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Chapter 1

A twist of fate

Natsuki Subaru is a boy with a plan. He has his ideas straight, his determination is set. Today is the day he gets to go out and have dinner with his precious friend Satella. Furthermore, he will make it an amazing dinner no doubt. For today is the day that his beloved childhood friend came back from boarding school in Germany.

He pauses momentarily in the classroom as the bell struck for classes to be dismissed for the day and thinks to himself:

"Man I do not know why I am so giddy, but this is perfect. Every day I have missed Satella. She and I were the best of friends but then we drifted apart. Torn from each other, as her parents demanded she went to boarding school in Germany.

Of all things I do not get why they do not show equal love between her and her twin sister Emilia. Furthermore, our correspondence has decreased due to the heavy workload both of us have had in university. However today can make up for it! This is the day I can see my dear friend Satella. Alone, just the two of us in a fancy dinner in Shibuya. I cannot wait."

Subaru's thought process gets interrupted by a loud voice headed his way:

"Subaru-kun where are you going in such a hurry, I thought we had arranged to go see Emilia who is not feeling too good?"

The black hair boy turns around and his smile brightens at his friend walking his way. With short blue hair, a curvaceous body, and gentle demeanor, there isn't anything Subaru could say that was bad about his blue haired friend Rem. She was everything a guy could look for in a girlfriend, kind, composed, thoughtful, always manning her manners. Truly, a very diligent person easy to get along with. All the rest of the classmates thought the same as she helped them out with various duties and assignments.

"Yo, Rem I am sorry but I already called Emilia and told her I had to do a rain check, her sister is back in town. Remember Satella-Tan? Yeah she came back from Germany and we are supposed to have dinner together, so I am gonna have to see Emilia later if she feels worse of course. She went ahead and reassured me that was fine. So you go on ahead, then call or text me if anything happens."

Says Subaru with a grin of reassurance that makes the blue haired girl smile, however the mention of Satella makes her smile falter. She thinks:

"That girl was always nice to my Subaru, but she disliked everyone else and was socially inept. I do not think this is the best idea, but Rem will always have her hero's mindset to accept everyone. I remember when we tried to become friends once, and she shrugged me off saying she needed no other friend but Subaru-kun.

Hmph, such rude manners but it is Emilia's sister after all. It will be fine since she has been away for a long time. Besides eventually Subaru's heart will belong to me, there are too many woman with their eyes set on him. But they do not share the same bond of friendship as I do with my beloved Subaru."

"No problem Subaru-Kun I will go ahead in your stead and watch over Emilia, my sister is occupied with her work at her restaurant. So make sure to have fun and tell Satella-Chan I said hello in my place!?"

Here the black haired boy notices with a sharp gaze how Rem's smile faltered, yet stops thinking about it since he does suspect that the cyan eye colored girl has feelings for him. Same with several other woman that share classes with him.

Even though Subaru is close to twenty two this year he has yet to have a girlfriend. He always thought he would in high school but his calls and texts with Satella always made him hesitate. It is not like he does not want to have a relationship, he got over his self-loathing thanks to his dad Kenichi, and his wonderful mother Naoko.

It took time, effort, perseverance, and patience but his parents are nothing if not absolutely determined for their shining star, Subaru.

And his charming adopted step sister Beatrice. He will never not love his family, however he will take prudence in matters pertaining to the heart. The closest he got to liking someone was Satella until her family situations made their relationship one of friendship only.

Sure, he likes Emilia quite a bit, and has even developed slight feelings for her. However he is confused on if he is projecting the infantile crush he had on Satella, or if he genuinely likes her. His brothers Garfiel and Otto always tell him it is fine to take it easy and relax.

No hurry no worry, they would say. And he is inclined to believe in his own brothers, rather that rush into dating anyone. Another reason why he is so excited to see Satella tonight. They have so much to catch up on, he can barely restrain his giddiness as he walks out of the classroom with Rem next to him.

However, it seems a slight delay will occur due to a verdant haired woman that was walking alongside a boy dressed with cat ears as they stop in front of them. The woman smiled upon seeing the boy that she has always had a slight feelings of affection towards.

She loves his smile, determined attitude and the way he seems to help everyone. Furthermore, she will not forget the time they went to the movie theater together and seemed to get closer. She is becoming more and more sure of her feelings and will not hesitate to confess soon.

She has seen how the boy she longs for is always surrounded by women, if she does not make haste then one of them may finally snatch away her Subaru.

