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Remember In High School?

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Sara looked up from her news paper and sighed;

"Do you guys miss high school or is that just me?" She looked around at her colleagues with whom she had attended high school and college with. They weren't all in the same grade you understand, Grissom could not comment as he had been many years ahead of Sara, Nick and Warrick, and Greg had been a few grades below them. Nick looked to Sara before he answered her prior wonderment;

"I miss it all too, high school was a wild ride," he replied, he was thirty-eight now, Sara was also thirty-eight, as was Warrick, Catherine was forty and Greg the youngest at thirty-six. Grissom left the break room, leaving his colleagues to recount their exploits at high school and college. Sara smiled as she remembered some of the crazy things that had happened at high school;

"Do you remember some of the stuff we did? It was crazy!" She laughed at the memories.

"We had a lot of firsts at high school too," Greg replied and then added; "and a lot of them with each other," He laughed. They exchanged knowing glances between each other.

"Hey do you remember, in high school, when Sara first started at our school? She transferred from San Francisco and she shocked everyone! She broke every single rule after like one day," Nick laughed, Sara glared at him, but it soon dissipated into laughter, for she knew that he was telling the truth.

"Yeah I remember, she was like this incredibly dorky, but really pretty rebel girl," Warrick laughed,

"Greg, do you remember Sara from then too?" Greg looked at the floor, smiling and shuffling around nervously;

"Yeah, I was a freshman and she was a junior, I thought she was so cool! She loved science but she was so rebellious too," he blushed, Sara laughed,

"Aww were you a little bit in love with me Greggo?" She laughed as he looked away,

"Maybe…is there a point to this tale?" Greg laughed with her.

"Not at all, just reminiscing," she sighed and let her thoughts take over.
I looked up at the vast building in front of me. I'd just transferred to High-Hopes High School Las Vegas from San Francisco High and I was waiting by the entrance to start my first day. I was nervous and unsure about a new life in Las Vegas; I guess I'd watched too many news reports about the violent crimes that seemed to happen here. I pulled out my map from the bag I was carrying and walked through the main doors. There was a tall, attractive guy stood at the reception, I had to check myself before he noticed me staring at him. I walked across and stood behind him, assuming he was waiting for the reception desk. He turned around and looked at me, before smiling kindly;

"Are you Sara Sidle by any chance?" He had a thick Texas accent and I was shocked he knew who I was. I replied that I was and nervously shuffled my feet.

"I can tell you're new, I'd remember a girl as pretty as you, I'm sure," he smiled before speaking again.

"I'm Nick Stokes, I moved here from Texas a year ago, so I know how you feel being the new meat," he laughed softly. I laughed too

"I wouldn't know anything about being any kind of meat because I'm a vegetarian." I laughed, lightly.

"Ah, sorry for that last comment then. You're lucky, don't worry, you're in good hands. Everyone here is so nice and a girl like you will make friends quickly here. I'll tell you all about who to avoid, who will be nice to you, who will be fake and who your real friends are. Count me as one of them and my friend Warrick is really nice too. I'm sure you will fit in well here. Come with me, you're going to be in my homeroom class, and we have all the same classes I think. I have your timetable here too. I'll introduce you to Warrick when we get to class, and at lunch you'll get to meet Greg Sanders. He's a new freshman here and he's cool, I've known him since he was in kindergarten." He looked at me softly, and he read my expression;

"It's a lot to take in I know, but you'll be just fine," he smiled again. If all of the people were this nice, I wasn't going to have any problems here.
We walked down the long, winding corridors until we reached a small room. As I entered I felt twenty pairs of eyes turn to face me, I looked at the floor to avoid any eye contact, I was so nervous! Nick led me over to the desk at the front of the room and I handed my slip over to the tutor.

"Well Miss…" He looked at my slip,

"Sidle, it's nice to have you join us this semester. I hope you will be very happy here, everyone, this is Sara Sidle, she just transferred from San Francisco. I want you all to make her feel very welcome here," The faces that had been staring at me curiously before, were now smiling and welcoming. I sat down at the empty desk next to Nick's and put my coat on the back of my chair. I felt a tap on my shoulder from behind, and I turned to see who it was.

"Hi, I'm Warrick Brown, it's nice to meet you Sara," Warrick smiled. He was dark skinned, soft-spoken, and attractive.

