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Dear Ikiaklaliss Graelack Al'Qrarrk
(Letter left on Click's bed)

My dearest Ikiaklaliss,
I my sincerest apologies for my lack of eloquence, I am very new to writing letters. I am practising though, I wanted to practice all types of letters, so this is my very first attempt at a love letter. I have seen them be written in the romance novels I read, and I could not think of anyone more deserving of romance than you. I do hope that in this letter I manage to put into words my admiration for you in my limited skills as a writer.
I have found myself struggling as of late, things have been very tough, but your energy and presence has brought me many many much needed moments of joy. You possess a vibrant personality and a charming nature that never fails to bring me happiness.
I am feeling very brave here, so I am going to ask if you would like to spend an evening with me in my quarters some time soon when I am not off fighting hideous spider women. Perhaps we could practice some other activities I have read about in romance novels.
I hope I get the privilege to see more of you soon.
Yours truly, Dae

Dae sat at his dresser, carefully brushing out his wavy strawberry blonde hair, a ritual he performed before trancing each night. He believed that maybe with the right amount of self care and clearing his mind before resting, the fire filled nightmares might leave him alone for once. This strategy was yet to be successful.

He was interrupted by a knock at his cabin door. Dae jumped to his feet and rushed to open it. A grin spread across his face when his eyes landed on a brightly coloured aarakocra man holding a bottle of wine and two glasses.
“Hi.” Dae said with a smile.
“So, I got your letter.” Clicks smiled.
Dae suddenly felt embarrassed, remembering the love letter he had left on the aarakocra’s bed earlier that day. “Oh, uh, hi.” Dae stuttered.
“Hello.” Clicks looked amused.
“Good evening.” Dae mentally scolded him for his inability to have a normal conversation “You got my letter?” Why was this so hard?
“I did get your letter.” Luckily Clicks didn’t sound at all annoyed at the elf’s awkwardness, he looked at him with fondness and slight amusement.
“My apologies if it was a little forward.” Dae said, once again remembering how he had somewhat spilled his heart out onto the paper of that letter, telling Clicks exactly how captivating he found him and inviting him for a romantic evening of drinks in his quarters.
“I’m a big fan of forward.” Click’s lent casually against the door frame, looking up at Dae
“I just wanted to let you know how I feel.” Dae admitted bashfully
“Can I come in?” Clicks asked
“Yes, yeah sure!” Dae once again mentally scolded himself, he had totally forgotten his manners. He stepped back into the room, letting Clicks enter before very daintily sitting on the edge of the neatly made bed.

“Wine?” Clicks asked, presenting the bottle.
“That would be lovely, thank you” Dae said, trying to use his politest voice to make up for earlier.
Clicks poured two generous glasses of the rose coloured liquid, handed one to Dae and sat down next to him. The two men sat in silence for a moment. Dae cupped his wine glass in two hands and took a delicate sip. It was deliciously sweet, with hints of berries.

“It’s so nice to see you.” Dae broke the silence
“Yes, you have been busy fighting... spider women?” Clicks raised an eyebrow
“Yeah, there was this creature that was half woman half spider, It was massive!” Dae began to babble excitedly, eager to tell tales of his recent adventure.
“Oh, that sounds incredibly unpleasant.”
“It was, but I hit it so hard and it died!” Dae bounced slightly with excitement
“Yes you are quite strong aren’t you.” Clicks’ eyes lingered on the elf’s broad shoulders and toned arms.
“Yes, we have been doing so much fighting lately.” Dae was very much enjoying this opportunity to boast to Clicks “I’ve basically been saving the world.”
“That’s very impressive,” Click’s lent in closer.
“Well we have been doing a lot of saving Yaslin mostly, she gets herself into trouble a lot”
Clicks laughed, a warm and airy laugh. Dae felt an enormous sense of achievement.
“But there were also these things that were like ugly women with wings.” Dae continued his story, hoping to impress Clicks further, maybe even make him laugh some more. “But they were doing some kind of magic that made people think they were pretty, but I wasn’t affected by it. I don’t know why.”
“Iron willed, very impressive”
“Of course” Dae laughed “And anyway we have to go do more smashing because there are undead at the top of the mountain.”
“I’m sure you will make quick work of them.” Clicks glanced at the elf's toned arms again as he spoke.
“Of course.” Dae laughed again. So did Clicks.
“But, I could die.” Dae added tentatively, “If I did die, if something bad did happen to me, I would regret never doing this” Dae quickly closed the small gap between them and planted a chaste kiss on Clicks’ beak. When he pulled back the tips of Dae’s ears had turned very pink.
Clicks smiled, “A bit different for an aarakocra, but I do appreciate the gesture”
“How would you do it?” Dae asked, the blush on his ears spreading to his cheeks.
Clicks lent forward, closing the gap between them once more, this time to rub the soft feathers of his cheek against the side of Dae’s face. It tickled slightly but overall felt warm and lovely.
“That’s nice.” Dae giggled
“Beaks aren’t really built for kissing.” Clicks chuckled
“But I like that.” Dae admitted, gently touching his own cheek where Clicks had ‘kissed’ him.
A comfortable moment of silence passed

