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Piss Stop to Mondstadt

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Keqing had to pee.  Really badly.

“I really shouldn’t have drank that entire green tea can in one go,” Keqing bemoaned, dread creeping up her spine as she read the road signs.  Next pit stop: fifteen kilometers away.  Her grip around the steering wheel tightened, knuckles turning white.  Shit.

“Oh, no.  The next rest stop is… not for another long while, huh?” Ganyu remarked.

“Exactly.  And we’ve only been on the highway for half an hour.”

The rain wasn’t helping either.  Keqing bounced her left leg, gritting her teeth as the steady pitter-patter against the windshield pressed a phantom pressure on her bladder.  She turned up the volume of the music to drown out the sounds, humming along to the tunes of Teresa Teng, albeit in a mildly distraught way.  It was little reprieve, but at least she could keep her mind off of it.

Ganyu hummed beside her.  From Keqing’s periphery, she could tell that her girlfriend was sending her a concerned look, brows furrowed.  “If you really need to go, we should stop.  Mondstadt is still a long ways away, darling.”

There were no forests in sight either.  Just vast, rolling plains—a sign they were at least halfway to Mondstadt, at least.  But hell if it wasn’t inconvenient that she couldn’t just stop on the side of a road for a quick piss in the bushes.

Keqing groaned.  “I really hate losing out on time like this.  It’s the start of the weeklong vacation.  There’s going to be a ton of traffic going in and out of rest stops—not to mention the long restroom lines.  It’ll take forever.  I don’t want Mona staying up too late for us.”

“That is… true,” Ganyu conceded.  She sagged against the passenger seat, putting a finger to her chin in quiet contemplation.

Keqing chanced a brief glance at her.  “What are you thinking?”

There was silence for a moment.  Then, their car swept through a puddle.  The sound of the splash lanced at Keqing’s bladder.  She cursed, “For fuck’s—”

“Okay,” Ganyu said, nodding to herself.

Keqing raised an eyebrow.  “Okay?  What do mean ok—”

The sound of a belt unbuckling echoed in the car, loud in Keqing’s ears.  Her eyes widened as turned to Ganyu, fully unstrapped in a vehicle going 105 km/h, leaning over toward her.

“Ganyu?  What are you—”

Keqing’s breath hitched as Ganyu’s hands found their way to the zipper of her jeans.

“Pull over,” she said.  Ganyu’s voice was commanding.  So unlike how she usually was: gentle, patient.

“Wh—no!” Keqing exclaimed, twisting away in her seat, swatting Ganyu’s hand away.  The vehicle swerved at her motions.

Ganyu squeaked, her body nearly careening into her. “Keqing,” she said.  Her voice was scolding—the same tone she used whenever Keqing was being irrationally stubborn and they both knew it.

Begrudgingly, Keqing slowed the car to a stop and pulled over to the side, turning off the engine.  She glowered over to her side at Ganyu.  “You could’ve gotten hurt,” she chastised.

To her surprise, Ganyu didn’t argue back.  Instead, she gave Keqing a sheepish smile.  “I know.  But I also know you’re too hardheaded to listen otherwise sometimes.”

She rolled her eyes.  “Now what, though?  I can’t pee outside… I don’t want people seeing my… my—you know.”  Keqing flushed.

“Mm, yes, I know,” Ganyu giggled.  “That’s not what I had in mind, though.”

Her hand found its way back to Keqing’s thigh.  Keqing inhaled as Ganyu dragged her fingers back to her zipper, pulling it down in one fluid motion.

“Ganyu…?” Keqing gulped, eyeing the way Ganyu’s freshly manicured fingers deftly undid her jean button. 

“Mhm?”  She sounded way too cluelessly innocent for the way she was pulling at the band of Keqing’s underwear.

“H-hey, um, whatever you’re thinking—and I’m not entirely sure what you’re thinking, really—but I don’t think it’s a good idea…”  There was no way Ganyu wanted to—to do that.  Her cheeks felt hot.  She couldn’t even think it.

“I think it’s a good idea, actually.  It saves time, and it’s efficient.  Wasn’t that what you were concerned about?” Ganyu countered, fingers slipping inside Keqing’s panties.

Keqing felt her resolve crumbling by the second.  “But it’s dirty… Surely you don’t intend to—”

“Actually,” Ganyu said, “that’s exactly”—she freed Keqing’s cock from the confines of her underwear—“what I intend to do.”  Ganyu looked up, smiling as she lowered her head, guiding her member to her mouth.

Keqing’s eyes slipped shut when Ganyu’s lips closed around the head of her cock.  The suction of her mouth felt so tight.  Ganyu’s tongue rested just on the underside of her cock, hot and moist.  Waiting.

But she shook her head frantically.  She couldn’t just take a piss in her girlfriend’s mouth—!

But then Ganyu’s tongue started moving.  Tickling her.  Urging her.  Her other hand joined in, finding Keqing’s balls, massaging them over the seam of her jeans, beckoning.

That was it—!  Keqing couldn’t hold it anymore.  She let out a strained moan as she peed into Ganyu’s mouth, her hands slipping from the wheel to her girlfriend’s head, holding her steady.  “G-Ganyu…” she whimpered, feeling nothing but blissful relief as pressure diminished from her bladder.

