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When we do change | Ajin

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( It is recommended to watch the first 4 episodes of ajin to get a grip of what's happening )


Tosaki's phone rang. He let out a sigh and picked it up.

" Tosaki speaking. We lost Nagai Kei's whereabouts along with the man in the hat. We'll continue searching."

" There's no need for that. Nagai Kei has been caught already. We found him unconscious near the Yamanashi station, 30 minutes ago. I can't reveal any details. "

" What did you say?!"

The girl from the other end hung up.

Tosaki was bewildered: " Why... Did the man in the hat betray him?"  

" I'm sorry," Tanaka said In the middle of driving

" No no, you did well."

" I still haven't gotten the hang of it." Tanaka thought back to the time when he missed Kei with the tranquilizer.

" But if the idea is to change him, wouldn't it be better to just force him to become one of us?"

" Huh? That'd just make him hate us."

" I guess so..."

" As for what's going to happen there, you know that better than anyone."

Hearing what Sato said, Tanaka clenched his teeth together.

" Hmph, in order to make him hate being a bottom and want to proselytize other bottoms to become sadists, we have to leave him in the hands of the group behind the ph channel 'Bottoms Bloom'."

Kei woke up to light penetrating his eyes. It made him squint. Where——am I? He thought.  Kei felt his body all tied down and his vision restricted. Is this bandages? Was I abducted? Millions of questions flooded his mind. Kei tried to break free but the belts just wouldn't budge. You could hear him pant in fear, slowly realising the position he was in. The men around him didn't make him feel better. All of them had their faces covered with a ski mask. It made Kei very uncomfortable. And not only that, further down the concrete bed laid a circular saw between his legs. Danger surrounded this boy from everywhere. 

Man A looked for—what looked like approval from something or someone. Kei turned his way and saw a giant window. Outside were a camera crew ready to film his misery. One of the men there nodded. This couldn't be good, Kei thought. 

Man A turned on the circular saw. Kei heard something slowly coming its way up to him from below. Could it be———that they wanted to cut him in half?! Kei could not control his thoughts. His heart beat so fast that he could've as likely died from just a heart attack but the saw got to him first. Naturally, Kei screamed but his cries were barely heard because of the bandages. 

His muffles slowly died down. He could feel himself getting dizzier by the minute. While getting cut in half, Kei also cut something—he cut the cheese.  It came out loud, in fact louder than the saw and threw the men off guard. 

" What the fuck." Man A was slightly disgusted. He turned around and pinched his nose. " All right, inflict more pain," he continued. 

Kei was already in a lot of pain... to add more pain, how cruel could they even be? Kei's head was going to split in half from the thought,  and his fart? It scratched the thick window. 

 " Have the scratches on the glass been there from the start?" Man B pointed out. 

" Yeah, they were there from the start," said the director. 

" I see, sorry."

" Let's continue." 

Behind the glass window, disscusions broke out between the cameramen, they almost forgot that they were on duty. 

" Amazing! He managed to damage even the glass."

" So this is a special ability, huh?"

Tosaki and Shinomura stood further away from the rest and had their own little discussion.

" Can you see it?" Tosaki looked over to Shimomura.

She nodded: " Yes. It's right there."

" Could the glass have been damaged by the ultrasounds?"

" I don't think so. After Tanaka's kidnapping we found something similar."

" So you're saying this is some kind of ghost with legs?"

" Increase the pain and see if there's a reaction," the director comanded. 

Tosaki looked down. " Why isn't Nagai attacking those inside?" 

" He may not understand the power he has."

" Or his link with the fart might be unstable."

" What do you mean?"

" For example... like how phones have poor reception in certain areas. But the possibility of him ordering an attack is still possi-"

" And now? What is it doing now?"

" Right now—it's—" Shimomura looked down: " It's staring at you."

Tosaki frowned, a Y formed on his forehead.  You cocky bastard... do you know how much my life plans suffered because of you?! 

