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Chapter 1

A twist of fate

Natsuki Subaru is a boy with a plan. He has his ideas straight, his determination is set. Today is the day he gets to go out and have dinner with his precious friend Satella. Furthermore, he will make it an amazing dinner no doubt. For today is the day that his beloved childhood friend came back from boarding school in Germany.

He pauses momentarily in the classroom as the bell struck for classes to be dismissed for the day and thinks to himself:

"Man I do not know why I am so giddy, but this is perfect. Every day I have missed Satella. She and I were the best of friends but then we drifted apart. Torn from each other, as her parents demanded she went to boarding school in Germany.

Of all things I do not get why they do not show equal love between her and her twin sister Emilia. Furthermore, our correspondence has decreased due to the heavy workload both of us have had in university. However today can make up for it! This is the day I can see my dear friend Satella. Alone, just the two of us in a fancy dinner in Shibuya. I cannot wait."

Subaru's thought process gets interrupted by a loud voice headed his way:

"Subaru-kun where are you going in such a hurry, I thought we had arranged to go see Emilia who is not feeling too good?"

The black hair boy turns around and his smile brightens at his friend walking his way. With short blue hair, a curvaceous body, and gentle demeanor, there isn't anything Subaru could say that was bad about his blue haired friend Rem. She was everything a guy could look for in a girlfriend, kind, composed, thoughtful, always manning her manners. Truly, a very diligent person easy to get along with. All the rest of the classmates thought the same as she helped them out with various duties and assignments.

"Yo, Rem I am sorry but I already called Emilia and told her I had to do a rain check, her sister is back in town. Remember Satella-Tan? Yeah she came back from Germany and we are supposed to have dinner together, so I am gonna have to see Emilia later if she feels worse of course. She went ahead and reassured me that was fine. So you go on ahead, then call or text me if anything happens."

Says Subaru with a grin of reassurance that makes the blue haired girl smile, however the mention of Satella makes her smile falter. She thinks:

"That girl was always nice to my Subaru, but she disliked everyone else and was socially inept. I do not think this is the best idea, but Rem will always have her hero's mindset to accept everyone. I remember when we tried to become friends once, and she shrugged me off saying she needed no other friend but Subaru-kun.

Hmph, such rude manners but it is Emilia's sister after all. It will be fine since she has been away for a long time. Besides eventually Subaru's heart will belong to me, there are too many woman with their eyes set on him. But they do not share the same bond of friendship as I do with my beloved Subaru."

"No problem Subaru-Kun I will go ahead in your stead and watch over Emilia, my sister is occupied with her work at her restaurant. So make sure to have fun and tell Satella-Chan I said hello in my place!?"

Here the black haired boy notices with a sharp gaze how Rem's smile faltered, yet stops thinking about it since he does suspect that the cyan eye colored girl has feelings for him. Same with several other woman that share classes with him.

Even though Subaru is close to twenty two this year he has yet to have a girlfriend. He always thought he would in high school but his calls and texts with Satella always made him hesitate. It is not like he does not want to have a relationship, he got over his self-loathing thanks to his dad Kenichi, and his wonderful mother Naoko.

It took time, effort, perseverance, and patience but his parents are nothing if not absolutely determined for their shining star, Subaru.

And his charming adopted step sister Beatrice. He will never not love his family, however he will take prudence in matters pertaining to the heart. The closest he got to liking someone was Satella until her family situations made their relationship one of friendship only.

Sure, he likes Emilia quite a bit, and has even developed slight feelings for her. However he is confused on if he is projecting the infantile crush he had on Satella, or if he genuinely likes her. His brothers Garfiel and Otto always tell him it is fine to take it easy and relax.

No hurry no worry, they would say. And he is inclined to believe in his own brothers, rather that rush into dating anyone. Another reason why he is so excited to see Satella tonight. They have so much to catch up on, he can barely restrain his giddiness as he walks out of the classroom with Rem next to him.

However, it seems a slight delay will occur due to a verdant haired woman that was walking alongside a boy dressed with cat ears as they stop in front of them. The woman smiled upon seeing the boy that she has always had a slight feelings of affection towards.

She loves his smile, determined attitude and the way he seems to help everyone. Furthermore, she will not forget the time they went to the movie theater together and seemed to get closer. She is becoming more and more sure of her feelings and will not hesitate to confess soon.

She has seen how the boy she longs for is always surrounded by women, if she does not make haste then one of them may finally snatch away her Subaru.

The boy with cat ears is grinning and egging his best friend on, as he knows how much affection she possess for the one they both call friend. He smiles and initiates the conversation:

"Heey Natsuki-Chan, fancy running into you here, nyah." His eyes dart towards Rem as his smile drops a little since it seems the blue haired girl gets closer to Subaru, as if to shield his friend from even talking to him. How distasteful such an action is for the boy as he thinks:

"This woman always seems to fend off any others from even talking to Subaru, who does she think she is? Besides, Subaru explicitly told people he is single and wants to remain like that. Hmph, she is acting rather rude now."

Subaru was surprised to run into his good friends Crusch and Felix, he sports a smile as he replies with a thumbs up:

"Hey there nice seeing the both of you. It has been awhile Crush-Chan, Felix-Kun. How were your government classes? I know you want to work in the government to try to improve the quality of life, isn't that right Crusch?"

Crush Karsten smiles briefly at the thought that Subaru would remember what she is trying to major in. Her father works in the DIET (Japanese bicameral government) and she wants to follow in his footsteps to improve the many issues facing the country they all live in. She nods and replies back warmly:

"It is always a pleasure to see you Subaru-San. And yes thank you for remembering I will strive my best to achieve my goals."

"That is awesome to hear Crusch-Chan, I look forward to seeing your success, you have my vote already."

Replies a joyful black haired boy, feeling very pleased with himself that he has such amazing friends. While he studies behavioral psychology since he wants to help other people that may have had issues such as he did in the past. He also gestures towards Felix and mentions:

"And you Felix, you are studying to be a neurosurgeon are you not? I applaud those efforts, since that is a very challenging branch of medicine but you are very smart and ingenious, I have high hopes for yourself as well."

"Nyah, Subaru your words make my heart flutter, if I was a woman I would already be swooning over you." Replies Felix while pretending to clutch his heart and fan his face. His antics make them all laugh as suddenly Rem interjects:

"It is nice to see you both Crusch-kun, Felix-san, but we must really get going. I hope the best out of your future endeavors."

Here the joyful mood evaporated slightly, upon the sudden interruption. However Subaru got distracted with his banter upon meeting two dear friends and remembered his prior engagement.

He looked down at his watch and noticed the time for his dinner with Satella was approaching. With an apologetic smile he says:

"Sorry Crusch-Chan, Felix-San I must really be going. Rem needs to check on Emilia who is not feeling too well, and I have dinner with an old and cherished friend to attend. We should all catch up this Saturday since school will not be open for weekend classes."

What their black haired friend had said intrigued Crusch and Felix yet they did not want to take up any more time from their friend, and they brightened up at the prospect of seeing him again.

"No we are sorry from holding you up from your appointment, although I admit I am curious about your friend." Remarked Crusch as this was one thing she did not want to let go of. He sounded very happy, and while it pleased the verdant haired woman to always see her Subaru smiling, she had a sinking suspicion she may not like his reply.

"Oh it is my friend Satella-Tan, we have not seen each other in five years so I doubt any of you know her, but she is Emilia's twin sister who was send to boarding school in Germany to specialize in human anatomy and surgery. So I am ecstatic to see her again."

Said Subaru as his face brightened at all the old memories that resurfaced of them playing around and always near each other. Seeking their own friendship, companionship, and sharing bonds of empathy.

All three people present reacted differently at his words. Crusch was happy to hear they were just friends, although it seemed she may have to fend off another rival in her quest to win this man's affection. But when Crusch Karsten puts her mind to an objective, with single minded determination she will achieve her goal with all her might and skill.

Felix was concerned for a potential new love interest for his best friend, yet he also smiled knowing that over reacting is not a good thing to do. Besides, his friend Subaru seemed so happy that it makes him joyful as well.

Both Felix and Subaru had not conversed much recently due to how hectic classes are. But he will strive to correct that.

Rem was pouting a little bit to the side, since she seemed the only one to catch the way her Subaru addressed Satella. He had never called her or any other girl by Tan. And it upset her, then she just nods to herself and promised to re double her effort in succeeding in winning this boy's heart. Who she cherishes with all her being.

With that all four people separated and with joy Subaru was on his way to meet Satella, while Rem went to check up on Emilia. Both Crusch and Felix got in their own cars and parted ways till tomorrow for next class.

The time was soon approaching for the dinner appointment that would change the fates of many individuals, for this peaceful and joyous atmosphere would become one of mayhem, destruction, despair, homicide, mystery, guilt, self-loathing, and futility to stop the storm known as Ella.

(Day before Dinner)

Ella is Satellas other half, one developed by the constant physical, verbal, mental abuse that Satella endured in the boarding school.

The youths would make fun of her stutter and being socially inept. The girls were jealous of her beautiful looks and her gorgeous amethyst eyes, so they would mess with her food, hide her clothes, soak her bed.

Satella wanted to leave after such terrible conditions but the staff said she was under a contract that her parents imposed on her. One where she could not leave or switch schools unless a certain amount of time had passed or a traumatic event happened.

With that final statement she just dejectedly went back to her room only to suffer abuse from the socialites that mocked her for having such a meagre allowance that would only let her buy the daily necessities. Scorned her for always being so quiet and made fun of her for never defending herself.

Then the other issue was all the boys wanted to have sex with her while she desperately fended off all attempts since in her heart she still remembered her childhood friend Subaru.

They would talk all the time on the phone, joke and reminisce and she eventually developed Co-dependent personality disorder (CPD).

She awaited his messages with relish, every time her phone would light up from one of his texts her body would practically glow.

She would lock herself in her dormitory room and moan into the sheets as she would touch herself, replaying his voice messages and panting his name out.

Without Natsuki Subaru she was nothing. Worse than nothing, a failure of life, a meaningless existence. How she despised herself. How Subaru made her feel better.

Her parents never helped either, they were always too busy doting on her twin, Emilia. Why did she get all the love and she never received nothing but harsh glares from her parents?

Disappointed with her choice of black clothing, disappointed with how she had no friends but Subaru. Ashamed to even call her their daughter.

Emilia cared for Satella, she truly did and always wanted to help her but that in turn made it worse. While Emilia had the best intentions, she was clueless on her execution of said ideas. Every time she tried to help, she would make it worse somehow.

And her parents would blame Satella for distracting their precious daughter Emilia with her antics. They got tired and eventually told her to go to boarding school in Germany. To learn to do something with her life and become a successful surgeon.

Just like their father, while Emilia also wanted to go where her twin went the parents refused until both sisters hugged each other and parted in a tearful way.

While excelling in her classes and learning much about how the human body operates, she prospered. And her school days were slightly better despite all of the bullying she faced she decided with Subaru she would face everything and when she came back a young woman to Japan to tell him that she loves him and wants to be with him.

However fate is not so kind, and it never will be. On her way to the dorms a horrible incident almost happened. She was surrounded by three male students that had chosen her route to her dorm to finally unleash their frustration and one slapped her hard in the face.

Eliciting a gasp of pain from the silver haired girl, as he spoke:

"All you do is reject every guy, you know if you were with me then no girls would bully you. But it is too late after today lucky for you I, Gunther, pity you and claim your body as mine, since no one else would want to touch it after me and my boys are done with you . Come on lads we have to do this quick since no teachers are around."

Here Satella was in disbelief at what was occurring and backed herself against the wall. Her mind was in shock as the three monsters approached her while smirking like the demons they are, wanting nothing more than to violate every inch of this body in front of them.

She was getting over her shock as her mind went blank and one of them forcefully grabbed her hand while yet another boy put his hands on her body and started fondling her breasts. Then something happened to her mind, it broke. But it did not break down in pieces, but in two. Satella went dormant, and Ella was birthed.

With a quick head butt she smashed her forehead on the guy touching her body. How dare he, anyone that touches their body dies. Only her beloved can do such a thing.

Sounds of a broken nose erupt in the air, a sickening sound that only made Ella grin as she licked her lips and lunged forward.

A sick crunch is heard as she bit the arm roughly of the boy who had grasped her own. Teeth digging into muscle and piercing veins, blood filling up Ella's mouth as if she was drinking some tea, not having blood sloshing around her mouth.

The sound of flesh being ripped is heard as a guttural scream of pain, and shock echoes throughout the hallway. Squelching noises fill the atmosphere as Gunther pisses his pants in fear and collapses on the ground shaking visibly. As this girl he thought was nothing but lamb for him to take advantage of, instead turned to be the predator.

Ella is still smiling as she has a piece of skin in her mouth that she spits out as she put both boy's out of commission.

Her eyes are filled with a touch of lunacy yet shine with formidable intellect. She is smiling with mischief she approaches the shocked Gunther, she pulls out a long scalpel from her medical student handbag and speaks:

"That is not very kind act to force upon a Lady isn't that right Gunther? You see when a trio of savages and beasts attempt to rape and force their disgusting tendencies upon my body, well let's just say that the nice side of mine panicked and the one that does the job comes out.

Nice to meet you Gunther, My name is Ella. I have always wanted to have a specimen of my own to perform some incisions on.

You see, the cadavers they have in the morgue for practice don't bleed due to the subzero temperatures they store them in. I have a theory on how the blood flow varies and changes states depending on the size, shape, and with what instrument is being performed to make the cut.

This is a tungsten grade scalpel used to peel open our fleshy and squishy bodies to a precision measured in nanometers. And they say if the femoral artery is pierced by where our thighs are, the human body gushes blood like an fountain. What do you say Gunther? Want to be patient zero?"

Finishes stating Ella as she approaches a collapsed boy that had soiled his pants and with quickness and precision she neatly severs his femoral artery and pulls out a stopwatch and a notepad as she beings to take note while the boy tries and fails to stop the bleeding. A viscous red liquid staining the whole area with considerable speed as his screams go ragged.

She carefully observes and remembers that a cut carotid artery will leak out 100 milliliters of blood each heartbeat. At 65 heartbeats a minute, more so if the patient is in high levels of stress then, poor Gunther does not have long to live.

After all the human body only has five liters of blood inside of it. And indeed 115 seconds later he perishes. She frowns as she utters:

"Foolish boy if you had used a tourniquet you may have even survived for longer, even gotten saved. Alas, the intellect of the human brain upon trauma drops considerably during high levels of stress, Tis a reality."

She looks around and smirks to herself as her current idea manifests. With care and precision she notes she does not have much time before history class is over and they stumble upon this scenario.

So with a flash of inspiration she clears and wipes the fingerprints on her scalpel and places it in the unconscious boys hand, both of them having passed out due to stress at being attacked and squeamish of blood. If Ella had time then they would become experiments as well. Alas, she does not have the equipment, materials, tools and notes to conduct several choice ones she had in mind.

With the crime scene covered up she rips her own clothes, especially chest area until only the top is seen and beings screaming:


Dozens of students stumble out of class and a teacher was about to ask what is happening and then their eyes freeze upon the scene of a dead Gunther and their eyes look at the blood on the other boys. He turns around and finds a crying Ella as she speaks out:

"Professor Leon, they were going to rape me just because I was walking by and suddenly they started fighting over who gets to go first and take my chastity. I tried to defend myself but they were too strong.

When all of a sudden one of Gunther's friends procured a scalpel from my medical bag and stabbed him in his leg. It may have been the femoral artery although I am not sure, I am still in shock."

The professor immediately tells one of his students to go get the Dean and another calls the police as he frowns and puts his hand on her shoulder in sorrow. Ella flinches but she keeps it together for this will help better with her alibi.

"I am sorry this happened to you Satella, we will contact the authorities and you may go home. I imagine you do not want to stay studying here. I beg your forgiveness for this incident that happened. Just stick around and grab your stuff, of course the police will want your statement but everything looks clear cut from here. After they are done you may leave."

"I miss my family so I am sure they will help me get over this dreadful situation. Thank you Professor Leon!" Cries out Ella as she makes more tears and snots come out of her mouth and nose, to completely sell the act.

Sometime later she packs her bags after changing to another outfit and looks at her phone as she sends her beloved a message:

"I cannot wait to see you Subaru, we should have dinner when the plane lands in Tokyo airport, Ella is coming home."

Author's Notes:

Well that was the start of my new fiction Re:Stalker and I strongly advise anyone that is squeamish of blood, detailed descriptions of surgeries stay away. I made this fic in mind due to a Yandere mobile game I had played. And it got me thinking, what if Envy was in our world. What if she has a formidable intelligence. Co-dependent personality disorder, alongside several other symptoms such as being a sociopath with psychopathic tendencies. Behold, Re:Stalker is born.

This is not going to be a wholesome story, this is the journey of a young woman whose mind broke and the darkness inside all of us took form. I will not spoil what happens next just look forward to an Ella realizing that her beloved is surrounded by women.

It is true in psychology that a Yandere has several symptoms most noticeably Psychopathy/Sociopathy (ASPD), Schizophrenia, psychosis, schizoaffective disorder, borderline personality disorder (BPD), co-dependent personality disorder (CPD). These are the main disorders that could make a Yandere.

Now Ella will not have schizophrenia as it would be near impossible for her to function in society and have such lucid thought process. I will discuss the symptoms in later chapters. Thank you for reading and await next chapter. Oteycri000 signing off.

Also special mention to Kill Tha Story for all his invaluable help with ideas and brainstorming, this could not have been possible without you my friend.

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Re Stalker

Chapter 2

Twin Hearts

Darkness, nothing but darkness everywhere. An expansive void of nothingness surrounds a sleeping silver haired girl. Quite some time passes as she is floating before slight stirrings are witnessed. Signs of her waking up are eventual, the chance for a peaceful rest disturbed by nightmares.

Flashes of memories occur, being bullied at the boarding school, being teased, demeaned, vilified for actions she never committed, occur in her fragile mind.

The last straw was when those animals tried to violate and rape her body, she blacked out completely. She cannot seem to recall what has occurred. All that is heard from her still slumbering state are ramblings:

"Subaruuu, Subaruu, please I need you. Where are you, I feel cold, empty, lonely, destitute without you. I feel like the human garbage I am, I feel like a parasite that just leeches off my parents.

I am nothing without you my love, I am pathetic for needing someone to stay sane but I cannot help how I feel this way. If we were together from the beginning, none of this would have happened.

Why is fate so cruel? Why must we have been separated for so long and across oceans.

All I want is to sleep next to you, to be one with you. To pledge my all to you. This is just not right, it is not fair.

Why are we not together. Why did *hiccup* my parents separate us. I need you so badly my beloved. It is an urge, a desire, a feeling of absolute certainty that you are the one for me, as I am yours.

We need to see each other. I miss you, cherish you, adore you, would DIE for you. Please let us meet together and be ok, please let us live a life worth living.

My love, my heart, my everything, my absolute in this cruel dark world we live in. I just know if I see you we will be ok.

We will be great, nothing will get in our way as we achieve our goals one by one. This is a fact, it is an unshakeable truth, that I desire you as I feel you desire me. I hope your feelings have remained the same.

No, I hope they have elevated to the levels I feel for you! I would cross the Sahara to reach you, I would sail across the Pacific Ocean to locate you. I would climb Mt. Everest to see your smile one more time. I wou-."

Satella is suddenly interrupted and rudely awakened as she hears another voice speak with a command of authority:

"Silence girl, you are giving me a headache. It is annoying enough that I have to deal with you, but now you even talk in your sleep.

Meaning I cannot have a satisfied rest on the plane that departed from Berlin towards Tokyo. If I cannot sleep, it means my body will not be well rested.

Furthermore, it will impede our senses from functioning properly and not allow us to make sure of our surroundings at all time.

We must always extrapolate the data surrounding us, to be aware of what is going on. To make sure we know that the people around us are either indifferent, interested, or hostile towards us.

Tis the only way to truly remain safe. React before any actions can be taken upon us. Never doubt our ability to quickly gather information and then set upon the proper course to achieve our goals.

I feel the same as you but for our Subaru. He is the blinding star that illuminates our weary night. However, there are several things you are lacking Satella.

You lack determination Satella, that is why I had to come out. You lack the conviction to achieve your goals. You lack the ability to truly promote change and elevate your mind frame.

I was content watching from the corners of your mind as long as nothing happened, but those depraved animals went too far.

To dare touch our body when there is only one individual that can do that. Our beloved, our reason for living in the first place. For giving us the strength to carry on.

They deserved worse but I was pressed for time. I had several theories I wanted to try on those insects. Alas, they will rot in jail which is an acceptable outcome."

Satella's eyes widen as she looks around and sees an identical version of herself also floating in this dreamscape. Her other self, snapped her fingers and the void was replace by a shadow garden. Including a table with two chairs where her doppelganger sat down and gestured for her to sit as well.

With a disbelief in her eyes she looked around in wonder and saw many lavender flowers and a lush landscape, with ruined buildings that must have shone at some point and she inquires:

"Where ar.. are w… we? And wh.. who.. ar… are you?" She looks at her other self in confusion and wonder, thinking this is all a dream. Her other self, smirks and snaps her fingers and two cups of tea are placed in front of each other.

She goes ahead and takes a sip. Satella soon follows and is pleasantly surprised to find out it is her favorite. Here, her clone proceeds to speak:

"My name is Ella, and I am your other half Satella. The very personification of the abuse you have taken, the one that is the most self-confident, the one that thinks and analyzes everything before we take our next steps.

I am who you always wanted to be in your dreams, so I was formed through how our brain is wired. Due to the abuse, neglect, sense of isolation you have experienced, I became a necessity. If our psychology teacher is correct, we seem to suffer from a form of DID. Meaning Dissociative Identity Disorder.

This was probably caused due to the severe trauma we have experienced throughout childhood, from the neglect of our parents, to the scorn of the other students, to the harsh learning environment in that damned boarding school. To those violent savages trying to put their paws on our body. That was the final straw that allowed me to manifest and assume control.

To ourselves latching onto the one and only bright thing in this foul and dark world, Natsuki Subaru. Our champion, our hero. The very reason for our continued existence.

Now you can take this with a grain of salt, since our specialized study is anatomical surgery and the study of cardiovascular symptoms, treatments and ways to operate on the human body , we are not psychologists.

And we would be fools for going to one. The only thing that would happen is being locked up in a room where they would feed us drugs that would dull our mind. Do you want to be in a straightjacket drooling and being locked up for life? Because I certainly do not. I have grand plans to achieve, same as with you.

Furthermore, we would never see our beloved again. I am sure that would be a miserable result neither of us wishes to see, do you not agree Satella?"

Here Satella was still considering all the information, processed, analyzed it. And came to the conclusion that Ella was correct.

She had always suffered, ever since being a child, to not being good enough for her parents, to being shipped off to Germany while crying tears with her dear twin Emilia. Till the event that finally brought her to the breaking point, the attempted rape by those disgusting pigs.

Here Ella was seeing Satella slowly accept these facts, she smiled and continued:

" I am here to explain a couple of things to you. Firstly, this is our mind, a dream world of sorts. We have always had a habit of lucid dreaming, such as when we dream of our beloved touching us in all the places we crave.

Our fingers running through his firm chest, nibbling his ear. Licking his throat while moaning his name. Feeling him inside us as we lose ourselves to pleasure. Oh yes, I share those exact dreams and want them to become reality."

While Satella blushed like an Appa, Ella continued her explanation:

Now that we are two minds sharing the same body we can interact here without issue and time flows a little different.

Secondly, we are an hour away from landing in Tokyo where we will meet up our beloved for dinner. An event we are expecting with relish. It has been far too long since we have seen Subaru. And from the pictures of himself with Beatrice he looks to have matured into a very handsome man. "

Here both Ella and Satella stopped talking as they both closed their eyes to day dream about the black haired boy with fierce eyes that had oh, so captivated their twin hearts. Both smiling with adoration and contentment at their beloved.

After some time passes Ella snaps out of it first or she could continue day dreaming for hours, nay, days. She clears her throat and resumes her explanation:

"Thirdly, we will not mention to Subaru what happened in detail. It would not be a pleasant experience for him to know that we eliminated our victim, and then manipulated the crime scene.

Moreover, those details are one's that we should not share with anyone. Japan has extradition and the last thing we should want to befall us is to be extradited back to Germany to answer for crimes.

Because, that could lead to feelings of self-doubt brewing in his mind, maybe he would not even want to be with us. Which is unacceptable. That is a result I fail to agree with, and will never let happen."

Here Ella's voice breaks up a little as she resolves her conviction to be smart and always aware of all information, while she does not regret what happened and would do it again in a heartbeat.

But, imagining the look Subaru would give her upon learning she is a killer would break her, and she is well aware that is why this must never happen. She thinks to herself:

"He must never find out, and if for some reason I have to commit such a crime again I will absolutely make sure to cover my tracks. No one will take away My Subaru, and no obstacle will get in the way of being together forever with my beloved."

"Umm, Ella are you alright? Yo.. you have be.. been quiet." Mutters a concerned Satella for her other half.

Here Ella snaps out of her thoughts and offers Satella a small smile. She realizes that they will soon arrive and decides to speed up the conversation:

"Thank you for your concern, I was just thinking of certain matters, now where were we? Ah yes.

Fourthly, we can swap control of our body when the situation arises. I will let you resume control upon us waking up, I am tired and need to rest more, as well as process certain scenarios that may happen.

However, if anything occurs you can call for me. While I disagree with the way you handle things, I admit that strenuous circumstances have led to such results.

With a proper motivation we shall work on your speech impediment and struggles, so that we can flourish. Now, before I let you take over do you have any questions for myself?"

Satella again processed this information at a fast speed, analyzed it, and determined to accept the results. However there was one thing she could not accept easily and made it known quite clearly:

"Di… did you have to kill those men? I kn… know what they did was unaccep… unacceptable but we could have screamed for help. I hav…. have never injured anyone before an-."

Satella gets interrupted when Ella puts up her palm up indicating for her to stop talking. Ella then goes on to speak:

"This is why I exist, because while we share the same intellect there are certain things you are hesitant to do. I will get the job done no matter what, so rest assured and consider the following.

What do you think would have happened had we screamed? The revolting animal already had his hands on our chest, an instinctual reaction would have been to either knock us out to prevent anyone from knowing, or to silence us by breaking our jaw and then violating our body.

Then if we put ourselves in the mindset of those vile pieces of human garbage, they may have dragged us to some dorm room and had their way with us.

Moreover, do you really think we could have lived with that shame? You saw how those people acted, the way they scorned us. It would have been our words against them."

Here Ella closes her eyes and breathes in and out, as if to remind herself how close everything they worked for came undone.

Satella did the same, while she did not want to be ruthless, she accepted that at times certain actions needed to be taken.

However she would never do that, she knows it deep in her heart. And is glad to know that she could perhaps rely on Ella at certain times of need.

As long as Ella does not commit any more crimes then she shall be fine with the result. After all that situation was one where their very being was in danger.

She was shocked when she felt a warm hand grasp hers and looked up to see Ella smiling at here gently. Ella stroked her doppelgangers hand soothingly and calmly replied:

"I will always be your staunchest ally, your support in times of need. Besides, remember, we would have lost in the end. I did what had to be done to save you from doing it yourself.

Furthermore, I will always shield your memories from the unpleasant actions I may commit when in control. When one of us is dormant, the other will be active and we will only meet like this when our body falls asleep.

I will not hesitate to do deplorable actions towards those who seek to harm us." Here, Ella's eyes shined with conviction and a domineering aura that gave Satella cold chills as she concluded:

"As well as anyone that dares to take away our beloved. We have toiled for far too long and struggled to achieve any results but the necessary one.

Which is to be with Subaru and eventually get married. Smile Satella, our goal is nearly in sight. For I am sure Subaru feels similar.

Why else would he continue to message us, talk to us as often as possible. Let us know he missed us, we are destined to be together. So with those words said, I will go rest now. Be safe, and do not hesitate to think of me if anything foul happens towards you. Goodnight, my other half, my sister."

Ella fell asleep as the dream landscape started disappearing, and Satella opened her eyes as the flight attendant had informed them that they had arrived at Tokyo.

With a determined expression to make sure she does Ella proud she boldly steps forward unto a new future where she would stop at nothing more than being at Subaru's side.

She smiled to herself and also wanted to go play with his sister Beatrice, the one other individual who she is very fond of.

Her smile slips here a little at the thought of her parents, yet brighten at reuniting with her twin Emilia. Weird how it feels like now she has two identical sisters, only one is at her own apartment, and the other sleeps in her mind.

With bold steps she picks up her luggage and leaves the airport while texting her Subaru where to meet up for dinner, and with that the eventful dinner date is set and the wheels of motion spin.

(Scene Change)

Emilia is lying down in bed, not feeling too well due to a slight fever. She wishes she could do nothing more than to recover quickly so she could be by her Subaru's side. She already misses his smile, the way he encourages her to always do her best. And she strives for it as well, to be a lady that could catch his fancy.

Just when she was thinking of the boy she likes her Iphone rings. Excited thinking it is Subaru she goes ahead and answers it without checking who it is and greets:

"Mushi, Mushi, Subaru is that you? You silly boy always thinking of my well-being. I-."

"Onee-Chan, I have returned. What is this about Subaru? Hmmm, that was cute."

Replies back Satella as she checks into a hotel in the area, while having wireless headphones on to speak to her twin. She gazes around and is content with her room as she unpacks some essentials.

Emilia gasps in shock, and while a little sad it was not Subaru, she smiles in absolute joy and the thought of her dear sister being back. She hurriedly continues speaking:

"Satella-Chan, it is reeeally good to hear from you. I am so excited that you are here. How was the boarding school? I wanted to go sooo badly with you. Being separated from you was very painful."

Satella flinches at her latest memory of what had happened. She trembles in shock and sits down on the bed as she takes quick breathes, remembering how close she had gotten to getting violated. There is a pause on the line.

Emilia senses her sister's distress and calmly says:

"Geez you dunderhead, I am here for you. No matter what happens I will always be here for you. So take a deep breath and let your Nee-san help you out."

Satella subconsciously smiles at the thought. She had truly missed her sister very much, and how much support she gets from here.

At the boarding school both Emilia and Subaru were her saving grace from fully descending into the madness that was her life there.

She will not miss Germany, not one bit, however their beer is rather good as a small smile is present on her face, remembering the kind bartender and trying different stouts, lagers, and alcoholic beverages.

Her mind frame stabilizes and she answers back:

"En, I am fine Emilia-chan, we have a lot to talk about when I see you. Im staying at a hotel in Shibuya at the moment. Is it fine if I can stay with you tomorrow, I just need to register my paperwork and then I will go apartment hunting."

"Of course silly, you are my twin you can stay as long as you need. I truly do want to see you soon, I remember how we would do each other's hair, and go to sleep curled up against each other as kids!" Remarks Emilia upon remembering the fond memories they used to share.

"Thank you so much Onee-chan, I will definitely take you up on that offer. Now I do want to mention I invited Subaru to have dinner and catch up tonight. Umm, I hope that is ok with you. Without you and Subaru the boarding school would have been way worse."

Satella hesitantly tells her sister, for she is no fool she knows that Emilia must haves similar feelings like her, yet she also knows that Emilia is not as assertive as she is.

For some reason it does not bother her that Emilia has feelings for her beloved, she will just treat is as sisterly competition, however if any other girls had feelings for her Subaru then she would be really upset.

Emilia is surprised at the revelation, yet she gets over it quickly and pouts:

"I have no issue, but Subaru is going to be mine one day sister. I will strive and fight for that goal will all my might!"

Satella just shakes her head and laughs at how cute her dear sister can be when she is emotional about something. She responds back brazenly:

"Hmph. We shall see about that dear sister. But anyway I have to go shower and rest since I am still tired from the flight. We will talk more tomorrow. I love you Emilia, never forget that."

Emilia smiles as her heart warms up at hearing her beloved sister's feelings for her. She can feel the concern and care coming from Satella. She replies:

"That is fine dear sister, I reeally miss you and cannot wait to see you. I love you as well Satella, never forget that as well!"

With those parting words the phone conversation ends as both twins feel a lot more cheerful simply by talking to each other. Satella looks around and grabs some clothes and underwear as she heads to the shower to relax and cleanse herself under the warm water while thinking:

"Tonight should be fun, I cannot wait to see my beloved!"

After her shower she texted Subaru:

"Hey Subaruu, we are meeting at the sushi place right? I am going to go ahead and take a nap since the plane flight was grueling. I cannot wait to see you!"

A couple of minutes pass by as she is getting ready to sleep for several hours when her Android phone lights up with a text notification. She quickly enters her passcode and swipes her screen until she reads Subaru's reply and smiles. It says:

"Sure Satella-Tan! I miss you very much as well and this will be the highlight of my month. I am always thinking about you and was worried since you told me the boarding school was not the best for you. I am sure that here in Japan you will shine with everything you have learned as an aspiring surgeon.

Anyways, I will meet you there. I am sure we will have an amazing time, go ahead and get your rest I can only imagine how exhausted you must be after that boarding school.

Tell me all about it when we see each other. Anyway I have to go since the teacher just got here in class. See you soon!"

"My love is always thinking about me, Kyaaa!" Exclaims an overexcited silver haired girl as she is giddy with the prospect of seeing her beloved. She smiles fondly and replies:

"No problem enjoy your class Subaru, see you soon!"

She goes to the bed and lies down while feeling joyful, as she sets her alarms to go off an hour before her date and rests peacefully, excited at the prospects of seeing her love.

(Some Time Later)

A shrieking alarm starts wailing and a slender and pale white arm reaches for her phone as she turns it off. She opens her eyes a little lethargically and just longues in bed before she remembers her dinner date.

She jumps up and sets to getting herself ready in a frenetic pace, marching from closet where her clothes are to the bathroom as she applies very light make up since her natural skin is near flawless.

After thirty minutes she is ready and is dressed in a purple and black camisole, with black leggings ending in cute dark purple flats.

She looks at herself in the mirror and nods at her looks, hoping that Subaru thinks she looks good. Her hair has an intricate braid where her silver hair flows down her back in a very elegant way.

She also has a silver and purple bracelet that is an opposite match to the dark and purple bracelet that Emilia wears.

A gift they bought each other before she had to leave to Germany. She fingers her bracelet with a warm smile while thinking:

"Today I will secure points towards my future with Subaru, Hmph sorry Onee-chan but I am in the lead."

She grabs her purse and sets off towards the restaurant where her and the black haired boy of her dreams are supposed to meet up. Furthermore, she texts Subaru:

"Hey Subaruu, I am on my way and will meet you shortly. I should be there in thirty minutes, if you get there first then just secure us a table. See you soon."

Satella always preferred texting over calling anyone usually, the only exception being Emilia and Subaru, due to her slight speech impediment she did not like talking to people usually.

Because they would give her odd looks or treat her as an idiot. Something that definitely hurt her self-esteem even if she tried to stay up beat and happy.

But with Subaru and Emilia she had no issues with conversing with them. It may also be due to the fact how her parents never encouraged her and were just annoyed she could not fix her own issues, which always made Satella sad.

She remembers crying about it and Emilia would soothe her, placing her head on Emilia's lap while she sobbed. The very thought made her smile. She truly cannot wait to her beloved sister as well.

She was so distracted she did not notice when she was walking down a dark alleyway to take as a shortcut to the restaurant, that a man stood in her way.

Dressed in a shady uniform, he leered at her and she suddenly lifted her head up and was paralyzed in fear. Satella saw he had eyes identical to the trio of men that almost assaulted her in Germany and begins shaking.

"Nice outfit miss, I wonder how you would look without it. You know what, I think I will find out quite soon. Don't even bother screaming since all the other heavy noise from traffic will just drown it out. Don't worry I am usually gentle, Hehehe."

The man licked his lips as he approached her with a lust driven gaze, his bulge noticeable.

For every step he took, Satella took one back and the man decided to close the distance since he did not want her to run away so soon.

Or maybe he did and he could just chase her down and knock her out. This alleyway was usually always deserted except for the naïve fools that would walk through it without care at night time.

So he pounced and Satella freaked out, yet a certain someone took notice of Satella's distress and forcefully took control.

Now, Ella gave a lighting jab with a closed right hand, to the man's chin at a very precise spot. She backed away two steps as the guy fumbled around in a daze trying to clear the nausea that was happening to his mind.

He was confused as to why he suddenly felt light headed and dizzy when a silver bell like chuckle escaped the air:

"I see that Japan has not changed, five years and there are still perverts and rapists roaming around the dark alleyways. I am not even surprised, even in modern countries such as Germany or Japan their shall always be strife, crime, and grief.

Where the criminals gets away and the victims suffer, a tad bit hypocritical of myself but I shan't care for it. However any that dream of touching this body will die, since it already belongs to someone rather special.

It is fine if you do not understand my thoughts, since you will become my second patient. My name is Ella, and I shall be your surgeon for the night.

I can perform a wide arrange of surgeries, however I have neither the time, patience, inclination, nor desire to perform any lengthy ones. As well as lacking the tools, equipment, and operating room to perform them.

So we shall go with a slit throat, I can hardly afford to miss my dinner date with my beloved. Shall we commence this brutal dance then?"

Ella says as she pulls out her scalpel and licks her lips, the man still stumbling in confusion due to her hitting his chin, rattling his brain and creating light headedness, nausea, and dizziness. A fine way to incapacitate someone temporarily.

"Yo-you Bitch, why does my head hurt whore!" Shouts the man as he is seeing double, as nausea swirls around his mind and he has to control himself to not puke, shaking visibly.

"Ahh, you are wondering why all of a sudden you are experiencing nausea and severe discomfort, I will admit I tried knocking you out right now but I was a tad bit off target.

You see, when an individual gets struck in the chin it causes our brain to rattle around. Our brain is just a soft and mushy organ present inside the skull.

A technique used by professional boxers all the time that has been honed down and perfected unto an art form, to strike at the chin to rattle the brain.

Furthermore, the brain is covered in blood, connected to our skull with a few arteries, nerves and veins. It is a very delicate, fragile part of our body that should be treated with care and diligence.

Without our brainpower we would not be living in such an advanced world.

When someone gets struck in the chin, the brain shakes inside their head. The grid of nerves and blood vessels that are connected to the brain also move around.

Ergo, our brain needs some time to reboot like a computer when it is powering up. Why I wasted this time telling you this is because your nausea will get progressively worse.

It takes several hours to recover from a slight concussion to be able to be at one hundred percent again.

Furthermore, if you question why a lady such as myself can obviously cause so much damage despite your bulk, it is easy.

Precision over power, every single time. This is also the way of the surgeon, precision is everything for when we operate and make sure the body of the patient we are saving does not perish.

I am the first in my old surgery class in boarding school which is the premier medical school in the world. Moreover, accuracy is something I quite excel at and take pride in. So, I have all the time in the world needed with you, let's continue now shall we."

Ella finishes stating as she approaches the man with quick speed and uses an open palm heel strike against his chin, which makes the man convulse and get knocked out. She looks down and ponders how she should dispose of him when her phone rings.

Surprised she looks and sees it is a message from Subaru which throw her thoughts in disarray, it reads:

"I am five minutes away from the restaurant, see you soon Tella-Tan."

She looks down at her clothes and looks at the passed out man and decides not to dispose of him. After all, a slit throat sprays blood out quite far, and despite her being careful she does not want to take the chance of her clothes being smeared in blood.

It would not be an ideal reunion between Subaru and herself after five years, if the first thing he sees is blood on her clothes. The scenario would make a very awkward reunion.

Here she becomes quite flustered as she is suddenly unsure of what to do. Not wanting to be late she decides she needs to go but an idea forms in her mind. She starts rifling through the unconscious rapists pockets and finds his wallet.

So, she opens it and sees his civilian driver's license information. Grinning she takes a picture of it, takes the money in the wallet which is around thirty thousand yen and throws the wallet back at the passed out pig.

"I have this guy's address so it is a simple matter of finding him later when the situation requires. My beloved is my everything, some sick piece of shit isn't worth making me waste my time and keep Subaru waiting. However, I know where he lives, and I will make sure to pay a visit to him later on."

Thinks Ella as she grins as she wants a proper operating room for the next time she decides to find this guy. Moreover, she had found pictures of girls in this guy's wallet of them naked and afraid. Maybe she met a fellow killer, but this guy is irredeemable. She will make sure to track him down and give him a proper surgery.

Furthermore, she stomps on his genital areas which make the man screech in pain before a swift kick to the head knocks him out of commission. Satisfied she proceeds to the restaurant, with glazed eyes of adoration she hastens her steps to meet her love.

With a beautiful moonlight the fated dinner between the silver haired girl and black haired fearsome eyed boy fast approaches, as well as an indescribable reunion full of complex emotions. Fate has a lot in store for these two, especially for all the women striving for the attention of Subaru.

Author's Notes:

Hope you enjoyed the second part of this story. I will strive to continue providing a balance between Satella and Ella. Next chapter will be Subaru and Satella/Ella talking and fluff moments. Smut scene will be in there as well as a decent cliff hanger.

Now the strike to the chin is something boxers use at all times to incapacitate their opponent. Certain fights are over in seconds right after they begin if a well-placed strike is secured. Many instances of this can be seen during watching UFC or professional boxing.

DID or Dissociative Identity Disorder is a hotly contested mental illness between mental health professionals as they are still unsure how to catalogue it properly. One personality may have a double life from the other and shield their thoughts from their other half.

Trauma, childhood abuse, and several factors such as being molested, violently assaulted and other can lead to this disorder. This is a serious medical disorder and if you know anyone like this please try to get them professional psychiatric help.

See you guys in chapter 3, Oteycri000 signing off.

Chapter Text

Re Stalker


Chapter 3


A Date with Ella-Tan


Subaru is walking towards the restaurant, skipping a step or two as he bounces with unbridled energy, he is ecstatic, joyful, and nervous upon his reunion with Satella. It had been far too long since their tearful departure, as they cried and hugged each other in the International airport located in Japan. However, their almost daily calls, the excitement to just hear each other's voice did wonders for their connection to never die down like a slowly melting candle.


He passes by a dessert boutique and glances at himself in the mirror to once again check his appearance and hope everything is in order. A vibrant orange scarf in surrounding his neck, he is dressed in a flashy black t shirt with dark jeans, his sneakers have stripes of orange. He nodded and kept on proceeding the restaurant.


He hoped she liked it, Subaru was not sure how popular sushi is in Germany, or the quality of it. He knows that no other country can make the delectable dish superb as Japan, the country it was birthed in.


The black haired boy realizes he is five minutes away from the restaurant and decides to pull out his Android phone and scrolls until he finds Satella's most recent text. He smiles and thinks:


" She sure is diligent upon her responses, let me make sure to inform her I am nearly at our destination."


He goes ahead and texts her he is five minutes away and as he is walking, avoids a couple holding hands. Subaru gets entranced by the simple act of how a couple can act so intimate. Something he very badly wants to figure out, however he is still unsure of his feelings.


They are chaotic, convoluted, in disarray. He strongly suspects that several girls like him, or at least that is what his adorable sister Beatrice says. Even as he thinks of his sister a memory of the past shines in his head:


Him and Beatrice where enjoying a nice walk and their destination was an ice cream confectionary. Until they got interrupted by Rem and Ram. Both sisters had sunflower dresses matching their hair color, Rem eyes lit up at the sight of her hero and she joyously shouted out:


"Subaru! It's so nice to see you, also hello as well Beatrice-Chan."


"Barasu I see your eyes creepily leering at my beloved nee-san, I suggest you stop your perverted actions before I remove those filthy eyes." Remarks an annoyed Ram, and scuttles closer to defend her sister if need be by this pervert.


The black haired boy just looks at Ram and chuckles, he is far too used to her antics by now. After years of hanging out and eating lunch with both twins he has them figured out. With a confident smile and a hand squeeze from his beloved drill loli sister he replies:


"Hey there it's nice to see the both of you, Rem-Chan, Ram-San. Isn't a fine day for a walk? What brings both of you to this area?"


"Subaru-Kun me and Onee-sama are just enjoying a leisurely stroll as we're on the way to buy ingredients and groceries from the local supermarket, what are you and Beatrice-Chan doing here?"


Inquires a curious young maiden in love. She sneaks glances at the tracksuit that her Subaru is wearing and approves at how handsome he looks.


Beatrice notices how Rem is staring at her brother and pipes up:


"Hmph Rem keep your lecherous eyes away from my brother, he does not need anyone until he feels ready, I suppose."


She tightens her grip on Subaru as she pouts, not liking all these women trying to take attention from her sibling. When his mission should be to give her head pats and hugs.


Subaru smiles awkwardly and shifts his hand so he can give Beatrice a head pat, which make the drill loli blush in both annoyance and joy, since she is not good with public displays of affection.


Turning his eyes to the twins he notices Rem blushing as well and looking away, both in embarrassment at being caught so overtly by such a young girl, and shame that she wants Subaru to give her head pats as well.


"Don't listen to Beako, when she's hungry she can be quite feisty, we're going to eat some ice cream and then relax, I've been meaning to make time to hang out with my adorable little sister after all the exams we have had."


Remarks Subaru as he suddenly grabs Beatrice in a hug and twirls her around while enjoying himself. Here Ram smiles a little bit at seeing such a tender family scene. She goes ahead and responds:


"While that sounds quite entertaining, do make sure to keep those shady eyes from my sister, and we should go now. When you have time stop by my restaurant and I will give you a discount, only if you bring Beatrice-Chan of course. If you show up alone the price will double."


Here Subaru grasps his heart in mock pain as he utters:


"My heart can't take such cruel words, your sushi restaurant is superb. Fatty tuna is something I would simply die to have. I'll always make sure to bring my Beako and be truly shameless, in front of such a generous offer."


Here all four people share a laugh, well more like three since a cute loli is pouting at being used in such a shameless way. Yet she smiles a bit since she loves spending time with her big brother, who always treats her like the center of the world.


"Onee-Chan we should join them, I want to eat some chocolate ice cream!" Pouts a visibly upset Rem, who wants nothing more than to spend time with the one individual she treasures almost as much as her dear twin.


Ram frowns a little but then just grasps Rem hand and scolds her:


"Nee-san, you believe I want you around such a pervert? Furthermore, we have to go get ingredients for the shop, I work tonight and we are missing seaweed that Is crucial for the food. Now say your goodbyes and let's depart. Barasu, Beatrice-Chan, it was joyful seeing both of you and I hope we can all meet up one day at my restaurant."


Rem looks sad but she understands she is being a little greedy at the moment. So with a forlorn expression she looks at the pair of siblings in front of her and says her farewells:


"Subaru, Beatrice-San until next time we meet, It's truly good seeing you Subaru! I can't wait for our economic class tomorrow, see you soon!"


When the pair of twins left Beatrice grasped a dazed Subaru that had been looking at both sisters and spoke:


"Hmph, Subaru you are truly dense, Rem is obviously in love with you, in fact. However do not worry, with Betty by your side I will make sure all of these vixens stay out of your way, I suppose. Well then let's get going brother, I wonder?"


The black haired boy snapped out of his sojourn he experienced while day dreaming. He grasped his beloved Beako's hand and smiled, walking hand in hand to go eat some delicious sweets.


He remembers how his sister had mentioned the fact about how Rem loves him, and he is unsure how to respond to those feelings. As he ponders in thought his cellphone vibrated. He looks down and smiles, all memories of his flashback vanish as he sees a text from his dearest friend:


"Sorry Subaru, I am almost there as well. I had to deal with some minor nuisances but shall see you soon my best friend.!


He smiles and finds a heart emote and sends it. Furthermore, he shoves his phone in his pocket and hurries, for he wants to arrive their before his dear friend Satella.


(Scene Change)


Subaru ends up arriving at the restaurant just as Ella is conversing with Satella. She isn't too far away from the restaurant when Satella stirs in the dreamscape and utters:


'What happened Ella? Where did that bad man go?


Ella is walking at a brisk pace, upset she could not have dealt with that filth that plagued the streets of her hometown, she was deep in thought when she heard her other half speaking to her. It surprised her that they could talk to each other in this way, perhaps they had a different form of split personality than the brief knowledge she studied.


Anyway she goes ahead and replies:


"Do not worry my dear Satella, he was just a bumbling fool and rapist not ready for a victim that would actually pounce back. Furthermore, I knocked him out due to the training we did in Germany. Remember those times when the stress got to unimaginable levels at the boarding school?


Well that is why we took the self-defense classes and mixed marital arts training, to hone the mind and let it be clear of all nefarious thoughts and intentions. Truly, that was one option I praise you for beloved sister. We would not have been this physically fit otherwise, as well as help us distract ourselves from the bullying we suffered daily. "


Here Satella sits in thought since she struggles to recall the memory but it is just a misty haze, finally she admits that she should trust her sister more. While pondering the issue she remembers the date and exclaims:


"Ella! What about our dinner date with our beloved? I hope we are not late!?"


The silver haired girl weaves her way through the busy night crowd of Shibuya while composing a reply for her other half. Here, she waits for a green light to turn red, therefore allowing her passage. As this was going on she was lost in thought and was about to reply to her sister when she bumps into a couple of ladies. The women are irritated at the clear clumsiness that Ella displayed and yell:


"Hey do you think you own these streets? Watch where you are going! Such a person like you simply has no class at all. What arrogance do you believe yourself to have?"


Satella can see what is occurring from the shared mindscape the sisters have and gets nervous, she would have profusely apologized. Yet, Ella is nothing like her and snappily replies back:


"Madam I would have apologized due to the fact I was distracted. However, that does not absolve how rude of an individual you are, I merely bumped into you which is my fault but the first thing you do is belittle and insult me. I shall not stand such slander, good night since I have a prior engagement to attend to.


Furthermore, you should really work on your manners, I see no way you can succeed in life being such a venomous individual, not even letting myself apologize by your crude and rash remarks! What a society we live in I have figured out, goodbye and may our paths never meet again."


Ella walks away feeling quite satisfied to have given such a rude lady her honest opinion. Satella is surprised and in a little awe as she proudly claims:


"I would have never expected that response! I would have just apologized for the actions I committed, while stuttering. I'm so glad you are able to handle such situations that we encounter."


Here Ella is almost at the restaurant after a couple more blocks, she is feeling in quite a joyous mood and responds back to her sister:


"Tis not an issue, those harlots had that coming. I am someone that believes in fairness, truly it was my fault that such an incident occurred. However, I will not let anyone debase myself for the sake of their vanity. That is simply an act of self-loathing that I shall help you with Satella. Now as I was saying we need to pre-."


Both girls hearts and minds froze in shock at seeing their beloved standing there looking absolutely divine, with a smile on Natsuki Subaru's face he turned around and faced his dearest friend while speaking:


"Man, it has truly been ages Satella. And your beauty has only improved. I'm truly happy to see you after all this time Tella-Tan. Well shall we go inside? I'm sure Ram is cooking up some delicious food as we speak."


Ella's brain takes a while to reboot itself as how her heart was more than ready to see her beloved, but the sheer presence he carries makes her love for him grow even deeper. Satella is feeling the same as her eyes glaze over in adoration and pure love to seeing Subaru once more.


Sure they have used What's App and communicated thorough video calling, but what are a mere pixels on a screen compared to seeing the very object of one's own heart. To witness their gentle and caring smile, to talk and converse with one's love, it is truly a breath taking experience.


With a smile and confident steps Ella approaches the black haired boy whose face was beaming with happiness and they shared a soul crushing hug. Furthermore, their emotions are in full display, joy at this long awaited reunion, happiness to finally see each other. Tender affection radiating from each other's eyes as they gazed at each other.


Their bodies stuck like glue, it may have been normal if they are a couple. Yet while not a couple, the bond these two shared was tighter than the strands of fate, interwoven with the destiny each individual will have.


After a lengthy embrace, they slowly disentangled themselves from each other, while not wanting to they were both blushing since this would hardly be appropriate action to perform in a public area. Subaru with a smile and gentle gaze grasps Ella's hands and beckons her inside the restaurant.


They go through the door and encounter a vibrant environment. Saltwater aquariums are placed around the tables with a variety of marine and aquatic life. Furthermore, the dim lighting complemented the dark velvet booths arranged in a fashionable way designed to immerse the guests as if they were dining in the sea.


Subaru leads Ella gently to a booth and they sit across from each other, both smiling and just merely enjoying their own company. For as dear friends there are times that words are simply not needed in order to truly enjoy themselves. Just when Subaru was going to speak he is greeted by a harsh voice:


"Hmph, I see you have brought your sorry site to my restaurant without Beatrice-san, I am rather disappointed since she is a rather remarkable individual Barasu."


A pink haired server with an indifferent expression appears at their table as she scrutinize her friend Subaru, while suddenly she looks at the girl sitting across from him and her eyes widen in disbelief. She adopts a more deferential pose, one used on strangers and guests instead of with close friends and she inquires:


"This is a rather interesting turn of events, I know you are not Emilia-San due to her being ill in bed while my dear sister went to visit her. Are you perhaps Satella-San?"


