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TOUHOU JAM: The Game Of The Centry (Starring Michael Jordan, Bugs Bunny an Reimu hakurei)

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"welcome king james" a mystirious voice said as james fail's in the looney tunes world. 


WHAT'S HAPPENING!!!?!" He yells as he watch's his body become a toon's 


he then fails in the ground shockwaving everything around. 


"I am a cartoon?" He said while pulling his uniform. But then his eyes widen in cartoon style to reveal that he's tiny. 


"Oh no i am smaller than kevin hart!" he jumps an inflates himself with his mouth. 


"Hey what's up doc?" Bugs said in the background.

"Bugs Bunny, Reimu Hakurei!!" He said in imense disbelieve by seeing the characters. 


"Give me a hug man" he said while hugging the two characters.  "okay i get it release me before you break my bones" reimu said in a very unconfourtable tone

"so what bring's you to gensokyo?" Reimu asks   "the computer guy kidnapped my son" 


"dom! What kind of weird matrix is this" he said in a flashback to him getting captured by the matrix stuff. 


"what did you do to my son!!" He said while trying to grab the king's domain but failed. 


"if you want to see your son again, you have to play basketball with me" he explains.  "Ha you're challenging me into basketball?" James teases while the floating alien copy's the screen picture.

"I need a big team" he said back to his cartoon form. We see bugs wearing marvin's helmet in spaceship. 

"You need a dream team?" Lola said close to the basketball player while they glare at the team. 


"I take the lead" daffy said with a basketball "sam, youmu get this" he throws the ball as sam shoots it while youmu slash's it an the looney an girls back off (none of the shoots an sword slash's hit the ball but daffy) 


"alright let's try again shall we?" Daffy suggested with his beak turned backwards.


"We i ll bring your son back i promise" lola said

"what's happening?" James says while he turns into live-action again as bugs an reimu turn into live action as well. 


"I am a shiny duck" daffy in a coach uniform said in his new new form.  "Why are we so 3D!!" Cirno passes nearby yelling. 


the audience watch's the game happen. 


"I present you the goon squad!!" The announcer daid showing a snake,fire,robot, an ice oponent

" I got it i got it i got it" twister said while trying to get the ball but getting squashed by a player. "i think they got me" he said in a squashed form. the tunes gasp in horror. 


"I am not really a bet duck but i bet all my money on the obter team" 

"I think i agree ze"

"Hey james" the king of the domain said "you're going to lose your familly"


"Bron!!" James try's to see his wife but a barrier block's him "an everything you love!!" 


"Well at least we are safe" daffy said in relieve 


"Oh yeah, right almost forgot, all the looney's an the girls will be deleted so..." Daffy an marisa's chin go into the ground in stun.   "so we are just playing for our lifes now huh?" Reimu said in a calm manner.

"come on everyone. tune squad never gives up" lola said in their breakout. 


"If we are using the force. We will use it with pride" bugs said as the team menber's reuinite in a hand formation.   

james whisels. 


"Beep-beep!" Road runner with the help of aya run around in circles traping the opose team 

james launch's himself in the air making a point


"You need to win this game. To get our son back bron" his wife announces in terror.

"let's go everyone" james announces 


"Look at me jump!" Lola teases as she jump's an slides in the ground.


"the rabbid is on" bugs says. Taz an remilia get the ball 

"an now the one who are entering is...wile e. Coyote,sunny milk,lily white, an luna saphire!" the four bring a giant cloning machine. But te machine sucks then up an clones a bunch of then by the launcher's 


"oh hey there is now a bunch of wiles an fairies" the announcer said while the clones hold a sigh saying 'what have we done' *smack* all the clones fail into Hoop while some in the ground get cleaned up away thanks to road runner in a big car machine thing. 

"Well. That happened" that's all daffy had to say for that scene.




TOUHOU JAM 2: A New Legaçy



The team is preparing a plan (also wile an the fairies of light found a comfy an hoty sit)


"We need gas, a secret weapon!" Daffy suggested 


"oh what's this, grandma an suika are drinking a martini in the middle of the break time" james said in indignation watching a old lady an a under age drinking alchool 


"haters gonna hate" grandma joked regarding about the stupid cancelation community while daffy disposes the alchool by trying on his face.