" Take a closer look, Shimomura-kun. You're only standing on this side because I'm keeping your secret hidden. You better work well. Otherwise... You will end up like that."

" His reactions are starting to act up, huh?" The director said. 

" Should we reset him?" Cameraman A asked. 

" All right. Kill him once more and let's take a break," the director informed the ones inside. 

" All right, break."

" That was a lot of work, huh?"

Cruel, Kei thought. Why is this... happening to me?

" Then I'll leave the rest to you."

" Yeah."

Kei's thoughts were going all over the place, I just wanted... to become a good person, that's all. But this... it's too much... 

He closed his eyes, escaping the pain he suddenly found himself in a dark place with Tanaka in front of him.  

" What's this? I thought you didn't want to become like me?" Tanaka mocked him." Back then, weren't you looking at me with disdain?" 

Kei suddenly thought of his own words: " It's true that there are cruel sadists out there... But like you, Satou-san, I don't want every sadist as an enemy."

" What about the sense of justice you carried?" Tanaka continued but this time also wrapped in bandages. " Do you get it? You haven't experienced hell. Drop your high and mighty act. Even though you look down on them... You're the type of trash who only calls for help when you're desperate."

Those words might or might not have affected Kei but the fart's hand moved closer and closer to the kidnapper in front of him, man A. 

" That's right... Do it! Kill him! Be your real self!" Tanaka encouraged him.

Remembering Kai, Kei couldn't just kill this man off and his fart vanished to thin air just before giving a hard blow to him.

" Huh? Wind?"  Man A was confused. 

" Why didn't you do it? Kai won't come to your rescue anymore. Satou might have been caught too!" 

Kei were on all fours, tears covering his face: " If I do it... Kai might come to hate me. He... is the one I can never betray."

Tanaka said, " You just don't wa-" cut short by Kei's strong, " Wrong!"

" hmph," came from Tanaka. " You're a failure."

" Wrong!" Kei once again shouted.

" Kai... For me Kai... he risked his life. His one and only life!"

Of course this emotional moment of perhaps character development had to be interrupted and Kei was now on his 4th life. 

" All right, let's move on to the second half."

" The orders are just to make him experience pain for now," one of the men took out a pink drill.

Hearing the drill, drill nonstop merely a feet from him made chills come down his spine. But the part of it which made kei more terrified and pant in fear was their last statement, " We're doing oral this time." 

Satou sat on the sofa, feeling quite comfortable, looking around while waiting for someone. He was in a small old fashioned room covered with vertical patterns.  Maybe it was because of the light not reaching every corner in there, but the room looked cozy at the same time. 

Nekozawa entered the room and took a seat on the sofa in front of him. His accomplice brought forth a long black bag and placed it on the table in the middle. Satou's face slowly brightened. 

" Here's what you asked for." 

" Sorry about that, Nekozawa-san, for giving you so much trouble." 

" Not at all." Nekozawa shook his head, " You're our precious client, after all."

" Then our payment is in here." Satou slapped the container beside him. 

" I look forward to working with you again." 

" Likewise." Satou walked away with the bag. 

With Satou gone, the accomplice slowly stated his suspicions: " Hey, Nekosawa-san, are you sure that we don't need to confirm the contents?" 

" I trust him." 

" Trust?"

" Liver, kidney and heart, ten of them even. Are they all there?" 

" Yeah, they are in there without a doubt."

" Where did he get these..."

" Who knows. But that man will definitely deliver. Even if he dies." 

Outside the kidnaper's headsquarter were a bunch of journalist. The light from their shots filled the entire path to the headsquarter. In the middle of them drove a man. Quite famous, as the reporter's were talking nonstop about him. They seemed to not know anything about the kidnapers and only reported on that single man in the car. This is because the kidnapers had disguised themselves as researchers. 

" Professor Ogura Ikugya's car has just arrived. This marks the second arrival in japan since Tanaka's capture. The renowned biophysicist, Professor Ogura Ikugya, left for the United States in 1999, where he has been conducting research on Ajin."

