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pas de trois

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“It’s odd to see you look so formal.” Kojiro says, to break the ice, avoiding the much more obvious oddity that is Adam sitting next to Kaoru in Sia la Luce in the middle of the day. Maybe a beef would have been easier. He turns the sign on the door to ‘Closed’ and goes behind the counter, to choose a bottle of wine. Something sweet, preferably with a high percentage of alcohol.

“Formal? I’m not even wearing a tie today.” Adam replies, pulling his own shirt a bit to look at it, as if to make sure he’s telling the truth. He doesn’t so much look out of place as he clearly feels it and Kojiro almost feels sorry for him. Almost. 

“Do you have anything to say for yourself?” Kaoru asks, playing with his fan. His tone is judgmental, and although Kojiro knows how much he wants him here, he’s not sure Adam will understand. He takes another peek at the table and sighs at being proven right. Adam seems even more flustered than before.

“…This is a waste of time.”

He comes back just in time to put his hand on his shoulder and push him down, preventing him for getting up. 

“Stop being so dramatic,” he says, placing the now opened bottle of red wine in the middle of them, and quickly comes back with three glasses. “You’ve got to start somewhere.”



“I have a proposition for you, Adam,” Kaoru says. ”To make it up to us.” They’re on their fourth bottle and, after the first one, Adam had insisted on the best wine, his treat. It’s the kind of expensive wine Kojiro keeps around for clients like Adam (well, like Ainosuke Shindo, at least), but he had never expected him to actually be the one ordering. 


“Since you fucked with us, I think it’s only fair if we get to fuck you.”

Kojiro almost spits his drink. He looks from one to the other and then back again, from Kaoru’s sly grin to Adam’s raised eyebrow. Adam picks up his glass, twirls his wine around for a few seconds, before taking a sip. He faces Kaoru again.

“Sure,” he says, with an equally mischievous smile. “Why not.” 

“Are you serious?” Kojiro asks, unsure of whose actions he finds more unexpected. They both turn to face him, twin trickster foxes, and Kojiro feels like taking a step back, a sense of déjà vu clogging his mind.

“Ah, I see. Is this too spicy for you, Joe? I always knew Cherry was the kinky one.”

Kojiro frowns, crosses his arms. “Are you implying I’m too vanilla for a threesome?”

“Did I stutter?” Adam replies, not missing a beat. Kaoru has to hide his laughter behind his fan, not out of politeness (especially not towards Kojiro), but because laughing with Adam this way, being charmed by him, is probably a bit too close to the past. He can’t let himself believe in that again, even with making amends and four bottles of wine.

It’s not as if Kojiro needed provocation to agree to any activity of the sort, but Adam is looking at him, seductive and amused, and he doesn’t mind letting him think he’s won. “Upstairs.”


“He lives in the floor above the restaurant,” Kaoru explains, taking hold of Adam’s arm. “That’s our cue.”



“Where is the rope?”

“It’s in your drawer.” Kojiro replies, not bothering to look from his spot on the bed, hand in Adam’s thigh. He’s lost most of his clothes by now and is in the process of making Adam want to get out of his. 

“No, it’s not, you must have—” Kaoru cuts himself short then, which means he must found what he was looking for where Kojiro said it would be. He comes back, focusing on Adam in order to avoid the deserved ‘I told you so’ look.

Adam raises an eyebrow, surprised but seemingly amused, as he takes a look at what Kaoru is holding. “Are those for me?”

“Yes,” Kaoru says, a bit giddy in his tipsiness. Kojiro puts an arm around his shoulders.

“And, uh, Adam… You’re up for this?”

Adam smirks. “I’m up for anything as long as you don’t bore me.”

“Oh, don’t you worry,” Kojiro says, rising to the challenge. He lets Adam finish unbuttoning his shirt before he pushes him roughly to lie on the large bed. “Boredom will be the last thing in your mind.”

He gets on top of Adam, and Kaoru watches them for a while, as they kiss and remove the rest of their clothes. 

