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Dream of Life- Escapism

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Holding on was easier said than done. Skyfire frowned as he sat silently beside Red Alert in the living area of Starscream’s large apartment. Red Alert was fidgeting, clearly uncomfortable from the charge that was lingering in his array thanks to special drugs Starscream had him on. Skyfire wanted to fight, or run, or both. Instead he behaved obediently, praying at some point the promise of rescue would come true.

Starscream filled a medical syringe and then walked over to Skyfire. “Let’s see if this is a proper dose, hm?”

Wincing, Skyfire didn’t move, letting Starscream press the syringe to his neck and squeezing the handle to inject the contents directly into his fuel line.

“Unfortunately, I do have to see Megatron for a hopefully short meeting.” Starscream gazed at Skyfire with hungry optics. “The dose will take time to become fully effective. If I’m waylaid, Little Red will be happy to relieve any needs you have.” He then glanced at Red Alert and gently cupped his face. “He’s yours to look after.”

“May I, um, pleasure him, master?” Red Alert asked, fingers grasping hard at the couch.

“Yes you may if he’s primed,” Starscream replied with a dark smile, gently petting Red Alert’s cheek with his thumb. “You two will look lovely together, I have no doubt.”

“Thank you, master,” Red Alert said, eager to please Starscream.

Starscream glanced back at Skyfire. “I’m pleased with how amicable you’ve been. In no time you’ll become accustomed to life here.”

Skyfire didn’t have it in him to pretend he was looking forward to a life here and shifted his gaze down to the floor with a deep frown.

“Don’t be so dour. We have a lovely time here, don’t we little one? I give you all you need, and I make sure you’re healthy and maintained.” Starscream straightened his posture then flicked his wings as he set the syringe back on a nearby table. “Well, I don’t want to be late. Be good my pets.” He spun on his heels and left the apartment, strutting out the door.

The door locked behind him, and Red Alert picked up the remote to the vid screen. He put on an old drama show, still fidgeting as he watched. Skyfire leaned back against the couch with a sigh, despair taking over. He felt helpless and trapped, which by all rights he was. Why hang onto some vague hope that medic offered? For all Skyfire knew, it could have been a cruel joke on the strange medic’s part.

Dimming his optics, Skyfire started feel woozy and he felt a stir in his interface equipment. He’d hoped to be on a lower dose, but it seemed Starscream had calculated for his size and it was already affecting him.

“You okay?” Red Alert asked, glancing at Skyfire.

“Not really,” Skyfire answered honestly.

“We can do anything you want,” Red Alert offered. “Just like master said, I’ll do whatever you need, too.”

Skyfire frowned. “Why do you look up to him like that? Starscream abuses you. How does it not bother you?”

Red Alert’s white optics dimmed and he looked away. “He protects me. Gives me fuel. Keeps my frame in good shape. As long as I do as he asks, I never get beaten here. Though, Lord Megatron does sometimes hurt me…” He fingered the edge of the couch. “Even when I get injured, master always has me repaired right away.”

Skyfire sadly frowned. “And that’s why you’re so loyal to him?”

With a mirthless laugh, Red Alert shook his head. “I’m not loyal to master. I'm keeping an important promise to stay alive. After watching them torture and kill–” he cut himself off with a pained expression, which was quickly covered for by a forced smile. “I know what it looks like, being a drugged up frag toy, but I made a promise to him. And I intend to keep it.”

“Him?” Skyfire asked, trying to puzzle out what Red Alert wasn’t saying. Was that how they broke Red Alert? By killing someone he cared for?

Pressing a hand over Skyfire’s now heated interface cover for a moment, Red Alert made a ‘tsk’ sound. “It’s already working.” He then got up and walked toward the berthroom.  

That one touch made Skyfire's entire array light up with an intense desire for release. Skyfire rubbed the cover, embarrassed at how revved up he already was.

“You coming?” Red Alert asked, peering at Skyfire from the berthroom door. “No point fighting it.”

Stumbling to his feet, Skyfire followed Red Alert, his burning need driving him forward. Red Alert took his large hand and guided him to the berth.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” Skyfire commented as he laid back.

“I’ve had master and Lord Megatron inside me at the same time.” Red Alert settled between his legs, rubbing both hands over the hot, closed cover. “I can take a lot. Plus, you’re nice. You won’t smack me.” Red Alert leaned down, swirling his glossa over the cover.

