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love, adora

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When Adora wakes up on the first Monday back after winter break, she already decides that this is the worst Monday to ever exist in the history of Mondays. For two reasons – one, it’s the first Monday after a break, which means it automatically sucks even more than the average Monday. And two – she can’t just stay in domestic bliss with Catra anymore.

One thing makes it slightly better, though. When Adora’s alarm goes off, she smacks it to shut it up and rolls over to see Catra smiling tiredly at her.

“Morning,” Catra says, snuggling back into the pillow. Her voice is extra raspy in the mornings; that’s another thing Adora has learned about her, that she somehow manages to make her voice even prettier. “I’m going back to sleep.”

Adora laughs. “We have school.”

“I showered last night,” Catra squints over at Adora’s alarm clock and says, “that means I get an extra half hour in bed. Enjoy your shower.”

“I’d drag you out of bed just because, but you’re too cute,” Adora leans over and kisses Catra’s forehead, then runs her hand through messy, soft hair. “I’ll come back and wake you up for breakfast.”

At the word breakfast, Melog sits up from the foot of the bed and wanders up to sit on Catra. They meow loudly at her, and Catra laughs into the pillow and then glares up at Adora. “You had to say the b word, didn’t you?”

“Whoops,” Adora laughs, “I’ll feed Melog if you want.”

“Nope, because they think I’m an idiot,” Catra sits up and pets Melog affectionately, “so if you feed them, they’ll still follow me around and try to trick me into feeding them again.”

Adora watches as Melog jumps off the bed and goes trotting towards the bedroom door. They look back at Catra, staring expectantly. “They look like they’re saying come on, slave.

“You’ve clearly never owned a cat before,” Catra says, “they own you.”

Adora laughs as Catra dramatically pushes the duvet off and heads towards the door to feed Melog. “And yet you still love them.”

“They’re my best friend,” Catra says, and pauses as she opens the door. “Don’t tell Scorpia I said that, because she’d actually cry.”

Adora laughs at the words, but as Catra walks out of the room, she opens her mouth to ask if they’re telling Scorpia about that other thing. Like, the fact that they’re girlfriends now. Not just Scorpia, but everyone else too.

That’s what they always said, right? That when they were together, once they’d told everyone that mattered, they’d be out and proud. But Adora wants to check before she goes and does anything to make Catra uncomfortable.

After her shower, she heads to the kitchen and joins Mara, Razz and Catra for breakfast. She sits down in her usual seat at the table, right next to Catra, and greets her girlfriend with a kiss on the cheek as Razz puts a plate of bacon and eggs in front of her like she’d just conjured them up from nowhere. Sometimes it seems like she does.

She sees Razz sneak a few bites of bacon to Melog too, who is creeping around the kitchen table and acting like they haven’t eaten for a week. Adora goes to ask Catra about the school situation, but Mara beats her to it. “You drive, don’t you, Catra?”

“I can,” Catra says, nudging Adora lightly, “I said I’d help Adora with her theory test.”

“You can use my mom’s old car, if you’d like,” Mara offers, looking over at Adora, “it saves Bow and Glimmer from going out of their way to pick you up for school.”

And it gives me more alone time with my girlfriend, Adora thinks to herself, and when Catra meets her gaze like she’s asking for permission, Adora nods softly. Catra smiles. “Okay. That sounds good. Thanks.”

Adora quickly texts Bow to let him know she doesn’t need a ride. He texts back with a smiley face and an okay, but two seconds later, another text comes through.


Adora frowns at her phone screen, but then another text comes through.

Bow (7:15AM): Ignore that last message, Glimmer stole my phone and now I’m going to go give her a nice talk about boundaries :)

Adora imagines that scenario in her head and laughs lightly. She texts him back and then puts her phone in her jeans pocket, and once she and Catra finish breakfast and go to brush their teeth, she stops her girlfriend by the front door.

“Hey, I think we need to talk.”

Catra raises her eyebrows. “Damn, okay. You’re dumping me already?”

She says it like a joke, but there’s something in her eyes that tells Adora it’s a genuine worry. Adora smiles and takes her hand to reassure her, the same hand that her ring is on. “Nothing like that. I just thought maybe we should talk about school. If we’re- you know. Going to be open about this. I’m obviously not asking to stick my tongue down your throat in the middle of the hallway, but just… holding hands and little kisses before class. I was just wondering if I could tell people that you’re my girlfriend.”

