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Yerim was a bit… flushed. Well, for starters, her mother had woken her up so early in the morning and made her go downstairs immediately. She was planning to stay for the whole duration of summer in her hometown, a bit of an away time from the hustle and bustle of city life. Oh, also, her academic responsibilities and the stress of paying her own bills. So, a little disturbance from her mother wasn’t something she wanted to be annoyed at. It was the repercussions, as she called it.


Of course, Yerim, half-asleep and stomach growling from wanting breakfast, easily complied—only to see a familiar face sitting on the couch.


She almost fell on the stairs, saved by the railings at the last second. Her mother looked at her with a questionable eyebrow, her eyes narrowing as she straightened up. She only chuckled nervously, trying to fix her hair and look as presentable in her pajamas. 


“You remember Sooyoungie, right?” Her mother asked. She nodded, a little shy and reluctant.


Of course. How can she forget? Sooyoung was a childhood friend of hers. They met at a gathering once because their mothers went to the same church and it hit off from that. Sooyoung was a little bit older than her but they did get along quite well. Honestly, too well that she harbored some sort of crush and admiration towards her cheeky playmate that always showed her a variety of stones that she found along the river or told her science facts that were way, way ahead of her comprehension. 


It was pretty cute, looking back and remembering all the time they spent together. 


Although, once Sooyoung was 13-years-old, she had to attend school in a different city and live with her relatives. She never saw Sooyoung again after that, well, until now— 12 years later. 


Sooyoung looked… different. A whole lot different. She looked taller, her legs awkwardly squeezed between the coffee table. Well, she always was taller compared to Yerim but that was beside the point. Also, she looked dangerously enticing, her features more mature and darker.


Yerim could feel her cheeks warming up as she caught herself staring. She rubbed her nape as her mom dragged her to sit at the loveseat adjacent to where Sooyoung was sitting. She also noticed how the woman dressed up differently from her younger self. A younger Sooyoung was always wearing some worn-out baggy hoodie and to see her figure hugged by a tight-fitting turtleneck was almost whiplash.


“Hello,” Sooyoung greeted, her voice startling Yerim from how different it was since she remembered it. “You’re all grown up, huh?” She humored, chuckling softly. It seemed like Sooyoung was still the jokester that lightened up everybody’s mood. 


“Yeah.” Yerim mumbled. Sooyoung only smiled brightly, nodding. That wasn’t any different either. It was still the same smile that she had years ago. 


Maybe the only difference was that she wanted to smooch it out of her face and shove her tongue inside of her mouth–


Yerim shook her head slightly, catching her thoughts and throwing it deep, deep within the vault of her mind. Sooyoung was an older sister figure, for fuck’s sake, and her being hot doesn’t change the fact that they grew up together.


Honestly, she just wanted Sooyoung out of her sight even if they didn’t see each other for such a long time. She feared the growing feeling of wanting to jump Sooyoung’s bones boiling inside the pits of her stomach. It was bad enough that Sooyoung had her legs slightly spread as she slumped down, her broad shoulders for viewing pleasure.


“Well, Sooyoungie is staying with us for the meantime.” Her mother tapped her shoulders, pulling her out of her trance. 


“What?” Yerim’s eyes widened, a loud gasp slipping out of her lips.


“It’s only for the meantime.” Sooyoung said sheepishly, noting the younger’s reaction and assuming that it was because of an impending awkwardness that was soon to come. “I hope you don’t mind, Yerim.” 


“I was–uh, just shocked, that’s all–!” Yerim reasoned frantically, their eyes meeting as if magnets. Oh, boy, that knocked the air out of her lungs. Sooyoung was looking at her intently, a little pout on her plump lips. 


Did Sooyoung’s lips always look that soft? Did her hands always look that huge, her fingers slender and long? Did her jaw always look that sharp and defined? Did her eyes always look so… captivating, so entrancing? 


It was as if she was sent to an alternate universe where Sooyoung’s mother didn’t drag her daughter to church every week. No nerdy little brat that always climbed their neighbor’s tree just to pet a cat or gotten her clothes all wet from picking up shiny little rocks on the riverbank.


“It’s for the research that she’s conducting.” The woman beside her proudly said, elbowing her ribs to get her attention. “How amazing is that, darling?” 


“It’s, uh, about rocks, actually.” Sooyoung added shyly, rubbing her hands together. She was obviously holding herself back from gushing over her unusual love and passion for it. 


Sooyoung was still a younger version of herself, it seemed. Just hot but still somehow a geek underneath. Yerim wanted to giggle but Sooyoung might take it the other way so she decided to keep it to herself, a small smile creeping up on her lips. 


“Oh, then, should we clean up the guest room?” Yerim asked, looking at the two back and forth. 


She felt more enthusiastic at the thought of rekindling their friendship that she almost forgot her unwelcome thoughts earlier. 


“She’s staying in your room, honey, just like when you were kids!” Her mother hummed, smiling at her fondly as she recalled the memories of their sleepovers. 


Yerim blinked, not quite sure if she heard right.


“Except if we figure out where to put all of your father’s junk elsewhere. You know how he gets when we touch his stuff, right?” She elicited a soft laughter, shoulders rising in amusement as she tapped her daughter’s arms.


“Oh.” Yerim said breathlessly, realization finally hitting her.




Oh no. 

“So you’re staying for the whole summer?” Yerim asked, awkwardly sitting on her bed as she watched Sooyoung unpack her things. It was a little stiff but it wasn’t as bad as she thought it was. Well, except for the fact that her gaze lingered at Sooyoung’s figure a little longer than appropriate.


“Yeah.” Sooyoung replied, back facing the younger. “Hope you don’t mind, kiddo.” 


Yerim furrowed her eyebrows, not really keen on the nickname. “I’m obviously not a kid, unnie.” 


Sooyoung turned around, flashing a teasing grin. “Really? How old are you now, Miss Choerry?” 


Yerim blushed, the recollection of the nickname making her heart skip a beat. It was simply because she misspelled the word once when Sooyoung was teaching her a few English words. 


“I’m 21–I’m grown.” She grumbled, hiding half of her face behind her hand. “I know enough.” 


Sooyoung only hummed, flopping down beside her, their knees touching. “What’s this knowledge you’re speaking of?” 


Yerim almost combusted from the proximity, so close to leaning her head on Sooyoung’s shoulders or maybe climbing on her lap and dry humping her, either of the two but the latter seemed to make her giddier. She wondered if she could blame her thoughts on the fact that she hasn’t gotten any action for a month now.


“Just adult stuff.” She mumbled, side-glancing to see how Sooyoung would react. 


“Ah, like bills and taxes?” Sooyoung inquired genuinely, a fond smile growing on her lips as she stared at Yerim with a pair of crescent eyes. “That’s very grown up.” 


Yerim fought the urge to roll her eyes but nevertheless she couldn’t help but let out a sincere giggle. What a nerd. “Yeah, bills and taxes.” She repeated, shrugging her shoulders. 


“I’m pretty shocked,” Sooyoung suddenly commented, lip pursing as if finding her words before she opened her mouth again to continue. “You’re a grown up now.” 


“You’re not that old, unnie.” Yerim chuckled, shaking her head in amusement. “You make it seem like we’re ages apart when you’re only 4 years older than me.” 


“Well, I didn’t expect that I’ll see you again, that’s why!” Sooyoung admitted cheekily. “Honestly, when I heard from your mom that you were staying for the summer, I instantly packed my bags and drove here.” 


Yerim felt absolutely flattered but what Sooyoung said could mean anything and not what she really wanted it to be. She felt silly, her little crush and admiration coming back in a different form and it only took one glance for it to happen. 


“You want to see me that bad, unnie?” She decided to tease her a bit, a little hint of sultriness evident but Sooyoung didn’t seem to catch it nor even take the slightest of hints. It just made her more determined, not entirely sure what her motive was or what was fueling her to do so.


It was probably Sooyoung’s soft plump lips and her need to feel it against her own ones. Maybe it was the need to feel Sooyoung’s hand all over her body, burning her skin and soothing it with a tongue. That must be it; something physical and something that would satiate her, as simple as that. 


Also, her undying fixation towards the older woman that seemed so much stronger now plays a huge part in it.


“Yeah. Of course.” Sooyoung grinned widely, punching Yerim’s arms playfully. It was more like a friendly tap, almost an indication that she wasn’t so awkward around the younger one anymore. “Why not? I missed you.” 


