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Snake Charmer

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Twigs snapped and leaves crunched beneath Makoto’s feet with each step he took as he wandered deeper into the forest. He stopped walking so he could look around himself. The surrounding woods were thick, undisturbed. He couldn’t even spot the path he’d used to get here. Clearly this area was protected by the beings that dwelled within. Makoto could appreciate their hard work, it sure was a beautiful place. He sniffed the air but couldn’t pinpoint any other creatures around, even with his heightened sense of smell.

A bird chirped loudly and the fox ears atop his head twitched then he turned in the direction of the sound. He caught sight of it just as it flew away. Silly thing. Didn’t it know just how dangerous these particular woods were? The sorts of beings that dwelled within were not friendly towards trespassers, no matter how unassuming they might be. Those who wandered in uninvited were likely to become nothing more than a meal.

He shook his head then adjusted the straps of the backpack he wore. There was no need to get lost in thought over something like that. He needed to reach his destination before nightfall since that was when all the nocturnal creatures would be out. They could be as judgmental as they were mischievous so the last thing he wanted to do was deal with the likes of them.

Even though one could argue that he was a nocturnal creature himself, being a kitsune and all, Makoto didn’t think of it that way. He’d adjusted to living the human way– choosing to sleep all night and live his life during the day. He rather liked it.

As a species, humans were accepting of shifters and many other supernatural creatures. Their world was surprisingly harmonious. He could settle down in almost any town he visited and be treated like any other villager with little issue. But that sort of life wasn’t for Makoto.

He spent his time traveling the world meeting new people and creatures alike. He immersed himself in new cultures and customs, gaining all sorts of fascinating knowledge along the way. It was lots of fun. And yet whether it be a few weeks or a few months, somehow he always ended up back in the woods. Not just any woods, mind you, but these particular woods.

Lost in his thoughts he stumbled over a broken tree and nearly lost his footing. Makoto managed to regain his composure instead of falling flat on his face, which was a win. He looked down at the log and his eyes widened. Scales. It wasn’t a log at all. As soon as realization struck him the not-log moved. It wrapped around both his ankles and yanked him off his feet, dragging him upwards in one swift motion. Fuck.

Makoto shrieked as he was strung upside down from an impossibly tall tree. He swung there for a moment in shock before motion caught his attention. Makoto’s gaze was drawn to the hypnotic way that an extremely large, scaly tail wound around the thick tree trunk. Golden scales that darkened the further along the tail one looked mixed with brown ones about halfway through to form an eye-catching pattern.

There was only one creature that such a tail could possibly belong to. The being that was the sole reason humans didn’t dare step foot into this particular forest. A Naga. The beautiful yet deadly apex predator.

They were feared by most other creatures and for good reason. Not known for their ability to show mercy, to be caught by one meant almost certain death. All that being said, Makoto firmly believed they were also one of the most alluring creatures in existence.

Makoto’s breath caught in his throat when there was suddenly a face mere inches from his own. Blue eyes with slitted pupils met his. They looked him over slowly then shined with amusement as their owner asked, “What do we have here?”

Makoto felt like that gaze could see right through his clothes with absolutely no effort. This position left him feeling so exposed it was terrible. He wriggled as best he could then shouted, “Let go of me, bastard!”

“As you wissh.”

“Wait! Don’t!” Makoto’s protest was a split second too late as the tail around his ankles already loosened enough for him to slip free. He plummeted downward with a loud, “Shiiiiiit!”

Time slowed to a crawl and he flailed his limbs in a futile attempt to grab onto something, anything. A fall from this height meant a body part would definitely break. He could even die depending on how he landed. He really hadn’t thought this through.

Makoto grunted as he landed hard against something nearly as tough as the ground below. No shooting pain. All right, that meant he was still intact. It took his brain a second to realize that he was being cradled by a muscular, scaly tail. It had the power to crush him if its owner wished. And yet it didn’t. Instead, the tail held him gently, he’d almost say tenderly.

His captor slithered out of the tree above and joined him on the ground. The two of them glared at one another defiantly in silence for a moment. Then the hard look in those serpentine eyes softened and he grinned, exposing a pair of fangs. Makoto grunted softly when he was hugged without warning.


“That’s, argh, still not my name…” Makoto managed to grumble through the suffocating embrace.

“Maybe, but it suitsss you!”

Makoto snorted at that. The guy didn’t always drag his s sounds like that. Usually it was when he was being cheeky if not teasing. Makoto finally managed to pull his arms free so he could properly return the embrace. He smiled to himself as he pet the blond locks by his face and mumbled, “It’s good to see you again, Laurent.”

