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Love Mother Earth

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“Well since Captain Pollution was such a failure I have been looking into something more occult than science” Looten Plunder says while he looks at his fellow eco-villains Duke Nukem, Doctor Blight, Sly Sludge and Verminous Skumm. “You know I put science above everything” Doctor Blight says with a grimace “do you propose to use magic or something?” she asks. “I do, if it doesn’t work than we’ll have to go for plan B or make one” Looten smiles maniacally while he lets the info sink in.

“What do you suggest then?” Verminous asks while her looks at the businessman “summon a demon or something like that?” Duke Nukem chuckles and shakes his head when Looten tells him that that is the actual idea. “I have come upon this ancient tome which describes the summoning of an extra planar being who will come to our aid against those damn Planeteers and their puppet Captain Planet” he finishes and looks around to see them all nod.

“It can’t hurt to try, I guess” Blight sighs when she looks around with everyone agreeing to give it at least a try. “Good, now for the spell components” Looten says and starts to tell everyone what is needed for their ritual. They quickly gather all that is needed while the business man arranges for the right location for their ritual.

“There is an emergency my Planeteers” Gaia announcers to her team who quickly gather around. “What is it, Gaia?” Kwame asks the goddess who is the first to arrive before the others follow shortly. “It seems that Looten Plunder, Duke Nukem, Doctor Blight, Sly Sludge and Verminous Skumm have joined forces once again and have been gathering various items for whatever purpose but be sure it is bad. It seems that Looten has acquired a piece of land that has been used for summoning rituals in the past. Please go out and find out what their intentions are and stop them if you have to, I will be there to aid where needed”

“Sounds good Gaia, we will leave immediately” Gi says and the others agree and shortly they are on their way to save the world.

The Planeteers arrive shortly at their destination and Mother Earth tells them to hurry because it seems the ritual has already started. “Hurry we need to stop them” Wheeler says while he runs quickly towards the summoning field on this deserted island. “Don’t just rush into things Wheeler” Linka tries to say in her Russian accent but it falls on deaf ears. “It isn’t always good to rush into things but he has a point, who knows how far they are in it and what the result will be if it is too late” Ma-Ti says while the entire group rushes towards their destination.

They see a circle glowing wildly and an image of a person taking shape in the light is already in full effect. “We’re too late, we need to summon Captain Planet before whatever monster answers their summons and ruin our planet!” Ma-Ti shouts and the others agree when they start to call upon the powers of the rings that Gaia gifted them with.

Kwame : EARTH!
Wheeler: FIRE!
Link : WIND!
Ma-Ti : HEART!

As their powers combine they hear a familiar voice say “by your powers combined…I am Captain Planet!” and a green-haired and silver-skinned man comes in existence who looks at those who summoned him and they tell him to stop the villains before the creature comes forth and most likely ruin the planet for its masters.

“Let’s hope that whatever they summoned isn’t as powerful as Captain Planet” Gaia tells her Planeteers while her hero flies off towards the five bad guys.

But it already too late because just when Captain Planet is summoned, the ritual finishes and in the middle of the circle stands a woman with pale skin clad in black leather and tattoos over her body. Two horns protrude from her forehead and she has eyes of which each has different eye color. She looks around while her red hair, with a fade in it, dances in the wind. She sees Doctor Blight stand there and walks up to her which confuses the blond woman when the demoness brushes the bang away that hides the scarred part of the Doctor’s face.

“Such sadness” the demoness whispers while her hand rubs over the scarred part, she hums softly and her hand starts to glow. The bad doctor could feel a comforting warmth over her face which she has not felt in years since the incident. “I hope this makes you happy” she hears the pale woman tell her and kiss her lips softly before she turns to the men. “So why did you summon me?” she asks Looten who seem to be the one in charge in her eyes.

While Barbara Blight looks flustered from both her face being restored as well as that tender kiss on her lips; Looten Plunder looks up and smiles when he sees the arrival of their nemesis. “We want you to defeat him and make sure he is not troubling us again in our work to pollute this world for our profit and fun” he grins when he sees a curious look on the demoness’ face which makes him look at the woman with different eyes since he expected blind obedience. “We summoned you, obey us!” he commands which gets a shrug from the demoness.

