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A Little Nudge

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“Why is nobody ready?” 


Miranda drawled from behind her desk, glancing at her watch with annoyance. Everyone near her held their breath; nobody had the guts to tell her that it was because you weren’t back yet. You were supposed to be back with the accessories from D&G ten minutes ago. 


Jocelyn and the run-through team exchanged terrified glances. Someone was going to lose their job today. And knowing Miranda, it was going to be one of them. 


They had been relying on the accessories to complete the outfits they’d prepared. An abysmal thing to do, but you’d promised that you would be back early. Now you were nowhere to be found. 


Miranda was conveniently unaware of your absence. She was under the impression you weren’t supposed to be back for some time, thanks to a few carefully worded statements from Nigel. If she got wind that you’d gone awol, it’d be hell on earth for everyone in the Runway offices. 


Standing beside Miranda’s desk, Nigel saw Serena approach the office. The model stopped when Nigel shook his head. Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. 


“Talk to Emily.” He mouthed silently. 


She did just that, turning elegantly on her heel to see the Brit dialing numbers frantically. Poor Emily hadn’t even noticed that Serena was there. 


“Why is Nigel telling me to talk to you?” Serena asked softly. 


Emily startled slightly, before looking relieved to have some type of help. She put the phone down on the hook quickly.


“Y/N has vanished,” Emily whispered, “I can’t get her to answer her bloody cell phone and she was supposed to be here ages ago!” 


“What do you mean she vanished? She doesn’t vanish.” Serena asked. 


“You’re telling me. Jocelyn needed the accessories from the winter collection for the run-through and she promised to have them here. Miranda is two minutes from firing them all if we don’t come up with an excuse.” 


Emily let her head fall into her hands, repeating her low mantra that she loved her job. Today was not going to be an easy one, it seemed. 


A moment before Serena could suggest anything, Miranda’s cold voice echoed from her office.


“So what I’m hearing is that you failed to prepare? After I gave you countless days to finish a simple task.” Miranda asked. 


Everyone winced at the chill in her voice. La Priestly wasn’t known for being warm, but this felt like frost-bite. 


“We’re just missing the accessories for a few of the outfits.” Jocelyn offered. 


Miranda’s hard gaze settled on the girl, making her regret speaking. Drawing attention to herself was the last thing she should have done. 


“‘Just’ the accessories,” The editor said dryly, “If you were to go skydiving, I’m sure you’d be fine without a parachute then?” 


Jocelyn shook her head quickly. The only way out of this would be for a miracle to strike. She was mentally kissing her job goodbye. 


Then Emily’s cell phone rang. 


Scrambling for the device, she could have jumped for joy to see your name on the caller ID. She was furious, mind you, but glad to see you were okay.


“Where the bloody hell are you?” Emily hissed in lieu of a greeting. 


“Em, I can explain-“ 


“I’m sure you can, but it better be good or I’m throwing you La Priestly.” 


“I’m in the hospital.” You said. 


Emily inhaled sharply. She didn’t miss the way your voice cracked over those few words. It may mean more work for her, but an injury like that could cost you your job. 


“What did you get yourself into?” Emily asked. 


“The heat today exascerbated something and I collapsed, the doctors are running tests now.” You explained softly, lacking the energy you normally had. 


Serena watched worriedly as Emily put her forehead down on the desk, letting out a defeated sigh. This felt like the icing on the cake of an already terrible day. She had no idea how to break it to Miranda. The woman was practically reliant on you and your abilities. 


“Em?” You whispered over the line brokenly, “Tell Miranda I can have my desk cleared once I’m d-discharged, okay? I understand-“


“No. You-You don’t get to abandon me so close to Paris. I’ll find a way to fix this…”


“It’s okay. I understand what it takes to be one of Miranda’s girls. Collapsing on the job isn’t part of the description.” 


“She can make an exception.” Emily snapped. 


You sighed on the other end. It broke your heart that you’d probably lose everything now, but you understood that Miranda was far too busy to accept an injured assistant. Even if you did hope that she cared enough to keep you on.


“Do what you can, okay? Just don’t get yourself sacked. I’m at Presbeterian, room 311.” 


There were a few more words exchanged before Emily hung up the phone, looking hard at Serena, who stared back with concern. 


“Y/N is in the hospital.” She said quietly.


Serena stood with a look of shock on her face. What could have happened to put you in the hospital? 


“How are you going to tell Miranda?” She asked instead.


“Beats me, but someone has to.” Emily laughed bitterly. 


She stood and walked to the doorway of Miranda’s office, where the woman was regaling Nigel with the incompetence of her staff, who were standing in the room. Nigel noticed Emily and raised an eyebrow in question, to which she shook her head. His face seemed to pale. 


