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The eye looking down upon all

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The eye
It’s the sky
And it sees everyone
The day
I wish the day was done
But now I stand
And the eye is covering the sun
A lone beam comes to earth
It’s the birth
Of a new world
This was done by me
Where the eye sees everything
And the beam
The warm bright beam
Is not from the sun
It’s from the eye
My mouth goes dry
Bring upon the days
Where the lightness goes away
Where the lonely intervene
And take over everything
Bring upon the days
Where the web runs thin
The the spirals are a maze
That you could get lost in
The days are dark
The lightless sun
desolation in the flames
Extension wants to play a game
The vast might make you disappear
But the Buried won’t let you move
And now the flesh is here
And the corruption, with bugs and warms
And the hunt still wanders
And the stranger
Makes you ponder
The eye takes them over
One by one
But the end
Still takes over everyone
And when the day is done
The eye see everything
So no more string
No more shapes
Or flames
Or flesh
Just the endless knowledge
And the eye
Look at the sky
Look at the sky
It’s looking back