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Cosplay Confession No Jutsu

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To be completely honest, Yuuji had at first only joined the anime club because Junpei had asked him to—Junpei’s argument had been pretty convincing that since their school pretty much only allowed every student to join one club, all the sports clubs would stop hounding Yuuji if he joined.

(Sadly, freshmen weren’t allowed to form clubs on their own, or else he and Junpei would have created a horror movie club, but there was still time to do that later.)

He had planned to only maybe drop in on days where they were doing horror anime after the first meeting, but when he had walked in that day and seen for the first time ever, Fushigruo Megumi smile while watching Deca-Dence

(In his defense, he’s pretty sure half the school has a crush on Fushiguro.

Like yeah, he’s technically the banchou of the entire school, but the only really delinquent thing he does is beat up all the other delinquents until he’s sitting on top of a pile of them, so he’s nothing like those guys who used to pick on Junpei, and for the most part, he’s quiet and just so hot.

Also, they volunteer at the same animal shelter, and every single dog there is in love with Fushiguro, and Yuuji can’t resist a pretty guy who could kick his ass with a bunch of happy dogs, okay.)

Yeah, he makes it to every anime club meeting after that, no matter how Junpei shakes his head and laughs at him.

It really is a fun club though—besides Fushiguro who quietly always saves him and Junpei a seat, there’s also Kugisaki Nobara who has opinions on magical girl animes and shonen animes but is always there to back him and Junpei on their horror anime selections, Zen’in Maki who mainly seems to come to meetings because Kugisaki drags her to them, Okkotsu Yuuta who is always there with more anime/manga recommendations and homework tips, Inumaki Toge who never says much but always has snacks ready for them, Panda who is definitely pretty interesting, and their club advisor, Gojo Satoru is happy to let them watch pretty much whatever they want, provided he also gets to do running commentary.

Fushiguro and Kugisaki are always throwing things at him to try to get him to shut up, but Yuuji really appreciates Gojo-sensei’s comments and ideas! His latest idea was especially amazing.

Kugisaki just gives him a flat look. “Making us do the Haruhi Suzumiya dance in exchange for free con passes is not amazing, are you brain-damaged or do you just need extra points in history that bad?”

“Hey, it’s free passes!” Yuuji protests, holding up his hands. “I don’t really care if I have to dance five anime dances to get a free con pass!”

“But he’s filming us and will definitely blackmail us with them later,” Fushiguro says gloomily.

Yuuji shrugs, glancing over at Fushiguro. “I mean—we’ll practice so we’ll look good doing it? And I’m sure you’ll be great at it, Fushiguro—I saw the DDR video your sister posted of you guys once!”

Fushiguro rubs the back of his neck while looking over at him. “Ah—I haven’t done that in awhile—I should really tell Tsumiki to take it down—”

“You shouldn’t, it was really good!” Yuuji insists, before grinning. “If you haven’t been in awhile—well, after we figure out the Haruhi dance, maybe we could go to the arcade?”

Fushiguro blinks at him, staring at him and not saying anything for awhile, before Junpei glances between the two of them, clears his throat, and says, “Well, if you don’t want to go to the arcade with Yuuji, then—”

“No—I’ll go,” Fushiguro cuts in, looking down at his hands. “After—after we figure out the Haruhi dance, though.”

“Great!” Yuuji beams at him, giving a discreet thumbs up to Junpei (best wingman, seriously), while already planning out all the games at the arcade they could do together.

(DDR, of course, and then maybe some racing and shooting games too—the UFO catchers are good for leaning over someone’s back to guide their hands, but maybe Fushiguro is already good at those—

Could he pretend not to really know how to do those games in that case?)

Kugisaki rolls her eyes and announces, “You guys are all idiots. Anyway—I hate Gojo’s stupid dumb idea, but free passes are free passes. So us four plus Maki can be a group—”

“Are you sure Yuuta and them won’t call dibs on her first?” Junpei asks.

I already called dibs on her,” Kugisaki replies smugly, showing off a text from Maki on her phone before continuing, “While we’re here though, we do need to discuss an even more important topic—what we’re all going to be cosplaying as at the con. I’m already going to be Tenten from Naruto , and Maki thinks being Neji is cool, and obviously Fushiguro should just strap on a headband and call himself Sasuke.”

“Uh—why should I be Sasuke?” Fushiguro demands as both Junpei and Yuuji nod wisely. “Can’t I be Itachi?”

“I’m already Itachi,” Junpei says serenely. “I already made the Akatsuki coat and everything. And you’ll be a great Sasuke—it’s your hair, you hardly have to do anything to it.”

“If we’re going by hair, then Itadori should be Sakura,” Fushiguro says, pointing at Yuuji’s pink locks.

Yuuji shrugs, tugging at his bangs. “Sure, sounds cool, Sakura’s timeskip outfit is nice.”

Fushiguro stares at him for a bit before asking, “Then—you won’t mind cosplaying as a girl?”