“Is that the only thing that you would regret?” Clicks finally asked
“Um, well...” The first thing that came to Dae’s mind was his mother, his family, how he would give anything to see them again, even just a chance to say goodbye. Failing that, his goal in life now was figuring out exactly what happened to them, maybe revenge was on the table. He couldn't say all that now and bring the mood down.

“Quite the bucket list, huh?” Dae was very thankful Clicks’ had spoken, bringing him out of his thoughts.
“There’s a lot of things I haven’t done.” Dae pondered “I would like to visit all the continents, all the major cities.”
“Yes, a life of travel is very interesting. I’ve been to a lot of places. Since I uh… since what happened happened.” Clicks looked the most serious Dae had ever seen him.
“I get that” Dae nodded in recognition “If you don’t want to talk about it that’s fine, but if there is anything you want to discuss, I’m always listening, I’m a good listener.”
“So” Clicks sighed “I’m very good at flying. I used to do it professionally, as an athlete. I’m incredibly athletic, I was the best flyer we had where I grew up. But there were some accusations” Clicks waved a wing dismissively as he spoke “That I was using magic to enhance my performance. Now i’m not allowed to fly competitively anymore.”
“That’s horrible” Dae felt himself getting upset, he felt so bad for Clicks.
“Yes, I mean, I did do it. But it’s natural talent really. It’s not like I was using drugs. My powers come from me”
“Yeah!” Dae nodded reassuringly
“If the other contestants can’t do magic that’s not my fault”
“It’s not your fault” Dae agreed
“If they aren’t powerful to cast a haste spell, whose business is that but their own”
“Exactly yes, you should be able to use all of your powers, you were just being resourceful!” Dae didn’t know the first thing about the rules of competitive flying but he did know that he hated the thought of anything upsetting Clicks.
“Now that I'm not allowed to fly competitively anymore, I haven’t really known what to do with myself. I’ve just been going places, meeting people, meeting lots of pretty people” Clicks lent back against Dae’s headboard and took a drink from his wine glass.
“Um, that sounds fun” Dae felt himself blushing as he looked over Click’s relaxed form.
“I’ve had quite a good time of it, but this ship is also an interesting place to be for now. I like the people here” He said with a wink.
“I love this place, and I love the people here too.” Dae babbled “I’ve made some really good friends.” Dae stuttered for a moment, he had told himself he wouldn’t dampen the mood of such a lovely evening, but Clicks had been so honest and open with him. He felt he owed him the same in return. “My family kind of, all died. Like all of them, very recently.”
Clicks downed the rest of his drink as Dae continued. “I didn’t really know what to do with myself, but I've been very lucky. I’ve found lots of new people very quickly, that’s been amazing”
“Well, I’m glad we could be of any help to you, Dae” Clicks said sincerely.
“Thank you, you've helped a lot” Dae admitted
“I don’t know how” Clicks chuckled “but if whatever i’m doing is helping, I am happy to continue”
“You're very kind, and you make me happy” Dae blushed “And you're a good distraction”
“I can be very distracting” Clicks cast Dae a meaningful look.
“Yeah” Dae let out a shaky breath.

Dae’s eyes pulled over Click’s athletic toned legs that were sprawled out in front of him. Obviously he didn’t meet elven beauty standards, but maybe that is what made Clicks so attractive. The vibrant colours of his feathers were like nothing Dae had ever seen before. Dae knew from when they had previous cuddles up together, drunk and sharing a bed at an inn, that Clicks’ wings provided a warm and secure sanctuary. Just as he was trying to think up a polite and casual way to ask about sharing a bed again some time, Clicks reached out and took his hand in the end of his wing, gently pulling him closer. Dae took this as a sign to lie down beside Clicks. The aarakocra turned to face him, trailing his wing up Dae’s arm to caress his cheek. Dae sighed and nuzzled into the touch. He couldn't remember the last time he felt like this, Clicks' touch had soothed him in ways nothing else could.

Tasteful fade to black