The arms around him tightened and Laurent let out a content sound that was akin to purring. Makoto knew this was absolutely crazy. Nagas were some of the deadliest creatures in the world, more likely to view someone as a meal than try and make a friend, yet this one had taken a liking to him for some reason.

He’d happened upon Laurent quite by accident a few years ago. Makoto had been looking for a shortcut to a village and somehow ended up on some uncharted backroad where he happened upon a beautiful yet terrifying creature. Weirdly enough, the Naga didn’t seem interested in making him a meal. He wanted to chat of all things. Makoto humored him of course, how could he say no when the other option was probably a gruesome death?

To Makoto’s surprise, they’d hit it off that evening and one strange friendship was born. Ridiculous as the whole situation was, he always found himself returning to these very woods in the hopes of seeing the blond again. Maybe it had to do with the fact that the Naga was fascinated by stories of his travels and wanted to hear them all, or perhaps it was something else entirely. Something having to do with the way his body heated up because he was in the blond’s arms. Blush? Oh, no. Something way more embarrassing than that.

“Both of your tails are wagging,” Laurent snickered, “like a happy puppy.”

“Shut up, I can’t help tha–” Makoto yelped when Laurent tugged on them playfully. Not cool. He’d give him a real piece of his mind for that. Well, that was the plan for about four seconds. He didn’t get the chance. Makoto’s eyes fluttered shut when Laurent claimed his lips in a passionate kiss. His complaint all but forgotten, he slid his arms around Laurent’s neck and he tangled his hands in that blond hair.

Before he met this guy he’d never been kissed in a way that made him tingle all over with pleasure. There wasn’t anyone else that’d left him panting when their lips parted. He was reduced to a puddle of goo every single time and frankly it was a problem. One that he could do nothing about. Makoto took quick, shallow breaths when the blond finally broke the kiss and smiled at him.

Laurent nuzzled his cheek then hummed, “I misssed you.”

“Y-yeah. Me too.” Makoto’s cheeks darkened at the admission. It was so easy for the blond to say such a thing, but it made his heart skip a beat. He became tongue-tied at the mere thought. That seemed telling in its own way.

Now that all the minor chaos of their greeting was out of the way, Makoto took a chance to really look at the Naga. His brow knitted together when he realized that Laurent had on the most incredible eyesore of a shirt he’d ever seen. Makoto couldn’t do a thing to mask the exasperation in his voice as he asked, “What in the world are you wearing?”

“Oh! I now have human attire!” Laurent beamed. He held out both arms in a dramatic pose then exclaimed, “What do you think!”

Makoto blinked at the horribly pink shirt with the ridiculous purple flowers. He put his hand over his mouth in an attempt to thwart a laugh. It didn’t work and he ended up chuckling until he snorted. He wiped tears from the corners of his eyes as he asked, “Where’d you get something like that?”

“A suitcase I found,” Laurent explained. “There was a lot of boring junk inside, but this was a good find.”

“Agree to disagree,” Makoto hummed with a smile. He had to admit that the silly shirt did make the guy less intimidating. Although that stupid smile upon his face also did that. Just what was he grinning at, anyway? Makoto knew he wasn’t the one looking ridiculous.

Laurent’s forked tongue slipped from his mouth and flicked quickly before it retreated back inside. He gave Makoto a curious look as he asked, “Why do you smell like food?”

Makoto stiffened with a squeak. It took him a moment longer than it should’ve to realize what the Naga was talking about. He wriggled as he removed the backpack he was wearing. He rummaged through it to find the meat he thought was packaged in an air-tight container. There was no fooling supernatural being senses, he supposed. Once it was in his hands he held it up and grinned. “I brought you something.”

“It’s dead.” Laurent said flatly.

“Of course it is, I wouldn’t travel with a live animal in my bag!” Makoto exclaimed.

“Ah, right, you do enjoy killing your prey before consuming it,” Laurent said mostly to himself. He watched Makoto curiously.

“You don’t have to say it like that, sheesh,” Makoto sighed. He shook his head then added, “Plenty of creatures don’t swallow their meal whole. Taking time to prepare food can totally change the taste, you know.”

“I do understand the concept of preparations and increased deliciousnesss, mhmm,” Laurent all but purred. He snickered when Makoto’s jaw dropped and his cheeks turned pink. Laurent poked at the container he held and asked, “What is it?”

“A special kind of meat from my last trip,” Makoto explained. “I really liked it and thought you would too. Since I didn’t think you had access to it here, I brought it along for you to try.” He smiled from ear to ear as he added, “It just so happens that this particular meat is better cooked than raw.”

