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the world, a wish, and something called love

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Yoongi was born with six stars, large and all-encompassing and beautiful, lined up across his entire left cheek. 

Yoongi wished they were smaller. 

His brother, like every other person Yoongi knew, only had his one star and it was small and dainty on his lower forearm. Not noticeable at all. Quiet. 

Yoongi's stars were large and loud and loud and loud and everyone he grew up with would only add to the volume, commenting on how lucky he was to have five extra stars. 

Yoongi didn't grow up feeling lucky. He grew up feeling rare and out of place because that's how the world looked at him. That's how the world treated him. 

After all, nobody had six soulmates. 

Yoongi, though, somehow did. 



The world, Yoongi realizes as he grows up, cares much more about soulmates than he does. They make it a point to bring up his stars, always musing about what it'd be like to have six soulmates, always asking him if he was worried that somehow, he'd find himself all alone in the world, even with six stars painted on his face. 

Yoongi used to be worried. When he was nine years old he realized that maybe fate wouldn't work out for him at all. Maybe he'd go through life with six empty stars on his face, always just waiting for them to fill in. He worried when he was fourteen and his best friend had to decide whether to live with his mother or father because the two of them weren't soulmates, but they got married anyway (a poor mistake in society's eyes). He worried when he was seventeen and fell in love with someone who wasn't his soulmate only to fall out of love with him a year later. 

Yoongi doesn't worry anymore. A part of him figures that if fate has decided Yoongi is destined to love six people then that's how it'll be. Another part of him figures that it's all a bunch of nonsense and that Yoongi has more important things to be worrying about anyway. 

And then Yoongi meets Seokjin.


And— well, Yoongi meets Seokjin.

And Yoongi is only twenty-two and still trying to decide what he wants to do in the world and Seokjin has six stars on his face as well, much smaller than Yoongi's and traveling vertically from Seokjin's lower left cheek to his eyebrow, and one of his stars fills in when he sees Yoongi, just as one of Yoongi's stars fill in when he sees Seokjin and it should be a perfect moment because that's how these moments always go in the movies, but there's a woman at Seokjin's side and she has her arm laced around Seokjin's and Yoongi knows and Seokjin knows and they don't stop to talk. 

The world, after all, cares much more about soulmates than he does.



When Yoongi and Seokjin both find themselves in each other's lives again anyway not even a full month later, Yoongi supposes it makes sense. When Seokjin laughs and asks him out for a friendly dinner ("seriously, friends only, I'm not too big on the whole soulmate thing"), Yoongi can't help but say yes. 


Yoongi supposes he couldn't help but fall in love with him either. 

And when they finally kiss in Seokjin's apartment another two months after that, Yoongi smiles against Seokjin's mouth as he whispers, "Just a friendly dinner, huh?"

Maybe , Yoongi thinks not for the first time, as Seokjin pushes him over to complain how mean Yoongi is to him, this soulmate shit is the real deal.  

Whatever , he decides again. He'll let the world happen to him at his own pace. No use in worrying about a future he doesn't know. 

What matters right now is that one of his soulmates Kim Seokjin loves him back. 

All on his own.



Hoseok comes into their life nearly two years later. He's kind, he's lovable, he's talented, he's charismatic, and, least importantly, he's their soulmate. 

But most importantly, he's their soulmate. And that changes things. 

Hoseok's stars span across his face horizontally, two on his nose, one on his right cheek, and the other three on his left cheek, and the first time Yoongi asks to touch them, Hoseok admits he was scared he'd never find them. He admits that he had been hoping to. He admits how much he's always secretly loved the idea of soulmates. Hoseok feels so much like a summer warmth that Yoongi can't help but bask in him. But. 

It's difficult for the three of them to navigate a new life together. Yoongi knows if Hoseok wasn't Hoseok , Seokjin and he may have politely tried to explain that they weren't interested, but Hoseok is Hoseok, and Yoongi loves him quickly, so quickly he almost wonders if this is all a dream, but then Seokjin whispers into his shoulder late one night how he's started to love Hoseok too and Yoongi knows it isn't. 

So, Hoseok comes into their life and he doesn't leave. 

Neither of them want him to. 