Ella maintains a façade of a smile and cheer as she quickly recollects all information she knows about the individual in front of her. She briefly talks to Satella in their mindset:


"Satella, I cannot seem to recall you having many interactions with this young woman, since my individuality and personality had yet to exist or form in a tangible essence. Pray tell me what you know about her."


Satella has a thoughtful expression on her face as she remembers brief interactions with both Ram, and Rem. Suddenly, she frowns as she recalls that they are twins. Yet she received very different attitudes from one sister to another.


"Um, the person in front of us is Ram, twin sister to Rem and she can seem indifferent to everything but her and Subaru are actually good friends that banter around a lot. Furthermore, she is not happy about Rem who has a crush on our Subaru. She wishes her sister to not be so interested in romance and focus more on her studies."


Here Ella archs a brow as she processes the information, digests it and comes up with several theories. She looks at Ram and her eyes narrow to slits as she compounds her thoughts to lightning speed.


"Her facial expression registers slight shock of seeing myself, perhaps due to not knowing I was in the country. Furthermore, her casual manner that she shares with my beloved is not present at all. Moreover, her posture is impeccable for a server or attendant, her fingers trembled slightly and the menu she carries wavered.


However, it must be said she has remarkable composure due to the way she acts with diligence. Her eyes are lowered slightly to the ground and every passing moment or two, they glance at mine and subtly averts her gaze to Subaru before looking down at the ground, how intriguing.


From what little variables I have and what my other half has said, I can consider Ram not a threat. After all, My Subaru has impeccable charm, not unusual to attract other women. However, only as friends and nothing more. If an instance occurred where a female friend started developing affection for my shining star, then well I may just have to start preparing scenarios."


Ella thinks while getting interrupted from her musings by her beloved:


"Tella-Tan, I know you did not hang around Ram and Rem much but they are twins such as you and Emilia, I hope that you understand that it wasn't only me that missed you, and is happy at your return."


The silver haired girl shakes her head of her previous analysis and plants a wide (fake) smile and greets Ram:


"My time certainly flies does it not Ram-San, I am pleased to see you again despite us not interacting as much as we should have been. Moreover, Subaru-kun recommended this restaurant for our reunion and has sung nothing but praises towards the way you manage this fine establishment."


The pink haired girl feels a little strange at how Satella is acting in her mind, she remembers quite distinctly how she would stutter and be rather shy. Yet, it has been five years after all, people change, evolve, and improve themselves. With a curt bow she returns the silver haired girl's greeting:


"Certainly I appreciate the compliments, we do strive here to reach a level of satisfaction. Now Barasu, Satella-San, what can I get both of you started with to drink?"


Ella grins as they call her by her other half's name and cheerily responds before Subaru can:


"Chilled Sake and some steamed pork buns to start off, thank you very much Rem-san!"


Subaru looks in wonder at his dear friend, he is simply not used to seeing how assertive and confident she can be. It truly brings joy to his heart, yet he wonders why she seems a little different, almost as if it was another person.


"Hey Tella-Tan, your stutter seems to have reduced significantly, to the point I can't even tell. I'm truly happy for you, I remember how it made your life harder in Germany."


Remarks the black haired boy as his eyes reminisce on how Satella would call crying at times, due to bullying by her fellow peers. Those days truly angered Subaru as well as broke his heart.


The distance that separated them felt like an impassable chasm, the only thing helping the situation was the ability they had to communicate with each other, and that ended up being both of their salvation.


Here Subaru was deep in thought when a slender pale hand intertwines with his own and slightly give off a gentle squeeze. He looks up and sees the most beautiful smile and his breath hitches. Satella is looking at him with nothing but tender love in her eyes. They both stare at each other without noticing the time passing by until Ram comes back with their food and drink.


They unclasp their hands and thank Ram as she takes down their order for some sushi roles and she drifts off with elegant steps. As Satella is pouring them sake in their cups Subaru takes a moment to exclaim:


"I'm truly happy to see you again Tella-Tan, it's been far too long. Tell me, how were the final weeks at boarding school?"


Satella stops pouring as she visibly shakes and she tries her hardest not to cry in front of her love, Subaru notices something is wrong and motions for her to put the sake down and clasps her hand in his.


Furthermore, he gives her a gentle squeeze and looks at her with determination in his eyes, he will not let anything happen to her now that she is back.


She is having brief flashbacks of the horror she almost faced and almost starts hyperventilating, yet she calms down by feeling the proximity of her beloved.


The boy gets closer and proceeds to sit next to her not adjacent, as Satella put her head on his shoulders, still trembling but relaxing at every passing moment. Subaru notices the weird stares from other individuals and proceeds to ignore them as he focuses all his attention on the girl in his arms.


He whispers in her ear:


"Hey Satella, it's okay I'm here you don't have to discuss anything, we can just sit like this in comfortable silence. Or if you want we can go? I'll do whatever you want. It pains me to see you like this, but I'll never leave your side ok?"


Subaru uses a napkin to gently wipe her tears away as she buries her face in his chest and inhales his scent. She feels much better and she slowly pulls away with puffy eyes as she shakes her head gently and speaks:


"En, thank you Subaru, I wouldn't have known what to do without you and my dear sister's help when abroad. I'm glad we're back here, I am sorry I didn't mean to spoil our dinner plans. However I truly don't wish to be here anymore."


Subaru heard her say we and assumed she meant them two together, Subaru decided enough was enough and proceeded to call Ram. She shows up with a visible confusion on her face at seeing how Satella's demeanor seem to have changed from the confident and poised woman, to this shivering young lady.


While thinking of it as odd she understands that Subaru will probably want to leave and gives them to go containers and collects the money from the black haired boy.


Subaru says his farewells to Ram and promises to come visit with Beatrice one day which makes the pink haired server nod in acknowledgment with a faint smile. Satella faces Rem and bows a little as she utters:


"Tha… Thank yo.. you Ram, For everyth… everything hope to se… see you soon!"


With those parting words Subaru decides to walk Satella to her hotel, he does not trust these streets at night time for girls to be alone.


Ram tilts her heard and her brows furrow in confusion as she thinks to herself:


"How odd, she did not stutter in any way, shape, or form last time. Her demeanor also seemed to shift at random times I.-"


"Ram-San we need some help over here we have just gotten quite a bit of customers!" Shouts one of the restaurant bartenders.


"I apologize, I am on my way." Concludes Ram as her thoughts vanished and her mind shifted to her new customers for the night.


(Scene Change)


A pair of individuals are approaching a hotel, neither of them exchanging many words as they are content with an amiable silence. The black haired boy was holding hands with his silver haired friend, both of their shoulders touching slightly as they marched in rhythm. The cold fall weather made them subconsciously stick closer, as emotions went back and forth between the both of them


Furtive glances are exchanged as they would lock eyes and then avert their gaze with a blush on both of their faces. Despite the charged atmosphere no indication was made that they felt uncomfortable around each other.


They are very close to the hotel when Subaru opens his mouth to speak:


"Come to think of this situation, it's been around six years since we would walk around, holding hands and enjoying each other's company. How slow and agonizing those years were for the both of us. I am sincerely happy you're here again, Satella-Tan."


The girl being named just smiles in contentment at how despite the years and distance having separated them, they seem as close as always.


"No, it seems like we are even closer than before, I thought that my beloved would have lost interest in me already. He is such a charming individual, while I'm nothing compared to him. How I adore him so, how I wish to be one with him. Alas I do no.-"


"Tella-Tan are you alright? Perhaps you aren't feeling well, this is flu season after all. And one can never be too careful." Subaru's musings interrupt Satella's train of thought as he puts the back of his right hand on her forehead, trying to see if perhaps she may have a slight fever.


"I.. I am fine Subaru, truly your concern is unwarr… unwarranted however thank you for your consid… consideration!" The silver haired girl stuttered, embarrassed at having had such close contact with Subaru. As their faces are mere inches from each other.


Here the black haired boy feels a little awkward, as if perhaps he has overstepped their bounds of familiarity, of being close. He remembers when they were younger they always clinged on to each other, yet they are not young, naïve teenagers anymore. For all Subaru knew maybe Satella just wants to remain as cordial friends, instead of being on the best of terms. His smile is a bit painful as he speaks:


"Well Satella I apologize if I acted on impulse, I really had a lot of fun during our dinner despite the situation that happened later. You don't need to tell me if you don't want to, but I want you to know if you ever need anything, well I will always be here for you!" Here Subaru's smile turns to one of relief at having seen his dear friend despite his spiraling feelings.


"Thank you Subaru! Those words mean a lot to me, I know how much you helped me back during those gloomy days, and I'll talk to you more as soon as possible. Thank you for escorting me to my hotel!"


Replies Satella as she feels a little unhappy at having to part with her beloved but not knowing how to make the next step as she is flustered and has never been the best to show her emotions. A trait she shares with her twin sister Emilia.


As both lingered around each other, neither wanting to make the first to depart and hesitant on what else they should say, a certain someone was not happy on the other hand with how little progress is occurring and speaks her thoughts:


"You fool, take this chance and invite him to our room. This is the perfect chance, and when opportunities such as these arrive you must swiftly act upon them. Furthermore, look at his eyes, concentrate on his body posture, his breathing.


Everything is subconsciously pointing to a very strong attraction towards ourselves. I decided to let you resume control in the restaurant because he needs to adapt to how he remembers you.


Moreover, if we act with prudence and practice on our styles, Tis' will not be an issue upon future meetings. Satella, you know we both want this, cast aside any feelings of guilt and shame and act more brash. I fear if we do not act now then we may lose him further down the line, call it a sixth sense."


Ella spoke from inside their shared mindscape, her legs crossed elegantly as she was drinking tea and observing the situation at hand. This puts a considerable strain on their mind to have both consciousness active simultaneously, however she cannot allow themselves to miss this chance. She ponders to herself:


"Truly fortune favors the bold. We shall make sure to make our beloved feel the full existence of our feelings, we nearly had the chance before our damned parents sent us to Germany. No matter the past is the past, and new beginnings are afoot."


Subaru decides that he should finally get going and just as he is about to say farewell a clear silver like bell voice full of ardent passion is heard:


"Subaruu, uhm, if you would like, could we talk more upstairs in my room? There is quite a bit of stuff I left out and I think it is important to get them off my chest. And I do not want our first reunion to end in such a crass manner. So could you come up and keep me company for a little longer, please?"


The black haired boy is honestly shocked to hear such things, maybe in the back of his mind he thought something was going on with his dear friend, she did not seem to be doing well after the moment in the restaurant he asked her about the boarding school she had so recently departed from.


He was looking at her face and is seeing her nervousness, sorrow at departing from each other so soon. He thinks about what further duties he may have and draws up a blank in his mind. Realizing that he has a late start on his classes tomorrow he does not hesitate any longer. He will just send his parents a message later on, a drill loli will most certainly be disappointed at his absence from their home.


"I would like that Tella-Tan, I also wish to tell you of the years I have lived without you by my side." Natsuki Subaru says as he smiles with genuine emotions.


Side by side the pair go through the lobby, a nice marble layout for the floor, crystal chandeliers on the ceiling. They approach the elevator and Satella swipes with an electronic key card as they both get on the elevator and she pushes the button for the eighth floor.


The ride up to the top is rather uneventful, as a nervous energy could be felt by both young adults. They are lost in their own thoughts and both jump up a little in surprise when the elevator reaches its destination.


"Well after you Tella-Tan, after all I am not sure which is you room." Remarks a nervous fierce eyes young man.


"Sorry Subaru I have my mind in the gutter, just follow me please." Apologizes a mortified amethyst eye colored girl as she takes quick steps to her suite, embarrassed because she was thinking about both of them being alone. In her room with no one to interrupt them or no one around that can dictate how they should act around each other.


Satella is unaware that Subaru is having the same thoughts as he thinks about it:


"I don't think I thought this through, this is my first time alone with a girl in an area where there will be no interruptions, especially with my dear friend Satella and I still haven't sorted out my feelings. Do I truly feel something for her beyond mere friendship? I used to not ponder on this issue to heavily but now I am here so what should I do? Maybe I shou.-"


His thoughts get suddenly interrupted when a pale hand grabs his own gently, yet with a firmness that surprises Subaru. He looks and sees Satella's face blushing faintly yet she smiles and takes him inside the room with determined footsteps.


Once inside the black haired boy looks around and is impressed by the size and luxurious suite. He takes off his shoes and pads quietly on the posh bone white rug as he looks around, while Satella kicks her flats off haphazardly and chucks them in the closet. Subaru see this action and chuckles.


"While you have always been rather quiet and nervous around other people, it makes me very happy to see you act yourself around me. I remember how you would always chuck your shows anywhere the minute you got home to let your feet breathe. No wonder you always like the beach whenever we would go."


Satella stretches languidly like a cat and rubs her shoulders while smiling happily at the fond memories they both share. She remembers how her and Emilia would always tease and splash Subaru when all three played together. Her smile fades a little as she remembers how her parents decided to leave early and their time was cut short.


The black haired young man notices this and gets closer to Satella and puts a hand on her shoulder while muttering:


"Are you ok? Satella it is just us two, alone you can talk to me about anything and everything."


Satella feels Ella's growing sense of restlessness as well as feelings of lust beginning to emanate from her core. Her very being felt like it is on fire, her skin was flushed, eyes glazed, and her lips felt plump, as she keeps on biting her bottom lip to suppress her urges. She turns around to Subaru and she hears his breathe hitch as he understands her facial expressions.


A dainty yet strong hand cups Subaru's right cheek and both individuals stare at each other with eyes filled with passion, her other hand encircles the Subaru's nape and brings them ever closer. Subaru while unsure whether to leave or stay, subconsciously puts his hands on the aroused silver haired young woman. She then speaks:


"Subaru, nay, My Subaru I have wanted to see you, meet you again, laughed with you, played with your wonderful sister, meet your magnificent friends for five years. I have done nothing but dream of this day, of these moments together frozen in the stillness of time.


I admire you, applaud your achievements, feel passionate about hearing your voice. I am not ashamed to admit, I, Satella, have always had these thoughts, these feelings of passion and love, I do not know if this is right to say so soon. However it has been five years, five years without seeing you, sixty months without being able to give you a hug, one thousand eight hundred and sixty five days that we have not laughed together.


"There is no one I want more in this world than you Natsuki Subaru. I do no not expect to hear your answer today, hopefully soon yet I will never forgive myself for this if I had not said anything. There are many areas of improvement I need to focus and work on, and I hope you will be by my side eventually. I love you Natsuki Subaru, for now and always."


Subaru is frozen not in shock but acceptance, during every line he heard Satella speak his wavering determination got stronger and more firm. His grip on Satellas firm and tone hips grew ever so slightly as he was prepared to respond, he felt a finger on his lips, he looks into the eyes of the woman he may grow to love and very soon when she replies back:


"Please I do not need an answer now, it is best to sleep on such matters My Subaru. However I will be selfish for I wish a small action from you."


"Anything I can do just tell me and I will do my best." Responds A joyful black haired young man as the distance between each too became nearly impossible to distinguish, Satella whispered scant centimeters from his mouth:


"A kiss is all I ask for, my beloved." Breathes Satella as their gazes meet, both seeing each other reflected in the other's eyes. One was a determined boy with a willing expression, the other a tender young maiden that has been wanting what occurs for years.


Their lips meet each other and it starts off tentatively, like a hesitant cat approaching what may look like a new toy. Then it increases in tempo, passion, as the couple start fighting for dominance. Subaru's mouth opens involuntarily at the sheer new sensations he is experiencing for the first time, and in a moment of vulnerability Satella/Ella take control and a merciless assault on the boy's tongue is done with their own.


Exploring each other's tongues, moans and pants fill the air as both Subaru and Satella who's inexperience shows, slowly starts to adapt to the other's rhythm, a frenetic dance begins as they shift positions and kiss each other in the neck, Satella nibbles then bites Subaru's ear causing him to grunt in shocked pleasure.


Subaru takes advantage as he lets his fingers trail up her body and he firmly cups her right breast and squeezes gently, then increases the pressure ever so slightly as Satella/Ella both nearly lose their mind in pleasure, shock, sheer ecstasy.


"Subaruuu, I want you so damn bad, I love you, adore you, want everything you can give me, and only me, forever and always my beloved!"


Moans Ella as both her and Satella keep switching from the mindscape, each of them not wanting to give the other more time.


As both Subaru and the silver haired girl with two personalities keep on with learning how to feel carnal pleasure, they are unaware that in a building adjacent to the hotel sits a blue haired girl. Using binoculars she is witnessing the act of hedonism and instead of feeling rage, she feels like a plan must be formed in her mind.


She throws the binoculars so hard they shatter against the wall and walks out of the room while tears fall from her eyes that she wipes out and she thinks:


"I had a feeling something was going to happen when Ram nii-chan texted me saying she saw My Subaru with Satella leaving together instead of departing after the restaurant. She hasn't even been here for a full day and has already managed to manipulate Subaru into returning her sick twisted obsession with My Subaru. I have strived for years in futility apparently. Rem will fix this one way or another, Subaru is My Hero and MINE ALONE."


Here Rem giggles to herself as she already is thinking on a plan, her eyes showing a tiny hint of maniacal possession, not noticing her hands dripping with blood due to how hard her fingernails had dug into her palms. With hurried steps she walks away as she had to procure some items for her twisted plan.


The Moon shines bright during this fateful night, as events are bound to spiral out of control and the heart of the city will grieve the loss of its citizens.


Author's Notes:


Sooo the plan was to have included several other elements into this chapter, yet the way inspiration strikes and writing three fics makes it impossible to fit everything I wanted in this chapter. I hope you enjoy, and next chapter is going to be a wild ride. Thank you to my beta JaJablinks Author of Strongest Evil Weakest Knight, A world without Envy, I love you, and others. Truly, he helped a lot thanks Stinky Legs.

Chapter Text

Re: Stalker


Chapter 4 Prelude to Calamity


Subaru is pressing Ella against the bed as he gives her soft kisses on her forehead, both cheeks, neck, constantly teasing the squirming silver haired girl underneath him.


Her eyes roll to the back of her head as she bucks her hips towards Subaru's pelvis, where he has a noticeable bulge from his jeans sticking out.


She reaches out her hands and wraps them around his neck and presses his lips forcefully towards hers. Both of them colliding and feeling a slight sense of pain, yet that gets immediately disregarded as their shared passion flares up once more.


Ella subconsciously gets a little too rough and what was meant to be a passionate kiss with gently biting the bottom lip ends up causing a minor injury of Subaru's lips where he pulls back a little surprised.


"Tella-Tan, You're really into this aren't you?." Remarks the black haired boy as he moves to wipe off minor blood drops from his lip with a napkin.


Surprisingly enough, Ella goes forward and kisses him boldly, while licking away his blood and sucking on his bottom lip in penance. Subaru is confused on what to say, but their shared arousal reaches another peak as they keep on with their intense and emotional kissing session.


Passion spikes as a back and forth momentum is achieved between the pair, each of them lost in the other as if they were in an ocean with no sense of direction, lost, and without care. Furious motion dictates the path of each other. Clothes came off until nothing was in the way but their own hesitation.


Ella the one in charge, dominating all conversations, analyzing every variable present with all their senses, for the first time is at a loss. She always wanted this outcome, strived for it to occur with her every being and intellect.


However, now that it was presented upon herself she was blushing as the young maiden she is. She and her other half had never experienced being with anyone except their deft hands when they would pleasure themselves to the image of their beloved.


Yet, that scenario and this one is very different. One is a simple fantasy, a way to indulge and pass the time. This current outcome was unexpected, they never knew that they would see their love so soon.


Furthermore, to be as bold and passionate as they have been in their dreams to actually face reality with the real person of their desires in front of them.


Well, let's say even the intelligent and always in control Ella was at a severe loss for the second time ever since they botched their perfect score in a test for anatomy at one point.


So distraught Ella was that it took Satella to calm her down, and pull her mind in the shadow garden while whispering in a calm and patient tone unseen before by the usual shy maiden:


"Ella, dear sister we are here are we not? You are the one that pushed ourselves in this direction. So do not act lost now that the time is at hand. Grasp the opportunity presented to us, let us show our Subaru how much we truly admire, appreciate, acknowledge, and love him. Moreover, let us shower him with our affections and be ready to become one with our beloved. I am ready, and if need be can switch over. Unles.-"


"No! I am rather thankful for the insight but I believe I can manage just fine, I assure you. Just the impact of this actually happening is not something I analyzed to its entirety. Yet I can never do that when it comes to our shining star Subaru.


There is just something I acquire by being in his presence, a determination to not engage in deceit or manipulation. I sincerely believe I need this to happen. Do not worry my sister, you shall get your turn but I need to satisfy this feeling inside of myself.


My curiosity must feel what is occurring, as well as the necessary steps needed to remember how this experience can even feel upon a young maiden. Yet this is the time that I must relish and this needs to happen. I appreciate your thoughts and commentary, but I believe I am read-."


"Tella-Tan are you feeling ok? Maybe we can pause this and-."


"NO! I am sorry my beloved I had a moment of hesitation, however I am more than ready." Announces Ella as she gets closer to the black haired boy and gives him quick kisses and massages his shoulders, making sure to get all the tense areas.


Subaru visibly relaxes yet his eyes stay fixated on Ella's plump and firm breasts as he gulps and looks away, which Ella notices.


With a smirk she turns his face around and they face each other and gaze into the other's eyes. The silver haired woman grabs his right hand and places it over her left breast and encourages him with her eyes to do what he pleases.


That was when his hesitation disappeared and he fondles her breasts with passion, eliciting a moan from a trembling Ella who could feel the slickness coming from her inner thighs.


She looks down at Subaru's sizable cock and begins stroking it as well with skilled hands and a look of intense pleasure on both of their faces.


Motions quickening, and panting is heard throughout the room, just when both individuals are about to climax they stop and Ella pushes Subaru on the bed so his back is laying down, his member in the air.


"Satella what are yo-."


Ella interrupts the boy by placing one of her still fingers which was wet with her own love juices on his lips, which made Subaru subconsciously start sucking her finger. She shivered but managed to utter out:


"Subaruu, my love, the one I cherish the most, please for now call me Ella."


The boy is slightly confused as she has never asked that but he hurriedly complies:


"That's not an issue, Ella-Tan, I'll call you whatever you want me to."


Ella smiles and licks her lips as she puts her hair in a ponytail, she smirks mischievously and just when Subaru was going to question what she was doing his eyes widen as he understands, when he sees her open her dainty mouth and swallow his cock in one stroke.


Subaru's mind blanks out momentarily from the completely foreign sensation, Ella keeps bobbing her head up and down, making sure to lick his tip and cradle his balls. Subaru regains enough sanity and he cups her breasts and gives them a firm squeeze, which makes the silver haired girl shudder in pleasure.


Right when Subaru was about to orgasm alongside Ella they stop again, and she flips both of them around. Now she was on the bed laying down while Subaru was on top of her. She bit her bottom lip as her eyes glistened with passion, yet also a certain shyness.


Satella chooses to speak hesitantly:


"Umm, Subaruu? I want to become one with you, an… and I cannot wai… wait any longer. Please make me you… your Woman!"


Natsuki Subaru sees the passion in Satella's eyes, as well as how she looks shy yet committed to becoming one. He takes a deep breath and with her gentle guidance and each other's instinct penetrates her hymen with his dick, and both shudder as their brains shut down and take a minute to reboot.


Subaru is not expecting her inner walls to be so tight and he looks at Satella as if to ask if he should continue when she wraps her legs around his back and pushes him deeper inside while grasping his hair and moaning:


"Don't Stop Subaru, don't you dare stop keep going, I can deal with this little pain for the rewards are worth it all."


The black haired boy just grunts in affirmation as Satella presses their lips together and he keeps going in and out of her vagina, a faint trace of blood is noticed due to the tearing of the hymen, yet the pain is already a fading memory. Since the pleasure both are feeling overwrote any emotions like that.


Sweat glistening off their faces as they embraced even tighter, the rocking motion exchanged between them as Subaru kept going inside of Satella increasing in force and tempo.


Finally a moment was reached were both of them felt the release swelling up in each other. Subaru was trying to pull out since he did not want to cum inside of the silver haired temptress, yet she moans:


"Don't worry my beloved I am on the pill, go ahead and release everything inside of me SUBARUUUU."


Needing no further encouragement they both held onto each other as they simultaneously climaxed. Both of them shuddered and fell next to each other, Subaru's member still inside of Satella, now visibly reduced in size.


No words are exchanged between the pair, as heavy breaths and emotions are in the air. They embrace one another and give each other a tentative kiss, one not charged with arousal, yet with complete satisfaction.


They both fade off and end up sleeping, one next to the other as the lovers they are and the bonds of courtship have been completed.


(Scene Change)


A blue haired woman was navigating in the seedy and dark underbelly of Shibuya, where the gangsters and yakuza liked to hang around. She keeps her senses alert and her mind honed with a razor sharp purpose. After all, she is here to meet some unsavory individuals that may or may not try to beat her on sight.


"Focus, this may be a part of Ram and my life that we left behind, but we can never get rid of it completely." Thinks Rem as with a renewed purpose she continues her journey to meet the worst criminals that exist In this district where police dare not venture unless armed to the teeth.


She passes by shops where they are peddling illegal drugs, toothless old people are smoking opium, yet she continues with a single minded determination for both her sister and herself have seen much, much worse when they were younger.


The crowd is dwindling the further one goes inside, nasty eyed men dressed in suits are on the lookout for any trouble makers. Rem knows she is in firm yakuza territory and gulps a little, however her eyes narrow and she continues onward.


Dazzling lights are being placed in alluring boutiques with scantily clad dressed women on the outside, beckoning men in for a fun good time. The blue haired girl shivers at the sight as flashbacks occur of when she and her dear sister had almost been forced into prostitution.


Shaking her head she is almost at her destination when suddenly, she gets interrupted by two other thugs wielding pipe wrenches.


"What business does a young lass such as yaself have in these parts, eeeeyy?" Inquires one of the thugs dressed in a greased up biker jacket with flamboyant platinum blond hair, his spiked boots tapping on the floor impatiently. His gaze looks Rem's attire up and down and his eyes convey a hidden lust.


Rem is dressed in dark blue leggings with grey sneakers and a T shirt depicting one of her favorite quotes. "Fanatical as a demon." Is what can be read. Rem is about to speak when the other thug stops his friend and clears his throat to speak:


"Pardon my friend's rude behavior, if I am not mistaken you are Rem-kun, correct? Former Leader of the Oni gang alongside your sister, Ram-San. Now, I am wondering if you are here to speak to the big boss?"


Rem is grateful her past reputation at least still exists within some of the more respectable members of this community. She glances with disdain at the first thug that had looked at her with such disrespect and addresses the one who has treated her with a modicum of courtesy:


"Yes that is correct, I am Rem and I wish to speak to the boss. I have a matter to discuss with him."


The calmer one of the two thugs tilts his head in acknowledgement and simply motions for Rem to follow, which she does while breathing a sigh of relief that this may be a tad easier than she thought.


Silent companionship is experienced between the two and Rem wants to ask for his name just to have a way to address him that is not thug one or thug two and she asks:


'Excuse me. Rem is curious as to what your name is. If I need to speak with you in the future, it would be nice to have a name go with the face."


The man merely smiles and replies:


"You can call me Shin, just Shin is fine. And I was going to say tha-."


A haughty laugh interrupts the duo's conversation as they look forward and stop walking. In front of them was a man of considerable girth with a red mustache, seedy eyes looking at Rem, and Rem alone:


"Well, well, well, as I live and breathe. Rem is back, hahahahaha. What a momentous occasion. Lads! Get the best sake, me and this young lass have certain things to discuss."


Rem bows down formally and speaks:


"Big Boss Heinkel, thank you for agreeing to meet me at such short notice. I am aware that I-."


"Nonsense, this is not an issue, it brings me joy to see you again Rem, Judging by your sister's absence I presume this to be a private matter?" Heinkel says as they go into a very comfortable office. Leather chairs are everywhere and posh vibrant red rugs are decorating the floor.


There is a tigers head mounted on the wall, alongside old antique swords and some actual fire arms. Furthermore, Rem's eyes drift to a glass case and her breathing hitches as she stares.


Inside there is a solid dense baseball bat made out of oak. Surrounding the top of it are heavy and intricate metal chains alongside spikes adorning it, faint traces of bloodstains are visible on some of the chains. On the left side of the bat in faded yet still clear cyan colored letters it reads:


"Rem's Morningstar."


Heinkel notices where she is staring at and smirks while gesturing for both of them to sit. He rolls out a cigar and lights it with a match, puffing on it while deep in thought. Rem was thinking about all the people that she has struck down with that very bat, which her very twin isn't even aware of a sadistic and obsessive side that Rem has always had.


'So, Rem I highly doubt you are here to visit old friends or join back up now that college is doing so well for you. To what do I owe this pleasure?"


Heinkel inquires as his eyes narrow, for he is no fool. While it would be great to have her back in the gang, it was much easier circumventing Japanese laws by getting minors to join. That way, if anything were to happen and they get caught, the laws would most certainly release them after a short holding time in the cells.


Rem looks at Heinkel and firms her resolve. Her nails already digging deep into her palms as flashbacks to what she has witnessed rage inside her mind.


Her hero, her champion, being manipulated, played like a fiddle, by that vile venomous vixen called Satella. She would simply not stand it, sharing is one thing, however arriving on the very first day and influencing HER Subaru to such an insane degree? She refuses to accept those terms. With that mentality her eyes sharpen to an inane degree that even the mob boss feels goosebumps as she speaks:


"I need you to loan me three foot soldiers, possible four. I've a blood vendetta with an individual and seek recompense. I also would like my weapon back, Lord Heinkel."


Here Heinkel is a little surprised for this information and he starkly replies back:


"Oh yeah? Well I want to own all the underground casinos in Shibuya. If you think I will just give you soldiers for some revenge where they can be caught and arrested for free, then I dare say you misunderstood ou-."


"I do not mean to kill this person, as much as I desire too, I daresay she can actually be of aid to you."


Heinkel was furious at being interrupted by a former member under his command, however he has known Rem and her sister for 8 years. Ever since he picked them up from the streets starving as they were orphans whose parents had died, he has watched their back.


Moreover, they in turn helped take care of any nuisances that he discovered and traitors in his command. Sometimes blackmailing or a warning would not do anything, so swift retribution in the form of two merciless girls that were fanatical as demons towards his enemies was needed.


He drinks from his sake, while Rem does not touch hers at all. She knows better than to drink anything offered by individuals such as these. However she does continue her speech:


"Inform me if I am wrong, but I hear you have been lacking a skilled surgeon for the underground organ donor market. Furthermore, several volunteers who were desperate for cash had botched surgeries and died, am I mistaken?"


Heinkel almost spat out his drink as he gets frustrated with what happened. At least two people had died due to their premier surgeon leaving for Russia, leaving Heinkel without a skilled surgeon to operate on these desperate people.


Organ donation can have an incredible yield in money, several rich foreigners such as the ones in the U.S and Europe simply cannot wait for their slow medical organ database to match up to their desires.


So they come to south east Asia and pay individuals like Heinkel a considerable amount of money to painstakingly find the correct matches.


He composes himself and sees visible yen signs in his eyes and speaks:


"Pray tell, you know of such an esteemed surgeon."


'Hai, she is my target after all. Her name is Ella, she is twenty-two and just came back from Germany, I want her gone from my life. At first I was considering murdering her and then asking one of you to hide the body, but then I came up with a better proposition.


Why not have her work for you? Of course this plan does not come without it's setbacks, the first thing is when I have the foot soldiers under my command to corner her in an area where we can get one of your hackers to interrupt any CCTV.


Secondly, we can assault then kidnap her and deliver her to you. She has not even set foot in any apartments and is currently in a hotel. Making this a prime time to grab her tomorrow night, since it is too late for today anyway."


Heinkel ponders this, and he is not considering rejecting the offer for the prospect of a knowledgeable surgeon. Yet, all the surgeons worked under his command voluntarily, it is one thing to coerce a guard to open a door. Quite another to coerce the person operating on such a frail vessel as the human body.


Before he speaks his thoughts out, Rem goes ahead:


"Fret not Heinkel, we can make her do whatever we desire for she knows I know who she loves the most, and she will behave because she will fear the idea that I am able to hurt him or her twin sister."


"I would never harm my hero, not a single hair, yet Satella does not know that, and she doesn't need to know that." Rem smirks as she thinks about the scenario.


All of Heinkel's final hesitations are gone and he nods his head. He goes to the glass display case and takes Morningstar and chucks it at Rem, who grasps the deadly fourteen kilo baseball bat like nothing and twirls it around.


The chains and spikes hovering menacingly as she brings it down on a bowling ball which shatters into pieces.


Heinkel is just impressed and says:


"Take who you need and give me a call when you have scouted an area. I am lending you trust in this Rem, do not let me down."


Rem merely bows and puts Morningstar on her shoulder as she leaves while her eyes reflect a hint of lunacy and she ponders:


"Me and Satella are going to have so much fun, just us girls enjoying each other's company. How dare that bitch steal MY HERO, This is simply going to be Karma's Revenge, for bad things happen to needy women such as that wench.


"We Are Going To Have Sooo Much Fuun, right Morningstar? After all I feel really good, As Fanatical As A Demon, in fact."


She speaks to her lovely bat with which she has used to eliminate various individuals in the past by bashing their skulls into a fine pulp, and with manic eyes goes forward into the night, eager to find her companions and lay her trap on an unsuspecting girl currently curled up with her beloved.


The moon shines, and a touch of red is visible, for a blood moon is sure to occur in this soon to be calamitous area of Shibuya.


Author's Notes:


Well the previous chapter was supposed to include some of this yet I did not have it thought out all the way. So here is chapter 4. Thinks are definitely getting more and more interesting now. Gang member Rem or Surgeon Ella, who will triumph over the other. If you have any suggestions, thoughts, or opinions please do not hesitate to leave a review with them. I appreciate all the feedback I get to make this story even more incredible.


Thanks to Legs And our historian Grimbo for looking over this document for me. I love you guys even if you have bigger issues than a crazy Rem. Oteycri000 signing off.

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Chapter 5 Survival of the fittest


An alarm clock beeped from a phone, somewhere the melody of the Dog of Flanders plays softly, it's sonorous tune interrupting the quiet soliloquy enjoyed by the currently sleeping couple. The phone gets put into snooze by a firm hand as the owner of said phone drifts off into sleep again while holding a silver haired girl closer to his chest.


She reciprocates and huddles closer for warmth, still asleep, letting her subconscious desires guide her to the one she places above all. Her heart, her goal, her passion, the fruit of her desire. She swings a leg and intertwines it with his own, unconsciously claiming Subaru as hers.


The Dog of Flanders plays again, an unceasing melody that grates the ears of those who wish peace, tranquility, and most of all, silence. Subaru this time makes sure to acknowledge the alarm and silence his phone, he glances at the time and groans as he thinks to himself:


"Damn its 7:30 Am, I have to be at classes at nine. Where am I-."


Last night comes back rushing like breached floodgates into the memory of Natsuki Subaru. He recalls in gratuitous, vivid fucking detail everything that happened between himself and Satella. The text messages, meeting up at the restaurant, escorting her to the hotel. Then, Then, his face turns red as he remembers everything they did to each other.


The kisses, the moans, the pants of desire exchanged between the couple, all of it rushes back and Subaru instead of feeling guilty that they took this relationship too fast. Instead feels a sense of fulfillment, joy, for he feels like this is exactly where he should have been.


The five years they spent apart from each other, the calls and video chats they shared, all of it was worth it, to not only maintain this friendship. But, rather to evolve it into something worthy of the both of them.


Subaru smiles gently and after yawning nudges the silver haired octopus who has latched onto himself with all her limbs, leaving the poor boy in a state of distress. For she has one of the cutest sleeping faces he has witnessed with the sole exception being his adorable sister Beako, when she would come and sleep next to him.


"Ella-Tan, it's time for me to go soon, wake up sleepy head." Gently intones the boy who is smiling softly, and wishing to capture this moment forever. So he does and takes a quick picture of her face while her body is covered in between the sheets. Unfortunately, he forgot to take off the flash which blinds and startles Satella.


"Subaruu, that's a rude way to wake somebody up." Complains the silver haired girl as she slowly gets up and starts rubbing her eyes, causing the sheet to fall off and her nude body to be exposed. They both passed out in contentment yesterday and forgot to dress themselves.


Subaru turns around as he blushes, despite having enjoyed immense pleasure last night with Satella, he is still quite shy. Luckily, Satella sees this and giggles softly. She gets up further and wraps her body around the black haired boy, as she slowly circles her index finger on his chest and whispers into his ear:


"Subaru, don't be ashamed, after all we did last night this is the last thing you should be embarrassed about no?" She reaffirms her actions as she gives him a tight hug and kisses him deeply on his lips, an action that the young man delivers with rising passion.


After their lips parted, a strand of saliva was left on her lips, which she licked off while never breaking eye contact with the flushed Subaru.


As his dick was getting swollen she looks down in glee and shakes her head while a silver bell laugh is heard:


"Not right now mister, you did say you have classes soon and if we begin this dance, we shall never finish it. Now, I will take a quick shower while you wait. I shall be back my love."


The silver haired girl teasingly responds to the young man who is flush with desire, as she saunters towards the restroom her bare ass is visible. Bouncing at every step she takes, making Subaru look away before he questions his sanity.


She giggles since she totally didn't make that more alluring than she had to and grabs her clothes. Stepping into the shower she breathes out a sigh of relief once feeling the warm water splashing her face. She scrubs herself deeply, taking care with her slightly swollen breasts due to last night's late night activities.


Ella wakes up in the shadow garden feeling bliss, contentment, satisfaction, among a plethora of other emotions. She cannot control these raging sentiments, like a wild and liberating thunderstorm, so are the myriad feelings she is struggling to keep under control.


Satella gasps as she feels her other half heating up with desire to go and devour their beloved, again and again. However they both should know better. Therefore, Satella goes into the mindscape to find Ella on the ground, a black dress thrown on the ground as Ella, or well her temporal body in the mindset, pleasuring herself with her deft fingers and moaning Subaru's name out.


"Wha… what are yo… you doing Ella!? Sto.. stop this at on.. onceee…" Mumbles out Satella as she feels intense heat and desire collide inside herself. Whatever Ella was feeling is then thrown towards Satella, it seems there is much to learn about how their personalities can reside in the same space without suffering such drawbacks.


With tremendous focus and sheer willpower, Ella stops touching herself and forced down these bubbling emotions of arousal. She had never expected anything like this to happen, Ella does not like losing control.


Not being able to keep ahold of your emotions signifies a vulnerable area, where an opponent may strike if they chance upon that opportunity.


Ella is no fool, she will always stay alert and focused. However, the sheer sensations that she felt from losing her virginity to her love overwhelmed her sanity and she nearly became mad, just a beast of envy and lust.


She shakes her head as she puts on her dress, ignoring a squirming Satella on the floor. She looks outside towards the reality where they have their physical body anchored and takes control. Ella now snaps her eyes open and finishes taking their shower with quick, precise motions.


Once done Ella proceeds to put on her clothes and enter their mind space where Satella was trembling from the backlash of Ella's emotions.


She quickly put Satella's head on her lap, giving her a lap pillow as she strokes her hair softly and hums a lullaby from their youth, when their parents did not treat them as garbage, and their mother actually sang lullabies to both Emilia and Satella as they slept together in the comfort and serenity of their home.


Slowly Satella gets ahold of herself and her emotions remain tranquil. She mutters:


"What wa…. was that Ella? Ho… how could I fe… feel such emotions coming fro… from you?"


"I was not aware of this particular effect either, it seems when we switch one part of us can store all the excess emotions taken during heightened moments of extreme sensitivity.


Such as making love to our Subaru. We need to be more careful or else we will lose our sharp wit and become a creature of base emotions, one that may scar our beloved. "


Satella gently calms down and indicates she is fine to stand up, which Ella helps her do. After thinking about the situation some more she nods her head and a faint blush creeps along her face:


"We real.. really went out of control last night, did… didn't we Ella." Remarks an embarrassed and shy Satella.


Ella merely hums in acknowledgement and nods her head as she continues:


"I shall take over since you are still feeling the after effects of our emotional resonance. Sleep well child, and I shall awake you when it is your turn."


Satella merely nods in drowsiness and proceeds to sleep on a bed that was conjured from thin air at the snap of Ella's fingers. Sure this may just be an illusory dream, yet both personalities are coming to term that simultaneously staying awake is rather taxing on their body and mind.


With deft hands Ella chooses her outfit, a purple blazer jacket with a black t shirt, adorned with black leggings which have orange outlines and a pair of sensible sneakers. To finish she wears Subaru's orange scarf while smirking and thinking that this is a trait that girlfriends get to enjoy, She is ready for whatever the day may throw at her.


She gets ready and faces the greatest obstacle of her life when she comes out, Natsuki Subaru looking at her with an expression of relief and joy that they can share these moments together.


Flustered by the idea she quickly brushes past her Subaru and gazes though the window slits. Observing the situation outside, while hardly a paranoid woman she has a bad feeling pooling in her stomach, as if she did not anticipate something.


She is still thinking of what it is when she feels a hand on her shoulder, she turns around to a concerned look from her beloved that simply melts her heart. Without even thinking about is she wraps her arms around his waist and plants a firm kiss on his lips, which surprises Subaru but he reciprocates without any issues.


They remain embracing in comfortable silence when suddenly an actual ring tone goes off which startle the pair. Begrudgingly, Subaru fumbles through the drawers and finds his phone, where he sees the caller ID he is both happy and a little dreadful.


He puts the phone to his ear forgetting to take it off speaker phone and a cute voice pipes up:


"Where in the devil were you last night brother, in fact? I was worried sick and I still am, you better have a reasonable excuse to not have informed mother, father, and especially me, I suppose!"


Subaru and both Ella form gentle smiles at the originator, and much to Subaru's surprise Ella motions to let him borrow his phone which he hands over with a questioning look. She receives the phone and then starts talking:


"Betty-Chan, it's been ages, I've missed you terribly! How are your grades in school, mon amie?"


Here there is a silence on the phone while Beatrice recovers from her shock and replies back in crisp French:


"Je vais bien mon ami. Je suis heureux de t'entendre!" [I am doing good my friend. I am very happy to hear from you.]


Ella laughs with joy and grace, intense emotions bubbling from the only one besides Subaru, Satella, and her twin sister Emilia that she could give a damn about. The rest of people do not interest her in the slightest.


She recalls memories that Satella subconsciously displays of their interactions. Satella buying ice cream for a pouting Betty that would accept reluctantly.


Having her on her shoulders as they went to the zoo and Beatrice's eyes would light up upon seeing all the foreign fauna, animals and eco systems. Stargazing with her beloved and Beatrice as Subaru would point out his own star, as well as Shaula, Petelguese, Orion, and several others.


The way they exchanged looks that one fateful summer night in the outskirts of the city. The bubbling passion they shared, their eyes only had sight of the other, all starts became meaningless when they would gaze at the other. For surely, none shined as bright as both Satella and Subaru at the moment.


Ella experiences a brief flashback of those forlorn and bittersweet memories:


Two individuals stood in a prairie of endless grass, it was night time and Beatrice was asleep mumbling about sweets and head pats from her beloved brother. Everyone was younger back then, Satella's parents were cracking down on her behavior and limiting her interactions.


Yet, for some reason they still allowed her to go and enjoy time with Subaru. Perhaps, they felt guilty at the idea that Satella would soon go to Germany despite herself not knowing at the time. However they let her be, and so it was this night that they got the closest to each other.


Both of them were dressed in the appropriate attire for is was rather chilly at night time, Subaru notices the silver haired girl shivering slightly despite the adequate precautions. He offers his coat which Satella firmly rejects and instead in a small voice inquires:


"Subaru, can we may… maybe share a hug?" She looks up with hopeful eyes, hoping her request does not conflict with the tumultuous emotions experienced by the black haired boy. He seems to consider the request for perhaps a couple of seconds, then smiles brightly as he moves closer to a hopeful amethyst eyed colored girl and hugs her while replying:


'For my Tella-Tan, this is no issue at all. I should've known it could get quite chilly up here close to Hokkaido."


Both individuals just enjoy the proximity to each other, feeling the warmth off the other's skin, the charged atmosphere brimming with untold emotions, thoughts, and desires that needed to be told to the other. For they both had a bad feeling of what was to occur in the future.


Moreover, Satella's parents acted strangely upon further observation.


"Hey, Subaru if I ever leav… leave will we still ke… keep in touch, or will our friendship fade away like the leaves do during a forlorn fall?"


Asked a nervous silver haired girl before feeling the touch of a gentle hand on her head, motioning her to rest upon his shoulder, which she promptly did with relish.


Natsuki Subaru had a lot to think about, he was only 15 after all, yet he never stopped feeling an emotional attachment to Satella. Despite always playing around Emilia, Rem, Crusch, and having cordial relationships with Anastasia and feelings of respect towards Priscilla. In his heart he treasured, valued, and held with great importance his feelings for Satella.


She huddled closer to the boy she loved and nuzzled his chin with her head as she got into a comfortable position and asked:


"Hey Subaruu, I will really miss you if I have to leave, I just needed you to know that. The comfort I feel from being next to you, sharing each of our stories, really motivates me to try better. I nev… never really want to be separated from you."


The black haired man had similar intentions, yet the silver haired girl spoke of those intentions in an easy manner, without holding back her emotions. It was certainly a surprise for the young man, he was not expecting that level of care and concern from someone he thought only as a friend.


As they both looked at each other their eyes charged with an unseen energy, one of hope, compassion, intrigue at what may lay in their future if they were to cement at kiss.


Both of them got closer to one another, heart palpitations at an all-time high, nervous wringing of sweaty hands, and right when they were about to kiss, got interrupted by a cute voice that piped up:


'Betty needs her beauty sleep to grow up nice and strong, and both of you are not acting as the adults you should be, I suppose." Mutters a sleep deprived drill loli, which both Satella and Subaru gave a fearsome hug which made her squeal in delight and embarrassment.


Subaru fiercely hugging his sister brought back these memories and he whispered onto herself:


"I shall never let go of my Beako, the cutest of them all. I love you sister, for now and always. I am sure Satella feels a similar way."


Satella grasping her lifeline completely agreed and was extremely happy to see her beloveds sister, a child of unfathomable depth when it comes to experiencing emotions."


These emotions come raging back as she wipes away a few tears from her eyes at what could have been, and shakes her head as Subaru grows concerned due to her tears. She motions him that she is fine and keeps talking:


"Well I am certainly happy to hear of that my dearest fried, let us meet together so that you, your brother, and I can all go for ice cream, do you still love strawberry gelato or have your tastes changed?"


Beatrice pouts and switches back to English with nary a difference:


"Hmm, I shall hold you to that promise Satella, and if you were the reason that my beloved brother did not come home then that is to be expected, I suppose. I shall forgive you whenever you treat Betty to some strawberry gelato, in fact. Now please pass the phone to my brother, for our parents were worried quite badly last name. He can be such a fool at times."


Ella giggles and says her goodbyes to Beatrice as she hands the phone back to Subaru, and he goes in the restroom with his head down at being scolded by his adorable, yet at times terrifying little sister. While the call is complete and the shower starts for the black haired young man, Ella sits down on a couch and texts her dear twin sister.


At first she hesitates, since she knows Satella carries a lot more affection than Ella, who mostly knows her twin from hazy thoughts and memories she glimpses from Satella, however she shakes her head and wants to make things right so she goes ahead and texts her dear sister:


"Good morning Emilia, I hope you are feeling better than yesterday. If not I can go ahead and pick up some medicine for you from the pharmacy."


Not even a minute goes by as her phone pings with a notification:


"Good Morning Satella, thank you for asking yes I am feeling better, I decided to not go to classes today so that we sisters can catch up and talk to each other. I am reeally happy to hear back from you so early, how was your dinner with our Subaru, hmm?"


Ella smirks and shakes her head as she decides how to reply. After tapping her fingers on the chair she decides to reply with a vague answer:


"Hmmm, it was rather nice, I will love to tell you in person soon, I have to go but I will ttyl when I am on my way dear nee-chan, I love you."


Her phone chimes again as she looks down and smiles while laughing:


"Hmm, that sounds suspicious but I reeally look forward to seeing you soon, my dear sister, I love you as well and see you soon!"


"Oh dear, I hope you never change Emilia, your brightness and joy are necessary in this world while the shadows and darkness beckon to my call." Thinks Ella as she wants to strive to be a better person soon, for herself and her Subaru.


Subaru comes out of the restroom with his jeans and slightly wrinkles shirt which raises up a little, letting Ella see his toned and muscular body. Her face heats up a little as she cannot allow herself to be distracted just yet.


She smiles at the man she loves and gets up while they both hug each other again, no words are needed since the actions and emotions of both individuals are on full display. They separate slightly as Ella cups her hand on Subaru's right cheek which he leans into softly and she speaks:


"I hope I did not force you to do anything you may regret yesterday my Subaru, I was rather impatient after many years and already knew where my heart and intentions wanted to be, with you forever and always.


I truly wish you believe the same way as me, however this is no Disney movie like we watched when younger. We are after all adults, with our own schedules, routines an-."


Ella is interrupted by a firm kiss on her lips that seems to last forever as her eyes close and she leans into the kiss, wishing for this moment to never end.


Alas, as all good things must come to an end so does the kiss as Subaru leans back and this time cups Ella's cheek. He responds gently:


"I know what my heart wants and the reason it hesitated so long, was because it wanted to be with you, at all times every day. I never realized until I saw you at the restaurant how badly I needed you. Your smile warms my heart, your touch does things to me no other person can do.


And your smile makes my world brighten, I am nervous, ecstatic, overjoyed, and hopeful. Who knows what the future can hold, however I want to find out alongside you Ella-Tan."


The silver haired girl nearly faints in joy and has to again forcefully hold onto her emotions as she smiles and says:


"Well then my beloved, I look forward to seeing you and your parents soon. It has been far too long since I saw the almighty Mr. Kenichi, or the motherly love shown by the wonderful Naoko. I truly miss her mayonnaise, you mayo fanatics.


Furthermore, we shan't forget about the beloved Beatrice, who is probably still scolding me to this moment for taking her beloved brother away. "


She giggles at the thought of a certain drill loli pouting, and promises to herself that she will give her the best ice cream in town.


The black haired boy just smiles and is about to reply when he gets another alert that classes are starting soon, with a groan he begrudgingly smiles and tugs Ella with him. They leave the hotel room and travel down the elevator while holding hands.


They soon exit the hotel and look at each other as Subaru and Ella simultaneously say:


"I love you." Both blush yet giggle at the same time, and after a final hug they separate with the promise to see each other again.


(Scene Change)


Subaru gets to school and sits down, while having said hello to Anastasia who he encountered on his way inside:


"Well, well Natsuki-san, it seems ya were almost a tad late don't ya think." Inquires the aspiring financier, her ambition unmatched and unrivaled for net profits and micro managing. She was wearing her white scarf as her light purple hair bounced around, scanning her friend with interest.


Subaru rubs his head sheepishly as he replies:


"I can't help it, I ran here as fast as I could and got caught up in some nasty foot traffic, Anastasia-san."


"Hmm, what did I say about addressing me with all them stiff formalities, just call me Ana, Anaaa. Ya get it Natsuki? We have only been friends for several years after all. Ain't that so?"


She smirks as she says this, always amused by this interesting lad she snagged as a friend years ago. Never a dull moment with Subaru is what she thinks.


Subaru just smiles and sighs in exasperation at his greedy friend and he notices that a certain blue haired girl is nowhere to be seen for their economics class. He goes ahead and questions Anastasia:


"Anast… Ana, have you seen Rem? She is usually here before anyone how odd."


Anastasia pouts a little as she replies:


"Not very kind of ya to not think of little ol'me first, however I have no clue where that blue hair stuck up lass is. I seem to recall that she may have called in sick now that I think about it.""


Subaru was a little concerned for his friend and brushed off Anastasia's words since she always like to poke and make fun of other individuals in a care free manner.


With a shrug they sat down and got ready for their morning lecture. Subaru greeting Priscilla and Crush as the former merely looked at him and smirked while fanning herself, and Crush greeted Subaru more cordially. With the cast assembled they began their class.


Subaru thoughts drifted to Satella and he smiled, wishing nothing more than to see her again soon, yet he knows if he does not at least bring Beako along she will be quite feisty. Both Satella and Beatrice get along as if they were always siblings, and it is truly impossible to ignore the intense bonds formed between the three.


"Soon, we shall go stargazing again, I know Tella-Tan misses those scenes dearly, and so do I." Thinks Subaru as his attention is brought forward by their teacher. Thoughts disappear as he gets serious to learn and apply his knowledge someday soon.