“Hey, Sakura’s awesome!” Yuuji points out. “It’s not her fault the manga-ka shafted her!”

“That, and she should have totally ended up with Ino,” Kugisaki adds, crossing her arms.

Yuuji’s jaw drops open as he stares at her. “…Oh my god, I never thought of that—you’re right , the whole old friends, then enemies, then frenemies thing—why did I never think of that?”

“Because you bought into the entire heteronormative trap,” Kugisaki sniffs. “Don’t even get me started on the Naruto/Sasuke gay-baiting.”

Yuuji nods wisely. “Now that I did pick up on.”

“Naruto should have totally ended up with Gaara,” Fushiguro suddenly speaks up, glancing between them. “They are complete foils of each other, Naruto basically saved Gaara from himself, they get along well, and Gaara isn’t a dick in the end like Sasuke is.”

“Oh hey, you’re right,” Junpei muses, propping his hand on his cheek. “That would have made an excellent narrative arc.”

“…huh,” Yuuji says, picturing it out in his head (it really did make sense now that he thought about it…also did it improve his chances if Fushiguro shipped a gay pairing? It at least didn’t hurt his chances, right?). “Yeah—that probably would have been better than what we got. So—you don’t want to cosplay Sasuke because he’s kind of a dick?”

“…I’ll cosplay pre-timeskip Sasuke just because his costume post-timeskip is stupid,” Fushiguro states before glancing over at Yuuji. “He’s definitely a dick, but—well, I don’t want to wear a wig, so I’ll just cosplay him.”

(He’s really glad because even if Sasuke is kind of a dick, he thinks Fushiguro would make an awesome Sasuke.

Also—it’s a bonus that he gets to cosplay as his canon love interest, even if their canon relationship was bullshit!

Maybe they will even get asked to pose for couple pictures at the con—

Not that Yuuji will do anything Fushiguro is uncomfortable with!

It’s already a dream come true for him to be able to go to an anime convention with him in a couple cosplay!)

“It’s settled then,” Junpei nods and then looks at Yuuji. “Remember to ask your cousins for tips—they were so helpful with suggestions for my Itachi cosplay! Choso even let me borrow a sewing machine!”

“Yeah, they’re pretty great, and I’ll definitely go to them for help,” Yuuji says with a grin. “I think they’ve done Naruto character cosplays before so—”

The door bangs open, and Gojo comes striding in, tapping the folders he’s carrying in his hand against his shoulder as he grins at all of them. “What’s this I hear about Naruto character cosplay? Have you guys actually managed to convince Megumi to embrace the emo-Sasuke look he was born to do?”

Fushiguro rolls his eyes and tosses a crumpled paper ball at him, which Gojo catches without a bat of an eye. “I was never born to be emo.”

“No, you were just born to be a hellion,” Gojo says easily, setting down both the paper ball and his folders. “And it’s great, we’ll all match! I already have my Kakashi cosplay ready, Nanako and Mimiko will be going as Tayuya and demon Tayuya respectively, Tsumiki is going as Haku, and once Suguru finally decides if he’s going to be going as Obito or Gai, our family cosplay will all be set!”

Fushiguro puts his head in his hands, and both Junpei and Kugisaki make protesting noises about the Gai option. Even Yuuji blanches a bit while imagining Fushiguro’s other adoptive dad in that costume, so he hesitantly says, “…Sensei, no offense, but I don’t think anyone would look good in a Gai wig.”

“I know , so despite the troll potential of it, and the fact that Suguru playing my psychotic ex is like, really hot, Suguru is probably going to go with Obito,” Gojo nods as he hops onto his desk and perches there while beaming at them over his sunglasses. “So—if Megumi is Sasuke, what are the rest of you? Let me guess—Junpei here screams Itachi, Nobara, you keep practicing putting up buns in my class, so I’m guessing Tenten—which probably makes Maki, Neji then—and Yuuji, are you going as Naruto?”

“Sakura actually,” Yuuji grins while tugging on his hair and slinging an arm over Fushiguro’s shoulders. “Fushiguro was the one who suggested it!”

“Oh? Well, well, well—who would have thought you had that in you, Megumi?” Gojo grins at Fushiguro as though he’s a cat who has spotted a fat bird. “Never knew you were interested in that—

I just said that your hair color matched,” Fushiguro protests, pulling a bit away from Yuuji but not entirely out of his grasp. “You were the one who said you wouldn’t mind cosplaying as Sakura.”

“Does that mean you don’t want to see Itadori as your Sakura, Fushiguro?” Kugisaki asks, crossing her arms and looking at both of them.

“That’s not what I said—why do the two of you keep putting words in my mouth,” Fushiguro sighs, his cheeks a tiny bit pink as he turns to face Yuuji. “You should—you should definitely cosplay as whoever you want.”

(Okay, so if Fushiguro hadn’t mentioned Sakura, Yuuji probably really would have gone as Naruto or maybe borrowed Choso’s Gaara cosplay if he was feeling especially lazy, but now that it’s totally a valid option that Fushiguro hadn’t seemed opposed to, like hell was Yuuji going to let the chance at couple photos slip through his hands.)

