from Woman, remembered her jaw clenching, remembered her lifting him up and cradling him to her chest as she swept out of the room leaving the cool table and the too clean man behind.

He remembered another car journey that ended with him on a padded table and Woman whispering more words of comfort as he struggled to keep his eyes open despite her begging and pleading for him to hold on. He tried to, he tried so hard - not wanting to let down the first person to show him kindness. 

He remembered a sharp flash of pain that was there one moment and gone the next and then and then…

He remembered nothing… just blissful sleep.



When Shoo awoke (after the night he should have died), it was to find himself in a bright room curled up on the most cuddly of blankets, Woman asleep on a couch nearby, her body angled towards Shoo and pale hand brushing the white floor as if she had reached out to Shoo without conscious thought. The first few days in Shoo’s new life - the transitional period before he truly became Argos - was filled with days spent slumbering away recouping all the energy he had expended over the course of his short life. He was fed well for the first time too, nursed with carefully controlled amounts of water, milk and food by Woman who spent hours researching what to give him on a glowing box. 

Woman was with him the entire time. 

She was there encouraging him when he finally managed to get back on his feet and wobble around the white space that was this Woman’s nest. She was there bathing him in warm water, rubbing a heavily scented lotion into his skin that eased away the itching and enabled a soft white fuzz to grow and cover his body. She was there smiling broadly, eyes sparkling with happiness when Shoo’s tail moved without his consent when she reappeared into his view after disappearing from sight.

She was there lifting him onto her lap when she was sleepy, hands providing comfort and affection that Shoo didn’t know he had been so starved for until it was granted so freely and often. 

“You’re doing so much better.” Woman remarked as Shoo padded confidently after her as she moved around the space. “I should probably get you a proper home.” Woman murmured, her voice turning sad again in a way that Shoo hated.

He didn’t know what a ‘proper home’ was but he figured it couldn’t be a good thing.

Shoo assumed the woman’s sadness was related to the repeated buzzes and flashes that came from the small glowing box she always had with her. Woman would regularly glance at it, a harsh frown appearing whilst her green eyes turned pained and hurt - reminding Shoo all too much of how he would feel when his siblings would carelessly kick him aside or when people would yell and call him ‘Shoo’ like it was a terrible thing to be.

Woman never called him Shoo. She called him ‘Good Boy’ and ‘Sweetie’. 

Shoo liked those names far more and would regularly nudge Woman’s hand or leg seeking out a scritch or a term of endearment.

Shoo knew, though, that things were coming to a head one way or another - that life couldn’t be this good to Shoo for this long without something happening. Shoo knew it was the day when Woman took Shoo out of her nest and was unable to meet Shoo’s beseeching gaze. They travelled in the car and Shoo whined the entire time seeing how Woman’s cheeks were marked with tears. 

The building they arrived at was familiar purely because of the recognisable words stamped across the door - ‘National City Dog Shelter’. Woman was taking him to the same place as Shoo’s family which merely made Shoo dig his paws into the concrete causing Woman to come to a sharp and sudden halt, her arm jerked backwards by the string connecting the two of them together.

Woman blinked in surprise, tugging on the string that was anchored to Shoo’s body only to find there to be absolutely no give. 

“Hey boy, what’s wrong?” Woman coaxed, kneeling down next to Shoo’s stiff body. “This is a good place I promise. They’re going to find you a proper home.”

Shoo didn’t want a proper home - he wanted Woman’s nest.

Shoo didn’t want the family that kicked him and made him go cold and hungry - he wanted Woman’s warm touch and comforting affection.

“Come on, I can’t-” Woman shook her head, swallowing thickly to keep back sobs. “I’m not good at this. I’m not good for you. I’m a…” Woman chuckled, harsh and cruel to herself, “I’m a Luthor.” 

Shoo didn’t know what a Luthor was but if Woman was one it had to be a good thing, of that he was certain.

“I don’t… even my best friend doesn’t trust me with… anything . How can I be trusted to look after you? You would be better off with someone like… like Kara or Nia or Alex or… hell, even Brainy.”

Shoo didn’t want a Kara or a Nia or an Alex and he especially didn’t like the sound of a Brainy.

“I can’t- I want to keep you so badly.” Woman whispered, hand reaching out to scratch behind Shoo’s right ear in the way he loved. 