“Give him to me,” Kaoru says. Adam raises an eyebrow at being referred to in that way, but doesn’t seem to mind being handed over otherwise. Expertly, Kaoru ties Adam’s wrists behind his back, and then binds his arms to his torso as well, the red rope across his chest making his nipples even more prominent. It’s simple, compared to the kind of knots Kaoru usually favors, but he is drunk and this is not a usual situation. Adam tries to move his arms, experimentally, and lets out a short breathy laugh as he finds out just how tightly tied they are. 

Standing behind Adam, Kojiro pulls him towards his chest, causing him to let out a cute surprised sound. He traces Adam’s abdomen with the tips of his fingers, speaks seductively into his ear as he moves his hand lower. “Does this make you feel more sensitive?”

“Yes…” Adam says, relaxing against him. Kaoru comes closer too, exchanges a look with Kojiro before he spreads Adam’s legs and kneels between them. As Kojiro kisses his shoulder and teases his growing arousal, Kaoru leans in and starts sucking on one of his nipples, making him moan. He switches to the other nipple, and once they’re both erect, he pulls away, observes his work.

“Ready for more?” 

“Always,” Adam says, cheeks a little red, flashing him a grin. Kaoru picks up the clamps, connected by a thin silver chain, and attaches them to Adam’s nipples, tightens them until he makes a noise. It makes Kaoru smile, and he plays with the chain for a while, as Adam squirms in Kojiro’s embrace.

“You look good like this.” Kaoru says, tracing the chain with his fingers and then giving it another pull, causing him to moan again. “Really good… Imagine if we took a photo of you like this, spread it around. Then everyone would know how much of a slut Adam is… Or, even better, Diet member Ainosuke Shindo…?”

“Ah… ” Adam sighs, growing even more aroused by the idea. “Do it…”


“Take a picture… I want you to send it to my dog.”

“You… what?”

“My secretary, Tadashi.” Adam says, laughing to himself. “Use my phone.”

Kojiro just stares at him, while Kaoru goes through Adam’s clothes on the floor. Once he finds his phone, he sits back on the bed and unlocks the screen. “Your birthday, really? You should use stronger passwords, Adam.” 

Uninterested in appearing in any photos, Kojiro moves out of the way, settling behind Kaoru instead. He puts his chin on his shoulder, arms around his waist. Adam looks at him from the screen. 

“You really are a slut, aren’t you, Adam?” Kaoru says, amused and aroused. He chooses the right angle, takes the picture, sends it to Adam’s secretary. “There.” Kojiro keeps silent about the fact that he also sends the picture to himself, vaguely wondering if it will be future blackmail or masturbation material. 

“Let me see.” Adam says, dragging himself closer, but Kaoru puts the phone away.

“You can see it later.” Kaoru pulls his yukata up to his waist and takes off his underwear, throwing it to the floor afterwards. He opens his legs, with Adam in the middle of them. “But since you’re here, you can make yourself useful,” he finishes, digging his fingers into Adam’s hair and pushing him down towards his erection. He leans back against Kojiro, a pleased sigh leaving his lips as Adam takes him in his mouth. 

Not wanting to let Adam monopolize Kaoru’s moans, Kojiro pushes his long hair to the side to kiss and then bite his neck. He makes a satisfied little noise, tilts his head to the side to give him better access. 

“I can’t believe you’re still this dressed,” he says, as he slips Kaoru’s yukata down his shoulders. 

“Not everyone likes to lose their clothes in five seconds.” 

“You should give it a try sometime,” he replies, in between kisses to the newly exposed skin. He undoes Kaoru’s obi and once it’s out of the way he pushes the yukata lower. He teases his nipples, his sides, kisses his shoulders and neck, as Kaoru keeps letting out soft aroused sounds, still gripping Adam’s hair, making his head bob up and down at his will.

Kojiro sits closer, lets him feel his erection against his back. “Don’t you want to feel me inside you?” Kaoru makes a noise, and Kojiro can practically see the gears turning in his brain, trying to decide which of them he wants to finish with. “I’m waiting, Kaoru…” he whispers, and then licks his ear, slowly, squeezing his nipples between his fingers at the same time.