“I don’t really want to wear a wig or dye my hair either, so I’ll just go with Sakura,” Yuuji says, copying Fushiguro’s reasoning and grinning sheepishly at him. “It’ll be fun!”

“…Yeah,” Fushiguro ducks his head and nods, not moving any further away from his grasp. “But anyway—don’t we still need to figure out who is doing what part of the Haruhi dance?”

Gojo claps his hands. “I can’t wait to see that! Don’t worry, Megumi—I’ve already told Tsumiki all about it, and we’re going to livestream it so Nanako and Mimiko can watch it live too!”

“I hate you so much.” Fushiguro groans and slumps against the desk, burying his head in his arms.

“It’ll be great, you’ll see, Fushiguro!” Yuuji says, patting him on the back. “Just think of the free con pass and how much fun we’ll all have at the con!”

Fushiguro turns his head so that he can peek up at Yuuji, and the corners of his lips twitch ever so slightly up. “…Yeah.”

And that slight smile carries Yuuji all through everyone fighting over who gets to be the two guys in the dance since they do the least (because Yuuji is too happy, everyone pushes him front and center for the dance), Kugisaki yelling at him to not do the gestures of the dance so hard that he slaps their heads, and Mai popping her head in during the middle of practice to giggle behind her hand at Maki while filming her (“She doesn’t even go here?!” Kugisaki yells as Maki chases her twin away).

(He’s going to need the best Sakura cosplay ever so maybe he can coax a few more smiles out of Fushiguro.

Thankfully, his cousins are both really nice and pro-cosplayers, so he has this in the bag .)


“A Sakura cosplay?” Choso asks, tilting his head. “Well, we’ve never done one before, but I’m sure it won’t be too hard to put together—it’s definitely easier than a Sailor Moon or Madoka Magica cosplay anyway. Kechizu, we still have those cardboard shuriken, right? And I can definitely make the outfit, and we’ll just need to style your hair a bit, and maybe some colored contacts if you’re feeling like that…Eso, you have some ideas?”

“Oh definitely, but I’m also wondering—who is Megumi cosplaying as?” Eso asks with a wink.

Yuuji flushes, rubbing the back of his head. “Well—he’s going as Sasuke—even though he thinks he’s a dick—but he doesn’t need a wig for it or anything, so he just gave in to us in the end.”

“Did he give in before or after you said you were going to be doing Sakura?” Eso asks eagerly, as Kechizu digs out a box of really realistic looking shuriken and hands it to him with a grin.

“Uh—well, after I guess—but don’t get any ideas guys, I still can’t tell if he’s into me yet,” Yuuji says, holding his hands up before swishing around one of the cardboard shuriken. “Wow—Kechizu, this is so great, I can’t even tell it’s cardboard just by looking at it!”

Kechizu happily blushes while Eso snorts, pushing Yuuji over to one of the vanities set up and starting to fiddle around with his hair. “Yes, because all teenage boys make their volunteer schedule at the animal shelter sync up with yours and agree to cosplay as the douchiest character who happens to be your cosplay character’s canon love interest in order to just be ‘bros’ with you.”

(On the one hand, yeah, Eso did seem to have a point.

On the other, Eso liked matchmaking so much that it’s  his side hustle at this point, so Yuuji isn’t entirely sure if he can trust him on that.)

“He’s the banchou of your school, isn’t he?” Choso asks, frowning slightly. “I’m not sure I approve of you getting together with a delinquent…”

“Fushiguro is only banchou because he keeps beating up all the delinquents who bully people, and no one can beat him!” Yuuji quickly points out, keeping still as Eso hums and starts murmuring about extensions. “And besides, he’s a teacher’s kid! His grades are pretty good too, they’re way better than mine!”

“Oh, how did your math test go?” Kechizu asks, going over to a desk to work on what looked like a cardboard Final Fantasy-esque sword. “Did the tips I give you help?”

“Yeah, I was less lost this time, I think I have a chance of passing!” Yuuji grins at Kechizu.

“That’s great, kid! Can’t have you get pulled back a grade and then not be in Megumi’s class anymore, hm?” Eso says cheerily and smiles at him in the mirror before glancing back at Choso. “Besides, relax, big brother—I’ve met the kid once, and I think he’ll suit our Yuuji very well.”

Choso sighs, running a hand through his hair. “Well—if you think so, I guess. I’m just not so sure what to think about someone Sukuna keeps texting me about as well—”

“You tell Sukuna that I called dibs, and Fushiguro wouldn’t want an old man anyway,” Yuuji says immediately, narrowing his eyes.

(Sukuna had met Fushiguro like, twice, and had then taken a creepy interest in him.

Thankfully, Sukuna is off at college now, and even before that, he couldn’t go to the animal shelter because all animals hate Sukuna.)

“He’s your big brother—although not a very good one,” Choso mutters, tapping something into his phone and then looking up again. “Well, either way—we’ll also be at that con, so if you need anything, just skip the line and come to us.”