Unable to hold onto his control, the cover snapped back. Red Alert licked up the shaft of his onlined spike. “So pretty. Yours is really nice. I can see why master would like it.” Red Alert smiled and crawled up, his own array cover snapping back. In a smooth motion, he sat down over top of Skyfire’s spike, moaning as he did. “Very nice…”

Red Alert’s valve was so hot and slick, Skyfire couldn’t help but groan at how wonderful it felt.

“I feel good, too?” Red Alert asked.

“Yes,” Skyfire replied, faceplates heating with embarrassment. He didn’t want to do this, but his array had complete control of him.

Red Alert placed both hands on Skyfire’s abdomen for balance. “If you fight it, that burn will start to hurt. And it won’t feel good anymore.” He then gyrated his hips with Skyfire buried inside.

It felt incredible, and Skyfire rolled his helm back, moaning more. “Red… I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be,” Red Alert replied as he rocked over top of Skyfire, ‘facing himself on his very erect spike that Skyfire had zero control over now. “This is so much better than doing it by myself.”

Sadness wound its way around Skyfire's spark. What sort of sad, lonely life had Red Alert lived before now? Who was this 'him' he’d made his promise to? And Primus, why did Starscream have to dose him with this vile compound?

Hands grasping as Red Alert's hips, Skyfire met the smaller mech’s movements, sinking to the hilt. Red Alert’s hands balled up and he whimpered. Unsure if that was a good or bad sound he’d made, Skyfire drew on every ounce of self control he could to still himself.

“Too hard?” he asked, body shivering with a desperate need to continue.

Red Alert’s whited optics dimmed as he nodded. “You’re large…”

Skyfire knew he wouldn’t be able to control himself, so he grabbed Red Alert by the aft, lifting him off his spike. “I don’t want to hurt you, so you spike me, okay?”

Dimmed optics suddenly flared brightly. “Really?”

The burning sensation stole his usual coherency and he nodded fervently in reply. “Please…”

Shifting himself, Red Alert laid over Skyfire and rolled his hips. His spike easily slid into his already slicked valve. Red Alert wasn’t really large enough to fill Skyfire, but his spike was more than enough to stroke the sensitive hidden nodes and send a wave of pleasure rushing through him. All he wanted at this point was to overload so he could think more clearly again. He grasped Red Alert around his middle, and let his legs fall wide open. “More,” he begged the smaller mech.

“Of course. Whatever you want,” Red Alert replied, sounding thrilled to be allowed to spike him.

Rocking with his whole body, Red Alert thrust hard and fast into Skyfire’s valve. Heat prickled over the surface of Skyfire’s plating, and the buildup of charge in his array was so strong he was actually shivering. “So close already,” he whined.

“You feel so good,” Red Alert replied, fingers digging into his chest as he thrust even faster.

Skyfire didn’t last much longer, maybe a minute or two. With a sharp gasp, he suddenly overloaded hard. His valve tightened and spasmed around the spike buried in it, and even his own spike, which had been smooshed up against Red Alert’s abdomen, discharged fluid. His interface array was no longer his to control and he let the rush of unwanted pleasure flow through it.

Red Alert continued to pound into him, overloading a few moments later with a high-pitched cry as he shuddered. The flood of fluid tingled as it filled his valve, drawing another small spasm of pleasure from Skyfire’s array.

Sinking down over Skyfire, Red Alert actually looked sated. He was lightly panting, and his optics were dimmed.

Most of the discomfort caused by the drug thankfully abated with his climax. Skyfire sighed with relief, and absently pet Red Alert’s back. The smaller mech eventually wriggled free of his valve and moved to snuggle up against Skyfire’s chest, tucking his helm under just under Skyfire’s chin. Holding Red Alert close, Skyfire felt conflicted. Being here was horrible, but being a companion for Red Alert gave him a sense of purpose.

“I didn’t hurt you too badly, did I?” Skyfire asked after a long comfortable silence.

“You stopped before you damaged anything,” Red Alert replied. “I need to be stretched out next time, though. Then you can do that.”

Skyfire grimaced. “No. I don’t want that. From now on, you’ll spike me if this comes up. Agreed?”

Red Alert pressed closer and nodded.

Even if there was no rescue in his future, he couldn’t help but feel a deep desire to care for Red Alert. Being alone here with Starscream must have been hard. At least now they had eachother. He gently hugged the smaller mech curled up against him. “We’ll look out for one another.”