(Scene Change)


Ella is walking down busy area when she feels someone brush against her side, she does not notice it at first yet she feels her purse has been taken. Angry at such a random incident happening she takes off after the pursuer while shouting:


"Halt! Cease this action before your day turns very badly you damn thief!"


Of course the thief in question is wearing a hat and a large overcoat, concealing any identifying gestures. And does not stop but increases his speed, Ella curses in German as she picks up her speed, noticing how people are staring at this action yet none making a move to help. She shakes her head as she thinks:


"Damn this society, everyone thinks someone else will help, so they lay in stagnation as their life grows slowly worse. Damn this thief even more! I will give him a beating for wasting my time."


She finally corners him in an alleyway as she huffs and puffs at the short sprint, annoyed that she is out of breath and making a mental note to go back to working out as soon as she is able to.


"Give me back my purse and I shan't call the authorities, or else there will be hell to pay you rotten swine of an uncivilized society."


"What the hell are ya saying miss, besides I ain't interested in this purse, but in you, this purse was just a lute to get ya to follow me ya see." Replies the man as he smirks and makes a hand signal.


Confused, Ella swiftly turns around as she sees two more figures approach her with baseball bats and lead pipes. She gulps and starts analyzing the situation:


"Three men have surrounded myself and it seems they have nefarious intentions, no lust is visible so rape is out of the question. However, I have been in this cursed country for nary two days and already dealt with a rapist and now these wannabe thugs.


I need more variables to process this information. Let's begin formulating an attack pattern. Individual in front of me has my purse, which holds my scalpels, he does not appear to be heavily armed like the other two.


When they gloat move forward and deal open heel palm strike to right temple, disorientating subject as nausea settles in the brain. Furthermore, strike with knee in groin then use judo throw Uchi-Mata by hooking my right ankle around his, turning backwards and using the center of gravity and my hip to throw assailant down.


Moreover, judo in this concrete jungle reigns supreme, broken bones, fractures, and injured organs are foreseeable, physical recovery three weeks. Mental recovery two to three months. Plan has been formulated, theory and analysis prove to be sound, attempting successful execution when diversion presents itself."


Ella closes her eyes as she focuses her breathing and hones her instincts to the maximum level, remembering her teachers disciplines:


"Your body is a lethal weapon that most people waste away, we shall not do that and hone it to be the a blade that does not bend, does not break, does not give up. Woman are vulnerable because society has deemed it so. We are not weak, we are not vulnerable, we are strong, valiant, and kick ass. So Satella, let's kick some ass."


"Hai, Carol-Sensei!"


As Ella has her eyes closed the thugs behind her introduce themselves like the dumb villains they are:


"I am Ton, this fella next to me is Chin, and the guy in front of you is Kan. Don't even think of escaping or asking for help since all CCTV is down at the moment. We won't hurt ya, but our boss requires your services Satella-san. So be a good girl an-."


He gets interrupted as Ella surges forward with the motion and frenetic energy of a tornado towards Kan, he is stunned since he was not expecting her to close the distance of six meters in nary a couple of seconds as he feels his temple get his with a heel palm strike,, his vision turns blurry and darkness descends upon him.


Furthermore, he feels an explosion of pain as he is grabbed roughly and kneed with enough force in the groin to make him infertile.


Yet, before he thinks that is the end he feels himself in the air, for a second he thinks he is flying before reality cruelly grants him a sweet relief of unconsciousness as his body his the ground with incredible force.


As Ella wipes her hands of his filth she grabs her purse and takes a glance at the stunned and fearful Ton and Chin and utters:


"You gentlemen of filth and sin, have really messed with the wrong lady, I do not have time to play around with swine as yourself, farewell and if you follow me then you will end worse than that man writhing on the ground with a fractured clavicle, bruised ribs, and ruptured groin."


Ella finishes stating as she rushes down the opposite end of the alley way knowing there is a way out and feeling extremely annoyed at how she keeps getting interrupted by so many people.


Both Ton and Chin look at each other, then at their broken brother while whispering:


"Isn't that the direction of the boss lady."


"I used to think the boss was an unstoppable demon, now she may have met her match. Quick we need to take our brother to the hospital before we really loses him to Kami-Sama!


As Ella is almost to the exit she feels a rushing wind and all her instincts go into alarm as she subconsciously brings up her forearms to protect her head and she feels a bone crushing impact as she tumbles to the floor while screaming:


"AHHHHHHH!….. UGHHHHH!… *pant, pant*." Ella is in unimaginable pain as she feels her left arm go numb in pain and fire, her vision is blank as she sees stars yet she forcefully touches her left arm with as much care while gritting her teeth and her eyes leak tears of held back pain. She tries to think:


"Pain, Pain. Ughh…. This.. is not good… I can… barely feel my…. Left arm… Symptoms? Ulna… fractured severely… radius shattered…. Good news….. upper humerus mostly intact…. Pain this damn pain… focus… focus…. FOCUS OR DIE!"


She opens her eyes and gets up slowly and lethargically in tremendous distress as she is sweating due to gritting her teeth, she has already bit her bottom lip and doesn't notice that she is bleeding from her mouth. She looks a mess, yet she is still alive, her immaculate hair covered in blood and dirt.


What she sees makes even Ella hesitate as she cannot believe her eyes. She is no fool as she notices a wicked looking bat with chains and spikes on it, the source of her pain and she sees fresh blood leaking out. While she has many questions, she glances at Rem's sadistic smile and maniacal eyes as her brain goes into over gear:


That was not an accidental swing, that was swung with the purpose and the ill intent to take my own life. If I had not covered my head, I would just be a meat bag on the floor, a corpse with no life and slowly decomposing.


Then where would I be, Subaru would be devastated that is if they do not cover their tracks and chop my body into pieces, remove my teeth and feed it to the pigs. I could never see Emilia or Beatrice. Nay, I refuse such conditions, I will Stay Alive!"


The blue leader of the Oni gang giggles as her smile gets even wider at seeing the wretched state that Ella found herself in and mentions:


"Oops, that was Just An Accident. I am so sorry my dear friend S-A-T-E-L-L-A-Chan. We girls have a lot to talk about, especially about last night and how you defiled MY SUBARUU!"


Here her maniacal smile disappears and is replaced with a look of absolute disgust as she starts swinging her bat at shocking speeds, she continues speaking as Ella grabs a couple scalpels:


"You touched my darling, my hero, my reason for attending school, my reason to breathe, the reason I exist. I have watched him sleep while you were in Germany getting bullied. Yes, he told me all about that, and of course I pretended to feel bad, yet he never stopped.


He never stopped talking about you, complimenting you, desiring you, you, you YOU, YOUUUUU! DAMN YOU, YOU VILE BITCH."


Rem sprints forward and swings her bat at Ella's head which she executes a forward roll, wincing and in pain at her broken arm making contact with the floor, yet narrowly dodging the bat as it hit a trash can and demolished it.


Ella throws a scalpel at Rem who saw it by chance and uses her bat to deflect it. Rem grins and continues walking forward:


"Youu, knooow, I was going to give you to my boss, but hey. Cameras are down, accidents tend to happen during these kind of operations. You also look so smug even though you should be pleading for despair. Either way once Rem gets rid of you, I can be with My Hero, and everything will be alright once more."


Ella laughs and spits on the ground as she procures another scalpel:


"I am glad you have shown your intentions now Rem, this makes what I shall do to you much easier. Any threat to my life and those I love, I shall personally hunt down and extract their organs. Tell me Rem, have you ever seen a vivisection?


You see, it's like an autopsy only you are alive and feel everything while prolonging the experience for hours, days, and if the surgeon is skilled enough, weeks. Lucky you, I am a very experienced surgeon.


"So Rem, I believe it is time to dance." No further words are needed as the two girls face each other, and Ella's thoughts as they proceed to see who can kill who are simply two word:


Objective: SURVIVE.


Author's Notes:


"Well chapter went in a direction I was kind of expecting but inspirations strikes as always and I had to add a mini Anastasia cameo, I may not have gotten her accent down, yet shall strive to better myself. Hope you liked chapter, and things are heating up. A couple of things.


There is one fan fic reference, and one song reference hope you get them.


An Uchi-Mata is an absolutely real judo technique used to score top points during Olympic games.


Judo is lethal in the concrete jungle as our squishy flesh and bones body are not meant to be propelled with intense force towards solid stone.


I made Beatrice speak some French cause it seemed fun, translations are accurate due to my dear friend and brother ArcherfromArnor, writer of Re:MW, Dragon candidate, and Priscilla IF. A phenomenal author in my sincere opinion.


Thank you guys for liking the chapter, please let me know any of your thoughts and opinions on reviews, suggestions, improvements, the whole nine yards.


I may have laid it a bit too have with the Yandere. Quick thought, [Seemed fun, don't care].


Also Ulna, and radius are your bottom forearm bones, quite painful to get them shattered by a heavy ass baseball bat with metal chains and spikes to be honest.


Oteycri000, signing off.

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Chapter 6


Ram & Rem


(10 Years Ago)


The streets were filthy, nothing but backed up sewage and rotten food littered the ground, even dogs would not dare go around to sniff and try to find some food to eat. However, here there was a pink haired young girl of 12 rummaging through the garbage, trying to find something that at least didn't smell rotten to eat.


She was dressed in tattered clothes, holes visible through her sneakers, she was careful to not step into any puddles of grime and foulness, not knowing exactly what was there. She couldn't afford to catch a flu, she had to be there for her sister, her adorable Onee-chan. She looks down at her and restrains the tears in her eyes due to the unfair situation they had been granted by Kami-Sama.


" Ram-nii, Ram-nii, I am sorry you have to work so hard for a failure like myself." Here an nearly identical girl with blue hair stands while she is wailing and feeling incompetent. For leading her sissy to try to keep them alive.


"Sissy, it's not your fault you got sick, let Ram take care of you, after all that's left of our family is you and I."


Replies the pink haired little girl while forcing a smile so that her blue haired counterpart doesn't feel burdened. All the while mentally fighting inside to not breakdown again for the fourth time.]


What twelve year olds had to deal with scrounging for rotten food, sometimes fighting dogs away when they found some unspoiled leftovers that the well-off in society would throw away because they lived a life in excess, not needing the desperate nutrition this pair of twins required.


Both of them are sporting clothes that had only been washed by the river or when rain would strike, both of them shivered as they found some mostly intact Appa's and were on their way back to their home. If you could even call that a home, a little 10 ft by 10 ft small room that was granted to them as a pittance for the sliver of money given to them after their parents abandoned them.


Both of them huddle close together and eat the appas, making sure to remove the worms that had already had a head start. After finishing their pitiful meal they leaned against the other as Ram put her hands over the shoulders of her dear sister who began crying again while whimpering:


"Sissy, our parents they… never loved us did they? I guess it's my fault… I should have been a better daughter, I… should have strived to have worked harder. It's because of me they left didn't they sissy?"


Questions a trembling girl, shivering as the moth eaten blanket they use to sleep at night barely allows them any warmth. The floor not carpeted so it was a rough and hard ground to sleep in. Something that eventually one may get used to after their bones complain in agony for the first couple of months.


"Rem-nii, never think like that, we still have each other and our parents just simply had to deal with certain issues. As they say, adults have a lot of responsibilities." Consoled ram at her twin, lying through her teeth as she thought to herself:


"What parents would abandon their very own children, especially minors? We haven't done anything wrong but they just left us and went to Vietnam, leaving us in the care of this landlord that beats us if she even catches sight of our presence.


I have to be strong for sissy, or else if I breakdown who will be there to pick us up? Who will be there to help us live. Who will be there to make us smile? A smile? Heh, hehe, I think last time I smiled was when we were able to actually eat a real meal instead of scrounging for leftovers, what a pitiful pair we make."


Ram's eyesight gets blurry with unshed tears yet she feels a gentle tug from her dear sissy Rem, both looking at each other and just sharing a bittersweet smile, despite these unfortunate circumstances they had each other. They curl up together and go to sleep, hoping for things to improve one day soon and determined to strive for that change.


(8 years ago)


Rem and Ram were 14, luckily they had been able to borrow some books and learn how to read and write in a professional manner, strived and worked stalls selling wares, things were finally going a little better for the abandoned twins.


Here Rem is smiling promoting their wares, hand sewn clothes of a rather decent quality, Ram was busy securing supplies from distributors so they could slowly get out of the hole they had been thrown into when their parents had abandoned them. Rem was looking around while thinking to herself:


"Me and Ram-nii have been truly blessed to get out of our pitiable circumstances, I am happy now that I can see my dear sissy smiling more often. What a great feeling this is."


As Rem was thinking to herself she sees a familiar sight that brings a faint blush to her cheeks and subconsciously smiles as she waves at a familiar black haired boy approaching her with a cute little drill loli accompanying him.


"Subaru-kun, Beatrice-Chan, It's been a while!" The blushing girl remarked upon seeing a signature grin on the boy she had a crush on.


"It's truly been some time Rem-Chan, how's it going around here? I can see the market is as lively as always."


Commented Subaru upon glancing around the packed stalls, the vibrant clothes worn by the crowd. The little children giggled and asked their parents for some money to purchase whatever baubles and shiny trinkets had caught their fancy.


"Hmph, I don't understand why we must always pass through this crowded street brother, we can easily go the other way around, I suppose." Said a tired and annoyed Beatrice who was clinging to her brother with force, not wanting to be separated in such a busy district of Shibuya.


Here Subaru smiled and picked his adorable Beako and put her on his shoulders, where she could see everything now. Happy, she decided to also enjoy her curiosity and let her eyes roam around the bustling street markets.


Rem smiled at the interactions and her heart grew warmer at seeing how adorable the interactions between siblings really was. Just when she was about to say something a sharp yet graceful voice interrupted them:


"Barasu, Beatrice-san, nice to see you again, were you harassing my dear sister again Barasu? I may need to teach you a lesson, Hmph." Ram got close to them with her indifferent visage, yet if one knew her well they could see her lips were struggling not to form a faint smile.


"How your words wound me nee-san. I'd thought we had improved our budding sibling relationship?!" Exclaimed Subaru as he shed crocodile tears. Betty grasped his hair and proclaimed like a monarch sitting on top of a throne:


"You sisters are always distracting my dear brother from our errands, in fact! Hmph, let's go Subaru, Mother wants us to get some ingredients to make dinner tonight."


Subaru smiled sheepishly as he bid the twins farewell and carried on alongside his cute drill haired sister. Rem observed them leaving with a big smile on her face before Ram snapped her fingers in front of her face, to attract her attention. Rem blushed as her twin spoke:


"Sissy if you have time to drool after that pervert Barasu, you have time to help me with our new merchandise. Let's get to it."


"Hai, Ram-nii, I will get started on it right away!"


As both sisters got settled into a rhythm they were unaware that the market area they were slowly prospering in was about to get involved in a violent confrontation.


Some time passes and they made a good haul in income from their merchandise. As both of them prepare to leave to the one bedroom apartment they had managed to acquire after a lot of effort and suffering they hear loud voices.


Upon turning back they catch sight of some mean looking thugs. Dressed in sharp suits and with scars on their faces they approached the girls. Furthermore, they were carrying baseball bats and lead pipes, one of the leaders gets up in front of her and smirks in an arrogant and demeaning way:


"This is now the territory of Jamal, and if you are to sell here you must offer tribute for 'protection', do ya lasses understand what I'm saying, pay the fuck up!" Laughed the leader as he tightened his grip.


Both Rem and Ram were both scared and confused at what was occurring, they had known that the previous owner of this strip was a kindly old man that charged a nominal fee for them to do business. Ram as the overprotective sister gathered her courage and shouted:


"We already pay a fee to rent this stall sir, we do not owe you or anyone besides our landlord Kensai."


Here the leader grinned with malicious intent as he swung his bat down and broke their stall into pieces, which caused Rem to let out a shriek as she tried to stop him. However, the man just grunted and swung his bat back hitting rems left arm and fracturing it.


"AGHHHH, UGHHHHH!" Cried out Rem as tears of pain flowed through her eyes. Ram was instantly by her side trying to cradle her arm without damaging as she shed tears of her own. Of unwillingness, of how unfair this world truly is. Here they were, just trying to live their life when some bullish people can just take whatever they desire through sheer brute force.


"Oops, my hand slipped. Oh well, that is unfortunate however, debts still must be paid. Isn't that right boys?" The brute asked his lackeys as they all laughed. Then one of the thugs pointed out rem and rams trembling figures, licked his lips and replied:


"Ey boss, don't ya think we could get a pretty penny for these gals. I mean look at their figures. Sure they are a tad young but heck, back in the Philippines it don't matter much. Bet we freshen them up, fix that girl's arm and we would be racking in money.


Jamal said he doesn't care as long as we don't cause too much of a mess."


Both twins froze at this statement and looked in fear and revulsion at said individual. Ram and Rem could not believe what they were hearing, first they break their stall, now they want to take them as common whores when they are merely 14?


They both started tearing up in frustration, angry that the law was messed up. Upset at their parents that abandoned them like useless trash.


Frustrated beyond belief Ram did the only thing she could think of and screamed:


"SOMEONE, ANYONE, PLEASE HELP US!" The sonorous plea for help resounded throughout the plaza at night, yet the few people still there hurriedly looked the other way. As the goons got a little spooked they laughed in relief and decided to teach them a lesson.


"Well that wasn't a smart thing to do at all was it lass, you see people fear us. Not only that, people fear stepping outta their routine to do anything unexpected.


People are predictable creatures, they adapt surely, yet they don't do much besides what they feel comfortable with. It's a pity lass, yet you are coming with us since you dared challenge our authority."


"You people are nothing but self-serving trash, worthless spineless cowards. We have had a harsh, cruel life, and if this is Kami-Sama's way for us to prove ourselves, then so be it."


Shouts a visibly furious Ram, not caring that her tears were bunched up and getting up to defend her sister. They will not allow themselves to be whored like some objects.


The leader got mad that these twins weren't cowering in fear, but boldly standing up to him. He had his goons, they were armed, yet he almost hesitated for he saw a spark in these twins eyes. Something that made his neck go cold in sweat, for their eyes almost looked demonic.


"Get these girls and teach them not to fuck with us boys!" Yelled out the leader who was being intimidated by two children, as they surrounded them and the twins got ready to fight with teeth or nails, a booming voice sounded:


"How bold of you to claim this territory without even asking for permission. You unsavory gentlemen are really in trouble now."


"Bahahaha, Big Boss Marcos, these whelps think a nobody like Jamal's cronies can intimidate us, and push us off our street throne. Well they have another thing coming to them." Intoned a red haired fellow with a scar on his face and haughty eyes.


Both individuals were alone yet the aura they exceeded made the leader flinch in fear. He slowly recognized how they were and started trembling while he questioned:


"Marcos Gildark and Heinkel Astrea? What the hell are you two doing her-."


Heinkel stepped forward and with ease and grace delivered a vicious haymaker to the leader of the thugs with such force that it propelled him into the other lackeys. And they all fell down.


"You don't get to talk to the big boss or myself that casually, disappear from my sight you fools, or else I won't be gentle." Said The cocky red haired man as he cracked his knuckles.


They didn't even have to think about it before they fled and ran away, in fear of these two notable names of the Yakuza underbelly.


Both twins couldn't believe their eyes as Rem finally fainted from the damage while Ram grabbed her and exclaimed:


"Sissy!" She was sobbing at how pitiful her twin looked, before she heard a throat clearing itself and with tears in her eyes saw a chiseled face with a warm eyes of concern looking at them. He extended his hand and Ram grasped it as he spoke:


"Apologies for that, we have had some encroaching foreigners trying to steal territory from my area, My name is Marcos Gildark, and I control this sector.


Let's get your sister some proper medical care, for this is not fair on her at all. I would like to offer my apologies for not arriving quicker. The people that shop here and set up shop should not have to suffer through internal strife's between fellow gang members."


Ram had never heard of a Yakuza that was so honorable, yet she didn't doubt his eyes, for her and her twin sister have already learned how to know if someone have malicious intentions or if they are actually trying to help or are kind.


She nodded her head as Marcos asked some questions:


"So what are your names?"


"Just… Ram, and this is my sister Rem." Explained the sullen pink haired lass as they arrived at the hospital, luckily Marcos already had everything ready with a quick phone call. Rem was in bed asleep and Heinkel had gone to deal with their own gang business and engage in swift retribution against Jamal and his lackeys.


"Well, if you don't have any family, would you like to work for me? I sense a hidden desire in both of you, one that doesn't want to settle with what you have currently. Forgive me, If I seem to untoward. However, I would like to provide that opportunity.


You see my father Razak died from heart disease so I had to grow up in these rough streets, I am sensing something similar coming from your end. Of course you can take your tim-."


"Ram is in, and I am sure Rem will be of the same mind, we lack power, time, and opportunity. And we desire to not remain as gutter rats, but to climb up the top and make a decent living for ourselves.


To prove that we did not depend on our parents who abandoned us like a stray dog. So yes Big Boss Marcos, we accept."


With those words and several oaths exchanged, the Oni Gang lead under Marcos was created. Ready to obey any and all orders, with Rem and Ram learning the ropes and managing to succeed and improve. Furthermore, they would take their classes online to get their high school diploma, all in all they kept very busy with their lives. Climbing up the tower of success into unshakeable positions of stability.


(Current Scene)


Ella dodges another shattering blow from a furious Rem as she proclaims:


"What's the matter Rem, you can't hit an injured target like myself? Where did that bravado go?!"


The silver haired girl smirks while in agonizing pain and with her left arm deftly throws a scalpel with pinpoint precision that lodges itself into Rem's left shoulder blade, making her cry out:


"AGHHH, You.. (Pant, Pant) Damn Bitch! Come over here!" She pulls out the scalpel and lets it drop as blood starts gushing from her shoulder and she switches her Morningstar to her right arm and continues her chase.


Ella has been in tremendous amounts of pain as her arm keeps sending warning signals to her brain to slow down and stop moving so fast, yet she thinks:


"Impossible, I cannot allow myself to stop and rest, for surely that dangerous bat just needs a moment before it shatters my skull. Think ELLA, THINK! Analyze the target in front of you to dispose of them in the minimum time allowed before my senses fail me.


She appears woozy from the inflicted wound with my scalpel, however it would have been better to use a serrated dagger to really draw in pain. For a scalpel is measured in nanometers of precision and won't inflict as much pain as a serrated blade, which can cause the cut skin to rub against itself and cause agony.


Secondly, her mental state seems distraught, need to taunt target to make her lose her cool and attack me in a furious manner. Easy if it is someone as vulnerable as Rem from all I have heard about her."


"I was not aware you were a gangster, Rem, how does it feel to be such a child, preying on the less fortunate and racking up extortion money! Bet you have good dreams at night while Subaru is completely unaware of the tenebrous deals you strike at night. How many people have you killed? I bet it's over ten.


You see Rem when inflicting pain and hardship, I am well aware of the psychological factors. Firstly, you attacked me with no hesitation, meaning you have used this exact method before to make someone's head explode like a watermelon.


Therefore, you have a lot of experience with that bat. What did you call it? Ahh, yes your morning star. Always ready to inflict wounds on the unsuspecting prey. Unfortunately, for you I am not your typical unsuspecting civilian. Just wait and SEE!"


As she finishes her statement she throws another well timed scalpel at rem's left thigh, this one burying in deep and making her flinch and almost stumble.


"You wouldn't know the pain Rem has gone through SATELLA! Me and my sissy have bled, strived, cried, and worked our butts off to the positions we are in. Don't you dare mock us. We aren't fools, we are just, survivors."


Rem's mind flashes back to all the grueling training her and her sissy had to do to survive.


(Six Years Ago)


It was a rainy day, the drops of water fell of several black umbrellas as many individuals where at a graveyard, the quiet lull of the priest's words was not heard by many members. As with their own tears adding on to the rainfall they laid their thoughts bare.


None were as distraught as a pair of twins dressed all in black, black slacks, shoes, shirts and blazers. As they all mourned their champion, and savior Marcos Gildark.


After some time the crowd dispersed, with the exception of Rem, Ram and Heinkel. All three went to the headstone and with a chisel inscribed their own thoughts and initials.


Rem's said:


"Because of you Rem learned how to live again, how to find joy and how to finally accept the feelings I have for the person I love. Thank you, Marcos, thank you dad."


Warm tears fell down her cheeks, imprinting themselves on the grass, only to be washed away by the lament of the storm.


Ram inscribed:


"Without you, Myself and sissy would have been at the mercy of fate, dangling like a cloth during a violent gale. Thanks to you, I learned to accept my failings and shortcomings, thank you Father. For I will never acknowledge my parents as such, you are the only true Father Me and sissy ever had. Rest in Peace.


She had to step away due to the turbulent emotions she suffered from her own frail state. She cannot believe her very mentor and father figure was struck down by Cecilus Segmunt, the loyal follower of Vincent Abellux. All for them to take over nearly half the territory that Marcos had, and imposed their own draconian laws into play.


Heinkel stenciled:


"You were my teacher, mentor, I shall avenge you, find happiness in the yellow springs road, I shall find happiness gutting Cecilus."


Heinkel stands up and utters:


'What a terrible day it is for rain." While shedding tears of his own, he hadn't cried since his wife fell into a coma and his son Reinhard overshadowed his every achievements.


Rem and Ram are trying their hardest to not lose their composure, now that Marcos had died Heinkel had taken over their operations, but they are at a disadvantage.


Losing nearly half their territory to Vincent, enemies on all sides they were at a loss on what to do. Couldn't even trust their very own foot soldiers since some were definitely spies for the sly and extremely intelligent opponent they faced. However their world turned over when Heinkel made a statement that shattered their perception:


"Rem, Ram, both of you have been nothing but loyal and good to us, Big boss Marcos and I didn't deserve such loyalty. Therefore, it pains me to state this but you are both herby dismissed from the Oni Gang and our own Lugnica territory.


Rem and Ram were about to refute but Heinkel raised his hand and continued:


"No, me and Marcus had plans for this already, do not deny our big boss his wishes. Furthermore, both of you are sixteen and are in the youth of your life, the gang will carry on and you shall always be honorary members. However, you both need to go and finish school, live happy lives, this gang business rarely leaves someone happy or unscathed. I should know better than anyone about it."


The twins stayed silent as they both wanted to refute such a statement, yet from their memories they didn't want to tarnish the final wishes of Marcos. They both bowed down and simultaneously said:




Heinkel put his hands on their shoulders as he forced a smile despite the day's events and concludes his message:


"Rem & Ram, I wish you success in your life, don't worry I will personally hunt down that bastard that slayed our big boss, and put an end to this blood vendetta, if you ever have issues you know how to contact me. We shall be going underground to avoid any police raids or disputes, yet never forget there shall always be a home here for the both of you."


Rem & Ram both sobbed and hugged Heinkel, and with tears of his own he hugged them back, wishing them success in their life.


(Current Scene)


Rem thinks about her big boss and her fury increases, she has not struggled so hard and tried to separate herself from this gang life of misfortune and strife to only lose to a person that just came back. She swings her bat and despite Ella's best attempts her arm flares in pain and she flinches briefly, letting Rem land a semi-solid blow on her stomach.


The blue haired gang leader steps back as she feels she would have been stabbed by the countless scalpels that Ella possess. Meanwhile, the silver haired girl clutches her punctured stomach and spits blood and bile out as she struggles to breathe.


Rem thinks this is the appropriate moment to strike, and while not gloating her eyes shine with the arrogance of the conqueror. Moreover, she strikes at Ella's head, yet is surprised for she hits mere concrete.


As she is befuddled she feels an agonizing tear in her abdomen as a blade rises 5 centimeters and a voice whispers in her ear:


" Enjoy a punctured diaphragm, you maniac of obsession." Ella even giggles and bites rem's earlobe hard enough to tear the bottom portion off and spit it out.


"YOU FUCKING WHOREEE!" Screams Rem as she has an arm on her belly and another one on her bleeding ear. Just when both of their eyes stare at each other they here a piercing and commanding tone:


"This is the police! Stop what you are doing and drop your weapons!"


Both Rem and Ella look at each other's eyes as they simultaneously think:


"This isn't over you bastard."


Both pivot and run the opposite directions avoiding police pursuit, as they do not wish to divulge what happened. Furthermore, they both know that they will want to conclude this in another round, for no one takes what is rightfully theirs.


And with quickness and dexterity, both allude police persecution heavily injured.


(Scene Change)


Emilia is ecstatic and a little nervous to see her sister. She has changed out of several white and purple dresses until she settles on a good match. Purple sneakers with white sweat pants and a purple tank top, as she is happily envisioning their reunion she hears a door bell be sounded.


While thinking it is her sister she skips in joy and can't wait to question her about how the date went with Subaru. She opens the door and loudly proclaims:


"Hellooooo, dear sister, I reeallly hope you have a good excuse for being late, for if no-."


Her thoughts get interrupted and her face contorts in horror. For before her is Ella, however she is bleeding profusely from her clenched stomach and her arm is hanging limply as if it was broke. With a grin Ella follows up:


"He… Hey Emilia…. Have you missed me?" And then the white of her eyes roll up as she passes out in the arms of her crying twin.


Author's notes:


"Hey there thanks for reading, just wanted to say this was my first named chapter. From all three fics, so I guess I surpassed that mile stone. I want to thank my collaborator Wannabe from 7 sisters from betaing some stuff, yes yes, I know it isn't a real word. Also Grimbo and Crypticz helped out quite a bit. I originally thought about making this chapter 10K yet did not undergo that for I am concentrating on my next chapter of Discordant Harmony which will be massive.


Anyway I hope you all enjoyed!


Also a person with a fractured ulna and radius could not logically fight for long times, especially recent injuries, your brain sends signals to your fractures that make you lethargic and in great pain, so Ella had to conclude the fight as fast as she was able too. See you in my other fics or the next update of this one.


This was my favorite chapter to write I won't lie for it granted me certain viewpoints on the duality of humankind and how messed up individuals can be to attain their goals. There is nothing wrong with striving to be better!


Oteycri000 signing off.

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Re: Stalker


Chapter 7


In the clutches of life


"While there's Life,


There's Hope.




A girl on a gurney is pulled along by emergency medical techs, EMT's, used with ambulance's to coordinate the prevention of the loss of an individual. Facts remained unaccounted for, where the injuries came from. Who was responsible for them. Why were they inflicted. None of these supposition's and inquiries mattered at the moment. What truly mattered was the prevention of this patient's death.


"Hooking up the artificial respirator due to a punctured left lung. Patient has multiple lacerations on her arms, fractured and broken ulna and radius, punctured lower intestines, patient is going into shock and slipping."


Clinically said Yuki, a real pro at the field of trying to prevent the people dying before they reach the clean, sterile rooms filled with surgeons in the prestigious Shibuya Hospital. She's seen many injuries on a variety of patients that swarmed her little mobile medical operation center as her companion Sato drove with flashing lights and sirens towards the hospital.


Vehicles moved out of the way as the ambulance surged forward, the urgency palpable as it sped up.


She grimaced as she saw the wounds on this patient, her curiosity asked her how such a young and pretty girl could have received such grievous wounds, but time was of the essence.


Her curiosity simply took a back seat to the professional that she is. No time could be afforded on wondering what happened, only on keeping this patient alive until the surgeons got to her.


"Them some nasty ones Yuki, I got her hooked up on Ketamine, about 3 MG's. Should block the pain this poor lass is feeling as her nerve endings and pain receptors flair up. Christ, she got bloodied badly." Remarked a brown haired medical tech as he sighed, exhaustion visible in his eyes at enduring what happens to certain patients he has delivered to the hospital.


Yuki barely grunted an affirmation of having heard the man as she uses a minute pen light and with her thumb and forefinger open up one of their patient's eyes, while checking the straps and needles inserted in the patient to diagnose her heart rate among other conditions.


In all honestly it isn't looking good for her patient. She viewed rapidly oscillating eye movement and twitching, recommending that the individual's nerve synapses are panicking, failing to keep firing the synapses needed, and when the brain panics nothing good is afoot.


In her most detached voice she states to her companion, Ryu what they need, for while they are ten minutes away from the hospital she doubts their patient will last five minutes without some improvisation:


"Ryu, get me the Celox wraps we received and wrap them around the patient's gut, and her fractured forearm. Afterwards, we're performing a blood transfusion after the information we received from her twin sister, who has the same blood type."


Yuki spared a brief glance at the twin of this patient on her table who is sitting on the side with a pale face, yet fierce brilliant amethyst eyes shined with determination. Without her even prodding Emilia, she presents her arm to Ryu and grits her teeth:


"Take however much you need, that's my twin and I'll never allow myself to fail her again." Here she finished with a sad tone, yet Yuki understood, some things are just family issues. Lord knows how her family disliked her job of saving lives instead of being the good mannered girl they wanted her to be and marry someone with important business connections.


She held Emilia's arm and offered a brief smile and spoke with confidence:


"Don't worry miss, we'll save her life, I've seen worse cases and you'll be surprised at the human will to stay alive." Yuki looked at Emilia's wrists and noticed a small wooden crucifix, it seemed to have been exposed to the elements for several years to achieve the light wooden color it possessed.


She looked down at the conscious twin who was fidgeting with her cross and tried to reassure her:


"Hey what's your name, and your sisters? We haven't had time but I think it's important to put names to faces."


"Emilia, Just Emilia is fine. And that's my dear sister Satella, we wer…" She choked back a sob at the state of how her twin was doing, with a pale face, closed eyes and having to use an artificial respirator since her own body failed to assist in that endeavor.


Such a simple act it is to take for granted, the ability to simply breathe, had been robbed by whoever assaulted her dear sister. While she contemplated in anger the events that transpired, she felt a warm, reassuring hand on her shoulder. She glanced at this medical tech named Yuki, and eased up on her dark, tenebrous thoughts as she hurried to reassure the silver haired girl:


"Hey there Emilia, is if fine if I call you that? Yuki asked with some trepidation, yet upon seeing the reluctant smile on this brave girl she felt encouraged to continue:


"If you believe or have faith in your god or deity, then go ahead and pray, any little thing will help your sis out. Make sure she can hear you, while she seems unconscious her body is desperately fighting for survival, so I'm sure your words shall reach her."


Emilia forced a smile and winced a little as the tube with a slight needle was connected to her, then to her twins vein. She looked and refused to cry anymore as she whispered a silent prayer that gave her the fortitude to go on:




Heal my sister from their injuries,


There is no earthly disease, or wounds


Or disaster this is too big for You


And Your healing, Lord.


I pray that


Your hand be in the life of my sisters,


And You guide the pain out of her body. You are


The Great Healer, and I have total


Faith that You can help relieve them


Of this. Thank you, Lord, for Your


Mighty protection.


Amen and in the Lord we trust."


As Emilia finished her prayer, tears fell in her eyes for she is unsure of the power that faith may have, when one has no faith in themselves. Still, she grasped her frail and pale sisters hand as she sobbed while the paramedics looked at each other in exhaustion.


And before they knew it, they had arrived at the emergency entrance of the hospital, with individual's, already grasping the rolling gurney and Emilia pursued them, hoping against hope for a miracle.


(Scene Change)


Satella was sobbing as she held a weakened and pale Ella in their shadow garden. A bed had been thought of and it appeared out of thin air. This is where Ella laid, her pale countenance visible upon the creases of her eyes, blood trickling down her usually plump lips, now appearing as pale as the moonlight.


She tried to shift into a different position but a sharp pain was felt in her bruised hips and she stopped attempting to move. While slightly gasping she felt the warm and tender hand of Satella grasping her hand and arm delicately, yet firmly.


Treating Ella as if she was a porcelain doll, which the slightest forceful movement could shatter her into non- existence.


"Please, PLEASE, tell me you'll be… (hiccup) fine. I can't stand to lost you, I refuse to drift off again into the unknown, unsure of my place in life. Without you I'm I'…. I'M NOTHING!"


Wailed Satella as thick drops of sorrow poured down her cheeks, only to reach the soft grass. The environment they are both located in seemed to tremble and pulse, as if it's aware of its master's pain and agony, threatening to bring this fictional yet tangible world to cease existing.


The emotions shared by Satella arguably weren't helping in the least, the panic and agony both halves of each other shared was growing into a rebounding loop that was sure to result in dire circumstances.


Specifically, if the both of them were so emotionally and physically unsettled, the will to survive and fight their life threatening injuries would never appear.


Ella despite bearing the brunt of the injuries and the emotional toll of Satella grasped her hand and uttered through bloody lips:


"Satella, cal… calm yourself this instance!" She stopped and coughed out a disturbingly large amount of blood, since this isn't the real world, the injuries signified her mental and emotional anguish. She persevered because this was a matter of survival, and while she dearly loved her other self with all her heart, she had to calm her down or they were both going to be dust.


"That venomous. vile, abhorrent blue haired vixen still owes me several pounds of flesh and blood. And I'll never let a blood debt out of my sight.


However, this isn't the time nor place for vengeance, this is about self-preservation and survival to the utmost. I just bonded with our Subaru in ways I never expected yet are the most wondrous sensations I've ever felt.


The way his voice elicits deep shudders to vibrate deep inside me. His gentle yet firm caress which disarms me entirely, how his eyes seem to look into mine and I feel I can hide nothing from his sharp yet loving gaze. I refuse to die on principle alone, especially to someone that caused us harm."


While Ella thought these things and her frustration, pain, agony, fear of leaving their beloved behind, she felt an emotional resonance occurring between herself and Satella. She chanced a glance at her soul twin and saw steely determined eyes reflecting back at her.


Gone was the naïve waif who screamed and sobbed with no direction nor clue on how to proceed under strenuous circumstances. Instead the true intellect and level headedness they both shared was brought to light. Satella breathed and tightened her grip on Ella, who noticed faint barely visible tremors occurring on her hand.


"She's putting on quite the brave act, no matter this is what has to occur anyway." Thought Ella as she spoke:


"Listen, there isn't much time. The injuries we suffered have grown in damage and scope, I am using all of my consciousness to remain awake now and try to slowly heal our injuries."


Satella furrowed her brows as she quickly asked:


"You can heal ourselves?"


"Not quite, simply analyzing our injuries, taking stock of what veins, arteries, muscles, bones, and ligaments have been shattered and make sure our heart keeps pumping blood and our brain receives oxygen. It's nothing but trivialities but I must enter a trance state to relax the blood flow of our body, the oxygen intake and inhibit our pain receptors.


From what I can tell from our dwindling perception of the real world, we are in a hospital about to go through comprehensive lifesaving surgery, which will definitely involve coagulants, stimulants, sutures, and all manner of techniques designed to make sure we don't expire. I shall aid them as they operate to increase the chances of success, which are dishearteningly small. "


Ella coughed up more blood as she proceeded to sit cross legged, and Satella propped up pillows and gave her water in sips. She reluctantly looked at Satella as she motioned for her to give her a light hug, which she promptly did. Just thinking in this realm was exhausting her decaying reserves of energy, she had to hurry and finished stating vital information:


"Now, I won't be here with you for an indeterminate amount of time, the effort I must put stands a chance of annihilating my sentience, so you must be strong, brave, intelligent, preserve and above all else, don't let that blue haired Hündin near our Subaru, as well as our dear sister Emilia. You'll have to make do without me, I'm truly sorry but there is simply no time. Farewell and hopefully not an eternal goodbye, Satella."


She looked in shock and with blurry eyes due to tears as her other half dissipated into thin air, and she curled up in fetal position, hugging her knees with her head dipped in her chest as she let the firm wall she had made come crashing down. All while thinking:


"Uuuuggg, no please don't die Ella. I need you, I don't feel confident without you, it's like my heart is torn in two, a piece of my very existence just ceasing to exist is filling me with unimaginable agony."


After indulging in the temporary weakness she wiped her eyes and sat cross legged as well, with fierce amethyst eyes focused on two thoughts, their survival, and:


"I'll never forgive you Rem, Either Ella or I will send you to Kami-Sama to be judged by your heinous sins, you Eïn Stuck Müll! I'll rip your pretty eyes out, smash your fingers, cut open your chest to remove your still beating heart as I plunge a knife into it. And I'll make sure to do it while you are still alive in the loosest sense, so prepare yourself because you'll never be ready for when my fury is actually unleashed."


Vowed Satella as her eyes took on a tinge of bloodlust, the emotional resonance between both halves had transmitted certain extremely violent thoughts, such as that even Satella was feeling particularly murderous.


There was no way nor desire Ella had to hide what had happened to their body from Satella, besides the injuries they suffered was something that no separate mind state could have withstood.


While she didn't want to burden Satella with what had transpired between them, she also had no choice since she had no idea how long she would be put out of commission.


However she quickly pushed those thoughts aside as in the shadow garden Satella struggled to project a will to live and survive, and the medical team did their best to keep her alive in the real world.


(Scene Change)


While Ella's existence remained in flux, a pitter patter of rain drops fell outside the hospital where Emilia took out her cell phone and glanced in a state of dizziness at the weather, dark foreboding clouds graced the sky, making the world take on a grey hue, eerily matching her emotional state.


She stepped out since the surgeons told her there was nothing she could do but pray for her sister's recovery and the medical team would make sure to do everything in their power to save her life. She had already prayed and she tired of her wavering faith.


She shook her head minutely and resolved herself to be the bearer of bad news, but if there is one thing she is certain of, is that he needed to hear this. Tears cascaded down her abused tear ducts, but she never thought a person could contain so much liquid for it to rush our when they are feeling emotionally devastated.


They mingled with the rain that splattered on her face, falling down to the ground as she looked at herself in a small puddle. She saw tired and haggard eyes, flushed cheeks and a perpetual frown of sadness where she had always put on her most cheerful smile for her friends, sister, and the one boy she likes the most. Her fist clenched her phone tighter as she held an irrational urge to throw it to the ground and scream to the skies. To beg and weep to whatever gods would listen to her plea. She had never been very religious until recently she found herself gravitating to stories of self-sacrifice, supreme kindness, and benevolent entities that graced humanity with their wisdom.


She chuckled darkly to herself as she thought:


"We are reeeally just flawed individuals, aren't we Puck?" She glanced down at her mobile strap with a cute little cat figurine which Subaru had gifted her. She smiled at the memory but the events that transpired swung back around to her head as she kept thinking:


"Why do I feel this urge, this darkness seeping into my soul, to avenge my twin. Surely, that isn't what the Lord would want. But I'm not in a particularly caring mood, my own flesh and blood was nearly taken away from me. And the world keeps spinning, the clouds keep churning endless amounts of rain, as if they manifested from my own morbid and dark thoughts. We are truly, flawed people."


As she stopped ruminating the dark thoughts swirling through her mind she forced her hand to stop trembling and brought her phone up to her face. With deft fingers she instantly found who she wanted to simultaneously call, as well as dreaded to complete the action. She knew his smile would disappear among finding out the occurrences of today.


She dialed the number and after four beeps it picked up and her breath hitched at hearing the energetic response:


"Hey Emilia! How're you feeling, I know you're a bit under the weather?"


The cheerful voice that came through drove a smile that was barely forming as she was automatically going to reply with her usual veneer. However the smile instantly stopped as the tears resumed again, and try as she might she couldn't stop her sobs from being heard.


Instantly recognizing something wrong, Subaru moved from the couch where he was playing with Beatrice and into his room, he sat down and inquired:


"Where are you? I'll come over right now, I don't know what happened but EMT is too pure to be sad, so let me go make that frown upside down!"


The cheerful remarks nearly send her spiraling out of control, as only he could comfort her in such a way. But big tears kept on falling down her cheeks as she barely managed to whisper:


"Sub…. Subaru, please come to the Shibuya Hospital, Emergency ward number three, something has happ… something happened to sis, somethin… really un.. unfair. I need you, sis needs you, so pleas… Please come, I beg you!"

She couldn't keep on a brave persona as all her strength abandoned her when she finally went to her knees, sobbing in an uncontrolled manner.


Her pants got wet and dirty and she could care less as an immediate response was heard, the voice had morphed from cherry to somber yet alert in all the senses:


"I'll be there in fifteen minutes, wait for me, Emilia."


A click was heard as the call hung up, and she sighed in a relief that felt palpable, her dark thoughts receding to the quiet corners of her mind. She knew things would get better if her Subaru showed up, he always managed to find a way to save the day and bring smiles to everyone's faces.


A gloved hand appeared in her vision seemingly out of nowhere, an instinctual reaction was to take the hand and it strongly yet kindly pulled her up from her knees as a handkerchief was presented to her. Stunned, she simply used it to clear her blurry eyes as she focused on the newcomer.


A tall and stern gentleman stood in front of her, a weathered face with eyes that spoke volumes of all the rich experience he has traversed stood in sharp contrast to the gentle and concerned smile he directed at her.


Dressed in an impeccable uniform he waited to see if she was alright before clearing his throat, and thus spoke:


"Forgive me miss, I just couldn't stand there while you projected such sadness from a vulnerable position, I assume you're Emilia, and your sister is the victim of the assault that happened in the alleyway?"


She reeled back in consternation as she debated who this man was and she hesitantly asked:


"How do you know my name? That makes me reeally uncomfortable, as well as my sister's situation?"


She scanned him to see if he displayed any roguish tendencies, yet all she felt was concern and kindness. His smile dropped to a concerned one, as he mumbled:


"Pardon my manner's miss Emilia, here." He flashed a police inspector's badge which made her eyes flash.


"My name is Wilhelm Van Astrea, and I'm the police inspector in charge of solving this assault case, if you wouldn't mind could we step inside to one of the conference room so I can gather some details that will certainly aid me in the investigation."


Emilia panicked slightly since she had never trusted the police after a certain incident happened years ago, as well as her sister confirming the police where nothing but fools wielding power to intimidate the masses. Yet, he seemed like one of the few good seeds as Satella had said, that genuinely wanted to help the people in a just and fair manner.


So with a shaky nod she proceeded to go into the hospital with Wilhelm, as the rain continued falling down, the grey skies a stark reminder that everything seems to be spiraling in chaotic directions with no semblance of order.


A boy dodged and weaved through the light traffic as a singular thought occurred to him:


"Emilia, Satella, please be safe dammit, my life, everything we've lived through, I can't let it fall here!"


And with that thought Natsuki Subaru hurried to the hospital, unbeknownst to him that the events that happened today will shape the rest of his life, bringing sorrow, tragedy, anguish and melancholy. The peaceful days are indeed coming to a close.


Author's Notes:


Sorry it took so long, Work's been heavy and crazy and wonderful and stressful. It's been going good and bad, but never boring. This chapter was going to be longer, but it's split up in two. I'm working on the other chapter and if everything goes well should be released Sunday or Monday morning.


Thank you for your patience and understanding, Because I truly enjoy writing this fic.


Now two or three words that may have been confusing:


Hundin means Bitch in German to the best of my knowledge. Both Ella and Satella will occasionally use German remarks due to their time spend there.


Ein Stuck Mull: Piece of trash in German.


Cerox is a type of military or former military extreme anti-coagulant used to seal nicked arteries in record time to my understanding.


I'll try to keep the medical jargon light, but from time to time you'll see some words that I'll explain when I remember or possible.


Next chapter will be from Rem and Ram's perspective, gang flashbacks abound so be forewarned.


Thank you for reading and things are definitely spicing up.


Any pathways you want to see or suggestions feel free to leave a review, I do read them all and appreciate the support. It's a genuine pleasure to write for y'all.

Chapter Text

Re Stalker


Chapter 8




"In this life we


Will never truly


Be apart, for we


Grew to the same


Beat of our


Mother's heart."


(Daphne Fandrich)


"Where am I? Why does everything feel so blurry? I can't move without feeling anguish through my whole body, it hurts to breathe. Let's try to open one eye."


A slit opened up and the lights that passed by it made it close abruptly. A pounding sensation sent searing pain through the mind of the injured patient. After several agonizing minutes she was able to open both eyes as she took note of her surroundings.


A medical team carried a frail body, her blue hair covered the pain in her eyes as she fought to stay conscious and realized that a bunch of blood that was supposed to stay inside of her leaked on the floor of this underground building they entered.


Memories floated through her battered skull as she tried to remember what happened. A flash of silver hair that maneuvered expertly to avoid a direct strike that would have decimated her skull.


Words that mocked her, before shouts interrupted their macabre death match as they both split up, with the unvoiced promise of extreme violence not having been resolved, and affirmation through their glare that this indeed would end another day.


Before she had a moment to protest in her weak state, she heard an urgent and authoritative voice:


"Technician Anyu, keep this bloody patient alive, you hear me. Her twin will have my head, and Marcos would never forgive me!"


A familiar voice that brokered no argument sounded from where she was currently strapped to. But her eyes were sluggish, pieces of meat that barely opened a quarter and she recognized Heinkel, which would have made her happy if she hadn't failed her mission.


She dreaded the consequences of failure not due to the punishment involved, but due to her sister finding out what she had done.


Before she could utter a word of protest, she had an oxygen mask over her face and the narcotics swam in her system to the point she couldn't feel pain. Unless she tried to get up, which she attempted several times before she screamed at the jagged skin and organs she possessed.


She knew one thing was priority before she passed out, and with all her strength she grasped Heinkel's arm. Before he could even formulate a reply, to where they were, what happened to her in detail she opened her parched mouth after Heinkel removed it slightly to allow her to speak:


"Where is Ram? Where is sissy?"


The big man glanced downward as if the topic was uncomfortable, before he opened his mouth:


"She… She's on the way and should be here any minute."


A primordial fear filled Rem, for she knows how her sister is when it comes to her. She would undoubtedly be pissed. And she remembers how bad her sister's temper gets. Before she could ask anything more she drifted off unto a memory of the last time she saw her sister truly upset.


(4 years ago)


Rem and Ram walked through the underground tunnels, with swagger and elegance. None dared to touch them or interfere in their operations.


However they weren't just seeing anyone, but their boss Heinkel. The closest thing they had chosen as family who rescued them from the gutter's.


Heinkel was reviewing some documents as they both walked in, with perfect synchro. He just scowled as he tossed the remaining papers on his desk, he turned around to look at the leaders of his little special tactics unit, the Oni Demons.


His irritation was palpable as he exhaled deeply and took a long swig of his whiskey. He settled it down and brought his fingers together on the table and asked:


"Well? Why did that bastard Todd escape? The whole point of this mission was stealth and swift elimination of the target, so we can acquire fifteen percent of the operations in the Shinjuku port. Now I have twelve dead grunts, two warehouses on fire and the JSPF on our trail.


Had to take two bribes to get of our back. That bastard Abellux is laughing as we speak I'm certain. Well, what do you have to say for yourself?"


Rem squirmed under the harsh glare of her sister, as Ram sighed and approached Heinkel's desk and laid her hands on the table, her signature pistols secured in their shoulder and hip holsters. She cleared her throat and proceeded to reply:


"This was both our faults, since we underestimated the opponent's craftiness, as well as their versatility with adapting to unfavorable circumstances. Tch, I'll chase him down if it's the last thing I do, this I promise Big Boss Heinkel."


He sighed and his harsh visage disappeared, he couldn't stay mad at them. They were basically like his daughters, and he found it increasingly distasteful to send them on missions when he told them he didn't need them at Marcos funeral.


Despite the circumstances, they're his best field agents and can approach nearly any target and take it down. Combine it with the hacking skills some of the freelancers he employs, and their projected growth is expected to flourish.


He stood up and walked to the couch as he dropped down heavily while saying:


"Go ahead and give me the recap of the situation, and we'll draw up another plan. Start from the beginning, if you would Rem and Ram."


The blue haired girl wilted again under her twin's stare as she recounted the events of what occurred.


(Shinjuku Port Recap)


Rem wasn't stupid, she wasn't upset at how her quarry escaped. Mostly, she was mad at herself for underestimating such an opponent.


She had cracked skulls and raided warehouses with nothing but her trusty Morningstar and her sister at her back, carrying ammunition belts filled with flashbangs, grenades, two Sig Sauer's strapped to each left and right hip.


Potent side arms that are regularly underestimated, until Ram un holsters them with a frightening speed and shoots the first confused rival gang member once straight to the heart. She heard his grunt, realized he had ballistic armor, and with barely a flicker of her hand, shoot him twice in the forehead.


Simultaneously, launching a flash bang grenade to the members that were situated around a poker table with stunned expressions.


Ram grasped Rem and with a glance told her to shut her eyes. The light that erupted was nothing short of magnificent. Screams of agony could be heard by the blinded men, yet they abruptly stopped when Ram reloaded and shot precise bullets through each of their foreheads.


Rem admired her sisters work and saw two individuals that had shielded their eyes in time and ducked under the table, due to blind arrogance or tactical knowledge she's was unaware.


However it meant little to her as she unsheathed her Morningstar and in less than a blink of an eye reached the targets her dear sissy missed.