It works. Kaoru pushes Adam away with no ceremony, and half turns to Kojiro, to grab the hair on the back of his head and pull him in for a hungry kiss. “Fuck me now,” he whispers, needy against his lips. Kojiro kisses him back, and they roll in bed until Kojiro is pinning him down.

“This is awfully rude of you, you know.”

The expression on Adam’s face as he looks at them, offended at being replaced like that, makes Kojiro let out a laugh, which he softens by petting his hair and giving him a kiss. “Don’t worry, we’ll get back to you…” 

Adam just gives him an undignified ‘hmph’ sound in response. Kojiro gently leads him to lie on his back, and then he adds, in a low voice for only Adam to hear, “It won’t take long. Kaoru’s already close because you did such a good job.”

“Of course I did a good job.” Adam says, trying to pretend the praise doesn’t work on him.

“And now you’ll keep being good and wait, won’t you… Ai-chan?” The pet name is a wild guess, but he can practically see the hearts in Adam’s eyes when he says it. He traces his lips with his thumb. Adam opens his mouth in anticipation, but Kojiro pulls his hand away, pleased with this needy display. “Say it.”

“I’ll wait.” 

“Good boy.” It’s not all that Kojiro wanted to hear, but it’s alright. He can finally give his full attention to Kaoru. 

He settles between his spread legs, licks his lips at the sight. Golden eyes looking up at him, full of longing and lust, cheeks flushed, long hair splayed out in the pillow. Waiting for him, hard. His open yukata makes him look even more disheveled than if he were fully nude, and the contrast of this disarray with how he usually carries himself makes Kojiro’s arousal throb. 

“What are you waiting for?”

“Just enjoying the view, princess.” Kojiro says, with a smile that becomes even more smug as Kaoru turns his face to the side, embarrassed. 

“The view might decide there’s better ways to get off after all, so hurry.”

“Yes, your highness.”

He picks up the lube, stretches him. He could make Kaoru come with just his fingers, which would be hot but not what he promised. So he lubes himself as well, finally enters him. Kaoru moans as he starts thrusting, wraps his arms and legs around him.

“You’re so loud, Cherry Blossom.”

“Fuck off.” Kaoru pants, not even looking in Adam’s direction. 

“Don’t mind him, Kaoru…” Kojiro says, between kisses. "He’s just eager to join the fun.” He moves one of his hands to Kaoru’s arousal, starts rubbing him, and he digs his nails into his back, making him moan as well, half from pleasure half from pain. 

He kisses Kaoru as he comes in his hand, plants little kisses in his chest and face as his body relaxes. When Kaoru opens his eyes, there is a rare softness to his gaze that never fails to melt Kojiro.

He pulls away, straightens his back. Eyes locked with Kaoru’s, he starts licking his fingers, but then a better idea comes to his mind. He smiles and moves over to Adam, places his fingers right above his lips. 

“Open up,” he says, and Adam is surprised but obeys, licking him clean. Kaoru manages to grow even redder at the sight. Kojiro drags his fingers down Adam’s neck, over the rope across his chest, lightly pulls the chain that connects his nipples. 

“You can just put it in.” Adam interrupts, impatient, his red eyes full of lust and almost too intense.

“Do you think you deserve it, Ai-chan?” he asks, suddenly squeezing his arousal. Adam nearly jumps. 


Adam spreads his legs, tries to make himself as inviting as possible, and Kojiro has no reasons to resist. Soon, Adam is moaning his name.


“Slow down, Kojiro…” Kaoru says. He’s lying down on his stomach, casually holding his chin in his hand.” I want to see him beg.” 

After Kojiro eases his rhythm, Kaoru intertwines his fingers with the chain of the nipple clamps, pulls it. A light pull at first, and then harder, making Adam gasp. Adam turns his face to Kaoru, smiling and a little breathless. “You can’t get me to beg with that, Cherry Blossom.”

In fact, he looks even more pleased now, with all this stimulation happening at the same time, so Kojiro stops moving. It takes Adam a moment to react. “Start moving again, Joe.” 

“Magic words?”