Yerim sighed under her breath, looking away. If she was honest, her response was way better than what she wanted. She fought the urge to smile, feeling the sheets under her palms as she mumbled. “You just missed me bothering you.” 


“That too.” Sooyoung laughed, leaning back as she used her arms to prop herself on the soft mattress. “I also missed teaching you all kinds of things and seeing you bouncing up and down in excitement.” 


Yerim snorted. It sounded like an innuendo but it was obviously far from it. “You can still teach me all kinds of things.” She replied, pressing their shoulders together as she tilted her head to the side, staring at Sooyoung’s side profile and her god-sculpted jawline. 


“Nah.” Sooyoung shook her head. “I’m a boring adult now. The best I could do is teach you how to use a coffee maker properly.”


It seemed impossible to break Sooyoung even the slightest. Not that she was going to give up anytime soon. Choi Yerim was, well, Choi Yerim, and giving up and bruising her inflated ego isn’t something she was completely fond of considering that she had people falling all head over heels for her. She was confident that Sooyoung would give in one way or another. 


“Yeah, you can teach me that.” Yerim placed a hand on her arms, feeling toned muscles underneath her palms. She felt thrilled, her chest filling with something warm as Sooyoung noticed her touch lingering a little bit too long as it snaked all the way down to her thighs. “Making coffee isn’t as boring as you think it is, unnie.” 


It wasn’t written on the law that Yerim couldn’t fuck her childhood friend, right? Not when said childhood friend’s gaze fleeted on her lips before a glimpse of mischief twinkled inside her eyes. 


“Hm.” Sooyoung hummed before nodding to herself, the look that she had seconds ago instantly diminishing as if it wasn’t there before she blinked it away. “You have a point there.” 


Yerim felt slightly disappointed when Sooyoung pried herself off, standing up and fiddling with the collar of her turtleneck as if to compose herself. She cleared her throat, rubbing her nape subtly as she turned around to walk towards the door.


“Uh, I forgot something downstairs.” She said, her voice a little breathless and airy. “I’ll be right back.” 


Yerim tried her best not to smirk but from the way Sooyoung was awkwardly adjusting her pants, she couldn’t help it. She ran her tongue across her lips before biting her fingernail, her thumb pressed against the plumpness as she watched the older try her best to waddle out of her room. 


She cackled once she was sure Sooyoung was out of earshot. 


That was the first crack, it seemed. It didn’t matter to her how long it would take, she had all summer to terrorize Sooyoung’s peace and quiet.

It was the next morning, Yerim was staring at Sooyoung as she explained how to make coffee, in her terms, the right way. Honestly, she didn’t pay attention, too focused on the way Sooyoung’s tongue would swipe across her lips every now and then as she talked and talked.


Oh also, her newfound discovery last night. Sooyoung slept on the floor in an air mattress and Yerim had a nice view of her from above her bed—creepy as it is. Sooyoung’s blanket accidentally slipped away from her legs due to her shifting around in her slumber. Yerim’s eyes widened because there was a huge bulge underneath Sooyoung’s tight shorts, as if it was threatening to free itself from its constraints. She had to cover her mouth to stifle a gasp, pressing her thighs together as she imagined what monster might be under there. 


It only made the desire inside her grow, almost consuming her whole as her fingers involuntarily made its way to her core. She shook her head, deciding to keep her hands to herself and sleep it off, back facing Sooyoung’s snoring figure and her heart pounding so loud inside her ears. 


What was the fun in touching herself when Sooyoung could do it for her sooner or later? 


“Oh, perfect timing. You’re both here.” Her mother entered the dining room. She was dressed as if she was at the beach, a bright smile plastered on her face as she fixed the shades that were propped on the top of her head. Oh, also, dragging two suitcases behind her.


Wait, suitcases? 


“Where are you going?” Yerim raised an eyebrow. 


“Well, your father and I were talking on the phone and he wants to take me out on a trip.” The woman said, obviously elated and excited. “I’m off to the airport right now.”


“Without me?” Yerim scoffed, truly, truly offended.


“If I brought you along, who would keep Sooyoungie company?” She giggled, placing her hands on both sides of Sooyoung’s shoulders. Her gaze then drifted at her pouting daughter, a teasing smile painting her lips. “Or rather, who would she babysit?” 


Sooyoung chuckled, mixing her coffee with the spoon as she side-eyed her. “She’s not a kid anymore, auntie.” 




“Yes!” Yerim retorted, standing up from her seat, ready to reason out. As much as the thought of getting laid was rotting her mind, the idea of swimming and sunbathing on the beach seemed more appealing. “That’s so unfair. I want to go out for a swim too.” 


“Oh, come on, honey. It’s only a month and you can always go swimming in our pool. Stop being so dramatic.” Her mother said. A month? Yerim’s ears perked up, her eyes instantly drifting to Sooyoung. “Besides, your Sooyoung unnie is here. I don’t think you’ll ever get bored.” 


Sooyoung only smiled, scratching the back of her ears as she avoided her gaze. On second thought, her mom was right. She wouldn’t get bored even the slightest if she had Sooyoung and the house all to herself for a month.


She sat back down slowly, crossing her legs on top of each other. “Fine.” She hummed, taking a sip from her own drink. “I’ll go enjoy our pool to my heart’s content.” 


That wasn’t the only thing she’ll certainly enjoy. She smirked, her plans finally coming together.


“I’ll help you with your luggage, auntie.” Sooyoung suddenly offered, standing up and carrying each suitcase in both hands before the woman could protest. 


“Put it in the trunk of my car, kindly.” The woman sighed with a soft and thankful smile on her face, patting Sooyoung’s arms gently. “Thank you, dear.” 


Yerim could see Sooyoung’s arms flexing as she carried the weight out of the dining area and into the driveway where the sliding windows overlooked.


“Hey, darling.” Her mother called out, cupping her cheeks with a pair of fond eyes staring right at her. Yerim rolled her eyes, knowing what was next. “Be good, alright? Don’t give your unnie a hard time.” 


“Yeah, yeah.” Yerim replied with a sigh. Maybe a little hard time but besides that, she wasn’t planning to trash and burn the whole place down. “I’m an adult, mom. In case you’ve forgotten, I’m fully capable of running this place.” 


“Sure, honey.” She flashed a smile, giving her a few smooches on the cheek. “I’ll be going now and don’t make our house into a pigsty while I’m gone!” She pointed at Yerim as a threat, giving her a knowing look.


“I get it–!” Yerim huffed loudly as her mom walked out of her sight.


She twirled her mug, watching from the windows as her mother hugged the crap out of a very awkward Sooyoung who just happened to close her trunk a few seconds ago. Once she pulled away, it seemed like the woman was listing precautions and reminders as she entered the car. Sooyoung nodded along as she listened intently before they said their goodbyes; the car finally leaving their driveway.


After a moment, Sooyoung was already on her way back inside, her pace slow as she rubbed her arms, trying to soothe it from the sudden strain. Yerim quickly stood up, waiting by the doorway. Sooyoung almost jumped at the sight of her, making her stifle a snarky laughter.


“Jesus. You scared me.” Sooyoung murmured before Yerim suddenly pushed her, her back hitting the door. She looked down, their eyes meeting as her eyebrows knitted together, confusion washing over her. “What are you doing?” 


Yerim only grabbed her by her collar, using it to level with Sooyoung so she could crash their lips together. Sooyoung gasped against the kiss which Yerim easily took advantage of, slipping her tongue inside and exploring her mouth. 


Sooyoung melted against the kiss, her eyes fluttering close as she started reciprocating. She held Yerim by her waist, tilting her head to the side to even deepen the kiss, her tongue finally dominating the situation. Her hands subconsciously snaked its way to Yerim’s ass before she gave it a firm squeeze and started massaging it roughly, causing her to swallow the younger’s whines and whimpers.


Yerim could feel Sooyoung’s bulge pressing against her hips, her mind reeling from the thought of the things she could do with it. Not yet, she reminded herself. She quickly pulled away from their lip-locking with a smirk plastered on her features.


Sooyoung looked at her with a pair of dazed eyes, her lips glistening and swollen. Yerim giggled, licking her lips as she watched Sooyoung’s face starting to burn up at the realization of what they just did. 


She quickly removed her hands off of Yerim before she covered half of her face in embarrassment. “I’m–I’m sorry. I got carried away.” 