“Will do! I think Junpei wanted to get some autographs of some pro-cosplayers anyway,” Yuuji agrees. “And Kugisaki is convinced she’s going to get scouted.”

“She does know that cosplayers don’t generally have agents, right?” Choso asks, raising an eyebrow and gesturing around. “When we’re not making costumes and props, we’re off on Instagram or a convention half the time.”

“Yeah, I don’t know if she knows that—who are you guys going to be cosplaying this time?” Yuuji asks, glancing around the room eagerly and seeing a bunch of black cloth and silver wigs. “Final Fantasy?”

“Sephiroth’s Remnants—should be fun,” Choso shrugs. “Lots of overlapping leather though—hope there isn’t an outdoors shoot, we’ll die.”

“Yeah, tons of stitching, and don’t even get me started on the wigs—but no worries Yuuji, we promise we’ll have a Sakura cosplay ready for you that will make sure Megumi can’t take his eyes off you,” Eso reassures him, ruffling his hair.

“Oh come on guys, I can’t just let you do all the work!” Yuuji protests, turning around in the chair. “Put me to work—I know I can’t sew, but maybe I could help with the props or something?”

“Cook something for us!” Kechizu says immediately, “Those meatballs you made before were really good!”

“Yeah, those were good,” Choso nods. “Don’t worry about it, Yuuji—you’re family, and we understand how important impressing your crush is.”

(Even if he’s not super clear on how impressed Fushiguro would be with a flawless Sakura cosplay, he feels all warm and fuzzy inside.

His cousins are the best, seriously.)


They manage to perform the Haruhi dance more or less flawlessly (Yuuji thinks it’s pretty good that at least he wasn’t stepping on anyone’s toes anymore), and besides a few minor hiccups (Junpei accidentally ripping his Akatsuki coat and having to stitch it up again, Naruto headbands being briefly out of stock before Choso found them some extras, and one of Sukuna’s texts briefly making Yuuji nearly have a heart attack thinking that his older brother was also cosplaying before he realized that Sukuna just wanted to hit on hot cosplayers), everything goes smoothly, and Yuuji proudly poses in his Sakura cosplay with his free badge at the con.

Junpei whistles. “Wow, nice, Yuuji! Your Sakura is amazing!”

“Yeah,” Kugisaki nods grudgingly, twirling around her own cardboard shuriken. “Whoever did your hair and makeup was really good—somehow it doesn’t clash at all.”

“Yeah, Eso’s great at that.” Yuuji grins then glances over at Fushiguro who has been staring at him the entire time but hasn’t said a word yet. “So—what do you think, Fushiguro?”

Fushiguro starts, then looks down and mumbles, “It’s—it’s really good. You look—the costume is—it’s very nice. The overall picture… You look really good.”

(From anyone else, this wouldn’t exactly be a ringing endorsement, but from Fushiguro, who looked blankly on at all of Kugisaki’s fashion statements and Sukuna’s fucking thirst traps—

Yuuji is already walking on clouds, and he just wishes he had recorded him saying that.)

Yuuji beams at him and says happily, “Thanks! And you look really good as Sasuke too, Fushiguro! You really look like him right now.”

“Don’t say that,” Fushiguro groans, putting his head in his hands. “I’ve gotten enough emo-boy jokes from Gojo, Nanako, and Mimiko to last a lifetime now.” 

“No, I really mean it! You look—you look like Sasuke fully realized his Uchiha good looks!” Yuuji blurts out.

Fushiguro blinks at him while Kugisaki and Junpei snicker in the background.

(Oh shit, was that too much?

But it’s just an obvious fact that Fushiguro is super hot—it’s the one thing he and Sukuna can actually agree on, even though in Sukuna’s case, it’s super creepy.

Maybe he shouldn’t have mentioned it though?)

“…thanks?” Fushiguro says hesitantly, adjusting the collar of his blue shirt while clearing his throat. “I—didn’t realize you liked the Uchihas so much…”

“I mean, they’re all murderous and cause a good half of the problems in the series, but you can’t deny the appeal,” Yuuji quickly adds.

“As hilarious as your guys’ stupidity is, I’ve got agents to impress and girls to wow,” Kugisaki snaps before waving over at the distance. “Maki-senpai! Wow, you look so good!”

“Thanks, you too, Nobara.” Maki flashes a smile at a swooning Kugisaki before flipping her wig back and looking over Junpei, Fushiguro, and Yuuji. “Junpei, awesome coat. And hey, Fushiguro and Yuuji, you two look really great too—do a couple pose so I can take a picture?”

“Sure!” Yuuji beams at Maki (such a wingwoman, he’s going to have to buy her some Pocky—if Kugisaki doesn’t end up attempting to shower her with them first), before glancing over at Fushiguro. “Uh—only if Fushiguro is okay with it, though!”

“Yeah, I’m fine with it, just—what do you want us to do?” Fushiguro asks, adjusting his headband while looking at Yuuji.