Yoongi meets Jimin and Jeongguk when he's twenty-five years old and already so so in love with his two boyfriends. They're visiting their favorite restaurant that's not really a restaurant to celebrate Hoseok's recent job promotion, and it was just going to be a normal night, like all of their other nights out, but when they walk in, someone immediately runs into Hoseok and Hoseok has already fallen on the ground before Yoongi and Seokjin can even think to help him. 

Yoongi looks at Seokjin out of reflex but then he can't help but keep staring because two of Seokjin's stars are… Yoongi swallows. Then he says, "Two of your stars are turning black, babe."

Seokjin glances at him in shock and then they both turn back to face whoever just knocked their boyfriend over. Hoseok has already stood up. 

And for a long moment, all five of them are just staring at each other. 

"Oh my god," Seokjin mutters. Then, he turns to Yoongi and exclaims, "And that means I win the bet."

Yoongi holds back a sigh. Not the stupid bet again. Seokjin had bet they'd meet two of their soulmates at the same time at one point. Yoongi had gone along with it and bet that they'd meet three . He shouldn't have. Instead of admitting true defeat, he crosses his arms and grumbles out a, "Whatever, hyung."

Hoseok lets out a laugh at them both and Yoongi watches fondly as he gives a short bow and greets their two soulmates with a beautiful smile and a, "I'm Jung Hoseok. I can't believe we're getting to meet finally."

And finally, Yoongi lets himself really look at the two men they've run into. The taller man introduces himself as Jeongguk and his stars are smaller than Yoongi's and dance horizontally from the middle of his right cheek to his ear. Jeongguk then lets them know that his now-crying boyfriend Jimin has been his boyfriend for three years and Yoongi sees his tears fall down onto the six small stars running horizontally under his right eye. 

And they're cute, Yoongi realizes. Very cute in the way that Yoongi can tell he'll already like them because their smiles are kind and their laughs and tears are genuine and Yoongi sees Seokjin and sees him rubbing at his eyes and he looks at Hoseok and sees Hoseok beaming and Yoongi won't let these two men get away from them, not without knowing them more, so Yoongi asks if they'd like to join them, even though it's obvious they've just eaten. 

But they both say yes. 

They both say yes and Yoongi is enamored already. 



Going from three to five is harder than it has any right being, but as Yoongi watches Seokjin yell fondly at Jeongguk for somehow cheating in whatever video game they're playing now and as he watches Jimin and Hoseok make dinner for them while laughing brightly, Yoongi knows it's worth it. 

Suddenly, the two empty stars on Yoongi's cheek is all Yoongi can think about. He wonders who they are. He wonders where they are. He wonders if they've already found each other. 

He doesn't wonder if he'll ever find them. Yoongi already knows the answer to that. 

He just doesn't know when. 

Still, Yoongi isn't one to dwell. And he moves forward. 



Seokjin brings Taehyung home about a year and a half later after Seokjin meets him at one of his modeling shoots. By this point, all five of them have moved into a home together, Yoongi having advocated for buying a house that could fit two extra people in it, just in case. Seokjin had teased Yoongi for being a romantic when he suggested it. Still, they all agreed so Yoongi isn't the only romantic one in their relationship. 

They have to wait around for Taehyung to arrive and Yoongi feels nervous and excited and curious but apparently not as nervous as Jimin and Hoseok are obviously feeling, who are both convinced they have to make their home spotless for Kim Taehyung's arrival. Yoongi just continues to cuddle Jeongguk as they both make fun of their two boyfriends together. 

When Yoongi hears Seokjin at the door, they all freeze. Yoongi hears Seokjin's laughter and then the door is opening and there stands Kim Taehyung, their fifth soulmate, and his stars on his left cheek, going horizontally just like Yoongi's, although they're smaller and not as loud, but somehow even more beautiful. 

Taehyung cries when they all finally meet each other, breaking down right there in their doorway and Yoongi understands but he also can't even begin to imagine so he doesn’t. 

Yoongi is the first one to stand up to go over and hug him, reassuring him all the while that it isn't just him anymore. Jimin comes over and joins the hug, telling Taehyung how excited they've been to meet him. 

The rest of them join the hug and continue to hold Taehyung as he cries and cries, listening to their words of comfort. 

Yoongi already knows he'll love Taehyung. 

