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Well Trained

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Derek wiped his hands down the front of his jeans, grimacing at the feel of the blood soaking into the denim. Stiles would no doubt yell at him – he said it did nothing for Derek’s serial-killer image when Stiles had to wash so much damned blood out of his clothes.

Looking around the clearing, he considered the afternoon’s training session a success. Cory had only had to disappear once out of fear, which was an improvement. Erica and Boyd were still standing, but Liam was passed out cold on the ground. The beta refused to learn that his temper did not help him during fights – it simply made it easier for someone to push him out of control. If he ever got a grip on his temper, he might become a good fighter, but in the meantime, he was a liability.

Theo was tending to Liam, scowling in Derek’s direction, although he lowered his gaze respectfully when Derek flashed his eyes at him. Good. Theo needed to be sat on regularly, and if his attachment to Liam could be used to control him, then all the better. Stiles was in full agreement – if Theo was going to be allowed to be part of the pack (peripherally), then he needed to be kept a close eye on.

Hayden was already recovering, although she was playing up her injuries so that she could lean on Malia. Malia was aware of what she was doing – no one was ever going to manipulate her the way Peter and the Desert Coyote had tried to as she was constantly on alert – so Derek assumed she was happy to go along with the ruse.

Which left Scott and Isaac. He might have been harder on Scott than any of the others, perhaps allowing more of his strength to bleed through when his hits had landed. It had been difficult to forgive Scott for his betrayals with the hunters after Argent left Beacon Hills: the young man had listened to Deaton one time too many, his hope that he could return to being human making him vulnerable. That was the only reason Derek had allowed him back into the Pack when his plans to work with Monroe's thugs had failed. Isaac had made his case for him eloquently, and Derek listened when Isaac spoke – the young man had a good head on his shoulders, more comfortable with himself following his sabbatical with Argent. He made an excellent Second with a clear head and cunning hidden behind his angelic appearance – his pleas for Scott had held weight.

That, and Stiles had made it worth his while. Stiles would see Scott’s lack of broken bones as Derek showing growth. Hopefully.

“Batman is gonna kill you for the mess you’ve made Big Guy,” Erica said, grinning cheekily.

“Possibly,” he replied, smiling back at her. But she was right – it was going to take some work to keep Stiles happy. Maybe he should strategically lose his shirt before he got home...