“Cooked…” Laurent mumbled mostly to himself. He made a disapproving face but didn’t say anything else. Not that he had to. His expression showed his obvious disbelief.

“Yeah, I’ll show you.” Makoto smiled from ear to ear. He looked around and muttered, “Help me gather some wood for a quick fire.”

Makoto talked through the whole process of starting the fire and continued on to explain why it was a useful thing to know. Laurent didn’t seem very interested in that part but he was all ears when Makoto started to talk about the town where he’d gotten the meat he was cooking. He reminisced about the people, shops, and even the local wildlife which was rich and vibrant.

At some point in the conversation Laurent made himself comfortable in a tightly curled lump. He had a good view of things from his position and didn’t interrupt Makoto’s rambles once. It was only after the food was ready that Makoto even realized he’d been chatting away that whole time. He offered the blond an apologetic look as he handed him a piece of cooked meat.

Laurent didn’t even notice. He was far too interested in the charred thing before himself. His forked tongue flicked quickly as he sniffed it curiously. Makoto bit back a laugh. The guy looked like a little kid hesitant to try the veggies their parent served.

Makoto leaned back against the coiled-up tail behind himself. The thickest parts of it were wider than his waist so it was sturdy enough to support him. He looked over at Laurent to find him concentrating as he chewed his food. There was a moment when he paused and his eyes widened. Makoto was struck with the most incredible urge to brush the light bangs out of his face so he could see it clearly. The guy was so hot it was annoying.

Laurent’s gaze shifted to him and Makoto jolted in surprise. Stupid guy always did that as if he could sense when he was stealing a glance. He offered the Naga a little half-smile and waved the bitten piece of meat he was eating as he asked, “Pretty good, huh?”

“I’ll admit it’s not as terrible as it sounded.” Laurent nodded. He licked his fangs and watched Makoto smile to himself, happy as could be. Laurent looked over at the smoldering wood where the fire once blared then back at the kitsune and said, “You learn so much by spending lots of time with humans.”

“Yeah,” Makoto muttered with a mouthful of food. He swallowed that then motioned towards Laurent and added, “You could make the effort to do so as well. They’re pretty fascinating. I’m always discovering something new about them.”

The tip of Laurent’s tail glided across the underside of Makoto’s chin then he hummed, “Humans are more likely to run away in fear if they see a glimpse of me.”

“You have to admit that’s fair since your kind are prone to kidnapping and eating them,” Makoto said mostly to himself.

“As if yours aren’t tricksters that can just as easily lead a human to its doom,” Laurent snorted.

Makoto blinked a few times. There was no denying that. His race weren’t all trustworthy beings. Then again there wasn’t a race on the planet that was perfect. Bad eggs existed in all shapes and sizes, there was nothing that could be done about it. He shrugged then replied, “Guess I just have a cuter face than you so I’m easier to trust.”

“It is extremely kissable, yes,” Laurent agreed. He smirked as he watched Makoto’s cheeks darken and his attempt to ignore it. Laurent finished his food then stretched lazily. He scooted closer to Makoto and joined him in leaning against his coiled tail. He propped his elbow up and leaned his cheek against his hand then said, “Tell me about what you’ve been up to since the last time I saw you. What kinds of lovers have you bedded?”

Makoto choked on the bite of food in his mouth. He turned his head to the side and coughed until he spit it out then turned back to the blond and yelped, “That’s–!”

Laurent’s tongue flicked quickly then retreated back into his mouth. “You used to show up for visits with all sorts of scents upon you. It was clear that you had yourself a wild journey while away.” He rested his arm against his tail then leaned on it. his gaze never left Makoto as he asked, “That’s not the case anymore. Did you stop seeking pleasures of the flesh?”

Oh, boy. What a question. All right. How to answer it without sounding totally crazy? It wasn’t like he could just flat out say he couldn’t stomach the idea of waking up next to someone else after he’d just dreamed about golden scales. Makoto really didn’t know. His gaze shifted to the side and he muttered, “That’s not… uhh… exactly it…”


Makoto’s cheeks burned with his embarrassment as he admitted, “Truth be told, I’m not sure what manner of creature I could sleep with that would even come close to being with a Naga.” Yeah, that was good. Keep it generic.

“Ohh, I see,” Laurent muttered with a nod. “So if you stumbled upon another of my kind you’d bed them in a heartbeat.”

“That’s not what I meant!” Makoto shrieked. Did this jerk really have to be so difficult? He sighed and rubbed the back of his head. He looked at Laurent to find his confusion written all over his face. Ugh. Why was this happening? He was a good person. He didn’t do anything to end up in this situation. There were some things he should be able to keep secret if he wished.