"Thanks, you too," I smiled politely. "So when did you get here?" He asked, inquisitively. I replied that I had just arrived yesterday and that I was really nervous about starting high school, and meeting people.

"Don't worry, you'll be okay, everyone is so nice and the ones that aren't everyone ignores anyway, that's why they are mean, no one notices them. You're in all my classes I see," I hadn't noticed he had taken my schedule from my hand; I was staring shamelessly at him. He had the most captivating, piercing green eyes. He smiled, I knew I had been caught staring; he had been staring back at me too evidently.

We worked our way through three classes, and I was pretty happy. I had two friends already, and I was enjoying my classes, especially Science, Math and English of which I had had that day already. Nick and Warrick were clearly impressed with my knowledge and intellect; it showed when they stared open-mouthed at the answers I had given. My teachers were happy at last to find a student who was interested and actually contributed to the learning they were trying so hard to implement. I followed them out of the door, as we walked they told me who certain people were and a little about them.

It was just so different from San Francisco; it was like a wildlife resort. We entered another building opposite the main schooling building, which I quickly concluded was the canteen. They grabbed their food from the counter and waited patiently, whilst I enquired about a vegetarian option. We walked over to a table, where a tall, spiky-haired guy was sat poking at his food with his fork, clearly waiting for someone. That someone was us, evidently.

"Hey Greggo, how's things? Liking High-Hopes?" Nick ruffled his hair, playfully.

"No. I asked for the way to a building from some juniors, and they sent me the wrong way. Twice." Greg was clearly sulking.

"Aww that's what we do to freshmen Greggo," Warrick laughed as Greg threw a sandwich crust at his head. Greg then finally looked my way, catching my eye, and then speaking me;

"Hi, I don't believe we've met, I'm Greg Sanders. Hey are you the new junior that everyone is talking about?" I froze, at the thought that everyone was talking about me. I stuttered something I think came out like yes, and told him that my name was Sara Sidle. He winked at me and invited me to sit next to him;

"Nice to meet you Sara, always looking for new recruits in our band," he grinned widely. I told him that I played lead guitar and his face lit up.

"We need a guitarist this is awesome!" He practically jumped on me at that point. I thought he was cute. I was undecided about my sexuality. I thought guys were cute, but I'd dreamed of girls and lusted after them. Maybe I was bi after all. I shook my head, I'd think about it at a later date.
We finished up in the lunch hall, and walked straight out into the warm Las Vegas breeze. We walked towards the main building but then we turned and walked down the side towards the football fields.

"We just chill here until we have to go back to class," Nick noted. I nodded in agreement and followed on. When we reached the field I stopped dead in my tracks. Leaning against the wall, with a cigarette in her mouth and a girl close by, was a stunning girl with strawberry-blonde hair. As we got closer, I could make out her pretty features, her piercing mirth-filled eyes. She looked at me, as we approached them, although we never went any closer than about five metres. I asked Nick in as quiet a voice as I could manage, who she was.
"That's Catherine Willows, she graduated last year, and she still hangs around here, even though she's at college now," he replied, looking at me curiously. She was wearing a tight leather jacket, a Rolling Stones T-shirt, and faded dark blue jeans. I found myself breaking off from the guys, walking towards her.
She clocked me, and began to walk towards me also.

"Hi, I'm Catherine, and you are?" She smiled and looked me up and down.

"I'm Sara Sidle, I transferred from San Francisco" I replied and she kept smiling.

"You want one?" She offered me a cigarette; I declined, and pulled my own out of my bag. I put a cigarette between my lips, and went to pull a lighter from my pocket. I didn't have to; Catherine leaned in and lit it for me. I smiled and we talked about music for a little while, and I noticed the guys looking across at us, grinning and nudging each other. She checked her watch;

"Damn, I gotta go. This was nice," she said, smiling.

"Same time tomorrow?" I asked, looking her up and down the same as she had to me earlier.

"I'm always here," she replied, laughing lightly. She then placed a hand subtly on my waist and pulled me in just a little. She kissed me on the lips, and I felt electricity running up my spine like a livewire.

"I hope to see more of you Sara," she replied looking me up and down again, before brushing my cheek lightly. I stood astounded, at what had just happened. I had only just met Catherine Willows, but I knew one thing. I was irrevocably and uncontrollably spellbound by her.

