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The Place Where You Are

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Despite all the weird places Jungkook has found himself waking up over the years, he knows very soon after waking up this time that something is wrong.

He just knows, without opening his eyes, that the bed feels off. The air in the room feels a little different. Jungkook isn't even sure if he's actually awake, can admit he sounds crazy even to himself, but it feels different. It does.

Jungkook blinks his eyes open, and then gasps when arms circle around him from behind, a warm body pressing into his back. He freezes, heart pounding, no way of knowing who it is until he hears—

"Baby." The voice is rough with sleep, but Jungkook would know it anywhere. Holy shit.

Namjoon never wants to share his bed with Jungkook.

"Hyung, ah," Jungkook tries to say, his own voice gravelly from sleep too. He panics after a moment of Namjoon just softly breathing into the back of his neck, and blurts out, "Good morning."

"Mm, g'morning. Did you skip working out this morning? Told you that you'd wake up sore."

Jungkook's face heats from the warm tone of Namjoon's voice so close to his ear, the way he thinks he feels... nuzzles? Maybe even kisses?? being pressed against his skin.

This is weird. Namjoon doesn't do this. And Jungkook never works out right after he wakes up, because their schedules are just too busy for that, too many early-morning filmings and late nights practicing.

Namjoon is definitely kissing the back of Jungkook's neck now, lips trailing across his bare shoulder since he only went to sleep in shorts, and it suddenly hits Jungkook.


This is one of those dreams.

Somehow, that makes him blush even more. It's not his first sex dream about Namjoon — to no one's surprise, really — but he's usually shameless in those. The details are frustratingly hazy, but his greedy desire to try things he knows he can get away with in dreams always stands out the most. This just feels too real compared to that, the softness of the bed and the warmth of Namjoon behind him, even the smell, like clean sheets and warm skin.

Jungkook thinks back to the first thing Namjoon said. Baby. He whines involuntarily.

Namjoon huffs out a short laugh, squeezing Jungkook closer. "Needy this morning, baby? That's okay, if you're still wet I can—"

And then a few things happen at once.

First, Jungkook is pretty sure his face bursts into flames at Namjoon's words. Even if it's an unnervingly realistic dream, hearing that kind of talk from his hyung still fans a shameful heat inside him.

Second, Namjoon stops talking and the sheets rustle when he shifts behind Jungkook, his voice sounding more alert, less like a dream when he asks, "Why is your hair so short?"

Third, and probably most importantly, Jungkook glances up at the doorway just to see himself standing there, eyes wide in shock.

Only— not himself. Because Jungkook doesn't have hair long enough to put up in a ponytail, Jungkook isn't as broad and muscular as the man standing in front of him, and— Jungkook definitely doesn't have a full sleeve of fucking tattoos.

"Did I pass out on the treadmill," the not-Jungkook in the doorway says slowly, "because it looks like my husband is cheating on me with me."

"Husband?!" Jungkook yelps. He scoots away from Namjoon on the bed, finally staring up at him, and holy shit. That's not—

That's not the slender, 23-year-old Namjoon that Jungkook is familiar with. The Namjoon he saw yesterday had short, dark hair, all their faces looking a little slimmer in preparation for their comeback. This Namjoon is even bulkier than tattooed-Jungkook, bare-chested so Jungkook can see how broad his shoulders and chest and arms are, thick with muscle.

Both their faces seem older, too. Not in the obvious sense of added wrinkles and definitely not unattractive but just... mature. Strong jawlines, maybe darker circles under their eyes.

"What's going on?" Jungkook asks, looking back and forth between them. "Is this even the dorm? Is this— What do you mean husband—"

Namjoon's eyebrows are knitted together in concern. "This doesn't feel like a dream."

"No," the older Jungkook agrees, "so like, what the fuck. Why is he shirtless!"

"This is how I went to bed," Jungkook mumbles defensively.

"You went to bed... where, exactly?" Namjoon's voice is gentle now, and Jungkook should maybe be annoyed that he's being coddled, but it's nice, too. That Namjoon realizes how confusing this is for Jungkook and seems to sincerely want to solve it. There's a warm squeeze in Jungkook's chest when he realizes just how Namjoon-like that is.

"In my room. At the dorm. I didn't even sneak into Hobi-hyung's bed, I stayed in my own bed all night. I think," Jungkook adds. Did he... sleepwalk into another dimension? Is that even possible? Shit.

"Okay, let's just think for a minute." The older Jungkook sighs, sitting down at the edge of the bed. It's weird to even think of him that way, older Jungkook, the idea of facing some kind of future doppelganger as terrifying as it is fascinating. He has a selfish, hysterical little moment of admiring his older self's abdomen, because he's been working so hard on his own abs lately in preparation for the Fake Love choreography. 

Older Jungkook — JK? Jungkook imagines calling him JK and has to bite back a smile, knowing he would probably get scolded or at least an eye-roll for it — continues, "Assuming this isn't a dream, how old are you? You, ah, at least know who hyung is, right?"

Jungkook nods. "Of course I know who Namjoon-hyung is. I'm 20. Well, 21 this year. Is it not April 2018?"

JK and Namjoon exchange a heavy look. "It's, ah. It's April 2028 for us," Namjoon says.

Ten years. Holy shit. Jungkook's mind swims, his stomach sinking unpleasantly. "No wonder you look older," he mutters.

"Yah!" JK shouts, reaching out to smack his leg. It's strangely comforting, and it makes Jungkook smile briefly, but god, it's still so weird. That's him, but not.

"Sorry. I never said you were ugly. Just... okay, don't get mad, but your face looks a little more like dad's now."

JK, thankfully, doesn't seem to take offense to this. He throws his head back and laughs. Jungkook takes a moment to think, Does my neck really get that thick when I'm 30? "I hear that from our aunts all the time. You really just woke up in this bed? You don't remember anything else?"

Jungkook shakes his head. "I thought I was still at the dorm until Namjoon-hyung said, ah, until—" Jungkook cuts off, flushing hotly at the memory of it.

Something bright and knowing flashes in JK's eyes. "Oh, what did he say? Hyung, what filth did you corrupt him with?"

"Nothing!" Namjoon yelps. "I mean. Fuck, okay, I said something, but it wasn't— Jungkook-ah. Just forget what you heard."

"I can't believe this," Jungkook says, reaching up to cover his ears, face hot and stomach twisting. "How- How are you married? To each other? What kind of alternate reality is this?"

Namjoon and JK exchange another look. "Can we tell him?"

Namjoon sighs, running his fingers through his hair. It's dark, like Jungkook's, but a little longer than 23-year-old Namjoon had it cut. "We shouldn't give the whole story, but. I don't even know what this is. Like, can he go back to 2018? Is he stuck here? Fuck, it's a mess, baby, I don't know what to do."

There's a weird flutter in Jungkook's belly, then, watching his older self crawl across the bed and pull Namjoon into a hug, tucking his chin over Namjoon's broad shoulder, squeezing him tight. It's a little like invading on a private moment, except... it's him. It's him with Namjoon, it's Jungkook that Namjoon just called baby without thinking.

"We'll figure something out. I mean, worst case scenario we can always drop him off at Jimin and Taehyung's," JK says, grinning so Jungkook knows he's teasing, but it just raises more questions in his head. Where are the others, if he and Namjoon are apparently married and have their own place? Are Jimin and Taehyung fucking married too??

"He's just joking," Namjoon says, misinterpreting the panic on Jungkook's face. "You can stay here until we figure this out, obviously." There's a beat, and then Namjoon says, "You're really a 20-year-old Jungkook, huh?"

Jungkook bristles at the implication. "Of course I am. How do I know he's a real Jungkook too? I never wake up early."

Namjoon bursts into laughter and JK just shrugs, face a little pink. "I mean, that's true. For the most part I don't stay up too late anymore, though." He glances over to Namjoon, then, and the pink in his face gets darker.


"We sort of, um. Tire each other out."

"Oh god," Jungkook says, looking away as the heat in his belly tightens. He's still having a tremendously hard time wrapping his mind around the fact he's married to his fucking teenage crush, the leader of the group he's devoted his life to, one of the kindest souls and deepest thinkers Jungkook has ever met.


There's a gentle touch on his arm, and Jungkook glances back to see his older self looking at him in concern. "Hey, is this too much? I still need to go shower and, ah, hyung probably should too. Do you want us to leave you alone for a bit? This must be overwhelming."

Jungkook bites his lip, trying to decide if he wants that or if it'd make his anxious thoughts worse.

"How about," Namjoon says, "we go shower and then we'll call you out for breakfast when we're done? You can stay here and nap, you look tired." Namjoon brushes his fingers through Jungkook's hair with such ease, the gesture so comfortable compared to any awkward but well-meaning touches his Namjoon gives him. "You can borrow a shirt from either of us, too."

"Just," JK says quickly, "maybe don't look in the bottom drawer of that dresser. Uh."

Jungkook covers his face and groans, and then pretends not to stare when Namjoon and JK move off the bed, collecting clean clothes and heading into the connected bathroom together.

Jungkook knows it's naïve to hope that once he closes his eyes he'll wake up back where he belongs, but he rests his head back on the pillow anyway, pulling the blanket up over himself and ignoring the new-but-familiar smells, nice but in a way that makes his gut clench, knowing they belong to his future self, his future husband.

Married. Fuck.

Jungkook is surprised he actually manages to fall asleep. It's Namjoon who wakes him up, and Jungkook almost forgets where he is until he realizes Namjoon rarely ever wakes him up by slowly rubbing his back, rarely sits on the bed and looks at him with a very soft, contemplative smile on his lips.

"Hey. Would you like to come eat now? I left a shirt on the bed, I'll go so you can change."

Jungkook sits up and yawns, rubs at his eye and tries not to notice the way Namjoon's smile just gets softer. "No, it's fine, you can— You already saw me shirtless, you don't have to leave the room. As long as, uh. Your husband is okay with it."

"God, don't—" Namjoon cuts off, laughing shortly. "Don't worry, he's fine with it." Namjoon hands him the t-shirt, white and baggy, and Jungkook pulls it on. Maybe it belongs to his future self. 

"Thank you."

"Yeah, of course. Look, this is— What I mean is, this is weird for all of us, but we want you to feel comfortable too, okay? We talked about it, you really are welcome to stay here until we figure out what's going on. We insist on it."

Jungkook reaches up to rub his eyes again, willing his stomach to stop fluttering. "Thanks. But I don't... I wish I could help somehow. I don't even know if time will pass for them, ah, back where I belong. If they'll be worried about me." Oh god, he really has to stop these thoughts before he makes himself cry. It's only been an hour, maybe two, he can't be feeling this homesick already.

"Jungkook-ah," Namjoon says warmly, "please don't worry about it. We'll figure this out together."

Namjoon leads him out of the bedroom and down the hall, through a spacious living area to where Jungkook can see the kitchen is.

He can't even tell if this is an apartment or a house yet, but it's really nice. Nice like their new dorm, except that has seven people living in it and this, Jungkook assumes, is just Namjoon and his older self's place.

There are some photos on the wall, some bright plants and comfortable furniture and artwork that looks like maybe it was commissioned, but nothing that gives away too much about what their future is like, to Jungkook's disappointment. There's some kind of tall shape on a shelf that's been covered with a kitchen towel, which Jungkook assumes is either an award they don't want him to know about, or a monster dildo they have on display that they also don't want him to know about.

"You coming?" Namjoon asks with a short laugh when he notices Jungkook stopping to stare.

Jungkook flushes. "Yeah, sorry. It's a really nice place."