It was clear that Laurent was waiting for him to continue. Makoto cursed himself for not being able to think up some excuse that made even the slightest bit of sense. Even the fox ears atop his head burned. They drooped as he mumbled, “I just don’t find sex with others as enjoyable as I used to. I guess what I mean is that it’s, um, special… with you.”

“Because of the two dicks?” Laurent asked.

“No! What! Well, they do play a part in that but–!” Makoto shrieked. He didn’t even know how to continue, he was way too flustered to try. Leave it to this jerk to ruin the moment with a stupid smile upon his face.

Laurent chuckled softly then lifted his head. He used the end of his tail to turn Makoto’s adorably red face towards him then leaned in close and purred, “Relax, mon chéri, I understand. I also haven’t sought out affections of another since the first time we made love.” He cupped Makoto’s cheek gently then turned his head and whispered into his ear. “Yours is the only touch I crave.”

With just those few words Makoto was a flustered mess. A shiver ran down his spine and it was all he could do not to whimper. Even though he felt the same way, he just couldn’t say anything in response. That sure wouldn’t stop him from showing what he felt, though. He didn’t give himself a chance to overthink things for once and leaned in to press his lips against Laurent’s.

The kiss was sweet, full of an emotion he could hardly fathom was real, and that sent a spike of arousal right to Makoto’s groin. It must’ve been even stronger than he realized because Laurent immediately took control of the kiss. He used his tail to hold Makoto in place as he deepened it with a low growl. What had started out as sweet had taken an abrupt turn for the aggressive and Makoto had to hold back a gasp. Ahh, that was hot. He wanted more.

His fingers moved on their own, unbuttoning the eyesore of a shirt that the Naga wore. Once Laurent shrugged out of that Makoto put both hands flat against his torso and slid them upwards slowly. The tips of his fingers glided across the scales that traveled up Laurent’s sides. There weren’t many words to describe just how stunning this creature was, but he couldn’t get enough. He moved his hands to feel the scales beneath his palms instead. Makoto’s eyes were glued to the blond’s torso as he muttered, “I really do prefer you without the shirt.”

“I could say the same about you,” Laurent purred.

Makoto blinked a few times, only just realizing that he’d said that out loud. Whoops. His cheeks darkened and he cleared his throat, unsure what to say next. Luckily, he didn’t have to think about it for more than a second because Laurent grabbed the hem of his shirt and yanked it up over his head. He threw it over his shoulder then kissed Makoto again.

Laurent’s hands were rough against his skin as he continued to tug at the clothes he still wore. They felt absolutely amazing. It’d be so easy to lose himself to his desire, to let himself be consumed. Laurent had a nearly overwhelming presence that could easily swallow all that he was. Makoto knew this and he was the first one to admit it didn’t sound so bad, but at the same time that wasn’t exactly what he wanted.

Makoto broke the kiss and sighed against Laurent’s lips. He studied those serpentine eyes that watched him intently. It was like staring into a cloudless sky, he could do so for hours. Laurent smiled warmly and his heart fluttered in response. Makoto really wished it’d stop doing that already. This wasn’t about what he did or didn’t feel… it was about what was pent up and begging to be released.

He kissed his way down Laurent’s torso, pausing only to lick those alluring scales on his waist. Makoto reveled in the soft growl he received. He didn’t pause to bask in it, instead continuing to kiss his way downward. Normally he’d take time and tease a bit more but there was an unmistakable sense of urgency in the air that Makoto had no idea if he or the blond was responsible for. A combination of both, most likely. That just meant their eagerness was on the same level and Makoto had to admit that was hot.

He finally reached his destination and took a moment to admire the sight before himself. Both of Laurent’s dicks were hard and slick with the natural lubricant he produced. A pang of arousal shot right to Makoto’s groin at the sight of just how ready he was after so little stimulation. He wasted no time in taking both in his hands.

The way his mouth was already watering at the mere sight of the cocks was beyond embarrassing. Not that Makoto really cared right now. He bent down and took the left one into his mouth at the same time as he stroked the right. Laurent swore softly. Though Makoto couldn’t be sure what language it was in, the sentiment was universal.

His tongue lovingly caressed the underside of the cock in his mouth as his right hand pumped the other swiftly. Makoto slurped his way along the shaft, taking the whole length down his throat, and licking across the prominent vein. When Laurent groaned loudly he swore he felt the dick in his mouth get even harder. Good.

Makoto pulled off of it with a lewd slurp, took a few deep breaths, then immediately swallowed the other. He bobbed his head and pumped his fist in perfect time. They’d done this enough times by now that he could find this rhythm easily.

