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A Collection of Stardust

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Concept : SY is a half Huli-Jing who's hiding his birth status as completely human. His mother is fully Huli-Jing while his father is human that fell in love with her. They died because a rogue cultivator found them and killed them both, leaving SY to run away and hide from them. Bc he is a half-breed, he has a human form, however his fox powers are noticeably weaker than a full-blooded Huli-Jing. But he can still shapeshift between fox form and human form, albeit he's small like a runt. He's just weak spiritually. (He learns how to fight with his fists and claws later)


Background : SY transmigrated early and met Qi-Ge and Xiao-Jiu. It was when SY (who was called Xiao-Ba at the time) accidentally shapeshifted into his fox form right when they stumbled upon him in a secluded alleyway. SY got tired and just wanted to hunt for food in the woods nearby. They've met before but they've never really clicked together? Idk. Anyways, SY begs them not to snitch on him, and SJ being the gremlin that he is asks for a price. They made a deal and that's how they became a trio. 


Eventually, SY got found out anyways bc he's young and he doesn't know how to control his powers properly bc he never got the chance to learn. So he got captured and that's the last they've seen of SY.




True Beginning : SJ became a Peak Lord and he's out on a mission to investigate illegal fighting rings and low and behold, he sees SY with his 4 tails, fighting against humans (and occasionally beasts) as some sort of sick entertainment to gamble. 


Impulsively, SQQ buys his freedom blackmails the Lord that 'owns' SY to hand him over or he'll kill his whole family and burn his estate. They reunited but SY didn't know it was Xiao-Jiu at first, he was really hostile and feral and untrusting. Until SQQ put down his sword and called out,




SY's eyes widened and his breath stuttered. He watches SQQ for any lies but he couldn't find any. After few minutes of disbelieving silence, with a croak voice and dry lips that hasn't spoken for years,




(Cliff hanger for that chapter lol no doubt about it)


SY finally tastes freedom for the first time in years. He is distrustful and traumatized of swords so SQQ brings him back by way of carriage to Cang Qiong Mountain Sect which took nearly a week. In that timeframe, they 'catch up' on the time lost but also, SY has PTSD (he doesn't think so "he's perfectly fine, he has the system to help him" ) SQQ also has issues but I like to think he had time to deal with it, he's not healed, no not yet, but he's better than how SY is rn. It reminded him of the time with the Qiu's.


They're catching up but…..also not quite..? They're not talking about what happened to them, as if no time has passed since SY first got captured and SJ had been sold to the Qiu estate. SQQ tells SY about YQY, how he is a Sect Leader and he himself a Peak Lord. SY (inwardly screaming and panicked) is absolutely floored in awe fear. He's so proud of his Qi-Ge and Xiao-Jiu. 


[SQQ tsuntsun mode activated. He is secretly very happy seeing genuine pride in SY's face]


Before they arrived at CQM Sect, SY shifted as fully human and hid his spiritual energy so he looks like a normal human being. He still can't help but be paranoid bc he's never done this in years and last time he did he got caught so- :/


~✨Reunion Scene with YQY✨~


crying is involved so be aware, he's cried so many times the past week he's surprised he still has tears left . The taste of freedom really settles in when he sees the beauty of Qing Jing Peak. SY cries again which makes Qi-Ge cry and causes another round of tear-party. SQQ -uncharacteristically- allows Qi-Ge to stay over at the Bamboo house to sleep over (just like old times) 


(This chapter ends with fluff bc I say so)


SY meets LBH one night when he couldn't sleep so he roams around the Bamboo forest, remembers about the protagonist and goes to check up on him. Finds said protagonist chopping firewood behind the shed that he sleeps in. 


SY, a modern man with a bleeding heart, sneaks up on LBH (and nearly gives the poor kid a heart attack) and asks him what the hell he's doing up at midnight. [After Internal cooing over a little white sheep moments later] SY tells LBH to go sleep and he does so reluctantly


When he came back to the Bamboo house, there he is, in loose sleeping robes, and irritated face, SQQ with his arms crossed (looking like a jealous wife eHEK). SQQ hounds SY with questions until he finally says he can't sleep. A few seconds of silence, SQQ turns back to his room and dismissively tells SY he could sleep with him instead. 


[Internal fighting with himself that this SQQ is really not the one dimensional villain that he knows] 


SY follows him to bed. The next morning SY and SQQ acted as if nothing happened. SY follows him to see his disciples' morning practice and that's when SY brings up LBH. They had a fight albeit low-key because it'd be bad if disciples witnessed their master fighting with the 'guest'. And also decorum is a thing.