Yerim only hummed, fixing her collar and straightening the creases on her shirt. Sooyoung only blinked, still confused and aroused before Yerim started walking towards the living room, leaving her standing there awkwardly. 


Yerim smirked to herself as she pressed her fingers against her lips. A second crack. Although, she knew that Sooyoung was going to give in from that kiss alone and that she could escalate the situation if she wanted to. God, she could have been railed a few minutes from now.


Then again, what was the fun in that? Yerim wanted to turn Sooyoung into someone who couldn’t hold herself back anymore, someone who didn’t have any second thoughts of ruining her for anyone else. Of course, once Sooyoung thinks she has her underneath her grasp, Yerim would take away all of that from her, showing her that she’s in control from the get-go.


That was the real fun of it.

Sooyoung was ignoring her for the past few days, even to the extent that she was sleeping on the couch with a thin sheet of blanket. Of course, Yerim felt bad but that was her choice. She wouldn’t even last a minute or two in the same room, always working on her laptop and ignoring her presence—not that Yerim minded. Everything was going according to her plan anyway. The more Sooyoung ignored her, the more the desire inside her would just burn up and consume her. Then, once Yerim offers to soothe it better, she wouldn’t even have a second thought of rejecting her.


A perfect plan. Yerim was quite proud of herself for coming up with it. So, here she was, climbing down the stairs with quiet steps, clad in her nightdress without anything underneath. 


Sooyoung was on her phone and once she saw Yerim’s figure in her peripheral vision, she swallowed hard. She quickly sat up causing the blanket to fall on the floor. She cursed under her breath, picking it up with a pair of shaky hands.


“Unnie, I can’t sleep.” Yerim said once she was in front of Sooyoung. 


Sooyoung almost had a heart attack because of Yerim’s getup, her eyes trailing across her body and noticing how the fabric didn’t really leave anything up to imagination. 


She immediately looked away, clearing her throat as she folded the blanket neatly. “Why? Is something wrong?” 


“I don’t know, I just can’t sleep.” Yerim replied with a pout on her lips. “Do you wanna watch a movie with me?” 


Sooyoung only rubbed her nape, still looking away and finding her words. “Uh,” 


Honestly, Yerim was becoming a little impatient. Sooyoung seemed firm on ignoring her all throughout the duration of her stay. Decidedly, she straddled Sooyoung’s lap, her legs on each side of her and trapping her between the cushions. 


Sooyoung snapped her gaze towards the younger, her frantic orbs finally meeting Yerim’s hooded eyes. She was panicking, not sure if she wanted to push the younger off of her or reasonably talk her through it like the responsible adult she is.


“You’re finally paying attention to me, huh?” Yerim chuckled lowly, placing her hands on Sooyoung’s shoulders and playing with the fabric of her shirt. 


“Yerim,” Sooyoung wanted to groan in frustration, but all she could elicit was a breathless moan when Yerim started to grind against her hard-on. “Get off, please.” 


“No.” Yerim said, grabbing her by her jaws and locking her in place. “You’re pretty shameless, aren’t you, unnie? You’re asking me to get off when you’re getting so hard because of me, you fucking pervert.” 


Sooyoung’s breath hitched, gritting her teeth when Yerim started dragging her wet folds against her clothed length. “I’m–I’m not a pervert.” 


Yerim hummed, her thumb pressing against Sooyoung’s plump lips. “Are you?”


“I’m not.” Sooyoung whimpered against her hold.


“Then why aren’t you pushing me away?” Yerim replied mockingly, tilting her head to the side. That was the third crack. Sooyoung couldn’t resist her even if she tried. She slid her hand between their bodies, cupping the prominent bulge underneath Sooyoung’s shorts. “Why are you leaking so much?” 


Sooyoung looked down with a pair of hazy eyes. She was staining the fabric of her shorts, her cock wanting to spring out from its constraints. 


“See? You’re nothing but a pervert.” Yerim gave it a firm squeeze before she started rubbing it up and down, the fabric painfully scratching against her length. “How filthy and pathetic.” 


Sooyoung furrowed her eyebrows, her lips parted as she panted. “It hurts, please,” 


“Do you want me to kiss it better, unnie?” Yerim flashed her an innocent smile, leaning next to her ears. It seemed like her plan succeeded from the way Sooyoung was bucking her hips, trying to find friction as she nodded her head desperately. “You have to beg for it.” 


“Please,” Sooyoung shakily moaned as her head fell back, mind starting to go blank. She didn’t even know what she wanted. All she knew was she needed Yerim’s touch or she might combust into nothing.


“Aw,” Yerim cooed, her smile so devilish as Sooyoung’s eyes started brimming with tears. She started leaving kisses on Sooyoung’s jaw, a soothing hand on the side of her neck. “Too dumbed down to find your words, hm?” 


Sooyoung nodded absentmindedly. Yerim shook her head in amusement, sliding her hand inside of her shorts and taking out her length. It was big and heavy on her hand and it seemed that the older one wasn't even fully hard yet.


“Yerim,” Sooyoung panted, squirming when the cold air welcomed the tip, her cock twitching and spurting more precum. She covered her mouth with her hand, watching as Yerim wrapped her fist around her length, her fingers not fully enclosing it. 


“You’re so big.” Yerim darted her tongue across her lips before she slid off of her lap, her knees meeting the floor as she kneeled between her legs. She opened her mouth, slapping the length on her lolled out tongue repeatedly. 


Sooyoung moaned, her voice muffled as she tried her best not to buck her hips and slam her full length inside her mouth. She let her head fall back when Yerim leaned closer, her breasts pressing against her balls as she started licking the tip.


Yerim could feel herself starting to drip, her wetness dragging down on her thighs at the melodious sounds that Sooyoung was making. She engulfed the tip, her tongue lapping around it before she hollowed her cheeks. 


“Ah–!” Sooyoung sucked in a harsh breath, her hand hovering above Yerim’s head, hesitating to grab a fistful of her hair. 


Yerim noticed, her eyes traveling upwards at Sooyoung who had her face contorted in pleasure and frustration, clearly holding back. That was good. At least, Sooyoung knew her place. She pulled away with an obscene pop, licking the underside of her cock and tracing the veins with her tongue. 


“It’s soft,” Sooyoung shyly mumbled under her breath, her eyes dazed as she covered half of her face with the collar of her shirt. Yerim arched her eyebrows, following Sooyoung’s line of sight. 


Sooyoung was staring at her tits intently, her eyebrows knitted together as her chest heaved.


She giggled, giving the tip a kiss before she slid off the strap of her dress, pulling the fabric down, her tits bouncing in the process. She cupped both her breasts, sliding the length in between before she squeezed them together, creating a tight yet soft hole.


“Fuck,” Sooyoung groaned, her cheeks burning up from the sight. She felt like she was going to die as soon as Yerim moved or even looked at her. She let out a shaky breath, her eyes burning from the unshed tears. It was too much and Yerim hasn’t even done anything yet. “Baby, please, slow down,” 


Yerim’s heart skipped a beat at the endearment. She looked up, seeing Sooyoung wiping her tears away. She didn’t know Sooyoung was that sensitive. She wanted to melt at how adorable it was but on the other hand, the mean part of her was telling her to move. So, the little devil she is, followed that little voice.


“Yerim–!” Sooyoung’s hips stuttered, her toes curling as the tight softness engulfed her length. She bit her lips as the tip of her cock peeked out from Yerim’s cleavage every time her tits pressed down on her thighs. She sniffled, her tears finally bubbling out of her eyes.


“Does it feel good, unnie?” Yerim asked, rubbing her cheeks against the head, precum and spit staining her skin. She started lapping the tip again before her tongue dug against the slit, her drool dripping down on her cock.


“Y-yes,” Sooyoung grunted, her knuckles white from gripping the cushions too hard. She choked when Yerim suckled on the head, dragging her tits up and down, her saliva making the slide easier. Yerim pushed her head further, taking in a couple more inches, making her hiss. “Your–your mouth, it’s too much,” 


Yerim slurped her length as she bobbed her head slightly. She hummed, the vibrations shooting straight up to Sooyoung’s spine, making her buck her hips upwards and hit the back of Yerim’s throat. It was enough for her to spill, her cock twitching before it started shooting out her cum. 


“Shit–!” Sooyoung’s thighs shook as her chest tightened. She closed her eyes tightly before her tears could fill her vision again. She whimpered, feeling the intensity of her orgasm washing over her.


