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Burning Thistles

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Sunstar - Large, bright ginger tom, yellow eyes


Bluefur - Blueish gray she-cat, blue eyes

Medicine Cats

Featherwhisker - Pale silver-gray tom, amber eyes

Apprentice: Spottedleaf


Speckletail - Pale golden tabby she-cat, amber eyes

Frostfur - Pure white she-cat, dark sky-blue eyes

Lionheart - Golden tabby tom, green eyes

Goldenflower - Pale ginger tabby she-cat, yellow eyes

Whitestorm - Snowy-white tom, yellow eyes

Tigerclaw - Dark brown tom, amber eyes

Apprentice: Darkpaw

Rosetail - Gray tabby she-cat with an orange tail, green eyes

Thrushpelt - Sandy-gray tom with a white chest, bright green eyes

Redtail - Dark tortoiseshell tom with a bushy ginger tail, amber eyes

Swiftbreeze - Tabby and white she-cat, yellow eyes

Dappletail - Tortoiseshell and white she-cat with a graying muzzle, amber eyes

Apprentice: Mousepaw

Patchpelt - Small black and white tom, amber eyes

Fuzzypelt - Black tom with a thick-furred tail, yellow eyes

Apprentice: Runningpaw

Sparrowpelt - Big dark brown tabby, yellow eyes

Adderfang - Mottled dark brown tabby tom, yellow eyes

Robinwing - Small dusky brown and red she-cat, amber eyes


Runningpaw - Lean light brown tabby tom, amber eyes

Mousepaw - Small dusky brown she-cat, yellow eyes

Darkpaw - Dark gray tabby tom, yellow eyes


White-eye - Pale gray she-cat with a wounded eye, yellow eyes

Brindleface - Pale gray tabby she-cat with dark flecks, green eyes

Spottedleaf - Dark tortoiseshell she-cat with a distinctive dappled coat, amber eyes

Willowpelt - Slender, very pale silver-gray she-cat, unusual blue eyes

Kits (Oldest to Youngest)

Firekit - Dark red tabby tom, green eyes

Lightningkit - Brown and red tortoiseshell she-cat, green eyes

Copperkit - Pale ginger tom, all paws white, green eyes

Creekkit - Brown tabby she-cat with white chest & paws, green eyes

Airkit - Brown tabby tom, one white paw, green eyes

Sandkit - Pale ginger tabby she-cat, pale green eyes


Weedwhisker - Pale orange tom with white flecks, yellow eyes

Smallear - Gray tom, amber eyes

Larksong - Pale tortoiseshell she-cat, pale green eyes

Poppydawn - Long-haired dark red she-cat, amber eyes


(A/N: Sandkit is born after Firekit+; Running and Mouse are one moon away from being apps; Darkkit is one moon older than Fire+)





