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“Maybe we should enjoy this.”

“I am.”

Good lords doesn’t he know that he could enjoy it more!? Oh well, she is a little too stoned to do much else about it tonight. Maybe he is too. She falls asleep listening to the lub-dub beat of his warm heart.

She wakes up first and feels the sting of last nights overindulgence. But she is so warm and comfortable in his arms. Her eyes widen as she looks down and can see the outline of his dick through his uniform pants. It looks big and she thinks, Oh yeah, sex would have definitely made last night better. She starts laughing at herself for objectifying her Admiral in this way. But she’s only human after all.

Bill stirs beneath her.

“What’s so funny Laura?” He grumbles with eyes still closed.

“Aren’t we too old for this?” She replies, thinking about partying all night as her pointer finger traces a soft pattern on his belly, moving lower.

In response his hand goes right to her ass and squeezes but then he suddenly remembers himself and sits up, practically tossing her in the dust. He’s on his feet fast and turns to help her up. But now she’s face to groin with him and she can’t resist lingering there. If for no other reason than to watch him squirm. She pulls herself up, using his hip as a spot for balance. He inelegantly tries to help while tilting his hips back in an attempt to hide his arousal. Too late for that.

“Good morning, Bill.” She smiles and kisses him. A kiss befit for a couple nowhere near their stature. It’s familiar, chaste, and feels routine. And yet it is warm and they linger. Of course there is nothing routine about them.

She can feel her own eyes sparkle up at him after. He is adorably confused. If he were in any other position in the fleet she would kiss him again. And maybe drag him back to her tent.

But he needs to make that decision. She knows he is married to his job. And even though he isn’t a man of faith, he showed nothing but fidelity to his work. She knows shit down here will eventually go sideways and they all need him to watch over from on high. That’s far more important than her being able to run her fingers through his hair, or for her to fall asleep and wake up snuggled into him every day. But it’s what she thinks about every day now.

Of course Laura would fall in love with Zeus, personified. Not love she tries to tell herself. Infatuation, lust, friendship. Keep telling yourself that, Laura, a quiet voice tells her inside her head.

Before he leaves to go back to his Mount Olympus she kisses him again. The same as before. He looks at her quizzically but does not say a word. And then he goes, and leaves her on the surface to wonder if he understands that these kisses are her invitation for more.


He comes back down to the surface a couple of months later and everything is a little worse for the wear. Laura watches the government struggle from afar, tracking all the rumors for when she is called upon. Today she is distracted. Bill is coming to see her. And she’s fraught with anticipation.

She sees him walking through the tent city and they make eye contact. Her heart speeds up but her pace does not. He is more handsome to her now, even with that facial hair. When they meet she kisses him again. A “welcome back from work, honey” kiss. Again it is not passionate, just familiar. And just like last time, Bill seems shocked by it. Probably more so this time because there are many civilians milling about. But Laura knows that none of them give a frak. While struggling to survive, gossip about who is kissing who is wholly unimportant.

She grabs his arm and they stroll along. Simply catching up and enjoying each other’s company. It’s friendly and not at all flirtatious. Laura is watching herself here. She wants him and has been thinking about him for weeks and weeks. But she does not want to push. Not when he needs to stay focused and diligent for the inevitable ‘other shoe’ dropping.

He smiles at her so boyishly throughout the day. When the time comes for him to go back to his raptor she wants to throw herself on the bird to prevent him from leaving again. But she won’t.

“It was good to see you, Laura.” He says full of stoicism.

She reaches up and kisses him. A hand braced on his shoulder while she leans in and presses her lips directly on his. Their same undefined familiar kiss. It is less than a lovers kiss and more than a kiss of shared friendship. Before either of them move a millimeter to change gears and make it something more (or Gods forbid,less), Laura pulls back and puts at least a step between them.

“You keep doing that.” Bill states.

“Doing what?” She asks innocently.

“Kissing me.” He steps closer to her.

“Yes and?” She questions while meeting his eyes in challenge.

“Why?” He asks kindly. No malice, no sarcasm.

She refuses to look at his mouth. She is not going to kiss him. This is now up to him. But she will be honest, so she says deliberately: “Because. I. Want. To.”

He is staring at her mouth now. His hand sweeps her hair away from her face, wraps the locks in his palm and he pulls her head back with just enough force for her to feel it between her legs.

They look at each other for a beat.

“Do you not want me to kiss you?” She says while trying very hard to not sound breathless from this new contact.

“No.” Her eyes probably flashed red at his curt answer. Then he added, “Not like that.”

“Like what then?” She counters her voice low and dangerous. Then he pulls her close and kisses her. This kiss is Nothing like the others. Their so far unrequited passion playing out with lips, teeth, and tongues. He grabs her ass clutching to keep as much of her against him as possible. They keep on and on. When her fingers finally learn the texture of his hair a jolt goes through her entire body and she imagines holding onto the thick and silky strands during sex. Hopefully soon.

“Like that.” He whispers above her lips. Since she’s waited for such a long time, and since his abilities as a makeout partner far exceeds her expectations, she goes right back in for more.

Eventually she has to breathe. She pulls back and he looks a little dazed. Good.

“About time.” She says smugly.

His palm cups her cheek and she leans into it, her eyes soften at the gentle contact. By his soft smile she knows he’s figured her out, “You’ve been trying to get me to do that.”

She may as well admit it, “Yes, and I was starting to think you were completely oblivious.”