Yerim pulled away, the ribbons of her release landing on her tits and on her face. She lolled her tongue out, the load inside her mouth dripping down from her chin and into her chest. 


Sooyoung cracked one eye open when she managed to slightly calm down from her high, her body still quivering. The sight knocked the air out of her lungs. Yerim was stained with her load, a blissed out smile painted on her lips as she wiped the cum from her chin before lapping her fingers clean with her tongue.


“I’m sorry,” Sooyoung mumbled in embarrassment, seeing how much of a mess she made. Yerim only climbed back on her lap, cupping Sooyoung’s cheeks and kissing her gently. She could taste herself on her tongue but she couldn’t care less when Yerim was kissing her so softly, arms looping around her neck as their lips brushed against each other. 


Yerim started playing with the strands of her hair, raking her fingers through and humming against the kiss. Sooyoung felt herself melting, the touch so soothing that she started shaking less.


“Sooyoung unnie,” Yerim called out when she pulled away, her voice raspy and breathless. She kissed Sooyoung’s forehead, her hands massaging her shoulders. “You’re going to fall asleep.” 


“You’re still so wet.” Sooyoung replied, her eyes threatening to flutter close. Yerim only chuckled, capturing her lips into a kiss again.


Of course, Yerim was sopping wet but now wasn’t the perfect timing yet. She needed a little more patience for it to be a little more rewarding. It wasn’t so satisfying when she was the one who threw herself and not the other way around. Although, after the encounter, she was pretty sure Sooyoung would hound up on her every chance she could get but she wouldn’t let her have her way—yet or maybe even never.


No, not until Sooyoung is at her wit’s end and relentless to ruin her pussy.


“Goodnight, unnie.” She placed one last peck on her lips before she stood up, fixing the strap of her nightdress. She obviously needed a bath from how sticky she felt. “Feel free to sleep in my room tonight.” 

“Unnie,” Yerim hissed, grinding her pussy on Sooyoung’s tongue. Sooyoung was kneeling on the kitchen floor, her hands on both of Yerim’s thighs as she lapped her juices. She was tip-toeing, her hand on the counter behind her and the other grabbing a fistful of Sooyoung’s hair. 


After what happened, they’ve been all up on each other. Be it making out for hours on end, grinding their crotches together or Yerim simply jerking and sucking her dry until her clothes and skin is stained with her release. She would often sit at Sooyoung’s lap, watching her work as she requested the older to rub her clit until she squirted all over the floor. Sometimes, she would request her to kiss her every now and then, cuddling against her figure.


The only thing left was for Sooyoung’s cock to stretch her pussy and split her in half. Yerim felt proud of herself, managing to keep her cool, waiting for Sooyoung’s touch to become even more impatient, greedier, and rougher.


As for now, Sooyoung was soft and gentle, so compliant as if she didn’t even have plans on defying even one of Yerim’s orders. That wasn’t fun enough. She wanted it as if she was playing a game of Russian Roulette where she doesn’t know whether Sooyoung would snap or continue to remain putty in her hands. 


If that happens, she would consider her plan a success. She had truly broken Ha Sooyoung and molded her for her own interest.


Although that might happen sooner than she expected because Sooyoung had cornered her first thing in the morning, lazily grinding her clothed dick against her ass before Yerim turned around, pulling her by her shirt’s collar and making her kneel down, asserting her dominance. 


Again, she wouldn’t let Sooyoung have her way. She was the one in charge.


“Stick out your tongue more,” Yerim panted, her hold on Sooyoung’s hair tightening. Sooyoung furrowed her eyebrows because of the heightened pain but nevertheless, she flattened her tongue, sticking it out as much as she could. “That’s it–fuck,” 


She moaned breathlessly, letting the tongue slide between her glistening folds, her swollen clit bumping against Sooyoung’s nose with each drag. “You’re so good for me, unnie.” She let out a strained chuckle, dragging Sooyoung by her hair to meet her movements.


Sooyoung only hummed, letting the younger use her to her own pleasure. Once Yerim stopped to catch her breath, she nibbled on her clit, flicking it with her tongue before sucking on it.


“Oh!” Yerim’s head fell back when Sooyoung continued to suckle on the bundle of nerves. She let go of Sooyoung’s hair, her hand snaking its way to her pussy and spreading her folds with her fingers. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, yes,” 


Sooyoung started tracing patterns against her clit, spreading her legs further by her thighs. Yerim’s breath hitched when the wet appendage started wiggling its way inside her tight cunt, pushing itself as far as it could. 


“Mmmfuck–ah, fuck me with your tongue,” Yerim growled, grinding her hips against Sooyoung’s mouth. She grabbed Sooyoung’s locks again, impossibly tight this time. “Use your mouth properly and make yourself useful for me–!”  


Sooyoung whined, her cock twitching at the feeling of her scalp burning. She started pushing her tongue in and out, lifting one of Yerim’s legs to get a better angle. 


Yerim sucked in a harsh breath, her fingers moving in a circular motion against her clit as Sooyoung lapped up her slick with no pause. She swallowed, feeling the familiar coil in her stomach as she continued to rub herself. 


Sooyoung’s gaze drifted upward with a pair of expectant doe eyes staring right through her. She gritted her teeth, almost tipping over from the way Sooyoung looked at her. She was, so, so close–


Until a phone rang behind her, making Sooyoung pull away from her pussy—much to her dismay. “That’s mine.” She said with a husky voice, chin dripping with a mix of her wetness and drool. 


“You don’t need to answer it.” Yerim bit back, frustration washing over her. 


“Can you at least check who it is?” Sooyoung replied softly, giving her thighs a gentle squeeze. 


Yerim sighed, heart too captivated by the older as much as she likes to admit. She picked up the phone from the counter, trying her best to keep it from slipping away from her quivering fingers. “Jennie Kim.” She read out loud, raising an eyebrow.


Sooyoung instantly gasped, quickly standing up. Yerim blinked; confused, frustrated and still dazed out by the now dying pleasure. 


“Sorry, princess,” Sooyoung wiped her chin with her shirt before placing a soft peck on her lips as she swiped the phone away from her grasp. “I need to go get dressed.” 


Yerim grabbed Sooyoung by the hem of her shirt, keeping her in place. “Where are you going? I haven’t cum yet–!” She furrowed her eyebrows, a childish pout painting her lips.


“I forgot I had a meeting.” Sooyoung said sheepishly. She kissed the younger’s temples, noticing how she was visibly very upset. “I’ll make it up to you when I get home. I promise.” 


Yerim scoffed, fixing her dress that was bunched up on her waist. She grumbled, tugging down the fabric until it covered her properly. “You better do it.” 


“Of course.” Sooyoung assured, a smile on her lips. She fixed the loose strands of Yerim’s hair, tucking it behind her ears. “Anything for you.”


Yerim clicked her tongue, looking away as her cheeks heated up. Sooyoung could be so charming whenever she wanted to and it honestly makes her heart skip a beat. The feeling was so unfamiliar yet familiar at the same time.


Did she like Sooyoung beyond her lust-filled goal? 




Fuck, no. That can’t happen. Yes, fucking your childhood friend wasn’t written in the law but falling in love with them seems awkward as fuck, considering how her mom treats Sooyoung as if she was her own daughter.


She immediately shook her head, making Sooyoung look at her with concern. Sooyoung assumed that it was because of the abrupt ending.


“Don’t be such a kid. I’ll be back soon enough.” Sooyoung chuckled, kissing her on the forehead and on the lips one last time before making her way to the bathroom to freshen herself up.


Yerim frowned, deeming the line familiar. It was what Sooyoung would tell her the next morning after they have their sleepover when they were kids, trying her best to console a pouting and close-to-tantrums Yerim. 


She held her chest, back leaning on the counter as she pressed her fingers against her lips. In the silence, she realized something so crucial, her heart and stomach fluttering—which was a bit ironic considering she was so, so frustrated minutes ago because she didn’t have her release. 


Oh no.


She’s absolutely fucked. 


Maybe she did like her Sooyoung unnie— genuinely.

Yerim felt relentless, trying her best not to hump every surface she could see. She changed into more decent clothes, taking a cold shower after Sooyoung left to cool herself down. Although, that didn’t seem to work—not at all. 