With a quick, almost careless swing she took off the jaw of a dirty blond haired man. As he laid trying and failing to scream his anguish, she upturned her bat and jabbed it in the remaining opponents neck. She saw how the razor coils and nails snagged his neck and with brutal force swung him around, having him bleeding and bubbling at the unexpected attack.


As she regrouped with Ram everyone was in a state of dying, which suited her just fine.


Bloodlust was a necessary trait to have when performing gruesome op's such as these. Yet it needed to be honed and trained, not unleashed with sadistic fury. She grasped her sister by the shoulder and swung her around. She coiled in slight disgust as she sighed:


"Rem-nii, you have brain matter on your hair, clean yourself at once."


"Hmm, oh sorry sissy I'll fix it in a jiffy." Rem replied with eyes tinged with slight madness and satisfaction as she used a towel to remove the brain matter and gore that matted her short hair.


Sometimes Ram didn't think this lifestyle was appropriate for them, she could execute anyone that needed to be. However, she would do it in a cold, clinical manner, betraying no glee at the prospect yet no sympathy for the victim.


However her sister truly disturbed her at times, how she can be sweet and shy with Barasu, yet act as a fanatical demon when given permission. It's her duty to make sure things don't go belly up, so to speak. She proceeded to scold her sister yet noticed movement to their left.


In a flash she categorized three additional individuals showing up, wielding lightweight H&K submachine guns. In several other moments she had pushed her sister who was already performing a role dive as she kicked the table to cover her.


Ram sprinted in the other direction and upon discovering their sights where slowly aiming at her, let the adrenaline and cortisol flow through her body as she processed her options:


Getting her Sig out of the holster, aiming and firing reliably upon locating the targets head will take approximately 1.4 seconds. Enough for her to become nothing but Swiss cheese.


Using concussion, stun, or explosive grenades take an additional 3.5 seconds. Even worse is that the blast radius is close to her twin sister.


Use corpse 3 feet in front of her to deflect the bullets and pray they don't have armor piercing rounds.


"Option 3 it is." Ram thought to herself as she dived and made sure to hold the corpse with ballistic armor shielding most of her body. She gritted her teeth as she talked to her comm, informing her sister to maintain cover as bright flashes erupted from the muzzles of the weapons.


She counted with her eyes closed and her senses expanded, 1,2, 10, 23 shots before the shell casings fell and there was a flurry of motion as clips feel to be hastily reloaded. They made the fatal mistake of not launching a grenade that would have seriously made this mission fail.


Without even telling her twin Rem sent a concussive grenade sailing to land at their feet, and while they reloaded one of them say it and gestured to his comrades to move. They tried, they died.


Yet while this was going on Ram had already filled hollow point bullets in her right Sig and Armor piercing in her left, so she swiftly pivoted and encroached while firing three times. All perfect hits, all dead center on their foreheads.


As she continued to move and her sister made sure everyone remained dead, a door to her right suddenly opened with vigor and two tall, bulky men wielding additional sub machine guns appeared, approximately eight feet away from Ram. Again she had to consider her choices:


Pointing her still smoking barrel pistols at the target will take 0.8 seconds, yet their weapons are already wielded and coming towards her, and the outcome is predictable.


Try to retreat under additional cover, however there is none present as her previous human shield is mincemeat. There is no time to even remotely get to cover before she gets shredded.


Surprise the target's by rushing them, which will cause hesitation as they are unsure of point blank range and general confusion when a petite target such as herself dares to get close to bigger individuals such as they. Bravado and arrogance will take place in the frontal lobe, quick decision making shall lead them to try to beat her to death or slash her with knifes.


Done with her logical thinking she puts her plan to motion. She rushes them yet surprises them when she roars with all the strength she can. Disorientates targets, as hesitation and animal instincts are flooded with three different firing synapses in their brain.


Enough hesitation is established for her to unsheathe her knifes by her shoulder blades and throw one deftly, barely pausing to acknowledge the targets right eye bursting into liquids and blood as it pierces the right brain hemisphere, rendering the target effectively neutralized.


Before even two heartbeats occur Ram is on the other target as she jumps, grasps his shoulders, twirls around locking her right knee below her left one on his throat, ankles crossed and falls with the bigger man.


Once on the ground he tries to pry apart her legs, for he recognizes he is in a triangle chokehold yet Ram never claimed to play fair and with a deft movement uses the blade to sever the cervical vertebrae, killing her foe instantaneously.


She gets up and winces at the blood on her as she turns around and hopes that her sissy is doing ok. She frowns as she notices that she got nicked on her left shoulder blade, and blood runs freely. With a sigh she wraps some bandages with a sprinkle or cortex and moves on.


Rem had two other opponents but instead of thinking of the next move she had to deduce and analyze. She gave into her instincts as she throws her bat with such force it crushes one of her targets skulls. While the brain splatter erupted and splashed against her next targets eyes he raised one hand to try to get the blood and brain matter out of his eyes.


Yet as he wasted precious seconds to do so, Rem had weaved against him and faced his back as she climbed up and positioned her knees on each of his shoulders. She squishes them against his neck with all her strength and grinned maniacally as she whispered:


"Too bad, so sad mister, sayonara." And she put both her hands on his head and small of his back as she pivoted one hundred and eighty degrees, breaking and severing the man's internal spine to the brain vertebrae. An illegal muay thai move she learned months ago and never had the chance to practice.


As she gracefully descended and retrieved her Morningstar, she pirouetted to her sister and bowed slightly as she said:


"Ta-Da! Sissy we got out targets and we are barely injured. I say that's a good day wouldn't you agree?"


Ram just looked at this demon in front of her and grunted, since she had no desire to quarrel with her sister's methods at the moment. She did take the time to analyze the dead and frowned after realizing that their main target wasn't located here.


Just as she was about to say that to her sister they heard a booming laugh:


"Hahahaha, well well, y'all did magnificent to get this far and cause these casualties like nothing. No wonder they call you the Oni Twins, truly a worthy title."


They both suddenly turned around to where a brown haired fellow was tossing a small remote in his hand from the second floor. Instantly they realized that was there target, and before Ram could grab her Sig's he kept on speaking:


"I'm sure that Heinkel is mighty furious over what Cecilus did to Marcos, however you can't blame that on me, I'm just a harmless low level employee. Give me a break and walk away and you'll live, if not don't blame me for the circumstances, Oni Twins.


Right when Ram was going to aim and shoot at his body, ballistic armor be damned he bowed slightly and concluded their conversation:


"How feisty the both of you are, I can see the blue headed one wanting to drink my blood and crush my bones, while the pink haired one seems to consider how many bullets will take to put me down. Well this was entertaining but I do have an appointment to keep with Jamal. How do the French say it? Ah yes, Au revoir!"


At the mere utterance of the French words of good bye, the device in his hand ended up being a detonator, which he swiftly activated as he fled through a door to an escape route which would lead him to a boat.


Ram recognized the calamity they had unleashed and grasped Rem's hand who while wanted to protest, understood her sister was furious at the exchange.


They ran away to a window which Ram shot as they ran several times before it shattered and they jumped, where according to the blueprints and their observations led to the sea in the port of Shinjuku.


Barely upon crashing with the rolling tide, a huge explosion was heard and Rem hugged her sister Ram as debris was launched into where they fell, a piece of shrapnel pierced her shoulder and she gritted her teeth to not scream and loose what little oxygen they managed to gather.


They stay submerged for several more minutes before finally they had to get air into their depleted lungs. They both surfaced as they intake huge amounts of delicious, lifesaving oxygen. While they recovered they also saw the very warehouse at the pier where scant minutes ago they would have blown up alongside it.


With determined eyes Ram's countenance took on a frightful appearance as she got supremely upset at the failure this mission signified, with her killing intent manifesting in murderous waves, Rem shivered and was glad it wasn't ever directed at her. For if her sister got mad at someone they didn't live for long.


(Shinjuku End)


Heinkel absorbed this tale with incredulous eyes, and if it was anyone else he would have told them to fuck off due to how unlikely it sounds that people could actually perform these tasks as efficiently as they did. Yet, he stopped himself for he knew what they have been through, and how survival of each other is paramount to their importance.


With a sigh he accepted the tale and then ordered them to different locations. This is what Rem remembered the clearest, not Heinkel's change of attitude, but Ram's cold countenance, she was simply simmering with killing intent. She was sure that their Big Boss felt that as well, for he hurried to grant them time to rest and prep for the next mission. All the while she accompanied her sissy to her flat she felt her ire, and was doubly glad it hadn't ever been delivered to her.


(Scene change, Present time)


Heinkel worried outside the underground operating room they had as Rem was treated with the best surgeons they had on staff, he even had to bugger off and ask Russell Fellow to borrow Minerva for the surgery which cost him five percent in operations involving the Osaka region. Yet, he knew if he didn't do it, not only would he feel un accomplished but he doubted he would survive the twin's wrath.


As he contemplated on the matters in which the mission failed, a cold and frigid voice was heard which chilled Heinkel's bones:


"Am I to assume Heinkel, that my sissy underwent a mission without my knowledge and approval, and not only did she get critically injured but she failed her mission as well as myself not being aware of what transpired?"


Heinkel coughed as he turned around and merely three feet away from him he felt true fear, for Ram was looking at him as if deciding if she should shoot him now, or save it for later when she would enjoy his pain more. He knows she isn't a sadist as her sister and is extremely loyal to him and their deceased boss Marcos.


Yet, he fears that this misunderstanding would end with his death, despite everything he may have done for them, this twin bond superseded everything he has ever witnessed. Despite the two four guards anxiously awaiting orders and with itchy trigger fingers, he had no doubt he would die first. There was even a slim chance that she could take them all on without even a scratch. While slim, all Ram needs is a minuscule opportunity to create miracles of bloodshed.


He held his hands in supplication and answered:


"Ram, you know how your sister is, I just want to point out she came to me, she informed me of a blood feud she had with a lass, and she wanted to bring her into our organization as a surgeon. That is all the information I had before this shit show happened."


She continued to look at the man she considered a family relative, as well as glanced at the guards positioned in a square angle around her and considered her options:


Grab Heinkel as hostage, during hesitation of the guards, un holster the right Sig Sauer loaded with Hollow Points, and eliminate first two guards, while they fall dead to the ground pirouette and throw Heinkel to remaining two guards. Furthermore, since this will destabilize their position will be able to fire at will and neutralize all three targets. Effective, shall consider.


Cajole, threaten and choke Heinkel to death, as the life leaks out of his body get shot by the guards, can confirm his expiration before my own. Vengeance will feel nice, yet forfeiting life does not sound appealing to continued existence.


Sit down and let Heinkel explain, then get absolutely livid at sissy's interactions. Yes, rather satisfying and fulfills prerogative to remain alive and seek vengeance against true enemy.


Heinkel had an inkling of the hyper thought process going through Ram's mind, yet still breathed a sigh of relief when she sat across from him and crossed her legs. She was sporting black slacks, white combat boots, and a simmering pink overcoat, which no doubt hid her considerable weaponry.


"Speak, and tell me who hurt my sister despite your absurd authorization of this foolish errand."


Heinkel gulped and forgot that while Rem may be crazy, she always treated him with a modicum of respect, in comparison to Ram who held no such vision.


He sighed and prepared himself for the shit storm to continue and increase and spoke:


"She had a blood feud with a woman who just came from Germany called Satella. I don't know why or how, but the operation failed and until Rem wakes up we won't know much. All I know is about Satella is that she is currently in the Shibuya Hospital also getting treated for emergency medical care. Ward number 3."


Ram blinked back surprise but any emotion on her face over having seen Satella the day before vanished as a cold countenance took her place. She swiftly got up and looked once at Heinkel with a softened expression:


"Please take care of sissy for me, I'll be back."


And as she walked away Heinkel was astonished and quickly asked:


'Wait! Where are you going? Surely not to take revenge? That place is locked up tight with multiple JSPF!"


She turned back once to look at him as a quaint smile crossed her face, before it seemed to never even exist in the first place. She spoke softly and concluded this exchange:


"I'm going to go finish the job, Kill the target then come and scold Rem-nii for being an idiot and not taking me with her. I feel her pain as the twin I am, and I'll make sure that fool doesn't attempt anything else. Simply, I'm going to go neutralize the entity known as Satella and anyone that stands in my way, farewell and watch over my sister or your next."


As she walked away swiftly yet determinedly Heinkel groaned and sat back down as he pulled out his phone, contacting all his associates to maintain threat level Gamma for the craziness that is about to follow.


While Ram hurried yet calmly walked towards her destination a flickering thought of a dumb, black haired boy crossed her mind, causing her to hesitate. She wavered slightly yet closed her eyes as she spared a thought:


"I'm sorry Barasu, but things have happened that surpass my desire to remain good friends with you, I hope you aren't there. Please stay home with Beatrice-Sama. Please don't make me kill you as well."


And with those final thoughts Ram picked up her steps as she got the blueprints to the hospital downloaded as well as the obstacles in her way, while not smiling she felt thrilled to be doing something that will surely help her sister as long as she isn't caught.


With these instances every bet is off the table, as an unavoidable collusion is imminently approaching, who will prevail, what will happen next? All the things that matter is that the Moon and the gloomy weather is the witness to these maddening events that will transpire across the city.


Author's Notes:


Hello this chapter was the second part I wanted to write. Also concludes the introductory arc, Next chapters will focus on an insane hospital arc. So I hope y'all enjoy, any questions, reviews, please let me know.


Twin bonds do exist yet they don't have telekinesis or telepathy duh, I'm a twin and if someone hurts mine even a dear friend all bets are off.


I don't think I have to explain the level of violence that occurred in this chap, triangle choke holds are true, as well as latitude positions involved with knife throwing.


Plus side I didn't use any fancy words I believe this time. I hope y'all enjoyed this and let me know your thoughts.


Until next time, Now im concentrating on the next Discordant Harmony chapter so if y'all liked this, y'all ain't ready for that one.

Chapter Text

Re: Stalker


Chapter 9




"Suspense is like


A woman,


The more left to


The imagination,


The more the




(Alfred Hitchcock)


The conference room lighting flickered like the indecisions of an individual, the stale atmosphere was in sharp contrast to the current occupants. A silver haired girl with a bandage on her left arm from where blood was drawn, muddy white sweatpants and dirty sneakers fiddled with her hair. A lukewarm cup of coffee laid in front of her.


Opposite this lady was an older gentleman that radiated a figure of authority, yet the crinkles in his eyes displayed a concerned visage, as well as a warm countenance to the affairs currently entangling the pair. His eyes flicked down to his notepad and he paused as he thought of what he knew:


1: A 22 year old woman named Satella is this girl's twin. She is currently undergoing surgery and has been for the last couple of hours. A victim of violent assault is likely due to the evidence and extent of the injuries.


2: A witness saw Satella engaging in what seemed like a fight with an unknown individual, only characteristics where that the assailant was wielding a nasty looking baseball bat with chains and nails embedded in the wooden frame. Explains multiple fractures and shattered forearm.


3: When a phone call was placed to the police, the local precinct officer was in the area. He was able to catch a glimpse of the fight and ordered them to stop and surrender their weapons. Neither did that and both fled in opposite directions. Guilt? Suspicion? Will review and ask patient when awake why they didn't scream for help at the presence of the police and instead fled the scene.


4: Scalpels where found throughout the area of confrontation, a quick check at the victim's bag revealed multiple scalpels all sheathed and stored. Patient may be in the medical field? Too soon to speculate.


5: The patient's twin in front of me remains unusually quiet whenever asked any direct questions on the victim. Displayed a hesitation to answer even basic informational answers that may aide this case. Collusion? Unlikely yet will not discard the theory just yet.


In conclusion, more information and data is needed to make sense of this quagmire, as well as needing victim to wake up and be lucid so that answers may be forthcoming. This is a sensitive case due to the increasing violence by gang members and their boldness to strike during broad daylight.


He sighed as he closed his booklet and put his hands on the table, looking at the girl in front of him with concern and worry. She hadn't said much to him nor anyone, all she mumbled was she would talk when someone she called arrived. He didn't mind waiting since he understands the hurdle it is to have someone dear to you in the hospital fighting for their life.


A brief flash occurred through his eyes as his fists clenched and he looked at the wall, his memories of his son and his wife floated through his mind. He hadn't talked to Heinkel in ten years, and barely knew what he was up to only that he had gotten involved in the seedy underbelly of Shibuya.


While it was his sworn duty as a police officer to investigate and find out what his son was up too, he simply didn't want to. It went against what he was taught when he was training to be a detective so many years ago, but even his wife Theresia argued that as long as he wasn't killing people or trafficking with human slaves then they should leave him be.


The pain of losing Louanna to autoimmune encephalitis which led to her coma has weighed heavily on them all. Especially Reinhard, a fine grandson yet they still remain awkward at dinners, the seldom times they happen. He was an upstanding lead detective alongside Julius which have caught many murderers and perpetrators of violent cases.


How he wished they were here to help him out, unfortunately they are in Osaka investigating weapon smuggling of illegal Russian munitions and drugs such as Heroin from the Chinese Triads. He'll have to do this solo which he doesn't mind, if only his one lead remained more cooperative.


With a sigh he was about to attempt to coax out some answers out of the girl in front of him when the door suddenly opened with force. He got up startled at the sudden motion and his hand instinctively went for his Colt .40, yet he stopped when noticing it was a young boy, around the girl's age with black hair a pale expression and fierce looking eyes, wearing an orange, black and white jumpsuit.


Before he could inquire as to who this boy was a flurry of silver hair is seen launching itself at the young man. Wilhelm blinked and chuckled as he smiled slightly, knowing now who the person she was waiting on is.


"Sub… SUBARUUUU… UUUWUGGG. You're here, I'm so gl.. glad! This has been a nigh… nightmare!" The silver haired girl explains as she erupts into tears and puts her head on his neck as she sobs, He grabs her and whispers soothing words that get her calm in a surprisingly little amount of time.


Wilhelm observes this and decides this black haired fellow is rather interesting, he reminded him of himself when he shone with determination and passion, with his love Theresia by his side always tending to the flowers.


Before he knew it he was smiling gently and the black haired boy eased the amethyst colored eyed girl to her chair before he approached him and offered his hand.


With a serious expression he explained who he was:


"Hello, my name is Natsuki Subaru, 3rd year college student and friend to Emilia and her sister Satella, would you mind filling me in on what's happened? Emilia-Tan called me but all I know is something happened to Satella-Tan, something… not good."


He grimaced at what he expected to be a bad situation, but the old man in front of him clasped his hand warmly and smiled as he announced himself:


"My name is Wilhelm Van Astrea, I am the detective in charge of this case, please sit down Subaru-dono and we can catch you up to speed. Hopefully, you can help aide this investigation as well."


Subaru heard assault case and his worries intensified, but he nodded his head and sat down next to Emilia, who laid her head on his shoulders. Wilhelm noticed this and curiously thought that maybe they were involved, yet facts like that wouldn't truly help his leads. So with a gesture and flourish he began stating what he knew.


"At approximately eighteen hundred hours miss Satella was spotted apparently fighting against an unknown assailant by a witness, possible due to her life being at risk I dare say that is the biggest possibility. After a call to the local police precinct, the officer in charge approached the scene and asked them to surrender and drop their weapons.


What I find curious is that Satella, who I assume is the victim in this case, not only didn't stop at the police officer's words but fled, do you have any idea why she would do that instead of asking for help from the authorities?"


A silence descended upon the conference room, as Wilhelm noticed both Emilia and Subaru glance at each other before responding. He thought:


"Curious, they know certain elements of what's going on, or suppositions into the characteristics of the victim Satella. Was it personal experience or mistrust. Will write down at a later date."


The black haired boy, Natsuki Subaru opened up his mouth to speak:


"Both Satella and Emilia have went through less than favorable circumstances with police authorities both in Germany and Japan. I don't wish to talk about it, however for the case I can say that Satella trusts police less than dirt.


She's been a victim of multiple issues where the German authorities either did nothing, or humiliated her due to her aggressor's being rich or well connected. I'm honestly not surprised she ran, yes she shouldn't have I understand that. However she might as well thought this officer was going to accuse her of being the perpetrator of the assault. It's simply how she is."


Wilhelm was surprisingly shocked at the fervent voice this young man carried upon this case, as if he was present or witness to certain events. It made him upset at certain colleagues of his since he knows the justice system isn't perfect. He's personally caught criminals red handed with evidence to spare, yet their connections always managed to either reduce the sentence or let them be dismissed.


As he sighed and put his hands on his chin he thought of what his wife would always say:


"Sometimes there are bad people that do good things for recognition and to evade any evidence their way, and sometimes there are good people convicted to keep the true criminal out of jail. It's a delicate system you balance my love."


Before he could speak he finally heard Emilia speak, albeit hesitantly yet with renewed vigor:


"En, my sister was involved in multiple assault cases where she was the victim, but even in her school they denounced her or buried the evidence. Since the evil doers where people with connections my dear twin couldn't match despite her words."


"Emilia-Tan who even says evil doers anymore, this isn't a comic book. Yet, I agree she has suffered a lot for no reason and no one to help her. Please understand that Wilhelm-san, she must have run away due to not only her injuries but past memories of never receiving help."


Remarked Subaru as he smiled for the first time at seeing Emilia use one of her archaic words, in contrast Emilia stuck out her tongue cutely at him. Yet the mood returned somber as they remembered why they are present here, and not relaxing in some café or enjoying a nice walk in the park.


"Subaruu, I feel it's fine to tell Wilhelm-san of what occurred between myself and with Satella which makes us hesitant to share information, don't you think? He seems, hmm how to put it?" She cutely put her hand on her chin and rubbed it as she was deep in thought, before she snapped her fingers and continued:


'Aha, yes trustworthy is the word I was looking for!" She gloated with immense pride at having remembered the word she was searching for, both Subaru and Wilhelm chucked slightly at her attitude. Both glad that she was trying her hardest to keep her composure and not break down into pieces.


Subaru sighed as Emilia granted him permission to tell the tale while looking at Wilhelm who took out his notepad and was getting ready to create a character profile of both Satella and Emilia for future use and to understand the situation better.


"Well you see, this is what happened."


(4 years ago, Nagasaki, Japan)


"Hurry up Emilia and Subaru, there are sweets to eat and mochi to taste, I suppose." Exclaimed an excited Beatrice as both Emilia and Subaru tried to keep up with her energetic pace. They both sighed as only when it comes to sweets does this stern, taciturn little girl act her age, instead of as someone older.


"Hey, Emilia-Tan, this is our first time to Nagasaki isn't it? I wonder what local delicacies they must have here." Remarked the black haired youth as they were currently taking a little vacation. He frowned and his eyes turned somber due to not being able to enjoy himself one hundred percent with the absence of the other twin.


"Subaruuu, don't worry I understand that look too. I reaally wish Satella was here as well. But we talked to her and she told us to have fun, so turn that frown upside down mister." Smiled Emilia as she too, was fighting to keep the sadness out of her voice.


"Alright, let's go before this drill loli disappears away from us. Thanks for those words Emilia." Sighed Subaru as he to regained his spirits and they both raced each other to catch the feisty loli.


After some hours, all three laid on a park bench eating Italian ice cream from a specialty shop, Beatrice was sitting in between them and doing her best to not get messy. Subaru provided her some napkins which she used as she sneakily licked her fingers when she thought they weren't looking to maintain her dignity somewhat.


Emilia was eating a mango sherbet and licking her fingers with no shame, as well as Subaru was finishing his chocolate ice cream. All three sighed contently at the scenario. They were both happy and grateful for this opportunity now that they had graduated from 3rd year of school and passed their entrance exams.


They wanted to go to the same university, but Emilia had always been more diligent with her studies than Subaru. So, it took some serious mental fortitude for him to keep up and he barely made the cut.


Without realizing it he also got into the same university as Crusch, Felix, Anastasia, Felt, and Priscilla. Most of them passing acquaintances with the exception of Crusch, Ana, and Felix. It seemed like a promising school year.


Full of fun memories to make and friendships to blossom, like the Azalea in full bloom, germinating and spreading hope around with its beautiful pink petal blossoms. So too does Subaru hope things well go in the same manner.


"Hey Subaru, do you think things will go well this semester?" Inquired a curious silver haired girl as she laid her head on his shoulder, luckily Beatrice was short enough that the action didn't interrupt her intense concentration of finishing her parfait.


"Hmmm, I'm an unlucky guy however with you by my side it will cancel that bad luck and leaves us with ton to spare. So I'm sure it's going to go just perfect EMT" Replied Subaru as he absent mindedly patted Beatrice's head.


"Betty isn't in the mood for head pats, I suppose. However, do not stop, in fact. It feels quite nice." Responded Beatrice as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation of her brother's touch, which always calmed her down.


Emilia looked into the eyes of her childhood friend. He who had fought for her against childhood bullies, he who had always made weird and odd jokes that nonetheless made her laugh. His warm brown eyes that seem so scary are filled with nothing but kindness. His slim body betrays the hidden strength underneath.


He is simply wonderful and Emilia is surprised it took her this long to find out she had always viewed Natsuki Subaru as a friend, yet her heart and soul screamed for something more. To become something else, to be together in the truest sense.


These emotions cascaded into ones that she struggled to understand: love, benevolence, caring, and cherishing for an individual in the truest sense left her happy, ecstatic, joyful and with tears in her eyes.


"Emilia-tan, what's wrong?! Are you feeling ok?" Subaru freaked out at seeing her cry tears because he felt it was his fault, he immediately started faulting himself as if this was his problem.


The self-loathing he had buried started manifesting before a slim finger touched his lips. He looked in confusion as Emilia smiled through her tears. She hurriedly wiped them with a napkin that Beatrice had handed her and began speaking:


"Dunderhead, I'm not crying tears of regret or melancholy, but tears of joy. You see, I'm reaally happy when I'm with you and Beatrice, it makes me feel content, as if my whole life I was waiting to be part of such an amazing family. It's a pleasure to call myself your friend. Everything you've done for me and my sister, I truly have no words. So, once again thank you for allowing us to be part of your life, Subaru."


She finished while blushing slightly and she turned around to hide her mortification at what seemed like a confession. Subaru was blushing as well as the full emotional impact of the statement truly struck his heart like an arrow.


He hesitated and remembered his previous conversation with Satella up north in Hokkaido and he felt conflicted on how to respond.


He felt as if he was torn in two between each sister, however with Emilia in front of him, looking at him with a faint blush, he started inching closer to her, while the silver haired young lady did the same.


Both of their hearts were pounding loudly, they didn't have a clue what they were doing. And right when they were about to kiss a rough voice interrupted them:


"What are you three doing here, don't you get this is the Kararigi territory? And it's past curfew so either pay up or fuck off."


Subaru, Emilia, and Beatrice turned around due to the rough and rude nature of the voice. Three people were in front of them, looking roughshod and as if they are part of the seedy underbelly of the gangs.


The one that spoke up had sunglasses covering his face and several scars, alongside dangling a switchblade, the other two wore black with biker jackets as well as sporting tattoos and scars. Each individual seemed armed and dangerous.


Both Emilia and Subaru got up and shielded Betty behind them, who protested she wanted to watch the shit show that was to occur. The three thugs didn't like how they both acted calm and unbothered, as if the situation didn't require their focus.


"Either pay up or give me your shit, and hey who do we have here? This girl is quite pretty, isn't she boys?" Laughed the leader as his henchmen chuckled at what they saw as a pretty girl with this loser in front of them. He continued:


"Tell ya what, let's us treat this miss to a nice dinner and you can fuck off with your pipsqueak brat, then it's all good between us. Whaddya say loser?"


Both Emilia and Subaru didn't look ruffled in the slightest, nor fearful, nor scared. Simply, a calm acceptance at the inevitable collision course that they had set themselves upon. No manner of talking or de-escalating the situation will occur.


They've seen these types of people numerous times before. In school, out in the streets, the strong prey on the weak. They gather in greater numbers to intimidate, cajole, extort, and threaten the meek to gain valuables they had no business taking from the hard working people.


Last time this happened Subaru and Emilia suffered at the hands of some wannabe gangsters in Osaka.


After the humiliating lesson they learned after trying to give them their stuff and they still continued to threaten them and hurt Subaru while Emilia watched on crying, they both decided. Enough, they said. Enough being meek and weak, time to fight back when the situation deteriorates as such.


Both Subaru and Emilia shared a smile as they glanced at each other and spoke:


"EMT, which one do you want? I'll take the one on the right, if that's alright."


"Hmm, then I'll take the one on the left, afterwards we can conclude this swiftly by both focusing on the middle one who is apparently the leader, jeez Subaru we can't even enjoy some ice cream."


"Hurry up, in fact. Betty tires of this maudlin games, I suppose. Be done with this and we can resume playing, I mean both of you pampering Betty, Hmph."


The three thugs looked in confusion, for they obviously had knifes and were used to getting their way. They were taller and wider than these two, and obviously have been in fights. Who are these two brats to act all casual as if they aren't about to fight for their lives? The leader got pissed that his authority was so easily challenged and yelled:


"Who tha fuck do ya think ya are, you think you're gonna get away with this disrespect. Boys, fuck up this black haired piece of shit, then we can take our time with the girl!"


As he said that both Emilia and Subaru began speed walking until they broke into a run and separated between each other, Emilia veered to the left individual who was shocked that she had moved so fast.


And before he knew what happened, two slender hands formed into palms and slapped both eardrums with destructive force, causing a concussion and one ruptured eardrum. While he was in pain Emilia wasn't done yet as she grabbed his jacket by the shoulders and pushed him into her, as her knee hit his groin with overwhelming force.


He buckled in sheer agony and the silver haired girl formed a knife palm and struck his nerve cluster behind his neck, causing him to faint immediately due to the catastrophic damage that had been inflicted.


Meanwhile, Subaru had reached his target yet he was quicker than his unfortunate friend and was able to flick the switch on the knife, which he tried to use in a stabbing motion towards Subaru's chest. Remembering his lessons he recounted them:


1: The stabbing/piercing motion of a short blade can cause catastrophic damage, yet it's the easiest to avoid due to simply side stepping, if one times their reaction. A stabbing knife in motion can't easily change states due how the physics and kinetic energy don't allow an easy chance to flick the blade.


2: A slashing motion using the lower body as a fulcrum is much more dangerous, but if they rush at an individual, it can still be disarmed with a swift kick to the wrist if one is experienced enough.


3: A skilled knife wielder can use the approximate distance for their target and always keep the blade out of reach while creating their own personal space, without rushing and keeping their defenses up. These are by far the most dangerous ones since any error in motion and they can unleash quick, precise, devastating strikes.


After understanding these concepts, both Emilia and Subaru trained with their martial arts teacher in a variety of ways in how to overcome these difficulties, or simply run away, which is what they should usually do.


Furthermore, they would have run away, yet with Beatrice with them they were forced to hold their ground and fight.


After the stabbing motion was executed, with no hesitation, as hesitation kills, Subaru side stepped and with a chopping motion of his hand he hit the nerve cluster in the wrist. Causing the assailant to drop the knife in shock and a grimace of pain passed through his features.


Not done with the thug, he proceeded forward and under a barrage of elbow strikes decimated their face, before he throat punched and put the thug out of commission. Barely five seconds had passed by since the start of their surprise offensive.


"Who the fuck are y'all?" Yelled the leader in fear, since he cannot believe the hornet's nest he had unleashed by trying to intimidate this unassuming couple with the brat he had mistaken to assume they would be easy pickings.


"Natsuki Subaru, starting as a freshman in college."


"Emilia, just Emilia. Also starting as freshman in college."


"Beatrice, and I'm upset at you and your so called friends for interrupting our fun time, I suppose. Subaru, Emilia, hurry up and be done with this farce for there is still time in the day to try more sweets, in fact."


"Hai Beako-chan." Subaru responded as they got close to the last standing member. He took one look at Subaru in front of him, and Emilia approaching behind him with smiles on their faces, and he immediately got on his knees and begged for mercy.


Both Subaru and Emilia looked at Beatrice, who shrugged as if she couldn't be bothered by the waste of space on his knees. And Emilia crouched down and wagged her finger at the trembling whelp:


"That reaally wasn't nice mister, you can't go around being bad people and bullying the weak. Say you're sorry and won't do it again!"


The stern expression of Emilia made Subaru chuckle as he saw how the guy sputtered apologies and such, while retrieving his friends and disappearing into the sunset. Beatrice grabbing his hand on one side, while Emilia laid her head on his shoulders he truly felt content. A pang of guilt crossed his mind thinking about Satella. But he decided to share this moment with her.


All three posed with Beatrice on Subaru's shoulders. And they took a selfie, Beatrice's pouting yet content face as she did the victory pose, alongside Emilia and Subaru performing the same gesture. With a brief text message:


"Hello from the family, wish you were here, miss you Satella!"


And with that it concluded their wonderful journey and one of the last true vacations they had before life, work, studies took over their free times. Yet the memories shall always be cherished."


(End Flashback, Current Time)


While Wilhelm heard their story he was amazed at what they had gone through. They reaffirmed that they were only defending themselves, and at a more stringent observation he could tell that they both had calluses on their hands and fingers, as well as bodies toned as martial artist had.


"Forgive me, Emilia-sama, Subaru-dono, while this tale grants me an insight into everything that had happened between the both of you and the victim, I had yet to understand why the mistrust with the police." Questioned Wilhelm, not that he didn't trust them, he was curious on their answer for it will help build their psychological profile.


Subaru was starting to explain why when suddenly the lights dimmed and a tremor shook the building. Suddenly the lights cut off, and only the backup emergency ones turned on. Leaving a ghostly red pallor to provide little illumination.


Wilhelm, Subaru. And Emilia got up at the same time wondering what was happening when a garbled voice announced itself over the broadcast systems:


"Pleas….. Please remain… calzsvwev… calm. The electricity has be…. Bezawwe… been cut ofwtty… off. Remai…. Where you atrzaews… are. Back-up gene… getwzwa…. Generator is currently turning on. Do not panic and allow the maintenance technicians to find out the issue, thank you for your time."


The automated message repeated until it seemed the back-up generator smoothed out the voice, yet the lights remained the same. Wilhelm cast a glance at them while Emilia bolted and ran out the door yelling about her sister Satella, and Subaru rushed to her while saying:


"We'll continue this conversation later, we need to check and make sure this hasn't interrupted Satella's surgery, sorry Wilhelm-san, we'll stay in touch." And with those parting words they were gone.


Wilhelm rubbed at his forehead in consternation at the events that unfolded while feeling an ominous dread in his gut. He went ahead and radioed the three JSPF guards they had in the hospital.


Yet he felt he couldn't reach them through comms, he tried using his cellphone and his dread intensified, when all signals were blocked. He couldn't shake the feeling something terrible was going to happen soon. And for some reason he felt the trigger's where the two young people he had just been talking to.


With a sigh and regained vigor he headed to the CCTV to check if the cameras remained operational.


(Scene Change)


Receptionist Yua was feeling slightly tired from over working herself this shift. They were undermanned, under staffed, and now the lights had cut out. While a rare event it had happened on occasion during a power seismic tremor. As she started trying to get things ready for the emergency she heard a voice clear their throat.


She glanced up and saw a petite girl with a pink overcoat who looked drenched from the building thunder storm from outside. While Yua blinked the girl cleared her throat and asked:


"Excuse me, I have a friend going through surgery and I rushed here as fast as I could. Is there any way you can help me find her operating room? All I know its emergency ward number three."


The girl in question had pink bangs covering her rose colored eyes, and genuinely looked worried for her friend. She fidgeted around and looked nervous, as if not used to talking to authority figures. Yua smiled despite her exhaustion and said:


"No problem sweetie, do you know her name?"


"Umm, It's Satella, no last name. I know it's rather odd but that's just how her family is." Replied the pink haired girl as she stuffed her hands in her overcoat to try to stay warm.


"No worries, let's see what I find out. Ok, Satella right? She's in room number one hundred and four, however wait a minute. It says she can't be seen unless it's been approved by police inspector Wilhelm."


"Oh no, I really want to see her though, or wait outside and pray for her to be safe and sound. Can't I at least do that?" Genuinely asked the girl as she started looking like she was going to cry.


While Yua took pity on this girl she firmly followed these guidelines since it seems this was a special case She shook her head and mentioned she wasn't able to do it.


"I'm sorry sweetie I just can't, hospital regulations are very stringent. However, let's do this. I'll give him a call and then we can see what's happening, does that sound alright with you?"


As Yua stood up and tried to use her phone she frowned when it said caller blocked. She tried again, when she gasped in shock when a cold, heavy piece of reinforced carbon alloy sliced her aorta from the back. The knife didn't even nick the rib cage, as a hand grasped her mouth to prevent any screaming.


Yua was already fading into the realm of death as she was laid gently on the ground while a hand caressed her cheek and the sweet and flustered girl she had seen transformed to a face with eyes of steel and no emotions present.


"Tsk, I didn't wish to do this yet I won't allow any obstacles in my way, not even Barasu dammit. Sleep Yua, and I regret what I've done if that's any consolation to you." Ram slowly closed Yua's eyes as she recited a quick prayer:


Oh, Lord


Guide this Lamb


Unto your flock


May her soul


Make thy Kingdom


Flourish and Prosper




She checked her ammunition and was satisfied with the count as well as the silencer modification she snagged for her pistols. Glad with her arsenal she grasped the knife in the receptionists body and cleaned it before sheathing it. She thought of her current goal.


She used a remote cellular jammer to avoid incoming and outgoing calls which will help her mission without worrying about back up coming.


Cutting the main power grid helped her achieve a cover of darkness and she planned to take full advantage of it. She looked at the computer and followed the directions towards room 104 in order to know the exit posts and who she would run into, While grabbing a med lab white coat she proceeded onwards to her quarry.


A brief thought occurs to her as she smiles and recites one of Rem's favorite poems:


"The blade through her neck


Blood spills everywhere


A grin spreads wide on the killer's face


Oh the dark gooey blood


Brings a thrill to her bones


The head separated from her body


Oh the blood and the grin and the blade


Of that fateful day


As she stood above her


A grin still spread wide over her ghostly face


Oh the blood and the grin and the blade


Of that fateful day"


She cracks her neck back and forth as she slowly yet fatefully walks towards her goal, all thoughts of a clinical thought process out of the window as pure rage takes over her logical thoughts and replaces them with murderous ones.


Oh, how she can't wait to rip and tear this woman that almost took her own sissy away. With a cackle she continues forward, as the storm outside rages in increased tempo and the inevitable collision between all parties will be met, and blood will spill.


Author notes:


End of story poem is by By Hayley Turner


Martial arts Subaru and Emilia used are common enough techniques, as well as watching out for the ways people wield knifes.


Next chapter will conclude arc 1 which is the introduction of the key players. Afterwards it shall be more University arc as well as exploring the other royal candidates and an increased cast of re zero.


P.S: I wasn't expecting the story to diverge in this way, yet I am happy with it, and thank you for a hundred follows, here's to many more chapters. Any suggestions or thoughts please leave a review or let me know in moe's discord.


Y'all have a good day, and until next time.

Chapter Text



Chapter 10




"I can control my destiny, but not my fate.


Destiny means there are opportunities


To turn right or left,


But fate is a one-way street.


I believe we all have the choice


As to whether we fulfil our destiny,


But are fate is sealed.


(Paulo Coelho)


Both Emilia and Subaru rushed to where Satella was currently undergoing surgery. Since Subaru wasn't familiar with the layout of the hospital, he let Emilia take the lead. They dodged and weaved through frantic nurses and doctors trying to initiate their backup generator policies and procedures.


Emergency power had to be re-routed and several operations that weren't life threatening to be interrupted or postponed in case the backup power failed.


They took the stairs two at a time since only medical personnel could use those facilities again, due to the shortage of power. The red glow of the emergency lights cast everything in a tenebrous shading that gave rise to dread pooling in both of their stomachs.


Subaru grabbed the silver haired girl's hand and gave her a gentle squeeze, meant to convey reassuring thoughts and to calm her down. He partially succeeded as she gave him a squeeze back, and subconsciously neither let go of their hands as they kept on going towards the designated room.


After several minutes they reached some doors that were locked down and they couldn't proceed any further, the black haired boy flagged down a nearby nurse and asked:


"Excuse me, but we've to get through these doors, my friends sister is on the other side and we want to make sure the temporary blackout didn't cause any issues."


The nurse in question just sighed and responded tiredly:


'We can't have civilians go through here without proper decontamination, you can wait outside in these chairs if you must, there isn't anyone in there but the operating team." After seeing their glances of worry his tone softened up as he continued:


"Now, tell me what's the patients name, and I'll try to check on the status."


Both Subaru and Emilia looked at each other in relief, and Emilia talked:


"Her name is Satella, and I know her room is 104."


The medical tech nodded his assent and went inside after swiping a keycard, the light turned green and he proceeded inside. Emilia and Satella sat down to wait as their grip tightened on each other, both of them grimaced yet decided to stay strong in case of anything bad news wise.


After waiting for nearly five minutes in tense silent they saw the same med-tech approach them with a brightened expression. They dared not hope so they waited impatiently while he spoke:


"The good news about your sister miss, is that the worst has passed. We have patched her up and are done with invasive surgery, as well as your blood transfusion that helped her in the ambulance. Furthermore, she has enormous tenacity as she almost woke up several times and we had to put her under with a heavier dosage of narcotics.


For now, she needs rest and her arm as well as stomach need mending which are already encased with a brace and two metal bolts so that her arm remains upright while the bones slowly heal and mend themselves.


Frankly, at this point she just needs to recover, I would have told the both of you that she should wake up the next day, however due to the emergency power reserves we are using, she will be out for likely longer. However, the important part is that she isn't fighting for her life anymore and is calmly resting.


So in a couple of hours y'all can go see her at the very least, or when power restores, whatever functions best. Now, if you'll excuse me I have other matters and patients to attend to."


With those words the expression on both Subaru and Emilia brightened like the first rays of sunlight after a typhoon. They exhaled and sat down in exhaustion, their nerves frayed from the fading adrenaline coursing through their blood stream. A dose of serotonin went through their system as their mood went from high alert to relaxed yet still vigilant.


They sat in silence for a while as medical personnel walked back and forth, briskly performing their duties in the ambient afterglow of the red lighting fixtures. They both looked at each other and Emilia leaned her head on his shoulder, while Subaru grasped her body and gave her a firm squeeze on her left shoulder, to convey empathy at the ordeal all three of them have been subjected to.


Now that Subaru had a few moments to himself he paused and thought about what he and Satella did the other night. His breath hitched as he buries his face in his hands and thinks:


"Oh shit, what am I supposed to do now? I need to break the news to Emilia, but she looks so tired and emotionally drained. Not like I'm not feeling the same way, sigh this doesn't matter until we make sure Satella is actually ok but shit. No one told me love could be this conflicted."


As he is swimming in his own thoughts he feels warm breathe tickle his ear, and he immediately gets tense as a silver bell like voice whispers:


"Hey Subaru, I'm reeally grateful for your help today, honestly without your support I'm n… not sure how I could've kept on going for my dear sister and myself."


She subconsciously tightened her arm that was wrapped around his and leaned further into his body, if she kept on going she would practically be on his lap. Which sent off alarms in Subaru's head, or would have had he not felt tired and exhausted at the barrage of emotions they dealt with. He wanted some comfort and he knew that she wanted some as well.


Satella is doing ok according to the med-tech and this whole emergency backup generator didn't make things better, but the worst is past. As his mind slowly got warm with fuzzy feelings, and the weight of his best friend was against him. He remembered something very important.


With a groan he fumbled through his pockets and found his cell phone among the other crap and random objects he had in his tracksuit. Including a sticker that Beatrice had snuck in there. He remembered that Beatrice had scolded him to report to her and his parents ASAP after he left with the few words of Satella is at the hospital.


So when he put the phone to his ear, it chilled his soul to hear:


"Your call cannot be completed at this time, please try again, we are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again, goodbye."


The phone hung up, and he looked at it strangely, since if it was simply a missed call it would go straight to voicemail.


He tried dialing Garfiel, and he received the same response. Which made no sense, since this is Shibuya, where the cell reception has redundancies among redundancies. He honestly can't re call the last time this happened. He checked his phone and saw zero bars and a prohibited symbol.


"Subaru, what's the matter? You don't look so good to be honest." Inquired Emilia as she looked worryingly at the boy she loves, something she had acknowledged again and again, and re-confirmed after laying in his embrace.


"Emilia-Tan, can you try calling your folks, or Frederica? For some reason my phone isn't working which is odd." Emilia didn't like the look in his eyes when Subaru said this, for he looked grim, as if what just happened to them isn't necessarily over.


Instead of replying she separated from Subaru and called her mom, and frowned as she got the same message:


"Your call cannot be completed at this time, please try again, we are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again, goodbye."


She tried her dad and same response. Frederica didn't fare any better at answering her phone call. The warm fuzzy haze that had surrounded her as she laid with Subaru, now immediately got chilled as they both looked at each other in worry.


They even flagged another tech who responded the whole hospital communications system was down, including personal devices and it was becoming a major headache to assess any injured patients through the network of ambulances.


With a sigh and determination in his eyes, Natsuki Subaru got up and put on his best (Fake) smile to Emilia:


"I'm going to go poke around and ask other people what's going on with the phone service, maybe even step outside to see what's going on, so I'll be back in no time EMT!" He gave Emilia a thumbs up but he saw how she saw straight threw his act.


However, instead of calling him out against his erratic behavior and to pick this time to wander around, she understood he had a bad feeling and wanted to check out the situation. She simply took advantage of the organized chaos that flowed through the hallways and corridors and embraced him.


Without any hesitation he returned her hug while she whispered:


"One of us has to stay here and keep an eye out for any updated conditions on Satella-nii. I'll do that so please make sure you are back in." She glanced at her watch and continued: "ten minutes for my peace of mind, okay? I reaally want you to promise me that, and you know how important promises are to me."


Subaru chuckles as he put a loose strand of her voluminous silver hair back in its rightful place and kissed her forehead, which made Emilia turn beet red as a tomato. He gave her a real smile this time and declared:


"I, Natsuki Subaru, will return in a timely manner Emilia-Tan. So, just wait for me patiently ok?"


"En, then here I will be, make sure to be safe mister, last thing we need is for you to get a room in this hospital." She sternly warned him as she pointed her slim index finger at him.


He grasped her hands and gave them a firm squeeze as he replied while letting them go:


"Your luck will always counter my rotten one, you can count on me Emilia, I'll see you soon I promise."


With those parting words he swiftly departed to find Wilhelm since he knew if anyone could find out what was happening it would be him.


However, both Emilia and Subaru couldn't shake the feeling something terrible was going to happen soon, so he hurried his steps towards the direction they last saw him. Hoping against hope that they were merely being paranoid, and that nothing bad was going to happen.


(Scene Change)


Agent Yuta yawned despite having to be on high alert due to the main power going off. He had been about to go on vacation with his fiancée before they received the priority order to come assist in guarding this hospital. It always struck him as odd since this hospital wasn't in a bad area. Furthermore, gangs or criminals barely touched hospitals unless to try to steal narcotics.


Which still didn't make much sense, but he's part of the Japanese Special Defense Force, so he follows orders like the good soldier he is. He was going to text his fiancée that in just a couple of hours they could go on that honeymoon he kept promising and delaying her. With a sigh he thought:


"Man I really need to get my shit together or Sekai is going to leave me in the dump! Let's see what should I text her. Alright I know."


He started composing his message:


"Hey love, it's your babes Yuta. I'm sorry for having to have left you but they say as soon as the power is restored we can leave in shifts, and I'm planning on being the first volunteer. Let's try to go to Venice for our honeymoon. I know how much you like the gondolas in that one movie. Love, your teddy bear."


Satisfied with his message he went ahead and press send, yet immediately he got a network down error. Frustrated, he tried to contact his other squad members Kenichi and Shinji, yet they didn't reply to their comms or their personal mobile devices. Ricardo had a different frequency as he wasn't strictly JSDF but more on temporary loan, yet he still tried his comm and failed.


As his senses grew in alert and the hardened mask of the warrior was etched on his face he heard a faint whistle. Like a distortion in the air currents. Blind luck saved his throat as he instinctively moved his body several centimeters to the right, and before his eyes he saw the blade that nicked his throat get stuck in the wall tile with tremendous force.


Acting on all of his experience and coupled with the loosening adrenaline coursing through his body he dropped to one knee and pointed his AR-15 with an night optics scope as he announced himself:


"This is sergeant Yuta with the JSDF, identify yourself or be prepared to get shot this instant! I'll count to 3 before I'm forced to fire!"


He looked around everywhere but the dim red emergency lights cast everything in an ethereal pallor, as if spectral wraiths opened a portal to join the land of the living. He gulped yet was unafraid, for he had seen worse during violent clashes with the Mio cartel. He breathed deeply as his finger rested on the trigger guard and started counting down:


"1!" He spared a quick glance but didn't see anyone even through his scope, he gritted his teeth:


"2!" Now his finger disengaged the safety and rested on the trigger as he inhaled quickly and prepared to shoot a warning shot. Yet right when he was about to finish his count, a warm breath lingered over his ear, causing goosebumps. He heard a faint whisper as cold steel met the warm and tender carotid artery in his neck:


"3. I've always found it distasteful that the authorities provide their targets with leeway and time better used to neutralizing them. If you had started shooting when you dodged my blade I certainly wouldn't be standing here, hah. Sayonara sergeant Yuta, forgive me yet you are merely an obstacle in my pathway."


Ram finished counting as she kept slicing his neck from ear to ear, while covering his mouth and watching him squirm and weaken with every failed heartbeat. Warm sticky blood fell on her and the floor as she kept a hold of him.


While kneeling in a pool of his life force ,she saw the light leave his eyes and closed them while she gave him a chaste kiss on the forehead, as respect from one warrior to another.


Afterwards she opened a utility closet and stuffed his corpse in there, when she was leaving she saw a glint of a pendant on his neck. Her curiosity got the better of her and she opened up to see a locket.


In it, was her most recent target and a beautiful young woman with raven hair, she glanced at the words and pursed her lips. They read:


"To many happy moments with my teddy bear Yuta, Let's be united in body and soul forever more,


Your love and future wife, Sekai…"


Her emotionless face broke as emotions flooded her with the realization that every life she takes, will be missed by either their lovers, family, or even children. She slapped herself in the face as she took a sharp intake of breathe to clear her muddled head.


Rem's voice bounced around in her head as she recalled one time when she was just hanging out with her sissy, both of them eating and relaxing for the first time in God knows how long:


(2 years ago)


"Ram-nii, isn't there any boys you like? Or maybe even girls, hehe." Teased Rem as she was drinking her tapioca tea, the ice cubes slowly melting due to the blistering heat outside the café they had chosen to have lunch in.


Ram kept sipping her strawberry shake as she twirled the straw around thinking about how to reply. In her mind it isn't that she is immune to romance, charm, love, and life. Yet, throughout their whole existence both twins have done nothing but survive and preserve against the hidden darkness that blights the light in the world.


They've seen gruesome deaths, and also been part of several of them. While Ram never mentioned it, it always disturbed her how much glee her own sissy takes from execution orders.


In a perfect, regular, and boring world they should be enjoying their university life. Wanting to have boring jobs such as accountants, teachers, scientists, lawyers and a plethora of other choices.


What Ram would give to just have that normal life, yet as long as she doesn't have it, she can't afford to think of emotions and feelings that can always put who she cared for in danger.


Just the other day both Ram and Rem neutralized two targets that were plotting on assaulting Subaru and his family, solely due to how the sisters were decimating Jamal's operations after the failure two years ago with Todd.


Ram made sure to eventually track down, and together with her sissy they neutralized Todd by burning the warehouse he was in with no escape routes, letting him burn to death while screaming. Ram still smiles at those moments, yet she obviously know that there is no going back for either of them.


Once in the underbelly of this cruel, dog eat dog world, there is no path but forward. While being covered in sin and having nightmares. Well at least Ram had them, Rem slept just as well as she always had. Several times Ram thought about getting therapy for the both of them, she would've done it too, if it weren't for the fact they would've gone to jail on multiple counts of murder.


She sighed as her sister was looking at her in a curious manner, she covered her lapse of silence with sipping more of her shake, till she found it was already empty. She chucked it in the trash can and got up to leave, her sister right on her heels.


Ram looked around at the orderly and magnificent sky scrapers, entertainment districts and throngs of tourists in this section of Shibuya, by the Shinjuku rail system. She kept on going while her sister matched her pace, confused as to the sudden silence experienced by her dear sissy.


They kept on walking until they reached a pretty botanical garden where Ram usually came to when she was feeling pensive and thoughtful. She sat down and Rem joined her. While closing her eyes and feeling the sunlight on her face, the gentle breeze that touched her face gently, like a lover's caress. She inhaled deeply and grasped her twins hand as she thought:


"This is what I fight for through mud and dirt. For the quiet chance to appreciate the fact that we are alive, well, unhurt, and financially stable. Despite our souls being condemned to hell, we've made out mark and shouted at the wind. It's about how we choose to end our life. On our knees? Or shooting defiantly to the heavens. I've made my choice, and I choose life over misery."