"Mm, it is, isn't it? You picked it out."

For whatever reason, Jungkook shivers at those words. You. It's still nearly impossible for Jungkook to imagine a future where he marries the Namjoon he's always kind of been in love with, who has definitely only ever seen Jungkook as a younger team member, a good friend.

Jungkook wonders what else is different, if this is a world where Namjoon can love him back.

JK is dressed in comfortable clothes where he stands in front of the stovetop in the kitchen, although with his sweatshirt sleeves rolled up, Jungkook can still see his tattoos. One arm appears to have hand tattoos and a full sleeve, at least from what Jungkook saw earlier. Separate tattoos in meaning maybe that all connect into a beautiful canvas of art. His other arm just has a few small ones, some writing that Jungkook can't quite make out, but he doesn't want to be too nosy about it either.

It fills with him a strange kind of giddiness, though. A future Jungkook achieving his longtime dream of getting tattoos. He wonders when he started getting them.

"Jungkook-ah?" Namjoon asks, touching his arm, and Jungkook jerks to face him. "I asked if egg toast is okay with you? We have, like, nutella and cereal and leftovers if you'd rather have something else."

Jungkook makes himself meet JK's eyes. It's extremely weird, facing an older version of himself like this, but not necessarily in an unpleasant way. "Egg toast, like... with jam, the way Taehyungie-hyung likes it?"

They both smile at him. JK says, "Yeah, that. I crave it so bad sometimes after working out."

"That sounds good. Thank you."

"So polite," Namjoon says with a smile, and it's not teasing or anything, but it still makes Jungkook feel— weird again. It reminds him that he doesn't belong, and also that he's ten years younger than they are. He opens his mouth to protest being treated like a child when JK sets a glass of milk in front of him, but his older self just snickers.

"It's not— I'm not patronizing you, I still drink milk all the time. You can have something else if you want. I've just, ah, kind of been assuming that you're me only... me ten years ago."

"Sorry for being defensive," Jungkook says, slumping a little in the chair at the table. "It's just. You know how weird it is, right? If you remember, ah, being me. To wake up and- and see you married to Rapmon-hyung."

Namjoon barks out a laugh, maybe at the nickname (Jungkook didn't even use it intentionally), but JK's face softens with understanding.

"No, I do get it. I can't imagine, back then..." JK's face goes a little pink. "It's weird not knowing if we're allowed to tell you stuff? But I still think, ah, we should be careful. Of influencing your possible future. Our past."

"I have one question, if I can ask," Jungkook says slowly, because it's been weighing on his mind. "You mentioned earlier, Jimin and Taehyung. Does that mean, is the group still...?"

Namjoon blinks. "What, together? Of course we are."

Relief floods Jungkook's chest. He didn't even realize how anxious he was about the answer until he hears it from Namjoon's mouth, until something loosens in his chest and he feels like he can breathe easily again. "Really?"

"Oh," JK says softly, doing a pretty good job of balancing emotional conversation but also preparing food for them. "Hyung, 2018. That was the year we—"

Namjoon's eyes widen in understanding. "Shit, you're right. God, I didn't even think about that. Jungkook-ah, hey, we're still together. Each time it's come up, we've renewed our contracts, the seven of us. Please don't— Don't let that be something you worry about. It's rough sometimes, it's been really rough, I won't lie to you about that. But we've always gotten through it together."

Jungkook shouldn't be surprised, when tears fill his eyes at Namjoon's words, but he is. He laughs and covers his face, mumbles a watery thank you when Namjoon slides a napkin across the table to him.

"Fuck," JK swears. "You're going to make me cry too. That was so sweet."

"I still can't believe you two are married," Jungkook says with a sniff. "I bet I cry so much at our wedding."

"You do," they both say at the same time, and that at least has Jungkook smiling.

They eat and discuss some 'safe' topics ("Do you guys at least have a dog?" "Ah, no—" "Why not??") while JK goes through his phone looking for possible solutions.

"Is that really going to help?" Namjoon asks, eyebrows raised.

"What else are we supposed to do? But also, uh. Most of these results are just fiction."

"Like fanfiction?" Jungkook asks around a bite of food, eyes wide. His older self gives him a look, and Jungkook doesn't appreciate how weird it feels to be scolded by someone who looks exactly like him.

"Like science fiction."


Namjoon snorts. "Fanfiction would probably just suggest this problem could be magically solved with sex."

He seems to realize, a second too late, that it's a weird thing to say. Jungkook knows his eyes go even wider, and glances over to see that his older self looks just as shocked, his ears turning red.

Jungkook lifts his own hands to touch his ears, feeling if they're also hot. Shit, is he blushing too?

"Sorry, I didn't mean—"

"Hyung," JK mutters. "It's fine."

"I wasn't trying to make him uncomfortable. Um, either of you uncomfortable."

JK rolls his eyes fondly. Jungkook knows the expression, because he's definitely used it on all his hyungs himself. "We know, we know. Yeah, okay, Naver was a bust. I don't know why I thought that would help."

"I mean, thinking about this logically, when we don't know what triggered this to happen or even, frankly, if we're actually awake or not..."

Namjoon's voice is soft, contemplative, but the reality of his words still sends an unpleasant shiver down Jungkook's spine.

"Our best choice right now is to wait it out and see what happens. We don't have anywhere to be today... Jungkook-ah," Namjoon says, and he smiles when both Jungkooks perk up at being addressed. "Sorry, ah, younger Jungkook-ah. Would you like to watch a movie? We have a room we keep the projector set up in, it's kind of cozy."

"The nap room," JK warns, but he's grinning knowingly. "That's a good idea. We'll let you pick the movie! You can even pick a new one and have secret knowledge about it that no one's going to care about!"

Namjoon starts laughing. "Ah, leave him alone. But does that sound okay?"

Jungkook nods. He's not sure what else he would do, except maybe work out himself, just for the distraction. A movie sounds nice, though. "You said projector?"

JK looks smug. "Projector technology has gotten way better since my first one. Or— our first one. We'll show you in a minute, you should finish eating. Looking at you like this, ah, you're kind of skinny."

That makes Jungkook laugh. "You know what it's like, it's close to comeback..."

"No, we do, we do," Namjoon laughs. "Don't tease him, baby."

They freeze. Jungkook flushes again, hearing that word from Namjoon's mouth, knowing it's directed at... well. Him.

"Can't you behave around him for five minutes, hyung," JK mutters, and Namjoon smiles sheepishly.

The couch in their entertainment room is so comfortable, at first glance Jungkook thinks it's another bed. It extends out, has pillows and blankets piled to the sides, and Jungkook claims the middle without thinking about it.

"Oh," Jungkook says, blinking as Namjoon and his older self settle on either side of him, "you don't have to— I'll move over, you can sit next to each other—"

"You're fine," Namjoon laughs. "As long as you don't mind?"

Jungkook shakes his head. Truly, they don't feel like strangers to him, even beyond the weirdness that JK is also him. It feels as easy as squeezing himself between Jimin and Hoseok on the couch at home.

They end up watching an old Marvel film (well, old to this married Namjoon and Jungkook, anyway), something fun but that doesn't require too much focus because he's already seen it a few times.

Jungkook's mind is busy, and he thinks his older self senses it. He can't not start wondering, what's the world outside like? Their families? Does their group reach new heights, or is Jungkook experiencing Bangtan's peak right now in 2018? Is this world really his possible future, set in stone?

He's married to Namjoon. He's married to him. They're both wearing wedding rings, elegant matching bands that Jungkook is sure probably have sentimental writing or dates inscribed on the inside.

"Please don't worry, Jungkook-ah," his older self tells him, smiling cutely when Jungkook stares at him. "What? Should I call you something else?"

Jungkook blinks. "Does that mean...? Should I call you hyung...?"

JK's nose wrinkles. "I guess it makes sense. Whatever you're comfortable with, I don't know."

Namjoon laughs. "Even now, you still prefer being the youngest, don't you?"

"Ahh hyung," JK complains, a bit pouty. It's a flirty pout. It makes Jungkook want to squirm, caught between them right now like this.

He supposes being married is as good an excuse as any to flirt so shamelessly with his crush, though.

The movie continues, mostly ignored, and JK even ends up tilting his head onto Jungkook's shoulder, dozing off.

Jungkook almost wants to laugh. This is exactly the sort of thing he would do if he had to be up early too. He stretches out the blanket on his lap so it covers JK's lap too and leans back into the couch, careful not to move too much and disturb his older self.

JK nuzzles a little closer, warm breaths puffing out by Jungkook's neck, and he shivers.


Jungkook turns his head toward Namjoon. "Hnn?"

"He is. You are."

Namjoon says it so easily, with such a soft look on his face. Jungkook's stomach flutters against his will.

"It's weird, I've tried not to notice, but, ah. The way you look at me. It's the same way he looks at me," Namjoon tells him.

The stomach flutters turn into a storm of nervous butterflies. Jungkook isn't sure what he's supposed to say. Should he defend himself? Namjoon must sense Jungkook's anxiety because he touches Jungkook's thigh, smiles so gently at him.

"No, it's not a bad thing, it's nothing like that. Just. He told me he had feelings for a while, before we got together, and I wondered..."

Fuck. Fuck. Jungkook can't do this, he can't confess to his crush, especially not when it's some magically older version of Namjoon, when he looks so mature, when the thickness of his arms and chest make Jungkook's belly draw up tight.

"Jungkook-ah," Namjoon whispers, eyebrows furrowed, the curve of his mouth apologetic. "Please don't look so panicked. Forget I said anything, it's not my place anyway."

Jungkook shakes his head, careful again not to disturb his older self. He isn't sure where the bravery is coming from when he says, "It's not that, it's just... it's a little embarrassing. Maybe it shouldn't be when, um, I'm confessing my feelings to a Namjoon-hyung I'm already married to." Jungkook laughs shortly.

"Like how you're not my Jungkook, but you are."


"Confessing your feelings, huh?" Namjoon teases.

Jungkook wishes he could hide his face. "You know. You had to have known even back then, right? The way I looked up to you, it was admiration but- but I always kind of hoped for more. Still hope for more? Ah, 's weird, I know you only just saw me as a kid," he mumbles.

"Hey, what? No, no, that's not— It was never me just seeing you as a kid and dismissing you because of it, like. I was a kid back then too, you know? You were our youngest and I was barely an adult myself. It was hard to think about anything except for protecting you, seeing you happy. But you." At this, Namjoon pauses, swallowing. "You really grew up. You're grown up now, but even in your near future, you really..." He trails off.

Jungkook raises his eyebrows. "I really?"

"You really show us all how much you mature, taking care of us too, growing into the person you want to be. Ah, am I sounding too emotional now? Maybe."

Jungkook shakes his head again. "No, I think you sound—"

"Mmm what're you two chatting about, huh?" JK asks, nuzzling at Jungkook's shoulder as he stirs. His voice is rough even though he hasn't been asleep long. "Are you trying to take my husband from me, hmm."

"No!" Jungkook gasps, flushing with something a little like shame, even when Namjoon starts to laugh.

"Jungkook-ah, no, it's not— He was joking. You're fine."

"Maybe I wasn't."

There's a strange glint in Namjoon's eye, some cross between challenging and stern, when he says in a deeper voice, "Jungkook-ah."

JK grins. "Hyung-ah."

Jungkook feels very much like he's suddenly interrupting something private. (And a little weird. And a little sexy.) He's about to slide out from between them when JK catches his arm, pushing a hand over Jungkook's chest to keep him in place.