She squirmed on the couch, her upper torso smooshed against the cushions as she rubbed herself through her shorts, her ass up. She whimpered breathlessly, needing Sooyoung’s touch to push herself on the edge. “Unnie,” 


As if on cue, her phone lit up. Sooyoung was calling her. She answered it with a shaky hand, pressing her fingers against her clit and simply putting more pressure. “Sooyoung unnie,” 


“Hello, baby,” Sooyoung replied. “I’m on my way home right now.” 


“Unnie–hurry, I need you,” Yerim whined, grinding her hips in the air. The endearment just went straight to her throbbing core. “Right now–I need you right now, wanna ride your face,” 


She could hear Sooyoung clearing her throat on the other line, pausing for a moment before she chuckled softly. “Well, about that, you might have to behave yourself for a little bit more because I invited Miss Kim over for dinner.” 


“What?” Yerim furrowed her eyebrows, abruptly sitting up. If it was possible, she genuinely wanted to punch Sooyoung straight on the face through the phone right now. “No, you didn’t.” 


“I did. I even asked your mom for permission. I didn’t want to be rude, you know, just bringing someone over. That’s why I’m calling you beforehand to inform you.” Sooyoung said with a hum. “So please fix yourself up, baby, okay?” 


“And who do you think you are, telling me what to do?” Yerim snapped, having enough of being edged for the second time and for the most inconvenient reason. “I want to fucking cum.” 


Sooyoung sighed, probably scratching the back of her head. “I told you I’ll make it up to you, right?” 


“You’re clearly not.” She sneered, wanting to stomp her feet on the ground to get her point across. She decided to just end the call abruptly, loudly groaning in frustration as she felt her panties sticking against her folds uncomfortably because of her wetness.


After an excruciating hour and another quick shower, the doorbell finally rang. She grumbled under her breath, dragging her feet all the way to the front door. Whoever Miss Kim might be must be some frail old lady that Sooyoung kindly invited for dinner because, well, she’s Sooyoung and being Sooyoung meant being too nice and soft-hearted. 


She opened the door, only to see Sooyoung whispering something next to a woman’s ear, her hand on her elbow. Yerim furrowed her eyebrow, her grip on the doorknob tightening at the sight.


“Hey.” Sooyoung greeted, pulling away from the woman with a smile. “This is Miss Kim, she’s helping me with my research.”


Unfortunately, Miss Jennie Kim was not a frail old lady but a smoking hot one, dressed in chic and designer clothes. She was pretty, Yerim had to admit but perhaps even prettier if she was a few feet away from Sooyoung.


“Ah.” The woman giggled, shaking her head as her eyes turned into crescents. “I told you Jennie is fine. You’re making me feel old, Sooyoungie.” 


“Jennie unnie,” Sooyoung teased cheekily. Yerim narrowed her eyes at the exchange, feeling the familiar green monster wanting to crawl out of her throat and wreak havoc.


“Only Jennie. I told you countless times already.” She poked Sooyoung’s chest before her eyes drifted to Yerim, offering a hand. “Hi, you must be Sooyoung’s little sister?”  


Yerim’s eyes twitched, waiting for Sooyoung to correct her but she only laughed, glancing at the younger.


“Save the introduction for later, let’s go inside.” Sooyoung said, tapping the woman’s lower back.


Honestly, it seemed as if Sooyoung was pissing her off intentionally. Sooyoung had offered to take off Jennie’s coat once they were inside and if it wasn’t deemed rude, Yerim wanted to grab her by her collar and wipe off that charming look on her face in front of the woman.


After that, Sooyoung immediately went to the kitchen to cook something up, leaving the two in the dining room. Yerim sat in front of Jennie, the one-sided tension heavy as she drummed her fingers on the wooden table.


“How do you know Sooyoung unnie?” Yerim asked.


“Oh, we went to the same college. Although, I haven’t really met her on campus grounds.” Jennie said as she put her phone down, a sweet smile on her lips. “A mutual friend of ours introduced us together about a year ago.” 


“I see.” Yerim mumbled, looking away and feeling a mix of emotion bubbling on the pits of her stomach—mostly ugly, ugly jealousy. She knew it was petty but the gorgeous woman seemed as if she was a goddess who could get anything she wanted with a snap of her fingers and that didn’t sit right with her.


For the first time in her life, she actually felt threatened and it’s for someone who she couldn’t even call hers or know what’s going on between them except for getting each other off. She mentally groaned, the situation got even more complicated—as if realizing that she liked Sooyoung wasn’t enough of a trip.


“I didn’t know she had a little sister.” Jennie chuckled, pressing her cheeks on the back of her hand as she eyed the younger. “You’re both pretty.” 


“I’m not her little sister.” She whispered harshly, looking at her hands that were now on her lap, balling into tight fists. She didn’t know why, but it made her angry and hurt at the same time. 


“She’s the daughter of the auntie I told you about.” Sooyoung chirped in, entering the dining area with a bunch of empty bowls and utensils. 


“Oh, so, cousins?” Jennie asked, raising an eyebrow as she helped Sooyoung with preparing the table.


“Nah.” Sooyoung replied, placing a bowl in front of her. She patted Yerim’s head gently, her hand stopping by her nape. “Her mom and mine were good friends so we spent a lot of time together growing up.” 


Yerim huffed under her breath, swatting Sooyoung’s hands away. “I told you to stop treating me like a kid.” Yerim sternly said, eyebrows knitted together.


Both women only found it humorous, laughing amongst themselves. 


“Yeah, my bad.” Sooyoung smiled fondly and it made Yerim ease up a bit, the tightness of her fists loosening. “You’re not so little anymore.” 


She sighed under her breath as she rolled her eyes, not keen on Sooyoung’s teasing. She literally came inside her mouth countless times so she had no rights in any way to treat her as if she was still a child. 


She clearly wasn’t having any of it and Sooyoung was still so fucking oblivious. 


After the food was served, they began eating as they discussed Sooyoung’s research or whatever—Yerim wasn’t that interested so it was all scientific nonsense to her. Jennie seemed to be a whole lot interested but in all honesty, no one was that giggly and touchy when talking about different rock formations.


Sooyoung even sat beside the woman, their elbows slightly touching. She didn’t even bother prying herself off of Jennie’s touch, a hand on her arms as the woman talked with a pair of expressive eyes. They even bantered, throwing inside jokes as if Yerim wasn’t there, wondering where her appetite went as soon as they arrived. 


God. This was a nightmare. She propped her elbow on the table before resting her cheek on her palm, playing with her food as her foot made its way to Sooyoung’s crotch. It was a nightmare that she wasn’t going to suffer alone, there’s that. 


Sooyoung choked midway while talking, her eyes frantic. Jennie arched her eyebrows in confusion.


“You okay, unnie?” Yerim asked, sounding as concerned as possible as she traced her growing hard-on with her foot.


“Y-yeah.” Sooyoung said, a nervous chuckle slipping out of her mouth. She flashed Jennie an assuring smile causing Yerim to put pressure against her bulge aggressively. She stifled a groan, masking it with a quick cough as she reached out for her glass of water. 


“You’re flushed.” Jennie commented, touching Sooyoung’s cheeks. “Are you sure you’re okay?” 


Yerim rolled her eyes, continuing to rub Sooyoung in an up and down motion. 


“I’m fine.” She cleared her throat again after a gulp of water, shifting on her seat. “What were you saying again?” 


“You were the one who was talking.” Jennie elicited a laugh, smacking her arms playfully. Sooyoung fought the urge to react to the touch, her shoulders tensing up.


She rubbed her nape sheepishly, side-glancing at Yerim who was busy stuffing her mouth with food. “Can you excuse me for a bit?”


Jennie hummed in understanding.


Yerim smirked to herself, deciding to play nice and pry her foot away. Sooyoung scrunched her face in discomfort, adjusting her pants as she stood up. She noticed the visible bulge straining the fabric when Sooyoung made her way to the bathroom, turning around immediately once she was out of her seat.


Poor Sooyoung. It looked painful.


“She has a girlfriend, you know.” Yerim said with a condescending tone once the older was out of earshot. She leaned forward, propping her chin on the back of her hand as she looked at the woman with a piercing gaze. “So I suggest you keep your hands to yourself, Jennie-ssi.” 

Yerim was staring at Sooyoung’s back for the past few hours, laying on her stomach as she watched her from her bed, typing away on her desk and giving her the silent treatment for a few days now. 


She assumed it was because of the little foot action during dinner. What a baby. It wasn’t that bad. Of course, it was a bold move, but it wasn’t as if they were caught doing it. 