She looked at her twin, her other soul and smiled gently, earning a surprised gasp from Rem, since the times she saw her sister genuinely smile and seem content, she could count on one hand. Before Rem could inquire, Ram went ahead and answered her questions:


"Rem-nii, you're more than welcome to continue to pursue your chances with Barasu, despite him being lazy, far too silly, and not worthy of my amazing sissy.


For we only live once, no matter what happens after death, we will have had our shout to the heavens, our defiance to the status quo that led to our miserable early years.


The fortuitous chance meeting with Father Marcos and Boss Heinkel, we owe it to them and to ourselves to live this life with care and abandon. To truly bask and just enjoy what it is to breathe, laugh, and live.


For we tread a dark road, treacherous and filled with malice and individuals of ill character. Yet, we shall keep on moving, we shall outlast these people and live our life to the fullest!


The reason I haven't been with anyone romantically nor will I, I'm simply not fated for that, I can control my destiny but not my fate. For it can turn left or right yet there is only one true path we may struggle against. And I say damn the circumstances."


She paused here, got up on the bench, once again surprising Rem and shouted:




Several bystanders looked at her strangely but others chuckled and raised their hands as they said "I hear that."


Her sister was speechless but Ram had a twinkle in her eyes and clenched her fists as she once again breathed the pleasant scents from the gardens and vowed to enjoy every second she breathes, as well as to defend her sister to the last breath.


Love may not fit in her equation, yet it's never needed to, not when her heart is full of her sister's love and devotion.


She'll make her own way, one step at a time, no matter what atrocities she commits, she will never run astray of her path again. This she vows, to her dying day, as if the flowers heard her, several bloom minutes after her shout to the world. Signifying acceptance? Ram knows not, for she only knows what she will do, which is live one breathe at a time, till her dying day and ashes scatter in the wind.


(Current Scene)


After internalizing and remembering her purpose, she wipes away a tear and doubles down on her resolve, to not let anyone get in the way of her obstacle, and without even a backwards glance as she closed the utility closet, she proceed forward to her final objective.


She's determined once she completes this self-imposed assignment she and Rem will leave to another country. She always did want to go to Fiji and enjoy tropical beaches. So, with renewed determination she keeps on moving, one step closer to the end of her saga in Japan. She refuses to accept the possibility of failure or death, there is simply no other recourse but to complete her main objective.


(Scene Change)


Subaru was walking through the empty hallways while observing that they seemed empty. He thought:


"What the hell is going on, where are the people, nurses, doctors, med-techs? It almost feels abandoned. I can't leave for too long or Emilia will get worried. Damn I should've kept my distance now I feel like absolute scum, while Satella-Tan is unconscious I'm not even far when her sister was almost on my lap.


Get over yourself Natsuki Subaru, you made your choice yet why doesn't it feel I'm committed one hundred percent? Gah, that's for later let's think about the now. We need to see whats going on with the phones, everyone I met which aren't many people say that all phones are down, let's meet Wilhelm and find out what's going on."


Subaru kept advancing using his phone as a flashlight since these dim emergency lights really made one see things, as if they were in another world, his overactive imagination started making him think dark shadows were surrounding him.


He blinked and the cold sensation surrounding him went away, yet his back was slick with sweat. He cursed himself for watching so many horror movies that take place in the hospitals. Yet, he had to keep a brave façade for the sisters, and he kept advancing. Albeit, in a slow methodical manner, making sure not to make excess noise.


"Dammit stop over imagining things, there aren't zombies lurking around the corner, this isn't No mercy for god sake. Thugs I can deal with, but spectral terrors of the void? Zombies? No thank you, now le-."


A rifle was pointed at his head and he involuntarily let out a shriek, he cursed himself for sounding unmanly, yet the owner of the rifle lowered it with relief in his voice he asked:


"Hey you're a civvie aren't ya?" The voice that spoke sounded gruff yet kind somewhat. Subaru opened his eyes and focused his concentration upon the figure.


A big bearded man with keen eyes looked at Subaru up and down, his skin was tan like if he was Greek or a descendant from them. He dwarfed Subaru by a good six inches, putting him at six foot two inches. He clasped a hand on Subaru's shoulder and barked out a laugh:


"Sorry about that, I almost made ya piss yer pants. The name's Ricardo Welkin. And I'm on loan to provide security for the hospital.


Apparently shit's been kinda tough due to the increase of criminal activity and foreigners encroaching on Japan. Never would've thought I'd see the day. Look at me talking willy nilly, what's yer name?"


Natsuki Subaru was pleasantly surprised to find such a chipper guard, yet calling this man a guard is a gross underestimation of what he entailed. He had ballistic Kevlar armor, military grade combat boots alongside a short barreled Mossberg tactical shotgun, an assault rifle, alongside a Colt 40.


He seemed grossly armed for mere security at a hospital, and Subaru made sure to inquire the reason for that:


"For just a security guard you're carrying massive amounts of weaponry, are we facing zombies or something?"


Subaru cringed upon saying that but it just made Ricardo laugh even harder while he replied:


"The boss lady would like ya, you're funny. Nah, it ain't about no zombie apocalypse, for some reason we got orders to heighten security due to the increase in gang cases.


It's been a motherfucker to try and reach anyone. Comms are down, as well as the cellphone signals. So it's best ya go back where you came from and wait for the power grid to be fixed."


"When you say boss lady, do you mean your employer or supervisor?" Inquired the black haired boy, sporting a frown since he seems to have heard of that phrase before.


Ricardo chuckled as they both walked in concert towards another section of the emergency ward, he spoke as they walked:


"Anastasia Hoshin is my boss lady, and the only one worthy of my services as bodyguard, plus she takes care of the little ones." The energetic man hadn't noticed how the words he said led to Subaru faltering a step before continuing.


"Yeah after this shit storm is sorted out I'm planning on taking the trio off to Thailand for a necessary vacation. Boss lady has been running me ragged with these ancillary work, due to how her forces are spread thin. Sigh, lemme tell ya it ain't easy being the guardian of some munchkins."


"My name is Natsuki Subaru, and me and Ana are classmates." Interrupted Subaru before he let this man keep talking for hours. It seemed that he could chat up a storm and become friends with anyone. He continued: "Are you talking about Hetaro, Mimi, and Tivey? I haven't seen then in a year or so, are they doing ok?"


Ricardo did a double take on the information received, and a toothy grin emerged as he exclaimed:


'Well you should a told me so, Lady Anastasia is always talkin' up a storm regarding you, and she pouts when you don't come over to hang out more often. It's not good keepin' a lady waiting ya know that, right?"


He shoved Subaru playfully as he also chuckled while remembering how entertaining, yet exhausting it is to be around the financier. He was about to remark on an Ana story when he slipped suddenly and fell on the ground.


"Owww… what the hell, I'm not that clumsy." Complained the black haired boy as he started getting up, yet he felt as if the floor was sticky, he couldn't actually see well what was in front of him due to the red glow of the lights, and ordered:


"Hey Ricardo-san, would you mind flashing your light over here, there's a weird fluid on the ground and I'm worried other's may slip and fall." He also noticed that the air had a strong scent of copper. Ricardo chuckled when he saw Subaru splayed on the ground. Yet his whole body tensed up when he witnessed what "liquid" Subaru was laying on.


With a firm arm he helped Subaru stand up and put them both against the wall as he scanned the vicinity with his AR, he didn't sense anyone nearby yet he sniffed the air, and detected a stronger scent of blood. He explained:


"Stay next to me, and not a whisper, alright?"


"Is th… that blood?!" Subaru freaked out yet kept from screaming, to see blood in a hospital wasn't uncommon. However, instead of it being in neat blood packs it was sprayed all on the ground, the blood splatter indicated at first view it was way too much blood to lose and still be functioning. Whoever this belonged to their chances of being alive were miniscule.


Ricardo barely nodded, fully in alert mode he swung his weapon around as they vigilantly followed the blood trail until they discovered it went into a utility closet, and didn't deviate from there.


Both of them looked at each other and the burly man had to increase his respect for the black haired boy up another notch. His hands trembled slightly but remained steady, and his pulse seems to have calmed down. The most striking part was his eyes, scared yet shining with determination to get to the bottom of this.


After an assent Ricardo unlatched the door and swung his rifle at the interior, yet in less than two seconds he had returned around his shoulders and crouched to shake the body the both of them found.


"Oi! Yuta, wake the fuck up, this ain't the end for you! Get up! You got a cute fiancée and your brothers at your back! WAKE THE FUCK UP!"


Ricardo slapped him in the face, but Yuta's face just hung lifelessly, the eyes closed with two faint splotches of blood on the eye lids.


Subaru observed all of this in an instant and choked back bile, yet he needed to help his obviously distraught new friend, and put a hand on his shoulder while speaking softly:


"Hey Ricardo, we need to report this somehow, it's what Yuta would've wanted. I wish we could do something for him, however…." Words that didn't need to be said hung unspoken in the air. All Subaru wanted to do was curl in a ball or run towards Emilia and pretend he never saw anything.


Yet, he isn't a self-serving coward anymore, nor will he be selfish and greedy. He needs to be the best person he can be, simply because it is the right thing to do, his parents taught him well.


Ricardo's instincts and training took over, and he shuddered a single sob before laying him down in a more peaceful manner, he isn't a forensic scientist. Already he fears he may have tainted the scene in case they need clues but before he could speak, Subaru had caught onto his drift and spoke:


"One single visceral cut alongside the neck from ear to ear. Flash that light will you Ricardo." After a flashlight illuminated the gaping wound in the neck, he gulped but continued in as much a detached way as possible:


"Severed carotid artery, sliced sternocleidomastoid muscle, internal jugular vein severed as well. Whoever performed this crime did it with a blade with a smooth angle, not serrated or else the skin would be jagged and the cuts wouldn't be neat. All I can say is that Yuta mustn't have suffered much and bleed out in less than a minute."


"How the hells did you know that?" Asked a still dazed Ricardo, who lowered Yuta's body and thinks that he may recognize the main carotid, but not the other one's at just a glance.


Subaru winced as he followed up with:


"Well, I've picked up some anatomy tricks from Satella, that's who the patient is by the way. I just wish I could've done more to help, if only we could've gotten here sooner."


He hung his head in shame and Ricardo clasped his shoulder while roughly stating:


"Boy, if we were both here I'm not sure we would've survived unscathed. This isn't your typical gang member level of work. If what you said is factual. Then Yuta may have sensed them approaching, still unsure if it is one or more people working in unison.


However, my gut points out that this is probably the work of a singular assassin. And let me tell you, that shit is nerve wracking. So don't beat yourself up, your analysis helped me formulate a plan in case we run into this murderer."


Subaru tried to stop but he couldn't help feeling responsible as he thought:


"For all the good that did to this guy, what the hell is happening in this hospital. Satella gets injured from a possible gang attack, to increased defenses for a simply hospital. Finally, to end with the death of a soldier. This isn't going to go well for anyone. Wait! SATELLA AND EMILIA ARE IN DANGER!


Subaru snaps out of his thoughts as what happened here seemed detached, like the fading dream one fails to remember upon waking up. The surreal environment was more suited to a Hieronymus Bosch painting, not real life.


He can't stop worrying as it seems there are Machiavellian machinations in place for the current crisis. However, the focus and top most priority is getting back to Emilia and Satella, instead of pondering this nonsense that borders on delusions.


"Ricardo I gotta go, my best friend and her sister who is a patient are waiting upon my return, and after seeing what happened here…. I don't want to let them out of my sight."


After a sigh Ricardo contemplated what the young man said, and reached a decision:


"Alright, let's get going, we need to report this to the hospital administration anyway, and they are in the same path as you would take. I don't want to let you out of my sight in case there are multiple aggressors."


"You know Yuta and the boys, including me, all went out to his bachelors party. And he was so nervous and happy to have met Sekai, God it's going to be a bitch explaining this to… godsdammit I need a drink after this clusterfuck."


He was silent for a moment before he closed his hands and muttered a quick prayer for his fallen brother:


"Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord,


And let perpetual light shine upon him.


May his soul nurture and


Nourish Thy kingdom


May his wife find his


Soul, through the eons


As star crossed lovers


And remain together






Natsuki Subaru looked and heard Ricardo pray and thought of Emilia's crucifix, he pondered on how faith in any deity seems to grant one a second wind to keep on moving one step at the time. He exhaled deeply as after Ricardo motioned him to, he put a clean white sheet over the body, to be collected when this crisis is over.


(Scene Change)


"Kid, you ever use one of these?" Asked Ricardo after they left and hurried along the corridors. Subaru glanced and hurriedly caught a 9mm Beretta, he almost dropped it while whispering since they didn't want to make more noise than they needed to:


"Are you crazy! I'm a university student, why would I want to carry around a gun, never mind a loaded one at that point!"


Ricardo chuckled, it seemed his mode had marginally improved as they hurried along. He gave Subaru the briefest crash course on how to use a handgun.


After several minutes Subaru was incredulous and had stuffed the gun in his tracksuit pocket, not liking how it bulged and sighed.


Never did he expect when he woke up this morning next to Satella, that this day would have escalated to such an insane degree.


"Get it Subaru? You just point, and press the trigger. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Besides don't you kids always play shooting games in the arcades?"


Inquired Ricardo as while he seemed to be bantering lightheartedly with the black haired boy, he was in the highest state of alert mentally.


A trick or two he had picked up in his incursions with special forces was to always appear relaxed and at ease, to act as a false lure which makes the enemies complacent. He hadn't told Subaru but ever since they started walking towards where his friends are, he felt a very faint killing intent directed at them.


One that necessarily takes years to develop and is present in most special op commandos; and he was nervous not for himself, but because he had a feeling that this opponent intentionally made their killing intent known.


"Are we walking into a trap? But how, I didn't sense anything nor see anyone. Bloody hell even my sense of smell can't pick shit up. Everything smells like antiseptic and cleaning agents, unsurprising since this is a hospital."


Right when he was about to fess up and tell Subaru what he had been feeling his eyes widened as his companion got distracted and a near invisible wire located by their ankles got snapped by him moving forward.


They both looked in confusion and growing horror as two pins where heard. While Subaru was unsure what that sound was, Ricardo was already grabbing him and threw the both of them hard into an empty room ten feet away. Yet. A timer was in Ricardo's head and he uplifted two medical gurneys and placed them in between them, the door, and the stun and concussive grenades.


As he shielded Subaru with his body the first grenade went off. A cacophony of destruction reigned through the hallway, medical equipment was thrown with such force it broke apart upon hitting the walls. Furthermore, all other miscellaneous objects simply seemed to evaporate.


The stun grenade created such a blinding and loud noise meant to disrupt, that momentarily even Ricardo, who's ear drums already ruptured. His training took over as he counted:




After his mental count he checked his wounds by pain level:


"Ruptured left eardrums, dislocated left shoulder, upper body tac vest deflected majority of shrapnel yet two big pieces of glass pierced my left biceps femoris muscle ( thigh muscle), and the other embedded itself in my left shoulder blade, barely nicking bone.


It could've been a lot worse, but damn who sets a trap like that in fucking hospital hallway. Besides, those grenades must have been low impact high frequency, or else this whole hallway would be dust.


Check, wait I must check on this boy."


"Oi Subaru, can you hear me? Blink twice for yes, I won't be able to hear you since possibly both of us have ruptured ear drums."


After seeing Subaru blink twice he sighed and helped him get up. Both of them were in pain, but after seeing that Subaru only had minor scrapes and bruises he breathed a sigh of relief. With just hand motions, which he also showed Subaru when he was showing him how to use the Beretta, he motioned for him to stay put and follow him, with the gun out.


His eyes widened but he nodded. And he pulled out his phone as he started texting, Ricardo was incredulous and about to snatch the damn phone since they were in a life-threatening emergency but then he saw the screen and understood.


Subaru wasn't texting someone since he knew phones weren't working. Instead he composed a message in case anyone waited for them:


"I'll bet my jar of mayonnaise that those bombs, or grenades were created either as a stalling tactic or as a diversion. Take your pick but I'm pretty sure no one is here. Meaning, we have fallen in the trap and we have to go. I have a bad feeling that all of this is for some reason to get to Emilia or Satella or even both."


Ricardo was impressed with the quick thinking and mentally started realizing that he was most likely right. He gestured for Subaru to get up and quietly they crept out of the room. Facing the disaster of the aftermath with the grenade cluster made him gulp. If it wasn't for his instincts both him and the boy would be nothing but scraps of meat on the wall.


Subaru thought the same yet his concentration was hyper focused, he looked around with narrowed eyes and realized that this hallway never had any patients or doctors, simply them. Meaning that he was correct. Either their enemy anticipated where they were going to be and set up this trap.


Or, they wanted to cut off any possible reinforcements. And this hallway leads directly towards Emilia and Satella. Cursing he spun around since their path was currently filled with debris. The fire sprinkler system had been deployed and the alarm strobes were going off.


Causing a staccato of noise that was discordant with their environment. He gritted his teeth as he found they could hear each other better and shouted:


"We need to go, now that all of this noise is erupting around us is the perfect time for whoever organized this to strike at my friends. Ricardo will you come with me?"


They both looked at each other and no words had to be passed between each other, and they sprinted towards another direction, desperate to be there before any more tragedies struck today.


(Scene Change)


Kenichi and Shinji were both taking cover behind the walls that lead into the corridor, the disruptive cacophony of noises truly grated their ears as the fire alarm kept wailing. They had been trying to get in touch with Wilhelm, Ricardo, and Yuta but this damnable communication jammer somewhere in the building left them with army hand gestures at most in order to communicate in such a primitive manner.


They were under cover and Kenichi was bleeding profusely from his left arm as he slid another clip into his Beretta. They had been ambushed the very second the fire alarm went off, which did an amazing job at dampening the sound even a suppressed Sig Sauer would make.


They both sighed and fired a blind shot in the hallway, while Shinji took point with his AR and fired two barrages of three round shots. Yet, as the last round was done a bullet flew and smashed into Shinji's trigger finger, dismembering his index, middle and part of his thumb into a gruesome display of gore.




He cut himself off from cursing as his rifle fell to the ground along the remaining pieces of his hand. He clenched his mangled left hand and tried to tie a bandage on it, but all it took was a momentary lapse of concentration on Kenichi's part, who spared a glance at his friend, and Ram was on them.


She shoot twice with her right hand as her left hand supported her stance as she moved forward, piercing through Shinji's head. She took less than a heartbeat to analyze her situation as Kenichi with eyes of sorrow and rage directed his Beretta at her.


1: Shoot for the forehead same with previous target, unlikely to hit target as they are adapting and making their head a smaller target. Furthermore, I can get off maybe 3 shots at his chest area, while he can take my head with ease. Practiced marksmen are tricky targets if they can see me.


2: Aim for legs and watch him fall, yet variables are too risky. What if he swallows the pain of a pierced thigh and is able to unload magazine on me. This path is one aimed for mutual destruction, not desirable.


3: Drop weapon and slowly life hands up, causing confusion which will only last a brief heartbeat, while throwing blade hidden under sleeve of left arm overcoat.


"3 it is then." Ram thought as she dropped her gun while raising her hands, which momentarily distracted Kenichi, yet as a trained soldier the hesitation lasted but a heartbeat before his finger started tightening on the trigger. Unfortunately, Ram had accounted for this and his left hand went numbly to his throat, when he tried to speak he coughed and spurted out blood.


His vision was growing blurry as blood kept leaking out of his pierced throat, where a six inch blade had perforated through the jugular vein and injured his cervical vertebrae. As he slumped to the ground fighting to remain conscious for even one more second.


To see this beautiful world in all its glory before it faded into nothingness, a pink haired agent of death descended on him as she laid him gently on the ground.


A voice sounded next to his ear as the blade tightened and severed his spine:


"My name is Ram, and I am Alive."


With her parting words Kenichi's eyes closed and he breathed his last. She wiped the knife and sheathed it while checking her ammunition. She had barely any left as she wasn't expecting to protract this gun fight for so long, she wasted precious seconds. Where her target could be whisked away if they had more soldiers.


She felt no pity, no remorse, not now. She could break down when the mission is done, she can regret her status as the living weapon she is. Now, she had a mission to accomplish and was infinitely close to the target.


After a couple of minutes she was getting closer towards where the map she saw in Yua's computer pointed at Satella's room. She estimated she was sixty feet when she heard a gun click against her head. She slowly lifted her hands as a deep, sonorous voice resounded through the shrill of the fire alarms:


"I should put a bullet through your head for what you've done to my colleagues, and I'm still tempted to do so. However, my wife would want you to face a trial, but make no mistake when your convicted beyond all reasonable doubt and extenuating evidence. Which can be seen in my colleagues brain matter splattered on the floor.


You will hang until your last breath as you feel the air choking you, and your spinal vertebrae begin to break. Now get on your knees and put these handcuffs on, any false movement I detect and your brain matter can join Shinji's on the floor"


Ram slowly got on her knees without turning, and before Wilhelm could throw the cuffs at her from a safe distance she muttered:


"Old Man Will?"


The words struck him as if he had gotten shocked, and subconsciously he lowered his gun a fraction and asked:


"Who are yo-!"


And before he could finish the sentence Ram pivoted and rushed to him yet he still fired two rounds, one missed, yet the other penetrated her left chest, which made her grit her teeth to not cry out or falter, and with desperation and adrenaline brought her Taser to Wilhelm's neck.


Then five million volts coursed through his body as he screamed in pain. Yet, Ram wasn't confident this was going to put him out so she flipped her Sig upside down and pistol whipped his jaw. She heard bone shattered and would have felt bad if she wasn't currently bleeding due to having been shot.


As Wilhelm crumpled unconsciously she managed to let out a scream of pain and out of her large overcoat pocket managed to grab a Celox wrap and hastily covered her wound with it and she used normal bandages to secure it. Yet, she thinks the bullet may have nicked her kidney.


She felt woozy, yet gritted her teeth as she uncapped an epidural anesthetic syringe and injected it in her lower spinal cord, nearly instantly numbing the pain and allowing her free range of movement.


But, this was supposed to be for emergencies only. A temporary stop gap, as her body won't keep moving soon if she doesn't get her own medical attention


She glared at Wilhelm's unconscious body and debated the pros and cons of killing him, before deciding she neither had the time, inclination to injure someone once rendered out of the game, and she would dangle this over Heinkel.


"We're even Heinkel, after this I'm done with this lifestyle." Uttered Ram as she tried to speed walk to her destination, wanting this to be over with as soon as possible. Not noticing the faint blood trail she leaked as she alternated between speed walking and jogging.


(Scene Change)


As Ram finally got to her destination, she wasn't expecting for there to be someone outside Satellas surgery room. She cursed all that is unholy as she began to speak while circling her new obstacle:


"Get out of my way and you'll live."


Emilia's brilliant amethyst eyes locked onto hers, yet Emilia didn't know it was Ram, for she had a scarf over her mouth, with a hoodie covering her whole face, leaving her eyes twinkling in and out.


She never wanted to be caught, since it wouldn't matter if she successfully killed Satella, they would be international fugitives after this fiasco of an operation.


Once again she cursed her impatience, she should have just taken her time and when Satella was better ambushed her from a roof top, not engage in this homicidal rampage.


However, what's done is done and she has no regrets. She breathed deeply and was conflicted due to how nice Emilia had always treated both her and Rem.


She closed her eyes as she remembered what Emilia told them six months ago:


"Rem and Ram, both of you are twins like myself and Satella, so I hope we reeally get along good when she finally comes back. She doesn't have many friends, so let's all play nice okay?"


She had smiled the most dazzling smile that both twins had ever seen, and they both nodded since such a pure soul cared for them. Two practical orphans raised in the streets, then the gangs. Yet this seemingly otherworldly fairy had graced them not just with her presence, but the assurance that she wanted these fun summer days to never end.


"Cease your steps, villain!" Ram was interrupted from her reverie as Emilia held a surgical cleaver, with eyes as determined as her to protect her twin to the death. The way she was being looked at by Emilia shattered her resolution, determination, and grit to continue this macabre ballet of death and destruction.


"Where did it all go wrong? What happened to make myself and sissy into instruments of despair and death. Why couldn't we have just stuck to going to school and laughing at corny jokes, at Barasu being a dumbass. Enjoying the moments Beatrice-sama would pout demanding sweets from my restaurant. Why, why, why, why. WHYYYYYYY….


I've gotten this far, it at least wouldn't be fair to Yuta, Shinji, Kenichi, Yua if I didn't at least attempt to do this. I can't have deaths in vain in my conscious, I refuse. I am Rem, and I am master of my own Destiny, captain of my Fate."


"Words needn't be exchanged then, Emilia-sama."


Emilia's eyes widened when she could've sworn she knew that voice, yet before she could reply a knife was flying at her neck, which barely managed to deflect. And the dance was on.


Both Emilia and Ram got close to the other as the pink haired girl pivoted, spun, dodged and weaved the increasingly more skilled strikes that Emilia was delivering with the cleaver. Yet, Ram saw her moment and with her left foot cemented her weight as with her right she lashed out and disarmed Emilia.


However, not one to be outdone Emilia used a left hand palm strike which struck Ram's nerve cluster and made her drop her knife as well. And before either of them knew it they descended upon a flurry of blows. Ram kneed Emilia, who used her thigh to absorb most of the damage.


Then Emilia used her right elbow to mercilessly strike at Ram's temple, who barely shifted her head in time and the blow was a glancing one. But the sudden movement made Ram's previous gunshot wound by Wilhelm open up and she coughed blood.


Emilia sensing an approaching victory leaned in to deliver a throat punch to Ram, who gathered saliva and blood in her mouth and spat it in Emilia's eyes.




Emilia yelled out as she couldn't see, and right when she wiped her eyes clear, she heard a click. As cold metal was pressed against her temple she heard words that seemed both next to her and worlds away:


"I'm sorry for this, but I've to complete it or everything I've done will be for nothing" A brief hesitation as the barrel wavered, then tightened:


"Goodbye Emilia-Sama."


In the seconds before the trigger was pulled and a bullet was ejected, Emilia felt at peace. She did what she could, and bought time, for surely someone will come after she is just a cold piece of meat on the tiled floor to save her sister. Her only regret is not confessing to Subaru. She closed her eyes as she thought:


"Please treat my sister well, and don't be too sad about me Subaru, Satella. I've lived a good life, I've cried, laughed, been upset, played with Betty. I am reaally happy to have lived my life to its fullest, and if there is an afterlife I'll wait for you both there."


Right as she accepted her voice she heard a voice and a collision that nearly knocked her over:




She opened her eyes and saw Subaru use his shoulder to tackle the assailant with such force they travelled five feet until they collided with a window. A secondary person that was with Subaru aimed his rifle at the person that had been about to pull the target as if to warn them not to move.


Subaru looked at Emilia in worry and the relief and love in his eyes overwhelmed her heart as she began crying tears of happiness, and the adrenaline unleashed in her system to the sheer overwhelming sensation it felt to almost die. If it weren't for Subaru she wouldn't have made it out alive.


Before she could celebrate they turned their eyes to the assailant and gasped in shock as they learned who it was.


Ram coughed blood as her scarf had fallen as well as her hoodie. She got up on shaky legs, and the pain that went through her body was too much for the anesthetic she had injected.


However, she has no time to analyze them as all three individuals were staring at her.


Emilia with genuine shock in her eyes, it seemed her mind was shutting down as she couldn't process what she was seeing with the visual data streaming through her synapses.


Subaru was gulping and going through the same motions, yet his eyes hardened.


"Oh? Guess Barasu does have a spine after all, that was a good shove I'll give you that, hah."


"Ram…. Why are yo… NO…. Why did you do this, what have we ever done to you? ANSWER ME! Yelled an enraged Subaru as he clenched his fists and dropped the gun he held in his hand.


"It's simple yet so complicated Barasu, simple answer my sissy is in similar condition to Satella, I don't care who started the fight. Only about ending this blood feud."


Ram spat out as she struggled to stand yet she was able to use her baggy pink overcoat to point her gun in a certain direction without them paying too much attention


She also glimpsed who this new comer was with warry eyes. It seemed he had suffered from her little trap. And observing the dried blood on Subaru's ears he had been involved. Involuntarily, she felt relieved he lived for a quick second before she buried it.


"Ra… Ram I don't know ho.. this fight happ.. happened but I beg you to stop PLEASE!" Cried Emilia as big, fat, tears fell down her gorgeous amethyst eyes that seemed in extreme emotional anguish.


"What're we going to do with her boy, she murdered Yuta, I don't care if your conflict gets scrapped, she gotta pay." Ricardo growled as his rifle was never far from Ram's line of sight.


"Just turn yourself in Ram, it's too late to back out now, we'll arrange something with Rem, so she doesn't go through the same charges you do. Please do the right thing."


Subaru pleaded with Ram as his eyes also shed tears; tears of heartbreak, tears of loss, tears of bitterness, tears of self-loathing. If only he had paid more attention he could have seen the pain his dear friends went through.


Yet he just clowned around with Otto and Garfiel, not a care in the world that the darkness permeated every surface. And even innocent people were exposed and entrapped in the underworld.


Ram spat out more blood, she couldn't have all that blood in such a petite body could she? She struggled to compose herself and stood with her back tall and as straight as she could manage. She observed her dearest friends and wish their paths hadn't colluded to such extremes.


She smiled one last smile for them and she boldly proclaimed:


"I'm sorry for everything, I've had fun, we laughed, we cried, we danced together didn't we. Yet, those days are destined to remain tainted for my actions today. However."


She inhaled and then shouted:


"My Name is Ram, and I am Master of my Destiny, Captain of my Fate, and I will never be in shackles, sayonara, Emilia, Barasu, and Satella."


Subaru, Emilia, and even Ricardo turned around to look at Satella who was clinging to an IV bag while wearing a hospital gown, barely able to stay standing respond back to Ram:


'Goodbye Ram, and give your sister my regards, I'll come see the both of you soon."


Ram's eyes grew brilliant like the pink during a glorious sunset and she replied:


"We'll be waiting."


And before anyone could do anything Ram shoot the glass behind her and fell from the third story, to where she had stashed the rope she would have used had her execution of Satella proved successful. Now, the alternate escape route was used to flee in shame, rushing towards the motorcycle she had stashed.


However, Ram was glad, that this was going to be settled in their preferred method. For when she glanced in Satella's eyes this time: She saw herself staring back at her.


Two cold blooded killers, her pulse quickened as the prospect of taking on such a formidable individual made her pride want her to recover as quick as possible.


For the potential killing match to occur. So, she ran while leaving the bedlam of the hospital, with a truly free grin on her face, as the idea of what just transpired left her in nervous trepidation, yet not an unwelcome sensation as she ran she couldn't help thinking:


"Come Satella, bring your madness to where the people just like us lurk. You can hide your thoughts from the pure Emilia and Subaru, but my intuition is second to none, you're a stone cold killer, down to the bone. Hah, this city will never be the same."


She shouted at the top of her lungs while laughing and wheezing:






Author's notes:


Well it was a very emotional, adrenaline paced rush to write this. I paced writing this, while deleting some words than using other ones. I never would've thought when I played a mobile Yandere game that the stakes would remain so high.


This story which was supposed to be wrangled in different directions took on a whole other train of thought. Thanks, for my day one fans, thanks for the new ones. Hope this story keeps on being amazing to you all as it is to me.


Sneak peak of ARC 2:


A tired yet injured soldier was laying down on the bed, wondering about all the craziness that happened. Between Yuta, Kenichi, and Shinji all dying, Wilhelm having been thankfully just unconscious and his own injuries due to the trip wire he wondered if he was just getting to old for this.


As he mumbled his discontent a clear voice was heard with a lazy accent:


Ain't ya a sight for sore eyes Ricardo, why don't ya tell lil ol'me what's the news with these crazy broads."

Chapter Text



Chapter 11




~The Crimson Noblesse~


"If you know the enemy


And know yourself,


You need not fear


The results of a


Hundred Battles.


(Sun Tzu)


Death begets death, begets death. A long and hard lesson that mineself has learned in mine youth. Heiress to the largest privately owned weapons dealer company, I've been consistently targeted for assassination, blackmail and kidnapping.


Papa never wanted my face to be revealed to the public, yet the world turns in my favor, and the people in mine way burn. Like the kidnappers in Lyons, France when I was visiting mine grandmother, whom they tortured for mine locations for several hours when mineself was barely a budding child. Oh, how they paid, oh, how they suffered. Oh, mine enemies dearly got to know the wrath that mineself wields.


Who is mine father to dictate what I can and cannot do? I am merely the genetic material spawned by mine's mother's loins. I am who I say I am, nothing more, nothing less. I am Priscilla Barielle, and I bend for none, nor break for even God himself.


It is the world itself that reaches out to grant me boons and favors. The rabble and commoners may be beneath mine attention, yet it is not their fault. For things do not work in their way.


Yet, as I sit here writing down the thoughts that plague me during arduous and boorish moments, I recall that it is the duty of the educated, to help prosper the uneducated. I tire of the filth of the Oligarchs, whom preach selflessness with one hand, yet reach out and plunder with the other.


I was raised in difficult times, with nary a moment that wasn't fraught with danger. However, as mineself has previously stated, the world will open up the myriad realms of possibility, that allow for reprieve and opportunity to mineself. A Barielle never runs, but faces their challenge head on with their back straight and a mocking smirk on the face.


See me soar, for we are eagles. Hear me roar, for we are lions. Bend the knee or step aside, for we are Barielle. This is mine story, and I share it with the world. For the world has granted me many favors, it is time mineself-returns the favor.


As all stories do, it starts with a peculiar encounter that piqued my interest. Followed by my amusement and dare I say, curiosity. This is the tale of the moment I laid eyes on a fearsome eyed boy, whom despite being weak, pitiful, and crass, possessed the courage of ten thousand men. Undaunted by any challenge, and with an uncanny knack of good timing. This is the story of Natsuki Subaru and mine encounter, and the red strings of destiny that interwove between us forever altering mine perspective and showing me paths that not even the world itself had granted mineself.


(Letters from a Barielle)


(3 months ago)


"Aldebaran, pick up these foul corpses and get them out of mine sight." Stated a bored looking twenty one year old girl, who was wearing what seemed like crimson pants, followed by a muted flame colored camisole, the clothes and her knee high boots had splatters of blood on them. Her vibrant tangerine colored hair was pulled up in a knot. The gloves she wore fingerless to allow her fingertips dexterity.


"Sigh, whatever you say, princess." Replied back a cheeky individual, wearing a baklava and night vision googles that concealed his face. He was also wearing a Kevlar vest, tactical flak jacket, with baggy cargo pants concealing all manners of weapons and explosives to aid them in their mission. His muscular arms had the Delta forces tattoo on his right bicep. She glanced at the words under the grinning skull of the green beret and murmured the words:


"De Oppresso Liber." To free from oppression. The United States Army Special Forces tattoo and motto. No fool would wear that if they hadn't undergone the very best of training known to any standing army in the world.


Her lips curled up at the thought in amusement as they've done several times. While her grumbling jester was checking his weapons and reloading, she proceeded to do the same. Her twin pairs of Beretta 92F with extended barrels from 4.9 to 5.9 inches each. As well as threaded to accept muzzle breaks, suppressors, and compensators. She holstered them in her side holsters and reached for her hip, where she unsheathed her flamberge.


She held it to the dim light, examining her blade once more. Her treasured sword that had been passed alongside her French ancestry still gleamed as if it was forged merely yesterday. The blade was crimson, not the usual pale silver of metal or iron. At 52 inches of length and seven pounds of weight, it was a lengthy yet light weapon.


The handle intricate and the pommel an encrusted ruby. The sword is slender yet wavy, with a sharply-pointed two-edged blade. The name of the blade as well the Barielle family motto was inscribed on the thrice forged steel. It read:


"Vincit qui se Vincit." He(She) conquers who conquers himself(herself). A phrase that means who is able to win against themselves will emerge twice as victorious. For an incapable leader or commander that doesn't believe in themselves, can never hope to prevail over superior forces. A motto that has suited the Barielle since the sixteenth century.


The word Yang was inscribed with the coat of arms of the Barielles, the blade had served her well when she fenced with her jester, who used a medium length sharpened tomahawk. He wasn't much of a fencer, yet he provided her amusement and she always learned a bit every day he stuck by her side.


She cast a glance at the sniveling coward laid at her feet, only he alone had survived her wrath. Yet, it was because he could still be of use, she tired of these games with the assassin's. Twice now she had to change locations due to explosions taking out her domicile.


She stepped forward and using the tip of her steel toed boots she lifted his chin with her right leg. She observed this pathetic individual. Panicked eyes darted back and forth, seeking escape from a room with none. Tears falling down bloodshot eyes, he almost remained her of a puppy that's been kicked too many times.


Which she supposes he had, since she retracted her leg a bit more, then kicked him straight in the chin. Elevating him several feet as the sounds of broken bones were heard. Furthermore, a muffled scream was heard coming out of a shattered jaw. He laid on the ground, broken and bleeding, and her attention had already deviated towards her jester.


"Al, are you making mineself wait, this standing around is quite vexing when we have other scum to pursue and eradicate." Intoned the bored heiress, as the screams muted to silent whimpers from the assault she had given to the fool on the ground.


"Give me one sec, alright I'm locked and loaded, we can go princess, after you. Ehh… what are we going to do with that broken bastard on the ground? I mean he looks like a puppy that's been kicked too many times."


Replied the bodyguard as he rubs his head sheepishly, already having put the bodies of the assassin's in a pile and radioed to his associates to come and perform a 'clean up'. She looked at the man with the broken jaw and took a quick step forward, simultaneously adjusting her stance and plunged the Yang Flamberge into his heart with one quick stroke, severing the arteries.


As quick as she had plunged the sword it was returned to her leather sheathed, curiously not a drop of blood was present on the sword that had just been inside a man's body. The muffled whimpers stopped as he quickly bled to death.


Without a backwards glance they headed out of the room, with caution as her jester informed her that he could see six more heat signatures when he switched to infrared vision, along two more that may be shielding their body temperature.


She looked around the hallway, full of clutter and boxes with bulbs hanging providing dim lighting to the surroundings. She refused another pair of em spectrum googles from Al. She closed her eyes and breathed in sharply.


Suddenly, the quietest heart beat could be heard around the corner, apparently waiting for the both of them to come out. She opened her eyes and smirked as with undaunted confidence she strolled forward, as if she was merely going to a destination that wasn't brimming with assassin's trying to collect the bounty on her head.


She purposefully kicked a can of paint that soared fifteen feet before it stopped on top of other's, making a rather raucous noise that made the woman hiding behind the corridor jump and shoot at the cans. Priscilla then took three quick steps and rounded the corner with her elbow hitting the assassin's throat.


She clutched her throat and dropped her assault rifle yet Priscilla carried on and grasped her forehead with an open palm, using her momentum and velocity to slam the woman's forehead against the concrete corridor wall. Blood splattered and the skull broke, she let go of the corpse in her hand who had died due to splinters of their fractured skull piercing her brain.


Al followed behind and gave a low whistle at the scene, once again surprised that this twenty one year old won't hesitate to eliminate any threats to her life. She asked her jester as they unhurriedly went to the room hosting the unaware assassin's, who have been preparing for a second assault a question:


"Aldebaran, you know mineself wishes to end these disgusting scum with maximum efficiency, what does thou recommend?"


To say he was shocked that she had even asked for his advice would be an understatement. Ever since she saved him from the spiraling chaos that used to be his life, he swore to protect her and train her as best as he was able to. Yet, not once had she ever asked for his advice in such a situation.


Then he realized, that despite the way she carries herself and the immense luck that followed her, she was still unfamiliar with urban combat tactics. Was this her luck telling her to preach caution? He shook his head at the thought and decided it wasn't possible.


"There are 8, no 10 hostiles in that room. I can't tell what weapons their carrying or if they have goggles that can mitigate the effect of a stun or flash grenade. However, judging by their modus operandi they aren't packing any explosives. They like to operate in the shadows, so silencers and muzzle breaks are the name of the game. I can throw a flash and a stun grenade inside, then I can rush to take care of six on the left, and you can get rid of the remaining motherfuckers on the right. What do you say Princess, sounds like a solid plan to you?"


Questioned Al as he already checked his Kel-Tec KSG twelve gauge shotgun and nodded in satisfaction as it's primed and loaded. His side arm was a Raging Bull Revolver and he kept his tomahawk handy on his hip. He looked at his charge with a fire in his eyes. He was sick and tired of the enemy organizations always trying to take out the woman who had saved him from hell, and we was ready to enact justice.


Priscilla didn't even hesitate or ponder his thoughts, she accepted them with absolute confidence and tilted her head in the direction of the door as she commanded:


"Well Aldebaran, let's not keep these mongrels waiting for us, let us show them the consequences of messing with mineself and the Barielle company."


"Aye aye, princess. Let's show these fuckers what happens when they bite off more than they can chew."


Without any more words needed Al went to the door and kicked it down with ease, despite the door being three inches of solid steel. The moment the door busted open, the action and momentum carried a concussion and stun grenade through the room.


He had primed then to detonate almost immediately and he used his large frame to block the lingering effects from the crimson princess, both of them wearing ear plugs to not be affected by the loud noises and effects of the grenades. After no less than two heartbeats they proceeded inside. Aldebaran immediately shot with his KSG and busted the head of a man like a watermelon.


Panicked screams were heard as the dizziness and blindness of the grenades still lingered, yet Priscilla Barielle was already moving, holding her twin Beretta's in each hand with state of the art muzzle break adaptors attached, after all one if one didn't get the best and latest toys from being the heiress of the Barielle munitions company, then what is even the point?


She shot three shots from each Beretta hitting three targets in their chest, leg, and shoulders. She purposefully didn't aim for the head since she never intended to finish them off with her side arms. Furthermore, they had already been holstered as she pulled out the Yang sword and pointed them at her enemies as she intoned:


"My name is Priscilla Barielle, heir of the Barielle company, and today is the day mineself ends your pitiful lives, you abhorrent swine's!"


Before they could even reply one of the assassin's that hadn't been to hurt pulled out his glock 19 and fired off two shots in her direction. He thought it was stupid that she had even talked and should've just finished them with her pistols. As he chuckled at the idea of her bringing an actual sword to a gunfight, his mirth died as he realized she had moved with astonishing speed and used her comrade as a human shield.


A sword pierced his companion's heart and just as quickly the corpse was kicked to the ground as the living flame herself moved to neutralize these dogs. She maneuvered around her second target and kicked him with force on his left kneecap, bringing him to the ground screaming.


Yet, the scream was cut off as the flamberge pierced his throat, she dodged a knife thrown at her as she pirouetted to the side and threw her sword at the third target. The one that had just thrown a knife at her got hit in the chest with the flamberge with such force that he slammed against a wall, sliding down as the life faded from his eyes.


The fourth and last opponent blinked as he realized that this girl that they were supposed to kill, just eliminated three of his teammates that were considered the very best in mere seconds. Not even 5 seconds had occurred since her declaration and he was the last one standing. Yet, he also realized she made no move to reach for her side arms, and if she tried to retrieve her sword he would just shoot her.


Just when he was about to try to shoot her again she spoke in such a frigid tone that chilled him to the core:


"Does thou really entertain the possibility of shooting mineself? Look at your feet you sniveling excuse for a man, mineself ended your companions with nary a thought. Now face mineself with the shreds of your pride as a proper man in a duel, or die like the dog you are."


Something about the way she phrased the words made him pause, and he remembered his training with the French foreign legion, and he decided if he was going out, he might as well go out as the soldier he used to be. Instead, of the assassin he became. He settled into a fighting stance and for the first time spoke:


"Jacques d'Guile, former soldier in the French foreign legion, Legio patria nostra". ("The legion is our country").


"A fellow countrymen? Pity you choose the wrong side. Priscilla Barielle, Heiress to the Barielle munitions company. See me soar for we are eagles, hear me roar for we are lions, bend the knee or step aside, for we are Barielle."


No more words were exchanged as Jacques stepped forward to deliver a vicious haymaker to the princess's face, she side stepped slightly and the blow glanced her cheek.


Surprised was etched onto her face at having been injured, yet she pirouetted and using her left foot as a pillar, lashed out with her hands where she grabbed Jacques by the shoulder and his hip.


He immediately tried to get away yet her clutches tightened and with her full force and weight she dug a knee into his right rib cage, cracking it and injuring his kidney.


She jumped away as he send a right fist that hit her chin, dizzying her and left her unsteady for a moment. A few heartbeats passed as she spat out blood as she smiled and noted, deciding to speak in her native tongue:


"je suis impressionnée par ta ténacité et réflexes. Malgré une cage thoracique brisée et une blessure au rein, tu tiens toujours debout et tu as de plus réussi à me blesser."


("Mineself is impressed by your stamina and quick thinking, despite having a shattered rib cage and bruised kidney you are still standing, and even managed to injure mineself.")


Jacques also spat out blood as he regained his stance, albeit the injuries in his body were noticeable by his labored breathing and slightly unfocused eyes. He replied with a smirk and in the same french they shared:


"Que voulez-vous que je dise, vous avez à peine dix-sept ans et pourtant vous avez été capable de constamment me tenir en respect, en plus d'avoir tuer trois de mes coéquipiers."


("What can I Say, you're merely twenty one years old yet where able to hurt me quite thoroughly, and killed off my three teammates in seconds.")


The smirk on the crimson's princess face mirrored her opponents own, she got ready in another position and remarked:


"C'est vrai. Devrions-nous continuer cette dance, Jacques ?"


("True, shall we continue this dance until the conclusion Jacques D'Guile?)


For some reason he was feeling in a good mood, despite being in a room filled with death and his other teammates being assaulted by the bear of a man that is this woman's companion. He grinned and replied:


"Rien ne me ferait plus plaisir, Dame Priscilla."


("Nothing would bring me greater pleasure, Lady Priscilla.")


They went back at it, with elbows being counteracted with forearms, knees to the chest or groin area intercepted with thighs, grabs cancelled and readjusted. Priscilla slammed her forehead towards the bridge of Jacques's nose and he yelped in pain, yet even throughout the haze of agony he was able to send a solid blow to her left kidney.


She gasped in pain yet gritted her teeth as her pride refused to allow herself to lose, and by momentarily distracting Jacques with a feint, he didn't notice the crimson princess leg that connected with his neck, executing a perfect upper roundhouse kick.


He fell to the floor and gasped as the pain flooded his body, and he was about to pass out when he heard:


"Mineself hasn't fought such an exhilarating opponent in quite some time, thou rest for now. Mineself has plans for you."


And with those words Jacques passed out clearly. Right when he passed out Priscilla limped to her sword and pulled it out of the corpse's chest. She sheathed it while breathing heavily, clutching her wounded ribcage and grimacing when she found out she had two cracked ribs. Yet, her smile couldn't be contained as she glanced at the opponent that had given her some trouble.


With another glance she turned to see how her jester performed.

(Scene Change)


"Sorry pal, but you can go fuck yourself." Replied Al as he holstered his revolver at blowing two opponents head. He looked around and analyzed that the remaining four assassin's where coming at him with shock batons and knifes, at too close a distance to finish them with his gun, his shotgun laid ten feet away as he had dropped it when an assailant had come out of nowhere and kicked it away.


He grinned and pulled out his tomahawk, while slipping a pair of brass knuckles on his fists, the knuckle indents shaped as stars, the faded blood on them still catching in the dim light present.


"The stars don't favor your sorry lot." Was all he said as he threw the tomahawk and it pierced one of his targets sternum, cracking it wide open as blood and bits of bone fell on the ground.


With one down and three hostiles to go he breathes in and out slowly, and slipped into his mind frame.


One he called coin flip, where he would think of a move and anticipate the opponent's, if it didn't work then he would be injured in an area he could minimize the damage, yet if it did then he could take down the opponent in a single move and move on to the next.


He honed his mind and saw the first target approach him, six inch serrated blade aiming for his left armpit, good these men were professionals.


They had noticed his flak jacket that would have made a stabbing motion not succeed, even if it would still have hurt like a bitch. Then in his mind he formulated the plan, strategy, and tactics he would employ to finish off the three in mere moments.


"Coin flip plan 2, start." Thought Al as he opened his eyes and his opponent was right in front of him, trying to stab his left armpit, going for the heart.


He grinned at guessing good and used his left brass knuckles to parry the blow as he clenched his right fist and delivered a thunderous blow to the man's temple, crumpling his skull and killing him in an instant.


The corpse fell and he dodged to the side as a knife pierced his shoulder, causing him to grunt in pain. Yet he let it remain there as he head-butted the man twice, blood and broken cartilage could be seen pooling under their feet as they struggled. This is the moment Al decided to take his hands back, as if he was going to embrace the opponent. And used both palms with his full force to clap the man's eardrums. The seizures and shock that the men felt killed him outright. Yet, Al wasn't done as he swung the body in a way similar to his princess had and felt the thud of metal on meat on the corpse he held.


The final assailant looked in shock and Al concluded with a fist to his forehead, the brass knuckles shattering the brain as easy as playdoh. As all four enemies laid dead he breathed and exited his mind state, which caused him to sag and lean against the wall.


He removed the thick knife from his shoulder and let it clatter to the floor, he unwrapped a Celox med aid bandage and treated his wounds. Furthermore, he looked to the other side and saw Priscilla leaning on a wall like himself, injured. He immediately forgot about his injuries and was going to her when a phone chimed.


It had a certain melody to it, and Aldebaran immediately knew who was calling the princess. He sighed and said:


"Oh pal, you don't want to get entangled with the princess, trust me."


Priscilla heard her jester's voice and shot him a look of annoyance yet still answered the phone.


"This is Priscilla Barielle, whom might this be?"


"Hey… Pris, I think I'm going to need your help."


The familiar voice stiffened the heiress back, as her mind flooded with memories of a long time ago. Looking at fireworks, exchanging whispers, and pouting when a certain black haired boy was being charming. Yet, he was a commoner, but he was HER commoner, someone that disrupted the status quo, and allowed for her narrow world to open up to infinite possibilities.


The memories of their first meeting flitted through her mind. As how she saw he was unworthy, rabble, not someone such as herself should spare nary a glace to. Yet, with tenacity and that damned smile, he wormed his way into her heart. She hated these feelings, she hated how scared they made her feel. She had never loved, nor liked someone.


Sure, she found certain people amusing, entertaining, even riveting. Yet, these emotions are a step to far in a direction that, if she dare says, unknown to her. The world isn't showing her a path to success because she herself is unsure of what path to take.


However, all these thoughts just pushed her pride up as she thought to herself:


I am Priscilla Barielle, mineself shan't be scared of unknown feelings. Diving into them is the right thing to do, for what if this is a path with a time limit? No, what mineself wants, is granted by the world. So there is only one thing left to do.


"Natsuki Subaru, mineself will meet with you at a location I shall provide, is this agreeable to you?"


She held her breath and cursed her weak resolve, for when was she such a maiden, for when has she ever stopped to agreeing to meet someone, somewhere that they provide. Anyone wishing to meet her, needs to come to HER, where she possess total control. However, this damnable fool was wearing her down just by asking her a favor.


A favor that she decided to return tenfold after the joys that he has shown her. The memories of when they watched fireworks, the memories of eating an apple, something she had not recognized since her jester and family never let her in the kitchen.


As well as her access outside and online strictly monitored and controlled. She detested these conditions, yet she had agreed on her name to follow the Barielle line rules.


For four hundred years their dynasty had flourished, and she shan't allow herself to be the first to besmirch their honor.


As she was musing these thoughts his voice dispelled them all with a sigh of relief that flooded her with warmth. As she waited with baited breath he replied:


"We can meet at the old dojo you, and me used to practice taekwondo, is that ok Pris? If It's not the-."


"NO! I command thine self to appear there, mineself shall appear there in a week, s.. so we shall meet there and mineself will not accept a negative reply to my generosity."


Her face slightly blushed as she tried and failed to regain her regality and pose, and when she heard Aldebaran chuckle she nearly lost it and shot him for this embarrassment to be on public display.


"(Sigh) I'm very thankful for you Pris, although your speech pattern still amuses mineself to no end, Haha. I'll see you there, goodbye."


Replied Natsuki Subaru as he hung up before hearing her explode in anger. He sighed again and looked up while his gaze sharpened, wondering if the coming semester for school was going to be calm and peaceful.


Or if it would be just as bad as the previous one which put his former lover in the hospital and her sister nearly died, he clenched his hands and was grateful that the most stubborn individual agreed to help him, because only one thought went through his head:


"Become strong, or die trying."

(Scene Change)


Steps could be heard ringing throughout a dim, unlit room. The person that was moving wore a dark robe that concealed his body, and each step sounded like a thunderous crackle of lighting in the quiet solitude of the room.