“Oh,” Catra says, and she lets out this adorable little laugh that Adora has come to know means you’re a dumbass. “Of course. I thought we already agreed on that, anyway. Plus, I do kind of want to stick my tongue down your throat in front of the jolly green giant.”

Adora snorts with laughter, but Catra looks deadly serious, and she punches her lightly in the arm. “No dangling me in front of Huntara. That’s mean.”

Catra raises her eyebrows. “You’ve met me. You know I’m mean.”

“You’re not mean,” Adora rolls her eyes, squeezing Catra’s hand, “not really. Sometimes you say mean things, but that’s just because you get all defensive and try to push people away. Like the girl you had a crush on for four years.”

Catra’s easy expression drops into a scowl. “Are you ever going to let that go?”

“Nope,” Adora grins, kissing the tip of Catra’s perfect nose, “you had a crush on me. That’s so embarrassing. You’re literally that Tumblr meme where that five-year-old had a crush but couldn’t process it so they told the crush to get out of their school. How does it feel to have the same level of maturity as a five-year-old?”

“I’ll actually dump you right now, you know,” Catra rolls her eyes, and when Adora goes to kiss her, she puts her hand on Adora’s face and blocks it. “Nope. No kissing for you.”

“Damn, and here I was, about to let you kiss me in front of Huntara so you can show off,” Adora says, even though she didn’t intend on that at all, “oh well.”

“Wait, I changed my mind,” Catra says quickly, and Adora laughs. It doesn’t take long for Catra to catch on, and she scowls again. “And of course you were lying.”

“Like I said, that’s mean,” Adora shrugs, but she thinks of something else and pulls her letter jacket off, putting it gently around Catra’s shoulders. “But you can have my jacket. Since I wear it basically every day, everyone will know whose it is. Everyone will know it’s your girlfriend’s.

“Hm,” Catra considers, but she’s already putting her arms in the sleeves and pulling it tighter around herself. It’s a little bigger on her, but if anything, it just looks cute. “Okay. I like this compromise. Now let’s get to school, idiot. I know that you can’t afford to get detention because you’ve got a tutoring session later, and she’s kind of a hardass.”

Adora follows Catra to the car with a smile. “I don’t know. I think she’s secretly a softie.”

Catra rolls her eyes. “Maybe she is, but she’ll kick your ass if you tell anyone.”

“I think I already proved that if anyone’s kicking ass around here, it’s me,” Adora says proudly as she gets in the car. “Nobody can beat my guns.”

“Whatever, weirdo,” Catra says, but she’s smiling fondly, and when Adora holds out her arm and says kiss my guns, she actually does it. “Don’t let that inflate your already gigantic ego.”

Adora just pulls her back for a real kiss. “Too late.”

When they get to school, Adora almost doesn’t believe that it’s really happening. She’s really here, actually happy on a Monday morning, walking into school holding hands with her Cyra. It’s everything she’s wanted for months, and it’s just as sweet as she imagines.

It’s even sweeter when Catra pulls her in for a goodbye kiss before disappearing off to her A.P. classes. Adora stands there with a dopey smile and a deep red blush on her cheeks until she’s snapped out of it by a weight slamming into her.

She recognises Glimmer’s usual perfume instantly, and she lightly shoves her best friend off her, already bracing herself for the inevitable questioning. Adora knows she was pretty MIA over break, and after that text this morning, she expects that her friends will want to know why.

“Adora!” Glimmer says sternly, and Adora knows she’s in trouble. “Where were you all break? We thought you died.”

Adora laughs, and she can’t wipe the lovesick smile off her face. “I was at home. Hanging out. At home. Having a good time. At home.”

Glimmer squints at her suspiciously. “Okay, the last time we saw you, you were moping around about your girlfriend ghosting you.”

“Way to be tender about it, Glimmer,” Bow shakes his head at her, an endeared smile on his face. “Seriously though, Adora. We were worried about you, and now you’re showing up to school looking like you just found out you won a billion dollars.”

Adora smiles again, and Glimmer gasps, pointing at her like she’s just solved a massive mystery. “You found her!”

“You did?” Bow asks, clasping his hands together in excitement. “Oh, that’s amazing! Who is she? Are you two together?”

“Obviously they’re together, Bow,” Glimmer rolls her eyes, “look at the smile on her face. That’s an I’m in love and it’s totally gross smile.”