Jungkook shivers when his older self leans in, lips brushing Jungkook's ear when he whispers in a low voice, "Tell me? Just between us, tell me what he said to you this morning. When he thought it was still me."

"It, uh—" Jungkook glances over to Namjoon, sure that his eyes must be wide with obvious guilt. JK's mouth is still close enough to Jungkook's ear that he can feel the warmth of each puff of breath. "I don't want to make things awkward."

"Jungkook-ah," his older self croons, and it is so weird hearing that in his own voice, "tell me. I'm your hyung, technically, you have to do what I say."

There's a twisting heat in Jungkook's belly at those words, even if they're a little ridiculous. He ignores Namjoon's raised eyebrows and turns his head, whispers back to JK. "He- He called me baby. And asked if I was... if I was needy, if I was still wet."

"Ohh," JK says, and even without looking, Jungkook would be able to hear the grin in his voice. "Baby, huh. Did hearing that send a little shiver down your spine?"

"You don't have to answer that," Namjoon says, just as Jungkook starts to nod at his older self in response. Embarrassment and heat twine together in the pit of Jungkook's stomach.

"It's nothing you have to be shy about, though," JK tells him. "It sounds good in his voice, right? It always has, but directed at you, in that rough morning voice—"

"Hyung," Jungkook blurts out, watching JK's eyes widen a little at the honorific. "It's... he's your husband."

"He's right here," Namjoon mutters.

JK hums. "Technically he's your husband too, right? Your future husband. Ah, this situation is already weird, maybe even still a dream, so is it that wrong to be curious?"

"Curious?" Jungkook asks.

"What it would be like, with the three of us. Two of me, one of him. What it would be like for you, having your future husband as your first sexual experience."

Jungkook sucks in a sharp breath, face burning red. "I have experience."

JK tilts his head, reaching up to flick at one of Jungkook's earrings. He considers it for a moment. "Twenty. It's just been handjobs, right? And making out."

Jungkook nods. He's not ashamed — orgasms are orgasms. Especially when you're in one of the busiest groups in the world and privacy is so important.

"Still." JK says it and then glances over to Namjoon. "We could do more than that. Whatever you wanted."

"But you're- you're ten years older than me," Jungkook protests, even if arousal twists in his stomach with how much he already wants it, body eager in a way that makes him painfully aware of how much younger he is. "You're married."

"Hyung," JK speaks up, lip pouted a little. "Would you be willing?"

Namjoon is going to say no, because that's the kind of responsible answer he would give. He wouldn't take risks, he wouldn't agree to something so—

"If Jungkook is comfortable, but only then. No pressuring him into it."

Jungkook's gut clenches. Fuck.

JK looks at him expectantly, a little smug. "You know I'm you, right? I've thought about it before, for sure. How I wouldn't mind sex with a clone of myself, how it'd be cool to be with someone who knows everywhere I'm sensitive, knows everything I like."

"That's, ah." Jungkook's voice comes out breathless. "I guess. But that was always imaginary."

"And now that it's not?"

Jungkook stares down at his hands for a moment, face scrunching when his older self rests his chin on Jungkook's shoulder. He glances up at Namjoon, stomach giving another twisting lurch, nervous excitement and, god help him, more arousal, and then Jungkook says, "If you're both really okay with it, I- I'd like to try."

"Can I kiss you?" Namjoon asks, and both Jungkook and his older self stare at him in surprise. "Okay, wow, please don't both look at me with your eyes so big like that, I think I just had a mini heart attack—"

Jungkook laughs. It's his ugly cackle-laugh, but he can't help it, he's nervous. He's imagined kissing Namjoon so many times.

"Me, right?" he asks in a quiet voice.

Namjoon's smile is kind, reassuring. Even so much older than Jungkook right now — or maybe especially because he's older — he is still unreasonably attractive. Jungkook thinks, It's not fair, and then remembers this is his future husband, and Namjoon wants to kiss him.

"Yes, you," Namjoon says. JK gives him a little nudge forward, and Jungkook laughs again, almost giddy from the nervousness.

He shifts closer to Namjoon with every intention of pretending this is just another dream, but then Namjoon pulls him close around the waist with one broad hand, slides the other to the back of Jungkook's neck, and that plan flies out the window.

He can't pretend this is a dream. Not when his body is lit up with how intense it feels, the way Namjoon's touches warm and excite him.

"It feels real," Jungkook blurts out, heart pounding, and Namjoon is still smiling gently when he leans in and tilts his head, covering Jungkook's lips with his own.

Jungkook moans into the kiss, and then blushes, and then feels as much as he hears Namjoon's huff of laughter across his mouth.

"Baby. Just do what feels good, don't think about it."

Jungkook nods. He feels a hand at his back and realizes it's JK, rubbing between his shoulder blades as Jungkook parts his lips for Namjoon's kisses, as he lets Namjoon drag him closer, kiss him harder.

Jungkook moans again and doesn't even feel ashamed about how needy the sound is. Namjoon kisses him so well, maybe slowly at first but he seems to gain confidence now that Jungkook is kissing back, hungry for it.

It's almost frustratingly good, because— he knows what Jungkook likes. Jungkook knows why Namjoon knows what he likes, but it doesn't change the fact the pressure is just hard enough to have Jungkook's belly swooping with heat, to have his lips tingling. Teasing, sucking kisses that leave Jungkook gasping, the firm touch at the back of his neck making him shiver, making him aware that he's starting to get hard.

Namjoon pulls back and Jungkook tries to follow him with a soft whine, yanked back with a hand curled into the back of his t-shirt.

"Slow down, Jeon Jungkook," his older self tells him with laughter in his voice. "Hyung isn't going anywhere."

Namjoon does drag him forward for one last, deep kiss, and Jungkook sighs after he pulls away. His lips feel wet, already swollen, tender from the kisses. Jungkook doesn't know if he's ever enjoyed kissing that much.

"Tell us what you want," Namjoon says.

"I don't know," Jungkook mumbles immediately.

"I can guess one thing, at least."

Jungkook twists around to narrow his eyes at his older self. "Don't—"

"What? There's nothing wrong with having a fantasy. Hyung," JK says, lips tugged up with a smirk, "what are your thoughts on fucking me?"

Namjoon blinks. "This feels like a trick question."

Jungkook finds himself being pulled back against his older self's chest, an arm sliding around his stomach, holding him gently in place. The tattooed arm. God, that's still so cool.

"How do you feel about fucking me, but fucking this me? Twenty-year-old me, who has never had more than fingers and a hairbrush handle in his ass."

"Oh, fuck you for bringing up the hairbrush thing," Jungkook whines. He was already flushed, but he can feel more warmth creeping into his face.

Namjoon stares past him, which means he's staring at JK right now, and Jungkook wonders what Namjoon sees there that makes his lips part in surprise, makes his throat bob with a swallow.

"If that's something he wants," Namjoon finally says, "then... I guess I feel pretty good about it."

Jungkook laughs. He can't help it. Namjoon is older, more mature, could probably crush him in ways that make Jungkook's dick twitch to think about, but— he's still Namjoon-hyung.

"Do you want that?" JK asks, voice low in Jungkook's ear. "You can say no. Anal sex is kind of, ah, you need to be in the right mood for it. There's no pressure either way."

Jungkook squirms, warm, but also strangely feeling very safe held against his older self's chest like this. "Can I shower first?"

JK laughs. "Yeah, you can take however long you need."

"Okay. Okay, yes, I want that." Jungkook makes himself meet Namjoon's eyes, trying not to squirm again at the heat he finds there. Is it weird for Namjoon, seeing two versions of the man he married pressed close together like this? Or maybe... maybe not weird.

"What else do you want, Jungkook-ah?" the voice behind his ear asks. "You've never had your dick in someone before, right?"

Jungkook is already shaking his head when Namjoon mutters with something like disbelief, "You're really just going to phrase it like that—"

"You can fuck me, if you want," JK interrupts. "That'd be really hot. I've never been anyone's first before."

"Namjoon-hyung is right, ah, you talk about all this so casually," Jungkook complains, trying to sit up, and JK huffs out a laugh and noses at the side of Jungkook's neck. He shivers again.

"Sorry, it's just easier to be blunt. I think being married has made me shameless, just wait until it's you. But seriously, whatever you want. Do you want to just start kissing, on our bed? See what you want to try?"

Just the thought of it has heat pooling in Jungkook's belly. Kissing in their bed, able to ask for whatever he wants. It's less intimidating, too, than having to explain to them he kind of wants everything. "Yeah. Yes. Wanna do that."

"Okay, cool." JK pecks a soft kiss to Jungkook's cheek, laughing when he shivers. "Ah, you're really sensitive. Was I this sensitive?"

Namjoon clears his throat, then, probably not intentionally, but it gets both of them to turn their attention to Namjoon. "You still are sensitive, baby. Don't pretend."

JK makes a disgruntled noise very close to Jungkook's ear, and slides his hand up Jungkook's torso until his fingers reach a nipple, rubbing at it. Jungkook's whole body jerks in JK's arms.

"Bet it's still going to feel better for you, with how new it is, huh, Jungkook-ah?"

Jungkook breathes out shakily, tipping his head back for a moment when JK's fingers stop pinching at his nipple. "Can we just— can we do it now? Please."

Neither of them tease him for that. JK kisses his ear, and Namjoon says, "Yeah, we can definitely do it now."

The three of them get up (and okay, there is a little more teasing once Jungkook realizes how visible his hard-on is in his shorts) and Jungkook takes his own shower — his older self offers to come with him, but Jungkook is slightly mortified at the idea, even if JK is technically still him. He's played around with himself alone before, he can manage to clean himself fine.

Jungkook isn't sure what he's expecting, walking into the bedroom 20 minutes later with his hair mostly dried, but it's not Namjoon pressing JK into the bed, both of them down to their underwear, kissing hungrily.

Fuck. Holy fuck. Jungkook would have showered so much faster if he knew this was happening. "Um."

Namjoon lifts his head up, eyes widening. JK smirks.

"I didn't—" Jungkook isn't sure what he's trying to say. He simply closes his mouth, blinking, and then blurts out, "I'm clean now."

JK laughs, but it's not mean. It's a little dorky, the sound oddly comforting because it's so familiar. "Come here. Is it okay if I kiss you? Maybe we should hold off, that could be the key to sending you back to the past."

Jungkook rolls his eyes, but Namjoon's eyebrows furrow in concentration like he's now considering this idea as he moves off JK's body. It makes Jungkook smile.

"I do want to kiss you. It's, ah. I know you're me?" Jungkook says, settling on the bed, breath hitching when JK grabs his thigh underneath the bathrobe they lent him, guiding Jungkook until he's straddling his older self. "But you're still... older. So it's like. My brain isn't thinking, oh, I'm kissing myself—"

"No, I get it," JK tells him softly. "It's strange. But I want to. You're really cute, Jungkook-ah."

Jungkook's stomach twists. "Don't say that."

"There's nothing wrong with being cute," Namjoon says. "Do you want to take the robe off, or is it too soon?"

"Let me kiss him first, hyung, then we can get him naked," JK murmurs, already sliding his tattooed hand around the back of Jungkook's neck, guiding him down into a kiss.

Jungkook allows himself this one, brief moment (that's a lie, he'll definitely think about this again) to admire how attractive his older self is. Even at 30, wrinkles around his eyes a little more pronounced, his face is so handsome, eyes and lips pretty in a way that's so familiar and also not. His longer hair is down from its ponytail now, soft and slightly curly where it's spread out around his head. JK's broadness speaks of months, maybe years of hard work, staying in shape, the kind of muscular figure Jungkook sometimes yearns for but usually shies away from, knowing what he's expected to look like.