The individual reached the destination and bent down, where nine other's where all bowing down to a man sitting down, obsessed with a book and thumbing through the pages. The man, who's skin looked a sickly green noticed the last of his fingers were in attendance and clasped the book shut as he pocketed it into his robe.


He stood up and splayed his hands out, like a priest at a church urging calm, and he spoke:


"Welcome, fellow believer's in love. Such joy, diligence, ambition, dedication, servitude, willingness, loyalty, and obedience do I detect from my precious fingers."


He paused as his grin split wider, as faint blood trails could be seen from his cracked mouth, yet the teeth shined a brilliant white, unmarred. He started biting his fingers as his eyes grew mad with passion and his speech reached another crescendo:


"Each and every one of you will be preparing for the greatest day of our existence. A day of remembrance that will thunder throughout the world, as we get ready for the greatest moment in history. My children, the Ordeal is nearly upon us and the die has been cast. We've located our targets, and oh joy, what exuberance, MAGNIFICENCE, AWE INSPIRING PASSION THAT THIS GRANTS US. AGHHHHHHHHH, THE BRAIN TREMBLESS…."


He stopped speaking as his eyes rolled back in his head, an ecstatic smile spread as he chewed his fingers until they bled, he kept at it until he suddenly realized he had an audience, and wasn't done with his speech. He withdrew his hands and slid them in his robes, as if nothing had happened. Or as if he hadn't nearly bitten his hands off. He concluded his speech with a maniacal grin:


"For we have found twins, twins to use as the catalyst for our greatest mission, to bring about The Displacement. We have a mission my children, let's not be slothful in our preparations to welcome the inevitable change that will completely alter this world.


I am ecstatic, hopeful, determined, to see our mission fulfilled, for her love and grace to fall upon us is the greatest gift of all existence. Now, we have much to prepare my children.


"Let's Get to It."




Author's Notes:


Heya, here's an interlude that I hope y'all enjoyed, Priscilla is a fascinating character that needs more love to be honest, does that mean she's a ship in the fic? Heavens, what would be the fun if I spoil that for you?


Kill helped me with weapon ideas and brainstorming, I couldn't have done this without him, he also said final ship should be Felix X Subaru, which I agree with. However, I can't just do that to all of you.


So what is Arc 2 about? Well consider arc 1 an introduction to the core individuals such as Subaru, Satella\Ella, and Emilia alongside Rem and Ram.


Arc 2 is the beginning of the character development and placement in Re: Stalker for the royal candidates and many other people. It is also Subaru and Ella's debut, in what way? Well I won't say much more except hope y'all can read it soon.


Thank you for reading, also a short explanation on the sword Priscilla used.


It's a wavy type of sword called a flamberge, it can be used as a rapier and longsword, it doesn't have the finesse of a pure rapier but the wavy part of It is doubly effective in parries and future sword battles. Yes, this may be modern AU but swordfights are goated and I'm not ashamed to say I love them.


Until next time my friends.

Chapter Text

Chapter 12



Arc 2


Chapter 1




"You left me alone


With my demons


And now you hate


What I've become


But my dear,


You created this monster


And now you will,


Deal with the hell


I unleash."




(Memoirs of Natsuki Subaru {Adult} )


My father Natsuki Kenichi taught me how to be a person that can shine brightly and help others no matter the situation. I failed him miserably in the last couple of months. I have failed not only my father but my mother.


The woman who taught me that I illuminate their lives like the most dazzling star in the sky. I failed her for not taking into account what it is to be a good friend, and a person that can see through the hidden pains of others, such as how she can do it so effortlessly.


Moreover, I failed Emilia & Satella, two of my best friends and then something more as well. Feelings for the both of them blossom in my chest, it hurts, it is painful. Yet, to be a true friend, nay, a true lover is to relinquish them in the face of advent sorrow. The dangers that happened during the hospital incident stained our minds forever. And we were no longer the innocent trio playing hide and seek as we did in our youth.


I also failed the people I should have been more thoughtful of, more honest with, more caring for. Rem & Ram, both of them were friends I've had for years. Trustworthy allies against the mundane aspects of life, Rem with her quick laughter and easy smile. Ram with her biting remarks that were hidden by a smirk that was as charming as the sparkle in her eyes when seeing flowers.


They all meant the world to me, so much yet I, as the fool didn't pay attention to the little aspects in life. I simply thought everyone would get along and we would be living our best lives. One where we went to the beach and enjoyed playing around, one where my friends and brother's Otto and Garfiel would tussle with each other as Beako reprimanded them with her cute voice and stern face. One where Anastasia was frolicking in her divan as Hetaro, Tivey, and Mimi played around in the ocean with Ricardo as they all laughed and splashed salty water at each other.


One where Emilia and Satella played beach volleyball against Rem and Ram, the four girls enjoying themselves immensely. Another where the proud sovereign Priscilla and her loyal follower Aldebaran watched at a distance with amusement. Finally, where even Crusch loosened up and enjoyed her time talking to her closest friend Ferris under a parasol.


One where no one had to suffer, one where no one cried. Yet the night of the incident shattered those carefree thoughts, they enabled the truth. Humans are fallible and infinitely complex, gather 2 people and expose them to an idea and they both might agree.


Gather three and one opinion will diverge. Gather more and the idea will branch off into their own, breathing life to people's thoughts and individuality that have never been seen before.


We were in a situation so turbulent that the degree of peril we were exposed to defied imagination. Dead soldiers and guards, and injured detective and a grieving friend were left in the aftermath of the sheer destruction caused by my former friend, Ram.


I couldn't believe with my own eyes the carnage she wrought upon the ward. How one small, petite, and seemingly ordinary girl with a bite of sass and a kind nature could turn out to be so deceitful and duplicitous in her actions.


I fear that if I was a second too late it would have ended the night in unspeakable tragedy that I believe I couldn't have survived the events, physically and mentally speaking.


However, I swore to never let my guard down again, and to actually be able to react to any tragedies that may happen. I may have been a university student studying psychology, yet I will train for the unexpected, and always keep an alert eye.


Due to what we are calling the "Midnight Massacre", the original incident at the hospital, the police and the media have ordered warrants for the apprehension of Ram, and the investigation of Rem. However, all traces have been lost and they are like dust in the wind, seemingly untraceable and without a clue where to find them in the last 3 months. The search has died down, and the police are grumbling and throwing ideas that they may have fled the country.


Yet, I don't think such a thing is possible, they seem to have a personal stake involved with the other twins I call my friends. I hope I am wrong, yet I am certain I'm not. This is a time of great change and I feel it in my bones. As the semester starts back up and we get ready to go to college I remember these words as I firmly engrave them in my heart:


"My Name is Natsuki Subaru, and I'm not afraid."


(Current Scene)


"If you don't dodge these or get under cover then you're gonna be in a hell of world of hurt, pal."


"Fuck what kind of bullshit training is this!"


"Shit you should've known when you signed up with me Subaru, I don't pull my punches and you'll witness that first hand, hah!"


Among the vibrant conversation the environment was anything but. Dozens of high impact velocity rubber bullets where heard as they slammed into their target, Natsuki Subaru. Yet, he was able to dodge them with some finesse as he rolled to the front and narrowly missed the small projectiles trying to wrack his body with mind numbing pain.


He gasped as he reloaded his own semi-automatic weapon, one that loaded only special rubberized projectiles used in the top military classes for preparation of violent confrontations. However, even though he had been maintaining this routine for over three weeks, he felt himself lacking in all the fundamentals.


It's no reason as to why, his teacher is an absurd veteran from the Delta Forces, Aldebaran of the fallen they called him. A man who had blitzkrieg into impossible situations, and always came out on top. A genuine freak of nature that was monstrous and seemed like an individual that one could not hope to match. Yet, as the black haired boy chanted his mantra he seemed to steel his eyes. And the mind's eye opened up to him as he analyzed his own perilous situation:


"I'm at forty five degrees from Al, as well as fully exposed to his rifle if it weren't due to my meager cover, however not all is lost. I have two remaining flash bangs, as well as one cartridge of ammunition left. Think Subaru, think. I shall prevail, no, I must prevail. After three weeks of getting my ass kicked I'm not about to be lost once more. We are in a rectangular structure, one Pricilla and Al used for combat scenarios, and I have to say it's built fantastically. However, I won't just run away, or surrender. I would be no better than the victims that died during the midnight massacre. Options are:


"Throw a flashbang grenade and momentarily stun Al, it will only work for a few seconds due to his googles that are resistant to these particular weapons, yet in that time I can roll to the right and sprint at him. I'm not a person that can fight well with weapons, I'm no American weapons love like Al. However, I have my own skills and specialties. Alright, let's get to it, objective, kick this arrogant fellows ass."


And as Subaru was thinking these thoughts, Aldebaran had his own as he grinned under his mask:


"This kid isn't half bad, if we were back in the United States then he would have excelled in the marines, however he's still green behind the ears. I purposely, handicapped myself by having no stun grenades, and I'm sure he will want to launch his own to surprise me and rush me in a full frontal attack, hahaha he has another thing coming to him if he thinks im weak. Let's go, Priscilla's amusement, let's finish this."


As both stopped thinking they let their bodies do the talking, Subaru threw the stun grenade and rushed to the side as he ascended up a pair of stairs. Aldebaran shielded his eyes instinctively and crouched as it went off, the roaring staccato of the grenade vibrated throughout the training area, and when Al was able to clear his line of sight he saw Subaru madly rushing towards him with his rifle shooting. Aldebaran grinned and weaved through the projectiles, since he could read how Subaru aimed, and it had only been three weeks since the training commenced, hence he was a greenhorn.


As Aldebaran threw away his rifle, Subaru did the same and approached him with his fists as he yelled:


'Taijustu, free form!"


He tried to strike AL with a right cross on his temple, yet he intercepted it by locking Subaru's leg and making him tumble. However, he wasn't' ready for when Subaru dropped to the ground and used a leg sweep, it took him out of his game and concentration as he briefly fell. However, Al wasn't a special ops force for no reason, and he fell with his hands on the floor as he maneuvered his way around the ground, and struck Subaru in the leg with his heavy combat boot.


Subaru yelled at the sudden pain as he fell down as well, yet he cannot lose, he cannot fall merely again and again. He manipulated his body in a similar position to Al, yet he struck a crouch, instead of laying on the ground and growled as he rushed forward.


Al was surprised, as this kid was a bag of tricks as the fierce eyed boy shouted:

"My dad didn't beat my ass for so long for me not to learn some new tricks!"


And he recalled what his father, an amateur wrestler that still stunned pro's said:


"If you get your opponent on the ground son, then half the battle is won. Of course, this doesn't count if they are grapplers as well."


Subaru grasped his opponent and hugged their waist, while doing so he tilted his body and applied force to his legs, and both Al and Subaru fell to the ground, with Subaru on top of Aldebaran and he grinned as he said:


"You shitty teacher, I'll show you what's what, ground and pound time."


And with hammer fists he rained down on Aldebaran's head, chest and neck, yet Al didn't stay still as he used a cross guard to defend himself and block the attacks. With his muscle density he felt the attacks stung like a bee, yet gradually they started hurting and he wouldn't allow himself to lose just yet to an immature twenty two year old. He took the attacks then hugged Subaru's waist with his legs with force as he shouted out just like an immature lad:



And he rotated his body so that Subaru was on the ground and Aldebaran was on top. He grinned and was about to say the same thing Subaru said, yet an icy voice was heard across the training area:


"Are you fools done yet? Jester, and pet, stop embracing like lovers and come over here."


Both Subaru and Al disentangled themselves as they slightly blushed at the crimson princess's words. They stood up and approached her, yet shared a gaze that seemed to say:


'This ain't over till the bell rings."


However, they stopped all sordid thoughts as they were in front of Priscilla Barielle, and her eyes where turned downcast. She frowned and fanned herself as she thought:


"My, my these fools of mine are quite entertaining. Yet, the news I just received from the intelligence agency doesn't bode well for my… for this mongrel. Yes, that's what I meant to say of course."


So as Pricilla's cheeks slightly blushed she directly spoke to Natsuki Subaru who was confused and was sweating due to his training with his master:


"I have information delivered in good faith that they are in the area."


Subaru's eyes widened as he couldn't believe what he heard, his body trembled and his eye's turned moist. Yet, he knew exactly what she meant, since he never called them by their names again, until now:


"So Rem and Ram are back in town? I… hehehehehe…. Can't wait to meet the ones that injured my dear friends, but how do you know?"


Priscilla had a troubled expression for the first time in her life as she hummed and fanned herself. She quickly decided on the truth, for a goddess does not lie and responded:


"Sigh, Anastasia Hoshin's network of information is truly incredible, for a small fee she informed me of the occurrences of what was happening in Shibuya. I hate to say it, but that scammer can be quite reliable at times for mineself."


Here, Priscilla frowned as she briefly remembered how if it weren't for Ana's information 3 years ago, she wouldn't have possible survived. And the encounter that happened between them mere hours ago rang through her mind:


"Priscilla was drinking a soy latte at Starbucks as she contemplated what was happening between Aldebaran and Subaru. She herself wanted to train the boy, yet her feelings and instincts were never wrong. It wouldn't help if she was there, since she had conflicting feelings on the boy. One part of her desired to eradicate him for making her feel conflicted, yet another part of her, wanted nothing less than to embrace him. How RIDICOLOUS, who is she? She is Priscilla Barielle, the Light of the Sun, The Empress of Dawn. How dare she feel these things.


Yet her heart and mind waged war as she clasped her hands and hid her face, a slight blush could be seen as she was truly disconcerted. However, someone slipped into their seat without nary a worry as they sipped from their triple java shot mocha and grinned. Priscilla's instinct's where never dulled and she looked up at frowned at the sight of the purple haired women in front of her. She wanted to bash her and take her out, yet she couldn't. She owed an immeasurable favor to the woman. She gritted her teeth as she replied:


"Well, financier of Japan, what does mineself owe the displeasure of seeing you?"


Anastasia Hoshin grinned and chucked as she kept sipping her drink and replied:


"Hehe, can't this lil' lady see ya? It ain't a crime right, to be next to the mighty and magnanimous Priscilla K. Barielle, after all I wouldn't dare approach the heiress of the largest privately owned weapon's dealer company for some small talk."


She said these words as she pretended to quiver in fear, yet her eyes sparkled like luminescent cyan orbs She was playfully teasing the heiress and she laughed inside as she thought:


"Kek, this young maiden in love that inspires fear in others ain't nothing but an afterthought for me hehe. She thinks, she can make Natsuki Subaru fall in love with her? Too bad, he's mine. I'm Greedy, and I demand him, I possesses him, he just doesn't even know it yet. Time to change that soon."


As Anastasia had these thoughts she remembered the real reason she came here and cleared her throat as she spoke while Priscilla was looking at her with confused eyes:


"Ahem, Ahem, anyway this lil' ol lass just received some juicy gossip, normally I'd just email ya. However, the information regards someone we particularly care for, after all I'm nothing if not magnanimous."


"Speak you scammer, mineself cares not for your shenanigans nor plots, I can cut them all down with Yang."


Replied Priscilla as her eyes lighted up and her high heels clicked together, the energy in the environment was raised in an instant, and the patrons of the café gulped in nervous frenetic energy. Yet, Anastasia merely smiled at the sight, she was used to Tsun Pris, who may seem like an impossible goddess to all, yet she was aware she had a golden heart. One, that always wanted to protect its citizens. She cleared her throat and her playful expression frowned as she spoke the truth of her visit, her drink forgotten:


"They are back it seems, that's what the Iron Fang network just told me. And it seems they are making moves with a new organization, who? Sheesh, this missy don't know yet, and it frightens me."


Priscilla's eyes widened at this information, and she immediately thought of counter responses, or of ways to attack this new, unseen enemy. Yet her plans faltered, her mind hesitated, and her determination wilted. How? How can she do these things if even Anastasia Hoshin, the biggest scammer alive, doesn't know their own foe. She mumbled inaudibly for a moment then said:


"If even you don't know where those traitorous vixens are affiliated with, then mineself network can't find out, at least for the moment. However, we must and shall relay this information to Natsuki Subaru, he must know."


Anastasia's frown grew to a smile and she chuckled as she finished off her drink and stood up. With her white fur coat swaying she turned around and winked to Pris before walking away and replied:


Ain't there a reason I picked ya, princess of sun. Go, do your job, even nobility has to work from time to time ya know? Aren't Aldebaran and Subaru at ya training area? Go tell him, cause he must prepare. I'll do the same thing from my end, of course. How dare that pink haired bitch hurt Ricardo, I'll have her gutted soon enough, and the other three women won't stay quiet ya know? Especially that Valkyrie, hehe this will be an' interestin' school year for sure."


And with a wave and a farewell look Anastasia Hoshin left, leaving a worried Priscilla behind who had to counter and plan with contingencies occurring around the man that excited her, the man she wanted to be with.


Priscilla did a bold move and approached the stunned Subaru, not even seconds passed yet she daringly pressed her crimson lips against his cheek and said:


"Mineself warned you mongrel, so don't do anything rash, alright?"


Author's Notes:


This is not full chapter, only half. Hope you enjoy, and Kill you a sussy baka.

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120Chapter 13

Re: Stalker

Arc 2 Chapter 2

Shaken Emotions

"Deep in the chest

A longing for rest

Falling with momentum

I couldn't prevent them.

Vitriolic enemies

Could be inside of me

Fighting through the night

Lest the void take my life."


Sitting down on a bench, the temperature having fallen quite drastically, a young maiden shivered as she grasped her coat hugged herself tighter. The snowflakes hindering her wobbly eyesight as she sighed, and she grasped her silver crucifix with an amethyst gem in the middle and wondered:

"It's been three months, since the incident, three months since the Midnight Massacred. Yet, why do I feel as if that night had barely happened a second ago? Is it the eyes of the person that I trusted and considered a good friend looking at me with a sheen veneer of pity?"

As she thought of these thoughts, a person that shined in her mind's eye appeared at the foremost of these tumultuous and precarious thinking:

"Is it that the person I believe I care for more in this world had to protect me? Like a damsel in distress from the old tales of yore? With the handsome knight and the distressing princess? On top of an ivory tower with a fierce dragon to impede her hero?"

She scolds herself as a child and just blows hot air to the cold air, and wraps herself around her favorite orange scarfed given to her by the person she cherishes most as she tries to regain her thought process:

" Sigh, I am just unsure. I dislike, despise feeling these turbulent emotions."

As she sat there and mused her thoughts, a commanding yet, gentle voice was heard:

"Emilia-san? Well, it's quite fortunate to encounter you during this frigid night, I've been meaning to speak to you regarding something of personal importance to me anyways."

Emilia looked up with shocked lavender colored eyes as she spotted the person that initiated a conversation with her. With verdant green haired let loose that cascaded down her back, and wearing a honey colored hoodie with practical jeans and elegant boots, she sat down on the bench alongside Emilia and sighed as well. Furthermore, she delivered a cup of Emilia's favorite warm drink, a caramel latte with an extra pump of sugar. As Emilia was more shocked at the appearance of a woman she can consider a colleague and classmate, yet not at the level of friends, Crusch Karsten spoke:

"It's been a rough three months, hasn't it?"

Emilia subconsciously nodded as she sipped the drink by instinct, wincing a bit when the heat of the drink scalded her latte. She blew on it a bit before replying back in a solemn tone:

"Yes, it has been reaally hard these last three months, listening to the admonishments of my parents. Seeing my twin Satella edge further away from our previous joyful conversations. However, the kicker is seeing that dunderhead shy away from everyone that considers him a good friend, he seems to devoted to becoming someone he has no reason being…"

Here she grits her teeth as she pouts adorably and said:

"Hmph, that liar promised me that we would meet up today actually. Yet, he called saying something had come up and he wasn't able to arrive. Sigh, why he knows how I hate Liars, it's against my religion to lie in bad faith!"

Here, Crusch just examined the pouting girl, who was similar in age to herself and wryly smiled as she thought:

"I have a feeling Subaru-sama planned for this, for hasn't he told me to meet him here as well? Then, ditched too late. I felt myself wandering around until I stumbled upon Emilia, very well Subaru, I believe I know your intention. However, how cruel to a maiden to stand her up just to have her bond with another woman that shows affection to the person I cherish and desire?"

Crusch pondered a bit before deciding not to divulge this information. Surely, Natsuki Subaru noticed how the two were more estranged than before, and that the best person for Emilia was Crusch Karsten, not Subaru. They both had a lot to learn, since everyone had been preparing diligently for the next semester of University starting this week. With a smile and slight bow, Crusch got up and smirked at the confused silver haired girl as she intoned:

"Well Emilia-sama, it's just us two maidens here, left behind like an afterthought. Myself by a mutual friend, and yourself by Subaru. Shall we head to my domain? We can engage in fun physical activities that relive stress, unless you are occupied by other matters?"

Her eyes twinkled with mirth as Emilia flinched and pouted, yet she was a good sport and decided to at least repay the kindness of a coffee cup and responded:

"Hai, this is just dandy then! Alright let's go to our usual terrain then, Crusch-sama."

The verdant haired Politico blocked a smile from appearing as she smirked behind her hand and thought:

"I just want to pinch her cheeks and play with them like if they were playdoh, she truly is worthy of Subaru-sama's adulation."

And with those final words both maidens grasped their arms and walked forward with eyes brightening in excitement at the trials and tribulations facing them shortly.

(Scene Change)

"Ehhhhh! This doesn't fit me as well as it used to, Crusch-sama?"

"Fufufu, maybe you've gained some weight then, Emilia-sama?"

"Why are you such a meanie?! Hmph, if it was anyone else I would've stormed off, ya know nincompoop?"

Both Crusch and Emilia where very close to each other, yet they weren't doing anything sensual (I see you hornies), they were adjusting their Kendo Keikogi, a uniform used in Japanese Kenjutsu where the practice was swordsmanship. They both looked finely honed like a stygian blade at the dusk of night, both wearing their preferred colors, Crusch's upper top layer was verdant green like the olive trees of the Macedonians. Emilia's as white as the immortal fairies from Taoism, as well as the violet outlines on her layered uniform.

Crusch clasped a bokken of 40 inches by 2 inches wide, it seemed to have been shined recently with luster as she twisted it in the air, and Emilia out of all things had a pair of Tonfas.

(AN: Bokken, is a wooden sword used in Japanese Kenjutsu for spars and what not, it can hurt really bad if one is not anticipating an injury.)

(AN: To make chapter easier to read I'll add explanations as weird terms come out. A pair of tonfas are a stick with a perpendicular handle attached one-third of the way down. Maximum length is about 20 inches, and it is usually made from red or white oak and is used as a pair. Katekyo hitman reborn fans know about this. And they can be quite versatile in combat. Also if you think of Tonfas as just a large L it works better to visualize in a way.)

Crusch's amber eye's displayed her amusement at Emilia's weapons, yet she didn't reproach her for not choosing a sword. Everyone, has their own paths, and she knows that the silver haired girl in front of her is rather deft manipulating them.

As they both separate, the verdant haired woman with bemused eyes spins her bokken around as she inquires:

"I heard Emilia-sama had a pretty interesting teacher that shared their martial arts with her, am I incorrect?"

The amethyst eyed girl also had a small smile on her face as she remembered the lessons she had to endure under the short sliver haired relative she had and she replied back:

"Hmm, yes that is correct, yet how were you aware of my own family members? Is it due to your father, Meckart Karsten? Or due to your savvy mother Helena? The wonders of the political information the DIET members possess never ceases to reaally astonish me."

(AN: DIET was mentioned in chapter 1 but is the bicameral diplomatic muscle of Japan, basically has similar power to the U.S senate, sometimes more. Meaning, Crusch got prestige.)

Here Crusch visibly flinched as she thought:

"Touché, amazing for you to even know my parents name's when only Ferris knows them. How intriguing it is, this proposal Natsuki Subaru threw into my lap before running into the bosom of that orange haired faux pause. Well, let's not disappoint shall we?'

"I see our educational system is nothing if not thorough, yet we aren't here for that are we? We are here to discuss martial arts. To throw away our pent-up frustration at the world, our situations, and the tragedies one might face. As a wise man once foretold:

"Let him that would move the world first,

Move himself."

Emilia fiddled where her crucifix would've been if she had it on. Due, to the sparring situation they had to take off all adornments and items that would impede a clear victory. Yet, she knows those words well, who wouldn't. She laughed a tiny bit as she replied back with:

"My aren't you a bit greedy? Are you Atlas, trying to withstand the heavens on your own shoulders? Well I have one as well, ahem, ahem:

"Your silence gives consent."


"Enough flowery words and naysaying glances at me, Crusch-sama. Let's do this, don't you agree?"

She grinned in happiness as she whispered, loud enough to reach the ears of her's truly:

"You're right Emilia, just Emilia. Let's freely enjoy this bout as two spring mares racing throughout the prairie field, let us enjoy in a magnanimous match, one that can shake the heavens and sunder the earth, for we are both battling for the same exact thing? Nay, person, aren't we, my contender in love and passion?"

Emilia was finally happy, jubilant, to hear an honest answer from a woman she considers a comrade in arms, a colleague, and a contender for the love in her blossoming heart. She whispers:

"Let's go, Madam Crusch."

"Oooh, you cheeky, cheeeeky woman, I'm one year older than you and the disrespect is felt everywhere. Hahaha, I understand know why he did this, why he set up this match. Because, school is around the corner. And, it's truly disadvantegous to proceed without knowing a clear tactic of the enemy. However, could that boy be anticipating even this? No, it's no…"

Her thoughts got interrupted by the sound of oak hitting her bokken, and Emilia with narrow eyes and no playfulness commands:

"Didn't you bring me here to let off steam? Then, let's do it. Let me let off steam as I prevail, you're not a very good planner, I can see. Hehe, I'll make sure to take advantage of that!"

Crusch had no time to jokingly reply as she used her razor sharp focus on deflecting the tonfas hardened edge's from her face, throat, and vital points. She pirouetted and grasped her sword in a two handed grip, the sword behind her head as she posed with one foot in front of the left one, and she let the earth do it's talking. Whispering where which position would benefit her, which leg would favor the other. The weight of her sword, it all weighed down on her, when she finally reached another moment of enlightenment. She saw Emilia throwing herself at her, yet not with reckless abandon. With honed intuition she detected three hits that her tonfas would deliver in less than 3 seconds.

However, she smiled and smirked as she bubbled in laughter as she intoned in her mind state.:

"Void of mentality, slash one, slash one thousand form sword."

And with dexterity parried the tonfas aimed at her neck and hit three vital areas of Emilia, albeit softly to not make her collapse or get rushed to the hospital. She grasped and groaned at her new ability and the possibilities soared in her mind, yet she forgot to check up on Emilia.

As, she did she was stunned. Since Emilia was already up on both legs and barely looked hurt, however the blood marring her cheek could be seen and her wobbly stance as well. Yet, she should've been unconscious. Moreover, her injuries would injure full grown burly men, yet she stood as if she had just stumbled in their match, and left while patting Crusch's shoulder, whose thoughts started getting bizarre as Emilia concluded:

"This was a Reaallly good idea, Crusch, I thank you for the opportunity to further hone my skills…. IT seems I'm a bit lacking, yet that will be remedied soon I hope. Hehe, until class then, my fellow rival…."

With those ominous words, Emilia left the Karsten estate, leaving behind a green haired duchess who was preoccupied with the occurrences of their battle…..

Author's notes:

I said this was chapter 2 second version, yet I lied I suppose. This chapter 2.5K for chapter 2 of stalker. Hope y'all enjoyed kek.

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Re: Stalker


Arc 2 Chapter 2


Shaken Emotions


"Deep in the chest


A longing for rest


Falling with momentum


I couldn't prevent them.


Vitriolic enemies


Could be inside of me


Fighting through the night


Lest the void take my life."




Sitting down on a bench, the temperature having fallen quite drastically, a young maiden shivered as she grasped her coat hugged herself tighter. The snowflakes hindering her wobbly eyesight as she sighed, and she grasped her silver crucifix with an amethyst gem in the middle and wondered:


"It's been three months, since the incident, three months since the Midnight Massacre. Yet, why do I feel as if that night had barely happened a second ago? Is it the eyes of the person that I trusted and considered a good friend looking at me with a sheen veneer of pity?"


As she thought of these thoughts, a person that shined in her mind's eye appeared at the foremost of these tumultuous and precarious thinking:


"Is it that the person I believe I care for more in this world had to protect me? Like a damsel in distress from the old tales of yore? With the handsome knight and the distressing princess? On top of an ivory tower with a fierce dragon to impede her hero?"


She scolds herself as a child and just blows hot air to the cold air, and wraps herself around her favorite orange scarfed given to her by the person she cherishes most as she tries to regain her thought process:


" Sigh, I am just unsure. I dislike, despise feeling these turbulent emotions."


As she sat there and mused her thoughts, a commanding yet, gentle voice was heard:


"Emilia-san? Well, it's quite fortunate to encounter you during this frigid night, I've been meaning to speak to you regarding something of personal importance to me anyways."


Emilia looked up with shocked lavender colored eyes as she spotted the person that initiated a conversation with her. With verdant green haired let loose that cascaded down her back, and wearing a honey colored hoodie with practical jeans and elegant boots, she sat down on the bench alongside Emilia and sighed as well. Furthermore, she delivered a cup of Emilia's favorite warm drink, a caramel latte with an extra pump of sugar. As Emilia was more shocked at the appearance of a woman she can consider a colleague and classmate, yet not at the level of friends, Crusch Karsten spoke:


"It's been a rough three months, hasn't it?"


Emilia subconsciously nodded as she sipped the drink by instinct, wincing a bit when the heat of the drink scalded her latte. She blew on it a bit before replying back in a solemn tone:


"Yes, it has been reaally hard these last three months, listening to the admonishments of my parents. Seeing my twin Satella edge further away from our previous joyful conversations. However, the kicker is seeing that dunderhead shy away from everyone that considers him a good friend, he seems to devoted to becoming someone he has no reason being…"


Here she grits her teeth as she pouts adorably and said:


"Hmph, that liar promised me that we would meet up today actually. Yet, he called saying something had come up and he wasn't able to arrive. Sigh, why he knows how I hate Liars, it's against my religion to lie in bad faith!"


Here, Crusch just examined the pouting girl, who was similar in age to herself and wryly smiled as she thought:


"I have a feeling Subaru-sama planned for this, for hasn't he told me to meet him here as well? Then, ditched too late. I felt myself wandering around until I stumbled upon Emilia, very well Subaru, I believe I know your intention. However, how cruel to a maiden to stand her up just to have her bond with another woman that shows affection to the person I cherish and desire?"


Crusch pondered a bit before deciding not to divulge this information. Surely, Natsuki Subaru noticed how the two were more estranged than before, and that the best person for Emilia was Crusch Karsten, not Subaru. They both had a lot to learn, since everyone had been preparing diligently for the next semester of University starting this week. With a smile and slight bow, Crusch got up and smirked at the confused silver haired girl as she intoned:


"Well Emilia-sama, it's just us two maidens here, left behind like an afterthought. Myself by a mutual friend, and yourself by Subaru. Shall we head to my domain? We can engage in fun physical activities that relive stress, unless you are occupied by other matters?"


Her eyes twinkled with mirth as Emilia flinched and pouted, yet she was a good sport and decided to at least repay the kindness of a coffee cup and responded:


"Hai, this is just dandy then! Alright let's go to our usual terrain then, Crusch-sama."


The verdant haired Politico blocked a smile from appearing as she smirked behind her hand and thought:


"I just want to pinch her cheeks and play with them like if they were playdoh, she truly is worthy of Subaru-sama's adulation."


And with those final words both maidens grasped their arms and walked forward with eyes brightening in excitement at the trials and tribulations facing them shortly.


(Scene Change)


"Ehhhhh! This doesn't fit me as well as it used to, Crusch-sama?"


"Fufufu, maybe you've gained some weight then, Emilia-sama?"


"Why are you such a meanie?! Hmph, if it was anyone else I would've stormed off, ya know nincompoop?"


Both Crusch and Emilia where very close to each other, yet they weren't doing anything sensual (I see you hornies), they were adjusting their Kendo Keikogi, a uniform used in Japanese Kenjutsu where the practice was swordsmanship. They both looked finely honed like a stygian blade at the dusk of night, both wearing their preferred colors, Crusch's upper top layer was verdant green like the olive trees of the Macedonians. Emilia's as white as the immortal fairies from Taoism, as well as the violet outlines on her layered uniform.


Crusch clasped a bokken of 40 inches by 2 inches wide, it seemed to have been shined recently with luster as she twisted it in the air, and Emilia out of all things had a pair of Tonfas.


(AN: Bokken, is a wooden sword used in Japanese Kenjutsu for spars and what not, it can hurt really bad if one is not anticipating an injury.)


(AN: To make chapter easier to read I'll add explanations as weird terms come out. A pair of tonfas are a stick with a perpendicular handle attached one-third of the way down. Maximum length is about 20 inches, and it is usually made from red or white oak and is used as a pair. Katekyo hitman reborn fans know about this. And they can be quite versatile in combat. Also if you think of Tonfas as just a large L it works better to visualize in a way.)


Crusch's amber eye's displayed her amusement at Emilia's weapons, yet she didn't reproach her for not choosing a sword. Everyone, has their own paths, and she knows that the silver haired girl in front of her is rather deft manipulating them.


As they both separate, the verdant haired woman with bemused eyes spins her bokken around as she inquires:


"I heard Emilia-sama had a pretty interesting teacher that shared their martial arts with her, am I incorrect?"


The amethyst eyed girl also had a small smile on her face as she remembered the lessons she had to endure under the short sliver haired relative she had and she replied back:


"Hmm, yes that is correct, yet how were you aware of my own family members? Is it due to your father, Meckart Karsten? Or due to your savvy mother Helena? The wonders of the political information the DIET members possess never ceases to reaally astonish me."


(AN: DIET was mentioned in chapter 1 but is the bicameral diplomatic muscle of Japan, basically has similar power to the U.S senate, sometimes more. Meaning, Crusch got prestige.)


Here Crusch visibly flinched as she thought:


"Touché, amazing for you to even know my parents name's when only Ferris knows them. How intriguing it is, this proposal Natsuki Subaru threw into my lap before running into the bosom of that orange haired faux pause. Well, let's not disappoint shall we?'


"I see our educational system is nothing if not thorough, yet we aren't here for that are we? We are here to discuss martial arts. To throw away our pent-up frustration at the world, our situations, and the tragedies one might face. As a wise man once foretold:


"Let him that would move the world first,


Move himself."


Emilia fiddled where her crucifix would've been if she had it on. Due, to the sparring situation they had to take off all adornments and items that would impede a clear victory. Yet, she knows those words well, who wouldn't. She laughed a tiny bit as she replied back with:


"My aren't you a bit greedy? Are you Atlas, trying to withstand the heavens on your own shoulders? Well I have one as well, ahem, ahem:


"Your silence gives consent."




"Enough flowery words and naysaying glances at me, Crusch-sama. Let's do this, don't you agree?"


She grinned in happiness as she whispered, loud enough to reach the ears of her's truly:


"You're right Emilia, just Emilia. Let's freely enjoy this bout as two spring mares racing throughout the prairie field, let us enjoy in a magnanimous match, one that can shake the heavens and sunder the earth, for we are both battling for the same exact thing? Nay, person, aren't we, my contender in love and passion?"


Emilia was finally happy, jubilant, to hear an honest answer from a woman she considers a comrade in arms, a colleague, and a contender for the love in her blossoming heart. She whispers:


"Let's go, Madam Crusch."


"Oooh, you cheeky, cheeeeky woman, I'm one year older than you and the disrespect is felt everywhere. Hahaha, I understand know why he did this, why he set up this match. Because, school is around the corner. And, it's truly disadvantegous to proceed without knowing a clear tactic of the enemy. However, could that boy be anticipating even this? No, it's no…"


Her thoughts got interrupted by the sound of oak hitting her bokken, and Emilia with narrow eyes and no playfulness commands:


"Didn't you bring me here to let off steam? Then, let's do it. Let me let off steam as I prevail, you're not a very good planner, I can see. Hehe, I'll make sure to take advantage of that!"


Crusch had no time to jokingly reply as she used her razor sharp focus on deflecting the tonfas hardened edge's from her face, throat, and vital points. She pirouetted and grasped her sword in a two handed grip, the sword behind her head as she posed with one foot in front of the left one, and she let the earth do it's talking.


Whispering where which position would benefit her, which leg would favor the other. The weight of her sword, it all weighed down on her, when she finally reached another moment of enlightenment. She saw Emilia throwing herself at her, yet not with reckless abandon. With honed intuition she detected three hits that her tonfas would deliver in less than 3 seconds.


However, she smiled and smirked as she bubbled in laughter as she intoned in her mind state.:


"He who bends first, breaks."


And with dexterity parried the tonfas aimed at her neck and hit three vital areas of Emilia, albeit softly to not make her collapse or get rushed to the hospital. She grasped and groaned at her new ability and the possibilities soared in her mind, yet she forgot to check up on Emilia.


As, she did she was stunned. Since Emilia was already up on both legs and barely looked hurt, however the blood marring her cheek could be seen and her wobbly stance as well. Yet, she should've been unconscious.


Moreover, her injuries would injure full grown burly men, yet she stood as if she had just stumbled in their match, and left while patting Crusch's shoulder, whose thoughts started getting bizarre as Emilia concluded:


"This was a reaally good idea, Crusch, I thank you for the opportunity to further hone my skills…. IT seems I'm a bit lacking, yet that will be remedied soon I hope. Hehe, until class then, my fellow rival…."


Crusch was still perturbed by the actions she had witnessed and hastily replied:


"Nonsense Emilia-sama, that was merely one point, would you fancy another round?"


She simply had to see how her target was able to escape relatively unscathed from the accidental injuries she gave her. This knowledge may help her further hone a path in life and the way of the blade. Also, she felt that Emilia gave up to quickly, almost as if she didn't want to reveal a secret.


Emilia stopped in her tracks and narrowed her eyes, a brief shadow was seen as she thought of the pros and cons of engaging in another bout. Yet, she eventually smiled and readied herself in another stance, her tonfas at her side as she assumed a neutral position. Furthermore, the tension in her legs coiled as she and Crusch began circling the other once more and she spoke:


"Well miss politician, let's dance once more shall we? I see that your swordsmanship has improved yet again."


She twirled her tonfas, jaded white with amethyst tips, made out of hardened oak and if hit correctly can devastate someone's body. Crusch slowly walked in a circle as they both faced each other for a continuation of the previous match. She grasped her sword in a two hand stance, one foot placed behind and the other in front, slightly crouched as the tension radiated from her coiled body.


She resembled a tiger crouch, about to pounce on its unsuspecting target with the full force and weight it is capable of exhibiting. She smirked a little as she replied:


"I see that Gale Force, Fortuna herself, praised you as her best student. Look at your posture, it's radiating energy and shows very little openings. I feel the pressure already, miss Emilia, this is exciting, exhilarating, and quite frankly, fun. Let's do this.


Without any more words Crusch took one step, and seemed to propel herself to near superhuman limits, raising her sword in a vertical manner as she shouted:


"Let me show you, the Karsten Swordplay!" Sunder the Skies, and shake the Earth, Roaring Wind!"


This attack seemed unavoidable, a rapid vertical slash where Crusch Karsten put the full weight of her training and experience, to be able to create a singular slash that could incapacitate anyone. Yet, Emilia's eyes flashed as the sword almost seemed to slowly move through the air, droplets of sweat from both parties could be counted individually. As Emilia's mind raced she saw what path's she can take and how to intercept this blow, since it wasn't possible to avoid.


She gritted her teeth as they both entered into a mind state that with the aid of adrenaline, cortisol and other natural chemical endorphins, let them each analyze their moves first before countering the other. Finally, she saw her path as her eyes honed and she in a flash crouched and bent her knees as she crossed her tonfas in an X shape as she took the blow.


Her eyes widened in surprise as she was pushed back several feet and nearly lost her footing. Both contestants exhaled and smiled with pure delight. This, is what it means to feel alive. How long ago had it been since they , had they been so preoccupied with the mundane aspects of school, life, and the horror that marred Emilia's thought's as she remembered the Midnight Massacre.


Now this is what it means to feel and be human, nothing but exchanging blows with an equally strong opponent, each one trying to take advantage of minute opportunities in order to settle a win. Emilia said out loud as she backed away swiftly and seemed ready to charge once more against her opponent:


"Wow, indeed. They reaally don't call you the Storm of Japan for nothing. This one strike has already made me feel weak, and my arms feel like lead. Hmph, I'm sweating profusely, and I have to be careful or else I'll be dust in the wind as well."


Crusch's eyes narrowed as she also grinned and chucked as she replied:


"That interception was magnificent, Emilia-sama. I truly wasn't meaning to let you get off so lightly, also that moves takes quite a bit out of me and can be quite exhausting."


The silver haired girl felt the end of the duel swiftly approaching as she gathered her energy and quickly replied:


"I feel like I shall end things with this move, please Crusch, enjoy what I've been working of for three months, Heaven's Judgement."


She spun around in a twirl before Crusch's confused gaze, and she kicked the floor as she lowered her body almost to the ground yet was able to speed up as she remained nearly parallel to the floor. Crusch's eyes widened as she hastily tried to defend herself, yet for such an unexpected move briefly shook the concentration of the swordswoman. And she used her first to strike Crusch's right angle with force, destabilizing the swordswoman for a second before she rose like a phoenix and thurst her remaining Tonfa like a blade into Crusch's shoulder, making her gasp out in pain.


As Emilia smirked and was about to declare victory since if this was real weapons she would have one, her eyes widened as Crusch kicked the amethyst eye colored girl in the shin with force and Emilia yelped.


Both of their bodies mind were racked with pain as Crusch and Emilia simultaneously thought:


"When did she get so good?"


As they gasped and Crusch clutched her shoulder in pain, they heard a faint clapping. Startled they both turned around and narrowed their gazes as they said:


"Who gave you permission to come unannounced, and uninvited to my estate?"


"It's really mean to sneak up on people having a fair and proper duel, you know that Priscilla-san?"


The Empress of Dawn, the Mistress of the Sun was wearing her usual velvet outfit with her high heeled boots clacking on the polished wooden floorboards. She smirked amusingly as she replied while fanning herself:


"Please, if this little children's spat can be counted for as a duel, then the standards of mineself can never hope to be lowered by your little technique and shoddy footwork. However, mineself admits that this squabble was of marginal amusement and even mine's lips twitched in bemusement. However, we aren't here for this, are we you scammer and gutter rat?"


"That ain't nice of ya, Pris-chan, if my heart wasn't made of sterner stud I'd cry ya know? Moreover, can't we girls get together and have a girl's sleep over? Lil ol' me would find it rather intriguing. Besides, we need to talk about them, don't ya think Felt?"


The financier of Japan sported her white fur luxurious coat as she stuck her hands in its padded pockets, a scarf could be seen around her neck that seemed almost alive. And right beside her was a girl around the same height yet seemed about an inch or two taller. They all seemed to have arrived at separate times yet made their entrance together. Her fiery irises and her shoulder length blonde hair seemed to contrast with her toothy grin, as she bared her teeth and replied back to Priscilla:


"Hmph, all you rich people are the same, always stomping with your boots the poor and destitute. Ya bitch, I'll rip your throat out next time you speak such insults you hear me!"


As Felt and Priscilla seemed about to come to blows, Emilia was stunned by seeing her classmates and asked:


Umm… Excuse me, what's going on? Also Felt? I haven't seen you in forever, how's Uni?"


Here Felt seemed to sport a grin on her face as she went to Emilia and embraced her like an old friend. Priscilla scoffed in disgust and merely replied:


"It's simply you half-wit imbecile. Someone, or parties unknown are showing signs of coming out of the woodwork's and shadows, and a force needs to be assembled to counter them and utterly vanquish them from the face of the earth. Hmph, honestly I don't know what he sees in such a pest. Yet… Mineself doesn't dislike it as much as I used to at one point."


Here a slight blush could be seen as she furiously hid her red face from any of the girls, and they all looked at each other and simultaneously thought:


"Tsun Pris…."


As everyone was still dazzled by this side of the haughty woman they all know and are at odds with most of the time, Felt sat down in a sofa and invited herself to some popcorn and sweets. Before Crusch could sigh and reprimand her she had already taken off her soft sole brown boots and was resting her bare feet on the table. As she gorged herself on the sweets she hastily exclaimed:


"Leffff…. Cough Cough… Let the Natsuki Subaru Protection Squad meeting begin!"


All the girls except Anastasia looked at her in shock, as Anastasia simply giggled and responded:


"I hereby call this meeting to order! Objective, make sure no one gets injured or dies, especially Natsuki Subaru! Hear, hear!"


She yells as she began drinking sake and it seemed like girls hanging out, instead of discussing turbulent and ominous things. So as Emilia put her face in her hands she merely sighed as she smiled and thought:


"You dunderhead, you reaally have people that care for you! Hmph, you'll still be mine soon enough, I'll work hard for it!"


As everyone was getting comfortable and the atmosphere became peaceful, a dark cloud seemed to surround the city, as bad things where afoot in this school year. And the people most in danger where the ones directly linked to Subaru.


(Scene Change)


A form dressed in medical scrubs could be seen next to an unconscious patient. She prodded the figure until it opened its eyes. The figure tried to get out of the medical gurney, yet was strapped tight and couldn't move, and barely breathe. With a clearing of a throat a lovely yet haunting voice was heard:


"Ahem, Ahem. Good evening, my name is Satella, but you can call me Dr. Ella. now let's see, ah yes the checklist of course! So first things first.


Do you have a history of medical diseases?


Do you currently take any medication?


Do you smoke or drink?


Lastly, are you the man that nearly raped a girl in an alleyway three months ago? This is a verrryy important question, so please answer correctly. Oh, silly me. I forgot, I had taken your vocal cords away by slashing near your vocalis muscle and ventricle so that your screams wouldn't interrupt my other patients in need of ~Surgery~.


"By the way, the answer to questions one through three is no, and final one is yes. So Ding, Ding, Ding, we have a rappiist on the table. This will be fun, quite ~exciting isn't it?~


The man begged and cried yet the amethyst eyes in front of him merely looked at him like an insect in a glass jar, a mere odd curio to be amused with, then discarded when bored. She had already extracted all necessary samples, and was ready to begin her operation.


Beethoven's 5th symphony could be heard throughout the room as she played them on her speakers and got to work, the silent and agonized screams of the man couldn't be heard, yet felt in the thrashing of his body and the way he seemed to curl in on himself


. Finally, after his heart had been removed, and every organ placed in neat trays with labels detailing how much they weigh, and what they where she removed her mask.


With brilliant and passionate eyes she wrote down her findings, and with a maniacal smile she looked up at the haunting moon as she thought:


"It's been three months, my beloved. I'm ready to see you and every one once more. This will be quite the homecoming….."


Author's Notes:


This is the true chapter, doubled length count and all, hope y'all enjoy wild things are coming and not even I know what.

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Re: Stalker


Arc 2 Chapter 3


Clashing of Ego's


"A bad day


For your ego


Is a great day


For you soul."


(Jillian Michaels)


Everyone was situated around and sat with their knees bent in Crusch's kokatsu.


(AN: Kokatsu is the Japanese table warmers you see in anime, typically used around winter or cold weather, a place to relax and sigh out the exhaustion of a hard day.)


All five members were looking at each other with slight trepidation and thought. Felt was cross-legged and hugging the table, while Emilia's posture was nothing short of perfect. However, Priscilla air of regality was shown clearly with how her back was straightened, and her dark stockings could teasingly be seen as they went under the kokatsu.


Anastasia had a more relaxed air as she was used to informal meetings and dispensed with the courtesy of a stiff business woman and languidly relaxed her feet under the table, while sipping her sake with flushed cheeks and sighing in content.


Crusch was rudely aware that these woman besides her guest Emilia where acting rude since she never invited them to her estate, yet she can see that they must have all planned something important with their previous conversation still ringing through her ears. As the host, it wasn't right to leave people waiting, so she cleared her throat and directed her inquiry straight to the one she thought would divulge the information she wanted:


"So, Anastasia-san, what is the reason for the three of you to rudely interrupt Emilia and I's sparring session, besides spouting out some nonsense about shadow organizations and Natsuki Subaru protection squad? Is this a joke of bad taste, or something more serious for me to look at?"


Anastasia Hoshin sighed as she finished her sake and leisurely replied while sitting down with her knees on the floor:


"Haaaa, Crusch-chan, shouldn't ya have felt those odd stirrings in ya gut? About something ominous that may, no, will happen in our close future?"


The Politico gasped at the implications, since her own parents whom she seldom saw also whispered strange tidings into her ears. About children going missing, entire remote villages getting eradicated by an unknown force. It wasn't particularly surprising since no one in the mainstream world worries about small villages of thirty or so residents. However, it happened in her country, in her future sovereign nation. She cannot allow such heinous acts to continues, so with trepidation she asks:


'Is this about, the missing villagers and unexplained abductions?"


Priscilla scoffed as she picked up a cup of shining Riesling, and while drinking the opaque liquid she contemplated and replied:


"For your political cabal and other sources of information not available to the dreadful mundanity of civilization, you are rather misinformed are you not? Mineself and this scammer have it on good reason that there is a central shadowy organization taking active part in these horrible occurrences. Yet, the Storm of Japan is unaware of such ill-tidings? Mineself was truly correct in assuming that you weren't nothing more than an ignorant fool led astray by the pleasantries of life. You're politico network smells like a scam at this moment."


Crusch Karsten bristles at the accusatory tone the Empress of Dawn reveals towards such a being as herself. With a swift motion she gets up and clenches her swordas she intones:


"I wasn't aware that weapons dealer heiress would be at the forefront of information regarding innocent lives. Don't you sells war and mayhem, then why do you care, Lady Barielle?"


Here Priscilla gets up and her Yang sword is in her grasp as she twirls it and with a thin veneer of disgust replies:


"What mineself does with my company is nary a worry you should think about. Instead, you should consider ruefully how you will survive my onslaught. I'm tired of a sniveling rodent, always trying to gain information through manipulating it, deftly holding it in one's hand as if it were their chalice of salvation. Come, Politico, let mineself knock you down and utterly make you remember who is superior here."


As the tense environment stifled to a melting point, Felt yawned and replied while annoyed these two were squabbling in front of her said:


'Both of ya, shut the fuck up. We didn't come here for this to turn into a pissing match, we are here for the Natsuki Subaru protection squad, understand? Or do you need me to you pompous words, as how dare you disregard the care and concern we must bestow upon Subaru?"


Everyone was shocked at Felt's words since they had never heard such speech from her before, yet she shrugged her shoulders and kept munching popcorn as she lazily responded:


"Why y'all looking at me like that? It's the truth after all, both of ya go on your stabbing revenge later. After this is resolved."


Emilia was feeling turbulent and unsure of herself, here she was in a group of the most confident and outgoing woman she knew.


Crusch Karsten, the gale of wind, the storm of summer, and the Advent of typhoon, was here sincerely treating her like a good friend. Someone whose parents she couldn't ever hope to match, nor prestige.


Then, their was the Empress of Dawn, Princess of the Sun, Priscilla K. Barielle. And she radiated her fury just like a solar storm. She was simply breathtaking in every action she took, from her haughty laugh to how her eyes crinkled in amusement when someone mucked up.


As well as Anastasia L. Hoshin. A financier with more money in the world than anyone under thirty. Always, shaking hands with kings of state and presidents of republics. She wasn't someone to ever take lightly as her eyes shined in amusement and calculations when it came to helping out someone.


Finally, there was Felt A. Lugnica. A woman that was three years their junior, yet already dealing with the responsibilities of government affairs and managing a huge country in Scandinavia.


In comparison, who is Emilia, just Emilia? A person who has no right to take their family name, a sorrowful twin to one that is more excellent than her. A person that strived in medical school in a foreign country who learned German in less than two years, and one more to perfect her accent. She felt she was drifting among titans, whose gaze's would shred her to smithereens. However, she cannot relinquish her one hope, desire, and ambition for the future. For she must be with Subaru.


As she thought these wild thoughts while things tensed up between Crusch and Priscilla a sly voice interrupted with a laugh and cheerfully said:


'Aye, this ain't the time, nor place for these things Empress of Dawn. After all, we're uninvited guests, and must adhere to tha policies. It wouldn't be good for ya rep if they heard how Priscilla K. Barielle wielded a sword around tha host, would it?"


As she giggled the atmosphere cooled down in an instant as both Priscilla and Crusch sat down, and with nervous fidgeting Emilia said:


"Well, can we get to the reason why we are here, first of all? Please tell us more, Ana-san."


"Oho? You're that close to me to abbreviate this lovely name, alright then for you. I'll do it."