“More because I like the challenge than because you summoned me” the demoness snarls “I don’t see why you would pollute the planet for a mere profit” and with that the demoness flies up to the sky to meet the attacker.

Gaia looks at the exchange between the villains and the woman they had summoned. Though she could not make out what exactly what was being said, she does notice that the demoness is not on the same page as the villains as well as the way Doctor Blight is behaving differently from how she normally would after her encounter with the pale woman. “Maybe this demon is different from what I’ve seen in the past” she thinks when suddenly she sees the eyes of their new opponent look at her and her hearts skips a beat “she can see me like this? She has such warmth and love radiating from her” she thinks and starts to blush a little at those last thoughts.

“Wow, who is that?” Marcella thinks when she looks down to see a beautiful dark-skinned woman standing there in luscious purple robes and she could feel the power coming from her. She completely ignores Captain Planet and flies straight towards where Gaia is standing with the Planeteers which makes them worry since their rings are now not working. The summoned being completely ignores them and bows before the goddess while her looks change to something more human.

“Hello beautiful lady, I am Marcella Highthorn and a goddess like you” Marcella says as an introduction while she presses her lips on Gaia’s hand who looks flustered and blushes bright red despite her body being somewhere else. “A pleasure and I am pleasantly surprised at what just happened” Gaia says and Marcella explains she just was bored which was why she just thought to go with the summoning but the leader is an asshole with an agenda she could not agree with. “The woman is nice after I healed her so I hope she will join the right side and mine, there is kindness and warmth in her but she let things blind her”

All the Planeteers just look at the exchange between the goddesses while Captain Planet is busy with the men when he is about to attack Doctor Blight, his body is unable to move. Barbara looks surprised at first when she sees energy coming from Marcella’s hand. The villainess now blushes as well and leaves the villains to join the redheaded goddess’ side. “Thank you for healing me inside and out, I am Barbara Blight” the blond woman introduces herself and Marcella does the same after which the fey releases her hold on Captain Planet.

After that, he disappears the power return to the rings of the Planeteers when Wheeler asks if they can trust their former enemy. “I will take responsibility if she goes off track again, I have faith in her that she will be on the path of the good or at least not stray back to her evil ways” the dragoness says while she pulls Barbara close to her who starts to blush and stammer and she feels like she is at high school again with a crush on Marcella.

“Perhaps we could meet again at this spot but in your real form and not this ethereal one?” the mutant suggests to mother Earth. “That sounds fair, if you will stay here then I will be there in a day or two” Gaia asks and Marcella nods. “Sounds fair, I will be here and hopefully have this lovely woman as my companion” she says while she holds Barbara close to her around her waist “if she wants of course” and looks at the woman who snuggles closely telling the herm that she would love that.

“Then it’s a date” Marcella grins and Gaia blushes a little when she hears it called a date but nods when she disappears from sight. “Now that is interesting to see Gaia like that, I hope it will go well” Ma-Ti says while the group of youngsters starts to make their way to base and meet the raven-haired goddess there.

“Now that they are gone, I think I feel more like doing this” Marcella grins and pulls Barbara to face her before she kisses softly. The woman softly kisses back and they slowly build up to a more passionate kiss using plenty of tongue. “I never thought I would kiss like this after my accident and I am happy that I am doing this with you” Barbara Blight confesses “I hate to say this but I have fallen for you the moment you healed me”

Marcella smiles while she brushes that bang aside to look at the fully healed woman with such tenderness that it sends shivers down the blonde’s spine. “I could sense the goodness in you and the moment I touched your face, I could feel it and fell in love with you as much as I did the goddess” the mutant tells her before she slowly removes her clothes. “I am grateful for the healing and the returned feelings” Blight tells the herm before she undresses as well.

“Oh you have a dick” Barbara says in a pleasantly surprised tone before going down to her knees and starts to lick that thick shaft. That wet tongue going up and down from balls to tip and shortly wrapping her lips around the head. Slowly she takes in more while her tongue licks the tips as much as it could before it went down her throat. “Mmmm such a sweet mouth you have” the fallen angel purrs and moans with her hips slowly start to move along the pacing of the beautiful woman until minutes later she erupts inside that hot mouth.