“Unnie,” Yerim called out, bored and annoyed out of her wits. She hasn’t even had her pent up release ever since, Sooyoung was so pissed off that she decided to ignore Yerim’s advances after she walked her lovely little friend to her car. “You’re such a baby. It’s annoying.”


Sooyoung only sighed, shrugging her shoulders.


“Why are you ignoring me?” Yerim huffed, sitting up as the residual anger started resurfacing. “Are you that confident that I’ll just throw myself and start humping you any minute now like a needy bitch?”


Sooyoung scratched the back of her head, turning the swivel chair around so that they were face to face. She furrowed her eyebrows, her lips pursed tightly before she opened it to speak. “You know I don’t see you that way, right? I respect you a lot, so, please, don’t talk to yourself like that.” 


Yerim grumbled.


“I just don’t appreciate the fact that you told Jennie unnie I have a girlfriend.” She mumbled, still scratching her head. 


“Why?” Yerim gritted her teeth, feeling the jealousy crashing through her again, much more stronger this time. How complicated. “Do you like her that much?” 


“I don’t.” Sooyoung said firmly. “It’s just going to be an awkward situation. She’s going to think that she’s imposing too much.” 


“Imposing? She was so fucking touchy and giggly and it’s annoying–!” 


“Jesus. Calm down.” Sooyoung clicked her tongue, obviously frustrated. It was the first time she ever saw Sooyoung with that expression. “You’re being such a kid. Why are you even jealous?” 


“Because you’re mine!” Yerim retorted, standing up and stomping towards Sooyoung. 


Sooyoung cowered with each step, her shoulders rising in anticipation. Yerim leaned closer until their eyes met, her hands on both armrests, trapping her. “You’re mine.” She repeated in a whisper, a little hurt and bitter. 


Sooyoung’s gaze drifted away, the frown lingering on her face. Yerim gritted her teeth, her jaws locked tight as she attempted to grab Sooyoung by her shirt to make her look at her. Sooyoung caught her wrist before she could; her hold tight.


“Calm down.” She said, standing up. She watched as Yerim’s chest heaved in anger, trying to squirm away from her hold. As much as Yerim had control over her, she was still physically stronger than her so it was pointless to free herself. 


Yerim hit her by her chest with a weak fist repeatedly. Sooyoung only sighed, trapping both of her wrists as she pushed Yerim towards her bed. “I said calm down, Yerim. Stop being so difficult and listen to me.”  


“Fuck you. Let me go.” Yerim spat out, the back of her knees hitting the mattress making her lose her balance ever so slightly. It seemed as if Sooyoung was going to pin her against the bed and fuck her senseless from the dark expression she had on her face. 


Isn’t this what she wanted in the first place? Yerim scoffed under her breath, tears forming in her eyes. She wanted Sooyoung to break, letting go of any inhibitions and just take her but why did it hurt? Why did it hurt to think about her only using her to chase whatever pleasure she wanted and nothing more? It’s ironic, considering she was the one who saw the older that way and even went through all that length to satisfy whatever desires.


Her plan backfired, in all truth. It only made her a huge mess of unknown feelings. She didn’t want to admit that she was the one who put herself in such a complicated situation. What the hell was she even expecting?


Sooyoung let go of her, making her sit down on the edge of the bed with her towering over her. “Don’t even think of crying,” 


Yerim fought back her tears, looking at her lap as her heart fucking dropped at the words. There was no way she was going to cry because of Sooyoung nor even show her that she was worthy of any tears. 


“That’s what you’re dreading for me to say, right?” Sooyoung asked gently, kneeling in front of her sitting figure and taking her balled up fist, her thumb tracing circles against her skin. “I’m not planning to talk to you in that tone.” 


Yerim bit the inside of her cheeks, her tears finally falling and her chest clenching at the gentleness of her tone. She nodded with hesitance, uselessly wiping her tears away as she looked at Sooyoung. Her expression wasn’t as scarily dark anymore, there was a hint of it but a sense of fondness was most evident in her features.


“Look at you.” Sooyoung sighed, her shoulders slumping down. “I don’t like it when you’re crying.” 


“You–you’re the one who made me cry–!” Yerim hiccupped, hitting her chest again with little to no strength. 


“I’m sorry.” Sooyoung said, holding her hand and nuzzling her cheek on her palm as she spoke. “It’s just too much for me too. Jennie unnie is a good friend of mine and I don’t want to see her act all distant and awkward.” 


“She clearly likes you.” She grumbled in disdain through her sniffles. “You’re so fucking stupidly oblivious.” 


“She’s literally going to be married soon.” Sooyoung raised an eyebrow. “Seems like you were too jealous to notice the ring on her finger, hm?” She teased, flashing a wide grin. 


Yerim flushed—so that’s why the woman only laughed when she threatened her. She felt embarrassed now, her cheeks flaming up. “Why didn’t you tell me then?” 


“I don’t know. I didn’t even expect you to be jealous.” Sooyoung scratched the back of her ears timidly. “But here we are.” 


“I like you, unnie.” Yerim mumbled, catching Sooyoung off guard, suddenly frozen. “Is that wrong? Am I not allowed to?”


It was Sooyoung’s time to blush, her cheeks suddenly a shade of pink all the way to the column of her neck. She covered half of her face, her eyes frantic as she avoided Yerim’s gaze. 


“I like you.” Yerim repeated, a giggle slipping out of her lips from her reaction. She knew what Sooyoung’s answer was going to be from that alone but she at least wanted to hear it. “What do you think of me, unnie?” 


Sooyoung arched her eyebrows, rubbing her nape. She could hear her heart beating inside her ears, drumming so loud that she felt it vibrating against her ribs. She cleared her throat, mustering the courage to look at the younger. “I like you too.” 


Yerim’s heart fluttered, cupping her cheeks and leaning in for a kiss. She didn’t need any more words. Sooyoung placed both of her hands on each of her sides, slowly straightening herself up as she started reciprocating. She deepened the kiss, making Yerim lay down, her hands looped around her shoulders as she climbed on the bed.


She held Yerim’s figure, pulling her by her arms gently so that they were in the middle of her bed. She pulled away, staring fondly at Yerim who was panting underneath her. 


How pretty, she thought. 


“Never knew you’d look so good on top of me, unnie.” Yerim hummed, holding her by her neck. 


“Yeah.” Sooyoung mumbled shyly before leaning down to capture the younger’s lips again, her tongue prodding inside her mouth. Yerim instantly parted her lips, their tongue mingling with each other. 


Sooyoung snaked her hands under her shirt, cupping her breast and giving it a firm squeeze as they continued exploring each other’s mouth, their tongues lapping each other up. Yerim whined against the kiss when Sooyoung started rolling her nipples between her fingers until it was hard. 


“Unnie,” she whimpered when they pulled away, arching her back and feeling extra sensitive as Sooyoung continued to pull and pinch her swollen buds. “Suck on them, need your mouth on me,”


Sooyoung only hummed, thankful for the fact that Yerim wasn’t wearing anything underneath. She lifted her shirt up, tucking it under her chin before she adjusted herself, face to face with her tits. She flicked a nipple with her tongue, before latching onto it. 


“Ah–!” Yerim scrunched her face in pleasure, her fingers tangling Sooyoung’s locks once she began sucking on her nipples, nibbling and tugging it with her teeth before swirling her tongue around.


Sooyoung’s hand snaked its way to her core, cupping her mound before the hilt of her palm dug against her clothed clit. Yerim bucked her hips, a breathless moan escaping her lips as she held Sooyoung tighter, pressing her face on her tits further.  


Sooyoung suddenly bit her hard, causing her to jolt, features contorting in pain and pleasure. Sooyoung teasingly smiled at her, soothing it with her tongue. “Fuck–!” She hissed as Sooyoung pulled away with an obscene pop, tits bouncing.  


“Baby,” Sooyoung called out, hand stopping by the waistband of her pants. She grazed her fingers against her skin. “Can I?” 


Yerim nodded. Sooyoung was still so gentle with her and honestly, she didn’t know why her initial plan was to push all her buttons until she was ruthless and unforgiving. She realized Sooyoung probably isn’t someone like that, no matter how much she breaks her and no matter how many cracks she inflicts. She just seemed so eager to please her and give her anything she wanted, her touch so careful and caring yet having the playful roughness every now and then. 