The gates opened and the professor drove in. Further away were none of the normal folks could see, took two other individuals their enter through the ripped fence. 

" Some lousy weather," Satou's words were directed to the rain. 

" It will be hard to control the fart in the rain." 

" Tanaka-kun, you're on operation C."

" I'm in charge of kidnapping Professor Ogura, right?" 

" And I'm on operatin B, in charge of rescuing Nagai Kei-kun."

After a paus, Satou opened his mouth again: " So, how should we go about bringing this castle down?"

Not intending for Tanaka to answer he answered the question himself: " The answer is simple. We just need to overpower the enemy. We'll use all our power and crush them." 

Armed, both of them set foot into the headquarter. 

The camera crew were taking a break, watching their female staff changing through the spy cam in their meeting room: doing the usual.  That of course had to get interrupted by a bullet through the female staff's head. The camera crew were stunned, not a single word escaped their throats. 

The man in the hat looked straight into the spy cam, " Are you there, Tozaki-kun?"

Tozaki frowned.

" As for why I came here... you probably still don't know. But... tonight... Japan's Ajin situation will change radically."

The spy cam got closed by a, " COMMUNICATION INTERRUPTED," all in caps on the big screen. 

Several men equipped with tranquilisers hurried to the corridor. One, to not let him take away Kei from them, and two, to use this as a chance to get one more possible porn subject.

Satou made the first move: shot down one of the men. It happened so fast and threw the rest off guard.

" Here they come!" One of them shouted.

" Here we go!" The man in the hat shouted back.

With a kind and gentle looking face like his, even in a battle, it was hard to believe that he was someone ruthless; without a single sign of mercy he shot down several men in his path.

" Aim properly!" Shouted one of the men when another dart missed the man in the hat.

Another missing dart followed suit but not the one after it. Still as calm as before, Satou slammed his left arm on the wall and cutted it off with a knife. But not so long after that, he got shot by multiple darts. This time cutting an arm off wouldn't do it. The Satou gave a last shot to them and in an instance turned the gun to himself.

Seeing his now lifeless body hit the ground gave out a big relief to the last standing men.

" All right!"

But the man in the hat's horniness was too great to be concealed. Thus he was revived, killing the three men in a surprise attack of a sort.

" I didn't even need to bring it out. Now then Nagai-kun, time to get you."

In the meeting room a discussion broke out as they saw the men fail through the security cam.

" I wonder why he didn't use it. When it was tanaka, his powers caused a large number of fatalities." 

" What if instead of him not using it, we just didn't see it?" Another man responded.

" It's not that we didn't see it."

Everyone turned around.

" Humans simply can't see it."

The man behind them lit up a cig, " Seriously, what's with all the commotion? Just when the great Ogura-sama took the time to come here. " 

" Excuse us. It's an emergency situation."

" You can't smoke here, you know..." One of them sighed.

" Professor Ogura- no kidnaper Ogura, you just said that humans can't see their powers, right? What do you mean by that?"

" You guys... you haven't heard about IBM?"

" IBM?"

" It's what the foreinergs call them. I believe it's called-'' One of them whispered.

" Invisible Black Matter," Ogura cut him short.

" IBM can't be seen by humans, and it takes form in the shape of a human. It's the ultimate cool," he continued.

" Here we go again with his stupid theories..."

" Then their power is some type of supernatural event?"

" Colonel... are you an idiot? Those niggers  are no magic or ghost. They are a substance." 

" Substance?" Tozaki questioned.

" Now, Nagai-kun... I wonder what you'II take from this lesson," Satou pulled out a knife and stabbed Kei. Fully recovered and sitting up, Satou asked him: " Nagai-kun, do you understand? I came to save you."

" How long... have I been here?"

" Let's see... Maybe around ten days?"

" Only that? Not much time has passed..." Tears started to drip down his cheeks. Kei clenched his fists. " Satou-san... I'm sorry for causing you so much trouble," He looked into satou's eyes. 

This operation... was a failure, Satou thought to himself and clenched his fist.