“She probably gave you a ride to school, didn’t she?” Bow says, and grabs Glimmer’s arm before she can run back outside to try and deduce which car isn’t usually there. “I’m glad everything worked out for you, Adora. I know how much you missed her.”

“Yeah, I’m glad too,” Glimmer says, “now tell us who she is! We have a right to know, since you ditched us all winter break to hang out with her.”

Adora wants to tell them. She wants to gush about how amazing and perfect Catra is, and how she’s never felt this way about anybody before. But she also wants to milk this for what it’s worth, which she knows she can do. “I’ll tell you if you buy me an extra brownie at lunch.”

Glimmer scowls, but begrudgingly agrees. “Fine. Who is she?”

The bell rings at just the right moment. She flashes a teasing grin to Bow and Glimmer and runs down the hallway with a loud, “got to get to class!”

It’s even harder to focus on her schoolwork than usual, because all she can think about is Catra. She never usually sees her around school – it was almost like she used to sprout out of the ground for their tutoring sessions – but Adora wonders if that’ll change. She hopes it will. She wonders even more where Catra hangs out, and if she can join her for lunches and breaks sometimes.

Catra is nowhere to be found during morning break, and Adora keeps so tight-lipped about Cyra’s identity that Glimmer starts to question if she’s just making the whole thing up. At lunchtime, though, Adora takes matters into her own hands.

adora 💕 (12:08PM): Where are you? I miss you

Catra 😻 (12:09PM): you’re a sap

adora 💕 (12:09PM): That doesn’t answer my question :( Where are you!! I don’t know where you usually hang out

Catra 😻 (12:10PM): figure it out

Adora huffs when Catra’s message comes through. Of course she isn’t going to make it easy. Her phone buzzes again with another text, and she rolls her eyes at it, but there’s a smile tugging at her mouth.

Catra 😻 (12:10PM): i would think someone who got 3 a grades last semester can do it

Catra 😻 (12:10PM): it’s really not that hard to find me

adora 💕 (12:11PM): Just tell me!!!!

Catra 😻 (12:11PM): where’s the fun in that?

adora 💕 (12:12PM): You’re a nightmare

Catra 😻 (12:13PM): a nightmare that you loooooooooove

It’s payback for the teasing this morning, Adora decides. That’s why she’s being so difficult in the most adorable way.

adora 💕 (12:14PM): Yeah, I think I retract that statement.

Catra 😻 (12:14PM): ouch

Catra 😻 (12:14PM): still not telling you where i am though

Catra 😻 (12:15PM): see you soon sherlock

Adora ughs out loud at the message, and Bow laughs. “Trouble in paradise?”

“She won’t tell me where she eats lunch,” Adora says with an eye roll, “she says I can figure it out myself, like it’s that easy. I never see her around school, so I don’t know where she would… wait.”

Glimmer snorts. “Figured it out?”

“She left the t-shirt for me in the music room,” Adora says, mostly to herself, “duh. That’s where she is.”

Adora finishes off the rest of her sandwich in three bites and gets up, pulling her backpack onto her back. Glimmer looks insulted. “Wow, thanks for inviting us. I bought you your extra brownie and everything.”

“Come on, then,” Adora rolls her eyes, “I might be completely wrong.”

Glimmer laughs. “Wouldn’t be the first time.”

Adora shoots her a glare, and Bow scolds her with a quiet, “Glimmer.”

“What?” Glimmer looks between the two of them with a sheepish smile. “Sorry. Too soon?”

Bow nods. “Maybe a little.”

Adora lets them come with her to the music room. She hopes she’s not wrong, because from the way Catra was talking, she seemed to think Adora would find her. Even though it’s something small, she doesn’t want to let her down again.

There’s music coming from the classroom when they get there. Duh, Adora thinks to herself, it’s a music classroom. She peeks in through the window in the classroom door and smiles. Catra is in there, with Scorpia and Entrapta. They’re using the teacher’s computer to play music out loud. Or more like Catra and Scorpia are – Entrapta is sat at a desk, laptop out in front of her, half-eaten lunch to the side. She’s at least bopping her head to the music as she types.

Adora pushes the classroom door open and laughs quietly to herself at the look Scorpia gives Catra. It’s not subtle at all – Scorpia smirks and wiggles her eyebrows at Catra, in a classic look, it’s your crush move. Catra rolls her eyes, and she does it again when she sees Bow and Glimmer.