“Hey,” Kaoru says, pulling Adam’s hair, to have him meet his eyes “I’m the one you should beg to.”

“I fail to see why.”

“Is that so?” Kaoru says, that sly smile back again. He pets Adam’s hair, and then lets go, straightens his back. ”Kojiro, pull out.”  Before Kojiro can voice the unfairness of it, Kaoru throws him a quick flirty look and then delicately pulls a strand of hair behind his ear. “I’ll finish you real good if you do.”

“Well, when you put it that way…” He takes the deal and can’t help but laugh a little at Adam’s shocked expression. “Sorry, Ai-chan. Guess we’ll have to play another time.”

Adam looks from Kojiro to Kaoru and frowns, before deciding he doesn’t want to look at either of them, embarrassed. It’s cute. “I wasn’t expecting that from you.”

“You should have,” Kojiro grins. “He’s the kind of nerd who makes his computer call him ‘master’.”

“Her name is Carla.”

“Can we not talk about Carla during sex?”

“You’re the one who brought her up.”

“Yeah, but that was not what I-“ Kojiro starts before he’s interrupted by Adam kicking him with his knee. Kojiro yelps, more in surprise than anything else, but  Adam doesn’t even bother addressing him, he just looks at Kaoru out of the corner of his eye and speaks in a low voice.

“I’ll call you master if I don’t have to listen to this any longer.”

“Master?” Kaoru blinks, but his surprise is quickly replaced with a smile. ”Well, if you insist.”

“Let him fuck me, master.”

“Hm… no.” Kaoru says, smiling wider at Adam’s frown. 

“What do you mean, ‘no’?”

“It didn’t sound sincere. I’m sure you can do better than that.”

“He just needs some encouragement,” Kojiro says, before Adam can complain. He pours some lube into his hand and strokes Adam’s arousal, but only for a moment, lightly. Adam whines when he stops, thrusts his hips to no avail. Kojiro’s own erection is in desperate need of attention, but he has always been patient, and breaking Adam for Kaoru’s satisfaction is a dish worth waiting for. 

“Don’t you want me, Joe?”

“You’ve got to get Kaoru’s permission first,” Kojiro says, following it with a kiss to Adam’s abdomen. He teases him with his fingers, curls them inside him and Adam moans, only to be left empty again right after. Adam swears in frustration, and Kojiro hopes he’ll give in soon. He moves to lay on top of Adam, lets him feel his arousal, heavy as he slowly rubs himself against him and caresses his waist. 

“I really want to fuck you, Ai-chan,” Kojiro whispers in a smooth, low voice, before he licks his ear. “And you want to please me, don’t you?”

“Yes…” Adam is panting, red, desperate, making sounds at every touch. Kojiro kisses his neck and then bites down hard.  “Ah…! Please, Cherry… Master…”

“Fine,” Kaoru finally concedes, pleased with himself. “Turn him around and fuck him like the slut he is.”

Kojiro wastes no time in following his orders. He turns Adam around, so that his face is against one of the pillows, and his ass is up in the air. Digging his fingers into Adam’s hips, he enters him at last, causing them both to sigh in relief. They’ve been edged enough, and Kojiro pounds him hard and fast, no more time for teasing.

“T-touch me, Joe…”

Kojiro does, making him even more of a moaning mess until he comes, trembling all over. 

“And you said I was loud?”

Adam doesn’t reply to Kaoru’s taunt, too lost in his orgasm. He keeps moaning, more weakly now, as Kojiro thrusts, until he comes too, inside him. When he pulls out, Kaoru is ready to receive him in his arms, and Adam lets himself fall to the bed, rolling over to his side. They let him stay like that, regaining his breath. 

“Are you okay?” Kojiro asks, after a while.

The answer is just a groan, but Adam looks satisfied enough, even if a little dazed, and Kojiro takes it as a ‘yes’. He helps him up to a sitting position, and Kaoru carefully removes the nipple clamps, leaving his nipples dark and swollen. Finally, he unties him, puts the red rope to the side. 