Each sound that escaped the blond was a powerful motivator for Makoto to keep going. To have such an incredible, powerful creature reduced to putty in his hands like this was an incredible rush. Well, hands and mouth, he supposed. Both were working equally hard.

Makoto switched up again and continued to suck as if it was the best thing he’d ever put in his mouth. Maybe it was. Though he’d never say as much. That was an ego boost the Naga certainly didn’t need. Laurent grabbed his hair and thrust deep, letting out a loud moan. He only released his grip when Makoto gagged. The reflex didn’t slow him down one bit. He pulled off the one cock and quickly inhaled the other, earning him a hard grip on his hair.

Laurent’s tail seemed to be constantly in motion. It coiled around them, slithered between Makoto’s legs, and wrapped around his thigh. He felt every little motion of it as he was squeezed to gently encourage him to continue.

Makoto knew that he wasn’t in danger. Quite the opposite, in fact. He was never safer than when in this Naga’s embrace. Laurent would never let anything bad happen to him, of that Makoto was sure. His pulse quickened and he bobbed his head even faster.

Laurent swore softly under his breath, which made Makoto’s arousal spike once again. This time he felt something warm dribble down his thigh. He was dripping wet with obvious need. His body was so ready for the main event. It reminded him of the first time he sucked the Naga off. That was an experience since he’d never been with a creature with two dicks before. It took Makoto a bit to find his rhythm but once that was established, it didn’t take long to bring the blond to orgasm.

Makoto’s face and torso ended up drenched in come. He learned firsthand that both cocks produced quite a generous amount. Also that he wasn’t turned off in the slightest by the sticky mess. In fact, it made him so hot he whined. That turned Laurent on so much that he didn’t even wait for Makoto to consider cleaning up. The blond fucked him senseless then and there. Makoto ended up covered in and leaking the stuff by the end of it. Perhaps the most surprising part of the whole ordeal was how tender Laurent was with him afterwards. Makoto couldn’t remember ever being more satisfied in his life. He knew then that it wouldn’t be a one-time thing.

Maybe his eagerness was more obvious than he thought, but Makoto was surprised when Laurent pulled him away from his dicks and back to his face. The blond kissed him, that forked tongue of his exploring his mouth freely. Next thing he knew he was on his hands and knees with Laurent’s tail slithering beneath him. The repositioning happened in the blink of an eye.

Makoto shivered when Laurent pet his tails. Those long fingers in his fur made him glad he wasn’t standing because his knees would’ve gone weak. He panted softly then gulped. His fingers dug into the ground as more lubricant ran down his leg. His body was so desperate to be fucked that it was practically begging. No one else got that reaction out of him.

He barely had a chance to register the feeling of the light pressure against his hole before Laurent pushed inside. Makoto cried out in pleasure. There was nothing gentle about this. Laurent thrust both cocks into him hard and fast. Nothing could compare to the incredible feeling of two dicks pumping into him with reckless abandon, stretching him to accommodate their combined girth with each new thrust. Makoto groaned loudly each time they were all the way inside of him. So amazing. How could he even consider bedding another?

Laurent leaned over him so that his chest was pressed against Makoto’s back. He reached around to grab beneath the dark-haired man’s chin. Laurent’s voice was a gravelly purr as he said, “It’s been a while… your body is so eager for me.” He kissed the back of Makoto’s shoulder, causing a shiver to run down his spine. “As mine is for you.”

Makoto let out a shaky sigh as Laurent pushed all the way into him and paused for a moment. The angle applied pressure to that perfect spot within him and it was all he could do to make a choked sound. His arms wobbled as they did their best to hold him upright. He felt the dicks inside of him twitch, applying just a bit more pressure to that spot, then his arms nearly gave out. Makoto’s toes curled, his back arched, and all the nerves in his body felt like they were aflame.

“I’m all pent up, you know,” Laurent whispered. He released Makoto’s face, sat upright once more, then added, “and I’m going to give you every last drop.”

Makoto gasped as he was pulled to his knees with his back pressed against the blond’s chest. He barely had a chance to register what happened before Laurent’s hand slid around his waist to his torso. Those long nails of his just barely scratched along his skin, making Makoto gasp softly. That hand wrapped around to stroke his leaking cock. The needy whimper that escaped him was totally involuntary. He felt the blond’s other hand gently stroking his tails as he continued to fuck into him and it was all Makoto could do to lean his head back against his shoulder then moan. Too good. It felt way too good. He was going to fall apart. His voice was dripping with desperation as he cried, “Ahh! Laurent!”

Laurent growled softly next to his ear. He turned his head and whispered, “Are you going to come, mon amour?”


“Then sshall I join you?” Laurent purred.

