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It's 2024, Not 1934

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Logistically, it made sense for Bucky to be his roommate, one or the other (or the both of them) go out on missions. And with the added Captain America responsibilities, it made sense to have someone at his home keep things up. But was it the most sane decision he had ever made? No.

When he gets back late from missions that Bucky wasn’t present at, he comes home to  home cooked meals from Bucky. Sounds nice right? No. 

Ok sure, it’s a nice gesture, but Sam can’t say the same for the actual food. He actually forgets Bucky is 106 at times, but when he’s staring right down at a great-depression era dinner, then it’s impossible to forget.

It first happens when he comes home after a long day, and is immediately greeted with Bucky in the kitchen.

“What. Are. You. Eating.” Sam enunciated every word.

“Uh… dinner.”

“Is that… hot dog?


“With corn”




“And tomato?


“All in one stew?”

“Yes… is this going somewhere?” Bucky finally questioned. 

“Why would you make that?”

“It’s… It’s Hoover stew. Reminds me of home. Don’t worry, I made sure to make some for you.” He smirked.

So Bucky knew exactly what he was doing then. Why does he have to live with this asshole.


Bucky raised his hands in mock offense, “Oh so you're going to let it go waste? There’s people starving out there and you’re not going to eat your stew? Can’t say that's very Captain America of you.”

Sam could feel the corners of mouth twitching upwards, “You’re an asshole.”

“Your smile says otherwise… Hey what are you doing?” Bucky asked in regards to Sam pulling his phone out.

“Ordering pizza.”

The next time it happens, he thinks it’s finally something normal. He walks in, late at night after a mission, and catches Bucky in the kitchen again. This time, however, it looks like he’s eating some kind of pie. 

So Sam asks, “Whatcha eating now?”

“Hot water pie.”

He regrets asking. 

“Im sorry, repeat that again?”

“You know.. Hot water pie. Crust? Filled with butter, sugar, eggs, and boiling water?”

“You know it’s 2024 and not 1934 right?

“Hey, it’s not bad! And don’t worry, there's enough to go around” Bukcy pushed the plate toward him.

Sam pulled out his phone, holding eye contact with Bucky. 

“What are you doing?” Bucky finally asked. 

“Ordering Thai.”

It happens again. And it looks like another pie.

“Great. What’s it this time?”

“Nothin. Just apple pie.”

“Just apple pie?

“Wanna slice?”

“You’re being suspicious.”

Bucky sighed, “I'm serious. I feel bad about making you order out every time, so I thought i’d make something you’d like this time.”

Sam considered him for a moment, “That’s… actually thoughtful of you, thank you.”

He accepted the slice from Bucky’s outstretched hand and took a bite with the fork. 

As soon as it hit his mouth he caught Bucky stifling laughter. It did not taste like apple.

“This... isn't apple is it?”

“Nope. Green tomato pie, recipe courtesy of Steve’s mom.”

“Jokes on you, I like it. 

Bucky’s smile after the comment was worth getting played by the asshole.