Anastasia sobered up quickly as she unpacked her computer and used Crusch's projector to light up on some images. Both Crusch and Priscilla were entranced by the satellite images they were seeing, while Emilia and Felt had a bad feeling. Like a shudder at night when one looks through their house to feel alone, yet they think they aren't.


She laid down maps and a device that pinpointed coordinates as she hummed in thought, and decided to speak the stark truth:


"Last month in Mumbai, several detonations went off to eradicate one target, yet it wasn't the one they were searching for. Last week, an avalanche in the Russian mountains decimated a dozen hikers, yet still these events seem unrelated. Until, you zoom in."


As she zooms in they can see that the targets this organization was after had similar features, black short hair, fearsome brown eyes, and a tracksuit that they were all intimately aware of. They blanched as they recoiled from the scene. Before any of them could say a word, Anastasia nodded her head and replied:


"Yep, there ain't a lick of doubt, their after Natsuki Subaru. These aren't the only ones I showed ya, just the ones that are the closest in term of time. Something seriously wrong is happening. Why? Why is someone tryin' to murder Subaru, what did he do to increase their ire against 'em? I dunno, yet I intend to find out. What do y'all say? Y'all ready to form this coalition while two of us go investigatin? Maybe finding some clues, since this lil' miss can't shake the fact it's connected to what happened in tha hospital three months ago."


Here all five maidens nodded their heads, as with swift eyes they decided to each analyze the separate footage in case they find a reason to why anyone would want their Subaru dead.


(Scene Change)


In the vagrant homeland of the Mongols, Ram and Rem where reloading their weapons as they decided that the target that was their mission objective would be to hard to find on their own. So, they set fire to the village as Ram used napalm and grenades from her attachment to her assault rifle, with the orange glow burning in her eyes due to the aftermath of their destruction she uttered almost pensive:


"Art… Is an explosion."


As she finished her words the village exploded in such a staccato of violence that she smiled briefly, her dead eyes feeling a very faint joy at seeing another target successfully neutralized. She breathed in the smoky air, and felt alive despite her slight coughs. Her nee-sama was next to her, and she was overjoyed that she had no significant wounds. Yet, she frowned at seeing her bleeding forearms and asked:


"Rem-nee, why are you injured in your arms? Did you not take care of yourself as I very strongly said you should?"


Here Rem trembled briefly for it was no one's fault but her own. In the heat of the violence and mayhem she became naught but a beast and unleashed her Morningstar among traitorous militants, as she shivered with joy at the ability to end the life of heinous villains. She forgot the teachings of her dear sister, to never engage in a fight that one couldn't win, to never seek destruction in the face of salvation. And to always, always, tell her if she was going to commit any suicidal charges.


Ram clicked her tongue in disappointment and sighed, yet before she could admonish her sister even further a passionate voice was heard:


"Did you really have to kill everyone? YOU HAD ONE TARGET, ONE. AND YOU KILLED OVER FORTY!"


Here Ram sighs in her head as she turned around to their savior, the so called Miracle Healer, Minerva of Wrath. Her blonde ponytail bounced as she swished her head back and forth with nervous energy. She really did not want to talk about any potential fallout victims due to her and her sissy's actions. She narrowed her eyes and stepped forward as she spoke:


"Listen Minerva, me and sissy owe you a lot. Without you, we wouldn't be alive. We wouldn't have been able to patch out wounds and perish. Yet, Yet, this doesn't concern you. You're simply here to monitor our vital signs and make sure we are in tip-top shape before we are thrown out onto this vast world once more.


Minerva trembled as she stomped her foot on the ground and with tears in her eye declared:


"This isn't f*cking fair, I saved you. I save everyone I can reach, yet, yet. You DISREGARD MY INTENTIONS! This isn't justice, this is simply retribution against anyone that holds weapons against you! I, simply cannot allow it!"


Ram snickered as her eyed gazed at their battle nurse and she responded:


"So what, you're going to make us pay for this? How, the head of this organization is in charge. They ordered us here, to advance and sue chaos as we trampled on oppression. Please, tell me hah, what will you do?"


Minerva's eyes widened as she flinched, yet just as resolutely she affirmed her principles:


I'll stop you if that's what it takes! This organization isn't for such tasks and errands, it's to prepare for the following events! The displacement, the solstice, everything is for that. Not two twins on a sojourn of revenge and unwonted massacre!"


Before Rem, Ram, or Minerva could speak they heard a word that stilled them:




All three turned around and bowed, yet the figure obscured in shadow waved them off as she handed a picture towards Ram and Rem and questioned:


"Do you know who this is?"


Both of the twins trembled as they recognized the twin pony tail girl in front of them, with cyan eyes and magenta butterflies as pupils. They instinctively felt a reaction of protection for one they cherished and gritted their teeth as they shouted:


"Why do you have this IMAGE? WHO IS TARGETING HER?!


The figure chucked at seeing their instincts shine, and she was glad to not choose wrong for the two that would lead her organization when she wasn't around. With flare she turned around and simply uttered:


"They are moving, so protect her, go back to Japan and protect Beatrice before the worst harm befalls her. Those are my orders, so get to it."


With those final words it seemed she had vanished as Ram looked at the stunned Minerva and gaping mouth of her sissy as she wordlessly thought:


"Is it, truly time to meet once again, Natsuki Subaru? Nay, my Onee-san."


Authors notes:


Short Chap but hope it gets everyone hyped up for the rest. Stalker is so wild, yet it's my favorite fic to write haha. Please leave reviews saying what you would like seen and I may take it under advisement. Farewell, for now plebs. Also Kill a tsun tsun fr.

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Chapter 16

Re: Stalker


Arc 2 chapter 4




"I believe forgiveness


Is the best form of love


In any relationship.


It takes a strong person


To say they're sorry


And an even stronger


Person to forgive."


-Yolanda Hadid.-


Heinkel Von Astrea walked into his office, slight dust could be seen due to the neglect it has had. As one of the top contenders for the underground crime network Lugnica, he couldn't afford to be someone that couldn't deliverer. He went to a portrait or Marcus hugging him on his shoulder as they both laughed after the success their business had.


He had tears in his eyes as he silently sobbed at the scene, of Marcus being so head strong and unwary of the dangers, with singular focus. And Heinkel being his loyal second in command. Despite, what is rumored in history, he never grew ambitious, jealous, or manipulative. He just wanted his Boss to soar and for him to be the wings that ascended him to the sky.


Yet, his eyes betrayed tumultuous thoughts. Since the death of Marcos Gildark, he has been handling the organization on their own, without his trusted ace's Rem and Ram, he didn't see a clear pathway through the dilemma they had.


Enemies at all sides, allies that would either be true to their false promises or get bewitched by the enemy. The 'Lugnica organization' was suffering, badly. He laid down on his chair as he had to shift through paperwork and see the going and occurrences of his spies. Yet, he felt a faint smell, one of clove and tobacco.


Quickly he seemed to rise up and look around, yet he couldn't see anyone, however his instincts didn't fail him as he un holstered his Colt .40 and said outload:


"Who the fuck is here? Don't try to surprise me, I'm steady with this gun and will shoot anything this way!"


He caught a whiff of smoke and it reminded him of the clove cigarillos that a certain someone he knew smoked, as he tensed up and prepared to die he was able to hear:


"Calm down, Heinkel. It's just me, and no one is here to take your life today, at least for today of course."


He looked around and then saw her, a specter of the night, a shade of Hades sitting on the window, which was partially open. Her Rose eyes looked at him and twinkled in amusement as she puffed on her clove cigarette, letting the ashes fall down on his priceless Indian rug. Yet, he didn't even comment on that as his throat choked up and sputtered:


"R.. Ram? What're you doing here? The whole Japanese Executive branch is after you and Rem! I know I raised the both of you but I cannot help you with this situation! I swear, after the Midnight Massacre events precipitated to motion that I couldn't even take advantage of!"


Ram kept looking at Heinkel with disinterested eyes as she puffed her cigarillo, after it reached the filter she flicked it off the window and stepped on the ground. She stretched lightly as she enjoyed the fear in her previous mentor's eyes and replied:


"Old man, don't worry too much. If I was here to end you, then you wouldn't even know it."


Heinkel's eyes widened as he remembered the reports he read from the mainstream media and his colleagues, Ram was a one man army and killed several soldiers before she almost was successfully able to dispatch her target. However, people and events got in her way, even his father was involved. His eyes narrowed in anger as he roared:


"You almost killed my fucking DAD!"


Here Ram's eyes also narrow as she remembers the Midnight Massacre, yet her lips curl in a smile as she steps forward and plops down in Heinkel's guest seat. With her hand she motions him to sit down, and while feeling vulnerable he does as she said, for he feels he would be in the wrong to deny her. She speaks:


"That night brings me naught but sorrow, yet I cannot regret my actions, I can ponder on them, think of them, and want to do better. However, there is no medicine for regret, there is not a single one unless one takes a copious amounts of narcotics to forget what they've done. And, you know me, I've never been that person. My lucidity is my salvation, my career entirely. What happened with your father was unfortunate, yet do you know why he is still alive?"


Here, Ram got close and grasped Heinkel's necktie, and with fury in her eyes she screamed:




She released Heinkel as she went back to her assigned seat and lit up another clove cigarette. With some puffs she became pensive as Heinkel looked at her with uncertain eyes. He wasn't sure why his star was back after three months, yet he knew that she wasn't dumb. He could've reported them for leniency yet he let them ran. And ran they did. Even to the far east of Mongolia, however he cannot understand why she is back now. And saying one of their debts is cleared.


However, his eyes widened when Ram, out of her bosom pulled out a roll of bills and threw it on the table. He understood it was for him and counted it quickly, his enthusiasm was at an all high. He counted at least one hundred million yes, which was more than a million U.S dollars. Not only that, she also showed a small briefcase and opened it up, flushing so many bills that Heinkel's mind went into overdrive. Totally, she showed over three million U.S dollars. And he was hurting for funds, but this was a crazy amount. Right when he was about to ask a question regarding the money, Ram lifted a finger and puffed her clove cigarillo as she replied:


"Listen, and listen carefully, I'll only say it once. Three million two hundred thousand U.S dollars, that will cover the upbringing you and Father did. Secondly, it will over my past malfeasance, and stupidity at what I committed. Thirdly, I need some information, and I won't dally with the Vollachian Cartel. They aren't honorable nor honest, and I don't deal with anyone that is dishonest. My sissy can smell when lies are being told and weaved, and we have no time for that."


Heinkel straightened his back and looked at Ram with stranger eyes, he didn't recognize her anymore. He imagined he would if It was Rem, since her nature was one that stayed natural no matter what. Yet, to see Ram act even more of a professional than he was used to, he regretted it deep down. To let these sisters leave as if nothing. However, he also acknowledges that they wouldn't have been able to stay under his command after the Midnight Massacre. With another sigh he poured another drink, and with surprise Ram motioned for one as well. After pouring two drinks and sliding one to Ram he asked:


"So, I'm happy to see the both of you doing so well. I'm sure Marcos would grin and laugh in his hearty chuckle, yet what does this mean. What information could I share with you, Ram?"


Ram didn't answer immediately, she looked around pensively as her instincts never rusted yet increases. However, she was uneasy, not due to Heinkel, due to the office she was in. Forlorn memories came to her mind, as this used to be Big Boss Marcos's office. And her and Rem received many missions from him, also they felt part of a family for the first time. She felt like a girl leaving home for the first time, then returning and recognizing different aspects of it as she hadn't been able too.


She shook the whiskey around and took a sip, as she threw her clover cigarillo out of the window and sighed. She got up and started pacing, and activity Heinkel was used to before she uttered:


"Have you ever heard… of the Witches Cult?"


Here her eyes narrowed sharply as she tried to detect any lies from Heinkel's future words, his very life would depend on it. Yet, contrary to her expectations, he quivered in fear and his face turned pale white as he murmured:


"So….. you know of them too, Ram?"


Her eyes shook and she sat back down as this information was critical to her and her sissy's mission, she couldn't fail. For if she did, an innocent child may disappear forever. She clenched her fists and shouted:


'Tell me, what the fuck you know Heinkel, this organization is too evil to keep operating."


He waved his hand as to calm down Ram as he finished his drink and it echoed emptily as it clicked his coaster. He looked at his eyes and surprisingly to Ram, tears fell down his eyes as he replied to her:


"You…. Haven't been here during their spectacles. I am not a good person, Ram. You know this, I know this, everyone in the underbelly and seedy world which is the Yakuza knows. However.!"


Here he stands up and paces just like Ram did and with anger strikes the wall, making his tiger head briefly shake, Ram's eyes look at him in confusion as she thought:


"I've never thought of Heinkel mad, sure he would be displeased at times when either myself or sissy failed a mission. Yet, to strike a wall. And to cry? Is this due to the witch cult?"


A tremor occurred through her body as she felt shadowy hands trying to grasp her heart and squeeze it. No, it's fear is what she recognizes. She stifles the feeling down and asks:


"What do you know, Heinkel?"


He looked around in panic yet he gritted his teeth and damned the world as he said the words to Ram's worried visage:


" Maniacs, fervent believers in the End. Mad men and woman who will do anything for their goal."


His words struck deep uncertainty and fear in Ram's quartz eyes and before she could ask anything, he kept speaking:


"They have eradicated villages up north, in Hokkaido, and by Osaka. Small ones at first, yet it seems their ambition grows, and grows. And won't stop until either Japan is under their heel, or the world. Every time cops are sent to the area they disappear, they sent two platoons of the Japanese Special Defense Force by Kyoto, and we still haven't heard back from them…."


She trembled as the feeling the leader of her organization told her was becoming slowly true, slowly things were going from bad to horrendous. However Heinkel still wasn't done as he pulled some papers from his desk and showed them to Ram. She narrowed her gaze and read one:


"We are the salvation of this corrupted humanity. We are the ashes that rise from fallen civilizations. We are, Eternal, Immortal, Everlasting and ever desperate to right the world. We will get out target, Natsuki Subaru, and he will be used for the sacred Winter Solstice for a ritual, one to make this world one with magic. THIS I PROMISE, THIS I WILL DELIVER. HE WILL FEEL MY LOVE AS THE KNIFE STRIKES HIS HEART, AND THE UNWORTHY WON'T LIVE TO SEE ANOTHER DAY. With blessings, the Witch of Vainglory, ~Pandora~"


These words made her growl in an animalistic way more suited for her sister Rem. Yet, Ram composed herself quickly as she prioritized her objectives and spoke:


"This…. Is unacceptable, you realize that. This cannot be allowed to happen, this dreadful cult must be utterly destroyed."


Heinkel nodded his assent as he poured Ram another drink which she gulped quickly and stood up while he also stood up and replied:


"This, won't be easy. From what I know they are protected by a powerful charm, maybe even…. Magic."


Ram went to the window and before she left through it replied:


"Thank you for the information Heinkel, don't tell the police I'm here. Also, I'm curious if someone with magic can survive a 30 round burst of an Ak-47 with hollow tip bullets. We'll see won't we? Yet, Magic, whispers of the supernatural. If there was ever a god, he would've saved me and sissy from our cruel fate."


Heinkel aware Ram was about to leave hastily asked:


"WAIT! Who has been protecting you all this time? And Rem, this isn't an easy operation after all. Nor to keep two fugitives alive, well fed and paid handsomely."


Here Ram smiled as she responded while leaving:


"[Pleiades]. And our leader has an amazing idea to make world peace happen again. Watch us Heinkel, for we are no longer the two orphans you and Big Boss found. We are Ram Pleiades & Rem Pleiades."


With her final words she left and in her mind an urgent thought fell through:


"Dammit! Where the fuck is Barasu."


(Scene Change)


In Taiwan, more specifically the capital Taippei, people were going alongside their normal life and journey's. Suddenly, loud speakers and advertisement seemed to be taken over as a voice sung through the speakers:


"Every sorrow suggests a


Thousand songs, and


Every song recalls a


Thousand sorrows, and so


They are infinite in


Number, yet all the same."


People where flabbergasted as to what was happening, yet that sweet melodious tone kept repeating until finally it sounded like someone cleared their throat and spoke:


"My children, my darlings, its time to show the people our divinity, our grace, and her beloved presence. Children, start operation Breaking Dawn."


Out of nowhere dozens of ordinary people throughout the whole city pull out wicked looking knifes as they stab people randomly and laugh. As the staccato reaches the heavens, pale blue eyes alongside platinum hair seem to narrow in delight at the wonton destruction, for it is time. Time to rise and change the foundations of this fragile world right this second.


With a heavy handed voice, the melodious voice continues through the screams coming from the people:




As she laughs and giggles at the onslaught and mayhem she herself unleashed she wonders:


"Ahhhh, when can I see you Natsuki Subaru! My toy, my keepsake, I'll make you forget the adorable words you used to tell me…. I'll make sure everything ends up alright….


Author's notes:


"Hope y'all like, I'm writing short chaps but hope they are fast enough. And yes this seems crazy but is part of Stalker. Enjoy and Kill, Ram smokes, suck it."

Chapter Text

Re: Stalker


Arc 2


Chapter 5


Calamitous Misfortune


"Acceptance of


What has


Happened is the


First step to


Overcoming the


Consequences of


Any Misfortune."


(William James)


When do you go back to school, pal?"


Asks a toughened veteran with steel arms that flex mighty bulges of muscle and snaked veins. His face covered with a baklava as he was never comfortable with people seeing the facial scars he received, so many years ago.


Across the burly mercenary was a young man with a slim build, yet hidden strength could be seen in his lean muscles. His fierce eyes looked around the current location they were in. Inside a charter plane, the armrests felt uncomfortable, the seat too narrow. It was a wonder that the man in front of him seemed to be able to sit as if it was a comfortable armchair, and not the cheap seats the airlines like to install.


With a sigh he slightly relaxed and replied:


"In a week or so, the semester has already started but I took an extra week off, not sure if I want to continue studying what I wanted to originally."


With a frown hidden by his face mask, he gestured the boy to continue and speak his mind. They had been training over a month now, and the reflexes and out of the box ideas the boy showed him, truly astounded him. He again thinks that the young man would excel in the Marines, if only he had the time, yet he knows the military life isn't for everyone.


Natsuki Subaru is uncertain, everything has changed, nothing remained the same anymore. His friends, his colleagues, it just seemed like his whole life has been a journey of mundanity. Before he knows it his breath hitched as he had a flashback to the events in the hospital, and he subconsciously shivered as he recalled the:


"Blood on the floor


The lifeless eyes of Yuta


The roaring staccato of the grenades that almost killed him


Screams of pain and agony from the dying


Ricardo protecting him with his life, and bleeding severely.


The unconscious and bleeding Wilhelm, who he felt sorrow for


The maniacal eyes of the pink haired storm of calamity


The expression of Emilia as she accepted her death with a smile


And what unnerved him the most,


Was the same exact eyes were present in Satella.


"Breathe, breathe, get yourself together man. That was months ago, yet why do I still feel as if blood and madness will happen? I can't fall… I cannot FUCKING FAIL! I'm… worthless, less than that… I couldn't do shit against Ram, she could've killed me in seconds. How, how can someone adapt to that? Isn't that why I'm training? And trying my best? But…. I'm just trash, not worthy of my amazing parents. Not worthy of the affection of my friends… no-"


"HEY! Calm down bro, you're hyperventilating!"


Other passengers looked in surprise at what was occurring, and someone was going to wave down a stewardess when they saw Aldebaran dismiss their action with a shake of his head. With a firm grip he grasped the shoulder of Subaru who's eyes seemed to shake in fear, seeing past memories of such violence still made him clutch at his heart as he tried to breathe. Yet, a surprisingly gentle voice came from Al:


"Subaru, you're experiencing PTSD, it happens to veterans all the time. That doesn't mean it's a good thing, it's a very serious disorder that needs friends and help if it becomes severe. Look into my eyes, pal. I've been there, I… Experienced things no rational person should, have seen comrades and friends laughing and smiling, until an IED blew them to kingdom come…. It's not fun pal, not at all. But, don't forget, the princess' is here for you, and so are your friends, family, and even me bro. I'm sorry, I may have been pushing you too hard and this may have triggered an episode."


Natsuki Subaru's eyes gained life as he seemed to forcibly grip his emotions and exhaled a deep sigh. It had already happened, just phantom events haunting his mind. He regained clarity and everyone watching went back to their seats, the juicy show apparently not happening for the bored passengers.


As Al made sure he was ok, he went back to his seat beside him and asked:


"So… how're ya feeling bro?"


"I felt like I was drowning in despair as I realized how weak I am, I mean I'm better now thanks to you. I really appreciate it man."


Here, Subaru tried for a (Fake) smile, satisfied that Al seemed to be fooled. The trauma in his mind may not compare to Aldebaran's own, yet he had to find his own path forward. However, if he thought Al didn't know why he felt like that he suddenly mentioned:


"Are ya thinking about the strength of the pink haired girl? Is that what made you feel inadequate, bro?"


The black haired boy's eyes widened in surprise, yet he soon had a rueful smile as he thought to himself:


"That special forces intuition is no joke, I wonder if Aldebaran would win against… her."


As his face grew in contemplation Aldebaran responded like if Subaru's face was an open book:


"Hey, don't continue that train of thought. If me and that gal fought one on one with no weapons, I'd crush her like a twig. It doesn't matter how proficient one is with guns, or knifes. All it takes is one mistake, one slip of the mind. And you're lights out, pal. Remember, No matter how valiant you are on the battlefield, a single stray arrow can pierce you. Always keep a sharp mind and be aware of your positioning versus your enemies. What if I had slipped on a puddle of water that I hadn't accounted for? Then I give my enemy the perfect chance to gut me or shoot me dead. When you walk into a room, check everything out, pal. The light fixtures, are they dim, bright, do they flicker, are their shadows that can mess with you perception of additional people?"


Subaru seemed to be learning something brand new every day with this gruff ex-soldier. He seemed to cheer up as he started thinking of scenarios and asked:


"So like laying down traps if you can anticipate where your enemy is going to be?"


"If you can successfully anticipate your enemies actions, then that's half the battle, Subaru. For long-term missions it gets dicier. For example, what motivates your enemy, why are they your enemy? How many people strong is their headquarters, what weapons do they use, are they faulty assault rifles or good ol' reliable ones? All of these things we call intel, and with intel we can further layout a plan to win."


He carefully listened to these words as he rubbed his chin and pondered:


"That means if I know where they are, I can lure them into a trap, so that's whats called being proactive."


"Hey pal, don't go thinking that you're gonna start taking on army platoons or squads, I'm only training you to be able to react to anything out there, not to become someone that takes the fight to others. I know the folly of those actions, personally."


With those words he lets out a sigh as he touches his mask, and under the masks the scarred and still burnt flesh always remind him to never get cocky again. Subaru noticed the atmosphere had gotten slightly melancholic, so he decided to change the subject. He looked around and still couldn't believe he was on a plane with Aldebaran. He looked at Al as he said:


"Has anyone ever told you that with that mask on, you look like a home invasion robber?"


Here, Al bristled as he clenched his armrest tightly, his muscles seemingly about to rip it off and chunk it at this smirking boy in front of him. Yet, he also relaxed since Subaru brought him out of his brooding mind state, and with a mirthful chuckle he replied back:


"Has anyone ever told you that you're a cheeky bastard?"


They both laughed as they enjoyed this camaraderie between each other. Aldebaran's rough instructions when he trains Subaru pale in comparison to the brilliant mind he has. The tactics, plans he lays out, are all impeccable as if can even see a little bit about the future.


As Subaru looked around he remembered why they were on a plane anyway, he sighed and said:


"Oi Al, we really have to go do this mission for Priscilla, we could've just said no and kept on training."


Here Aldebaran roared in laughter, as the passengers next to him warily stared at this strange fellow who seemed a giant with a face mask. As Al pretended to wipe fake tears from his eye ducts he replied:


"Hey now, who's the one that asked for help in the first place, hmm? Besides, if the princess' says to do something, then by god you don't ask why. You just go fucking do it. If she tells you to pack your bags and go to Brazil, you pack your bags and go to fucking Brazil, Haha you're funny man. Next time I want to see you refuse a request from her."


Subaru shuddered as he thought of the domineering, and regal authority that seemed seeped into every inch of the incredible Empress of Dawn. He recalled just before leaving with Al that she came to see him with a smirk as she patted his cheek in haughtiness.


(Flashback POV)


With quick steps, and the staccato of mineself's gorgeous three inch Givenchy heel boots, I walk quickly to where my jester, and the boy are currently training.


Mineself is in quite a hurry since I have received information about one of my military grade weapons shipments being delayed for nearly a week, in the port of Kaohsiung, Taiwan.


How dare those meddlesome custom foreign officials interfere with mineself's business operations. Unacceptable, impermissible, and frankly unforgivable.


Chun-Chieh, the port supervisor isn't ready for the fury coming his way. Mineself wonders if this is due to the rising rumors that had been occurring.


Malicious, ominous words of a shadowy organization impeding and stealing weaponry and military grade technology from arms dealers such as mineself.


Yet, he will still pay, the bribes the Barielle company uses to trade when unstable countries rise in rebellion is astronomical, but so is the payload.


Before any more irritating news could be delivered to mineself by meddlesome attorneys and financiers, I look up from mine phone, and my lips part in astonishment to the site mine own eyes witness, mine fast paced walk grounding to a halt at this magnificent sight.


The boy, is half naked… No, that wouldn't be the correct term, he is shirtless. His muscles gleaming with sweat as his fearsome eyes hone in concentration. One swing, he parries with his left elbow the rising kick from my jester.


He then rotates his hips quickly as he locks his right foot with Aldebaran, and leans forward as his hips twist and his body flows like a serene river, not the roaring rapids of martial arts of the jester that I am quite used to.


And with perfect execution, throws Aldebaran on the tatami in a flawlessly done side hip throw. Mineself wasn't aware that he practiced martial arts already, how curious.


How interesting, how amusing. Why, why can this mere boy make my heart flutter like a young maiden, as if mineself was a naïve waif with stars in her eyes for the handsome man in front of her.


Before, these thoughts could continue. Mineself feels something different resonating in mine very being, a desire of possession. Yet, anything mineself wants always falls in my path, yet why is it that this boy makes mine emotions so turbulent, so wanting to challenge him to show affection for mineself?


Is this just rivalry between the other impetuous harpies that also want a taste of the fine, delectable morsel in front of me? Or something else, something more dangerous, sensual, alluring. Something that may make mine own heart quiver and fall into despair if mineself is rejected?


How incredulous, how ridiculous, no, I am Priscilla K. Barielle, mineself knows no one that can match my caliber, the magnificence of my divinity is seen by everyone who has the fortune to lay eyes on mine own.


Yet, this quivering feeling mineself has for the boy, only seems to increase each time we lay eyes upon the other. Every smile he delivers, stuns me. Every sarcastic reply, amuses me. This is such an odd, yet wonderful feeling.


It seemed mineself pondered these chaotic thoughts for too long, as both Aldebaran and the boy notice mine sudden appearance.


The boy, Natsuki Subaru hurriedly puts on his shirt, and is this a pang of disappointment mineself feels? Before mineself goes off the deep end and orders him to take it back off, alongside the rest of his clothes, my jester speaks:


"Heya Princess', what brings you here so late? Thought you were dealing with that mess in Taiwan."


Rats, mineself got so distracted by Subaru and his incredibly lithe body, that the events in the port of Kaohsiung slipped mine own mind.


How curious, for it is always organized and never allowed to merge business with amusement. As these thoughts mingle through mine head, a new one takes place as mineself speaks out:


"Jester and boy, mineself has an assignment to bestow upon the both of you. Go and figure out what exactly happened to the Barielle companies weapons shipment in Kaohsiung."


Natsuki Subaru's eyes seem to flinch at the surprise assignment. It is obvious why, mineself never involved him in any business dealing.


However, this is simply a quick investigation, just a routine incident where they find out why MINE assets are being delayed yet again. Before the fury reaches mine brain at these sleazy scammers, I hear him address mineself:


"Hey that's so short notice you know! I can't just up and leave my parents and sister to a foreign country without giving them at least information!"


The boy is right, so with a quick phone call I'm on the phone with Natsuki Kenichi, Subaru was shocked as him and I chatted for a bit. His parents are quite remarkable individuals, even mineself can appreciate that fact. It's no wonder the boy is so incredible to even charm m… No, no one charms Priscilla Barielle, mineself does the charming instead.


Did he think I wouldn't introduce mineself as his employer and classmate? Fufufu, he has much to learn before matching wits with me. At the brief phone call and well wishes to both Kenichi and Naoko, Mineself hangs up and smugly replies:


"Well? Mineself doesn't believe this shall be an issue. You may depart at once, meanwhile mine other contacts will try to find what went fastidiously wrong."


With eyes of defeat, he looks like a kicked puppy. Mineself heart gives a quick pang, as the decision has been made. Mineself approaches him with slow footsteps, and pats him on the cheek. Before, mineself can even control my own actions, I touch lips with him for nary a second. A whisper quiet kiss, one that makes mine face turn beet red. As mineself walk… no flees the room I say:


"May fortune smile on you, Natsuki Subaru and Aldebaran, do not disappoint me."


(Back from POV Flashback)


Subaru rubs his lips as he can still taste Priscilla, she tastes like honeysuckle and sugar, like if she was the very personification of enticing. His cheeks blush as he turns away and coughs, his emotions turbulent and unknown to even himself. Aldebaran chuckles and says:


"Can't escape the Princess' bud, before you know it you'll be in her clutches for life."


"Anyway! Let's focus on the mission instead of this… embarrassing conversation." Replies back Subaru as his eyes flinch and his cheeks burn even more, since he didn't know what to do. He thought of Satella briefly when the chaste kiss happened, yet he had no time to even think of Priscilla since she seemed to run out of the room. As Aldebaran starts laying down the game plan, Subaru day dreams and thinks:


"Tsun Pris, hehe, who woulda thought?"


With those thoughts he engages Al in questions and demands of information. And Al and Subaru pass the time quietly as they near Taiwan.


(Current Time)


Natsuki Subaru and Aldebaran already finish talking to Chun-Chieh, the port official for Kaohsiung, and he explains to them that the shipment seems to have actually been stolen. Aldebaran frowns as they get more information, but It seems all the cameras turned off when the robbery took place.


As they walk away they are both in a slump since the Empress of Dawn will be furious at this occurrence, yet they know she won't blame them.


Since they didn't have any information prior to making the trip. Yet, Aldebaran doesn't want to leave just like that, after all they are in a foreign country. It's been several years since he was in Taiwan though.


He slings his shoulder over Subaru, who is carrying a distraught expression. At how he feels he failed Priscilla know. However, Aldebaran starts talking:


"Bro, this sucks, but this type of business is not unheard of. Especially with what the Barielle company faces every day. You have our American contacts, the British, the Australians, the Philippines, the middle east, Africa, etc. All these countries want weapons, yet Priscilla always sells them to the oppressed people, not war hungry tyrants like they had in Rhonda or Kenya. So, it really isn't that shocking when a shipment or two go missing. I bet the Princess' already knew and just wanted to send us to double check. There will be retribution later, mark my words. Anyway, you ever been to Taiwan?"


As Subaru shook his head and feels slightly better at Aldebaran's pep talk he replies:


"Nah, have never really been outside of Japan to tell you the truth."


Here Al seems to grin and says:


'Well Pal, you're in luck I used to live here for a spell. Let's go eat some food and explore for a bit before we return with the bad news."


"You know that sounds awesome! Alright let's do it bro."


(Taipei, Taiwan)


Subaru says as his eyes spark in excitement and both of them go eating and shopping for silly trinkets in the markets of the city. Eating some national staples such as beef noodle soup.


Sometime later both of them are getting ready to leave the capital city by plane and head back to Japan after having their fill of fun and good tasty food. Yet, before this can happen they hear a broadcast. The ominous words fill their heart with nervous feelings as it seems too creepy to be a prank. As they wonder what's going on Subaru's eyes grew alert and he shout's to Aldebaran:




Al is immediately alert as he senses a presence coming close to him, yet he can barely see them from his peripheral vision. He rolls forward instead and feels the wind parting, then he knew that he almost got a knife in the throat. He spins around and looks at their attacker.


It seems like an ordinary office worker, wearing dull brown slacks and a blue collared work shirt. Yet, their glint with insanity and Aldebaran shouts:


"Subaru, remember you training and watch the surroundings, I don't have a good feeling about this situation!"


Subaru links up with Aldebaran and covers his back as he scans his fearsome eyes around and gulps. For surrounding them are about five figures, yet they all seem like normal people. Yet, the madness in their eyes is seen as they twirl eight inch serrated knifes and seem to chant:


"Is that him? Is that really him?! IS THAT NATSUKI SUBARUUU!? Oh what joy, what sorrow, what happiness, what madness, what laughter…"


As one figure stops talking since they seem to be laughing it seems two surge at Aldebaran. Yet, this time his mind is alert, and he slips on his star knuckles and seems to smirk as he says:


"Oh, the stars don't seem to favor you creepy fucks. Coin flip, phase 2."


As he seems to use the mind's eye to sense attacks coming at him, he parries a knife while using his left brass knuckle, and clenches his right fist and slams it into the bridge of the madman's nose. They crumple as their skull shattered and he took the knife quickly as he then threw it, and it got impaled into the second attacker's throat.


Meanwhile this happens, Natsuki Subaru dodges a knife thrown at him and rushes to the assailant, who looks at him in joy and tears come of the woman's eyes as she says:


"Our lady, we found him, the target of our desires, destiny, evolution, and ascendance! Surrender NATSUKI Subaru, so that we ca.-"


"Shut up you insane bitch!"


Done with words he jumps on a pallet for elevation and uses a flying knee kick and hits the woman in her chin with full force, making her spasm on the ground. Before he can catch his breath, he sees dozens of other people heading their way. He looks at Aldebaran who already knocked out four opponents and was pummeling his fifth is feeling tired.


With a minute nod they both rush and are being pursued when they see one of the fanatics wield a weapon. Aldebaran's pales in fear and looks around and sports a heavy transport truck, he grasps Subaru by his arm and hurls him over the truck as he himself dives for cover.


Before they know it, a roaring explosion kicks throughout the streets, many innocent people seem to cry and despair at what is happening. Subaru is in disbelief at the things that are occurring, and then he realizes that his ear drums must have busted again, due to feeling Al shaking to him and trying to talk to him.


After a faint ringing they stop and he can barely hear some words until the clarity returns:


"Thos….. THOSE FUC…. THOSE FUCKERS are the one's tha…. That stol…. Stole the prin…. Princess's weapons cargo! That..s a brand new launcher, what the hell is…. Going on?"


Natsuki Subaru's eyes widened as he heard Al clearly know, he also sees him take out a small pistol, yet it seems made out of plastic, maybe to get it through airport security or metal scanners. He looks At Subaru and says:


"Pal, if we don't move to safety, we can kiss our ass goodbye. Those motherfuckers are fucking crazy."


Subaru is too stunned to reply but nods his head, and with that action the duo run through a city going through a terrorist attack, and a certain platinum haired individual looks through the CCTV as they roar in laughter:


"Let the cat and mouse game begin, Natsuki Subaru."


(Scene Change)


A certain silver haired girl is humming as she catalogues body parts, matching them with genetics test to ensure their quality before zipping them into bags and storing them into the freezer. She nearly trips on an eyeball at the morgue, but manages to dodge it. With quick steps she unlocks her newly furnished apartment, and is glad to see everything just how she left it. As she thinks of a certain fearsome eyed boy, Ella smiles as she picks up a photo of the two of them together. Taken right after they both lost their virginities to each other.


She can still remember that magnificent, beautiful day like it happened yesterday, and not three months ago. However, her thoughts her interrupted by the blue haired bitch that nearly killed her. She has had sufficient time to recover, and will not make the mistakes of the past.


As she grabs a scalpel and begins playing with it she cheerfully sings:


"You damaged my world


With your angry bitter heart


So full of jealousy


That you no longer


Feel love at all.


Rejoice, sweet, mad Rem


You disarranged my


Orderly world where I


Lived in peace and quiet.


You ripped it apart


With your blunt


Instrument of demise.


You will die alone


Nursing your sad heart,


Rejoice, sweet, mad Rem


Your corpse will soon join them.


Her eyes glinted in the moonlight, striking amethyst colored eyes. Her lips curled in a smile as all thoughts of being with her beloved could wait until she had her revenge.


~I'm coming for youuuu, sweet mad Rem.~


Author's Notes:


IED= Improvised Explosive Device, I'm pretty sure y'all know this.


PTSD= Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. A psychological illness that occurs during moments of extreme violence or sorrow, some people's minds can even develop other symptoms that are graver.


Hope I wrote Priscilla well. Let me know you thoughts, and saying mineself two million times makes me want to jump off a cliff.


The happenings in Taiwan will probably be 2-3 mini arc. If you're wondering why Ella hasn't been shown as much it's for a reason. She's about to take center stage alongside Rem, hehe.


Stalker seems all over the place and I apologize for that, my train of thought when originally writing it deviated but I still have the things I want to show y'all.


Anyways, signing out. Peace and Kill is a tremendous help and even bigger Sussy Baka. So sussy ya baka.

Chapter Text

Chapter 18


~Murder becomes a habit~


(Chapter is from Ella's Point of View)


(Events are after two weeks from the Taiwan Massacre)


(Warning, This chapter is really fucking sad, and gory)


You see, when picking your victim you must be careful. Very careful, organized and cannot allow the slightest possibility of failure. You must ensure they are alone, that no CCTV cameras are around, as well as the neighbors being in deep sleep.


In order to become their killer, you must become a shadow. I learned well from my coworker The Admirer, ninjas are ~sneaky~. Swift and enter and leave a place with no one the wiser.


So as I stand in front of that blue haired bitches apartment I analyze everything. From the snoring heard from the neighbors, to the defunct cameras I turned off.


It's perfect. Not a soul in sight, not a single person that can report on a strangely dressed woman. How beautiful, how magnificent. The moon shines on my back, granting me the strength I must carry to succeed on this little venture.


How fucking exciting!


I look at the syringe in my hand loaded with barbiturates and smile as I sing softly:


"Sweet, mad, Rem. I'm ~cooooominggg for Youuu."


With mirth in my eyes I take the stairs two at a time, careful to not make any sounds.


To become a successful assassin one must act as if they belong to their environment, to blend with it, if that fails. Then one must act as if they belong there.


~Awesome possum~, no one detected my approach.


Luckily, I didn't have anyone around me. I look around as I knock in a series of convoluted knocks, ones I have seen Ram perform this week after days of observation. These sisters are dangerous, hehe. I have it done, I know what I'm doing.


The bitch won't live to see the sunlight at dawn.


As I pace with frenetic energy, I hear small footsteps opening the door, without even checking the peephole.


Good, laziness will just end her life faster. Seriously, can people not even put up a proper fight. Jeez, takes the thrill out of this mad hunt.


As Rem opens the door with sleepy eyes she yawned as she asked:




Before I allow her mental faculties to recover I thrust the syringe in her neck artery and plunge it, oh look. It's so quick! My goodness, she falls, yet I catch her.


I was a bit worried, I heard Rem improved combat wise, and didn't want a dreadful incident happening alerting the neighbors. But look at her! She's like a sheep, puddy in my hands. Someone I can ~Do whatever I want to do with!~


It's quite frankly, rather sad. I wanted to shake her head and scream, yet the paralyzing nerve agent made sure she was unconscious. I sighed, however this is a success! A big one, I should pat myself on the back after all.


As I pet her head and hug her I whisper:


"Sweet dreams, sweet, mad Rem."


Phase 1 has been complete. And no one noticed! I hope Subaru gives me head pats, I did very well today. I improved in my sneaky skills, was able to take Rem out of her apartment without anyone being none the wiser! It's perfect, and I cannot wait to show Rem my new Playhouse!


(Scene Change)


Oh joy, the room is ready. Thanks to that gluttonous fellow and his resources I have a play room! One where all the instruments I need are present. From scalpels, to switched, to more needles loaded with paralyzing nerve agents. So much more fun to be had! I am truly envious!

I wish I would have had a storage room for bodies, and medical operating rooms for myself! I could've released so many new research documents on the human anatomy… A pity, I suppose.


I chuckle yet stifle my voice, it's unbecoming of a surgeon such as myself. I must never allow the madness to take over, I feel it at times. Gnawing at my soul, Satella can't help me, not anymore. I'm too far gone, mentally insane maybe? I try to check on her but I get a dark, black, murky barrier.


How unfair! I just want to talk to my other half, yet I'm not allowed to! The disparity is truly unsettling. Ever since the Midnight Massacre I haven't been able to contact her.


~I truly hope she is doing well, and isn't just consumed by the vast darkness inside of us. Wait, inside of us? Wouldn't I be the dark one then? Sooo many things to consider.~


I giggle as I suppress my desire to burst in raucous laughter, not fitting for a surgeon to laugh during an ~operation~. Wouldn't be fair, nor right. Would be in complete disharmony towards the wishes of the patient.


After all, I am a surgeon first and foremost! Check my credentials.


~I'm a doctor, ok?~




As I await for Rem to wake up I leave to the central command room, I look around and enjoy the dilapidated cracks on the building. They resemble me, looking fine outside yet crumbling from their very foundation.


I'm so broken aren't I? I can't even consult my other half. Haiii, why am I doing these things? For what reason? Cause that bitch made me Infertile? Fuckk, fuck, yes, fuck her. I cannot even have children anymore after the hit in my stomach, I vomit at nights. It's hard… It's so fucking hard to keep existing.


I can't even leave descendants for my love. I am just USELESS!


Why are my hands trembling? Why am I crying? Why am I shaking? It's time for the pay per view show. It's a glorious time to act. Yet, I cannot, I can't contain my rage.


I crumble in a ball as tears fall out of my eyes, my children. The one's that would have fitted perfectly in our life. The one's I had already named:


Luna, and Calypso. Perfect, beautiful children that would have been incredible blessings to the world. Gone, simply… Gone due to this maniac in my chambers. I stifle my breath as I shed more tears. I cannot allow this any further, she won't be walking out of here alive.


As the tears grew I remembered meeting Minerva a month ago and her diagnosis changed my soul.


(Scene Change, Flashback)


With nervous feelings I steeled my inner thoughts and walked into a familiar building, one in Berlin. A clinic to help the poor and malnourished with their symptoms. I saw many woman rubbing their bellies, excited at the thought that I could have my own budding children in mine.


As I sat with nervousness I was called first apparently. A surprise, but not an unwelcome one. I got up quickly and with nervous feet went straight to the Oncologist Minerva. I approached her room but the door was open, so I entered and sat while I waited for her.


She came in several minutes later, looking at me with something akin to… Pity? But why?


Before my delusional thoughts spiraled off a tangent she sat down and cleared her throat as she spoke:


"Listen Satella, I won't lie to you. After examining your body I can tell that you were impregnated. However, a shocking blow to your abdomen caused a premature abortion, and sadly. I don't believe you're able to give birth again, maybe never…


The shock I felt at these words where harder than Rem's bat at my stomach, tears welled up in my eyes as I went to the nearest trashcan and puked, not much since I hadn't eaten. But the thing is, it was Minerva saying these words. I wouldn't ask for a second opinion.


There wasn't any worth in it, she was the best, hands down. As I trembled and cried for Calypso, with her auburn hair and mischievous smile. As I wailed for Luna, with her silver hair and fierce brown eyes, I made up my mind.


I wanted to live in peace, I wanted to just play with my children and comfort my beloved. Yet, they made this happen. Both Rem, and Ram. However, Ram isn't at fault as much as her maniacal sister. I knew what I needed to do.


Did I like it? Surely not, I despise taking life. It goes against my very own nature, but for Calypso and Luna, I'll make sure to enact, Justice."


(Scene back, flashback ended)


I slap myself, hard, get it together Ella. The die has been cast, and too much is at stake to go back and regret.


I sigh and my eyes open up with determination as my smile widens at seeing Rem getting up and trying to leave the room.


Hehe, impossible, all the locks and doors are made so no one can leave! Why would you leave me? We have too much fun to be had!


My eyes narrow in pain as I think of the children I could've had. The smiles of Calypso and Luna as they played with Subaru. I… simply cannot contain myself. If I cannot be a nurturing mother, I'll be an avenging angel.


Tears fall from my eyes as a vision that is impossible permeates my own sight.


(Dream Scene)


As I lounged on the sofa, I felt as pair of steady hands massage my neck and shoulders. I purred like a cat as I delved deeper into the massage, however before it became sensual in any way, Luna spoke up:


"Mommy, when are we going to the park? I ~truly~ like the swings!"


Calypso frowned and retorted as the budding older sister, yet she's just a couple of minutes older:


"Heh, you suck at the swings, I'm infinitely better, right Daddy?"


Subaru's expression morphed into a flustered one, as the only male in the house he had to act in a certain way. He kept kneading my shoulders as I relaxed with both of our children in my lap and responded:


"That ain't right guys, be friends alright. Friendly competition is allowed but no favoritism is showed in this household, alright!"


Both Calypso and Luna looked at their mother while they bit their lips and demanded:


"Can you beat up Daddy, he's acting like a hero of justice again, Haha."


"Yeah, beat him up so he can cook some Tatoes for us later!"


Satella chuckled as she hugged her children with one arm and, with the other hugged her beloved's neck. She was content, peaceful, and nothing happened. However. She couldn't shake the feeling this wasn't how her life would go. She prayed it would, but the Gods never listen to anyone.


(Current Scene)


I wiped the tears from my eyes, as the dream almost consumed my very soul. I cannot recover from this, from the beautiful Calypso and the energetic Luna. I can't bring my children back from their premature death. However, I can end the cause of their early death. My eyes steeled as I laughed, and laughed, while tears fell out of my eyes. I couldn't fucking, stand it. Why did I have to go through these things? Why did I have to fucking become someone I hate, I despise myself.


Every time I look in the mirror I spit at my own reflection, who could be so wicked? Who could have these thoughts. Yet, Yet, Yet I understood. No one wants to be a villain, but sometimes you must rise up and become one.


With a chuckle I flick on the microphone and speak:


"Goood morning Rem. Would you like to play a game?"


(Scene Change)


Oh no, Rem forgot the trap on the ground. I grimaced at the sight.


She laid on the floor screaming in pain, her left foot gone as the bear trap eviscerated her left foot, now all she can do is hop. Like a bunny?


Hop, hop, hop, like a rabbit. Hehe.


I clasp a hand over my mouth as my doctor instincts surge forward with renewal. I nearly leave the room to make sure the amputation doesn't end her life.


Yet, yet, yet, aren't I here for just that?


Is this my medical training, or my own instincts as Satella? But, I'm not here anymore am I? I'm a brand [New Person]


Why should I care if the blue haired bitch lays on the floor dying? I should be joyful correct? Yet, My tears keep falling. I should have studied harder on the capacity of liquids a human can inspire. It's reaally suspicious..


Carol would be ~reaally~ disappointed in me. No, that train of thought will just lead to depression.


Stop it Ella, you even used an Emilia phrase!. Not good. Not at all.


As I think of my sister tears come from my eyes, as she wouldn't approve of this. ~not at all~


I scream, I cry, I beg someone to save me, yet I don't know where my beloved is. And besides, it's only me and Rem now.


Oh look! She's twitching, what joy. Let's end this poor animal's suffering shall we? What am I? A national Geographic documenter? Why, do I feel nothing for what is to happen? Is it due to my children? Is it due to my own crumbling sanity? I am not sure, yet, I take swift steps, albeit heavy.


With heavy steps I took my scalpel and approached the place the bleeding Rem laid on. When I saw her my lips curled in a smile as I sung:


"Sweet, mad, Rem. It's time to sleep."


(Scene Change)


I cleaned her wound neatly, in an organized manner.


I'm a doctor ok? Just trust in this Doctor hehe.


As she lay on the table I looked down at her and thought:


"This isn't enough. Not even by a little bit, yet, yet, YEEETT. It's a tad satisfying perhaps? I'm not even sure anymore. I'm not sure of a lot of things, I'll just trust my instincts like the beast I am."


As Rem woke up with groggy eyes and her face full of cuts she barely uttered:


"W… whyyy?"


I giggled in front of her, I couldn't fucking help it. It's just sooooo much fun, haha.


And then I responded:


"You murdered my children, granted they hadn't been born yet. While sad, I still dream of them, profusely. They invade my mind and leave me in shambles. Calypso and Luna, these are the children you murdered.Not only did you not think of your actions, you also aimed for my man."


'You've set your sights on an extremely important person to me...while I must applaud you for recognizing how wonderful he is...I believe that I have warned you of the consequences that come with standing between me and him. Have I not?"


Rem could barely manage to groan in response, she was wide awake and heard every word spoken to her, knowing that at any point, any of them could be her last. The drugs she was given made her body essentially shut down, while her consciousness and senses were off the charts.


What joy, is that her pulse rising? Let's check. Hmm, yes! It is. I reply:


"Don't worry, I studied as a surgeon so I know exactly how to keep you alive for as long as possible! So don't worry, we will have a nice *long* operation, and while I am operating...would you mind to enlighten me on why you dared to set your sights on *my* beloved? Though I can hardly blame you, his heart is truly made out of the purest gold, perhaps you couldn't help yourself, just like I cannot?"


With extreme finger dexterity, I carefully cut along Rem's skin, triggering pain as her brain sent signals throughout her body, a body that wouldn't cooperate nor respond. My precision was unnerving, something akin to surgeons who've performed hundreds of surgeries. Which was something I had done, turns out my beloved was...quite popular amongst girls. I wasn't surprised given his charm that made me fall for him every time we met, or sometimes even when I merely thought of him.


I kept cutting as I talked:


"Subaru is mine, only mine, so I cannot have you trying to snatch him away. I know you would understand if you were in my position, it was something I tried to make you understand...however it seems I failed to get the point across. I hope I will be able to make you truly understand how important he is to me and just how much I do not tolerate you being around him for any amount of time."




OH? You fucking whore, you killed my children, and cannot even acknowledge it, haha. How sad, how pitiful. How horrendous of your acts Rem, what did you think Subaru would've married you?


God I hope not.


"And what where you going to call your forlorn children? Spica and Rigel? Something boorish I think."


Also? She managed to talk. Impressive female specimen!


Gathering all the energy and strength in her body, she managed to groan out a name. The voice of the frail girl was so weak it was not enough to be considered a whisper, but she cared not. She could try to ignore the pain, but that was all she could do, "try". Because whenever she felt herself slipping, she would be unwillingly brought back to consciousness by pain that made her vision go white. She would've cried if she could, although her tears have seemed to run dry, her body had already cried as much as it could or perhaps she realized how truly useless such an action would be. Either way, she didn't cry anymore. That didn't mean that the pain didn't affect her, it was just the fact that she merely lost all and any hope of feeling anything other than that pain.


Her hero would not come to rescue her, and even if he did, what would he think of her. Her body was practically oozing blood from every place she glanced at, a couple of her fingers missing and she had no doubt that she barely resembled a person anymore. Her face had been given special attention to after all, her near perfect body now unrecognizable, scarred and disfigured beyond repair.


As I admitted my handiwork I felt a migraine forming as I said:


"Satella can't come out yet, it's too soon."


As I held my thoughts I concluded this ~lovely~ session:


"Hmm...well Rem, I believe that this should be enough for today's session. We've done plenty and we both need some rest, I've got to get myself prepared to go to the park with my beloved. However, don't worry, sadly I am alone for the entire weekend, thus we will have plenty of time to do lots more things."


I slowly and calmly walked towards the door, as I turned off the lights the entire room went dark. Only faint sounds of footsteps echoing, leaving that bitch alone in a room with a rotting corpse.


(Scene Change)


I was joyful, a bit sad for sure! But who isn't after their first genuine ~Operation!~ The bastard in Germany never stimulated my emotions like this. That was just purely clinical.


~this was simply…. Magnificent!~


It surely did not make me satisfied. Nothing can, after Calypso and Luna. Nothing in the world can contain my fury.


My hands twitched as they wished to possess a scalpel again. Ahhh the sheer joy of cutting, dicing, splitting a person open as if they are just a sack of meat, the power. Is unforgettable.


Yet, I had to be a good girl! Yes sir, this lady never butchered anyone, at least in the eyes of my love. I waved my hand at the Tokyo international airport as I saw him approaching. My eyes turned Misty as I knew we would make love soon.


Wait. Wait. Wait. What the fuck. Who ate those girls surrounding him? That purple haired vixen clinging to his arm, that orange haired prissy bitch slyly talking to him. And the verdant haired woman walking behind him. This is frankly, not acceptable.


Instead of screaming in rage and pulling my hair out, I merely smiled as Subaru approached with his entourage of dead girls and thought:


"~I'm going to be rather busy soon, so the operating table needs to be cleaned. Rem's body was disposed of, in order to accommodate these new victims! What joy!~


(Scene change)


The Duchess of House Karsten. Now, she wasn't really a duchess; such silly ideas of nobility had been erased alongside their heads during the French revolution. She was merely called that because of her important parents. Merrick and Helena Karsten are truly powerhouses. And I can't slack off.