“Please!” Makoto cried. He did his best to lean back and rut against the cocks sheathed inside of himself. He needed this. He gasped when Laurent picked up the speed of his strokes. There was no holding back now, Makoto was done for. The world around him cracked then shattered into a million tiny pieces that glittered downward as he finally fell over the edge. Makoto let out a broken moan, his whole-body shuddering and clenching with the force of his orgasm. Not a moment later he heard Laurent groan into his ear then felt seed fill him.

Makoto took quick, deep breaths, attempting to calm his racing pulse. He could feel the come already leaking out of him even though Laurent was still inside. There just wasn’t enough room for it all, the overachiever. Laurent kissed the back of his neck and released his hold on him so he could slip his cocks out. Makoto slumped over, catching himself on his hands again.

His arms didn’t hold up this time and he ended up falling on his face with a grunt. His ass was in the air and still oozing come in a steady stream. Ahh, talk about an embarrassing position. He could practically feel Laurent’s eyes upon him. It made Makoto want to squirm but that’d just make things worse. Instead he focused on taking deep breaths as he rode out the aftershocks.

Laurent’s hands glided over the curve of Makoto’s ass slowly. He spread those perfect cheeks to watch his own seed continue to ooze out of him and hummed, “Beautiful…”

Makoto gulped and squeezed his eyes shut. Too embarrassing, nope. He couldn’t deal. He also didn’t have the strength to reposition himself just yet. Though that wasn’t a problem since Laurent took care of that for him a moment later. He ended up lying on his back on top of the Naga’s coiled up tail. Just from the lustful haze in those blue eyes he knew they weren’t done yet. His body practically tingled with anticipation as the blond loomed over him.

There was nothing Makoto could do about the moan that escaped him when Laurent bent down and claimed his lips in a heated kiss. The way the blond tugged gently on his bottom lip sent a shiver down his spine. At the same time, his tail inched Makoto’s legs apart then coiled around his thigh and squeezed gently. After that Laurent took his right hand in his, held it above his head, and intertwined their fingers. Makoto’s breath hitched in his throat. He didn’t dare look away from those blue eyes as Laurent slipped his cocks into him once again.

It was slower this time, a lot more intimate with the intense eye contact. Makoto’s heart fluttered uncontrollably in his chest. He only ever wanted those stunning eyes to look at him like this; fogged over with ravenous desire but somehow also genuinely affectionate. When Laurent looked at him in such a way, it was like they were the only two beings on the planet.

The blond smiled fondly then kissed him again. Makoto gasped against his lips when he began to move. He was still so full of come from earlier and knowing that Laurent was using that as extra lubricant sent a dizzying jolt of arousal right to his core. Not that Makoto could focus on that.

The pace of the thrusts were the complete opposite of earlier. They were slow, lazy even, in order to savor the feeling of being connected like this. Makoto put his free hand on Laurent’s face and leaned into the kiss to deepen it. Neither of them was in a hurry to reach this next climax, it’d take as long as it had to. The longer that was the more time they had to enjoy themselves. Makoto whimpered softly as Laurent’s cocks inched all the way into him then slowly slid back out again. It was a maddening pace that made his jaw drop. His toes curled every time the blond bottomed out. This was absolutely everything he could ever want in a partner.

Makoto broke the kiss and let out a shaky breath. If he didn’t say something he might implode– and not in the good way. He pulled his hand free of the Naga’s and gulped. His voice was a mere whisper as he muttered, “Laurent, I…” Makoto’s eyes fluttered open to find the blond looking at him, silently awaiting the continuation. His cheeks started to burn and he blinked rapidly. He glanced off to the side then said, “missed you.”

After initiating it himself, that was all he could bring himself to say. Cowardice? Perhaps. Or maybe it was self-preservation. He didn’t know what he’d do with himself if Laurent outright rejected him after he blurted out his feelings, after all. Especially now of all times. What they had was shallow and good. Pleasurable for both parties. There was no need to ruin it.

He was knocked out of his own head when the blond bit down on the tip of his pointy ear and tugged it playfully. Makoto huffed softly, shook his head to dislodge him, and wrapped his arms around Laurent. He buried his burning face in his neck and refocused his attention on just how incredible it was that he got to have this kind of relationship with someone so amazing.

Laurent nuzzled the top of his head then purred, “Mmm… me too. I thought about you every day.”

“You huh?” Makoto lifted his head and looked at the blond. Why would he do something like that? He attempted to search those blue eyes he adored but Laurent’s focus was elsewhere. Makoto squeaked softly when the guy latched onto his neck and sucked. He moaned as kisses were trailed all the way back to his lips.