The boy with cat ears is grinning and egging his best friend on, as he knows how much affection she possess for the one they both call friend. He smiles and initiates the conversation:

"Heey Natsuki-Chan, fancy running into you here, nyah." His eyes dart towards Rem as his smile drops a little since it seems the blue haired girl gets closer to Subaru, as if to shield his friend from even talking to him. How distasteful such an action is for the boy as he thinks:

"This woman always seems to fend off any others from even talking to Subaru, who does she think she is? Besides, Subaru explicitly told people he is single and wants to remain like that. Hmph, she is acting rather rude now."

Subaru was surprised to run into his good friends Crusch and Felix, he sports a smile as he replies with a thumbs up:

"Hey there nice seeing the both of you. It has been awhile Crush-Chan, Felix-Kun. How were your government classes? I know you want to work in the government to try to improve the quality of life, isn't that right Crusch?"

Crush Karsten smiles briefly at the thought that Subaru would remember what she is trying to major in. Her father works in the DIET (Japanese bicameral government) and she wants to follow in his footsteps to improve the many issues facing the country they all live in. She nods and replies back warmly:

"It is always a pleasure to see you Subaru-San. And yes thank you for remembering I will strive my best to achieve my goals."

"That is awesome to hear Crusch-Chan, I look forward to seeing your success, you have my vote already."

Replies a joyful black haired boy, feeling very pleased with himself that he has such amazing friends. While he studies behavioral psychology since he wants to help other people that may have had issues such as he did in the past. He also gestures towards Felix and mentions:

"And you Felix, you are studying to be a neurosurgeon are you not? I applaud those efforts, since that is a very challenging branch of medicine but you are very smart and ingenious, I have high hopes for yourself as well."

"Nyah, Subaru your words make my heart flutter, if I was a woman I would already be swooning over you." Replies Felix while pretending to clutch his heart and fan his face. His antics make them all laugh as suddenly Rem interjects:

"It is nice to see you both Crusch-kun, Felix-san, but we must really get going. I hope the best out of your future endeavors."

Here the joyful mood evaporated slightly, upon the sudden interruption. However Subaru got distracted with his banter upon meeting two dear friends and remembered his prior engagement.

He looked down at his watch and noticed the time for his dinner with Satella was approaching. With an apologetic smile he says:

"Sorry Crusch-Chan, Felix-San I must really be going. Rem needs to check on Emilia who is not feeling too well, and I have dinner with an old and cherished friend to attend. We should all catch up this Saturday since school will not be open for weekend classes."

What their black haired friend had said intrigued Crusch and Felix yet they did not want to take up any more time from their friend, and they brightened up at the prospect of seeing him again.

"No we are sorry from holding you up from your appointment, although I admit I am curious about your friend." Remarked Crusch as this was one thing she did not want to let go of. He sounded very happy, and while it pleased the verdant haired woman to always see her Subaru smiling, she had a sinking suspicion she may not like his reply.

"Oh it is my friend Satella-Tan, we have not seen each other in five years so I doubt any of you know her, but she is Emilia's twin sister who was send to boarding school in Germany to specialize in human anatomy and surgery. So I am ecstatic to see her again."

Said Subaru as his face brightened at all the old memories that resurfaced of them playing around and always near each other. Seeking their own friendship, companionship, and sharing bonds of empathy.

All three people present reacted differently at his words. Crusch was happy to hear they were just friends, although it seemed she may have to fend off another rival in her quest to win this man's affection. But when Crusch Karsten puts her mind to an objective, with single minded determination she will achieve her goal with all her might and skill.

Felix was concerned for a potential new love interest for his best friend, yet he also smiled knowing that over reacting is not a good thing to do. Besides, his friend Subaru seemed so happy that it makes him joyful as well.

Both Felix and Subaru had not conversed much recently due to how hectic classes are. But he will strive to correct that.

Rem was pouting a little bit to the side, since she seemed the only one to catch the way her Subaru addressed Satella. He had never called her or any other girl by Tan. And it upset her, then she just nods to herself and promised to re double her effort in succeeding in winning this boy's heart. Who she cherishes with all her being.

With that all four people separated and with joy Subaru was on his way to meet Satella, while Rem went to check up on Emilia. Both Crusch and Felix got in their own cars and parted ways till tomorrow for next class.

The time was soon approaching for the dinner appointment that would change the fates of many individuals, for this peaceful and joyous atmosphere would become one of mayhem, destruction, despair, homicide, mystery, guilt, self-loathing, and futility to stop the storm known as Ella.