Then keep me , Shoo begged through a pleading whimper, turning his head to lick at Woman’s fingers.

“I work too much, I have no friends, I… I…”

You’re warm and kind , Shoo insisted, you saved me

“I… I…” Woman fell silent as she stared into Shoo’s eyes.

Shoo tried his hardest to make them big and desperate knowing it was the surest way to get himself additional treats even after Woman had said ‘no more’.

Keep me, please.

“Okay, we’re going home.” Woman announced suddenly, green eyes turning clear and determined as she made a decision, bending down to lift Shoo up and head back towards the car. Shoo’s tail thumped joyfully as he nestled his head on Woman’s - no… Saviour’s shoulder. He stuck his tongue out at the flat grey building that would have given him a proper home and the spot where he had made his stand - a spot that now, strangely enough, had four clear cracks in the pavement where his paws had just been…



Things were different now that Saviour’s nest was now permanently his nest too and he was far more mobile - able to sprint and jump when a mere step had sapped him of all his energy.

Saviour was more firm now, wanting him to learn the rules of their nest which he was eager to do. 

He quickly learned that Saviour didn’t like him peeing in the nest, and taught him to head towards the nest’s door whenever he needed to relieve himself so she could take him outside. He also learned that he wasn’t allowed to eat the pointy things Saviour put on her feet even though they fit really well in his jaw - she bought him bright coloured bouncy things instead that he was allowed to destroy to his heart’s content.

He was no longer kept only in the nest, his returning strength meaning Saviour took him for long walks around the city and the park that was filled with other animals and people that treated him with kind curiosity. He was now also brought along to a separate building marked with ‘L-Corp’ on the front of it for most of the day where Saviour met with lots of people who called her ‘Miss Luthor’ and shot odd looks at Saviour whenever she patted his head. There was a woman who was nearly always sat outside Saviour’s daytime nest (as he had taken to calling it) that Saviour called Jess, who snuck him treats and kept him company whenever Saviour had to disappear into the large building.

The biggest change, however, was his name.

He went through many different ones to start with, Saviour trying to identify the most suitable one and unhappy with all of her suggestions.

“Rover? Too cliche.” Saviour would throw out there only to shoot down less than a second later. “Maybe Oliver as in Oliver Twist…” Saviour would then tap her fingers on the arm of the sofa as Shoo merely nuzzled into her side more. “I don’t really like human names for dogs… Maybe Rex or Lassie.” 

Shoo didn’t like either of those and huffed out a disgruntled breath in reply.

“Okay so not Rex or Lassie. Let me think.” Saviour hummed, the finger tapping coming to a sudden stop preceding a half muttered, “What about… Argos ?” 

Shoo lifted his head at that - that was an interesting name.

“Odysseus’ dog - loyal to a fault and patient beyond measure.” Saviour ruminated.

Now that sounded good, Shoo - no, Argos - thought, I’m loyal to Saviour and I can work on my patience.

“Hmmm…” Saviour turned her head to meet Argos’ keen eyes, “How does Argos sound?”

Argos barked happily in reply.



Argos did not like this ‘Kara’ being.

She smelled nice, Argos would give her that much, but she made Saviour seriously sad and didn’t even seem to realise. She stopped by daytime nest nearly everyday - Argos’ keen hearing - that seemed to be improving with every passing day - able to pick up Kara’s quick, eager pace as she approached Saviour’s inner sanctum only to be turned away by a firm Jess (who Argos now understood to be Saviour’s Gatekeeper). Kara would even stop by Saviour’s actual nest, knocking twice clear and plaintive only for Saviour to usher Argos and herself to bed for an early night.

Saviour did let Kara into the nests occasionally and Argos did not like it when she did. Saviour was awkward and clearly uncomfortable - the despair that Argos had seen the night they first met bubbling below the surface of fraudulent smiles. Kara knew something was wrong, she was astute enough for that, her bright face creased with confusion and concern, her movements stiff and uncertain in contrast to her light, almost floating footsteps.   

Argos would always remember the first time he properly met Kara.

She smelled sweet - like the treats that Saviour rarely allowed herself to indulge in - with something hidden beneath it all, like heavy smoke and fire and something Argos had never smelt before… something new and alien . Her expression was bright and her smile the widest that Argos had ever seen on a person; but her eyes were pained in much the same way that Saviour’s were - clearly they were connected in the same way that Argos was to Saviour… loneliness. 