And the tattoos, the gorgeous canvas of them over what's still unblemished skin for Jungkook. Maybe he shouldn't be allowed to see them, since he hasn't gotten them yet, but he's already excited at the idea of them, the way the ink looks on his skin, the personal messages he already knows are wrapped up in each connected piece of art.

Is this too vain? Jungkook thinks, stomach fluttering warmly at the sight of his older self laid out beneath him, and then he's being kissed.

His older self kisses differently from Namjoon. Their noses sort of squish uncomfortably at first, which makes both of them smile, and then their heads tilt and the kiss works better, lips fitting together, sucking, pushing. It's more exploring than the kiss with Namjoon was, more like they're testing each other, but Jungkook can't deny he's still into it.

Arousal swoops and tightens low in his belly. Fingertips dig sharply into the skin at the back of his neck, and JK's other hand slides higher up Jungkook's thigh, teasing.


JK kisses him harder, swallowing any other sound Jungkook wants to make. There's a franticness to it, a roughness that has Jungkook shuddering because he loves this, loves being held in place and touched and forced to keep up with kisses from someone — from himself — ten years older than he is.

"I can't even begin to explain how hot this is to watch," Namjoon grits out, settled next to them on the bed with a bottle of what must be lube. "Fuck."

"Hyung," Jungkook starts to say, and then he's moaning again when JK pulls him down closer the same time he rocks his hips up, teeth catching at Jungkook's lower lip. The stinging pressure shoots more heat into Jungkook's belly, the combination of being watched and being kissed like this, the loud sound of their breaths, the movement of their bodies.

"What do you need?" Namjoon asks. Jungkook breaks the kiss with a wet smack, breathing heavily, lips tingling.

"I'm like— Okay, don't laugh, but I'm really hard, and I just—"

"Ahh," JK says in an almost obnoxiously knowing tone. "You don't want to come too soon. Do you want to fuck me now?"

Jungkook blinks down at his older self, lips a little swollen from kissing, smirk lazy and pleased. He's so hot. Fuck. Jungkook is definitely too vain for his own good. "That's okay?"

Namjoon laughs. It's a short burst of noise, like it's unintentional.

JK's face scrunches. "Yeah, of course it's okay. You don't— I mean, don't take this the wrong way, because I know my dick is a decent size, but you don't have to finger me, I'm good whenever you're ready."

Jungkook isn't going to argue. He imagines being married to Namjoon, being used to having someone Namjoon's size inside him just from the glimpses Jungkook's gotten over the years, and he thinks, yeah, his older self is probably very aware of what he can take.

"Can we get undressed now?" Jungkook asks, licking his lips.

"Yes. Absolutely, yes, get off for a second—"

Jungkook laughs and shifts off of JK, shivering when Namjoon's hands are already at the front of his robe, untying it, pushing it down Jungkook's bare shoulders.

Jungkook has had fantasies like this. He can't quite remember if any of them featured a Namjoon in his thirties, though.

Namjoon's smile dimples his cheeks when he asks, "Your eyes are huge again, what are you thinking? Is this too much?"

"No, fuck, it's perfect," Jungkook blurts out, feeling an arm circle around him from behind again, helping tug away the robe and throw it onto the floor.

He's naked. They're both naked, now, the material of JK's underwear absent when he drags Jungkook back against his body. JK's lips toy with Jungkook's earlobe, and the heat in Namjoon's gaze is so heavy Jungkook almost feels it like a touch on his bare skin.

"You two," Namjoon says roughly, leaning forward to slide a hand up Jungkook's thigh, up to his hip, cupping his waist. He avoids Jungkook's straining cock, and Jungkook's grateful for it. "You're both going to kill me. Kim Namjoon, dead of a heart attack at 33."

"He died doing what he loved, times two," JK says with a snicker, and Jungkook rolls his eyes, laughs despite himself.

"That's awful. Don't joke, ah—" JK's teeth are tugging now, tongue wet on Jungkook's ear, and he shivers hard, feels his cock twitch in his lap.

"I think I get now why Namjoonie-hyung calls me baby, it's hard to resist just looking at you," JK says in a low voice. "Ready to fuck me, baby? Get your dick wet for the first time?"

Jungkook knows it's ridiculous, that he's being teased, but he still blushes, face burning with it. Maybe even more so because Namjoon is touching him, watching them. "Are you hard too?"

"Mm, yeah, hard enough. Don't worry too much about making me come, though, it's hotter for me if you just enjoy yourself."

Namjoon snorts at that, and Jungkook glances over to him, confused.

"No, it's just," Namjoon starts to say. "Ah, how do I put this without insulting both of you..."

"Hyung wants to call me a slut," JK says. At Namjoon's look, he adds, "It's okay, hyung. He's going to find out what he's into some day, right?" He pinches Jungkook's nipple again after he says it, and Jungkook finally lifts away from his older self's hold, turning around and letting himself stare.

It's weirdly comforting that their dicks are exactly the same, at least from what Jungkook can tell. He's waxed right now, but his older self isn't. The difference is hot in a way Jungkook wasn't expecting.

"Please stop licking your lips," JK says with a strained laugh, and then, "How do you want me?"

"On... your back, I guess?"

"Ah, good, I was hoping you'd let me look at you while you fuck me." JK settles back into the pillows and strokes himself absently when Jungkook moves between his legs, reaching for the lube only to find Namjoon won't pass it over.

Jungkook blinks. "Ah? We need lube, right?" This is new for him but he knows that much at least.

"Do you mind if I...?" Namjoon moves behind Jungkook, touching his hip again, fingers splaying out over his lower belly. His voice is so deep in Jungkook's ear when he asks, "Mind if I help?"

"Fuck," JK moans, squeezing his hand around his cock. Jungkook likes how pretty it looks in his tattooed grip.

"I don't mind, ah." Jungkook tips his head back and swallows when Namjoon's fingers circle around him, spreading lube over the length of his cock, stroking him until the swollen head disappears in his grip. "Fuck," Jungkook gasps, echoing his older self, and not even on purpose.

"Tilt your hips up, Jungkook-ah," Namjoon says. He gives a loud slap to JK's inner thigh — that's so hot, fuck, Jungkook wants to blurt out that he wants to feel that too — and JK adjusts his position to do as Namjoon says, eyes glittering, muscle flexing under skin when he moves.

Jungkook's thoughts go a little hazy, staring down between his older self's legs, at the few moles in familiar places, at the fading bruise high on his inner thigh that Jungkook is almost certain is from Namjoon's teeth.

It's surreal, not just because it's him but older, but being in this position at all. Namjoon's warmth behind him, his cleanly masculine smell, the slender fingers that move from Jungkook's cock to rub lube over JK's clenching hole.

Namjoon slips a finger inside, and both Jungkooks whimper at the same time. Namjoon's laugh is rough, surprised. "Really?"

"Hyung," Jungkook breathes out, cock aching with how much he wants Namjoon's hand back, wants to push forward. How is he supposed to last? He thinks he could come just from Namjoon playing with his nipples right now.

"It's good, I promise, I'm ready," JK says, words slurring with how quickly he speaks, and Namjoon draws his finger back out. He spreads more lube around the head of Jungkook's cock and then moves back, giving Jungkook space.

He misses the warmth of Namjoon pressed behind him, misses the embarrassed heat that came with Namjoon getting him ready to fuck, but it's probably better that Jungkook is on his own for this. Having Namjoon against his back would no doubt just make him feel needier, make him come faster.

"Slowly," Namjoon tells him as Jungkook lines himself up, rubbing his swollen cockhead slick over JK's hole, pushing carefully until the muscle gives under the pressure.

JK hisses, tugs at his own cock and tips his head back, exposing the long stretch of his throat, his broad neck.

He's so hot. Jungkook is a little delirious from pleasure when he thinks, This is what Namjoon-hyung gets to see, and shudders as he pushes in deeper.

The feeling of being inside someone is a lot to adjust to. Jungkook can't imagine what it's like for his older self, too. He just squeezes, clenching heat that grips and clings to Jungkook's cock, makes him even more aware of the throb of arousal that pulses low in his gut.

"There you go," Namjoon tells him, petting Jungook's back, leaning in to drop a kiss to his shoulder. It's tender, unexpected, and Jungkook wonders if little gestures like that are common between them. His chest aches at the thought. "Feel good?"

"Hyung," Jungkook moans helplessly, hips drawing back and jerking forward again, body tensing at how overwhelming this new pleasure is. "You feel amazing. Holy fuck. So tight—"

"Yeah? You like the way I feel?" JK asks, huffing a laugh when Jungkook's hips snap forward, when he whines. "You're so— so wild at this, god, it's kind of hot. That's it, baby."

"Easy," Namjoon says, lips brushing Jungkook's ear. "Just find a rhythm with it, fucking into him. Listen to his noises, pay attention to what gets the most reaction, hm?"

JK makes this strangled moaning noise, letting go of his cock and spreading his thighs wider, toes curling. "He doesn't have to. Just let him fuck, hyung, it still feels good."

Heat washes through Jungkook. Maybe he should be more ashamed, the way they discuss his inexperience as if he's a puppy that needs to be trained. Jungkook's face flushes at the thought, arms shaking as he leans over JK's body, thrusting slower, steadier.

"Is it okay?" Jungkook asks, voice breathy and unsure. He's met with a lazy smile, lips licked wet, the familiar little mole Jungkook suddenly wants to kiss.

"It's really okay."

"You're not too sore from, uh, from last night—"

"Shit," Namjoon says, a laugh in his voice. "You couldn't resist bringing that up, huh?"

"I'm not too sore," JK tells him. "We're used to using our days off to get it all out of our systems, and there's a kind of, hnn, oversensitivity that comes from getting fucked while I can still remember the stretch of hyung's cock. God." JK laughs, lifting a hand to run through his hair. "I never planned to have sex with anyone other than my husband again. This better not awaken anything in either of us."

Jungkook stills, briefly terrified that Namjoon will suddenly realize this is kind of infidelity, but Namjoon's touch at the back of his neck is tender, reassuring.

"Don't worry, it's not— this isn't like that. We want you here. You're him, remember?" Namjoon leans over, kisses Jungkook's cheek, mouths wetly down to his jaw until Jungkook's hips are jerking forward again. "This is your future, so please look forward to it."

JK laughs hard at that.

Namjoon's kisses are maybe meant to relax Jungkook, slow and wet and sucking, but he's too sensitive, too unused to all this stimulation. His head drops forward, a moan pulled from his throat when Namjoon's lips slide to his ear, when JK's arms reach up to circle around him, pulling him closer.

"Please, ah." Jungkook grinds his hips deep and tries to choke out a warning when the heat builds at a pace that's too fast, too good, too tight in his belly. "Hyung," Jungkook breathes, hoping to find whatever angle it was that made JK gasp loudly, made his throat bob with a swallow. "I think I'm already—"

"It's okay," JK tells him. His smile is crooked, eyebrows furrowed when Jungkook's hips snap forward harder. Pleasure is such an attractive look on his face. Jungkook wishes he wasn't so unravelled by his own pleasure, so he could appreciate it more. "It's okay, whenever you need to, fuck, baby, you can come."

"You just feel so—"

"He's tight, isn't he?" Namjoon asks, and Jungkook whines in agreement. His older self doesn't seem any better off, even if he's still not touching himself, apparently in no hurry to come. "He was tight when I fucked him last night, too."

