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How is this My Life?

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Harry's POV

I had no idea what was happening. All I knew was, one minute Dobby is there and helping us escape Malfoy Manor, the next, we're in a room with a bunch of people, some of them who are supposed to be dead actually.

Oh well, help Hermione now, figure them out, later.

Me and Ron ran towards where Hermione was laying on the floor, still sobbing that she didn't know, she didn't know.

In the background I heard the small crowd go silent, somebody gasped, and footsteps started towards us, but Ron and I decided to ignore them for the moment in favor of Hermione. Something that I know Mad-Eye would have my head for.

I quickly grabbed Hermione's bag and summoned the Essence of Dittany, but before I could do anything with it I got shoved aside by Madam Pomphrey. She grabbed the vial out of my hand and her wand out of her pocket, then got to work.

Ron and I were reaching for our wands until we realized that, A) the only wand we have is Wormtail's, and B) Even if we did both have wands, we're outnumbered if these are enemies. Instead, we warily hand over what supplies we have and turn to face the others. Looking towards the people who I know that aren't dead, I notice one of them is Arthur Weasley. I warily asked him what the first thing he ever asked me was, "what is the function of a rubber duck." He said. Both me and Ron sighed in relief and looked at each other before we started laughing.

When we stopped, I looked up to see the room looking at me like I was crazy. I just shrugged and said, "What can I say, today was..." Me and Ron glanced at each other than at Hermione. "Stressful."

Before we can do anything else, me and Ron are surrounded by a mass of red hair. When the Weasley clan finally releases us, and Molly goes over to Madam Pomphrey to see if she can help, I take a closer look at everyone else in the room. Besides the Weasley's, there's Neville, Luna, Hagrid, Professors McGonagall, Snape, Sprout, Flitwick, wait. SNAPE?!

I cursed and grabbed the wand from Ron, pointing it at Snape. Everyone else from my time, for I'm assuming that we're dealing with time travel here because this is just too weird, looked around and noticed him too.

Dumbledore, wow, he looks young, calmly stepped in front of him, raising a shield in front of them as he did so.

He calmly stated, "I do not know what happened in your time, but I will not allow harm to come to members of my staff."

Needless to say, we had a bit of a staring contest. Finally I snorted and lowered my wand. "Fine, but I never could and never will understand why you have a Death Eater on your staff, sir ."

Everyone else from school nodded in agreement. That's when I got a good look at Neville. He didn't look so good. I went over to get a closer look, finally asking, "Carrows?" He just nodded. I sighed, then turned to glare at Snape before going back to seeing who else was in the room.

I also saw Mr. Ollivander, who I quietly pointed out to Madam Pomfrey, she bustled him over to where she was taking care of Hermione so she could keep an eye on both of them easier.

Then there was Remus, and for some odd reason two sets of Dursley's. Great. Just what I needed. It was clear that one was younger than the other, but still.

As far as the people who looked younger and/or should be dead, there was just Dumbledore, myself, Mrs. Figg, Moody, and the Dursley's. That was, until Sirius showed up, looking a little worse than when I first met him in the Shrieking Shack. Of course then, he'd had a whole year away from the Dementors and he'd told me that finding food around Hogsmeade or in the Forest was fairly easy. The problem most of the time had been catching it.

Both Dumbledore and Mrs. Figg started when they saw him, and Dumbledore and Moody raised their wands to do who knows what, when I jumped in front of them.

"Harry, step aside. You do not know who this-"

But I cut him off. "Actually, sir, I know exactly who he is and what he is accused of. I also know that he went away without a trial and the real traitor is now dead. Choked himself to death with his own hand not a half-hour ago. This is his wand." I showed him the wand, then tossed it to Ollivander to identify.

His memory for wands is amazing.

He looked at it and claimed it as the wand he had been forced to make for Peter Pettigrew not two weeks ago.

Dumbledore looked disbelieving, but when he saw that everyone else from the future, even Snape reluctantly, backed my story up about Sirius not doing it, he seemed resigned to the fact that he might have been wrong. But how... unless they switched last minute without telling anyone. Even Dumbledore.

Moody narrowed his eyes at Dumbledore for the 'without a trial' comment. As an old Auror, that would probably not sit well with him.

Everyone could tell when Dumbledore reached this conclusion, and Sirius just barked out a laugh, "Finally willing to believe me? Ha, that's a laugh." He turned to me and croaked out, "So, the rat is finally dead?"

Moody frowned, thinking about something, before his face cleared as if he just realized something. "I knew the trail you left was too easily followed, did anyone believe me? No! Did they trust the one who trained the boy to know how said boy thinks? No! Bunch of political idiots." He muttered. He kept muttering about idiots and Sirius being the best he ever trained. Sirius just stared at him for a  moment, then blinked and turned back to me waiting for his answer.

I just nodded. Some of the shadow seemed to leave his face. Then he seemed to realize that not everyone in this room is the same age that they should be. He turned to Remus in question, but before Remus could answer a note, a table, some couches, and a book appeared. Some medical supplies also appeared near Madam Pomphrey and Molly, which they both seemed very relieved to see. Mr. Ollivander's injuries were extensive, and Hermione looked like she had been tortured.

Sirius noticed them in the corner, I followed his gaze and just told him, "Your lunatic cousin sends her regards."