(Considering the shared connection, Argos wondered why that had ceased to be enough between the two of them, why Kara couldn’t see that she merely increased Saviour's loneliness. Argos promised he would never do that. That he would never hurt Saviour and would always protect her in the same way she protected him.)

When Kara entered Saviour’s daytime nest, her gaze was so fixed on Saviour that she didn’t notice Argos sat there in his basket by the sofa for at least five minutes. Those five minutes watching Saviour’s loneliness and despair increase, sensing her growing distress was enough to make Argos hate Kara in a way that he had never hated a person.

Eventually Kara saw him, her expression going through a gamut of reactions before settling on excitement. 

“You got a dog?” Kara asked in delight, already forgetting how Saviour had shifted quickly out of their hug only a minute ago. 

“More like he got me…” Saviour joked, the loneliness in her green eyes receding to something soft and fond as she looked over at the now rather fluffy white dog that was growing faster than either of them could keep up with. Argos quirked his head to one side at Saviour, jaw falling open in a happy pant that he sent her way.

“What’s his name?”

“Argos.” Saviour declared and Argos couldn’t help how his chest puffed up so that the gold tag etched with his name and attached to his red leather collar glinted in the sunlight.

“Oh, he’s adorable.” Kara cooed, approaching Argos with an outstretched hand.

Argos immediately growled at Kara, warning her to stay back, uninterested in coming into contact with someone that had hurt Saviour in any way, shape or form.

Kara and Saviour both did a double take at that.

“Did he-” Kara murmured, brows drawing tight together as her hand retreated to her side.

“He’s never done that before.” Saviour said. “Has a dog ever growled at you?” Saviour questioned directing this to Kara.

“No…” Kara replied slowly.

Well, clearly all other dogs are stupid , Argos thought haughtily to himself.

Kara didn’t stay much longer after that, Saviour was starting to make repeated gestures towards her large glowing box that she spent most of the day staring into which made it clear Kara’s time was up. Once the blonde alien had left, Saviour came and sat on the sofa opposite Argos where she eyed him seriously.

“She’s not a bad person, you know?” Saviour revealed, having known exactly what had led to Argos growling. “She… is a hero, she saves people.”

No, Saviour saves people. 

“She just…” Saviour sighed, picking at a thread on her restrictive black skirt. “She’s saved me many times before.”

But she also hurt you , Argos insisted, padding over to Saviour to rest his head on her knee knowing it brought her comfort after a long day.

“I just don’t know why I’m never good enough…” Saviour confessed, curling her body forward to rest her head against Argos’.

You’re good enough for me.



The eventual fallout between Saviour and Kara was heartbreaking in a way Saviour had never seen before.

Shoo had seen people argue, had seen them scream and punch and kick. He had seen terrible things but watching Saviour and Kara cry and sob at each other hurt Argos’ heart in a profound way. Saviour wanted to cause pain to Kara with vicious words, that was without doubt, but underneath that rather superficial layer they wanted the same thing.

Each other.

It was obvious in how their fingers twitched at their sides - eager to reach out. 

It was clear in how they couldn’t bear to make eye contact, couldn’t bear to see that which was no longer theirs.

It was apparent in how they both glanced back at each other when Kara, finally clad in bright colours, flew off the balcony.

They wanted each other but had no idea how to get just that.

All Argos could do after it was all over was curl up next to Saviour on her bed and let his white fur be used to catch her tears.

Saviour was sad all the time once Kara stopped coming around which led to Argos sticking to her side like glue. He nudged her with his nose and tugged at her clothes forcing her to take him for their usual walks and see the world. He made her laugh with silly antics like chasing his tail and tapping his feet excitedly whenever she got up. He brought pictures of Sam and Ruby over to her, encouraging her to phone them and invite them to visit - Argos liked it when they visited, Ruby snuck him extra treats and Sam made Saviour laugh loudly into the night.

Kara, or Supergirl as Saviour occasionally called her, would still fly by their two nests frequently (sometimes every hour of the day and into the night) - keeping out of sight of Saviour. 

Argos, though, knew she was there. Her clothing and hair were different but her scent didn’t change and Argos could smell her from miles away.