Maybe she was seeing it in another perspective, as corny as it sounds. Perhaps, she was thinking with her heart this time, and not with her stupidly inflated ego. 


Sooyoung started to peel off her pants, unbuttoning it and sliding it off of her together with her underwear before throwing it somewhere on the floor. She licked her lips at the sight of the Yerim’s glistening pussy, running her fingers up and down her folds and collecting the wetness. “So pretty.” She mumbled to herself, almost as if she didn’t intended to say it out loud.


Yerim blushed at the comment, holding her breath as she felt Sooyoung prodding a finger inside her pussy before she pushed it in. “I can take your cock right now, unnie.” She said, her eyebrows knitted.


Sooyoung leaned down to kiss her forehead, shaking her head as she snuck another finger in. She started pumping her digits in and out slowly, feeling the warmth of her walls around her fingers. “I need to stretch you out, baby.” 


She nodded reluctantly, whimpering when Sooyoung started scissoring her fingers inside, stretching her walls. She was just getting impatient at her actions, her hands gripping the sheet tightly as Sooyoung rubbed her swollen clit with her free hand in time with her movements. 


“Fuck–ah, fuck me,” Yerim tried grabbing her wrist in an attempt to stop her. Sooyoung continued to roll her clit between her fingers, still fucking into her. “Now–I don’t want your fingers, need to feel your cock breaking my pussy,” 


“Don’t be so stubborn.” Sooyoung said firmly, holding her by her hips.


Yerim growled, using all of her strength to push the woman away. Sure, Sooyoung wouldn’t be rough to her, given she was gentle with every touch—Yerim was the opposite, a total contrast to her. She didn’t care if she’s mean or if she hurt herself. As long as she gets what she wants and satiates the craving growing inside of her.  


Sooyoung blinked, her back hitting the mattress. Yerim quickly straddled her, trapping her with her weight. She grinded herself against Sooyoung’s clothed erection. She was back to being her usual self from the moment she saw Sooyoung writhing under her. As much as she appreciated Sooyoung’s sweetness, wanting to be in control was just in her nature. 


“I don’t need your pathetic fingers.” 


“You’re going to hurt yourself.” Sooyoung mumbled through gritted teeth, reaching out for her lower back. 


“Don’t care.” Yerim bit back, pushing her further against the mattress with both hands pinning her by her shoulders. She slipped her hands inside Sooyoung’s sweatpants, taking out her leaking cock and jerking it off a few times. “I can make it fit.” 


She lined herself up, the head pressing against her sopping hole. She trapped her lower lips between her teeth, watching the way Sooyoung became delirious once her cunt engulfed the tip of her cock. Once the tip was in, she dropped herself, the whole length sheathing inside of her in one go. 


Yerim’s eyes widened before she started to convulse, an unexpected orgasm ripping through her. She could feel herself splitting in half, her walls burning from the sudden intrusion, screaming at her to take it out. Everything felt too fucking good, specially the way the head was pressing against the entrance of her cervix. 


“I’m–fuck, I fucking came.” She breathlessly said, her pussy dripping around Sooyoung’s length, staining it with her release. She chuckled shakily, starting to bounce despite her sensitivity. In fact, it just made it better. “You’re stretching me so good, unnie.” 


“God.” Sooyoung gritted her teeth, feeling the tight walls milking her. She laid her head down, grunts and groans spilling out of her lips every time Yerim moved. “So tight,” 


Yerim choked as she looked down, a bulge evident on her lower stomach. She shakily moaned, pressing her hand against it. “Oh my fucking god.” 


Sooyoung whimpered at the sight, covering her eyes with her arm as her whole face burned up.


“You’re so fucking big–you’re messing my insides up,” Yerim let out a strained chuckle, grinding her hips as she continued to admire the indent on her lower stomach. “Do you want to fuck my pussy, Sooyoung unnie?” 


Sooyoung moaned loudly when Yerim tightened around her, her hips bucking. She nodded eagerly, looking at Yerim with a dazed out expression.


“Too bad.” Yerim sighed mockingly, her hands snaking its way to Sooyoung’s neck. She started wrapping her fingers around each side of her neck, tilting her head as she continued to lift herself up. “I can’t give you that satisfaction–you did make me extremely jealous. It’s only fair, don’t you think?” 


Sooyoung panicked as she felt her oxygen being cut off ever so slightly. She could sense the tears brimming on her eyes as Yerim rode her, bouncing on her cock with no pause. She could feel her tight walls dragging against her length, squeezing her as if it wanted to keep her there. 


“Yerim, please,” 


“You’re like a dumb puppy, aren’t you?” Yerim swiped her tongue across her lips when Sooyoung’s cock twitched inside her. “Can’t even push me off when you’re running out of air. Do you love being inside my pussy that much–love it squeezing around you that you can’t think straight?”


Sooyoung heaved, her tears falling as she struggled to breath. It didn’t help that Yerim was moving so, so aggressively on top of her. She squeezed out a ‘please’ , her mind reeling from the pleasure and adrenaline as her stomach tightened. 


She parted her mouth, letting her head fall back as Yerim suddenly loosened her hold. She groaned loudly, the coil snapping at the same time as the oxygen rushed back inside her lungs. She snapped her hips upwards, spilling her load inside of her tight cunt. Her eyes suddenly went wide, the realization hitting her amidst her high as she continued to spurt. “Oh–oh, no, I came inside, f-fuck, I’m sorry,” 


“Shut up.” Yerim snickered, mewling at the feeling of being filled up. She could feel it dripping out of where they were connected, making an absolute mess. “Fucking pervert, I bet you’re not really sorry. You can’t even hold it in for a few more seconds to pull out? You’re embarrassing. I bet you did it on purpose.” 


Sooyoung sniffled, shaking her head as Yerim’s walls continued to clench around her. She squirmed, getting hard again as Yerim rotated her hips so sinfully.


Yerim leaned closer until they were chest to chest, leaving marks and bites on Sooyoung’s skin as she continued grinding herself on her cock, feeling the blunt tip pressing against her spot. She elicited a breathless laughter, seeing Sooyoung bawling her eyes out from oversensitivity. “Oh no, is it too much, unnie? Do you want me to stop?”


Sooyoung shook her head frantically, murmuring something under her breath. Yerim wanted to tease her so she attempted to pull Sooyoung’s cock out of her, only to feel a pair of strong arms wrapping around her waist tightly, keeping her in place. 


Sooyoung swallowed, her neck bobbing as she planted her feet on the mattress. 


“Fuck!” Yerim shrieked when Sooyoung started thrusting upwards, hitting the deepest part of her with each snap of her hips. “Fuck, fuck, fuck–!” 


She leaned her weight against Sooyoung’s chest, her eyes rolling to the back of her skull and fist clenching her shirt tighter with each plunge. She whined, lips pressed against her jaws as she murmured with labored breaths. “Harder–ah, f-fuck me harder,” 


Sooyoung grunted, tilting her head as Yerim started nibbling on her skin before she captured her lips in a searing kiss. She snaked her hands all the way to her ass as they sloppily kissed, their mouths opened and drool dripping down their chin. 


Yerim moaned against the kiss as Sooyoung started guiding her hips until she was moving on her own; thrusts meeting halfway as their movements became rougher, much more needy. She had a fistful of Sooyoung’s shirt on her hand, almost ripping it apart as a way to anchor herself as she felt herself closer to the edge.


“So fucking close, unnie,” Yerim mumbled as she pulled away, staring intently at Sooyoung who had her eyebrows furrowed as she concentrated on the feeling of her cunt wrapping around her length so snugly. She placed a soft kiss on her cheek, just below her beauty mark. “Cum with me this time.” 


She straightened up, placing her hands on Sooyoung’s thighs as she lifted herself up all the way to the tip before sliding back down, repeating the motion. Sooyoung bit her lip, wondering if she might have a heart attack from the scene alone as she moved her hips. Yerim looked so pretty, her arms propped on her legs as she fucked herself on her cock, her tits bouncing up and down and her lower abdomen bulging from her size.


“Ah, ah–god,” Yerim let out a long drawn and high pitched whine, her hips stuttering as stars filled her vision as she chased her release. She continued to move as her stomach tightened, wanting to take Sooyoung with her to her high despite the muscle on her legs burning.


“Baby–fuck, I’m going to cum,” Sooyoung moaned, holding her by her lower back, planning to pull out but Yerim kept her in place. She let herself go when the younger tightened, her ears ringing as she involuntarily plunged in particularly hard before stilling. 