Cold war between them until after dinner where SY can't take it no more ( he doesn't want to remember the time when he's all alone ) and confronts SQQ. Hugging from behind and putting his head on his shoulder to beg his forgiveness, they finally talked properly and SQQ admitted that LBH reminded him of SY. 


SY is both happy and sad bc fuck that hurts. So, SY tells SQQ about LBH's demon heritage. Or specifically, half demon. Just like him. He calls LBH a cub bc that's what he is. A child. SY tells him that he doesn't need to take it out on the cub anymore, he's here now isn't he? 


[Angst SJ POV chapter where he admits he knows he's not a good person, never was but SY stays by him throughout so he finally treats LBH better. By better I mean, not that much but at least he's not sleeping in the shed and using a faulty cultivation manual anymore ✨yeay✨ +1 point to SQQ]


{Relationship with LBH : SY (and eventually SQQ) treats LBH as a cub and have parent-child relationship bc Binghe deserves family and I said so}


Abyss Arc : SQQ still pushes LBH in the abyss but slightly better than in PIDW(he just doesn't want the rest of the cultivation world to know he harbored a demon and knew about it bc then they'll find out SY's a Huli-Jing and they'll be killed on sight). SY is absolutely heartbroken, his cub is g o n e. SY and SQQ fought, SY is angry and grief-stricken bc uh hello? He's Half-Human too and even if not the same species, again, that's his cub. ( His baby ) [SY stays with YQY in this time frame bc he doesn't want to see SQQ rn]


They slowly reconciled when SQQ admits (he doesn't quite apologize) his wrongs and so did SY, they both had a deep talk about what LBH means to SY and what SQQ was thinking about when he pushed his cub in the abyss. This is the part where they fucked get together and SY moves back in with SQQ at the Bamboo house. SY still mourns the loss of his cub but at least he's dealing it with SQQ.


Not-quite-Sower Act : SY gets revealed by Huan Hua Palace bc the Old Palace Master is a filthy viper and a disgusting lecher who's looking at SY the wrong way (nasty old man) and it's either SQQ or SY so SY made his choice for him. (Goes like canon except LBH doesn't fucking choke SY and force him to drink his blood) 


The trial goes like this : LBH uses his protagonist halo (by way of dream demon abilities) to make everyone see SY's memories to prove his innocence (with consent ofc I'm not disgusting) and everyone immediately decides he's good except the Old Palace Master, no surprises there. And bc he keeps trying to make SY look bad, everyone can see just how disgusting the old Palace Master is and denounce him. 


SY gets to go home (LBH tells SY and SQQ that he'll come back soon, he has something to do first) and SQQ (and YQY) comforts him. Soft tender moment- SIKE they have sex

When LBH comes back, they have a talk and a proper reunion. Especially SQQ and LBH. Bc LBH is a demon lord, he can't stay in human realm for too long so the Shens make him promise to come visit them once in a while. 


(I might make the ending with SQQ occasionally traveling with SY bc SY is a monster nerd deep down and SQQ likes to indulge SY. Idk what to do with Tianlang-Jun and Zuzhi-Lang. Maybe I'll make that a sequel. Probably.)


Throw-away idea for Tianlang-Jun and Zuzhi-Lang: maybe this arc starts with Zuzhi-Lang trying to????kidnap SY bc he "doesn't belong to the human realm as he is a demon technically" or sumn, or maybe TLJ is just intrigued and also revenge thirsty for OPM that makes LBH come to the Shens for help bc he's having problems in the Demon Realm. TLJ finds out the truth, yeets off to torture OPM in a dungeon and have a happy ending with letting LBH rule bc he doesn't want to do that again. It's a short arc and I feel like it might not fit in the outline because technically the story's already over. Maybe I'll make it as another series or sumn.

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Shen Qingqiu notices Luo Binghe starts to slowly fall out of love and it absolutely broke him, he tries to keep their love alive but it seems as if LBH truly doesn't love him anymore, eventually Luo Binghe doesn't come back home for three months. Shang Qinghua tries to cheer him up but it's not working so like a good friend, they go out on trips to see the world in an attempt to cheer him up. It worked for a while but...he still couldn't get over Luo Binghe. After a whole year of not seeing Luo Binghe, Shen Qingqiu decides enough is enough. He packs his bags, plans out the whole absentee peak lord situation by using Liu Qingge's method and leaves to travel by himself. 