Saviour improved over time, re-found her equilibrium and that unfaltering kindness that had saved Argos. She was still sad every now and again in much the same way Argos got sad when he remembered Shoo but it was a nostalgic sadness that Argos could do little to aid. 



It became steadily apparent to Saviour that Argos was not a… normal dog.

He could hear Saviour’s heartbeat, could hear her whenever she disappeared into the twisting corridors of their daylight nest, could hear her stir with nightmares in the dead of night that had Argos nudging her gently awake with a wet nose on her cheek. 

Argos could run faster than all the other dogs at the park, it was then that Saviour started to truly take notice - when Argos outran a recently retired greyhound for a fuzzy tennis ball - and Argos began to understand that maybe he wasn’t like other dogs anymore.

He destroyed his toys far quicker than expected, so quickly that the young woman at the pet store had stared in horror at the mangled, barely recognisable, red toy that was meant to be one of the sturdiest available when Saviour had presented it back to the store only a day after purchasing it. It was this look of abject horror that prompted Saviour to make a quick escape with Argos and declare on the car journey back to the nest that she would make her own range of pet toys.

Saviour began to assess him then by giving him new toys and recording how long, on her glowing box, it took for Argos to snap it in half or deform it beyond recognition.

The definitive nail in the coffin of normality came when Saviour finally saw how Argos had been sneaking extra treats whenever her back was turned. Saviour stored Argos’ favourite treats on the top shelf in her kitchen, far out of reach even if Argos stood on his hind legs. 

Saviour came out of her bedroom early one morning to find her rather large white dog floating in the air nose buried within the open pack of treats on the top shelf.



“I need your-” Saviour began only to cut off as Kara stepped through Saviour’s front door. “Are you… um… wearing odd shoes?” Saviour inquired, all her panic evaporating in an instant as her gaze honed in on Kara’s unmatched footwear: one a flat, open-toe pink shoe, the other a red converse.

“Uh… yeah…” Kara replied, ruefully rubbing the back of her neck, “I seem to have been robbed.”


“But only my shoes. Only one of each pair to be exact… so, I only have odd shoes.” Kara explained, expression equal parts pinched and perplexed. “I keep buying new ones but one shoe always goes missing....”

“Huh…” Saviour exhaled and Argos could feel her looking at him accusingly out of the corner of her eye. 

Argos moved his head this way and that; looking everywhere around the room but at Saviour and Kara which for some reason only made Saviour narrow her gaze further at him.

“I think I know who the culprit is…” Saviour revealed with a sigh, crossing her arms and jerking her chin towards Argos who felt not even a tiny bit of shame for his actions.

“Uhh… what?” Kara laughed in disbelief. “You think… Argos stole all my shoes?”

Argos smirked at the blonde.

“I mean he does looks rather smug but… how on Earth do you think-”

“He can fly.” Saviour announced, shocking Kara to stunned silence. “He’s also superstrong, superfast and I think he has super hearing - he always warns me well in advance when people I don’t like are on their way.”

“He barks whenever I flyby…”

“Exactly.” Saviour agreed, causing Kara to wince and deflate with the obvious inference.

“I didn’t mean-”

“It’s fine.” Kara said brusquely, though her jaw clenched and her eyes gleamed with held back tears. “It’s… I like that he protects you. That you have someone.”

“Yeah.” Saviour muttered and the room fell into an awkward silence.

Argos barked, thumping his tail loudly to bring them back on track.

“I used the Harun-El on him.” Saviour whispered, bending down to invite Argos into her arms; the white dog didn’t hesitate to zip over to her in the flash of an eye. 

“You did what?!” Kara bellowed, prompting Argos to growl at her, reminding the blonde that any threat to Saviour would not be tolerated, especially not in their nests.

“He was dying.” Saviour whispered brokenly. “He was dying and the vet couldn’t do anything and I had just lost Lex... and…” Saviour sobbed, burying her face into Argos’ thick white fur, “and I had… just lost you . He was a puppy… alone and cold and I… I couldn’t lose anything else.”

“Oh, Lena…” Kara soothed, slowly kneeling beside a crying Saviour. “It’s okay, it’s okay.”

Kara met Argos’ protective gaze with a soft, pleading one of her own. It was then, listening to the way Kara’s heart raced with the desperate need to be close to Saviour, the way her words were filled with affection and how her blue eyes shone with love that Argos reassessed the alien.