“How—how about—um—how about a hug?” Yuuji suggests, trying not to go overboard with the possibilities.

(There was of course the classic glomp, but would that overwhelm Fushiguro?

Better to not risk it.

There’s also the princess carry—but that seems to be really pushing his luck.)

Fushiguro immediately draws closer to him, raising up an arm and then setting it back down with a cough. “Should I—would it be in character for Sasuke to hug you though? I feel like it’s usually Sakura hugging him…”

“Ah, you’re right,” Yuuji grins and slings an arm over his shoulder before arranging himself to sort of dangle off Fushiguro (whatever deodorant Fushiguro is using smells nice, it’s kind of minty). “Like this? Is that okay?”

“Y—yeah,” Fushigruo mumbles, dipping his head and then awkwardly wrapping one arm around Yuuji’s waist.

“Aw, the perfect awkwardness that embodies the pairing,” Maki snarks, snapping a photo with her phone.

Kugisaki rolls her eyes. “Teenage boys,” she mutters in disgust before patting Junpei’s back in what she probably thought was a reassuring manner. “Not you, Junpei. Well—sometimes you when Itadori ropes you into stuff.”

“Yuuji ropes you into stuff as well,” Junpei points out.

“Yes, but in that case, I’m a goddess taking pity on him,” Kugisaki says bluntly.

Maki laughs and slants a grin at Kugisaki. “I can see that.”

As Kugisaki pinks and reaches up to twirl at her bangs, Yuuji rolls his eyes (for someone so blunt and straightforward, Kugisaki turns into a marshmallow when confronted with her giant crush on Maki) and then perks up when he sees the group heading over towards them. “Gojo-sensei! Wow—that’s an amazing Kakashi cosplay!”

Gojo preens, leaning against the shoulder of Geto in an Obito costume next to him. “Of course, I’m always the best after all.”

“He paid a seamstress to make it for him,” Geto says, rolling his eyes and reaching out to muss up Gojo’s hair.

“Knowing to choose when to hire professionals is also a skill,” Gojo retorts, not missing a beat before grinning at Fushiguro’s arm still wrapped around Yuuji’s waist. “Ohohohoho, are congratulations in order? I certainly hope the two of you are better off than Sasuke and Sakura—”

“Gojo, if you tease Megumi anymore, he’s going to pass out,” Tsumiki gently scolds, lifting up her Haku mask and smiling at them. “Aw, you two look so good together—let me take a picture.”

“Us too!” Nanako says, her twin sister right next to her, also pointing her phone at them. “This is great—never thought we could get Megumi to also cosplay.”

“Of course he’s going to agree when Yuuji-kun asks him though,” Mimiko adds, taking a photo of them.

(What does that mean?

Could that mean that—

He has a chance?)


“Let’s go,” Fushiguro urges him, pulling him forward by the arm, his cheeks a little flushed. “Don’t listen to them—they’re all menaces.”

Fushiguro’s entire family starts whining, besides Tsumiki, who just smiles and covers her mouth as she laughs at them.

“Menaces, did you hear that, Suguru? Do you see what I have to put up with at school?”

“I mean, he sounds the same as ever.”

“See if we ever give you makeup tips again, Megumi!”

“Don’t come crying to us when your eyeliner smears!”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, come on, wasn’t there a magical girl panel you wanted to listen in on?” Fushiguro turns back to ask him.

“Yeah!” Yuuji enthuses, following him along. “It’s supposed to be really good!”

“I helped them compile the materials, so it better be really good,” Kugisaki mutters as she also moves forward with them.

“I hope they show some of that new horror magical girl show too,” Junpei grins.

The panel is as amazing as Yuuji thought it would be, and the con is a lot of fun as well, with tons of amazing art and merch in the Artist Alley, fun and insightful panels, exciting previews, and lots of cool and wonderful cosplayers that Choso, Eso, and Kechizu are happy to introduce them all to.

Junpei takes one look at the line they just skipped, goggles at the slick Sephiroth’s Remnants cosplay Yuuji’s three cousins have going on, and draws close to Yuuji to hiss, “You didn’t tell me your cousin Choso was the Cursed Womb Death Paintings Choso!”

Yuuji scratches his cheek. “Oh—I assumed you knew? Or didn’t know but wouldn’t really care?”

“Wouldn’t really—Yuuji, I have their photobooks —and oh my god, I actually borrowed their sewing machine ,” Junpei breathes, standing there in shock.

Yuuji pats him on the back and pushes him forward in line. “And now you can get a signed photobook! I know they just came out with a new one—and since we’re bros, they may even give one to you for free—”

“I can’t just take a free photobook! ” Junpei says, a horrified expression across his face. “Not when I already borrowed a whole sewing machine from them—”

“They have like seven now, don’t worry,” Yuuji reassures him before grinning and waving at his cousins. “Hey guys! So get this—Junpei is actually a huge fan of you guys, and he didn’t realize that you were the Death Paintings!”