He still occasionally writes letters to Shang Qinghua and the Cang Qiong Sect to ensure the Qing Jing Peak doesn't fall into pieces while he’s gone and they'd still know he's alive. They (Yue Qingyuan and Liu Qingge) let him leave because they see how miserable and sad he is (Liu Qingge goes to fight Luo Binghe for hurting Shen Qingqiu's feelings and lost, kind of like the time SQQ died but less bc he doesn't have a body to retrieve)


While he travels, Shen Qingqiu writes a bestiary for every beast he comes across that kind of becomes like a journal to him. 


One day, while Shen Qingqiu is watching a group of harmless creatures, he hears a loud noise and a boom that scares the creatures away. Annoyed yet curious, he goes to see what's happening. There, in that clearing next to a crate of burnt dirt, a huge snake monster (no its not ZZL unfortunately) is coiled around a young man that is struggling to get his hands free. 


Like in true modern peak lord fashion, Shen Qingqiu saves the day (and the young man) by slaying the beast. The man has a huge gash on his stomach and a broken ankle so Shen Qingqiu treats the man’s wounds with what little supplies he has left. He should’ve restocked his supplies in the last village he passed through... Shen Qingqiu would’ve used Qi to heal him but he’s already used up most of it fighting the snake monster earlier, depleting more is just asking for a qi deviation. Plus, they’re still in the forest, so who knows what other dangers still lurk nearby. 


Shen Qingqiu learns the man's name is Xue Cheng, who surprisingly, is a rogue cultivator and a traveler like him. He apparently was caught off guard when he stumbled into the snake monster’s den. Xue Cheng wants to thank SQQ by inviting him to dinner. However, Xue Cheng can't walk and he doesn't like to go on a stranger's sword so he offers to make dinner there and then. Thankfully the snake monster was edible and it's scales are used for medicine so they make do with what they have.


Luckily, Xue Cheng is always prepared (and paranoid) so he brought his whole luggage with him at all times, which includes his cooking stuff. (He doesn't have LBH's skills but it's edible and easier than waiting to find a town.)


They ate and talked for awhile until eventually night comes and they're forced to sleep in the woods because they can't find a way out after dark. Even if they can see perfectly however Xue Cheng's wounds are a liability and it's better to wait for daylight.


Being a rogue cultivator has its perks because Xue Cheng has an exclusive protective talisman to shield them from monsters while they slept, Shen Qingqiu is intrigued after seeing it and asks Xue Cheng where he learnt it. Xue Cheng admits to having been taught by another rogue cultivator when he was younger whose specialty lies in talismans. However his master died during SQQ’s 5-year death gap so now he's just wandering around finding his purpose. 


Xue Cheng shifts the conversation to Shen Qingqiu, asking him what a renowned figure such as him is wandering around. Shen Qingqiu grows quiet and evades the question. Xue Cheng sees how he doesn't want to talk about it and decides to end the night there. After all, they'll have to walk all the way back out of the woods on foot.


The next morning Shen Qingqiu wakes up to the smell of roast rabbit stew. Xue Cheng is nervous and apologizes for making him uncomfortable last night. Shen Qingqiu assures him that he didn't do anything wrong and they have breakfast together. It reminds Shen Qingqiu of the time when LBH still loved. He shook his head, trying to forget about that. 


They get out of the woods in time before the sun goes down and still have enough time to trek to the nearest village which is a sichen away (two hours). There they get an inn together (separate room) and buy medicine for Xue Cheng's leg (his stock was running low and SQQ used all of his on XC). Xue Cheng healed just enough that he doesn't need a crutch to walk so they decided to get lunch somewhere. They have a pleasant evening talking and bonding over travelling stories.


Eventually a missive arrives in the form of a spirit beast falcon calling for Shen Qingqiu's return for an important peak lord meeting. Shen Qingqiu is confused because they don't usually call him back so he decides to come back to the sect to see what's going on.


Though they had just met, they felt that the other was a great companion to have conversation with (and they felt they had bonded a little bit) thus were a bit hesitant to separate. Xue Cheng admits that it must be nice to have somewhere to return to and encourages him to go back where he is needed. Shen Qingqiu felt Xue Cheng is a bit pitiful so he tells Xue Cheng that he is always welcome to write to him. XC happily accepts and they go their separate ways.


When Shen Qingqiu returns and attends the meeting it turned out that demons have been causing a ruckus at the edge of Cang Qiong Sect 's territory due to questionable reasons that they don't disclose (bc it has something to do with LBH and they didn't want SQQ to be sad again) so for a couple of weeks, Shen Qingqiu helps deal with that while also resuming his peak lord duties, including teaching his disciples. 