Argos dipped his head, showing that it was okay for Kara to approach. 

Kara didn’t hesitate once given permission, arms reaching out to sweep Saviour up into a hug that reminded Argos of how Saviour had cradled Shoo to her chest all those months ago. 

“I’m sorry, Lena. I am so sorry.” Kara murmured into Saviour’s dark hair and Argos could hear the sincerity of her words. “I am so sorry. You never lost me, not for a second. I let you down, I know but I was scared. I was so scared of losing you. I couldn’t- I couldn’t lose you.” 

Kara started to cry then, her tears just as fervent and fierce as Saviour’s who, in turn, reached out for Kara - their arms holding each other close as they sought comfort. Argos watched on, nudging Saviour and Kara every now and again to provide his own support.



“I’ll train him.” Kara announced once their tears had run dry and they had moved from the floor to the sofa.

Saviour and Argos shared a look at that.

“Hey!” Kara squawked, affronted. “I trained Nia and she turned out fine.”

“Are you comparing training Nia to-”

“No!!” Kara refuted, face turning red, “I just meant… that I have experience.”

“Kara…” Saviour began as gently as possible, “Alex told me about Jules-”

“Jules was a goldfish with suicidal tendencies!”

“I’m just saying…” Saviour trailed off.

Kara glared at the two of them, “I can totally train him!”

“Okay, if you say so…” Saviour challenged, arching an intimidating eyebrow at the alien that Argos could hear made Kara’s heart skip a beat.

“I do say so.” Kara declared, picking up the gauntlet without hesitation. “Just you wait and see! We’ll show her, won’t we Argos?”

Argos grinned in response, brown eyes already twinkling with mischief.



Argos would never admit it but he enjoyed flying with Kara, swooping round buildings and performing barrel rolls. He liked how she laughed so loud, free and full of joy whenever Argos managed to spin around her. He was starting to understand why Saviour had kept Kara around so much when it so obviously caused her pain. 

Saviour and Kara’s relationship steadily rebuilt over a number of coffees spent talking about Argos of all things. Saviour shared stories from when he had first settled in their nest and was still learning the rules, sharing photos of his growth that she hadn’t shown to Kara previously. Kara, meanwhile, regaled Saviour with in-depth descriptions of Argos’ power training lessons - bigging up Argos’ exploits and achievements knowing compliments of Argos were a surefire way to win Saviour over. Argos rolled his eyes at the exaggerations but enjoyed the fuss he received from Saviour in response.

The coffees developed into lunches into dinners into sleepovers.

After a mere handful of months it was like Kara had practically moved into their nest whilst Argos could now fly almost as well as Kara’s alter ego and re-warm Saviour’s coffee with his newly developed heat vision for her whenever she got distracted by her glowing box for too long. 

Argos’ trust in Kara also grew so much that whenever Saviour was having a bad day - due to a meeting where someone had spat Luthor at her or when Saviour’s mother had called - Argos jumped from the balcony and followed Kara’s unique scent to wherever she was. It didn’t matter if she was at her own (less used) nest or that industrious concrete building marked DEO, he merely grabbed her cape by his teeth and dragged her across the city before depositing her in a heap in front of Saviour, his tail wagging proudly at retrieving just the right thing to cheer her up.



Argos knew there were people out there that didn’t like Saviour, but they were wrong and their opinion was invalid . Whenever someone was mean or tried to be aggressive with Saviour, Argos made his presence known by stepping slow and deliberate over to Saviour’s side, shoulders hunched forward and head low, ready to bare teeth if his intimidating posture wasn’t sufficient deterrence. 

Kara, likewise, puffed up her chest and lifted her chin if she was present, resulting in Argos and Kara performing a wall of protection around Saviour.

Argos knew that people didn’t like Saviour but he’d never seen someone actively try to hurt her.

The day that he did though changed everything and gave Argos a new name.

He was out flying with Kara, zipping between skyscrapers - Saviour was meeting a number of people and had been unable to take Argos for their standard afternoon walk prompting Kara to take him flying instead - when he heard Saviour’s heartbeat shoot up in tempo.

Argos and Kara came to an immediate halt in the air, losing all speed as their ears tuned in beyond Saviour’s heartbeat to her surroundings.