“Ugh, what’d you bring Sparkles here for?” Catra says, taking Adora’s hand and pulling her close. “I don’t want to listen to her screeching showtunes for the rest of my lunch break.”

“It’s Catra?” Glimmer stares at the two of them with wide eyes. “No fucking way.”

“Hey, that’s good!” Bow gives Adora a thumbs-up and his regular enthusiasm. “You said you wanted it to be her.”

“Aw, you meant that?” Catra looks genuinely surprised, but there’s a pink blush on her cheeks. “I thought you were just saying it to be polite or whatever.”

Before Adora has a chance to reassure her verbally, Scorpia pulls them both into a bonecrushing hug. She messes up Catra’s hair in a manner Adora assumes is supposed to be affectionate. “Oh, wildcat, I’m so proud of you! You told her! See, I told you so. I told you she’d like you back. Now you know you should always come to me for advice. I’m basically the best friend ever.”

“Yeah, okay,” Catra twists out of Scorpia’s grip and pulls Adora with her. She scowls and fixes her ponytail. “Let’s not make a big deal about it.”

“I wondered why you were wearing Adora’s jacket. I assumed it was some kind of school spirit thing. Anyway, updating my notes…” Entrapta murmurs behind her computer screen, “Catra is now romantically involved with Adora.”

Catra sighs dramatically. “What did I just say?”

“Does your mom know?” Bow asks, because Adora hadn’t mentioned the whole coming-out-to-Mara thing last time she saw them. She was too upset about everything. “Did you tell her?”

“She knows,” Adora says, throwing an arm around Catra’s shoulders, “she likes her because Catra always pretends like she’s really nice and polite whenever she talks to her. She emptied the dishwasher last night and my mom basically told me to marry her.”

Glimmer snorts with laughter. “I’d pay to see Catra being polite.”

Catra scoffs. “Shut it, Sparkles.”

“Hey, be nice,” Adora fixes her with the puppy dog eyes, because she learned quickly that they get her anything she wants. “For me?”

“Fine,” Catra mutters begrudgingly, “but only because I can tell from your dumb face that it means a lot to you. Not because I like you.”

“Nope,” Adora agrees, “it’s because you love me.”

“Hold on,” Glimmer points accusingly at Catra, and Adora imagines that if Melog was here, they’d be hissing at her. “You ghosted her. You don’t know how messed up she was-”

“It’s not my fault that your dumb friend doesn’t know the definition of ghosting,” Catra rolls her eyes, “she went out with someone else, told me about it, and I said that’s fine, I forgive you, but I can’t keep talking to you anymore. I said it would be my last email. Ghosting implies that I just never responded, which I didn’t do. I made myself perfectly clear.”

Glimmer turns to stare at Adora with the same accusatory glare. “Is that true?”

Adora cringes. “Yeah. That’s true.”

“Okay, I don’t have to kick her ass, then,” Glimmer looks back at Catra and admits, “to be honest, part of that was on me. I was helping her with the Huntara thing and we found some stuff that could’ve fit.”

“Yeah, she told me her stupid friends encouraged her,” Catra says casually, and when Adora smiles apologetically, Catra squeezes her hand. “Come on. You know I’m over it.”

Adora searches Catra’s face for any dishonesty, but Catra just looks at her softly until eventually Adora smiles, feeling satisfied. “Okay. Good.”

“Well, for the record, we approve, and because you’re Adora’s girlfriend, you’re automatically in the Best Friend Squad,” Bow says, and he nudges Glimmer, “right, Glimmer?”

Glimmer rolls her eyes. “I guess.”

“Like I want to be part of your little club,” Catra rolls her eyes, but Adora pokes her in the shoulder and mutters for me, and that’s all it takes. “Fine. But no friendship bracelets. I have a reputation to uphold. I don’t want people thinking I’m a sparkly nerd by association.”

“I mean, you are kind of a nerd,” Adora murmurs, loud enough for Catra to hear her and scoff in offence. She genuinely looks so insulted that it makes Adora laugh. “What? You are! I mean, you do tutoring, you’re in all AP classes, and I heard you tell my mom that you’re on track for valedictorian. And you make puns like, all the time. You’re a nerd.”

“I am not,” Catra shoves her lightly, and Adora just shoves her back with a laugh, “I play guitar. That’s cool.”

“Yeah, but you also do all of your homework on time,” Adora snorts, “not very punk rock of you.”

“She’s got a point, you know,” Scorpia says, and Catra whirls around and fixes her with a glare, “have you ever failed a test before? Like, ever?”