So, he isn’t surprised when he lets Taehyung sneak into his bed two weeks later so they can hold each other tight. 

He isn't surprised at all.



Enlisting in the military is difficult but they go three at a time, Yoongi enlisting with Seokjin and Hoseok. Yoongi vaguely wonders if he'll meet their final soulmate while enlisted but two years come and go and all six of them are able to spend time together again before the younger three enlist and two years come and go and all six of them are able to spend time together again and they still haven't met their seventh soulmate and they still haven't met them and they still haven't met them but Yoongi hopes that they will. 

More importantly, he just hopes that they're okay. 



After Yoongi successfully puts yet another artist on the charts, his five boyfriends take him out to celebrate. Jimin and Jeongguk are pressed up against him on either side and they're all giggling at Hoseok who's drunker than he's let on based on the way he's staring silently off into the distance. 

Seokjin and Taehyung are telling a funny story about one of their model coworkers, talking about how she didn't realize they were soulmates despite their extremely rare and equal number of stars on their faces. Yoongi is listening only halfheartedly since teasing Hoseok is just as fun, especially because Hoseok is barely noticing them. 

And Yoongi likes it like this. Settled deep within him, Yoongi can feel his own contentedness.

He wonders how love can be so easy. 

He wonders what he did in a past life to deserve to feel like this. 

I won't ever take them for granted , he thinks, smiling as he rests his head on Jeongguk's, who Yoongi thinks is about to doze off completely. 

Still. He can't help but look at the empty star on all of their faces and wonder if fate will fuck this up, at the end. 




As Jimin has appropriately just said, it figures that they meet their seventh soulmate in the fucking rice aisle. 

Kim Namjoon stands there and after closing his gaping mouth and after wiping away his tears, he's laughing openly and unsurely and it's been years since Yoongi has found himself meeting another one of his soulmates so he just watches, shock running through him because this means they've all found each other. 

This means the world itself cared enough for them all. It means they've found each other, finally, after all of these years. 

Yoongi, at some point, stumbles forward to bow and when he pulls up, he can feel his own mouth lifted in a grin because it's everything he feels. 

They've all found each other. 

They've all found each other. 

They've all found each other. 

So yeah, Yoongi is grinning. 

He thinks it'll be hard for him to stop.



Yoongi's next birthday is special because it's his first birthday with all six of his soulmates by his side. Namjoon is the one that wakes him up with a soft kiss, whispering a "happy birthday" into his mouth, which Yoongi just hums at. 

Taehyung quickly follows, claiming he got to his bed first so it should have been him, but he kisses Yoongi anyway, both of them ignoring Namjoon's light protests. 

"Where are the others?" Yoongi asks, yawning. 

"Jimin, Jeongguk, and Seokjin are in the kitchen making us breakfast. The rest of us have been assigned to decorating duties so go back to bed so we can finish," says Namjoon.

Yoongi laughs. "Absolutely not. I can help if you need it."

" Or you could take a shower and dress in something nice so we can have a birthday photoshoot later on," Taehyung says. 

"Did Jimin put you up to this?"

Taehyung pouts. "I'm my own person, hyung. But yes, Jimin was going through one of our scrapbooks and complaining how underdressed you are on your birthdays."

"It's my birthday," Yoongi grumbles with a smile. "But fine. I'll let you all finish. I'll meet you out there soon." 

They both leave him alone in his bed which Yoongi lies in for another twenty minutes so he can reply to any birthday messages and have a short phone call with his parents. 

Finally, he gets out of bed when he hears something crash in the living room, but true to his word, he ignores every instinct in him and continues to their bathroom to get ready. 

After he's showered and dresses in something a bit nicer than he'd usually wear, he sighs and makes his way to the living room. 

Jeongguk is the first one to give him a hug and a kiss when he exits their small hallway to see them and their decorations. 

"Happy birthday, hyung," Jeongguk smiles, hugging him even tighter before whispering, "I'm really glad you're my soulmate, Yoongi."

Yoongi kisses his cheek, rolling his eyes as he exclaims, "Yahhh, Jeongguk, you can't just say that to me so early in the morning."

"It's after ten."