Not even one bit!


I prepared the arsenal of tools at my disposal as I put on my hat, to cover these damning eyes that are rare. I made sure to look like a delivery worker, after all.


~appearances are super important!~


As I knocked on her door with my head bowed down, so that the security cameras didn't catch a good glimpse of my face I wondered:


"Was this safe? Absolutely not. I was taking risks I may not need to. After all, Subaru is already mine, in heart and soul. Yet, yet, I cannot allow the slightest deviation from my happiness."


`they must all burn.`


As Crusch answered the door I put on the best [FAKE] smile in my arsenal and cheerfully said:


"Hiya mam, this is Yua with the postal service, I got a package for you but it's a bit heavy and in the truck. Would you mind following me to retrieve your package?"


Her eyes narrowed in suspicion! Oh, how exciting.


Ad I kept smiling she eventually relented and put on house slippers on her beautiful feet, so jealous! And she followed me out while replying:


"It's not an issue, yet I haven't seen you before, where is Merrick? Our usual delivery driver?"


Sharp, cunning, and not stupid! Ok, time to re-assess. As I thought if the poor man's body rotting in the back of the van I answered back quickly:


"Merrick had a temporary emergency and I subbed for him. Forgive me for being so casual you!"


As I bowed my head I wondered how her heart would beat as I held it in my hands. Would it be squishy? Would it feel warm? `so many things to contemplate!`


Crusch just nodded as she accepted my excuse! So she is kinda stupid then.




As she followed me to the van and I opened up the back, the stench hit her nostrils as she backed away and yelled:


"What the hell, is that Merrick!"


However, the fool followed the devil to their domain, and with quick steps she had a syringe in her neck. I caught her before she fell as I threw her in the back and hummed cheerfully:


Please give me a bit more challenge than Rem. It would be ~absolutely incredible!~


(Scene Change)


Priscilla Barielle, the heiress to the largest privately weapons company in the world, Wow.


Tis a big fish indeed!


I remember when Aldebaran broke my arm after he saw what happened to sweet, mad, Rem.


Yet, I wasn't mad at him! He was rightfully furious, he trains my love! So he won't die. Not yet.


As I approach her estate in my sedan I wondered how to get her to follow me, she wouldn't be as easy as Rem, and seems more difficult than Crusch. However, I could act. And a plan formed in my head. Hehe.


~Being sneaky is fun!~


So I approached her gated Villa as myself, Satella, not Ella of course. No one knows of me.


Makes it all the better as they die cursing my name, hehe.


As I wait for her to answer I look at my watch:


11:45 am


Hmmm I have a date with Subaru at 5 so I must make this quick. And have a good alibi. She'll have to return back to her home before the slow acting poison takes her life in a day.


All these preparations, jeez! No one told me how much of a busy bee I would be.


She finally opened the door and looked me up and down, probably comparing myself to my twin.


~It's not right to ~Judge by appearance ya know!~


Anyhow she spoke:


"Who is this sniveling whelp in front of mineself? You aren't that ingrate silver haired girl, are you perhaps her sister? What business do you have with Priscilla K. Barielle?".


Formidable! Impressive, and truly arrogant!


I wonder how she'll look like on an operating table.


I shake those thoughts from my head as I started crying on impulse and replied:


"Su… SUBARU is in danger! Please I need your help!"


Her eyes seemed to widen in surprise and she pulled out her phone as she attempted to call [My Beloved]


Acting all sneaky huh, good thing I broke his phone. …




The phone went to voicemail and without hesitation she followed me after strapping that crazy ass sword to her back.


How impressive.


As she got in the passenger seat, I hoped she wouldn't call Aldebaran. After all, our last match wasn't satisfying. and I drove to the Docks I smiled as I sung in my head:


~Murder becomes a habit, after all~


Authors Notes:


Hope this POV helps, we getting back to what stalker means. Also this occurs in the near future, other elements will show and don't think either Crusch OR Priscilla are dead yet. Also, this was hard to write for Ella's children….. enjoy.

Chapter Text

Re: Stalker


Chapter 19


Arc Conclusion (Part 1 of 2)




"A true soldier fights


Not because


He hates


Whats is in


Front of him,






He loves


What's behind him."


(Unknown source)


Aldebaran and Subaru raced through the burning streets of Taiwan, they weren't ready for such a contingent of fanatics. They ducked into cover as another missile went their way and both simultaneously cursed.


They couldn't believe how quickly a city could go to utter shit. It was appalling to see the victims scream, and despite his best instincts crying out to help them, they had to rush and keep moving.


After all, their life was more important at this point.


Their clothes were worse for wear, the sweat seeped through their skulls as they had to consistently wipe it. They were tired, and outnumbered.


Subaru remembered merely a scant hour ago they went to procure supplies at a hidden cache of weapons that Al had stashed in the Capital. Of course he did, he always seemed prepared.


Subaru looked down at his dual 9mm Beretta's, resting on his hip. The sleek black glosser over them made him think that he was invincible. What a foolish motion. He glanced at Al, he was injured from head to toe, his uniform from Priscilla torn to shreds. Furthermore, he had so many lacerations incurred from knife blows that he was painted red in his whole body.


He breathed heavily and gave Subaru the FAL-50 assault rifle they managed to procure from the cache of weapons Aldebaran had hidden and he gloomily said:


"Kid, in situations like these, with no back up, militia, or army, you gotta stay strong."


Aldebaran of the fallen spewed out blood from his mouth, he didn't feel good. Things were occurring at a rate that he hadn't expected even in his wildest dreams. He looked at his apprentice, as well as companion.


Natsuki Subaru looked scared, his eyes were haunted by the people he had to kill to prevent killing them. Al wished he had the time to let him know that no plan survives first contact with an enemy. He wished he could have had at least a year to train this boy budding with potential into what he could become, alas. The wishes of dying men are seldom heard.


As Subaru pressed the gauze on Al's wound he hoped the God's would listen.


"Please, please, help Al, he needs it. Please help us succeed. I had never taken a life before this, I… am unsure what to do now. I need guidance!"


(Scene Change)


The President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen, didn't know what to do. Taippei, the capital was being attacked by religious fanatics. And the Chinese navy blockaded her own as she couldn't even use the reserves of her own army. She stood and paced with frantic energy as she got a com from the admiral of China, Chaoxiang Donghai:


"Hohoho, best to leave the activities happening in your country to us, the Xu Lang doesn't care who hold the presidency in Taiwan. So, let us settle this shouldn't we?


Tsai gritted her teeth and fumed, how would she allow them to go to her country and conquer it once more. Sure, they would help her, but they would never leave.


She was too distracted and her phone rung. She looked at the caller ID, but it said restricted number. With no hope, she answered it.


"This is Tsai, what can I do for you?"


She held her breathe as she waited for a response. Before she grew to impatient and hung up, one came to her:


(Garbled voice spoke through a modifier,)


"This is the leader of Pleiades, and I can't help to note that you are currently powerless, Tsai. With the Chinese at the sea, and your own military team not responding in time… I assume you need assistance?"


Tsai never spoke just closed her eyes, as she knew that they wouldn't survive the day without foreigner help. But to entrust her entire country to a mercenary fringe group? It sounded unacceptable. However, she had no choice in the matter as she concluded:


"Fine, let's discuss terms and modus operandi. I look forward to working with you, Leader of the Pleiades organization."


The leader seemed to chuckle as she concluded as well:


"Fine, we will discuss terms later. A pleasure doing business with you, Tsai."


Tsai hung her head, as she cried. Knowing, that her country would never remain the same.


(Scene Change)


A group of unknown individuals approach the right side of where Subaru is treating Aldebaran to the best of his basic field first aid. He looked at them in surprise, they were rather varied in appearance and looks.


The witch cult followers detected something different from them causing them to falter and hesitate in their steps. The environment was deathly quiet, a pin needle could fall on the ground and they would all be able to hear it.


The one in the center, the tall woman with magenta hair and lazy eyes seemed to be unbothered by walking into a hostile environment. As if this was just another annoyance she dealt with throughout her life. Her eyepatch was noticeable, as it had roman numerals and a cross that was slashed on it.


The blonde haired woman had sad, yet resolute eyes. All of them wore their preferred choice of clothing, the faint shimmer from the sunlight glinting off their clothes, had the signs of ballistic weave armored clothing. They could get shot and keep going without issue. She pulled out her desert eagle as she equipped two pink brass knuckles, called [Salvation & Destruction]. Furthermore, she was able to analyze the dozens of enemy combatants in front of her without failure.


The steel haired young woman was one of the youngest in the bunch, barely eighteen yet she knew how to conduct herself in all operations. With her eyes seemingly blinded she grinned as she spoke:


"Operation Scorched Dawn, is in effect then?"


All the girls nodded their head as she smiled and chuckled while using her comm set and talking to their sniper:


~Shaulaaa, please don't disappoint and cover our flank, as this is about to get interesting. I am truly ravenous after all. May this be a Gourmet banquet.~


The pink haired girl was nervous yet ready, she felt this was the avenue of a new approach and dawn. Carmilla of Lust opened her eyes and nodded her head as she replied back to Daphne:


"Let's go, and.. please be careful guys! We don't want to lose anyone after all. Let us return home and joke about the old days after all."


A smile was shared between the group as they got ready to commit to their mission. All of them had similar emotions, however they didn't want to freak out their other teammates by not showing enthusiasm.


A crackle was heard through their comm set as a young woman exclaimed:


"Heeyyy! The cameras are under my control, the jam signal for the enemy has been complete! Go ham everyone."


She cheered from their mobile operation center called the Dream Palace, and worked with a variety of monitors and signals to be able to help her team. Typhoon of Pride, with her waist length green hair, nervously fretted around since this was their biggest operation yet. They didn't want to disappoint the boss after all.


All the women narrowed their eyes as they knew what to do, Typhon dispatched the additional mercenaries under the Pleiades network and sent them to strategic chokeholds. The moment of truth was quickly approaching.


They approached Subaru and Aldebaran as Minerva immediately got to work. She undid a clasp on her bag and state of the art equipment came out. She focused on the life threatening wounds on his abdomen and near his heart, as with perfect dexterity she sutured his wounds and cauterized where she needed to. Al grimaced, yet he was used to pain. He couldn't believe that this group of woman came to help them out after such a harrowing encounter with the witch's cult. She looked him up and down after preparing fresh gauze and bandages, and decided to put him to sleep since he was near useless in this fight. She injected a barbiturate in his neck and saw his eyes close in peace.


Subaru understood her actions and felt happy that his mentor was going to live another day, of course if they get through this scenario. As the women surround him with resolute eyes, the woman in the center finally speaks:


"Sigh, this is... Such... A bother..."


She looked at the enemies, individuals that seemed possessed and deranged and she labelled them as threats to neutralize. As she was going to comment to Subaru something, she was interrupted by a crackle on her comm:


"Hey Sekhmet-chan, we just scammed the president so we gotta show it our all, alright!"


Replies back from a comm set a green haired young woman set in front of multiple monitors viewing the enemy hostiles. Typhon was joyous since the pay for this job was enormous, they would be able to fund more of their operations with no worry.


The final newcomer was gazing at the battlefield with serene eyes. She was decked in the darkest clothes available, had fingerless gloves as she removed two Sig Sauer pistols and made sure they were primed and ready. Furthermore, she heard the sound of the imminent battle, she relished it, desired it, craved it, was repulsed by it. All these emotions were felt as she looked at her comrades and allies. With a crescent shaped mask, only two glowing crimson eyes were seen from her face. She decided to talk before they engaged the enemy:


"I'll take care of the left flank, Sekhmet, Minerva, Carmilla, Shaula, and Daphne, please take care of the rest."


They all looked at the newcomer subcontractor as they nodded. She had been untested in battle with them, yet her fierce aura wasn't a joke. Typhon replied over the coms:


"Hehe, well if it's Aika-chan saying it, then we can't disappoint. Are you sure you'll be fine though?"


Aika Von Sterblich tilted her head, as her luminous white hair cascaded down here back as she got ready to engage the enemy and she chuckled as she replied:


"Listen, little girl. I'll be fine, can you handle the others?"


Minerva was upset at her tone as she starkly responded:


"Hey, you're the newbie, so why do you call the shots?"


Sekhmet waved her down as she concluded:


"Enough, this is foolish… sigh. We need to get this operation underway. And Minerva, don't forget what our leader said….. Aika has the mythical, Battle instincts."


All the women stopped bickering as they looked at Aika's back, she seemed to be in front of them, acting as a stalwart shield as well as a pointed javelin to be thrown in the direction of the opponent. Her steel toed combat boots crunched the floor as she was already realizing how to counter attack the twenty or so enemies in here left flank.


All the women decided to go through Aika's plan as they got ready for combat.


Subaru couldn't decide if they are friendly or not until they hear a lazy drawl:


"We... Are here... To assist... Sigh. Let's show... A demonstration."


And she drops the huge briefcase as she taps it with her foot.


The contraption seems to shimmer and assembled itself into a standing dual minigun. She grasps the handles and sights the dozens of enemies firing at them and she fires back with such sheer rapid fire that it makes mincemeat of the crowd.


The bullets pierce the witch cultists as they screamed and clamored:


"Kill them all! How dare they interrupt our Lady's divine plan! Capture [Natsuki Subaru] or all will be lost!"


They surged forward and a couple of them used the Barielle's company RPG's to make their targets explode, however they were ready.


Sekhmet pushed a button and a steel alloy shield appeared behind her mini gun, which protected her from any bullets aimed her way.


Daphne claps as she laughs and says her orders:


"Shaula, just extinguish them! I'm hungry after all!"


'Fine, fuck mom you're annoying at times ok."


Shaula of the green eyes said as she zoomed in with her sniper and picked off enemies left and right. The battlefield quickly turned in their favor. Furthermore, Carmilla was ready as she laid down suppressing fire with her Dragunov, and Sekhmet made sure to take care of any stragglers.


Minerva went forward with a burst of adrenaline as she threw a pill in her mouth and crunched it.


She felt invigorated as the new experimental drug meant to enhance reflexes started flowing through her veins. She quickly approached her targets as she dispatched other's with her twin desert eagles, the recoil making her arms stiffen. However, she was ready for it as she flipped her gun and smashed the end of it to a cultist's head and announced:




The gentle, caring Minerva was gone, as in her place stood an instrument of justice and retribution. Hot tears flowed down her eyes as she wailed at the agony suffered from the victims, sure she may be a doctor. But, she couldn't stand the senseless loss of life incurred by these crazy individuals. And she did her utmost to end them all.


Daphne chucked as she got ready as well, and pulled out two SMG's as she shredded the remaining enemies in her way as she shouted:


"Come on you vile disgusting beings, entertain me more, make me ravenous for a truly satisfying meal!"


As the women and their ancillary troops laid waste to the enemy, Aika stood ready on her end. She gazed at the battlefield and witnessed over thirty troops heading her way.


With a quick decision she unholstered her Sig Sauer's pistols and sprayed lead into the head of their enemies. Once her clips were empty she didn't bother reloading, as her battle instincts sung true. Before she could get ready to take care of the remaining ten enemies on her side, her hidden comm crackled. But it wasn't from Typhon, it was from someone else. Someone she cherished with all her heart and soul, her partner and dearest friend:


(Garbled voice is heard)


"So… Aika… how is it being back in… a battle after so long?"


She didn't answer as she had two people rush at her with knifes. With quick motions she used her knuckles to hit the hand's with the knifes and then dug her fists into their throats. As they laid down dying she breathed and replied:


"Story… Nice to hear you speak, old man. It's an experience to be sure. I wish you were here, that way I could see your full might unleashed on these plebeians."


The voice over the comm seemed to chuckle in mirth as it responded:


"Interesting, you're in a battlefield, covered in blood yet don't feel an ounce of terror, shame, or desperation. It… seems the training we did served you well."


Aika scoffed as she avoided another knife at her throat and rushed to her attacker as she fractured his rib cage with a well-placed kick. As he fell to the ground moaning in pain she finally replied:


"Well.. The training in Sri Lanka was nice, the sojourn we had In Venice helped out as well. Yet, why did you tell me to monitor this boy, Natsuki Subaru? He doesn't even seem like he has trained for over a year."


The comm remained silent as Story didn't speak, deep gasps where heard as he adjusted his plague mask. The crimson googles would scare anyone frankly. Yet, Aika never stopped moving, she observed her teammates and reloaded as she put in four bullets into four different enemies forehead. Moreover, she dodged someone's attempt at striking her neck as she got under and grappled with them. With a roar she grasped their middle and suplexed them into the floor, the satisfying sound of bones breaking rang through her ears.


As she was catching another breath she heard Story finally respond:


"That boy… is special for reasons I cannot disclose… His woman Satella, is even more so… I'll need you to try to find out where she is due to her abrupt disappearance…"


"So you're paying me double then right? That sounds like a fucking drag to be honest."


Said Aika as the battlefield was winding down. Sekhmet, Minerva, Carmilla, Daphne, and Shaula seemed to have taken care of their end. All that remained was the leader's location.


She approached Subaru who was next to Al as she finally heard Story's reply:


"Hah… you're quite greedy aren't you? Fine I'll pay you double… but make sure you know where she… is."


The white haired woman looked at Subaru, their prized target and a victim of affairs he wasn't even sure of as she sighed and thought:


"He's so young, hasn't even experienced good moments nor bad. His eyes speak of untold tragedy, but what? This boy is an enigma for sure. It's just about unraveling it."


"Get up."


Subaru heard as he sluggishly looked up at the person addressing him. She had white hair, or was it silver? He couldn't tell. He was tired, so fucking tired. He wasn't used to this operation. To the sheer scale involved. For the longest it was just him and Aldebaran fighting, but now.. He met strange individuals, one's that helped him. Yet, he still doesn't know why, or who this woman with crimson eyes is. Is she wearing contacts? He can't tell. He's just so tired.


Aika looked at this man and she felt pity, he simply wasn't ready for such an encounter. He wasn't her, who had been in fights throughout her life, who had to steal to survive and eat a meal. She sighed as she extended her hand and whispered:


"It's been hard, hasn't it?"


Those simple words made Subaru curl up and cry as he screamed:


"It was so fucking hard!"


Aika gave him a hug as she brushed his hair and whispered:


"You must have wanted to give up at times, right?"


The black haired boy seemed to crumble even further as he replied:


"So many fucking times! I just wanted to lay down and accept my fate, but I couldn't leave Al like that."


She finished stroking his hair as she distanced herself from him and with gentle eyes, however a furious voice was heard:


"Then, let's make those fuckers pay, what do you say, Natsuki Subaru?"


(Scene Change, POV of Ella)


I nodded happily as my job was done. Rem's body was dissembled, and packed up nicely!


I even used a cute bow to wrap the package together, aren't I a genius?


I carefully looked as I marked the address to be shipped, after all I couldn't be sloppy!


That wouldn't be nice, it would tarnish my reputation after all. As I carefully compared addresses I noted on my Iphone where the shipment was supposed to be delivered.


~I wonder, what Ram will think as she received this! Will she be shocked? Will she tremble? Will she cry? Sooo, many different emotions to be felt from a package! Cannot wait to see what will happen.


I wrote down Ram's address as I patted the box and with mad eyes declared:


"This is for Luna and Calypso, sweet, mad, Rem. Please I hope you enjoy the package I am sending, Rem. It will be quite the ~surprise!~"


Author's notes:


This chapter is split into 2! So this arc conclusion chapter is the first part. I hope y'all enjoy.


Also, Story and Aika, are two original OC's that I am using. Aika if you're part of the discord server of Reactionist, is my actual Main Character for my upcoming novel Godsfall, and Story is a plague doctor of sorts, as well as a mysterious individual. Thank you Kill for your ideas.


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Chapter Text



Arc 2


Chapter 20


Loose Ends


"For every beginning


An ending is at the horizon.


For every end


The beginning loops


Back around."


Subaru looked around after having talked to Aika and breathes in the pallor stench of the corpses, the bloated eyes of victims gone due to the gruesome murder that befell them. He tried to throw up, but he couldn't retch when his stomach was empty.


Firm hands patted his back, and he turned around as he faced the giantess they called Sekhmet.


She stood tall and stalwart, as a rock parting the rapids of a river. The long voluminous deep magenta hair cascading down her back, with bits of blood and bone on her and her uniform. Furthermore, her lazy eyes seemed to have gained a new focused determination. As she surveyed the scene of tragedy she finished reloading her mini guns, and sighed.


She sighed due to the complexity of the situation.


She sighed due to the murder of innocents.


She sighed due to the innocent boy next to her who had to learn to become a man far too soon.


She thought to herself:


"Is this, what you wanted, dear leader? Or, did even these events escape your brilliant mind?"


She wasn't paid to think such things. As a soldier, duty came first, then emotions, where one could sit down on their bed and look at the ceiling. Wondering how they got their in the first place, wondering where everything changed.


Furthermore, she wasn't really doing this to help the people of this pitiful country, if it weren't for the black haired boy, currently staring at the battle field with a morbid expression, they wouldn't be here at all.


Too many places has she had to make the final decision on who to save, and who was expendable. Even Pleiades had rules of engagement to think upon. One may want to avenge their teammates, but if the main target has escaped, it would be nothing but a waste of resources and man power.


She checked her military grade watch that was weatherproof, waterproof, and shaped like a small brick for any and all collisions and noted the time:


"13:30 (Military time.)." Not…. Enough time, we shall need to… Split up…"


She looked around and noticed that they still had stragglers that attacked with mania in their eyes. The condition of the enemy didn't comfort her at all, since they seem to have been influenced by something.


Moreover, there is no doubt in her mind that the Witches Cult had an ulterior motive in this country. They may clamor and profess their interest in capturing Natsuki Subaru, yet it is eerie and gives her a deep set of chills, something just isn't right.


She decided that thinking suited their leader best and faced her companions as she said:


"In order to end… these atrocities, we need to cut the… sigh… Head of the serpent."


A woman of few words, as her companions were more than capable of inputting their own thoughts and opinions. Minerva wasn't too close to them as she went straight to heal whatever innocent victims managed to be lucky enough to escape with their lives.


Natsuki Subaru looked at Aldebaran as he laid unconscious after the live field treatment he had received from the healer Minerva and he was at a loss at what to do. For the first time in a while, he felt alone. Surrounded by strange mercenaries, the eccentric part didn't bother him.


It's how they all looked so young yet could open fire with no hesitation, no remorse, only commitment to their goal and determination to reach it.


He looked at his blood soaked hands, lucky none was his as he wondered:


"Is all this training I've done worth nothing? Am I still so far behind that I am still considered someone to be protected, not someone who can protect? And…. That woman that assaulted me earlier, it was either her or me…. Yet, her eyes as she died from the gunshot wound, one I got lucky with. Seemed to become happy as she passed away. Just what the fuck is going on here…."


He wanted to rage and scream, he wanted to get on a plane and go back to Japan, curl up in his room and avoid this hell. A mere twenty two year old thrusted into terroristic attacks and violence with little to no formal training, it was bound to happen.


However, he looked at Al, whom saved his life. He thought of Satella, or Emilia, even of Rem and Ram, he understands a bit now how everyone suffers in their own way. How they may cope, how they may just all seem to be hurting in this insane mad world.


The cracked, and crumbling buildings surrounding him seemed to mirror his mindscape, one that started off fine and the foundations were slowly growing to a healthy and robust mind. However, cracks could be seen at the moment.


Before he let himself spiral into another depressing tangent he felt a pair of soft hands on his forehead, he blinked and looked at a pair or pink eyes, they shocked him as he thought the eyes belonged to Ram, but he feels a warm embrace as Carmilla responds to the sorrow she detected in his agonized gaze:


"It's alright, not everyone is suited for these things. Even I, when I get home curl up in a ball. However, everyone has different paths. You've done so good and you saved the people behind you didn't you!"


At the encouraging words of the pink haired woman he turned around and saw some survivors hugging in relief at being alive. A young boy no more than 6 was crying as he was able to find his mother, whom they had just finished pulling out of a partially collapsed building.


Warm, wet, tears fell on the ground as Natsuki Subaru tried his best to wipe them, he finally succeeded, as he fell on his knees and seemed to whisper:


"I'm not a… failure?"


Daphne approached him and grinned as she shoved him playfully:


"Nopeee! You're a hero, so act like one."


He still couldn't believe the words ringing through him, and then Minerva was done for the moment healing wounds as she also laid a warm yet firm hand on his shoulders:


"You helped save lives, that's the first and foremost duty of any soldier, mercenary, or security guard. To protect the innocent even at the cost of your life. Good job!"


She playfully punched him on the shoulder as she said those warm words. The black haired boy was so confused on how to act, he didn't even know what to say. Lastly, Sekhmet concluded:


"Subaru…. You did well… after all you're … Sigh… your friend here wouldn't have survived without your persistence and loyalty."


As Subaru held arm's hand in his he gave it a squeeze as he let go and straightened himself up. With fierce eyes and a determined expression he said:


"What's the next step then? To end these bastards once and for all?"


Here is where Aika, who had been missing for a while showed up with two motorcycles, sleek black Ducati monster's with 550 horsepower and accelerated boost, allowing the bike to jump in the air for a couple of feet or two.


She put on her helmet and adjusted her gloves as she motioned Subaru to get behind her as she asked:


"Let's end this, Sekhmet what are your orders?"


"Nice… to… Sigh… see you following them… The plan is to split up into two teams…. Typhon coordinate with us if… anything unexpected happens."


"I'm staying behind to help the wounded, you go on ahead and I'll catch up when done."


Replied Minerva as she took her equipment and yelled at the other mercenaries in their group:


"Oi, hurry up, this patient's blood levels are dropping and they are going into anaphylactic shock! On the double, NOW!"


Everyone watched her leave with expressive eyes, as they were glad that someone could still take command of the wounded. In every battle, skirmish, or war, the number of casualty always doubles due to the wounded. Infections, gangrene, amputations, loss of blood, heart attack, are all things to take care of.


It isn't fair to fight a war only to die to dysentery, as Subaru looked around he asked:


"Where do I fit in this?"


Sekhmet gave him a glance as Aika replied in her stead:


"You'll ride with me, but make no mistake. I will deal with whatever is thrown at us, and I will not trust a rookie with my life, yet if there are any stragglers or you see something I don't, then tell me. From there we can deal with it, that's the only way you're coming along, understood?"


Subaru grew impatient as he testily responded:




"Aika interrupted him as she unclasped her helmet and got off the motorcycle, she approached him as she stared with her eyes, resembling deeply cooling pools of lava. She was a couple of inches shorter than Subaru but the aura she emitted might as well have made her a giantess like Sekhmet. After a moment Subaru looked away first and she replied with a sigh:


"Listen, I'm not underestimating you. But, we've been doing this for longer, and you are exhausted aren't you? For close to 5 hours y'all have been on the run, dodging stray gun fire and maniacs, while still helping people. I'm not saying you won't be useful, but fuck, I know how battle fatigue is firsthand. So just trust in me to guide us through. In conclusion, you will be there with us for the end, how does that sound?"


The boy reflected and thought about such things as he grew more aware of his fatigue, funny how he didn't even notice it until she pointed it out. His breathing was rough, his stance tilted, yet he composed himself with sheer will power as he nodded his head and replied:


"Fine, I'll follow your lead, you're right after all."


All the girls looked at him that were present nodded, while a certain brown haired Scorpio lady seemed to pout in discontent at being far away from the fun.


Sekhmet eyes grew serious as she finally stopped speaking with her lackadaisical tone and she became restless:


"Listen, Natsuki Subaru, we are going to enter enemy territory, save any hostages, and execute the leader. However, after all this is said and done… Go home, and live a good life. Forget about us, forget about the events here, because you should be a happy college kid. The path that we lead, we accept and know there is only one end, sorrow."


His eyes grew wide and he wanted to protest, but then he thought about his beloved sister Beatrice, how worried would she be for him, then he thought of Emilia, Crusch, Priscilla, Satella, Anastasia, and even Felt and how his friends would miss him or scold him for doing something so dangerous.


His parents would be worried sick, and his classmates Otto and Garfiel wouldn't want him to suffer through this alone. Even Aldebaran asked him about school, the path of a mercenary, of a soldier, doesn't fit the kind hearted boy that Natsuki Subaru is. With sad eyes he concluded:


"You're right, Sekhmet, Carmilla, Aika, Daphne, Typhon… After this is said and done, I'll just go back and try to forget… I miss EMT after all! And all my other friends and companions, I've been doing bad at neglecting them."


He smacked his face and as Aldebaran taught him he snapped his heels together and put his right fist over his heart and declared:


"My name is Natsuki Subaru, and I am ready to end this!"


All the girls seemed happy that he recovered his demeanor, while only the white haired woman with orbs of lava looked at him strangely, not due to his declaration but to the comm she just got:


"Heh, I wonder…. If things will be that easy… Natsuki Subaru…."


Aika furrowed her eyebrows but decided not to reply to Story, and she got ready to infiltrate the building and take out their target. With her eyes looking sharply at the crimson sky full of smoke and dust she wondered:


"Will anything, remain the same after today? Will…. The boy find happiness, or infinite misery? I pray that he can be happy, for too few people possess such a good heart… Story…. I hope we can fix our mistakes of the past... For hell is too good for the likes of us."


(Scene Change)


"YOU WHAT! Why would you send Subaru on an errand to another country! You literally have dozens of employees." Huffed the verdant haired duchess, as she couldn't believe that she had just found out from Priscilla when they inquired about Subaru's location.


The empress of Dawn scoffed as she fanned herself and replied with narrowed eyes:


"Listen here Politico, it's a much needed break for the boy, Aldebaran and mineself have been pushing him hard. Remember he came to me, not to any of you for training, do you refute this? Or is your pig headed brain still trying to process such simple words?"


They all swallowed their bitter anger as they remembered why he went to Priscilla. It's quite simple really, she indeed had Aldebaran, an ex-special forces bodyguard who could provide a perfectly tailored training to the boy they all cherish. Meanwhile, they couldn't exactly teach him as well. Crusch was always busy with her work and her politician network, Emilia didn't know how to teach someone how to fight unarmed, Felt came to Japan maybe 4 times a year for a total of 4 months so it wouldn't have been the best.


"This lil' miss could've bought the tuition of the best combat specialists in tha world, and Ricardo could've trained him as well. He's fully recovered after that heinous pink haired bitch injured him."


Angrily retorts a purple haired girl, still laying in the kokatsu in comfort, yet her eyes betrayed naught but anger.


Emilia wasn't feeling the best either, since Subaru never told her he was leaving for another country. Yet, she accepted that it was for a short trip. However, a pang in her heart resounded at him not talking to her as much as he used to.


Felt scoffed and merely replied while peeling an orange and eating the slices, sharing them with Emilia:


"Yeah, well Aldebaran ain't Reinhard, so big bro should've come to me, ya know. Would have been tons of fun and we could've whipped him into shape."


All the girls just sighed and relented since this seemed to be a pointless method of confrontation. As Priscilla continued fanning herself a sharp knock was heard on the door of the Crusch estate, followed by a strong pounding.


All the girls got up in trepidation as Crusch grasped her family sword and walked barefoot to the doors, Priscilla had Yang unsheathed but still in its hilt, Emilia had her tonfas, and Anastasia seemed to carry concealed weapons in her long sleeves. Felt simply twirled a knife in the air as she narrowed her gaze, at who was interrupting this meeting of the Natsuki Subaru Protection Squad.


Crusch loudly stated:


"This is the domain of the Karsten Estate, identify yourself at once!"


"It's me… Satella, please I need to speak with my sister or all of you."


Crusch widened her eyes since she hadn't met Satella in quite some time, she looked over her shoulder at Emilia as she widened her eyes and nodded while rushing to the door. The other girls lost interest as they put away their weapons, and the door opened.


It was raining quite fierce, the silver haired girl in front of the door seemed to be soaked, and her eyes seemed haunted. They seemed to shift from luminous amethyst to dull lavender, she shivered as she meekly asked:


"Can I come in?"


Crusch put her hand on her forehead as she sighed at how she was not being a good host, and swiftly let her in while going to fetch her a towel to dry up. Satella seemed to be tearful and hugging herself, yet she let it all go as Emilia hugged her and sat her down apart from the other girls, she whispered to her twin:


"What's up? You look reaally sad? And I want to help you as the big sis! Tell me your woes, and I'll make sure to vanquish them!"


Satella looked at Emilia and busted into laughter, her tears seeming to dry up. It had been too long since she had a real conversation with her sister, she has been in the dark, and only recently woken up. Yet she feels something gnawing at her mind, sometime of dark miasma seems to be clouding her thoughts. However, Emilia dispersed them with triumph just by being such a silly lass. Satella heartily replied:


"Thank you dear sis, you always manage to cheer me up, but I was wondering if you all knew where Subaru is? I kinda have to talk to him and other stuff."


All the other maidens beside Emilia and Felt stiffened up as Crusch came in and handed Satella a towel, which she graciously used to dry her hair carefully. They wondered again where she came from, since they weren't aware 100% of what had transpired before between the showdown of Rem and Satella. (Chapter 5)


Priscilla looked at the newcomer with curious eyes, as she had already decided Subaru was her's. However she had to inquire, for her own sake:


"Satella, is it. Who is Natsuki Subaru to you?"


"Yeah, this lass wants ta know as well. Y'all friends of course, is that all?"


"Man, big bro always getting involved in hectic situations, Hahahaha."


Satella blinked slowly as she tried to understand their question, before she realized what they meant, she blushed as she hid her head in the towel and replied:


~That's a very personal question… ok?~


(A certain girl in a shared mindscape sighed in irritation, before she decided to have some fun.)


Satella went back forcibly for a brief moment, and Ella came out, while hugging her sister she poked her tongue out and answered:


"Hmm, how to put it so people can adequately understand? We are lovers, star crossed fated individuals, destined to end up together? Take it how you will. Just know that, [Natsuki Subaru] is mine, and only mine."


A deathly chill descended in the atmosphere as all the girls except Felt seemed to grow anxious, and angry. Even Crusch seemed to grit her teeth, before Emilia laughed out loud. They looked at her in bewilderment as she slung her arm over Ella and cheerfully declared:


"My nee-san is always like that, hehe. I told you. I ~wiilll~ win against you soon, ok!"


Ella seemed to smirk yet she decided not to divulge any details as she went back to the shared mindset between her and Satella to rest, and Satella asked:


"So, no one knows where Subaru is?"


Priscilla simply huffed as she felt a slight relief, was this tension in her body? Surely not, no such physical bothers could touch Priscilla K. Barielle, she replied with arrogance:


"He is in Taiwan with mine jester, Aldebaran, so no need to worry about his safety newcomer."


Here, everyone thought things would be calmed down, yet it seemed to escalate as Satella stood up abruptly and shouted:


"Have you even seen the news yet! THERE IS A TERRORIST ATTACK THERE!"


Everyone stood still shocked as Felt fumbled with Crusch's remote and turned on the TV. The first thing they saw was a nervous reporter as they spoke in Chinese:


[今天早些时候,发生了女巫邪教的恐怖袭击。 我们会在有更多信息时更新。]


[Jīntiān zǎo xiē shíhòu, fāshēngle nǚwū xiéjiào de kǒngbù xíjí. Wǒmen huì zài yǒu gèng duō xìnxī shí gēngxīn.]


(English Translation)


Earlier today, a terrorist attack by the Witch cult happened. We will update as we have more information."


Everyone's eyes trembled at the words, and the one more shocked than all was the Princess of the Sun, Priscilla. For the second time in her life her eyes quivered, and turned moist as she ruefully thought:


"What have I done?"


Yet, she was always the first to compartmentalize any data, information, and use it to her maximum ability. She told everyone:


"Mineself committed the most tragic of mishaps, we depart soon. We won't reach the capital in time, yet we can catch the wind tail. I owe it to everyone, I… am sorry, yet sorry won't bring Subaru back. Let's go."


No one contested her words, even though Satella winced and held her head as Ella wanted to come out and gut that noblesse to shreds, yet she calmed her down by promising more time with their beloved. With a subdued expression they all left to Priscilla's private jet, and hoped to be able to be of use in a foreign country overrun by chaos.


(Scene Change)


Aika and Subaru raced in their motorcycle as they approached the building where the ringleader of this tragic and insane operation was. They called him "Carnival of Sorrow", a lieutenant in the obscure witch cult. Someone no one was been able to actually identify, yet thanks to Typhon's drones, they had a position and they knew the skyscraper was under siege.


Aika looked briefly over her shoulder as Subaru clenched his arms around her waist, with a blushed face. She chuckles as she asked him over the 100 KM/H winds they were suffering in their rapid pursuit:


"What's the matter? Never held a girl's waist before? I would've expected better from you, Natsuki."


"Of course not! These motorcycles are very stringent in Japan! They need so many licenses and permits to be able to even use them."


Subaru replied flustered as he tried to not brace his arms too tightly on Aika's waist. Yet, she paid it no mind, she was contemplating the last time she felt this free, on a bike and with putting her foot to the pedal to approach other individuals, other enemies. Everyone is either a friend, or an enormous obstacle.


One, she will always succeed in demolishing. However she decided to entertain Subaru as they raced through obstacles and debris:


"So, Al trained ya huh? He is a fairly decent soldier, despite what he says about being a retired delta force spec ops."


She avoided two sniper bullets by zig zagging through debris and turning around, as she unholstered her sig Sauer and shot them both dead, she kept accelerating. Nothing would get in her way to ending this mission, there was too much at stake.


Subaru was shocked, not just at Aika's abilities driving such a bike, but at dispatching targets that seemed over one hundred yards away and he yelled, since without yelling the wind would devour your words:


"Wait! You know Al? how?"


Aika dodged another sniper as they got closer to their target, she looked at the innocent civilians cowering over depilated structures and promised:




However, she didn't have the best memories of meeting Al, nor him saving her life, nor her saving his.


" A soldier with a burned face, and a bleeding eye.


Back to back in a jungle that had nothing but snakes.


A cry and slap to get themselves together.


A knife to an eye, a knife to an arm.


Shared tears at a bitter reunion."


Aika simply thought of her past and grinned:


"You know, I read the report of the midnight massacre, and Ram wasn't wrong with her one sentence. I am Ram, and I am alive? You know how important it is to dissociate yourself with your targets? What if they have weapons, what if they use them as weapons? Child bombers? Is there even such a thing? There is, and harshly used. This world you live in? The peaceful society where you can get chips, drinks, magazines? It's built on lies. So best get used to that."


Subaru couldn't even respond as he was thinking of everything Aika said was correct in a way, you cannot win against it. However, you can fight against that reality, surely there is a way. To make the politicos wake up, to make people realize that justice needed to occur.


As Subaru thought these thoughts, Aika felt them through their sheen veneer of physical contact. She frowned at the idealism, yet her soul clamored to follow this fool. Furthermore, her hands clenched as they used to, when she was a young and naïve girl. Thinking she could save everyone. She reached behind her and grasped Subaru's right hand and squeezed it as she intoned:


"Don't worry, I won't allow your happiness to dissipate, you will have a [Good Ending]"


The black haired boy seemed to freeze and momentarily didn't know how to reply, yet before he could Typhon reached their coms:


"Ayo, Sekhmet and Carmilla reached the first floor, so y'all gotta go to the top! Hustle and earn your pay of course!"


"Roger, Approaching the building, and will reach the rooftop shortly."


Responded Aika as she narrowed her body like a bullet fired from a weapon, and Subaru couldn't do more than hug her tightly as he was afraid of falling off. Yet, he saw that their where several barricades in their way, and his eyes widened as he screamed:


"Fucking hell, we're about to crash!"


The white haired driver didn't respond as she accelerated even more and narrowly avoided the barricades, yet they were in a straight collision course against the right side of the Gong Xi Pharmaceutical building. As Natsuki Subaru resigned himself to death by impact, Aika simply smirked as she grasped his waist tighter and yelled:


"What's the matter Natsuki Subaru, never wanted to fly before?!"


Before he could say anything Aika jumped with Subaru a second before the motorcycle hit the building and exploded. As they were briefly airborne, he suddenly say that Aika had a gun in her hand. Furthermore, it wasn't like any weapon he had ever seen. It was sleek black, and had what looked like a claw on the tip where the bullet was supposed to go.


As he realized what the weapon was Aika laughed:


"Let's fly, Subaru."


And she depressed the trigger, which made the grapple gun in her hand race at amazing speeds all the way to the roof of the tall building, until they heard a clink sound.


They were reeled up at enormous speeds as Subaru screamed for his life and Aika laughed at the adrenaline pumping through her veins. They reached the roof top and rolled on the ground.


Natsuki Subaru was done, he was exhausted and wasn't expecting such an unorthodox approach, yet Aika helped him up and they undid their helmets. They looked at where they were and detected 6 individuals approaching them with pistols and knifes. Furthermore, they seemed determined to end their lives here and there.


However, Subaru had a sudden feeling as he looked at Aika and asked:


"Hey, so how do you know Al?"


Aika Von Sterblich undid her coat and as it dropped to the floor, he saw that she had dozens of knifes on her person, as well as more guns than the slim coat should have concealed. She cracks her neck and responds:


"You know how he can go into a mindset called [Coin flip]?"


He merely nodded as Aika put on some wicked looking gauntlets and smashed them together from the knuckles and she concluded:


"I taught him that. Poor bastard hasn't realized yet due to not enough training. It's not exactly a coin flip. It's not supposed to give you a chance. It's supposed to give you a certainty. Witness the real deal."


"[Coin Fate: Heads is Heads, Tails is also Heads]"


Aika closed her eyes as she approached her enemies without utilizing any of her guns or weapons except the gauntlets in her hand. The fanatics where joyous and one of them pulled out a Colt .40 as he screamed:


"Who brings fists to a gun fight! Our lady was right, die you ignorant soul!"


And Aika merely responded with:




She kept making the same sound with her mouth, with her tongue on the roof of her mouth she would just click, click, click. Her boots seemed to clack as well.


Clack, clack, clack, clack.


The maniac opened fire against her with his pistol, yet. He still didn't understand why Aika made those bizarre noises. It's not something seen ever, it's extremely rare actually. What she did was amplify her hearing, her senses all except eye sight once she determined that the enemy didn't have any submachine guns or shotguns. Because she used an ability only seen in two people in the world that can mimic a predator that most people dismiss, a bat.


She used echolocation to chart a map in her visual mindset, and with her continuous clacks she would ping the people through sound waves, to see if they moved, or altered their pathway. To understand truly what she was stepping into. She could've used her weapons, however this is her talent. One that is only matched by few, to anticipate what someone will do.


So before the lunatic fired his weapon, she had anticipated where it was going.


(Aika's POV)


Bullet aimed at my left clavicle, was trying to shoot at my heart yet the shoot went wild. Keep moving forward as a simple side step avoids the projectile. Others are trying to compensate, a 9mm Beretta, a sig Sauer, a revolver, and a Black tail pistol with copious ammunition. Subaru is safe behind cover. Let's go.


Shots from the left, aimed at my left thigh, abdomen, and a head shot? Quite proficient, "clack."


Target on the left missed, now the right field target is using their Sig Sauer to aim at my head, they shoot, nice choice of gun by the way.


I tilt my left foot and pivot three degrees, hits an air conditioner unit. I move forward.


Targets are getting flustered, good to know that these maniacs still react with human emotions.


All three attempt to fire at me, "clack."


It's time to open my eyes, as I pivot forty five degrees and lean my head four degrees to the left, the bullets miss me. Time for them to reload, time they'll never get."


(End of Aika's POV)


Natsuki Subaru had seen a lot of impossible things in this year. A pink haired maelstrom of death ravaging the hospital. A gruff veteran being injured by her. Training with an elite special forces soldier. Yet, nothing in his life prepared him for what he had just witnessed.


He literally saw Aika with her eyes closed and making those stupid sounds, tilt her head and dodge bullets, dance like an ice skater and avoid the other bullets aimed at her.


Then, he realized she was waiting for this moment. For the moment they had to reload, she opened her eyes and smashed her fists together as she uttered:


"Luva Eta Endir."


(Translation. Luva= Gauntlet in Portuguese. Eta= And in Basque. Endir= Ending in German. So Luva Eta Endir, is Gauntlet of the End in a way.)


Subaru heard her words yet didn't understand what they meant, however he quickly saw how her gauntlets seemed to unsheathe small knuckle knifes. And Aika kicked the ground to her nearest target, the one that shot her on her left flank.


The target tried to back step and hit Aika with her gun, yet Aika… Simply crouched and uppercut her briefly. Just a touch, and the person expired from this world.


She grasped her corpse and rushed to the middle target who had been able to reload and started shooting at her, yet they were merely twelve feet apart and she crossed it in a flash, she threw the corpse at him and he fell. Yet, when he felt he looked up and a steel toed combat boot crushed his throat. Furthermore, Aika wasn't done and leaped onto an air conditioner unit as the third target screamed for their lade, yet she simply slashed her throat.


The remaining three targets rushed her with knifes, their guns laying forgotten on the ground, they underestimated her. They should've shot her when she was dispatching their allies, She jumped from the air conditioner unit and flipped until she landed on a bald, sweaty fanatic, her legs on his knees as she murmured:




She pivoted to the right with her knees as she broke his neck (Muay thai move that Rem used in chapter 8). She stepped gracefully on the ground as the remaining two targets felt something that even the connection to their lady couldn't salvage:




As the white haired warrior cracked her neck she ordered:


"Subaru, did I bring you for show? This is time for target practice, after all."


Natsuki Subaru didn't hesitate, since these people where fanatics and terrorists he pointed his Beretta true, and shot both of them in the chest twice. They fell down and twitched before they died.


He was nervous, for he had just seen a god of war perform acts he would've dismissed as Hollywood. And Aika simply unholstered her own Fal-50, checked it and primed it for combat. She looked at Subaru and asked:


"This won't be that easy, they will be alert to us, Sekhmet cannot create such a big distraction for us anymore. So… are you ready?"


He gulped yet he pushed the death's he just caused to the back of his mind, and simply replied:


"I'm ready."


"Then let's go."


Aika and Subaru raced down the rooftop to the eighteenth floor where the Carnival of Sorrow was located, in the central command room holding the whole building hostage.


(Scene Change)


'Carnival of Sorrow', aka Alexander Meyer, was currently laughing at the current carnage happening in Taipei. He was joyful, he had secured the package that his lady had ordered him too, and they had Natsuki Subaru rushing into their glorious embrace. As he fiddled with a Walther P38 he decided to shoot another hostage, you know, for funsies.


As the woman laid dead he laughed as the other hostages huddled closer together and wept, hoping someone could save them. Yet, Alexander already had the building rigged to explode, he wasn't letting any loose ends affect his work. He joyfully shouted:


"Ahhh! What a beautiful day it is. The skies are red, the clouds ash grey, the people in shambles. What a gorgeous, magnificent, prosperous, day for our Lady. She will reap the seeds we sow! We are only growing in strength Hahahaha!"


The boy of the deceased mother that had just gotten shot couldn't stand it, and he stood up to his full height at four feet and three inches as he yelled while tears streamed down his eyes:




Alexander turned around, and bowed as it's only proper when meeting a new individual. He giggled as he told the child:


'What's your name, son?"


"I ain't your son scumbag!"


He tilted his head and lifted his top hat from his head as he flicked off imaginary lint, why do people still try to defy him? Oh well. He responded while grasping the boy's chin and asked again:


"I don't usually ask twice. Ask once, it's polite. Ask twice, it's a bullet to the head! Haha, it rhymes. Dear mother never understood my sarcasm. How sad for her. Sooooo, boy, what's your name, I won't ask for a third time."


He pushed the barrel of his pistol to the boy's head, still hot from the shot delivered to his mother. The boy looked around for help, yet none was available, everyone was looking away, preying to not be the next victim. He muffled his tears as he choked out:


"Ad.. Adam."


Alexander laughed and spread his arms, he twirled as he hugged the boy and cried tears of his own. He tearfully replied:


"You see! How easy that was? It was just a question, no need to get all upset. Oh wait, was that your mother I just shot! Goodness me, that isn't fair, to separate a family like that. Tell you what Adam, I'll let you join your mother shortly!"


Adam was confused until the barrel of the gun was shoved in his mouth and Alex grinned like a lunatic as he concluded:


"Don't worry! Our lady will take ~gooood careeee of youuuu!~ Now count to three, and prepare to meet her!"


Adam closed his eyes as he couldn't witness this lunatic anymore, he cried for being helpless, he cried for no one helping them, he cried at the unfair situation it is that a person with a gun can inflict on someone.


Yet, right when he was about to die, the lights cut out.


Alexander, already having forgotten Adam looked around, and his four bodyguards fanned out to find out the cause. He looked around and thought it was a temporary power outage, due to the attacks by Pleiades. However, he heard a voice on the speaker system:


"Alexander Meyer, Carnival of Sorrow. Confirmed innocent kills, 148. Psyche profile, a mad man who was neglected by his father Hans, and Mother Olga, from the age of twelve dissected animals. Yet, first confirmed kill was at fifteen, as he murdered his father who took advantage of him…. Later joined the witch's cult as he was promised to ascend. Worked as a foot soldier for some years, slaughtering innocents and taking children back to his self-proclaimed playhouse for experimentation. Finally, caught the attention of the Lady of the Witch's cult and was promoted to bishop. Yet, he could never reach the position of Arc bishop, no matter how hard he tried… A pitiful man, and a useless subject."


Alexander turned around and started shooting blindly at the ceiling as he flushed with rage and yelled:


"And who the fuck are you! Du idiot! (You idiot in German) You think you can fucking stop me, Haha! You fancy yourself a hero you fucker! Come down here and face me like a man!"


Silence was all that was heard, and the lights were restored. Yet, Alexander's eyes shook, as his thirteen hostages seemed to have disappeared, vanished into thin air. This wasn't feasible, nor possible. What the hell is going on!


Again the voice sounded through the speakers:


"Do you… think me a fool? Do you think I play around, like you little man? The hostages are secure. And… you're of no use to me anymore, so enjoy my custom blend of Sarin gas. Gute Nacht und Auf Wiedersehen."


(German: goodnight and goodbye)


Alexander told his bodyguard's to get close to him, yet his gun slipped and he choked. He couldn't breathe, blood fell from his eyes, and while he fought for his life he heard a cane.


"Clack, Clack, Clack."


He saw a figure approach him, one with glowing crimson googles, dressed as a dark ages Plague doctor. With a seamless dark blue colored outfit, and they crouched in front of the dying Alexander as they wheezed from their mask:


"This… is the end of your story, Alexander… Go and burn in hell, I'll meet you there if the devil doesn't spit me back out."


And with those final words, Alexander Meyer, the carnival of sorrow expired.


Story looked through his pockets until he held what looked like a prescription bottle in his hands, he chuckled as he slipped it in his own, and was glad to be successful.


Just when he had finished Aika and Subaru busted into the room wielding all manners of weaponry, yet Aika stopped Subaru from approaching Story since he looked like a villain dressed like that.


Natsuki Subaru looked him up and down and all he could say was:


"Man, you look like a clown."


Aika von Sterblich couldn't help it and laughed out loud, she fell to the ground as she kicked her legs in the air at the sheer audacity that this boy had.


Right when they were laughing and Story was looking at Subaru with a tilt of his head, Sekhmet and Carmilla went into the room as well.


The Pleiades members were congregated, and Sekhmet looked throughout Alexander's pocket's yet didn't find the vial they needed. She cursed and looked at Story as she asked:


"Do.. you have it?"


Story tilted his head as he rapped his cane twice on the floor and replied:


"I merely neutralized the target and secured the hostages, per orders may I remind you. I didn't find anything nefarious on his person, nor have I had time to explore this room."


Carmilla was about to follow up with a question when their iridium satellite phone rung, and only one person would call them from that.


She hurriedly put in on speaker as a robotic voice asked:




"Secure…. Leader."


Sekhmet replied as a migraine was forming in her head, the leader followed up with more questions:


"The Vial?"


"Sigh…. Not on Alexander's person. Nor anywhere in the room."


The room was deathly quiet as the Leader replied:


"As expected, she must have developed countermeasures. No matter, I believe it's time we meet face to face, Natsuki Subaru."


Story and Aika shared a glance and looked at the boy who gulped and simply replied:


"Listen, thank you for your help, but if you want to meet me it'll have to be in Japan. I got friends to go tell I ain't dead."


To everyone's surprise a chuckle was heard from the phone as the leader concluded:


"Of course, that is where we will meet. After all, you need to console everyone you're fine. Very well Subaru, we'll meet in Japan, may providence help us all."


After those ominous words the call got disconnected. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief as Subaru simply looked around and thought:


"Fuck, here we go again."




An notes:


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