(Day before Dinner)

Ella is Satellas other half, one developed by the constant physical, verbal, mental abuse that Satella endured in the boarding school.

The youths would make fun of her stutter and being socially inept. The girls were jealous of her beautiful looks and her gorgeous amethyst eyes, so they would mess with her food, hide her clothes, soak her bed.

Satella wanted to leave after such terrible conditions but the staff said she was under a contract that her parents imposed on her. One where she could not leave or switch schools unless a certain amount of time had passed or a traumatic event happened.

With that final statement she just dejectedly went back to her room only to suffer abuse from the socialites that mocked her for having such a meagre allowance that would only let her buy the daily necessities. Scorned her for always being so quiet and made fun of her for never defending herself.

Then the other issue was all the boys wanted to have sex with her while she desperately fended off all attempts since in her heart she still remembered her childhood friend Subaru.

They would talk all the time on the phone, joke and reminisce and she eventually developed Co-dependent personality disorder (CPD).

She awaited his messages with relish, every time her phone would light up from one of his texts her body would practically glow.

She would lock herself in her dormitory room and moan into the sheets as she would touch herself, replaying his voice messages and panting his name out.

Without Natsuki Subaru she was nothing. Worse than nothing, a failure of life, a meaningless existence. How she despised herself. How Subaru made her feel better.

Her parents never helped either, they were always too busy doting on her twin, Emilia. Why did she get all the love and she never received nothing but harsh glares from her parents?

Disappointed with her choice of black clothing, disappointed with how she had no friends but Subaru. Ashamed to even call her their daughter.

Emilia cared for Satella, she truly did and always wanted to help her but that in turn made it worse. While Emilia had the best intentions, she was clueless on her execution of said ideas. Every time she tried to help, she would make it worse somehow.

And her parents would blame Satella for distracting their precious daughter Emilia with her antics. They got tired and eventually told her to go to boarding school in Germany. To learn to do something with her life and become a successful surgeon.

Just like their father, while Emilia also wanted to go where her twin went the parents refused until both sisters hugged each other and parted in a tearful way.

While excelling in her classes and learning much about how the human body operates, she prospered. And her school days were slightly better despite all of the bullying she faced she decided with Subaru she would face everything and when she came back a young woman to Japan to tell him that she loves him and wants to be with him.

However fate is not so kind, and it never will be. On her way to the dorms a horrible incident almost happened. She was surrounded by three male students that had chosen her route to her dorm to finally unleash their frustration and one slapped her hard in the face.

Eliciting a gasp of pain from the silver haired girl, as he spoke:

"All you do is reject every guy, you know if you were with me then no girls would bully you. But it is too late after today lucky for you I, Gunther, pity you and claim your body as mine, since no one else would want to touch it after me and my boys are done with you . Come on lads we have to do this quick since no teachers are around."

Here Satella was in disbelief at what was occurring and backed herself against the wall. Her mind was in shock as the three monsters approached her while smirking like the demons they are, wanting nothing more than to violate every inch of this body in front of them.

She was getting over her shock as her mind went blank and one of them forcefully grabbed her hand while yet another boy put his hands on her body and started fondling her breasts. Then something happened to her mind, it broke. But it did not break down in pieces, but in two. Satella went dormant, and Ella was birthed.

With a quick head butt she smashed her forehead on the guy touching her body. How dare he, anyone that touches their body dies. Only her beloved can do such a thing.

Sounds of a broken nose erupt in the air, a sickening sound that only made Ella grin as she licked her lips and lunged forward.

A sick crunch is heard as she bit the arm roughly of the boy who had grasped her own. Teeth digging into muscle and piercing veins, blood filling up Ella's mouth as if she was drinking some tea, not having blood sloshing around her mouth.

The sound of flesh being ripped is heard as a guttural scream of pain, and shock echoes throughout the hallway. Squelching noises fill the atmosphere as Gunther pisses his pants in fear and collapses on the ground shaking visibly. As this girl he thought was nothing but lamb for him to take advantage of, instead turned to be the predator.

Ella is still smiling as she has a piece of skin in her mouth that she spits out as she put both boy's out of commission.

Her eyes are filled with a touch of lunacy yet shine with formidable intellect. She is smiling with mischief she approaches the shocked Gunther, she pulls out a long scalpel from her medical student handbag and speaks:

"That is not very kind act to force upon a Lady isn't that right Gunther? You see when a trio of savages and beasts attempt to rape and force their disgusting tendencies upon my body, well let's just say that the nice side of mine panicked and the one that does the job comes out.