Instead of replying, Yoongi looks around, unable to hide his smile at the silly decorations they've put up, one of them just being a ridiculously giant baby picture of Yoongi that Yoongi will have to scold his parents for later. But he still smiles at the balloons and the dangling ornaments they've strewn strategically around. 

"Hyung, are you hungry?" Jimin asks from the kitchen. He holds up the bowl of miyeokguk and sets it on the table for Yoongi before rushing back to help Seokjin and Hoseok finish setting the rest of the table. Not before he stops to give Yoongi his birthday kiss though.

At some point, Hoseok comes over and gives Yoongi a short kiss as well and Yoongi is led to sit down as the six loves of his life sit down around him and wait for him to start eating. 

He smiles at the familiar taste. Seokjin made this in particular. 

"It's wonderful," he says. "Thank you."

Seokjin preens. "Of course. I expect you to make an even better broth for my birthday this year."

Yoongi just rolls his eyes at the joke and keeps eating. 

It's rare for all six of them to be able to eat in the morning together, Seokjin, Taehyung, and Yoongi often having to leave at different times compared to the rest of them. But they all cleared their schedules for today just to celebrate Yoongi and that alone is more than Yoongi could have asked for. One of Yoongi's favorite things to do in the world is spend time with all six of them.

They try and let Yoongi eat most of the meat but he doesn't let them, giving his final piece to Jeongguk who was eyeing it hungrily. 

"Thanks for helping cook, Jeongguk," he smiles.

"I helped cook, too! Where's my meat?" Jimin asks. 

Yoongi raises an eyebrow. "You said you were full already."

"I'm full… but still …."

Yoongi laughs, feeling happy down to his very bones. He looks around again, admiring how clean everything is. "What was the crash I heard earlier?" He asks, suddenly remembering it with a grin. 

Jeongguk groans. "It was an accident ."

"He broke one of Namjoon's candles," Hoseok snickers. "Namjoon nearly cried."

"I didn't cry!" Namjoon exclaims.

"I said nearly ."

"I'm sorry again, Namjoon-hyung," Jeongguk says. 

"Jeongguk, I told you already that it's okay. It's not like it even cost a lot either, it's fine, really, please don't worry about—"

"Was it the candle that smelled like water?" Jimin asks. "Because that one didn't really smell like anything, in my opinion."

Yoongi snorts. "Because it's water ," he adds.

Namjoon groans. "No, it wasn't the water one."

"Damn," Seokjin says. 

"I liked the water one," Taehyung comments. 

"Either way, I really am sorry, hyung," Jeongguk tries to explain again and it's just so ridiculous that Yoongi starts laughing. 

Because Yoongi was born with six stars, large and all-encompassing and beautiful, lined up across his entire left cheek, and for decades of his life he had wished he only had one instead of six. He had wished his stars could just be like everybody else's. He had wished he didn't have to have a face covered in abnormalities. 

After all, nobody had six soulmates. 

But now, he's sitting in a room with six men he loves who love him back. Seokjin had said at one point that he had prepared all of Yoongi's favorite meats for dinner and that Jimin and Hoseok had bought him his favorite cake. Namjoon has been dropping unsubtle hints for two weeks now about how much Yoongi is just going to love his birthday gift (Yoongi's positive it's that wooden table he's been yearning for) and Taehyung has offered to give Yoongi the best massage of a lifetime if he wants it (he wants it). Jeongguk hasn't said or offered anything which is warning enough that his gift will probably make Yoongi cry. 

And it's…


" Anyway ," Namjoon says over Yoongi's laughter. "Ready?"

Yoongi doesn't stop laughing as all of them stand up and surround him to start singing 'happy birthday' to him and Seokjin kisses the top of his head at one point, whispering a very loud, "Shut up and let us sing" that makes the rest of them burst into laughter too, so much so it's only Jeongguk that's able to finish singing the song. 

Yoongi feels—


The world has always cared much more about soulmates than Yoongi did. 

But Yoongi sits there, flushed face with a wide grin, and all six of his stars are beautiful and laughing and he feels so, so loved that he finally understands. 

Yoongi finally understands why the world cared so much about his soulmates.

It'll just never be anything compared to how much Yoongi cares for them. 

And because he knows they'd say the same thing about him, his love feels even more special. 


It feels even more real.

It feels written in the stars by Min Yoongi himself.