“You remind me so much of him,” Red Alert said after a moment. “It hurts. But, a good hurt. I haven’t let myself think about–” He curled in tighter on himself in Skyfire’s arms. “–any of it in a long while.”

“Who are you talking about?” Skyfire quietly asked.

“Inferno,” Red Alert whispered. “He was my bondmate. Was my everything. Now there’s a hole in my spark.”

Skyfire’s optics dimmed, and he reached up to pet Red Alert’s helm. Surviving a bond broken by death was difficult in the best circumstances. Most bondmates passed away within months of one another. Red Alert had been holding on to life because he’d been asked to, but how awful a life to be trapped in.

“I’m so, so sorry, Red,” Skyfire replied. “You aren’t alone here now.”

Red Alert pressed a kiss to Skyfire’s jaw. “Thank you. You know, for letting me tell you.”

“Of course,” Skyfire replied.

What a sad world this was. But at the very least, they had each other now.

Skyfire was woken by Red Alert gently shaking him. When had he dozed off? He lit his optics just in time to see Starscream step into the berthroom.

Red Alert pushed up onto his elbows. “Welcome home, master.”

Starscream half-smiled. “I didn’t intend to be so long. Did you care for Skyfire in my absence, little one?”

“Yes, master,” Red Alert replied.

There were scuffs all over Starscream’s plating, but especially on his thighs. He also looked tired, his optics dimmed and wings sagged behind him. “Come, both of you. I need to be cleaned up and by the looks of it, so do each of you.”

Red Alert quickly slipped off the berth and was at Starscream’s side. Skyfire was slower to react, sitting up and wincing at a sudden influx of pain in his processor. Both his hands shot up to squeeze his helm.

“Head rush of pain just now?” Starscream asked.

Skyfire nodded, holding his helm in his hands.

“Perhaps I need to adjust the dosage,” Starscream said with a frown. “When it ebbs, join us in the washrack.” He then strutted back out with Red Alert obediently following behind him.

It took a few moments for Skyfire’s processor to stop the intense throbbing and calm to more of a dull ache. This was an unexpected side effect. With a sigh, he swung his legs off the berth and slowly stood. He stretched his wings, and rubbed his still aching helm. Making his way to the washrack, he paused in the stall entrance, watching Red Alert push a cloth over Starscream to buff out the scuffs on his plating. Personal frag toy and attendant.

“A nasty processor ache is a possible side effect of what I gave you. I’ll lower the dose next time,” Starscream said with a small shrug of his wings. He then narrowed his optics as he looked Skyfire up and down. “You’re a mess. Get in here and clean yourself up,” he said pointing to the floor under the sprayer.

Frowning, Skyfire stepped into the stall where Starscream motioned. He reached for a cloth to wipe with, but to his confusion and surprise, Starscream snatched it before he could and began to wipe him down under the flow of water. Red Alert continued to work on Starscream’s plating as Starscream washed Skyfire’s.

“I can do it,” Skyfire said, unsure what to make of the scene.

“No need,” Starscream replied, seemingly content to wipe away the evidence of his coupling with Red Alert.

If Skyfire didn’t know any better, he’d swear Starscream was treating them like trinemates.

“Master?” Red Alert prompted after a moment.

“Yes, little one?” Starscream replied, pushing on Skyfire’s hip to turn him around so he could scrub down his back and wings.

“Should I remove some of the small dents?” Red Alert asked.

“Not right now. I’m far too exhausted,” Starscream replied.

After he was done cleaning Skyfire, Starscream turned his attention and cloth to Red Alert, quickly wiping him down as Skyfire rinsed off under the sprayer. Once he was done, he gave a little aft-pat to Red Alert to move under and rinse off as well.

This definitely felt like trine behavior.

Skyfire stepped out of range of the sprayer, and picked up a drying cloth. He didn’t dry himself, though. He waited for Red Alert to finish, then wrapped it around him when he came closer, patting the smaller mech dry. Starscream watched the interaction with keen interest before rinsing himself. Once he finished, he turned off the water, and Red Alert quickly grabbed another drying cloth, offering it to Starscream.

Taking it, Starscream glanced at Skyfire. “Don’t be such dolt, dry yourself off, too.”

Skyfire did as he was told, grabbing another cloth to dry with.