Yerim seized up, her shoulders tense as Sooyoung’s thrust sent her into an orgasm. She started quivering as her pussy let out a huge gush of her release, eyes rolling to the back of her skull. She let herself fall on Sooyoung’s chest, her breath hitching as she felt the ropes of cum spilling inside of her, filling her up for the second time. 


She kissed Sooyoung softly, her hand on her chest, using it to prop herself up and still feeling the tremors. “Y-you’re mine.” She whispered against her lips, her lips trembling as she felt the cum dripping down her thighs. “Only–ah, mine.” 


“Yours–only yours. I won’t go anywhere.” Sooyoung mumbled, soothing her back with a trembling hand before she fixed the loose strands of her hair. After a moment of just holding each other, she pushed Yerim by her shoulders until she was laying down on her back, their bodies still connected. 


She stared at Yerim intently, intertwining their fingers together. She pressed her lips against the side of her face before leaving trails of kisses all the way to her jaw. “Let me be gentle, please. I want to feel you a bit slower this time.” 


“You’re not tired yet, unnie?” Yerim chuckled, her voice quiet yet teasing. She faked a yawn, stifling a giggle when she noticed the hint of disappointment on her features. “Because I am–I’m very, very tired.” 


“Just stop being mean for a while and leave the rest to me.” Sooyoung said, a little shy as she averted her gaze. Yerim hummed in amusement, smiling to herself. “Let me take care of you, Yerim.” 


“Like you always do?” The younger gave her hand a firm squeeze, their eyes meeting again. 


Sooyoung nodded, guiding Yerim’s legs to wrap around her waist.


“Like I always do.” 

“What do you think of living with me?” Sooyoung asked, playing with the younger’s hair. Yerim was laying on top of her naked figure, her arms wrapped around her waist as the morning sun grazed through their skin—which they happen to often find themselves in the same exact position for the past few days after confessing their sentiments. “I mean, after summer is over and once you get back to your classes.” 


“Hm,” Yerim hummed, shifting until she was laying on her stomach, looking at Sooyoung’s features as she thought to herself. 


Sooyoung was littered with bites and marks everywhere, some were still blooming and some were already fading away. She was looking at her with a pair of fond eyes, raking her fingers through her locks as she waited for any sort of response. 


Yerim could feel her heart warming up, propping her chin on the back of her hand. “I would love to not stress over adult stuff.” 


“Like bills and taxes, yes?” Sooyoung elicited a soft laughter, her fingers now tracing circles against Yerim’s shoulders, careful not to graze at the newly placed hickeys to avoid hurting her. “It’s up for you to decide, baby. I’m not going to force you.” 


“Maybe if we told mom about us first.” Yerim said truthfully, poking Sooyoung’s chest to prove her point. “You’re getting ahead of yourself, unnie. Do you want to wife me up that bad?” 


Sooyoung snorted, holding her by her waist before dipping her thumb on the dimple on her back. “Telling her first makes perfect sense. You’re right.” She said, referring to the previous comment.


“I always am.” Yerim giggled softly, side-eyeing. “But I would love to live with you, to tell you honestly. Do you feel flattered?” 


“I am very flattered.” Sooyoung sighed with her usual charming smile, instantly making Yerim swoon and swept off her feet. “I feel happy.” 


She nodded, heart skipping a beat as the clouds shifted a bit, causing the sun to seep through her windows directly into Sooyoung’s expecting brown orbs. There was no doubt that she wanted to wake up next to Sooyoung if she looked this beautiful first thing in the morning. 


“That’s good then.” She said in a hushed whisper, pressing her cheeks against Sooyoung’s chest and hearing her heartbeat next to her ears.


What a beautiful sound. 


Not as beautiful as the honking sound that startled them—sarcastically speaking. They looked at each other, the familiar sound making them sit up abruptly as it continuously filled their ears. 


“I hope your mom enjoyed her vacation.” Sooyoung chuckled, rushing out of the bed to pick up her clothes from the floor. 


“Yeah, but maybe she needs another one after I tell her that you’ve been banging her daughter in her own household.” Yerim cheekily retorted, giving Sooyoung a smooch as she slid inside her pants. “No shame, unnie.” 


“You started it, mind you.” She furrowed her eyebrows as Yerim fixed her hair as best as she could. “I’ll go get the door. Go get dressed.” 


“Yeah, yeah, and don’t act so suspiciously,” Yerim reminded, letting her go with one last kiss. “You’re so obvious sometimes. It’s painful.”  


“Got it.” 


Before she could tell Sooyoung about the visible marks on her neck, the woman had already left the room. Yerim sighed under her breath, shaking her head as she palmed her face. She wondered how her mom would react—probably with confusion. Who knows? Perhaps, she’ll laugh it off, tell her that she knew all along.


She quickly got dressed, picking a turtleneck to hide the marks Sooyoung had given her. She waited a few more minutes before she went down to greet her mother. Sooyoung was already on the couch, reading a book without a care in the world. There were suitcases littered in the living room, souvenirs lined up in the coffee table to indicate that her mother was indeed back. 


“Hello, baby.” Her mom greeted her with a smile, hugging her once she took the last step. She looked at Yerim with a suspicious expression, cupping her cheeks as she continued to scrutinize her. “You look… different .” 


Yerim chuckled nervously. 


“How much did you sleep, hm? You look like you’re glowing.” The woman teased. Yerim frowned as she continued squishing her cheeks together. “It’s not such a bad thing.” 


“Thank you, I guess.” Yerim huffed, her voice reduced to a mumble as she removed her hands away from her face. “Did you enjoy your vacation? I thought you were going to drag dad back home too, seems like he’s still living his surfer dreams, huh?”


“Are you in love, my darling?” She ignored her statement, narrowing her eyes.


Yerim held back a gasp from escaping her lips, her cheeks warming up as she side-glanced, checking if Sooyoung was hearing what nonsense her mother was bombarding her. “What?” 


“It just seems like it.” She poked her sides teasingly, making Yerim squirm, covering her figure with her arms. “I don’t mind. You’re not a baby anymore, anyway.” 


“You’re so nosy.” Yerim huffed, blushing furiously. “Tell me about you and dad’s trip.” 


“Come, help me with breakfast and let’s talk about your stubborn father later. I missed you.” She hummed, holding her by her arm as she dragged her to the kitchen. Sooyoung flashed the woman a small and polite smile once they passed each other and gave Yerim a knowing look when she turned her head back ever so slightly. 


“Your Sooyoungie unnie.” She said once they were in the kitchen, prepping the ingredients that they needed. Yerim’s ears perked up, feeling a bit dodgy. “Is she bringing some girls over perhaps? Not that I mind but I’m just curious.”


“What are you talking about?” Yerim stopped cutting the vegetables, staring at the chopping board, her knife stopping mid-air. 


“Oh, I just saw her neck when she opened the door and helped me out earlier. It looked like she got jumped by a dog–mauled is the proper term, correction.” Her mom chuckled softly, her shoulders rising in amusement. “Poor Sooyoungie. Whoever did that must have some sort of mean tendencies towards her. Do you think your unnie is okay?”


Yerim stifled a laugh. Oh, Sooyoung was more than willing to be treated like she’s some chew toy. She decided to joke around. “You’re so quick to judge, mom. What if she just got bit by a mosquito? It’s literally summer, you know.” 


“I’ve never seen a mosquito with teeth, Yerimie. What an amazing sight that would be.” She laughed heartily, entertained by the whole situation. 


Yerim hummed, shrugging her shoulders. “Maybe unnie is really sneaking girls behind my back.” She said, a little vague and general. 


“Hm, but that’s not very Sooyoung-like, don’t you think?” The woman arched her eyebrows. “Sooyoungie probably has a girlfriend. She’s a bit of a nerd to go around breaking hearts.” 


“Huh, you’re right.” Yerim smiled to herself, a genuine giggle slipping out. “That makes perfect sense.” 


“I’m always right, my darling.” She said proudly, wiggling her eyebrows. She paused for a bit, walking towards Yerim and placing both her hands on her shoulders as she looked at her with a teasing look. “Now tell me, who caught my lovely daughter’s eyes, hm?” 


Yerim only shook her head in amusement, tongue poking out of the side of her lips. What’s the point of keeping secrets? 


“Well, for starters, she’s a bit of a nerd that wouldn’t go around breaking hearts.”