The heat twists sharply at Namjoon's words, at the images that flood Jungkook's fevered brain. His thrusts turn sloppy with how frantic he moves, rough when JK's moans just climb in pitch.

"Fuck, fuck," Jungkook swears in a soft, breathless voice, the orgasm finally crashing through him in a blinding rush of pleasure. He shudders on top of JK as his hips jerk, the intensity of releasing into such tight, clenching heat almost painful, it's so good.

His older self pets over his back, humming out a low, satisfied noise as he lets Jungkook's hips shove and grind forward until he's spent, weak and sated. "Hn, baby. How was that?"

"Fuck," Jungkook says again, panting, burying his face at the side of JK's neck. "Felt so good." His words slur together and he doesn't even care. There's a giddiness in him that bubbles up, like he wants to laugh or maybe cry, and he lets the sweet, clean smell of JK's skin ground him.

"Yeah?" There's lazy smugness in JK's voice. Namjoon drops a kiss to the back of Jungkook's neck and he shudders again, thinks his cock even gives another weak twitch inside his older self. When he does laugh it comes out hoarse, shaky.

"Do you want to—" Jungkook reaches between their bodies, fingers circling loosely around JK's cock, and he can't help the hiss that escapes him when JK tightens up instinctively.

"No, no, I'll come later. It felt really good for me too, mm, even better when you let yourself get rough."

Jungkook flushes.

"Wanna pull out now?"

"Yeah, sorry, ah." Jungkook lifts up to his knees and draws back slowly until his cock slips out, staring with wide eyes at the mess of his own come, the little gape of JK's hole.

Namjoon huffs a warm laugh by his ear. "You like that?"

"It's so hot," Jungkook complains, glancing up at his older self before letting his fingers brush down between his cheeks.

"Go ahead," JK tells him, eyes glittering.

Jungkook uses two fingers to press the mess back inside. The responding heat of JK squeezing around him makes his cock twitch, even as it softens, and Namjoon laughs again. Jungkook is embarrassed that he noticed.

"What do you want to do next? Do you want to kiss for a while, then one of us can finger you, see if you still want to try, ah, that?"

That. Jungkook's whole body heats at the idea of that, the thought of having something he's shamefully dreamt about, and having it with these two especially, who are so patient with him despite his inexperience.

"I will," Jungkook says, licking his lips, turning to meet Namjoon's dark, knowing stare. "I will still want that, please."

"God," Namjoon breathes out. "Here, baby, let me grab some tissues— ah, sorry, I meant older baby. Husband-baby."

JK cackles. "You should stop before you make it worse."

"Right, right." Namjoon is smiling bashfully when he passes tissues over to help JK clean up. "Would you rather I use a condom when I fuck you?" Namjoon asks Jungkook, and both Jungkooks respond "No" at the same time, no hesitation. It makes Namjoon laugh.

"Your opinion doesn't count," he tells JK, "I know what you like."

"I know what I like too! I remember the kind of porn I watched when I was 20." JK looks smug.

"I want to feel you." Jungkook shuffles closer to Namjoon on the bed, almost melts when Namjoon slides an arm around Jungkook's back without him having to ask for it. "All of you. Even if it's messy."

"Especially if it's messy."

Jungkook rolls his eyes at his older self's unwanted commentary.

"C'mere," Namjoon murmurs. The look on his face is soft, a mature kindness that fills Jungkook with warmth, even as his touches spark a needier kind of heat low in Jungkook's belly. He lets Namjoon draw him closer into his arms, head tilting for a slow kiss.

Namjoon kisses so well. Jungkook always assumed he would, just because of... everything else Namjoon has going for him, but knowing it firsthand is nice too. A hand cups the back of his neck, pulling an involuntary stutter of breath from Jungkook's lips, and he cautiously slides his own arms around Namjoon's broad shoulders.

"It's okay," his older self says. His voice isn't teasing like before, but soft, almost a whisper. Like he's hesitant to interrupt them. "Whatever feels good, it's okay, Jungkook-ah."

"Everything feels good," Jungkook admits. And it's true. Namjoon knows the back of his neck is sensitive, knows just how tight to hold him, how forceful to kiss him to have Jungkook's stomach swooping with heat. It might take him a little longer to get hard again but the arousal is there like it never left, heavy and hot. Jungkook never imagined sex could be as intense and comfortable as this.

Jungkook shifts a little until he's settled closer to Namjoon, straddling his muscular thighs, practically in his lap. Namjoon laughs against his mouth.


"Am I too heavy?"

"No, not at all. I was kind of thinking about taking my underwear off, though."

Oh. "Fuck," Jungkook swears.

"I mean, I don't have to," Namjoon says, but Jungkook can hear the smile in his voice, pulling back from the kiss just to confirm it.

"No, I- I really want to see you, hyung, all of you. Ah, yeah."

"Lie back for me."

Jungkook huffs out a little laugh when his head meets JK's thigh instead of the mattress. "Hi."

"Hey," JK tells him with a nose scrunch that makes him look younger for a moment, with fingers brushing lightly through Jungkook's hair. "Want to know a secret? You bleach your hair in the summer."

Jungkook's eyes widen. "Wait, really?"

"Jungkook-ah," Namjoon says. It's a warning, but not a very stern one.

"Yep. Cherry pink."

"I think you're messing with me."

"I'm not!"

"He's not," Namjoon confirms, and Jungkook finally lets himself look, stomach already tight in anticipation.

They've all caught glimpses of each other's dicks. More commonly when they were first starting out, but in those instances they were usually soft, and it was never lingering looks. So while Jungkook is aware of Namjoon's size, he still isn't prepared for the sight of Namjoon's hard cock jutting in front of him, more long than thick but still thick, flushed dark and shiny at the head.

It's JK who speaks up first. "Hyung. You're this hard already?"

There is nothing embarrassed or apologetic about the grin Namjoon gives them. "Watching him fuck you was really hot."

JK still seems stunned in a way that's making Jungkook flush, heat washing over him, flooding his face.

"Were you touching yourself?"

"Jungkook-ah," Namjoon says, addressing his husband, "you want me to talk about this instead of getting him ready?"

"Ugh, no, just." JK's fingers squeeze a little in Jungkook's hair. "The idea of you touching yourself through your underwear while I get fucked. God. Our Namjoon hyung is really attractive, huh, Jungkook-ah?"

Jungkook swallows, finally tears his eyes away from Namjoon's broad torso, the cut of his hips, his thighs, the sparse dark hair that makes Jungkook flush even warmer. "Yeah, he is."

"You're very attractive too, baby." This time the baby is directed at Jungkook, and he wants to whine caught under Namjoon's heated gaze like this, the way Namjoon leans over his body on the bed, broad and beautiful, to kiss him again.

Jungkook only just stops himself from moaning out, Crush me.

Kissing isn't new for Jungkook, obviously, but as Namjoon's lips trail across his jaw, up to his ear, Jungkook is suddenly reminded that this Namjoon has been having sex with him for years. This Namjoon knows where he's sensitive already, probably knows the quickest ways to turn him on.

Namjoon's tongue brushes the flushed tip of his ear and Jungkook squirms, heat in his belly twisting, a gasping burst of laughter leaving his throat when Namjoon's tongue traces down to his earlobe, sucking, careful of his earrings.

"Hyung—" Jungkook chokes out, because the sensation tickles, makes him squirm, but also lights up a strange heat in his belly. "Ah, hyung—"

"God," Namjoon says, voice rough. "You really are sensitive. The biggest you've had is a hairbrush handle, huh?"

Jungkook swallows. "Look."


"I— yes," Jungkook finally admits, and JK laughs, sliding the hand not currently petting through Jungkook's hair down his bare chest, fingers teasing a nipple. Jungkook shivers, tilts his head back when Namjoon starts kissing down to his neck.

"Can't wait to make you feel good." Namjoon's mouth moves to Jungkook's chest, trails hot kisses until his lips close around Jungkook's other nipple, sudden wet, slippery heat.

Jungkook's whine comes out high, needy, breath drawn in sharply through his teeth. "Ohfuck."

"You'll always be sensitive here," JK says, fingers leaving Jungkook's nipple just in time for Namjoon's lips to give that one attention too.

It's wild, the arousal that tightens in his stomach, flushes him warm and makes him feel like he could squirm out of his skin. His nipples are small but under Namjoon's mouth the pleasure is immense, the way he sucks, his huff of amused laughter out over Jungkook's skin.

"Oh, baby. I'm glad you're comfortable making noise with us. Want to know a secret? Our first time, I had to really work to get Jungkookie to make any sounds for me."

"Ahh, don't shame me like this," JK complains, dialect slipping into his speech when he says it. "Hyung wouldn't be rough with me at all, I kept expecting him to say we were making love."

Jungkook tries to laugh, but his body is still thrumming from the pleasure of having his nipples sucked at, licked.

"Not that there's anything wrong with making love, that's sweet too... But once he let go and gave it to me hard, it was impossible to be quiet. Hyung, fuck him like that, okay? He deserves it."

"Fuck," Jungkook blurts out, trying to lift his arm to cover his flushed face. "This is so unreal."

Namjoon's lips move down his stomach, press soft kisses to his navel that make Jungkook squirm again. "Are you still okay with me fingering you?"

Jungkook nods. "Uh huh."

"Good. I'll start, okay?"

Jungkook nods again, and then Namjoon's tongue swirls at the dip of his navel and Jungkook moans, stomach clenching, head dropping back in JK's lap. "A- Ah."

"And he hasn't even gotten to your thighs yet," JK says with a wicked grin on his face, patting Jungkook's cheek. "Oh boy."

Jungkook can only imagine. He shudders, almost grateful when Namjoon moves on from his belly-button, even if the pleasure of his mouth there is so new, as ticklish as it is arousing.

There's a low curl of embarrassment when Jungkook spreads his legs for Namjoon, face wrinkling after a pillow is put under his hips.

"It helps," JK tells him, idly playing with his earrings now. "Feels better on your back and makes it easier for hyung to get to your butt."

"However you're comfortable, okay?" Namjoon gives him a smile, and Jungkook is tempted to sass back, What's comfortable about lying in front of your longest crush naked, legs spread, about to be fucked for the first time?

But that's not exactly fair. They have made him comfortable, as comfortable as a situation like this can be. If it does end up just being a dream, Jungkook will still be grateful his mind gave him something so vivid and filthy, but also... safe. Warm and domestic, this idea of being married to Namjoon and taken care of by both of them like this.

"Jungkook-ah," his older self says in a soft voice, "I'm going to move now, baby."

The thigh slides out from beneath Jungkook's head so he's resting on more pillows instead. JK doesn't leave him, though — he settles in next to Jungkook, leaning over his body to kiss him.

There's an urgency in the way Jungkook is being kissed, and just as Namjoon starts to rub slick circles over Jungkook's rim, he gasps out, "Jungkook-hyung. You're still hard."

"Mm, yeah."

"Do you want—"

JK pulls back from Jungkook's lips, grinning. "Are you offering? Ah, that's sweet. No, I'll wait. I know you're not going to last long once Namjoonie-hyung gets inside you so I'm saving my ass for him."

Jungkook gasps out a laugh just as Namjoon slides a finger inside. "Don't say— You don't know that I won't last. I'm not even hard yet." Even as he says it, though, he can tell it won't take him long to get there, with Namjoon slowly working him open with one finger. It feels too good, sensitive, just full enough to give Jungkook something to clench around.

"Jungkook-ah. You are me, I am you," he sings, and the familiar reference does relax Jungkook slightly, nose scrunching with a smile. "But we'll make sure it's good for you no matter what, okay?"

