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Cop or business job? Why not both!

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The Wayne's were stuck at another Gala, spread out in small groups and everyone wanted to have a word with them, Damian stayed near Tim and Cass clung to Jason's arm while Stephanie stayed glued to Bruce's side. She still wasn't used to being a Wayne and going on these things but Dick had told her that he had felt the same why and that it would go away eventually.

The eldest Wayne boy was stuck a little bit away from his family but thankfully he had Commissioner Gordon beside him talking with the most annoying business man he had ever met! Geez, how did Bruce have the patience not to hit these kinda of guys?!

Bruce's patience for his kids was endless... Actually he didn't want them to behave at home because he had admitted that quiet Manor reminded him of the years before Dick came and he never wanted to go back to that again, well they made chaos alright and Alfred really didn't bat an eye when he cleaned the mess afterwards.

"...And then the ridiculous choice of career Richard! You're the heir to one of the biggest companies in the world and you choose to be a cop?! Outrageous!" The man said and looked away as he took a zip from the expensive champagne, Gordon rolled his eyes.

"The Wayne kids have different ideas of helping people, Richard's is the most noble one and-" Gordon tried to say.

Keyword: Tried.

"A complete waste of talent! Guess gypsies are like that!" The man interrupted.

**Oh heaven above he didn't just- Barbara, find Bruce now for god sake!** Jim grabbed his phone and text his daughter who was over by Bruce and Stephanie.

She looked at her phone and gasped, making the two Wanye's, Lucius and Leslie look at her. "Barb-" She just turned the phone so Bruce could see the message and his jaw dropped. "Shit, where are they?!" He hissed and looked around the room, Steph sent texts to the others to keep a look out for Dick and copied the text from Barbara's phone.

Jason and Cass almost reached for their hidden gun and knife but managed to remain calm, Tim and Damian didn't have that kind of control so they walked up to the second floor of the Gala room to keep a look out from there.

And tried not to strangle anyone.

Dick hadn't said a word about the gypsy thing but explained that as a cop he felt like he was doing so much more then just sit behind a desk all day, the man just huffed and when a waiter walked by with champagne glass on her tray he placed his empty glass on it and took a new one, nodding his head in thanks and took another swing.

**Don't punch him. Don't punch him.** Dick chanted in his head and noticed his two little brothers leaning against the rail on the second floor. **Yep, defiantly don't punch him! Bad example Dick, don't teach your little brothers bad things- Wait- We're the kids of the fricking Batman so that train derail fast.**

Bruce was still looking around for his eldest when a woman came towards him. "Oh my Mr. Wayne! Who is this young lady?" She said referring to Stephanie who hid slightly behind Bruce. "This is Stephanie, my second daughter and 5th child and... Well, she's still not used to these things or the name change."

"Really now? And she's in school? Excellent! Perhaps she will make a better chose then that failure son you first took in."

The woman took another zip from her glass and Bruce felt the blood flow in his left arm being cut off and clenched his jaw. If he found out that the others met more people who thought the same about Dick... He was so going to ask Selina, Ivy and heck even Harley to wreak the place! They saved Stephanie about 2 weeks ago and she still wanted to thank them.

Letting them wreak the place with people like this lady? He was tempted to let them to do it and look the other way!

"I mean- waste all that talent to be a cop? You must feel ashamed Bruce! To let someone like that be that kind of role model for the rest of your kids." The woman kept on.

**You have no damn idea what you're talking about Mrs. Linnber. You have no idea what kind of hero my son is or what a role model he is for Jason and the others!** Bruce thought.

"Miss Wayne would you look over there? By the table? That is my son, close to your age and very handsome. *Stephanie made a gagging motion behind Bruce when Mrs. Linnber looked away.* thou I have to admit, he's drinking problems might make him a little aggressive. *Bruce tensed and Stephanie could feel it.* But he is at least running a very nice company and his choice is far better then Richard's."

**Ooooh lady you did NOT just insult my BROTHER! Calm down Steph, you and the others promised Dad to behave during these things, just breath.**  "I think Richard's choice is great! He's always been into helping people and so many have asked him if he had thought of being a cop! But sometimes I think he enrolled just to give Dad a speed ticket!" She giggled at Bruce's (very fake of course) baffled look.

"Are you kids working against me?" Bruce chuckled and pulled his little girl in a one-armed hug, Mrs. Linnber however just gave disagreeable sniff. "Though I'm sure you must be greatly disappointed in him for declining to run Wayne Enterprises." She kept going about it and Bruce was so glad he was holding onto Stephanie because he was sure he was going to slap the lady.


On the other side of the room Jason and Cass was mingling (trying to find Bruce or Dick) when they were stopped by another business man. "I heard you kids chose to run the company with your father! Excellent choice!" He shook Jason's hand and stepped back because he could see that Cass was very shy with the way she was pressed slightly behind her brother.

"Thanks, we thought it would take some of the stress away from Dad." Jason replied with a fake smile, holding his sister's hand tighter.