“Not my fault they make them so easy,” Catra rolls her eyes, “and anyway, I didn’t ask you.”

“Oh, so you’re saying if you did fail a test, you’d be totally cool with that?” Glimmer says, and Catra scowls even more. “Damn, and for a minute, I actually thought you were kind of cool.”

“Actually, I think I recorded this one time she got an A minus and she went on a rant about how the teacher hated her…” Entrapta says, and she starts tapping around on her computer. Catra jumps over and shuts the laptop immediately. “Hey! Don’t touch my computer.”

“Don’t record me, then,” Catra says as she sits back down next to Adora, that adorable scowl on her face. She pokes Adora in the arm and then points to the door. “Take your sparkly friends and leave me alone.”

Adora knows she’s kidding, especially when Catra doesn’t push her away when she pulls her in for a kiss.

It takes a lot of effort, to tear herself away from Catra at the end of lunch break. Especially because she’s supposed to go to geometry, which she already knows is going to suck. Catra kisses her goodbye and goes off to her own class – which Adora makes sure to call her nerdy AP class – and Adora walks to class with Bow, missing her girlfriend already.

“Aw, you two are so cute,” Bow nudges her playfully as Adora stares after Catra down the hallway for as long as she can. “I’m glad things worked out. I know how upset you were when you thought you’d lost her.”

“I understand why she freaked,” Adora says, even though the realisation had broken her heart. She knows that Catra’s still cautious, and there’s still little doubts that show sometimes. Like when she hesitates to take her hand or looks at her like she’s something fleeting, and she needs to take in the view while she can. “It still hasn’t sunk in for me. Sometimes I look at her and I’m like… wow. It was her the whole time.”

“I wouldn’t have guessed it,” Bow says, “she always seems so… closed off.”

“She… is,” Adora admits, “but not to me. Not anymore. I think she’s trying to let people in.”

“Well, as long as she treats you well,” Bow says, “then she’s got an open invitation to the Best Friend Squad.”

“I don’t know, she didn’t seem all that enthusiastic about it before,” Adora laughs. She replays Catra’s reaction in her head; an eye roll and a scoff, but a little smile she’s trying to hide.

After a gruelling double period of geometry, it’s time for her Monday tutoring session with Catra. As she makes her way there with a skip in her step, she can’t believe there was a time where she used to dread this. Now, she values any time she gets with her.

Adora still doesn’t particularly want to study, but she does want to see her girlfriend. She pushes through the crowds in A block, and when she passes Huntara, they share an awkward but friendly smile. She’s glad there aren’t any hard feelings there. There probably would’ve been, if she’d let Catra make out with her to prove a point. As tempting as it was just for the make out session, Adora knows it would’ve been wrong.

She hums the melody of the song Catra wrote for her as she walks across the lawn to B block. It still makes her stomach flutter to think about that. She ducks past a few other students and rounds the corner to their usual room.

Like every Monday, Catra is already there. Leaning against the classroom door, scrolling through her phone as she waits for Adora to arrive. She looks so beautiful that Adora actually stops walking to appreciate her. She’s standing there in a beam of sunlight from a nearby window, one hand stuffed in the pocket of Adora’s jacket, and Adora can’t believe that someone so beautiful is hers.

Then she realises she’d rather appreciate her up close, so she makes herself move. “Catra!”

Catra looks up from her phone and slides the device into the pocket of Adora’s letter jacket. She smirks, a hand reaching out to cup her jaw, ready to pull her down for a kiss. “Hey, Adora.”

“Hey, Catra,” Adora practically whispers as they inch closer to each other. Her phone buzzes in her pocket, but she ignores it. “I can’t get over how good my jacket looks on you.”

“Thank you,” Catra leans in like she’s going to kiss her but pauses millimetres from Adora’s mouth, “…and you’re late.”

Adora laughs and closes the space between them. Against Catra’s lips, she murmurs, “You’re never going to not comment on that, are you?”

“I will if you’re ever on time,” Catra says as she pulls away. She winds their fingers together and then nods to the classroom door. “Come on. Let’s get this over with and then we can go home and snuggle.”

Really wish I recorded you saying that.”

“Shut up and get your work out, dummy.”

Adora smiles and follows her girlfriend into the classroom. If this is going to be her life from now on… she knows she’ll be happy.