Argos didn’t understand the shouts pervading his daytime nest but he understood the feeling behind them - Shoo had heard that tone often from people who wished to cause harm. Kara and him rocketed through the air, both breaking the rule Kara had instilled in him of not going too fast. 

What happened next was a blur of instinct and trained lessons - the instinct to help and protect that Saviour had nurtured in him and the lessons of control and carefulness that Kara had. There were four men: two holding Saviour and two guarding the door - utterly failing to take into consideration the balcony that Argos and Kara burst through in a shower of glass. 

Immediately, Kara threw one of the door guards against a wall with a blast of freeze breath whilst Argos kicked the other with his hind legs to land on top of the one Kara had dealt with. Kara and Argos then zoomed over to the last two attackers, their movements seamlessly synchronised after countless hours twirling around each other in the sky and growing to understand each other in Saviour’s nest. Kara restrained one easily whilst Argos zipped between her legs to snap in half the gun the other attacker was raising to use against Saviour. Once disarmed, Kara and Argos hoisted all four between them and flew them to the nearest police station.

It was all over in the space of twenty seconds but it was the longest twenty seconds of Argos’ life - nearly losing the most important person in your life would do that to you.

The moment that Argos and Kara were back in Saviour’s daytime nest, Saviour was wrapping her arms around the two of them. Pressing grateful kisses to Argos’ head and Kara’s cheek on endless repeat. 

Argos realised then as he was pressed between the two women that Kara was trembling in much the same way that he was - the fear of harm befalling Saviour had wrecked them in equal parts and it was then that he finally grasped what was going on between Saviour and Kara. 

The way that Saviour and Kara’s heart rates would tick up whenever they were together.

The way that Kara’s cheeks would flush pink with every kiss that Saviour gratefully pressed against them.

The way that being apart for too long would make both of them melancholic and lonely.

It was love at its deepest and most profound.

Argos as gently as he could - in much the same way Shoo had one rainy night in an alley - nudged Saviour with his nose. He lifted his head, dodged a kiss, and pressed his nose to Saviour’s cheek encouraging her head to turn further than before so that her lips pressed against Kara’s instead of her flushed cheek.

The second their lips connected, everything went still.

Argos slowly drifted away and settled on his bed to watch what happened next.

Saviour was the first to pull away, green eyes wide with shock, mouth moving up and down nervously.

“I… I’m sorry, Argos-” Saviour began to stammer only for Kara to place a hand on the back of Saviour’s neck, lightly pulling her closer and reconnecting their lips.

Argos watched for a while but they kept their mouths pressed against each other for a long time, only pausing for breathy sighs and whispers of appreciation. Argos stretched out on his bed and settled down for a nap, though not before Kara shot him a wink and mouthed ‘Good Boy’ to him.



People were calling him ‘Superdog’ on the news following the attempted attack on Saviour.

Argos didn’t like it as much as he did Argos but it seemed to make Kara happy and Argos had quickly learned that anything that made Kara happy also made Saviour happy.

“Do you want to do what Kara does?” Saviour asked him not long after the attack that had seen a significant change in the status quo - Kara was now almost always in the nest and had taken to sleeping in Saviour’s bed. 

Argos cocked his head to the side at the question - the large glowing box on the screen showing Kara fighting people that seemed hellbent on hurting her and others.

“Kara stops bad people like the ones that tried to hurt me.” Saviour murmured, running her hands through Argos’ fur trying to calm him down as he stood at attention - eyes fixed on the glowing screen and ears listening to the fight across the city. “You can go help.” Saviour offered.

Argos felt something then on his back, something shifting down from his collar up to his tail. He turned his head to see a long piece of fabric and Saviour securing a new tag to his collar emblazoned with the same symbol that Kara wore.

“I know you’re worried about her. You love her just as much as I do.” Saviour accused, green eyes fond and affectionate as she scratched behind Argos’ ear. 

Maybe a little, Argos admitted thinking about how Kara had lifted him up and carried him to her and Saviour’s bed following a loud crack of thunder just last night. How she had coaxed him to sleep with whispered murmurs and scritches behind his ear. 

“Go help her, like you’ve helped me.” Saviour requested causing Argos’ heart to swell in his chest. “Go, Superdog, there will be extra doggy treats for you later.” Saviour promised pressing a kiss to his nose before getting up and opening the balcony doors for Argos to soar through.