Crookedstar - Light brown tom with a twisted jaw, green eyes


Timberfur - Graying brown tom

Medicine Cats

Brambleberry - White she-cat with black spotted fur, blue eyes

Mudfur - Mottled light brown tom


Oakheart - Reddish-brown tom, amber eyes

Voleclaw - Gray tom

Echomist - Pale gray she-cat

Owlfur - Brown and white tom

Apprentice: Stonepaw

Beetlenose - Crow-black tom

Softwing - White she-cat with tabby patches

Dawnbright - Ginger and white she-cat

Apprentice: Mistypaw

Mallowtail - Tortoiseshell and white tabby she-cat

Reedtail - Pale gray tabby tom with a long, thin tail

Skyheart - Pale brown tabby she-cat, green eyes

Whitefang - Huge pure white tom with brown paws

Leopardfur - Dappled golden tabby she-cat, amber eyes

Blackclaw - Black tom

Petaldust - Tortoiseshell she-cat

Loudbelly - Dark brown tom

Frogleap - Gray tom with a striped tail


Mistypaw - Pale blue-gray she-cat, blue eyes

Stonepaw - Blue-gray tom, blue eyes


Sunfish - Pale gray she-cat


Silverkit - Silver and black tabby she-cat, blue eyes

Grasskit - Brown-striped tabby she-cat

Vixenkit - Black tom


Ottersplash - Pale ginger and white she-cat

Fallowtail - Brown she-cat

Graypool - Dark gray she-cat with memory problems, yellow eyes





Raggedstar - Large dark brown tabby tom, amber eyes


Cloudpelt - White tom, blue eyes

Medicine Cats

Yellowfang - Dark gray she-cat with a broad, flattened face

Runningnose - Small gray and white tom


Brokentail - Long-haired dark brown tabby tom

Apprentice: Stumpypaw

Ashfur - Thin gray tom

Blackfoot - Large white tom with jet-black paws

Nightpelt - Black tom

Clawface - Battle-scarred brown tom

Boulder - Silver tabby tom

Russetfur - Dark ginger she-cat

Poolcloud - Gray and white she-cat

Lizardstripe - Brown tabby she-cat with a white underbelly

Deerfoot - Brown tom

Tangleburr - Gray and brown she-cat

Scorchwind - Ginger tabby tom

Darkflower - Black she-cat

Blizzardwing - Mottled white tom

Brackenfoot - Pale ginger tom with darker legs

Ashheart - Pale gray she-cat, blue eyes

Frogtail - Dark gray tom

Finchflight - Black and white tom

Nutwhisker - Brown tom, amber eyes

Apprentice: Cinderpaw

Rowanberry - Cream and brown she-cat, amber eyes

Wolfstep - Gray tabby tom with white front paws, tail-tip, and torn ear, green eyes

Flintfang - Gray tom with very thick fur on his paws


Stumpypaw - Brown tabby tom

Cinderpaw - Thin gray tom


Featherstorm - Dark brown tabby she-cat

Brightflower - Orange tabby she-cat with a broad, flattened muzzle

Newtspeck - Black and ginger tabby she-cat

Fernshade -  Slender tortoiseshell she-cat, yellow eyes


Volekit - Tiny brown tom

Mosskit - Big brown and white tom

Dawnkit - Small pale ginger tabby she-cat

Mintkit - Small gray tom

Marigoldkit - Tiny tortoiseshell she-cat

Badgerkit - Very tiny, fluffy black tom with white stripes, green eyes


Crowtail - Small black tabby she-cat

Archeye - Gray tabby tom with black stripes

Hollyflower - Dark gray and white she-cat, blue eyes





Tallstar - Large black and white tom, amber eyes


Deadfoot - Lean black tom with a twisted left paw

Medicine Cats

Hawkheart - Stone-gray tom with darker brown flecks

Barkface - Short-tailed dark brown tom


Stagleap - Dark brown tom, amber eyes

Hickorynose - Brown tom

Apprentice: Tornpaw

Appledawn - Pale rose-cream she-cat

Apprentice: Morningpaw

Meadowslip - Pale gray she-cat

Mistmouse - Light brown she-cat

Apprentice: Mudpaw

Hareflight - Light brown tom

Doespring - Light brown she-cat

Crowfur - Black tom

Apprentice: Ashpaw

Aspenfall - Gray and white tom

Plumclaw - Small dark gray she-cat

Apprentice: Onepaw

Ryestalk - Gray tabby she-cat

Wrenflight - Brown she-cat


Mudpaw - Mottled dark brown tabby tom, amber eyes

Tornpaw - Wiry gray tabby tom, blue eyes

Onepaw - pale brown tabby tom, blue eyes

Ashpaw - Broad-faced gray she-cat, blue eyes

Morningpaw - Tortoiseshell she-cat, amber eyes


Larksplash - Tortoiseshell she-cat


Whitekit - Small white she-cat

Webkit - Dark gray tabby tom


Whiteberry - White tom

Lilywhisker - Light brown she-cat with a crippled hind leg, amber eyes