The three of them end up sitting together, with Kojiro in the middle. Unexpectedly, Adam leans against him, slowly tracing the rope marks in his arm with the tips of his fingers. Once he’s feeling a bit more like himself, he picks up his cigarette box from his discarded clothes. 

“Hey, no smoking in the room.”

For a moment, Adam looks like he’s going to retort, surprised at being given an order outside of sex, but then decides against it and stops himself from lighting it. Instead, he gets up, cigarette still in his lips, and takes his lighter and phone to the window. Kojiro watches as he opens it and leans into the window sill, cum dripping to his thighs. He finally lights the cigarette and brings the phone to his ear.

“Puppy! Did you get my text? … Oh, really? Ah… So there were people around? Hmhm… How did that make you feel…? Did you like it?”


“Why did you call him Ai-chan?” Kaoru suddenly asks, a distraction from Adam’s private phone call, to which Kojiro is thankful for.

“Because he seemed to be into it?”

“Yes, but how did you know? Don’t say a-“

“-a hunch?” Kojiro completes, with a smug smile on his lips, before Kaoru can end the sentence. He receives an eye-roll and a groan in response, that makes him snort a little laughter. “When you go with the flow, things just come to you. Not everything needs calculations, Kaoru.”

“You’re impossible.” Kaoru replies, but still he leans against him, lets his head fall against his shoulder. 

Kojiro puts an arm around him, plays with Kaoru’s hair, lets his fingers intertwine with the long strands of pink. Adam seems to have finished his call, but not his cigarette. Or maybe it’s a second one? He hopes he’s not throwing them outside. A comfortable silence settles between the three of them. Adam is in his own world, which means Kojiro and Kaoru can be in theirs.

“Hey, what about you? Are you okay?” Kojiro whispers against Kaoru’s hair.

“Huh? Of course. Why are you asking that?”

“You know. You and Adam…”

“It was my idea, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah, but you’re not known for taking the best decisions when drunk.” And then he adds, unable to resist, “Or sober, anyways.” It earns him an elbow to the ribs, but it’s worth it. Even more so when Kaoru nuzzles into his shoulder afterwards.

“In any case, I’m fine. You don’t have to worry. Idiot.”

A few moments go by, Kojiro playing with Kaoru’s hair in peaceful silence, until Adam’s attention turns back to them.

“If you want to take a shower, there’s-“

“No need, I’ll just go like this. Tadashi should arrive soon.” Adam bites his lip, but his smile spreads wide anyways. “Dogs have a very good sense of smell, you know?”

Kojiro raises his eyebrows and blinks. He refrains from commenting any further, deciding he does not need to know the details of whatever it is Adam and his ‘secretary’ have going on. “But you’ll be going dressed, I hope…?”

“Obviously. I’m not mad.” 

Kojiro refrains from commenting on that either.

Adam picks up each item of clothing from the floor, and Kaoru gets his glasses from the nightstand, but makes no movement for his own clothes. Once dressed, Adam looks at himself in the mirror, runs a hand through his hair. It’s messy, completely devoid of any styling, and he smiles to himself before walking towards the door. 

“I’ll just see myself out,” he says, casually. He looks over his shoulder briefly, gives them a short but honest smile. “See you two in S.” 

They hear Adam’s footsteps down the stairs, listen to the bell that signals he went out through the restaurant instead of the backdoor. The window is still open but the weather is hot outside, and even the breeze that comes in is warm. 

“Well, this was… interesting.” Kojiro says. 

Kaoru laughs into his shoulder.




“Were you jealous?”


“How sweet.” Ainosuke pulls him to bed by his tie, so that Tadashi is standing on fours between his legs. He smiles at the way Tadashi’s gaze travels over his body, taking in the marks of hickeys and bites and ropes. “You know, Tadashi… If you don’t like their drawings, you can paint over them.”

Tadashi raises his eyes to meet Ainosuke’s, a little wide, surprised, a slight blush tinting his cheeks. Cute.

“I want you to do it.” Ainosuke purrs, in a lower, commanding voice. 

And Tadashi, obedient puppy that he is, paints over in the most satisfying way.