“Why did you tell them that,” Junpei mumbles, kicking Yuuji in the shin before quickly bowing to Yuuji’s cousins. “I really had no idea—I’m so sorry—I didn’t know you were that Choso—”

“No problem, always glad to help out a fan,” Choso says with a gentle smile at him.

“Indeed! And it looks like your coat turned out really marvelous as well—truly one of the best Itachi cosplays I’ve seen,” Eso adds, taking out one of their photobooks and signing it.

Kechizu nods. “You look a lot like him!”

“Wow—thank you so much—it really means a lot coming from you guys,” Junpei says, nearly burying his face in his hands and then peeking out when he saw both Kechizu and Choso also sign the book and hand it to him. “Oh—how much is it, let me get my wallet—”

“It’s free for any friend of Yuuji’s,” Choso says simply, pushing it into his hands.

As Junpei babbles and tries to give it back to them, Kugisaki sighs and turns to them. “Well, Junpei seems occupied here. That’s fine, but I have money I’ve saved, things to buy, and people to wow. Let’s head out.”

Junpei seems fine with just staying to chat with Yuuji’s cousins, so they head into Artist Alley, where besides Kugisaki piling bags and packages into Yuuji’s arms, a lot of people keep stopping them for pictures, including many couple pictures between him and Fushiguro.

A lot of them are fine with the awkward hug pose they have going on, but a few want Sasuke kabedoning Sakura, and one wants Sakura kabedoning Sasuke, both of which Yuuji probably enjoyed too much.

“Was that okay?” he asks worriedly as he picks up all the art and bags that Kugisaki had dumped on him. “They wanted me to loom over you a bit, so I did, but—”

“It was fine,” Fushiguro says gruffly, stuffing his hands in his pockets and looking away before looking back. “Do you—give me some of those bags, this is ridiculous.”

“Are you sure? Kugisaki has sworn to murder us if any of her stuff gets damaged,” Yuuji points out, handing a giant pastel lavender colored narwhale plushie to him.

“She’s not going to murder us with Maki around,” Fushiguro points out, hefting up the plushie. “That’d make her look bad, and Maki likes us.”

“We absolutely have to stay on Maki-senpai’s good side,” Yuuji says fervently before adding, “Not that you have to worry about that—punching your guys’ asshole cousin in the face probably puts you in her permanent good books.”

“I feel like you throwing him out of the room should also earn you a spot,” Fushiguro says with a small smile. “God, what an asshole.”

“I can’t believe either of you are related to him,” Yuuji says, nodding.

“Oh, you haven’t met the rest of the Zen’in family—there’s a lot more where that comes from,” Fushiguro says darkly as they follow after Kugisaki and Maki. “The one great thing my biological dad did was getting out.”

“And then Gojo-sensei took you in! And then later got back together with his ex from high school!” Yuuji sighs dreamily. “It sounds so romantic.”

Fushiguro shudders. “Not romantic when you’re stuck with Nanako and Mimiko as babysitters when they went on dates or when you’re stuck in a house full of the two of them making kissy-faces at each other.”

(Yuuji doesn’t know—it sounds kind of chaotically nice to him.

His immediate family is just his grandfather and Sukuna—and Sukuna should hardly count.

It’d be nice to have a house full of people to talk to.)

“It still seems kind of sweet though,” Yuuji argues earnestly, slanting a look over at Fushiguro. “Have you ever thought about—well, what would you want a relationship with someone to be like?”

Fushiguro stares at him, opens his mouth, then closes it again. He adjusts his headband, then rubs his cheek and says softly, “I—I would like—”


Yuuji slumps and attempts to hide behind Fushiguro and Kugisaki’s packages as Toudou comes barreling in, his 11 th Division Soul Society Captain jacket billowing behind him, bells jangling in his hair, and a pink plushie strapped to his shoulder.

(He had met Toudou back in middle school, a bit after befriending Junpei, and to this day, he’s not entirely sure why Toudou latched onto him.

It could partially be because their preferred types for girls matched up, or it could be the fact that Yuuji is one of the few people who can fight him to a standstill, but Toudou immediately declared them best friends and brothers.

Junpei had been deemed acceptable and friend material by Toudou because Junpei had stated his type was older guys with great butts.)

Fushiguro, for all of his good points, is a slender guy who Yuuji can’t hide completely behind, and all he has time to do is shove all of Kugisaki’s packages over to Fushiguro before Toudou drags him out and declares, “There you are Itadori! Hm, a good choice for cosplay, although obviously you could have done Bleach instead.”

He then turns to Fushiguro while Yuuji is listing out all the reasons Naruto is a great anime and strokes his chin thoughtfully. “….You must be the Fushiguro that Itadori is always talking about.”

Toudou ,” Yuuji squawks. “I didn’t talk about him that much—”

“No yeah, you do,” Toudou says flippantly, cracking his knuckles. “Well, then—Itadori says you can fight, but I have to make sure you’re worthy of my best friend. What kind of girls do you like, Fushiguro?”