Laurent nuzzled his neck then nipped at it playfully. He paused before he finally asked, “May I?”

Makoto gasped softly. He didn’t need to ask, he already had permission to do absolutely anything he wanted. This guy had no idea. Makoto bit back another moan as the blond continued to tease his sensitive neck. Though he did appreciate the thought. He chewed on his bottom lip as the Naga licked along the length of his neck. Makoto’s voice was a shaky sigh as he replied, “Only… a little. I still want to feel you.”

Oui mon amour.”

Makoto gritted his teeth and dug his fingers into Laurent’s back as soon as he felt the fangs pierce his flesh. The pain was gone instantaneously, one of the perks of the venom Laurent produced. They didn’t need to sink too deep to inject it either, so the wounds always healed rather quickly. In low doses it caused an incredible high, heightening the senses in a way that Makoto didn’t know was possible, instead of paralyzing the body completely. Nagas truly were amazing.

Makoto’s arms fell away from Laurent and he leaned back against his tail with a soft moan. He dragged his hands down his face slowly only to have them flop downward, useless for now. All his senses kicked into overdrive at once and his body became extremely responsive to the Naga’s touch. Those rough hands caused sparks along his skin, that tantalizing tongue left fire in its wake wherever it touched him, the lewd squelch of their connected bodies caused a shiver to run down his spine.

All of these things sent wave after wave of arousal through him. Ahh, fuck. He was painfully hard now, already on the verge of coming again. Makoto would’ve fallen backwards if not for the strong tail keeping him propped up. It curled around his shoulders to get a better hold on him. Makoto turned to nuzzle it.

A soft snicker made his heart skip a beat. He looked back at the blond and watched Laurent through half-lidded eyes as he continued to make love to him. Laurent’s claws just barely scraped along Makoto’s torso once again and he cried out, nearly brought to climax on the spot. When his cry was cut off with a kiss Makoto groaned into it. Even his sense of taste was in overdrive. There was nothing in the world that made his mouth tingle the way the taste of this Naga did. It was all too much, he couldn’t take the overwhelming sensations.

Laurent never broke the rhythm of his thrusts as he leaned in and whispered something into Makoto’s ear. What language was that? Whatever it was certainly was familiar. Laurent had said it in the past but Makoto always forgot to ask about it. Hearing the words when his voice was gravelly and dripping with desire made Makoto’s groin ache with need. He was almost there. He couldn’t think about anything else but how the cocks sheathed within him rubbed his insides in the most decadent way.

He wrapped his legs around Laurent tightly, pulling him as deep as possible. He wanted to cry out but it ended up being a choked moan. Makoto’s eyes rolled to the back of his head and his body clenched around the dicks within as he rode out his second orgasm. This one was even more intense than the last and it was all he could do afterwards to lie there and drool. He was only vaguely aware of the feeling of being impossibly full for the second time this evening. His eyes fluttered shut and he let out a dreamy sigh.


Makoto opened his eyes and looked around. He was lying on his side with Laurent behind him. They were in a totally different location now. Actually, he knew this place. It was the Naga’s den. Though he didn’t quite recall how he’d gotten there. What happened after they both came? Did he pass out for a second? Then Laurent brought him home and made him cozy? Damn, that was stupidly romantic. He could die on the spot. It must not have been too long though since he could still feel come oozing out of his hole. He knew from experience that it was better to ignore it since that’d continue for a while.

Something slid across his entrance to wipe it clean and Makoto yelped in surprise. Laurent chuckled softly then nuzzled the fox ear atop his head. The action was pointless, just as Makoto surmised, because more of the Naga’s seed began to leak from him immediately afterward. Not that either of them particularly minded. Makoto was more caught up in the fact that Laurent was behind him but his tail was on the other side of him, encircling them both. He was totally wrapped in the Naga’s embrace and had no desire to leave.

Laurent pet his fluffy tails and cooed softly, which just made Makoto melt. He felt like a content puddle of goo, too happy to move. The blond nuzzled him and then guided his cocks to Makoto’s entrance once again. He pressed the tips against his hole and paused. When he wasn’t met with protest he slipped them back inside with a soft grunt. Laurent hummed contently, wrapped his arm around Makoto’s waist, and mumbled, “Mon chéri, you’re so warm and perfect. I could stay connected to you just like this forever.”

Makoto’s heart fluttered against his will. The guy had no idea just how good that sounded. His head was already a lot clearer, since the low dose of venom didn’t last too long, and he was sure that those simple words would keep him up late for many nights to come. Makoto didn’t say a word. He simply put his hand atop the one that settled upon his waist. This was a level of intimacy that he wanted to bask in for as long as possible.