Unsure of what to do or say, Emily remained standing in the doorway. She kept her hands clasped in front of her to keep from ringing them. 


“Is there a reason for your hovering, Emily?” Miranda asked, her icy gaze resting on her poor assistant.


“Um, well.” She tried, but nothing came out. She froze.


“Do take your time. None of us have jobs to do.” 


The editor rolled her eyes, a devious smirk resting on her face. She drew a sort of horrible glee from seeing her employees squirm.


“Y/N is in the hospital.” Serena said.


Any movement in the room stopped immediately. The run-through team held their breath, looking to Miranda. 


Upon hearing the words, Miranda felt her heart drop into her stomach. Her hands gripped the edge of her desk hard. Besides something happening to her daughters, something happening to you had become her worst nightmare. 


“Excuse me?” She asked, tone just above a whisper. 


“She’s conscious, she called to let me know herself where she was,” Emily rushed out, before anyone could make the situation worse, “Something occurred that caused her to collapse, but-“


“I’ve heard enough.” 


Miranda was out of her seat the second Emily mentioned that you were awake. That you weren’t gravely injured or in a coma. Her fear eased slightly, but it wouldn’t vanish until she saw you. She was barreling through the office without a care for what was on her agenda.


“Cancel any meetings for the rest of the day and get Roy here immediately. I want access to her room upon my arrival; I don’t care what favors you have to promise or whose egos you have to stroke, get me into that room.” 


She snatched her coat and purse from Serena’s hands, rattling off the demands without slowing her pace. Then she was ensconced in the elevator while everyone looked at one another in shock.


“Do you think she’s going to fire her?” Emily asked Nigel, who laughed.


“I think that is the last thing she plans on doing. Now I’d get on the phone with Roy…”


Eyes widening, Emily let out a yelp, rushing towards her desk. Nigel just shook his head; of course Miranda would hold out on her feelings until you fell injured. 




In your hospital room, you were trying valiantly to hold back tears. Your head was leant back against the pillows, eyes closed. All you could see was Miranda’s face in your mind. 


You weren’t sure what happened; one second you were walking down 35th, the next a paramedic was standing over you hounding you for information. If you hadn’t been in an ambulance racing through traffic, you would have demanded they let you out. You had a job to do. 


Now, you couldn’t. You had let down the editorial team and Miranda by proxy. It hurt you in a million different ways, but you accepted that you were out of a job. That you would no longer spend the days around the woman you secretly loved. 


It sent a pang of pain through your chest. You squeezed your eyes shut against it. Remaining strong, even now, was important to you. It wouldn’t do to let your resolve crumble. 


Absentmindedly, you heard someone walk into your room. You let out a loud sigh. 


“Look, doc, I told you I’m fine. My head may be throbbing, but I’m not going to die on you. Though I may if I don’t get something other than hospital food.” You laughed.


“I’m sure that can be arranged.”


You snapped your eyes open at the voice that was clearly not your doctor’s. Standing there, looking divine as ever, was Miranda Priestly. The woman you were hopelessly in love with. 




“No, Donald Trump.” She deadpanned, a smirk pulling at her mouth.


Did Miranda Priestly just make a joke? Your mind asked, though you couldn’t stop the grin that spread on your face. She looked pleased at your reaction. 


“You didn’t have to come all this way, you know,” You said softly, reality creeping back in, “I told Emily that I could have my desk cleared as soon as they discharged me.” 


“I beg your pardon?” Miranda said, feeling as if the breath had been stolen from her lungs. 


“I know how busy your schedule is- Hell, I arranged it. You didn’t have to come all the way here to let me go.” 


“Is that why you think I’m here? To fire you?” 


“...Isn’t it?” 


Miranda let out a hollow sounding laugh, pinching the bridge of her nose. You watched her with thinly veiled confusion. Then she walked to your bedside, hesitantly placing her hand on top of yours. Your heart stopped. 


“Silly girl,” Miranda said softly, “Do you think I would come here for something as menial as that? Do you think I’d race here, heart pounding with fear, to fire you?”


You felt like you were in a dream. Given that you were in a hospital, it didn’t seem too outlandish that you were imagining it. But when Miranda leant in and placed a soft kiss on your lips, you knew this was reality. This was no mere dream. 


She made to pull away from you, offended at your lack of response, but you wouldn’t let her. Grabbing the lapels of her blazer, you dragged her lips back to yours for a long kiss. 


When you finally separated, you felt like you were riding a cloud. This was never what you expected to happen. It was wilder than your wildest dreams. 


“So… I take it I’m not fired?” You asked with a cheeky smile. 


And so overcome with happiness, Miranda let her normal mask drop, throwing her head back and letting out a joyful laugh.