"It must be a hard blow for the career your older brother chose." He shook his head. "Police... What was he thinking?" Okay now they were both competing on braking each other's hands and their own teeth but they tried to answer in normal tone and look calm. But the fuse was closing in on the stacked powder kegs and gasoline barrels that made up their temper limit for people like him. And insulting Dick?! Bones would be broken tonight!

Up on the second floor Damian had his hands behind his back clutching the rail poles as he and Tim were forced to listen to a couple who had known Tim's birth father and asked about Drake Industries, they congratulated him for merging it with Bruce's company and then it had escalated to Dick's career and that they must be disappointed in him.

Tim was sure his teeth was going to crack the way he clenched his jaw and he could feel Damian's aura waver between calm and full inferno explosion, they had hoped to be alone up here but nope, that was not going to be. Applauds was heard and they all turned their attention to the man at the podium, the Gala was about declaring which company was the world's biggest.

Dick smirked as he went ninja on his little chat group and appeared close by the stage where other men and women were waiting, they smiled and shook his hands. Some of them asked for Bruce but Dick just shrugged and explained about Stephanie, no questions after that.

Mrs. Linnber was off again and Bruce was shaking, he would feel Stephanie's nails dig into his skin through the sleeve when she mentioned that her son was going to get the award. Jason and Cass had cut the blood flow in their joined hands and Damian and Tim was holding onto the railing as tight as they could, hiding their white knuckles.

"And lastly- Honestly we are both shocked and still not believing this but, the second place award goes to Lex Corp! *Gasps were heard from everyone and the Wayne's froze because they hadn't heard their company name yet.* Meaning that Wayne Enterprises-Is the Nr 1 company and the young man behind that fulfilled dream is none other then the eldest son of Bruce Wayne: Richard Wayne!"

Cheers erupted and those standing by the Wayne's who had insulted Dick most of the night dropped both jaws and currently held items as they watched Dick walk over and accept the award handed to him and stood by Luthor and the others as the media went completely out of control.

Damian turned an impish smiled at the couple behind him. "What were you saying about our totally awesome brother?" Tim snickered so much he was struggling to remain on his feet, down on the main floor Jason whistle loudly with the hand not holding his overly hugging sister who was laughing of joy.

Mrs. Linnber gaped in shock as Steph whistled as well while she and Lucius was trying to keep Bruce on his feet, he was looking at the stage and caught Dick's eyes. He smiled at them and nodded before he caught the other Wayne's blue eyes.

"That boy is- How?!" Mrs. Linnber stammered in shock and Steph smiled smugly "Because my brother is both cop AND business man! Oh and- Do something about that garbage bag you call 'Son', because he must have reeeally failed if he spends most of his time drinking."

"Stephanie Wayne," Oh, Bruce's brain was working again.


The family managed to survive the evening and when they entered the limo with Alfred in the driver seat were they finally able to lose their temper when-

"Master Bruce, I received information that Mad Hatter is on the lose somewhere around Robinson Park, something about a large robot."

Dick noticed his family's auras changed to evil and he really didn't like the look in his father's eyes. He was going to skip this patrol and stay at the Batcave, maybe find a weakness on the robot. Bruce nodded and as soon as the limo stopped it was just Dick and Alfred in the car.

"Oh dear, what happened tonight? Aside from the award!" Alfred smiled as he took it from Dick, who was looking towards the room that held the grandfather clock. "Something about my choice of career and I think something was said that they didn't like very much. Especially Dad"

"What? That you took courses in both police work and business so that you could still do what you desired and help out Master Bruce with the company?"

"I think the tape got stuck and repeated 'Police work'."

Alfred followed Dick to the Batcave and found that the costume cases were empty and the Batmobile and the Red's bikes were missing.

"Oh dear."

"Yeeep, *Dick cracks his fingers and sits by the Batcomputer* I think they mention how disappointed Bruce and the others were over me but judging by their faces at the award handout- I don't think they were." Dick pulled up the footage from the Gala and zoomed in on the family, he chuckled as Bruce almost hit the floor and Jason and Cass grinned and cheered.

Alfred placed a hand on the young man's shoulder. "You are to amazing to be disappointed at my boy. And far to loving to feel shame."

"Guess they didn't get that memo." Dick smirked and found the blueprints and weakness of Mad Hatter's robot, he opened a com channel to the family.

"Alright, weakness found! Let's see if we can brake this Kinder Surprise egg and what's inside!"

**¤Chuckle¤ You're a walking surprise yourself chum. But I'm not complaining.** Batman responded and Dick grinned like a Cheshire cat.

"And I'm not gonna stop being one Dad! Now, Red Hood get Robin and Black Bat behind the left leg and look for a-"

Alfred sat down and watched Dick work while the family was out on the field and notice that they were wrong.

Cop, business man And one heck of a hero!

3 things that only Richard managed to achieve without even trying.