Her phone buzzes again, and she pulls it out as she sits down, assuming it’s Mara telling her she’s going to be working later than expected. Instead, it’s something she never thought she’d see pop up on her phone screen ever again.

Gmail – 1 new email from

“Wait, what?” Adora looks up at Catra, and she’s already looking at her, a gentle, knowing smile on her face. She remembers Catra leaning against the classroom door, typing something on her phone, and she grins. “What did you send me?”

Catra shrugs like she doesn’t know at all but reaches out and takes Adora’s hand. “Guess you’ll have to read it and find out.”

Adora reads the words on the screen, hand in hand with the girl who wrote them. With each sentence, the flutter rises in her chest, until there’s a full swarm of butterflies in her stomach. She meets Catra’s gaze, lets out a dorky little laugh, and then presses a soft kiss to her cheek.

“Give me a minute,” Adora says, “just got a really important email.”

“Oh, really?” Catra hums in response, “well, you better reply, then.”

Adora can’t help herself. She pauses, putting her phone down on the desk in favour of gently cupping Catra’s jaw and guiding her in for a kiss. It says everything she wants it to, but when she pulls away, she picks up her phone again, and starts typing out her response.


From: <>

To: <>

Subject: the most beautiful, amazing, perfect girl in the entire world

Jan 4, 3:32PM


if you tell anyone that i wrote an email this fucking cheesy i will block you on all platforms and break up with you. don’t think i’m kidding. i’ll do it.

anyway. obviously, the subject line refers to you. i know you’ll probably email back arguing once you see this because you’re annoying like that but i’m right and i’ll fight you to the grave on that one.

you are an idiot. and you’re annoying. and you’re so fucking corny. you’re the prettiest person i’ve ever seen, and everybody – literally EVERYBODY – on the fucking planet seems to love you. but nobody as much as me. your dad jokes, your beautiful, hopeful smile, the way nothing ever seems to get you down no matter what. the way you’re so fucking smart and you don’t even know it. you’re the most resilient, beautiful, intelligent girl i’ve ever met.

i’m so proud of you. i know this is probably going to come off as weird and totally unprompted, but i’ve been thinking about this since you showed me your report card, and now i’m waiting for you before our tutoring session (because you’re ALWAYS LATE) and i figured this is the place i should say it.

you worked your fucking ass off last semester. studied harder than i’ve ever seen anyone study. i know there were times when it was so hard for you, and there were times when i was the one making it hard. for that i really am sorry and i’ll spend forever making it up to you. but you didn’t let my dumb ass stop you. you worked so hard for everything you achieved and you deserve every single good thing. and i am so goddamn proud of you and your 3 a grades. especially the one in literature, because i know what that meant to you.

basically, what i’m trying to say in this long-winded, rambled, completely unnecessary email is…

i love you, adora. so fucking much.

love, catra


From: <>

To: <>

Subject: Re: the most beautiful, amazing, perfect girl in the entire world

Jan 4, 3:41PM


Not going to lie, my heart actually skipped a beat when I saw the notification from you. Kinda thought I’d never see 1 new email – ever again. Maybe we should keep this thing going. After all, it’s basically where we fell for each other.

ACTUALLY, the subject line is about you. And you’re totally right, I will fight you on that. You know I’m definitely screenshotting every single thing you said in that last email and sending it to everyone, too. I might print it out and frame it. ;)

Anyway. You might be proud of me, but I’m proud of you too. I know how scared you were, and I know you’re still a little scared now. But I promise you, I’m not leaving. You are none of the things your bitch of a foster mother said you were. You’re so amazing. So smart. So funny. So kind, even if you do disguise it with sarcasm and those adorable, perfectly timed little eye rolls of yours. You love so hard, and you deserve exactly the same thing back.

You’re so brave, too. The way you stood up to her about everything, even when she was right there trying to break you down. You stood your ground and I know it’s only the start of your recovery, but you’re trying. And that’s what matters. You’re doing your best to push aside your doubts and I love that for you. You’re so deserving of everything good in this world, and I can’t wait to be right by your side while you’re off being a badass musician.

(No, I won’t say the L word because you won’t be one of those)

(And NO, the L word is NOT lesbian before you make a joke about that)

Anyway. I AM going to say this L word.

I love you too, Catra.

I fell for your words and your heart and your soul before I saw your face and knew your name. Maybe other people will think that’s impossible, but I don’t care. I know what I feel and I know what my heart’s telling me, and it’s telling me it belongs to you. And it always will.

Love, Adora.