I pulled my locker open, and grabbed my books from inside it, I closed the door and half jumped out of my skin. Catherine was leaning on the locker next to me, smiling decadently. "

Hey," she whispered, her rich, smooth voice permeating my whole being. I smiled, so she could see the gap between my teeth;

"Hey you, how can you still get onto school grounds and no one notices?" I replied, my voice matching hers.

"Because I never went to class, so they don't recognise me," she laughed softly, giving me that same up and down look, that made me go weak and fuzzy inside. "

"Ah," was all I could utter.

She placed her hand back onto my waist just like she had yesterday and I allowed a small smile to play on my lips. She pulled in closer and I could smell her perfume, feel her breath on my neck. It was insatiable. She lightly kissed my neck, a small sigh breaking from her throat. She was slowly backing me into the lockers; I felt the cold steel against my back and gasped a little. She kissed me then, softly at first, easing herself into it if you will. Then she began to kiss me with more ferocity, her hands wandering over my body, making me shiver, inside and out. She kissed my throat, biting my neck with such passion I couldn't help but emit a small moan.
We pulled apart, and she looked into my eyes, she must have seen the desire dancing in the embers of my eyes. She nudged my nose with hers and kissed my cheek.

"See you around…babe," she winked and with that she disappeared just as quickly as she had arrived. God I hated it when she did that, just made me feel so much then just shrugged it off and walked away! It drove me mad, but it made me hunger for her all the more. She was shamelessly insatiable. I smiled secretly, and walked out of the locker room and straight into Nick;

"We have GOT to talk," he exclaimed.

"About what?" I asked, although I knew full well what he wanted to talk about.

"You and Catherine kinda had a bit of a connection yesterday," he smiled, mischievously.

"Yeah, and?" I replied, flirting with him just a little bit.

"Well I didn't know you were…I mean you don't look like….I mean…" Nick looked flustered and I couldn't help bursting into uncontrollable laughter.

"I'm not a lesbian Nick. I'm bi-sexual." I replied, and I felt strange. Not in a bad way though, it felt right to say that's what I was. I was finally sure.

"So we still have a chance then?" Greg piped up behind me, making me jump.

"Maybe you do, maybe you don't," I replied enigmatically. He winked at me and I ruffled his hair playfully. He was smiling at me broadly; I had my hands rested around his neck. I was happy, I really was. Even more than happy, I was in nirvana, and I had only been here three days.

I sat down at my desk at the back of the room, with Nick and Warrick on either side of me. I wasn't thinking about the lessons today though. I was abstracted, I was thinking about something so much more worthy of note than Pythagoras' theorem, and my friends had noticed. Suddenly I felt something knock me in the head from the left. I turned and mock-glared at Nick who poked his tongue out at me. I picked up the ball of paper he had cast my way. He'd written something on the page:

"What are you fantasizing about now? No, don't tell me. Let me guess…The one and only Catherine Willows if I am indeed correct?
I mouthed a response to him: Never you mind. He laughed out loud;

"Mr Stokes, would you like to share the anecdote with the class?" Nick cleared his throat and looked at me.

"I wouldn't mind but I think Sara might," he laughed. "Miss Sidle?" the tutor asked. Now it was my turn to clear my throat.

"Nick was just asking about this person that I may or may not have a crush on…and now I'm embarrassed," I cringed, laughing nervously.

"Well then do share with us Miss Sidle, I'm sure your classmates are eager to hear who it is that takes your fancy," I must have looked like a fish out of water because Nick and Warrick erupted into hysterical laughter.

"Sara has herself a toy boy crush don't you?" Warrick teased, I looked down at the desk, my cheeks burning red. They thought I had a crush on Greg!

"Shut up Warrick I do not like Greg Sanders." I sulked, glaring at him for a considerably long time. Some of the other people in the room began to whisper, they evidently knew Greg, and chances were that he would find out before I saw him next.

After the lesson had ended, we walked down the corridor, my head still in my hands after the last hour's humiliation. We walked outside and I stopped. Greg was stood by the door grinning from ear to ear.

"So I've been hearing things from people in your Math class Sara," he winked at me and I laughed.

"Don't believe everything you hear Greg," I winked back, smiling.