Fushiguro blinks, his brow furrowing. “…excuse me?”

“It’s fine if you’re into guys too, as long as you can answer, and the answer isn’t boring,” Toudou continues, waving a massive hand dismissively. “You can tell a lot about someone from their type—for example, Itadori and I have the same type, tall girls with big butts, and therefore, we’re brothers.”

Fushiguro’s expression darkens at that, as he seems to turn the question over in his mind.

(Oh, Fushiguro really doesn’t seem to look happy about this question.

Although, fair, Toudou was—really weird.

Although he can’t deny that he’s also really curious about Fushiguro’s type…

Still, he doesn’t want Toudou suddenly attacking Fushiguro either, so he should probably intervene—)

“I don’t—really have a preference,” Fushiguro says finally, glancing over at Yuuji before looking back at Toudou. “As long as a person is compassionate, then I don’t need anything else.”

(….That meant Yuuji had a chance, right?

It really sounded like that—)

“Boring,” Toudou sniffs, his face hardening before he raises up his fist. “Not worthy of my brother at all—”

Yuuji immediately flashes in front of Fushiguro to block Toudou’s first blow, and grunts as he takes the hit. “Toudou, stop being an asshole—”

“Brother! This man is boring and not worthy of your time!” Toudou declares, trying to dodge around him to get at Fushiguro, but Yuuji quickly snags his coat and lands a solid kick to his chest.

(Hooray for functional slits and shorts on this Sakura cosplay, he’ll need to cook some more meals for Choso or something.)

“Fushiguro isn’t boring!” Yuuji retorts, bringing his arms up. “And besides—”

“And besides, he can fight for himself,” Fushiguro says coldly, dumping all of Kugisaki’s stuff on the ground (oh shit, they’re going to get hell from her), pushing Yuuji back, and taking a stance.

Yuuji goggles at him. “No—wait Fushiguro—you’re good, but Toudou really isn’t playing around here.”

“Damn right, I’m not,” Toudou says, cracking his neck and taking the pink plushie off of his shoulder. “Boring people deserve to be beaten to paste. Get out of the way, brother.”

“I am not getting out of the way, this is such bullshit. Toudou, and Junpei would think so too if he was over here—”

“Junpei would totally agree with me, he’s really vicious when he gets mad, so he should understand my turmoil—”

Stop, ” Maki commands, striding over to them and adjusting her glasses. “If the two of you brawl, you’re going to get us all thrown out of the con.”

Both of them pause at that, with Yuuji glancing back at Fushiguro, while Toudou complains, “They can try, but no matter what, I’m seeing Takada today. She’s cosplaying for the first time, and it’s as Sailor Mars—”

“Which means this is an opportunity to get some publicity and make up for my packages on the ground,” Kugisaki says, rubbing her hands together as she walks up and then loudly announces, “Ladies and gentlemen and con-goers! Zaraki Kenpachi vs. Haruno Sakura, fight to the first hit!”

“First hit?” Yuuji interjects, frowning. “We usually fight to the floor—”

“The con is definitely not going to let you fight to the floor,” Kugisaki points out before gesturing for the two of them to back up a bit. “Come on then, let’s get a ring going, and Maki can do the countdown.”

“Toudou should fight me,” Fushiguro interrupts, cracking his own knuckles. “Itadori has nothing to do with this—”

“Dude, if Toudou wasn’t my friend, he wouldn’t be attacking you, so it’s definitely my fault,” Yuuji says, placing a hand on Fushiguro’s shoulder. “It’s alright—my costume was actually designed to be fought in, while yours wasn’t, and it’d be a shame for yours to get torn, so just—watch me fight? Don’t worry, I’ll win.”

Fushiguro glances down at his hand before looking back up at him and then at the gathering crowd before sighing, reaching up and squeezing his hand, and saying softly, “You better.”

(…Fushiguro is holding his hand.

This really may be the best day of his life.)

Yuuji beams at him before squeezing his hand back and then squaring off against Toduou while Kugisaki rolls her eyes. “I’m ready!”

“I am always ready,” Toudou says steadily, bringing his arms up.

“You guys are the worst,” Kugisaki informs them before gesturing to Maki who simply counts down and cuts her hand down.

Immediately, Yuuji leaps to the side to avoid the punch that Toudou would have landed, followed up by ducking down to avoid his roundhouse kick. Toudou is as aggressive as ever, throwing punch after kick after punch, but Yuuji has fought him a lot before. Besides, Fushiguro is watching right now.

(He definitely can’t lose in front of him.)

So after dodging a flurry of punches, he gets right up in Toudou’s space and smashes his forehead against his, although Toudou quickly figures out what he is doing and smashes back too.

“…Sakura wins!” Maki announces to the crowd as some people cheer and others boo.

“A good fight, best friend!” Toudou proclaims loudly, grinning as some blood trickles down from his forehead. “Worthy as always of being my brother—”

“Let’s get you a first aid kit or at least some bandages first,” Fushiguro says, pulling him away from Toudou by the hand and leading him through the crowd while glancing back at him worriedly. “Do you feel dizzy? Faint?”