Shang Qinghua comes by and they catch up, asking about SQQ's travels. (CucumberPlane bonding ensues bc I say so and bc I love their friendship dynamic.) They don't talk about LBH.


In the meantime while he's at the sect, he and Xue Cheng start writing to each other, Xue Cheng tells Shen Qingqiu of his travels while SQQ writes about his disciples and martial siblings. Months passed like this, with them writing letters to each via SQQ’s magical messenger falcon. They get even closer to each other, they both even start to look forward to each other's letters. The rest of Cang Qiong Mountain Sect --sans SQH-- are curious about who SQQ is writing letters to, they try to ask SQQ himself but Shen Qingqiu always deflects the question or gives vague answers. 

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SY transmigrated into SJ while he was still in the Qiu estate, but not like what he thought. Instead, SY "shared" a body with SJ, only managing to appear in front of SJ as a ghostly apparition sometimes, because it takes a lot of effort and energy to "manifest" a body.


Mostly SY is just a voice to SJ, but few times SY gets to haunt SJ in his spirit form. The only time they are able to touch (and Shen Jiu's able to see and hear SY clearer) is when they are asleep and in ✨dreamland✨. Sy sounds like a wisp of wind to SJ, his voice distorted. (think Venom and Eddie, but wispy) 


So bc SY can't really affect the living world, he bitches and becomes his millennial self which sometimes a lot of times drives SJ up the wall.



This idea sparked bc of that one fanfic I read that makes me so annoyed and angry but I kept on  reading it bc it's actually good and I love it but I also hate it. I'm channeling my inner SY.


So the story starts with SY waking up but actually he's been awake this whole time, it was just dark bc SJ was still sleeping. SJ got a fever after a bad beating which he was allowed "rest" bc QHT was all like "🌸I'll take care of u!!🌸" But really he's still working just not in front of her.


When SJ wakes up however, they're both like, wtf who are u, why r u here. SJ thinks he's gone mad, SY is freaking out bc holy shit he has no control of the body he's in and who the hell is this kid anyways. 


System's dead bc of an error (I want that to be important somehow I'll think of it later) so SY has no guidelines so he's free to do whatever he wants. SJ's convinced he's delusional bc of the fever and doesn't think much of it (bc he's trying not to let QJL find reason to beat him up more so he's busy doing chores), SY is just panicking and staying quiet while watching SJ doing his business.


Eventually SY starts noticing how things are ✨not right✨ bc SJ is sick why the hell r they making a sick child chop wood. Then he realizes oh shit, he's a slave (‘◉⌓◉’)! Then he gets rightfully angry bc !!!!that's not right!! Slavery is bad!! 


SY is just cursing QJL after an incident with him and SJ which involved SJ getting beat down and kicked. He's screaming profanities that no one but SJ can hear, which SJ snaps to shut up because he can't focus if he's deafened by SY's cursing.


After SJ limps out of the room, SY has quietened down. SJ is curious about this voice bc he's sure even if it's a hallucination, he thought he would've at least hear a voice that's familiar to him like Qi-Ge however the one that's shouting and hissing and swearing is so far from familiar, sometimes he has no idea what the voice is saying. So after SJ settles down in his room, licking his wounds, he demands "what are you and why are you in my head?" 


SY is stunned bc he didn't think SJ would hear him (SJ's been ignoring him since the start), SY is awkward and embarrassed bc he didn't realize he was heard. SY tries to be vague, but he tells the truth that he didn't know why he was here. SY explained that he can't move or even leave. SJ keeps demanding him to leave tho bc he doesn't like the fact that someone is in his body (who does..) 


SY doesn't know how to and that makes SJ angry. SY is also annoyed bc hello??? If he could leave then he would've!! It's not like he likes not being in control either anyways. So they're both tense with each other and bicker every now and then, but SY only grows quiet when in presence of QHT and QJL. SJ has no idea what he’s thinking but he lets it be. He has to deal with QHT wanting to play chase with him when he is very much still sick. He’s not going to deny her tho, she’ll only cry to QJL, which would end up with him getting beaten up again.


Meanwhile SY is just stewing in anger, trying not to make it worse for SJ bc what if he distracts SJ and it gets him in trouble? Also, he would never say this out loud but he’s afraid of QJL bc he creeps him out and it gives him a bad feeling


This goes on until SJ burns the estate like canon. QHT had just passed out after catching SJ holding a blood dripping sword and screaming her lungs out. SJ wanted to carry her to safety when all of a sudden SY, who had gone quiet since he stabbed QJL, spoke out,


“Leave her be.”