“So delicious mmm please put it inside me next” Barbara asks when she finds a piece of flat rock where she bends over and rests one leg on the slab of rock exposing her pussy to the herm who grins while she gets behind the woman. “With pleasure” Marcella whispers before she nibbles on the woman’s earlobe and her shaft sinks deep inside the woman’s snatch.

“That was interesting” Linka says when they return to base “that Marcella seems powerful the way she stopped Captain Planet so easily” Wheeler flexes his muscles “not as powerful as me though” Ma-Ti chuckles “indeed, more powerful” and Kwame high-fives the boy while Gi just laughs which makes the redheaded boy pout a little. “Well it looks Gaia has a date in two days who would have thought that” Linka giggles while they all chat a little before they all head to their respective homes.

“It has been centuries since I have been on a date, let alone with a woman though I can feel she is more than that” Gaia thinks two days later while she checks herself in the mirror. “Not only that but it has been ages since I have been intimate with someone” the goddess giggles while she feels the need to make her bust look a little bigger by correcting their position. “Time to head out for my date though I feel it will escalate quickly” she grins “not that I’d mind that” and then disappears from her home to appear at the site where she last saw Marcella who stands there waiting for her.

“Where is Doctor Blight?” she asks curiously when she sees Marcella standing there alone. “She is out for a walk to give us some time alone since we have been spending some time together the entire time” the mutant giggles “she is quite a lovely person once you get to know her, especially after I healed her face” she smiles while she closes the gap between her and the goddess. “I think we both know we want this before we actually going out on a date or whatever the future brings us” the fey smiles while she presses her body and her hands take a good hold of that hot ass of the goddess.

“Agreed, it has been too long for me and I need it bad” the goddess grins while she feels something big rub against her nether regions. “Are you a hermaphrodite?” Gaia asks and Marcella nods while she feels the dark-haired woman rub her ass between the vampiress’ hands. “I have a feeling you want that sexy ass of yours pleasured first” Marcella grins while she watches Gaia drop her dress to the ground and nods.

Marcella shortly follows her example and watches Gaia get on all fours wiggling her butt like a bitch in heat would. “Now that’s an enticing offer if I ever seen one” the fallen angel grins and gets on her knees behind the woman spreading those ass cheeks to show off that delightful pucker. She places her face between them and starts moving her tongue all over that dark hole which starts to tighten from the pleasure her backdoor feels from that intense ass worship. She kisses it a few times while Gaia moans in delight.

“Mmm all lubed up, that is one fine ass” Marcella grins after she had worshipped that sexy ass for a few minutes. Her hands massage those thick cheeks before she starts to rub her dick between the crack feeling those buns massage her sausage. “Time to go inside, my love” the demoness smiles and pushes the head inside in one go “oooh fuck it is so tight” Marcella moans in delight and starts to thrust back and forth.

“Oooh yes you’re fucking my ass so good aah more please” the dark-skinned goddess moans I utter bliss when she lets herself go of any inhibitions. “Oooh yes I will! It feels so good aaah I am going to enjoy doing this with you for all eternity aaah I’m going to make love to you aaah! I love you as much as I love Barbara aaah fuck!” that fair-skinned goddess moans happily as the couple of goddesses moan loud and lewdly and minutes later, the herm fills that hot ass with plenty of cock milk.

They kiss deeply and passionately when Gaia jumps on Marcella and wraps her limps around her lover’s body who grabs that well used ass. Then the demoness moves her hips to aim her already hard shaft at that wet honey pot before she thrusts it upwards and into that moist cunt.

“I can’t hold back anymore, I am going to join my darlings” Barbara says and gets behind Gaia. The blond goes on her knees and starts to lick the cream from that tight hole of Gaia lapping as much cum as she could. The three turn this in a threesome and continue for hours until they all fall on the grass with satisfied smiles on their faces.

“Mmm now we only got to plan theses dates and become girlfriends then fiancées followed by marriage” Marcella grins and kisses both women deeply. The other two nod while snuggling close to the herm and look forward to the future together.


The End