Namjoon's finger presses a little deeper then, massages in a way that has Jungkook's cock jerking, and he sinks his teeth into his lip before he says, "Does that mean I don't get hyung's come inside me?"

"Fuck," JK swears at the same moment Namjoon says in a rough voice, "Baby."

Jungkook doesn't get an answer to his question, but his older self is kissing him again, so he doesn't really mind.

Namjoon works him open steadily, gets him used to the pressure inside as JK distracts him with kisses, a palm sliding down his stomach, fingers brushing over the length of his cock.

Jungkook's teeth catch at JK's lip. "Oh, nng."

"Don't think about it," JK murmurs against his lips. "Just feel. Do you want another finger?"

"Yeah, I can take it," Jungkook says quickly, glancing down at Namjoon, stomach flipping once again at the sight of the thick muscle of his arms, his broad shoulders. His familiar dimpled smile.

"Hyung," JK speaks up as Namjoon pours out more lube onto his fingers, pushing back in with two. Jungkook appreciates that Namjoon doesn't hesitate, because Jungkook can take it, stretches for them without any pain, although the fullness inside is almost overwhelming.


"You know that, ah, that thing you do for me, sometimes, when you're fingering me?" Jungkook can almost hear his older self's eyebrows waggling. "That thing. You should do that for him."


"What thing?" Jungkook asks, just met with JK's wicked grin and then the sudden, wet heat of Namjoon's mouth sinking over Jungkook's cock.

Jungkook clenches down so hard around Namjoon's fingers he gets a muffled laugh around his dick in response.

"Oh holy shit," Jungkook moans, arousal coiling tight in his gut with each sucking pull, the heat of Namjoon's mouth, the soft glide of his tongue.

"Feel good?" JK asks, a smile in his voice. Jungkook doesn't even care if he's being teased, the feeling is intense and wet and somehow makes his hole feel that much more sensitive around Namjoon's fingers.


"That good, huh?"

Jungkook lifts his head and blinks down at Namjoon, breath catching when he realizes Namjoon is already staring up at him. Lips stretched around Jungkook's hardening cock, cheeks hollowing, his gaze dark and certain.

Jungkook wants him. He wants him so, so badly.

When Namjoon pulls off it's with a gasp, Jungkook's cock falling wet over his belly, bobbing when he clenches around Namjoon's fingers. The pleasure is so consuming that Jungkook barely notices JK getting up from the bed and coming back with a dildo, not especially long or thick, but pretty. Sleek and purple.

"Oh, that's a good idea," Namjoon says, voice raspy.

"Yeah, I'm the expert, remember?" JK taps the dildo over one of Jungkook's nipples and Jungkook's hips jerk. "This should help you adjust a little more before taking Namjoon hyung. Is that okay?"

Jungkook nods. He thinks maybe his older self already knows it's okay, but is grateful he asks anyway. It's considerate. Jungkook preens a little, thinks for a moment, That's me, I'm still that caring in the future.

The toy gets handed off to Namjoon and his fingers slowly drag out, leaving Jungkook unpleasantly empty, clenching around nothing.

"Let me know if it's too much, in any way," Namjoon says. His voice is gentle but serious, enough to pull Jungkook's focus from the anticipation of more and full. Jungkook nods again, breathes out a quiet "Of course." He's rewarded with the rounded tip of the dildo pressing at his hole, slippery with lube, and he tries to resist holding his breath as Namjoon pushes it inside.

It's different, obviously a different pressure inside than two fingers, but it doesn't sting, the slide almost embarrassingly easy. It feels good, where he's so sensitive, even better when Namjoon drags it in and out, like the heat in his belly drags with it, tugged by the motion.

"Ah, hyung, that's." Jungkook swallows, legs falling open a little wider, fingers curling into the bedding on either side of him just to have something to hold onto. The pleasure is different in intensity from Namjoon's mouth, but it's still pleasure, deep and aching. "That's—"

"Good?" JK asks. "Would you like it if hyung sucked your cock again, Jungkook-ah?"

Jungkook stares down at Namjoon, the way Namjoon's gaze is a little too understanding, like he sees right through Jungkook. "Yes?"

JK laughs. "Yah, is it that hard of a question? It's okay if you think it'll be too much."

Jungkook realizes, now that he's not distracted by kissing, that as JK talks his hand moves over his own cock, grip loose and slow, tattooed knuckles curled around the flushed length of it. Jungkook's hips shift again, ass clenching around the toy inside at the sight.

"Just a little? It's— ah, it just feels so good."

Namjoon leans over Jungkook's stomach again, lips kissing a wet trail up the side of his cock, and a soft noise leaves Jungkook's lips when JK touches his wrist, guides one of Jungkook's hands to Namjoon's hair.

"Pull when you want him to stop," JK tells him. "Or pull if you want him to keep going?"

Namjoon laughs, breath huffed warm over Jungkook's damp skin. "Jungkook-ah, baby, how about you just tell me to stop when it's too much, okay?"

"Yeah, okay." Jungkook keeps his fingers in Namjoon's hair, stomach tensing when Namjoon noses at his cock before taking it back into his mouth, his other hand still working the toy in and out.

It's so much stimulation. Jungkook moans softly, a breathy ahh, and then louder when Namjoon takes him deeper into his throat.

"Hyung," Jungkook moans, face heating a little at how whiny the honorific comes out, how desperate. He almost misses it when JK moans next to him too, the sound rougher.

"Mm, Jungkook-ah," JK says. "Thinking about— about having this, at your age, I can't imagine it. I would've nutted on the spot."

Namjoon chokes (Jungkook almost bucks his hips, thinks, Oh fuck is that supposed to feel so good—), and then pulls off Jungkook's cock so he can laugh.

"Was that really necessary?" Namjoon's voice is gravelly and low. It sends a flash of heat down Jungkook's spine.

"Sorry, I was just trying to make him feel more comfortable. We've never had a threesome before, this is new to me too," JK tells Jungkook, leaning down to kiss his ear. "Hyung was right before, though. It's hot watching him with someone else. Watching him with you, especially."

"Thanks," Jungkook says a little helplessly. He's gotten used to the feeling of the toy enough that he wishes it would fuck him a little deeper, harder. Jungkook makes himself meet Namjoon's eyes before saying, "Can we— I'm ready, can we have sex now?"

Namjoon raises one eyebrow. Jungkook's belly gives a warm flip.

"If you're ready. There's no rush."

"Do you want to be in control, baby?" JK asks him, a whisper that's not trying very hard to be quiet.

"In control, like...?"

"On top. You know." JK slaps Jungkook's thigh, and he jolts, clenches around the dildo. "Riding it."

"Oh, that's a good idea," Namjoon adds. He starts to slide the toy out and Jungkook groans at the drag, the empty feeling it leaves behind. "Ah, sorry. Should've warned you first."

Jungkook grunts.

"Are you okay with that, Jungkook-ah?" JK asks. "Or— let's see, what would I have wanted?" JK stares, and then lowers his voice before he continues. "Would you rather be on all fours with your ass up in the air—"

"Riding is good," Jungkook says quickly, pulse racing, because he can't handle the images JK is putting into his head. He wants all of it, has certainly fantasized about all of it, so how is he supposed to decide on one thing?

His older self wasn't wrong. Presented with the opportunity to ride Kim Namjoon into the mattress, Jungkook isn't sure how he hasn't come yet just from the thought of it.

Jungkook is dragged up into a kiss by JK, eyes sliding shut as lips move over his own, a thumb brushing across his cheekbone. The kiss isn't especially gentle but the touch is, and Jungkook leans into it.

"Don't worry about these too much, okay?" JK whispers, his other hand brushing over Jungkook's abdomen like an afterthought, the tight muscle there. "Always eat well, ARMY will scream no matter what state your abs are in, huh?"

"Ah hyung," Jungkook breathes out with a short laugh, still caught in the weirdness of calling someone who kisses him so sweetly hyung, and then pulling back just to see his own matured face staring warmly back at him. "Don't embarrass me, not when I'm about to—"

"Right, sorry." The cheeky look JK gives him is bright, knowing. "Hyung? Are you comfortable?"

Namjoon is leaning back against some pillows, not quite lying down but close, his dick straining above his belly. His face scrunches slightly with his smile. "Yes, I'm comfortable. Jungkook-ah?"

Jungkook can't take his eyes away from Namjoon's big cock.

"His eyes are up there," JK says with a short laugh.

"It'll really fit?" Jungkook asks. JK opens his mouth to answer, and Jungkook quickly adds, "I mean, it won't— it won't hurt really bad, right?"

It's Namjoon who reaches out for Jungkook, taking his hands to pull him closer across the bed, until Jungkook is pressed into his side. JK watches them, his expression also gone soft, from teasing amusement to understanding.

"Jungkook-ah, baby. Are you sure you want this? You don't have to push yourself."

"I do!" Something like panic settles unpleasantly in the pit of Jungkook's stomach, thinking that he's led Namjoon to believe he's changing his mind. "I do, just— You're so big. It has to hurt a little, right?"

"It shouldn't. With a lot of lube, and you going slow enough, taking only as much as you want to, it shouldn't feel like more than an uncomfortable stretch. If it starts to sting badly for whatever reason, we can stop, there are other things we can do."

A hand slides around Jungkook's belly from behind and he sighs, leaning back a little into JK's weight, his solid warmth. "Jungkook-ah," he whispers, mouth close to Jungkook's ear, close enough to make him shiver, the hairs at the back of his neck standing on end. "It's okay to be nervous, or even— I don't know, maybe our bodies aren't exactly the same, maybe you won't like this. But I think you will. It feels good, overwhelming and full, and Namjoon-hyung is going to be staring at you so hotly, so lovingly, touching your cock and letting you go at your own pace."

"I know," Jungkook mumbles, giving Namjoon an almost apologetic look as JK continues to pet over Jungkook's belly. "I trust him, and I- I want it. I want it a lot."

JK doesn't laugh, but he does hum, a contented little noise. "I know. I could see how much you want it. It's okay to be nervous, we don't have anywhere else to be or any expectations for you besides you enjoying yourself, and trying what you want. At least this way, no matter what happens, you can say you've had Namjoon's tip inside you, yeah?"

"God," Namjoon chokes out. "Don't say that."

But Jungkook doesn't mind. Jungkook feels a new trickle of heat work its way down his spine at that thought. Even if he can't take Namjoon's size, at least he'll have had Namjoon's cockhead rubbing at his hole, pressing inside. Jungkook has to swallow back a moan imagining it, and thinks, Okay, maybe I'm more ready than I thought.

"I want it," Jungkook says again, and he turns in JK's arms, breath catching at the heated look JK gives him. He's struck, once again, by how mature his older self looks, how mature he sounds when he talks. Jungkook almost envies him. "Please."

"Yeah," JK says, reaching up to brush Jungkook's hair away from his face even if it just falls right back over his forehead without any product keeping it back. "I know you do. Let's get you good and wet first, hyung likes it messy anyway."

Namjoon maybe blushes a little pink at that. Or maybe it's the sight of Jungkook straddling his hips, naked and eager, leaning forward with a surprised gasp when JK squeezes the lube bottle directly into his asshole, pouring out a little more to coat Namjoon's cock in it too.

Jungkook rocks back slightly and his face scrunches at how slippery everything is.

"Whenever you're ready," Namjoon tells him, hands curled around Jungkook's thighs when Jungkook lifts on his knees and reaches for Namjoon's cock behind him. "Slowly."