All clean, Starscream led them both back into the berthroom. As per what had become usual, Starscream nestled himself in the middle and Skyfire and Red Alert laid down one either side of him. Stretching his frame against Skyfire, Starscream turned to his side and sighed with a look of contentment as he rested his helm on Skyfire’s shoulder. Red Alert curled up in a ball against Starscream’s back just below his wings.

“Lights off,” Starscream said, waving a hand in the air. The lights in the room dimmed then went out.

Skyfire’s head still hurt, making it hard to relax enough to escape into recharge. He silently watched crimson optics flicker off and felt Starscream slip into a recharge quickly. Over the edge of Starscream’s hip, Skyfire could see the dim light of Red Alert’s optics still on. His spark ached for him. Knowing he’d lost a bondmate put such a different spin on his behavior. He wished he could hold Red again, comfort him like earlier. That desire would remain unfulfilled until Starscream left them alone again, though.

Slowly sipping his discolored fuel, Skyfire frowned at the taste of it. He glanced at Red Alert’s serving, seeing it was the same slightly bluish tint as his, instead of the usual purple color of a mid-grade. He swirled the contents in the glass and considered not finishing it.

“If you don’t drink it, he’ll inject you again,” Red Alert whispered.

“And what difference does it make?” Skyfire quietly replied, his despair returning in full force.

“I stopped having processor aches when I started to drink my dose instead of being injected with it,” Red Alert replied before gulping down the remainder in his glass.

That was reason enough for Skyfire. He really didn’t want another painful headache if it was avoidable. He slowly finished his serving, looking across the living area at Starscream. Their master was at his computer console, furiously typing away, wings twitching behind him. Something had him riled up, and Skyfire wasn’t sure if he should be worried or not about it.

After he finally finished his energon, Red Alert took both their glasses and walked over the kitchen area to rinse them clean.

Skyfire grimaced, his fuel tank churning thanks to the the drugged liquid. Red Alert sadly frowned as he looked back at Skyfire, then returned to sit beside him.

“Lean against the couch back,” Red Alert instructed.

Doing so, Skyfire put an uncomfortable amount of pressure on his wings, but endured it, trusting Red now.

Red Alert’s fingers sought out seams in Skyfire’s plating over the area of his fuel tank, and applied varying pressure. It relieved some of the discomfort by disrupting the sensory net nodes near the surface. He dimmed his optics and smiled a little.

“Thank you,” Skyfire said, feeling a strong fondness for his smaller companion.

Red Alert flashed a small smile in reply.

In his peripheral, he saw Starscream had paused his typing to watch them interacting. After a moment, their master got to his feet and wandered closer. He pet Red Alert’s helm as he gazed at Skyfire. “Not feeling well?” Starscream asked.

“My fuel tank is a bit queasy,” Skyfire replied.

“It happens from the special energon sometimes, master,” Red Alert added.

“Does it upset your tank, little one?” Starscream asked.

“At first it did, but then I got used to it,” Red Alert replied.

Starscream nodded, and let his fingers trail over Red Alert’s helm, fingering his horns. Red Alert leaned into the touches, his optics dimming a little.

“You look after him, little one. When I’m done writing my report, we’ll spend some quality time together,” Starscream said with a definite purr to his voice. He then strut back over to his computer console to pick up where he left off.

Skyfire’s mood quickly tanked at that. He couldn’t pretend to enjoy being here. Thankfully, Starscream didn’t seem to mind how melancholy he was. After a few minutes the churning stopped and Skyfire felt the drug taking effect. He gently pushed away Red Alert’s hands, and sat back up. It took all his self control not to wrap both arms around the smaller mech and hug him close. Were the drugs fostering these affectionate feelings he wondered? He couldn’t be sure.

Unable to resist the urge, Skyfire eventually reached out and trailed his fingers down Red Alert’s face.

Red Alert smiled a little, and his optics dimmed at the touch.

“I wasn’t expecting you to become so attached to him, Skyfire,” Starscream commented from his seat at the console.

Skyfire’s hand fell back into his lap, and he could see the disappointment on Red Alert’s face. He shifted his gaze to the floor and dimmed his optics, wishing once again for death. It would be better than this. In fact, suffering fuel deprivation in space was better than this.

“Master, may I take Skyfire into the berthroom?” Red Alert asked.

Starscream regarded the two of them for a long moment. “And do what, little one?”

Red Alert fidgeted a little. “Um, wait for you to be done.”