"So it's not true?" he replied, looking a little dejected. "Maybe a little true," I replied softly, to avoid Warrick and Nick humiliating me again. Greg's face lit up, when he heard this. "Well then, this is interesting," he whispered, and without warning, took my hand. I didn't pull away from him; I let him hold on to my hand as we walked to the canteen.

He was smiling the whole way and I felt him looking at me as we walked but when I turned to look at him, he turned away. We let go as we walked in the door, but not before people had whispered and pointed at us. Apparently now we were a couple. No thanks to Nick and his big mouth. We collected our meals and sat at the same table we had been at yesterday. I didn't eat my food, more pushed it around my plate.

"You okay Sara?" Warrick mused, looking a little concerned.

"I'm fine," I mumbled, not quite meeting his eye.

"You sure?" He placed a protective arm around my shoulder; I smiled at him and went back to not eating my food.
Just then two hands covered my eyes and a voice whispered in my ear;

"Guess who?" Catherine took her hands away from my eyes and looked at me.

"Hey you," I smiled.
"Move over Warrick," She nudged him with her elbow until he unwillingly got up and moved next to Nick and Greg.

"How are you?" she asked me, softly, her eyes wandering south of my face.

"I'm good, well as good as can be with these two making up rumors and announcing them in front of the whole class," I glared at Nick, since he was the one who brought it up.

"What?! Why did you do that??" Catherine was clearly a little pissed about that.

"Oh come on it was a joke!" Nick smiled.

"But now everyone thinks that Greg and I are a couple and it's not true!" I exclaimed, finally showing my annoyance about the whole thing.

"Sorry Sara, we didn't think it would upset you, we didn't mean it like that honest," Warrick replied, clearly sorry.

"It's okay," I sighed, just then I felt a hand on my thigh, running up it and I banged my knee on the table in sheer surprise. Catherine giggled, whilst the guys shared perplexed looks. I placed my hand on top of hers, gently stroking her hand with my thumb.

After lunch we wandered out towards the football fields again, and Catherine lit up a cigarette, I did also, I hadn't had one that day and I was getting niggled. We leant against the stone wall and the guys sat down next to us, watching us intently.

"Stop staring," I said, exasperated.

"Sorry," they chorused in unison. Just then, Catherine leant over me, placing a hand on my cheek. She leant in and whispered in my ear;

"Shall we give them something to look at?" She laughed, her breath in my ear making me shiver.

"Hmmm," was all I could manage. She placed her other hand on my waist and pulled me into her.
She kissed me, softly at first, and then more forcefully at the approving and encouraging exclamations from the guys. When we did finally pull apart, I was gasping for air, it was just so breath-taking and decadent. We turned to face the guys who were now grinning widely, with looks of pure amazement on their faces. I felt Catherine's nail dig into my back, I yelped quietly, before giggling.

"Sara? Sara?" Nick distracted her thoughts;

"What?" she said, abstractedly.

What were you thinking about?" he looked bemused.

"You remember in high school, when I first met you guys and Catherine? Well from there until about the time after I kissed Catherine. That's when you distracted me," She muttered, only half-heartedly.

"Ah yes. That was a brilliant day. I remember that day like it was yesterday," Nick smiled.

"Stop picturing it," She knocked his arm teasingly.

"I can't, I keep seeing it the good way," he laughed. Catherine laughed too;

"I remember that, high school was good when you turned up," she winked at Sara. She winked back;

"Are we going to get a replay?" Warrick chimed, mischievously.

"Maybe, maybe not," Sara teased, poking her tongue out at him.

"Hey, do you guys remember in high school, when it was prom night?" Greg asked.

"I remember I sneaked into your senior prom when I was a sophomore," he laughed.

"Yeah prom night was good, I remember taking Catherine," Nick smiled at Catherine who returned the look.

"And I took Sara," Greg replied, pleased with himself.

"That was one of the best nights I've ever had," he added.

"And I went all on my own," Warrick laughed.

"Alas poor Warrick," Sara giggled, and Warrick swatted her with the case file he was holding.

"Can you imagine what life would have been like if we had stayed together with our prom dates?" Greg mused.

"I know, I wonder what would have happened," Nick replied. "Even so I remember that night so clearly," Greg replied, before letting the memory unfold in his mind.