Not a single drop spilled out of Ganyu’s mouth as Keqing finished emptying herself.  When Keqing opened her eyes again, she saw that Ganyu was already looking at her—perhaps she had never even stopped to begin with.  With a smile, she gulped down Keqing’s piss and then removed herself from her lap.  Her lip gloss was smeared now, running off the edges of her mouth.  Keqing scrambled to give her a tissue, and Ganyu laughed in thanks, wiping her lips clean.

“Feel better?” Ganyu asked after she was done.  There was a cheeky smile on her face.

She did, but her entire body burnt in shame at the post-urination humiliation.  “I can’t believe you just did that,” Keqing groaned.  She really did it.  She took a piss in her girlfriend’s mouth.  This was a new low.  She popped open her can of mints, passing them over to Ganyu.  “Please, take these at least.”

Ganyu laughed.  “It wasn’t bad,” she said, slipping a mint into her mouth.  “You were… cute.”

Keqing stared at her.  She hadn’t really looked at Ganyu much during the whole ordeal due to her embarrassment, but upon closer inspection, Ganyu’s cheeks were dusted a nice pink.

“No way,” Keqing grumbled, feeling her own face flare up.

Just as Keqing was ready to zip up her jeans and leave it all in the shameful past, Ganyu’s hands stopped her.  Keqing sent an incredulous look her way.  Oh, hell.  What now?

“I…” Ganyu bit her lip.  Keqing’s pulse jumped as she realized Ganyu was staring intently at her crotch.  “I think I might want more.”

“I—I’m all emptied out now, Ganyu,” Keqing said.

“Mm, your bladder is, but not everything…”

Did she really mean to—oh, no.  “Seriously?” Keqing squawked incredulously.  “Out on the road?  Ganyu—”

Once more, Keqing’s protests died as Ganyu’s fingers made their way back to her cock.  They curled around her length this time, squeezing, and Keqing felt a rush of pleasure zip straight between her legs, tingling and warm.  Ganyu’s mouth joined in soon after, taking her head around her lips, tongue swirling in wide, lazy circles.

“Oh…” Keqing moaned, the back of her head bumping against the headrest.

As if emboldened by Keqing’s vocal response, Ganyu began to pump her hand.  She bobbed her head in an opposing motion, her bell necklace jingling, and Keqing let out a sharp cry, fingers combing through Ganyu’s hair in an attempt to anchor herself. 

Keqing couldn’t believe this was happening.  They were probably wasting more time doing this instead of just stopping like normal at a pit stop.  But she couldn’t find it in herself to stop Ganyu, or the way her cock hardened when Ganyu dragged her lips across her member, kissing and licking her length along the way.  Her fingers found purchase on her horns, and she found herself stroking them, encouraging Ganyu to continue instead of telling her to stop.  She was so pathetic.  Weak.

Pushing her horns closer into Keqing’s hands, Ganyu hummed in turn, and Keqing felt the reverberations of it thrum deliciously around her cock.  “Mmf...” she sighed.  It was so good, so hot, so tight, Ganyu was so good, oh

Just as she was getting into it, Ganyu removed herself, lips sliding off her length with a pop.  Keqing let out another moan, higher pitched and whiny this time, her cock left cold and straining against nothing in the air.  She squirmed in her seat, missing the wet heat of Ganyu’s mouth, but with the barest sense of dignity that she had remaining, she managed not to thrust her hips in an attempt to chase.

“I’m sorry,” came Ganyu’s voice.  “I know you wanted to be quick about traveling…”

Despite her actions, Ganyu did sound genuinely apologetic.  It pulled Keqing back to the present, away from the haze of her pleasure-addled brain, and she laughed breathily.  “A bit late to feel remorseful about that, my love.”


One glance down and Keqing realized that Ganyu’s hand had made its way in between her own legs.  There was a subtle movement there beneath her skirt—a back and forth motion.  Her panties, too, were already pulled down all the way to her ankle.  Oh.  Keqing’s pulse raced.  Ganyu—Ganyu was…

Something in Keqing activated at the sight.  Blood rushed to her crotch.  Her cock twitched, standing straight and hard.

“Come here,” Keqing ordered, tugging Ganyu forward.

“Ah!” Ganyu, as if wholly unprepared for Keqing’s reaction, gasped in surprise as she stumbled onto Keqing’s lap.  After a bit of shuffling, Keqing shifted her own legs closer together and plopped Ganyu onto her lap.  She pried Ganyu’s open wide enough until she settled comfortably on her thighs, straddling her face forward.

“Sorry, I know there’s not much space to work with, but this will do, right?” Keqing asked.

Ganyu ducked her face to the side shyly.  Keqing smiled.  It was nice, finally turning the tables on her.

“Y-you don’t have to do this, Keqing.  We’d probably end using up more time than if we had just dropped by a pit stop,” Ganyu said, echoing Keqing’s thoughts from earlier.