“Are you insane?! She’ll die!” SJ screams.


SY never liked QHT since the beginning and knew what would happen if they let her live, ofc he can’t say this to SJ, instead he told SJ that she’ll only bring trouble in the future bc she witnessed him killing her entire family. 


SJ likes QHT (in the naïve sort of way) bc she allowed him safety from QJL, SY doesn’t think the same; as a modern person who’s had access to the internet, he knew sometimes QHT just turns a blind eye to SJ’s suffering. It angers him so much but he can’t do anything in his position.


[it really shows the difference of maturity and mentality between SJ and SY in this scene. SJ is forgiving and merciful to QHT, SY is more logical and apathetic (reality dissociation, he hasn’t accepted his situation yet) and doesn’t want to take any chances]


They had a shouting match amidst the burning estate until eventually SJ just scoops QHT up and running out, nearly burnt by the fire. Meanwhile, he’s ignoring SY who was shouting at him. They don’t talk again after that. They don’t talk when SJ’s under WYZ’s tutelage, they don’t talk when SJ’s killed, stole, scammed people. They don’t talk until SJ’s shivering and trembling from the pain his sabotaged cultivation makes him feel like its destroying him from the inside out. 


WYZ only snorts and leaves him all alone in their camp to go who-knows-where, SY appears as an apparition only visible to SJ’s eyes. SY is quiet as he helps untangle the worst of his meridians, though he can’t do much. SY’s form is flickering from the excess use of qi. SJ reaches for him, holding onto SY’s hand as he passes out, instinctively searching for comfort. SY stays flickering as he pats SJ’s head.


By the time SJ wakes up, SY is already gone. However when he calls out for him, SY answers in his head, sounding exhausted. SY sleeps for an entire week after that.

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Xue Cheng was almost killed by a snake monster when he first met Shen Qingqiu. Aside from rumors or gossip he’s heard passing through towns, he almost knew next to nothing about Shen Qingqiu. It turned out he’s nothing like the rumors. On the first meeting, Shen Qingqiu saved him and wrapped his wounds, without even asking for anything back. He hasn’t met anyone so kind-hearted and selfless in so long, it was befuddling. 


Once they’ve introduced themselves, Xue Cheng snapped out of it. Immediately, he asked to repay his kindness with a dinner. Shen Qingqiu turned him down as he couldn’t even walk, how would they reach the nearest town? 


Xue Cheng became embarrassed and sulked, before he perked up and decided to make dinner instead. They chatted throughout the night until Xue Cheng brought up Shen Qingqiu's recent nomad lifestyle. He realized he had made Shen Qingqiu uncomfortable and felt bad. 


Although Xue Cheng still felt bad, Shen Qingqiu had already moved on and pretended like nothing happened last night. Xue Cheng wasn’t going to push him so he let it be as well. They only just met after all, it wouldn’t be proper to push a person’s boundary.  


Eventually they managed to get out of the forest and find the nearest town. All the while, they still talked and got to know each other. Xue Cheng doesn’t know why, but he felt it was so easy to open himself up and talk to Shen Qingqiu about themselves. 


In the span of a day, Xue Cheng had found out that Shen Qingqiu is quite a private person, preferring to observe monsters than to talk to other people. In fact, Shen Qingqiu enjoyed monsters so much that he spent half a sichen ranting about the Three-Tailed Leopard Spotted Scorpion (Xue Cheng learnt so much about it that he thinks he has it memorized in his brain, Shen Qingqiu just have that aura that made people listen to his lecture. He wonders if this was how he taught his disciples). Xue Cheng normally doesn’t like when people talk so much but he finds he doesn’t mind it if it’s Shen Qingqiu.


Shen Qingqiu also apparently liked tanghulu and street foods--Something Xue Cheng had the honor of watching Shen Qingqiu spending nearly half of his money pouch on just sweets--, Xue Cheng himself gorged on meat buns and savory snacks. They walked around the marketplace just talking about miscellaneous things like gossip they’ve recently or whatever catches their eyes in the market.


Xue Cheng doesn’t think he’s had this much fun since… well, he can’t remember it anymore.


Eventually, all good things come to an end when a spiritual falcon beast comes flying through the streets for Shen Qingqiu. Xue Cheng feels like cold water has just been poured onto him as he comes to the realization that the person in front of him belongs to one of the top Sects and a Peak Lord, not a kind random person who decided his life should be spared. 