He was half asleep when he felt a soft kiss pressed to the back of his neck. Makoto made a content little sound without even realizing it. Laurent’s chest bounced against his back with his soft laugh. The sound made Makoto smile to himself as well.

Laurent’s thumb rubbed idly along Makoto’s stomach as he muttered, “I used to travel a lot as well. Not so much to the human settlements, but the nearby countryside where other supernatural beings dwelled.”

“Oh?” That was news to Makoto. All the tales he told of his own adventures and Laurent never mentioned this. He opened his eyes then asked, “Why’d you stop?”

“Honestly?” Laurent waited for Makoto to hum. His arm tightened around the kitsune and he admitted, “It was because I met you.”

Huh?” Makoto absolutely misunderstood that. “What?”

“Don’t sound so shocked,” Laurent chuckled. The smile upon his face could be heard in his voice as he explained, “I came to enjoy the time we spent together so much that I looked forward to your visits, which was a new experience for me personally.”


Nagas weren’t known to be a particularly social race, but he’d always enjoyed the company of others for various reasons. Even so, no one ever reached the level of this particular kitsune. He kissed the fox ear closest to himself and added, “When we ended up taking our friendship to the next level I began to crave you in the most animalistic way. After that I couldn’t just leave if there was even the slightest chance that you’d return to this place.”

“That’s, uhh…” Enough to make his whole face burn, yeah. Makoto fought the urge to hide it in his hands. He cleared his throat and turned his head to look over his shoulder then asked, “Don’t you miss traveling, though?”

“Sometimes, yes.” Laurent kissed the corner of his mouth. He moved his hips just slightly, which made Makoto gasp as he’d gotten so comfortable that he’d all but forgotten they were still connected in the most intimate sense possible. Laurent grinned as his tail slithered around Makoto’s leg until the end of it finally rested on his warm thigh. His voice was soft when he finally added, “But I’m mostly content in my life these days. Especially when I get to hold you like this.”

Makoto’s face was so hot he was sure it was an impossible shade of red now. He could hardly process any of this. And yet, he found himself mumbling a response before he even realized it. “You could… I mean, you could always travel with me if you want…”

“While I do appreciate the invitation, I really don’t think it suits a creature such as myself,” Laurent mumbled into his hair. The truth of the matter was that Nagas weren’t exactly welcome in most places, nor were they able to pass as another creature. Gigantic, carnivorous snakes just weren’t discreet in the slightest. Humans accepted the cute and friendly supernatural beings without a second thought. Ones like him were shunned and that was something Makoto shouldn’t have to deal with in any aspect. Laurent pushed the thought from his mind. His arm tightened around the kitsune and his lips brushed against the dark brown ear atop Makoto’s head as he whispered, “But you could always choose to stay with me instead.”

“What? Here?” Makoto asked in disbelief. He was dreaming now. That had to be it. Considering how his heart pounded against his ribcage he was inclined to call himself out on that thought being bullshit.

Non.” Laurent released him to motion broadly with his hand. “We would move to a place that’s warm year-round so I wouldn’t have to worry about missing out on spending time with you while hibernating.”

It’d be a lie to say Makoto’s heart didn’t skip a beat at the suggestion. This couldn’t be a dream, his dreams were never this good to him. Though it was a really huge decision. Something like this meant his whole life would change. Maybe that was exactly what he needed. He took Laurent’s hand in his, brought it to his face, and placed a sweet kiss upon his wrist. Afterwards Makoto looked over his shoulder and smiled warmly as he asked, “Would it be all right if I slept on it?”

“But of course,” Laurent hummed, “post-coital decisions are rarely made with a sound mind. I want you to be a hundred percent sure when you give me your answer.”

Makoto reached over his shoulder to pull him closer for a kiss. The cocks inside of him twitched with interest and they both snickered against each other’s lips. They parted and he turned back around then shut his eyes. Makoto couldn’t do a thing about the wide grin upon his face. His pulse was racing, he felt lighter somehow, and he was so stinking happy.

He’d never considered himself the type to settle down. Traveling the world was what he liked best. It was always full of new and interesting experiences. However, this offer filled him with so much unbridled joy he could seriously cry. That was basically answer enough, in his opinion. But he would sleep on it just to make sure. If he felt the same way about the offer after he woke up, then he wouldn’t hesitate to accept.

It was pretty funny to think about. A Naga and a kitsune living together, eating together, sleeping together. What a silly concept. They were creatures from two completely different worlds. Nothing about them being together made a lick of sense. And yet Makoto had to hold back a blissful laugh he adored the concept so much. He, for one, couldn’t wait for tomorrow to arrive.