“You’re worried about that now?” Keqing laughed, pulling Ganyu closer by her bell necklace.  She planted a kiss on her neck, then dragged her lips to Ganyu’s ear and murmured, “Maybe you should have thought about that before you made me pull over and put your mouth on my cock.”

Ganyu gasped.  It was easy, then, for Keqing to pull Ganyu’s hand away from the depths of her skirt, replacing it with her own.  Heat pooled in her belly as she dipped her fingers between Ganyu’s legs, spreading open her labia with two fingers.  Oh… she was soaking.

“You’re so wet already, baby,” Keqing moaned, finding her clit, thumbing it slowly.  Ganyu’s hips twitched against her ministrations, and Keqing grinned at the way Ganyu threw her head back, biting her lips in attempt to keep quiet.  “You’re kind of kinky, huh?  Did you actually like drinking my piss?”  Keqing was surprised, but she realized she didn’t really mind it.  There was something hot about Ganyu being demanding when she usually wasn’t, even if the kink was a little weird.

“I—I like it when I can be of use to you,” Ganyu said, rolling her hips into Keqing’s fingers, grinding against them.

“I can think of a better way you can be of use to me now,” Keqing whispered into her ear as she removed her hand and slid it to Ganyu’s ass, fingers digging into the flesh, and she dragged her forward until their hips aligned just right.  She moaned when Ganyu’s wet cunt glided against her cock, and pride flared in her chest seeing Ganyu similarly affected, her eyes closing in the pleasure.

Ganyu wrapped her arms around Keqing’s back, burying her face in the nook of her neck.  “Fuck me,” she pleaded.

“So needy,” Keqing teased.  “And you were the one who started off tending to my needs, too.”


She didn’t need to ask twice.  Keqing guided her cock to Ganyu’s entrance, sucking in a breath as her slickness coated her head.  But before she could put it in herself, Ganyu was already lowering her hips onto it, taking in her whole length.

“Oh,” Keqing gasped, reveling at the way Ganyu’s warmth enveloped her cock.  She bit her lip when she felt her walls squeezing at her length.  No matter how many times they did it, Keqing could never get over the novelty of the first insertion, of actually being inside Ganyu.  “You’re so easy for me, Ganyu… taking me so fast.”

“Keqing,” she whimpered.  “You feel so good.”  Ganyu’s hand slid up her back and gripped onto the front cushion of the driver’s seat for better leverage.  She was hopping up and down her cock now, breasts rubbing against Keqing’s through clothing, her breath hot against her neck.

Heat coiled in the pit of Keqing’s belly.  She held onto Ganyu, planting kisses on her bare shoulder.  The wet slapping sounds of Ganyu fucking herself on her cock and their panting breaths filled the car.  Ganyu was so beautiful like this, taking what she wanted and getting herself off on her own terms.  It was a night-and-day difference compared to when they’d first, when she’d been too docile to even voice out her opinions.

“You know,” Keqing managed say, struggling against the pleasure, “it seems like you’re the one who’s actually using me for my dick.  Did you plan this?”

“N-no,” Ganyu cried.  Her moans were getting louder now, her hips more desperate—shaky and erratic.  She was getting close, Keqing could tell.  She would need help soon.

“It’s okay, I’ve got you,” Keqing crooned.  She slipped a hand underneath Ganyu’s skirt, kneading her clit in firm, steady strokes, then raised her other hand to caress the base of her horns, back and forth and back and forth.

That seemed to do the trick.  Ganyu’s hips jolted in place.  “Oh—I’m going to come soon,” she gasped, throwing her head back.  “Just like that—Keqing, Keqing, Keqing!”

Oh, to hear Ganyu so desperate like that.  “I’m going to come soon, too,” Keqing moaned.  “Come for me, Ganyu.  I want to feel you.”

Ganyu’s moans became broken sobs then, and with one final thrust of Keqing’s hips, she came with a loud squeal.  Feeling Ganyu’s cunt clenching around her cock, Keqing’s own orgasm hit soon after, white and blazing hot.  She pumped her hips upward a few times, jerkily, riding out both of their afterglows until they both slumped over.  Wetness seeped down to their thighs.

“Good thing we brought extra towels,” Ganyu remarked, chuckling.  “I would hate for the car seat to get ruined.”

Keqing laughed.  “I really did not expect them to be used this way.”

“Mmh,” Ganyu agreed.  She leaned back to face her, a bashful smile on her face.  “Thank you, Keqing.  I’ll… try not to make a habit of this.”

Despite it all, adoration swelled in Keqing’s chest.  She moved forward, capturing Ganyu’s lips with hers, parting her mouth with her tongue, and Ganyu tilted her head in, eagerly meeting her halfway.  Distantly, Keqing remembered that Ganyu had drank her piss with that mouth, but she didn’t particularly care.  It helped that she didn’t taste any of the urine, thankfully—just the mint that she’d made Ganyu eat.

“I love you,” Keqing said when they parted.  “Let’s get cleaned up and going?”

“I love you, too.”  Ganyu smiled.  “And yes, let’s.”



“So… what do we tell Mona when we try to explain why we’re late?”

“She has the power of divination on her side, darling.  She probably already knows.”

“You’re right.  Fuck.”