Jungkook strokes his hand up and down Namjoon's thick cock, almost throws his head back and laughs when he realizes his mouth is filling with saliva like he's about to drool all over it.

God. This is his, in the future. All his.

JK is just behind Jungkook, next to Namjoon's thigh, and says, "Don't forget to jerk him off, hyung, it'll help."

"Yeah, of course. This okay, baby?" Namjoon's hand around Jungkook's straining cock is a sudden, overwhelming distraction, feels so good Jungkook can't bring himself to meet Namjoon's eyes when he lines the cock behind him up to his rim, lowering himself down slowly, feeling the blunt pressure over his hole.

It's a lot. Jungkook's teeth dig into his lip and he tries to breathe out with the push, his breath catching when the head finally sinks inside.

It's a lot. It burns a little, feels like too much in too tiny a space, and Jungkook thinks deliriously, Namjoon-hyung is fucking me right now. I'm getting fucked by Kim Namjoon.

Jungkook's moan comes out stuttered, breathless.

He lets himself adjust before taking more, a little easier now that he's taken the head. But the stretch is still so much, so full, and Jungkook keeps clenching until Namjoon says, "Baby, hey, look at me. Are you okay? You're whimpering, Jungkook-ah, is it too much?"

Jungkook shakes his head. He knows his face scrunches when he glances down at Namjoon but he can't stop trying to take more, wants to feel the full length of it until he's stuffed so full of Namjoon's cock he can't think.

JK laughs beside him. "Already a cockslut for your hyung, Jungkook-ah?"

"It's just—" Jungkook sinks farther down, wonders just how much dick does Namjoon have if there's still more to take? "It's, nng, a lot. But I don't need to stop. I want more, please—"

"It's okay," JK tells him, kneeling so he can rub over Jungkook's back, giving his ass a playful slap. Jungkook feels himself tighten up, and Namjoon groans below him. "You're doing really well. Do you want hyung to talk to you? Not me-hyung, I mean, but your future husband."

Jungkook glances at Namjoon again, watches his jaw tense and then finds himself nodding quickly. "Please."

The look Namjoon gives him is so dark, full of a heat that burns low in Jungkook's belly. "Okay, baby. Do you still like me touching your cock?"

Jungkook nods again. "But, can you— not too fast or, like, tight? Feels nice, but too much would be, oh—"

"I got you, you're fine," Namjoon tells him in a warm voice, slender fingers keeping up loose, steady strokes over Jungkook's aching cock where it juts in front of him. His other hand moves to Jungkook's hip, and Jungkook wants to whine at the touch. "So gorgeous like this. Can't believe I'm the first one who gets you like this, who gets to see you riding me."

"Move back and forth," JK tells him with another slap to his ass. The pain of it barely registers, doesn't even annoy Jungkook. Every touch seems to go straight to the arousal tight in his gut. "You can sit your weight on hyung too, he can take it."

Jungkook does as his older self says, starts to shift forward and back and moans shakily at the drag of Namjoon's cock inside him, the way it presses at his walls, fills him. Jungkook never imagined feeling as split open as this — not painful, but just stretched to his limits, body completely focused on the new pressure.

"There you go," Namjoon tells him. His voice is rougher, deeper, and Jungkook wants to moan at that too. He soaks in every detail to try and reassure himself it's not just a dream. The shine of sweat on their bodies, the squelch of lube, the slight creak of the bed when Jungkook rides him a little harder. Namjoon's hand doesn't stroke Jungkook the same way he strokes himself, but it's still good, that double stimulation, the heat in his belly twisting with every motion.

Jungkook rests his palms over Namjoon's chest, the soft, broad curves of his pecs, and lets his gaze drink in the sight of the puffiness of Namjoon's brown nipples, the few moles on his golden skin that Jungkook has thought about kissing too often.

He's so broad. Jungkook can't help clenching up tight again when he stares at the thick muscle of Namjoon's arms, and Namjoon laughs.

"Ah, now I have two shameless husbands here, don't I? Fuck, you're so tight."

Jungkook doesn't bother trying to stop the soft moan that spills from his throat. He pushes back harder onto Namjoon's cock, eyes fluttering at how deep Namjoon feels inside him.

"You take it so well for your first time. Do you like hearing that? Like hearing how good you feel around me, squeezing me like you want me to come inside you, baby?"

"Please," Jungkook chokes out. He can't even say he's begging for Namjoon's come — he wants to see Namjoon fuck JK too, selfishly, desperately — but just begging to hear more, for Namjoon to keep talking.

"You're taking him so deep," JK says, pulling at one of Jungkook's cheeks, spreading him open. Jungkook's face heats at the touch, the exposed feeling. He wishes he could see it too, how stretched he is around Namjoon's cock. "Can you feel him in your tummy?"

Jungkook can't answer, too embarrassed at how JK's words affect him. He ducks his head down, leans forward slightly and shoves his hips back with more force, moaning. Everything is heat and the ache inside him from being so full, their loud breaths and the smell of sex.

Jungkook loves it. He finds an angle that jolts a deeper, wilder heat inside him and he can't stop, ass shoving back, moans punched out of him when Namjoon starts lifting his hips to meet Jungkook with short, hard thrusts.

"Fuck, fuck, ah," Jungkook gasps, hands curled over Namjoon's shoulders now. "Please, please—"

Namjoon lets go of Jungkook's cock and instead wraps his arms around Jungkook's back, brings his body down until they're lying chest-to-chest and Namjoon has more leverage for his thrusts. His cock fills Jungkook again and again with lightning heat, sharp and fast, such a new and consuming kind of pleasure.

Jungkook cries out when the angle changes slightly, gasps into the flushed skin of Namjoon's neck. Dazedly, he thinks about how nice Namjoon smells, that comforting scent, and somehow his arousal just draws up tighter because of it.

"Close?" Namjoon growls.

"Ah, ah—" Jungkook can barely find the words, breath stuttering. When he speaks, some of his words come out lispy. "I think, unh, please. Don't stop, please."

"I won't, baby, just want to feel you come around me. Can you fuck yourself back on me? Do what feels good, take what you need."

And so Jungkook does. He blushes and braces his hands on the bed and groans, head dropping forward, neck hot and thighs sweating. He pushes back with that ache of being so full, being stroked just right inside, the blinding heat and growing tightness in his gut.

He feels completely shameless, doesn't care how he must look, fucking himself onto Namjoon's cock so desperately.

"Hyung," Jungkook gasps, whining noisily when JK's fingers sink into his hair, when there's another hard slap at his ass. "A- Ah, gonna—"

"There you go, Jungkook-ah, come for hyung," Namjoon tells him. And Jungkook does.

He doesn't even have a chance to reach between their bodies and grip his cock before his orgasm hits. Pleasure spreads out from his groin, seizes his body and rushes through him in waves of trembling heat, his moans loud, strained.

It's so much. Jungkook has never come while stretched around a cock, didn't realize he could even feel an orgasm so deeply, ass clenching tight around Namjoon and his own swollen cock jerking, spilling over Namjoon's chest.

Blood rushes in Jungkook's ears, body shivering through the aftershocks of his orgasm as Namjoon pets over his back, JK stroking through his hair. There are tears in his eyes, but they're easy to blink away. More from the intensity of how it felt than anything else.

"That's it, baby, you're okay. I've got you," Namjoon tells him. The deepness of his voice pulls a whimper from Jungkook's throat.

"Hurts?" JK asks.

Jungkook shakes his head. "Namjoon-hyung's voice is, ah, really sexy."

Namjoon laughs then, not loudly, but still enough to jostle Jungkook's body on top of him. "Your voice is very sexy too. Lift up slowly, okay? The drag might feel weird."

"Mm, okay." Jungkook is still in a kind of daze, arms wobbling when he tries to support himself. Both Namjoon and JK help keep him steady as he rises off of Namjoon's cock, letting it slip out, still hard and shining with lube.

Jungkook falls into Namjoon's side, nose finding his neck again to breathe in the nice smell of his skin and his body wash, and Namjoon's chuckle is so low, almost soothing.

"Do you need anything?"

"No, it's— I'm fine. Just kind of," Jungkook goes to shrug and a hard shiver runs through him, softening the expression on Namjoon's face.

Up close like this, all Jungkook can think about is kissing him. So he leans in and does.

Embarrassingly, Jungkook can feel his cock twitch as soon as Namjoon starts kissing back. He just feels— sensitive all over, bare and sated, the warmth settling in his chest even as his pulse still struggles to calm down, as sweat cools on his skin.

"You're smiling," JK says with a short laugh. "Ah, that's cute. Rapmon-hyung kisses that well?" he asks, like he doesn't already know the answer.

Jungkook finishes the kiss with a smack before pulling away to say, "No, I'm just thinking about how good his dick felt inside me."

"Oh no, we've definitely corrupted him," Namjoon jokes. But his touches are all tenderness, rubbing a hand over Jungkook's arm, guiding him in close again to snuggle. "Please be patient with your Namjoon in his twenties, he'll get there soon."

The words sit heavy in Jungkook's mind, maybe heavier than they should. Namjoon doesn't elaborate, but Jungkook doesn't ask him to.

It's better not knowing exactly when and how, isn't it? It must be.

JK leans over Namjoon's chest — he's settled in on Namjoon's other side, and oh, it's kind of like they're sandwiching Namjoon between them, that's stupidly hot — and gives Jungkook a slow kiss. 

"You took my husband's cock so well, Jungkook-ah, especially for your first."

Jungkook shivers again. "Ah, hn, hyung."

JK lets go of Jungkook's lip from his teeth. "Are you still okay if he fucks me? Do you want to lie back and watch?"

"I— yes," Jungkook breathes out. "Yes, please, I do."

"Just relax, okay?" Namjoon tells him after JK pulls back. Namjoon moves to sit up but takes a moment to press Jungkook into the bed first, leaning over his body, kissing his lips that still tingle from JK's teasing bite. Jungkook really feels like he could melt with Namjoon above him like this, broad and handsome and flushed, tiny nail marks on his chest from Jungkook bracing himself as he rode Namjoon's cock.

Jungkook sighs loudly.

"We'll be right next to you," Namjoon continues, "so just reach out for either of us or speak up if you need something."

Jungkook tilts his head. "Need something, like—"

"Like if you're uncomfortable," JK explains. "Or you start to feel weird and you want to cuddle again. First times are all over the place, like, emotionally too? And we just want to take care of you."

"Ah, you know, it's a little funny," Namjoon says, smiling even as JK takes the lube and slicks up Namjoon's cock again, reaching behind himself after. Namjoon replaces JK's fingers with his own so casually, obviously working them inside JK now even if Jungkook can't see it clearly, and Jungkook's skin flushes at the thought of it. "I think we're so used to intense sex with each other we can't not think about aftercare. But if you feel fine, then just enjoy yourself, hm?"

Jungkook licks his lips and nods, and then with a loud smack of Namjoon's palm smacking JK's ass, JK is lying back on the mattress, legs falling open for Namjoon.

The way Namjoon settles himself over JK's body to kiss him is confident, purposeful. It's not the kind of slow romance Jungkook was expecting to see but instead it's messy, open-mouthed and hungry. JK sucks hard at Namjoon's tongue and Namjoon's groan is a low noise in his throat.

He brings a hand up between them, rests it low over the front of JK's neck, fingers splayed out across the base of his throat. Possessive, almost. Jungkook clenches around nothing when JK stares straight up into Namjoon's eyes.

Namjoon raises an eyebrow. "Are you going to be good for me? Going to show our sweet Jungkookie how you let your husband take care of you?"