It must be nice to have a home to return to.... 


After continuously assuring Shen Qingqiu to return back to his Sect where he was needed and watching him fly off with the promise of correspondence between him and Shen Qingqiu, Xue Cheng for the first time in a while, felt his shoulders droop.


It felt like he had just been fed water after weeks in the desert only for it to be ripped apart from his hands again. It was quite disorienting to be honest. He’s been on his own for nearly a decade and now it’s like he’s forgotten how it feels to be alone again. Xue Cheng shakes his head, clearing his thoughts from being distracted from his main objective. 


After all, there is a reason he came to this town in the first place, and he’s already wasted so much time talking having fun.




Idk how to add link in notes rip, so here it is! I drew Xue Cheng!

Xue Cheng Sketches!

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Shen Yuan, newly transmigrated, snuck around the edge of the Qiu estate to scavenge for food. Shen Jiu was doing his errands when he stumbled upon Shen Yuan rummaging around in the trash.

Shen Yuan is embarrassed he's been caught going through the trash and immediately runs away and hides. The boy thought nothing of it and continued on with his chores, slightly limping.

However, Shen Yuan was startled when he heard wiring sounds start in his mind and a robotic voice cheerfully announcing.

[+1 for First Meeting with an important future character! Congratulations for unlocking an exclusive backstory, Host!]

Shen Yuan thumps his tail onto the ground in annoyance, scowling.

"Stop doing that! Give me a warning next time," Shen Yuan looks back to the place the boy left through from his hiding spot.

"And anyways, who was that kid? I don't think there was any character like that in PIDW"

[Character: Shen Jiu, future Shen Qingqiu. Age, currently: 15]

"THAT's Shen QingQiu?????? Wasn't he a rich noble asshole?? He looks barely like a young master. System, explain!!"

[Host doesn't have administrative access to unlock Shen Qingiu's history! Host must learn Shen Qingiu's backstory by himself. Reward : 50 B points, Failure to do so will cost Host 100 B points!]

Squeezing out of his hiding place, Shen Yuan shakes his entire body in disbelief. "You do realise the reward is half of the penalty, right? This is a fucking scam!"

The system, as always, doesn't answer. Of course. Shen Yuan leaps up onto an empty crate, using the higher ground to climb his way up onto the roof of one of the buildings he's hiding between. A shed, maybe. The perks of having retractable claws. He thinks gleefully.

Once he's up there, he stalks forward towards the direction the kid Shen Qingqiu was heading to.

Or, well, Shen Jiu, as he's supposedly known right now. Like the number…?

Shen Yuan is starting to not like the theories he's coming up with. He continued leaping roof to roof until he finally caught sight of Shen Jiu. Crouching down on the roof, Shen Yuan observed.

The boy is scurrying into the main wing of the estate. This manor is huge. From the looks of it, he isn't the young master or else he would've worn nicer clothes. Or he's disguising himself as a servant to sneak away from caretakers. That was a common trope for young nobles who wanted to experience the life of the commoners.

But Shen Yuan just couldn't see Shen Jiu willingly wearing rags to sneak off somewhere. Plus, it also didn't make sense for Shen Jiu to have been at the dumpster if this was the case. Hmmm.. Shen Yuan needed more information before he could make any concise reason.

Shen Yuan wiggled his body, preparing his feet and jumping down from the roof. Quietly and accurately landing on the ground.

Fufu~ Another great perk of being a cat! He's having so much fun being able to run and jump to mourn the loss of his thumbs. Focus, A-Yuan!

He must do some reconnaissance. Being a small cat, no one bats an eye at him when he calmly walks into the gate of the main wing and into the courtyard, sticking to the edge of the wall. Just barely seen unless someone is truly looking for him.

Shen Yuan explores the building from the outside, he has no confidence he wouldn't be immediately kicked off the property if he were to waltz into the kitchen now. Patience is part of the process he's learned to have after spending months in this body.

After all, he couldn't just rely on scraps and leftovers if he wanted to survive. He's proud to say he is a great hunter. Although he gagged when he had to eat raw mice and birds the first few times but it's neither here nor there.

He doesn't see Shen Jiu again but that's alright. He knows where Shen Jiu is in the general sense so he's not that worried. Shen Yuan will see the kid again another day. He will make sure of it.

It wasn't always you get to find out the backstory of the most one dimensional and most cruelest  villain in Luo Binghe's backstory. He knows Shen Qingqiu has great potential to be a better villain than he was written to be. He just has to find it.