Chuckling, Starscream nodded. “While you wait, try and warm him up for me. I would like to partake in my spoils.”

That comment made Skyfire feel sick, but for entirely different reason.

Red Alert wasted no time as he got to his feet and grabbed Skyfire’s hand. “Thank you, master.”

Heaving himself to stand, Skyfire followed Red Alert into the berthroom. Red Alert hugged himself to Skyfire the moment they were out of Starscream’s view. Returning the hug, Skyfire sadly smiled and gently rubbed the middle of Red Alert’s back.

“Don’t let him see you touch me like that again,” Red Alert whispered.

“I’m sorry,” Skyfire replied in a hushed voice.

“He’ll get jealous,” Red Alert replied, gazing up at Skyfire.

Skyfire nodded.

“My array is burning,” Red Alert said, frowning. “Could you make it stop... please?”

Leaning down, Skyfire initiated a soft-mouthed kiss, which made Red shiver in his arms. “Of course.”

He could see the conflict in Red Alert’s expression at the affectionate kiss, but it quickly passed.

Skyfire was then tugged over to the berth, and he sat down, propping himself up against the headboard. He patted his lap, and Red Alert sat down sideways. Spreading his legs, the cover snapped back and Red looked up imploringly at him. “Please.

Skyfire gently rubbed his fingers over the exposed valve, earning him a whimper. He then sank one of his larger fingers into the slick, heated space between the smaller mech’s parted legs. He pumped it in and out slowly, causing Red to shiver. “More,” he whined.

Obliging the request, Skyfire added another finger. He soon had a whimpering, wet mess of a mech in his lap. Red turned his upper body toward Skyfire, smaller fingers clinging at his chest as his whole frame trembled. After a few moments more, Red Alert pressed his face into Skyfire’s plating and keened as he shuddered hard. His valve clamped down on Skyfire’s fingers, and he stilled with his them buried inside, letting Red overload.

After the climax passed, Red Alert relaxed. “Thank you,” he said in a dazed voice, nuzzling Skyfire's chest.

Skyfire chuckled at little, removing his fingers. “Least I can do.”

Red Alert grabbed his hand and laved his glossa over his slicked fingers, cleaning them carefully. Peering up at him, Red Alert smiled a little. “Let me help you, too?”

There was no denying heat had pooled in his interface array, especially after watching Red Alert lick his fingers like that. He felt guilty asking for assistance with his drug induced arousal, though.

“Some other time, little one. It’s my turn to play with our newest member,” Starscream said from the doorway.

Disappointed his moment alone with Red Alert was already over, Skyfire frowned.

Starscream crossed the room and crawled up onto the berth. Red Alert scrambled off Skyfire's lap, and then hopped down to the floor, kneeling at the side of the berth.

Blue hands moved over Skyfire's chest slowly, but he couldn't bring himself to look at Starscream. Instead he looked to the side, catching sight of Red Alert's sad expression. Heat rippled over his plating when Starscream rubbed between his legs, distracting him.

“Warmed up indeed. Good job, little one,” Starscream said. “Let me have a good look at what I bought. Open up.”

Skyfire obeyed, more out of need than want. His cover opened, revealing his onlined spike, and uncomfortably wet valve. Starscream fingered his spike with an approving hum, then dipped his fingers into Skyfire’s valve.

“As much as I’d love to sink into that velvety heat, I’m more in the mood for riding this lovely spike of yours,” Starscream said, wrapping his fingers around it and squeezing.

Skyfire’s optics dimmed, and he couldn’t help but moan from how good it felt.

“You’re mine now, you understand? Your desire belongs to me. I let you and little Red play, but in the end both your bodies are mine to have when I want.” Starscream leaned in close, turning Skyfire’s face by the chin with his free hand so he had no choice but to look his master in the optics. “Is that perfectly clear?”

“Yes,” Skyfire replied, with an edge of a groan seeping into his reply.

“Good.” Starscream’s interface cover snapped back, and he let go of Skyfire’s spike, staring hungrily at it. “Lean back.”

Doing as he we told, Skyfire’s spike ached to be inside the tight heat of a valve, any valve, even Starscream’s. This drug was maddening. It robbed Skyfire of all clear thought, and all he could feel was unrelenting desire. How Red Alert dealt with it day in and day out amazed him.

Starscream moved to straddle Skyfire’s hips, and then carefully lined himself up with the head of his spike nudging just inside the rim. “I control the pace until I say you can take over.”