“No, I feel really good,” Yuuji replies honestly, staring at their interlinked fingers.

“It must be the adrenaline, you’re bleeding,” Fushiguro mutters half to himself as he manages to find a first aid station and sits him down at it as he wrangles for some bandages. “That was dumb—you didn’t have to do that.”

“Kind of had to, to beat Toudou to a first blow,” Yuuji points out, obligingly leaning back as Fushiguro carefully sticks bandages onto him. “Did—was it fun watching?”

“Nerve wracking, really,” Fushiguro states dryly, flattening the bandage with more force than was probably necessary.

Yuuji just grins at him. “Were you worried about me?”

“…Yes,” Fushiguro admits, tossing the bandage wrappers in the trash.


This counts as a chance, right???)

Yuuji’s heart swells, and he can’t help but blurt out, “You said—you said you liked compassionate people to Toudou just now, and—um—I mean, I think I’m okay in that regard, so—so would you give me a chance?”

Fushiguro’s eyes widen as he gapes at him, the first aid kit nearly dropping out of his hands. He manages to catch it, his breathing unsteady, and then he runs a hand through his hair while mumbling to the ground, “…Toudou just said your type was tall girls with big butts.”

“For girls!” Yuuji protests, “For guys—for guys I like dark-haired, quiet guys who look out for good people and could beat me up if they really wanted to.”

Yuuji peeks at him hopefully as Fushiguro’s cheeks turn beautifully pink. “I—that’s—um—I didn’t realize you—I didn’t realize you liked guys…”

“Yeah, I didn’t either until I met you,” Yuuji says honestly, leaning forward to try and catch his eye.

Fushiguro covers his pink face in his hands and says in a muffled voice, “You can’t just say stuff like that…”

“Sorry,” Yuuji says, not really meaning it at all as a silly smile stretches across his face (Fushiguro is just too cute like this!). “I just—well, I really like you. And do you think—do you think you could like me too?”

Fushiguro looks up at that, a slight smile on his face, his eyes curving a bit. “Idiot—I already do,” he says simply.

(Oh my god.

This really is the best day of his entire life!)

“Then—then can I hold your hand?” Yuuji asks, reaching out. “And—I guess we need to go on a few dates before I can call you my boyfriend?”

Fushiguro easily puts his own hand in his, and his cheeks are still pink as he looks at their intertwined fingers. “…I would like that, but—you can call me your boyfriend if you like. Or Megumi. Either is fine.”

“Sure!” Yuuji chirps, leaning forward to give Fushiguro a big hug. “Boyfriend Megumi!”

“Now it sounds like a title,” Fushiguro grumbles but reaches up a hand to stroke Yuuji’s hair. “…Yuuji.”

By the time Kugisaki, Maki, Junpei, and Toudou catch up with them, they’ve already been surrounded by people eager to take pictures of a Sasuke and Sakura cosplayer cuddling together, and Yuuji isn’t even embarrassed when Kugisaki gags and then grudgingly slips some money to Junpei.

“You couldn’t have waited until after the convention for your big confession?” Kugisaki demands, her hands on her hips.

“Nope!” Yuuji says happily, swinging his and Fushiguro’s hands together. “We like each other too much!”

“Told you so,” Maki says with a grin as Kugisaki also gives her a few bills.

“Well, I should never have bet against you ,” Kugisaki sighs.

Junpei counts the money and then grins at Fushiguro and Yuuji. “Congrats you guys! Sorry I missed the fight—but Kugisaki recorded the whole thing, so I got to see a lot of it too!”

“…I suppose your taste isn’t as boring if you like my best friend,” Todou says grudgingly to Fushiguro before pointing at him. “But watch yourself, that’s my brother you’re dating.”

“Isn’t it almost time for Takada-san’s autograph session now?” Yuuji asks before Toudou can throwdown again.

Toudou’s eyes widen, and he’s soon a black and white speck in the distance, bells jangling as he yells over his shoulder, “See you, brother! May your luck in love rub off on me!”

“…He’s not really going to confess to an idol, is he?” Fushiguro asks him, wrinkling his nose.

“Yeah, this will be his fifth time, but who knows, maybe she’ll remember him this time!” Yuuji says. “But anyway—should our first date be the arcade or the movies or somewhere else? Ooh, what about the zoo? Or an aquarium? Or an amusement park?”

“…Anywhere sounds good, as long as we’re together,” Fushiguro replies, his head dipping down.

Yuuji can’t help himself from hugging his adorable boyfriend, and as Kugisaki mock-retches and Junpei takes pictures and Maki laughs, he still can’t believe how lucky he is.

(They’ll have the best date ever!

All his arcade plans for going with Fushiguro, he can also do all of them on a date too!

Complete with photos and everything that he can show to his grandfather with pride—and Sukuna can just choke on it.

Hahaha, take that Sukuna.

Yuuji has the best boyfriend ever!)