Nice to meet you Gunther, My name is Ella. I have always wanted to have a specimen of my own to perform some incisions on.

You see, the cadavers they have in the morgue for practice don't bleed due to the subzero temperatures they store them in. I have a theory on how the blood flow varies and changes states depending on the size, shape, and with what instrument is being performed to make the cut.

This is a tungsten grade scalpel used to peel open our fleshy and squishy bodies to a precision measured in nanometers. And they say if the femoral artery is pierced by where our thighs are, the human body gushes blood like an fountain. What do you say Gunther? Want to be patient zero?"

Finishes stating Ella as she approaches a collapsed boy that had soiled his pants and with quickness and precision she neatly severs his femoral artery and pulls out a stopwatch and a notepad as she beings to take note while the boy tries and fails to stop the bleeding. A viscous red liquid staining the whole area with considerable speed as his screams go ragged.

She carefully observes and remembers that a cut carotid artery will leak out 100 milliliters of blood each heartbeat. At 65 heartbeats a minute, more so if the patient is in high levels of stress then, poor Gunther does not have long to live.

After all the human body only has five liters of blood inside of it. And indeed 115 seconds later he perishes. She frowns as she utters:

"Foolish boy if you had used a tourniquet you may have even survived for longer, even gotten saved. Alas, the intellect of the human brain upon trauma drops considerably during high levels of stress, Tis a reality."

She looks around and smirks to herself as her current idea manifests. With care and precision she notes she does not have much time before history class is over and they stumble upon this scenario.

So with a flash of inspiration she clears and wipes the fingerprints on her scalpel and places it in the unconscious boys hand, both of them having passed out due to stress at being attacked and squeamish of blood. If Ella had time then they would become experiments as well. Alas, she does not have the equipment, materials, tools and notes to conduct several choice ones she had in mind.

With the crime scene covered up she rips her own clothes, especially chest area until only the top is seen and beings screaming:


Dozens of students stumble out of class and a teacher was about to ask what is happening and then their eyes freeze upon the scene of a dead Gunther and their eyes look at the blood on the other boys. He turns around and finds a crying Ella as she speaks out:

"Professor Leon, they were going to rape me just because I was walking by and suddenly they started fighting over who gets to go first and take my chastity. I tried to defend myself but they were too strong.

When all of a sudden one of Gunther's friends procured a scalpel from my medical bag and stabbed him in his leg. It may have been the femoral artery although I am not sure, I am still in shock."

The professor immediately tells one of his students to go get the Dean and another calls the police as he frowns and puts his hand on her shoulder in sorrow. Ella flinches but she keeps it together for this will help better with her alibi.

"I am sorry this happened to you Satella, we will contact the authorities and you may go home. I imagine you do not want to stay studying here. I beg your forgiveness for this incident that happened. Just stick around and grab your stuff, of course the police will want your statement but everything looks clear cut from here. After they are done you may leave."

"I miss my family so I am sure they will help me get over this dreadful situation. Thank you Professor Leon!" Cries out Ella as she makes more tears and snots come out of her mouth and nose, to completely sell the act.

Sometime later she packs her bags after changing to another outfit and looks at her phone as she sends her beloved a message:

"I cannot wait to see you Subaru, we should have dinner when the plane lands in Tokyo airport, Ella is coming home."

Author's Notes:

Well that was the start of my new fiction Re:Stalker and I strongly advise anyone that is squeamish of blood, detailed descriptions of surgeries stay away. I made this fic in mind due to a Yandere mobile game I had played. And it got me thinking, what if Envy was in our world. What if she has a formidable intelligence. Co-dependent personality disorder, alongside several other symptoms such as being a sociopath with psychopathic tendencies. Behold, Re:Stalker is born.

This is not going to be a wholesome story, this is the journey of a young woman whose mind broke and the darkness inside all of us took form. I will not spoil what happens next just look forward to an Ella realizing that her beloved is surrounded by women.

It is true in psychology that a Yandere has several symptoms most noticeably Psychopathy/Sociopathy (ASPD), Schizophrenia, psychosis, schizoaffective disorder, borderline personality disorder (BPD), co-dependent personality disorder (CPD). These are the main disorders that could make a Yandere.

Now Ella will not have schizophrenia as it would be near impossible for her to function in society and have such lucid thought process. I will discuss the symptoms in later chapters. Thank you for reading and await next chapter. Oteycri000 signing off.

Also special mention to Kill Tha Story for all his invaluable help with ideas and brainstorming, this could not have been possible without you my friend.