"Please," JK says. His voice is already rougher, more breathless than it was moments ago. "Please, hyung, fuck me."

"You don't have to beg." Namjoon sits back up, kneels between JK's spread thighs and lines his cock up. Jungkook stares, lips parted and face flushed warm, as Namjoon teases the head inside and draws it out again and again, until JK throws his head back and groans.

"Fuck, I'll be good, I will."

Namjoon's cock slides home, nearly the full length of it. JK grabs at the bedding to brace himself, the long stretch of his throat bobbing with his head tilted back. "A- Ah."

"You're so tight. Always tight for me, no matter how much you love my cock. Isn't that right, Jungkook-ah?"


Jungkook tries to keep his breathing steady, quiet, but when Namjoon starts fucking into JK, it doesn't matter. It's hard. It's loud.

JK's moans might be even louder.

"Oh fuck," JK swears, letting go of the sheets to grab for Namjoon's shoulders when Namjoon leans over his body, strong arms bracing him above JK as his hips snap forward. They're both muscular but Namjoon's body looks significantly bigger like this, broader, thighs thicker than the legs JK has wrapped around Namjoon's hips.

Jungkook feels heat stir low in his gut even if he isn't getting hard again, watching how roughly Namjoon fucks his husband, the wet slap of it. A shameful flush washes through him when Jungkook imagines some of that is his come still inside JK from earlier.

"Harder, harder," JK moans, eyes scrunched shut, mouth open with soft gasps as Namjoon pounds into him.

"Harder? You want him to know what a pain slut you are, baby?"

"Sure, fuck, why not," JK laughs. He tilts his head on the pillow, gives Jungkook a toothy smile. "Feels even better to get fucked like this after hyung's spanked me, Jungkook-ah," JK tells him, and Namjoon drops his head forward, sucks a hard kiss at the side of JK's neck. "Oh fuck, hyung."

Namjoon's voice is so gritty and low when he asks, "Do you need—"

"No, no," JK interrupts. "I'm too worked up. I've been pretending I'm not, but holy fuck, watching him ride you. Seeing his face — my face — when he came, hyung, you were really my, ah, his first—"

Jungkook shudders and spreads his legs, feels so overheated watching this, hearing this, but hanging onto every word, every ragged breath and clap of skin.

"Baby," Namjoon chokes out. "You really are worked up, aren't you?"

"Don't stop," is all JK says.

So Namjoon doesn't. He fucks hard and fast, body tense with it, flushed down his chest the same way JK is flushed now, both of them red and sweating. Namjoon growls out little praises and JK moans in response, his gasps climbing in pitch until they're just high "ah, ah"s and then his head is dropping back, body arching to press closer to Namjoon's hips when he starts to come.

It's just... obscene. How loud JK is, those long, pornographic moans in his own voice and JK's cock spilling wet over his belly, up his chest. Namjoon fucks him through it even when JK's sounds become choked groans, when his thighs shake where they're wrapped around Namjoon's hips.

It doesn't take Namjoon too long to follow, though. He gives a few last thrusts, hard and deep enough that Jungkook aches inside just imagining how it must feel, and then Namjoon is leaning forward, kissing JK slowly.

JK hums so sweetly, kissing back with a smile on his lips. The look is familiar, of course, because it's his face. But it also feels private, the intimacy they share. Jungkook aches because he wants that, but he doesn't want it until it feels real. Until he can smile that comfortably with someone who feels just as deeply for him.

"Hyung," JK rasps.

"Baby," Namjoon whispers back. He's panting, hips grinding forward a little. JK whines loudly and Namjoon stops. "You did take it so well, didn't you?"

"Hnn, you say that like it's hard to do..."

Namjoon laughs. "Right. What am I thinking. Ready to clean up?"

"Yeah, yeah, I wanna cuddle Jungkookie."

Jungkook blinks wide eyes when they both turn their attention to him, but. Honestly. He wants to cuddle them too.

They clean up in the shower, but only the bare minimum, taking turns rinsing off and drinking some bottled water to rehydrate before heading back to bed. Jungkook is back in his shorts while JK and Namjoon only bother with underwear, sharing a look when Jungkook stares at their bodies and visibly gulps without thinking.

"That's so cute."

"Who can blame him?" JK asks. "Hyung, what year was it, when you started to really bulk up? I thought I was losing my mind."

"You were bulking up too."

"Yeah, but like. Nothing compared to you. Your chest—"

"Yah, don't talk about that," Namjoon says with a laugh. He pulls Jungkook down to lie between them with a light tug on the wrist. "Your eyes look heavy," he asks Jungkook, "are you feeling okay?"

"Hm?" Warmth stirs beneath Jungkook's ribcage at the gentle concern in Namjoon's voice. "I feel amazing."

JK snickers. Namjoon just gives him a soft look, and then JK is pulling Jungkook close to his body, spooning up behind him.

"Are you tired after all the sex, Jungkook-ah?" JK asks him.

"Maybe? I just—" Jungkook sighs, wonders how he's already this comfortable being so open with them, but then again, they did just have sex. "I just wanna stay like this for a little while. Also my thighs kind of hurt."

"Ah, there it is," Namjoon says cheerfully. His words seem teasing, but when he reaches down to massage Jungkook's thighs, his touch is firm, practiced. Jungkook's startled moan is the most embarrassingly high sound that's ever come out of his throat.

He can hear JK laughing into his hair.

"Sorry," Jungkook says, face heating. "That, ah. Felt good."

"Yeah, I guessed. Are you okay if I touch more, or...?"

"Really okay," Jungkook says in a small voice. Namjoon smiles but doesn't tease him further, shifting down slightly to get a better grip on Jungkook's thighs, massaging at the sorest parts. It kind of hurts, but in the most deliciously pleasant way. A familiar pain-pleasure Jungkook is used to from sore muscles over the years.

"It's okay to be sensitive," JK mumbles behind him. "Hyung's really good at that. Jungkook-ah, you're really feeling okay? Sex is a big deal, if you need to talk about it, we're here."

In a strange way, Jungkook could get used to hearing this slightly more mature version of his voice, soft and low, expressive in the same way Jungkook is when he speaks. It's comforting. He wonders if his singing voice sounds any different, at 30.

"No, I mean. There was nothing I didn't like. Of course there's, ah, more I wish I did—"

"Of course," Namjoon agrees with a dimpled smile.

"But I felt good the whole time. And I don't feel different-different, now, just kind of..."

"A little bit wiser?" JK asks.

"Ah, well, more like now I really know what it's like. When people talk about it, write songs about it, brag about it. Now I can brag too."

JK laughs, his breath stirring the hair at the back of Jungkook's neck. "I'd love to see the hyungs' faces if you tell them you lost your virginity to a couple of men in their thirties. Oh my god. Not that they'd be mad, but I think it might give Jin-hyung a heart attack."

"Please don't do that," Namjoon groans. "It will definitely give 23-year-old Namjoon a heart attack, for like, five different reasons."

It's JK who notices when Jungkook goes quiet, and rubs his hand over Jungkook's chest. Jungkook's fingers absently touch over JK's wrist, a black hair tie there from when he put his long hair up in the shower, and then Jungkook traces down to the tattoos on JK's hand. It's not difficult to figure out what these mean, why they were important enough for a future Jungkook to tattoo on his body permanently. He's filled with an overwhelming sense of pride, seeing them, even as his heart starts to ache.

"Hey, what is it?" JK asks softly.

"I mean, I might not... I might not even see them again. My hyungs, from where I'm from," Jungkook confesses, and he isn't surprised when tears sting his eyes, when Namjoon makes a soft noise in his throat and moves to hug Jungkook as well. "I don't even know how I got here, or how to get back. W- What if they think I'm—"

"Hey, shh, shh," Namjoon hushes him, holding him close, letting Jungkook cry quietly into his chest. "Oh, sweetheart. It does us no good to assume the worst. We'll take this one day at a time, and we won't rest until we've found a solution to this, okay? We love you, Jungkook-ah. We'll always protect you, no matter where or when."

"Okay," Jungkook mutters. It doesn't completely alleviate the heavy ache in his chest, the uncertainty, but he is grateful for them. For what they gave him. "Thank you."

"Yah, Jungkook-ah, do you want to nap with me?" JK asks. "Hyung probably isn't tired but I was up early, I could sleep some more."

As if on cue, Jungkook yawns, ignoring Namjoon's bright smile when he does. "Ahh, okay. But only because I haven't been sleeping a lot lately..."

JK pinches his nipple. Jungkook yelps.

"Take better care of yourself, your health is important, baby," JK tells him, pressing a soft kiss to the back of Jungkook's neck. "Is there anything else you want? Anything you need Namjoon-hyung to get while we're resting?"

"Oh!" Jungkook says, his breath catching slightly when Namjoon sits up and reaches out to brush the tears off Jungkook's cheeks. "Yeah, actually. There's one thing, it's really important."

"What is it?" Namjoon asks, expression serious.

"I need you two to get a dog. Adopt a dog, please."

Namjoon rolls his eyes fondly and JK laughs obnoxiously loud behind him.

Jungkook wakes up to the sound of Hoseok's low voice close to his ear.

"Jungkook-ah. Your alarm already went off, time to get up."

He stirs, sleep fading, his bedroom coming into focus. Hoseok's hand patting his back, the familiar scent of his pillow, the glow of morning light behind the curtains.

Lifting a hand to rub at his eyes, Jungkook grabs for his phone, checking the time. 7:23 a.m. He unlocks it, fumbles the calendar app open, and sees—


Not real. It wasn't real. 

But he can remember it so vividly. He almost feels that sleepy pull to close his eyes and sink back into the dream.

"You should eat before our ride comes, don't fall back asleep, okay? I'll send Taehyungie in." Hoseok leans in to peck a kiss to the top of Jungkook's hair and then leaves.

Jungkook turns over on the bed and groans, and then becomes acutely aware of two things.

First, there's something around his wrist that wasn't there before, because at the moment he has no reason to have one. A hair tie. Thin, black, and very much like the one he saw on JK's wrist before they fell asleep.

Second, Jungkook's asshole hurts. Not just, I jerked off last night and slipped a finger in because I was horny, but it's an open kind of soreness, that ache that comes with the knowledge of being stretched and well-used.

Holy shit. It wasn't a dream. It was real? This body got fucked by a broad and warm Namjoon-hyung in his thirties?

It was real.

Jungkook is so suddenly, stupidly happy, he has to rub at his eyes when he starts to tear up, his chest tight with the weight of his emotions. It wasn't just a dream and the experience happened, and it was so good.

More tears squeeze hot from the corners of his eyes, not just the relief and excitement but a little bit of heartache, from knowing that Namjoon and that Jungkook for so short a time and already caring so much for them, full of gratitude for their open-minded patience.

He hopes they'll remember what happened too, that they won't regret it. From the way they took care of him, Jungkook wants to believe it was a good experience for them, too.

Jungkook wipes at his eyes again. He doesn't feel— changed, exactly, but the memories are there, the things he felt, their words and praises. 

But also... holy fuck, how is he supposed to look Namjoon in the eye after confessing to him, after knowing what it's like to be split open on Namjoon's huge dick? After knowing that at some point in the future, if he really visited a future version of himself, he and Namjoon could get married.

"Ahhh," Jungkook groans into his hands, stretching his legs out and feeling heat zip up his spine at the soreness in his thighs too, in his hips. He chokes out a laugh, voice still rough with sleep. "Ah fuck me, it was still worth it, though."