Skyfire knew an order when he heard one and nodded. Primus, he just wanted Starscream to get on with it.

Sinking down with a satisfied moan, Starscream wriggled his hips to take in as much of Skyfire’s larger spike as he could. Grabbing hold of Skyfire’s shoulders, Starscream used them as leverage to lift and sink over top of his spike.

Moaning, Skyfire let his fingers trail over the insides of Starscream’s wings, earning him a whine and a lustful look. “Little one, get up here and touch Skyfire’s wings for me. Firm touches and kisses.”

Red Alert got back onto the berth and began to run his hands over the smooth span of Skyfire’s wings, adding another delightful layer of sensory input. He groaned and his whole body rippled with heat.

Starscream gasped as he bounced faster in his lap. “That’s perfect, little one. His spike is so hard now.” Starscream threw his head back, riding his spike and moaning wantonly.

A haze of arousal enveloped Skyfire whole. All he could process was how amazing that tight heat felt wrapped around his spike combined with the stimulation to his wing. He just wanted to overload, so he could clear his mind of all this unrelenting desire.

Swatting at Red Alert, Starscream grumbled. “Move over!”

Red Alert moved to the edge of the berth. Starscream cupped Skyfire’s face in his hands as he sat down over his spike and gyrated his hips. “Now finish us both off,” he ordered, optics a deep shade of crimson.

“Anyway I want?” Skyfire asked, hands sliding under Starscream’s aft.

“Yes! Just overload me already!” Starscream said impatiently.

Skyfire lifted Starscream up, and got to his knees, then laid Starscream back on the berth all without disconnecting his spike from the valve it was buried inside. He then covered the seeker with his larger frame and began to pound hard and fast into him, desperate for release.

Starscream clutched at Skyfire, his moans mixing with shrieks. “Harder! Rip me open!”

In the back of his mind, Skyfire wondered what kind of violent interfacing Starscream enjoyed with Megatron. Begging to be ‘faced harder when Skyfire was sure he was already at Starscream’s limits like this couldn’t be a good sign. His lust filled processor pushed those thoughts aside, though. He just needed to−

Suddenly Starscream’s valve clamped down around him, and he screamed while digging his fingers into Skyfire’s plating as he overloaded. “Fill me!”

Skyfire roared as his body shuddered with his own overload in response. Liquid heat pumped from his spike into the spasming valve wrapped around him, finally giving him his moment of release.

Starscream shivered and whined. “Worth every credit...”

Skyfire panted as the tension drained from his frame. It was such a relief to no longer feel that uncomfortable burning need in his array. He was about to lift off Starscream, but was held in place by fingers that latched onto his sides.

“Stay right there,” Starscream said, licking his lips.

Obeying, Skyfire stole a side glance at Red Alert who was still sitting at the edge of the berth, having watched the whole thing.

“You think Megatron would enjoy a show like this, little one?” Starscream asked as he squeezed his valve around Skyfire’s decompressing spike, causing Skyfire to gasp.

“Yes, master. He would very much enjoy it,” Red Alert replied.

“The stretch of your spike is quite wonderful,” Starscream commented. “You may move now and Red Alert shall tend to cleaning me up.”

Skyfire pulled out with a soft hiss, and sat beside Starscream still feeling dazed. Was it just post overload that had his processor still in a fog? Or the drugs?

Red Alert opened a drawer in the headboard, and took out a cloth. He moved between Starscream’s legs and began to carefully wipe away the seeping fluid from his valve.

Skyfire frowned. “I can do that,” he offered.

“No,” Starscream replied firmly before locking gazes with Red Alert. “Would you like to taste, little one?”

“Of course, master,” Red Alert replied. He leaned down and began to lick at the fluid escaping Starscream’s valve.

Faceplates heating, Skyfire wasn’t sure what bothered him more about what he was being forced to witness; that Red Alert had to taste his overload in such a lewd way, or that it was turning him on to watch.

“Very good, little one,” Starscream crooned. “My perfect slaves. Each of you servicing my needs in ways my trine could never dream of.”

Glancing at Starscream, Skyfire frowned. So they were a substitute for a trine. He just hoped that meant in arrangement only. With any luck Starscream was either already spark bound to his official trine or perhaps didn’t believe in spark-bonding at all. That was the last thing Skyfire wanted; to be forced into a bond with this mentally deranged seeker.