Moody looked up sharply from where he was inspecting the new additions to the room. Everyone looked at me startled. Especially Dumbledore, not that I really blame him. After all, the only lunatic cousin of Sirius's who would carve a word like that is supposed to be in Azkaban. I laughed dryly, "long story." Luna just nodded, looking sad. After all, she had been in that cellar with us, she heard the screaming just like we did.

When Sirius continued to give me that look, man I missed him so much, I caved. "Long story short, the three of us," I gestured to Ron and Hermione as well as myself, "were on the run from Death Eaters, we got caught and taken to Malfoy Manor. Greyback sends his regards too Remus." Remus paled. "Bellatrix was there, Ron and me got sent to the cellars so she could question Hermione, and we met Luna and Mr. Ollivander down there as well. We were in the middle of our escape when we ended up here. Oh, and Dean was with us too..." I shrugged. "Just another day running from Moldyshorts." I said that last part under my breath so that hopefully nobody without canine hearing would hear.

Remus and Sirius looked up startled. I sighed, summoned our bag of stuff, and fished out some chocolate (we made sure to get some after we ran into that Muggle village with Dementors in it) for Sirius as well as fresh clothes and the Cloak so me and Ron could change. I also tossed some of Hermione's clothes in her direction so she could change when Madam Pomfrey was done with her.

Through my entire story, the little me was just staring, he was obviously hoping this was a dream, sorry kid, take a good look at your future.

Finally, I grabbed the note, to Moody's displeasure (he didn't get to finish with all his charms and paranoid Auror stuff) read it to myself, and suggested that everyone sit down, we were going to be here a while.

I caught Harry on his way to sit at the Dursley's feet, and instead steered him towards Sirius.

Needless to say, Sirius looked like Christmas had just come early many times over. First he's out of Azkaban, and now he gets to be with his godson. I smiled softly at him, then read the note out loud.

Dear Gang,

So, let's just be honest here, Hermione is a genius. She somehow found a way to put memories in a book, then send that book back in time, and, on top of that, bring multiple people from two different time periods! So, yeah, she's a genius.

Onto a couple of rules before we get to why we are here. No hurting anybody, that should go without saying. Not even the muggles, no matter how much they may deserve it. (all the Dursley's gulped here) No jumping to conclusions about a person's actions until you know ALL the facts. And, just, well, no fighting, really. Dumbledore will also repair Harry's broken wand, since the Elder Wand can do that. (Dumbledore also gulped for some reason)

Now, onto why we are here. Frankly, we won. But, the cost was high. Quite a few people in the room with you died. People I really tried to protect. I'm sorry. I failed the people I cared about most. That's why you are there. To learn about your future or past, whichever it may be, so Dumbledore doesn't make the same mistakes. Yes, I know not many of you are actually from the past, but there's enough.

Harry, there's also a few things you need to know now before it's too late. Because Dumbledore did a really bad job of telling you what and when you needed to know.

This room will provide for your needs, bedrooms should show up when you need them, ask for food and it shall appear, Hermione don't even start with that blasted theorem again, just go with it. (Ron and Harry snickered at that, glancing over at Hermione to see her glaring at the note.)

So, yeah, there are 7 books total. Finish one and the next will appear.

Have fun,


Before anybody did anything else, I grabbed my poor broken phoenix wand and held it out to Dumbledore. He looked up and sighed before wordlessly repairing it. I was so happy to have it back I started levitating and zooming whatever I could across the room.

Ron smiled, he hadn't seen me this happy about something in a long time. Harry just looked on in awe. Finally, Ginny got me to calm down, giggling all the while, and Dumbledore picked up the book while Sirius summoned food. Lots and lots of food.

He grabbed some for himself before pausing, looked at Harry critically, then grabbed another plate and filled it before handing it to him. Harry just stared at it in wonder, and I remembered the feeling of seeing that much food in one spot before. Well, that much food that wasn't in front of Dudley. I sighed, I knew exactly what was going through his head.

For a moment the kid stared at his plate, then glanced at Sirius, who was watching him to make sure he ate, then at me. I nodded encouragingly. 'Yes,' I thought, 'you can trust him, he's not like Uncle Vernon.' He glanced at Sirius again, then dug in. He ate like he would never see food again. Which I find completely understandable, having lived in his shoes, shoot, I WAS him. Literally.

Sirius nodded, satisfied, before he started eating too. Both of them ate like starving people.

His disbelief at being HANDED food and expected to eat it did not go unnoticed by the adults, neither did the way he ate. I noticed the women send disapproving looks the Dursley's way. Moody just narrowed his eye suspiciously while the fake one trained itself on the Dursley's. It didn't look like it was going anywhere anytime soon.

The Dursley's didn't notice the looks, although the younger set of Dursley's finally seemed to find their voices, and Uncle Vernon spent the next roughly half-hour going on about how he demanded to be returned to his home at once, that this was kidnapping, how they were normal and freaks had no business being anywhere around them, blah, blah, blah. Finally, I had enough of them and silenced it. Looking to my set of Dursley's to see if they wanted the same treatment.

Moody narrowed his good eye and summoned a sheaf of parchment and a quill and started writing something.

I quickly asked the wizards around me to kindly ignore his uncle and his ramblings, their lives would be easier if they did. Sirius just looked at me.

Dumbledore cleared his throat as he started to read.

"Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Chapter one, the Boy who Lived"