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Make a Mess (Break Some Rules)

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“You know,” Denki says, out of nowhere, face down on the floor. “I’ve never seen a pussy. Like a real one.”

 Eijirou hums “Me either,” without looking up from his worksheet, like it’s the most mundane, everyday conversation they’ve ever had.

Katsuki huffs, sets his textbook aside. “You wanna see mine?”

“Rules,” Katsuki says, and watches Eijirou and Denki nod like the overeager puppies they are. He holds up a finger, “Look, don’t touch, alright, jackasses?”

“What if—” Eijirou starts, and Katsuki shoots him a glare so intense his mouth snaps shut out of survival instinct.

Two. Don’t fucking say anything. You two have about as much tact as half ‘n half pre Deku intervention. If I felt like having someone inadvertently insult my pussy, I’d go flash it at Mineta.”

Eijirou winces, and Denki nods again, staring straight at Katsuki’s still clothed crotch, aided by the way Katsuki has always sat, his knees spread wide open. His cunt gives a little, inadvertent twitch at the attention, and Katsuki has half a mind to snap at it to calm down as well.

“Are those all the rules?” Denki asks, leaning forward to put his hands on his knees. “Can we see now?”

Katsuki glares. “Do anything stupid, and I’ll kill either of you without hesitation. That’s the last rule.”

“Got it,” Eijirou and Denki chirp together, and Katsuki gives an affirmative low hum.

“Pussy now?” Denki asks, and Eijirou thankfully elbows him in Katsuki’s place.

“Can’t believe I’m doing this,” he mutters, even as he pushes himself into half laying, lifting his hips to pull his sweatpants and his boxers over his thighs, wiggling out of them to hide himself behind his pressed together legs. Denki and Eijirou have no shame though, staring openly at the blonde hair trailing down Katsuki’s stomach, over the mound half hidden by Katsuki’s legs as he flushes, keeps his knees pushed side-by-side.

“Katsuki—” Eijirou says breathlessly, as Denki starts to squirm in place, shifting the bed slightly.

“Not a word,” Katsuki spits, as he lets his legs fall open, and bares his cunt to the air. It’s cold, and he feels himself twitch embarrassingly, turning his head away from his friends’ wide eyed stares to glare off into the corner of the room.

“Woah,” Denki breathes.

Katsuki turns back to face them with a huff. “What did I just say—”

“It’s pretty,” Eijirou says, bracing a hand on Denki’s shoulder to lean forward. They’re both staring between Katsuki’s legs, half dazed, and the weight of their eyes just makes Katsuki burn hotter, heat swirling uncomfortably in his belly. “Holy—Kat.

“It’s not anything special,” Katsuki grunts, and slips his legs back closed.

“No, no, wait,” Eijirou says, and Katsuki yelps as he leans forward, presses a hand to Katsuki’s knee. “Can we see you again, please? You… god.”

“I thought I told you not to touch,” Katsuki murmurs, even as he lets his legs slide back open at Eijirou’s insistence.

“That was about your pussy though, right?” Denki asks, and suddenly he’s right there too, pressed tight to Eijirou’s shoulders as they both leer at Katsuki’s cunt. He feels, embarrassingly, a bead of slick rolling out of him and down towards his ass, and Eijirou’s breath catches, Denki’s mouth falling open.

“Is that ‘cause of us?” Denki asks, and Katsuki blushes so bright he can feel it, reaching down to cover his pussy with one hand.

“N-no! It just does that sometimes—don’t fuckin’ get ahead of yourself, sparky, jesus.”

“It does it when you get turned on too, right?” Eijirou asks, horribly sincere gaze darting up to Katsuki’s face.

“Well… yeah.”

“Can we see?” Eijirou asks, and shuffles forward on his knees, coming close enough that now his knee is pressed to Katsuki’s calf.

“Yeah, yeah!” Denki says. He throws an arm around Eijirou’s shoulder and leans in. “We didn’t even get to see, like, the inside.”

“The inside,” Katsuki repeats flatly, his gaze narrowing. “This is ridiculous.” As ridiculous as Katsuki naked from the waist down, legs spread so his friends can see his quivering pussy? Maybe—jury’s still out on that one.

“C’mon,” Denki purrs, and Katsuki jumps as he reaches out, wraps a hand around Katsuki’s wrist and tugs it slightly away from his body. The touch is innocent enough, but it still makes Katsuki shiver, inexplicably, Denki’s soft fingers encasing his pulse point. “It’s not asking that much, right? I mean, you already gave us rules.”

Katsuki sighs, and lets himself be exposed again, shuddering as his hips shift against the blanket on his bed. Denki is the only one still watching his face considering Eijirou’s gaze is glued solely to Katsuki’s cunt, so he rolls his eyes, pulls his hand free of Denki’s grip to press it to his stomach. “Fine,” he spits, and Denki gives a celebratory fist pump. “But I’m doing this on my time, alright? Just… sit there.”

“Of course,” Denki coos, and leans onto Eijirou’s shoulder, successfully knocking him out of his trance. “We can be good, right, Ei?”

“Right,” Eijirou says, tongue swiping over his lips. He meets Katsuki’s eye with a sheepish grin that has Katsuki’s hand twitching on his stomach. “We’ll be real good, Kat.”

“Son of a bitch,” Katsuki sighs, and tips his head back, dropping into the blankets carefully. This is for the better, probably, staring at the ceiling instead of either of his friends. Especially with his palm flat on his stomach, his fingers crawling under the edge of his shirt to press to heated skin. Katsuki’s whole body feels hypersensitive and alight, and his skin breaks out into bumps as he starts to move down, down, down, over coarse hair, and then— “Hnn!”

“That was kinda hot,” Denki says, and Katsuki screws his eyes shut harder with a growl.

He parts his fingers around his clit, slips them through slick and hot skin, and then parts his folds, baring the inside of his pussy for Denki and Eijirou’s eyes.

“Jesus,” Denki says, like he’s in awe.

Eijirou nods, echoes, “Fuck.”

“It’s hard to—” Katsuki murmurs, holding back another noise as his fingers twitch, slipping over his hole as he repositions his wrist. “W-when you’re watching.” He breathes past a shudder, and lifts himself back up on his elbows, watching Eijirou and Denki lean closer when his legs part further for comfort. Now he can feel their heat on their thighs as both of them leer closer.

“Holy—” Denki chokes, as Katsuki’s cunt gives another twitch, his hips trying to push towards his hand. “Can we—okay we can’t touch you, but we can touch ourselves, right? Because I’m so fucking hard—”

No,” Katsuki snaps, his breath catching as he tries to switch to a different set of fingers, his middle one catching for a moment on his hole.

“Okay!” Denki says, and raises up his hands. “Got it, got it, don’t stop.”

Katsuki glares, but relaxes back when neither of them move, save for staring as Katsuki’s cunt fucking throbs, his hand itching to touch himself.

“You’re twitching like crazy,” Denki breathes, and Katsuki whimpers when his hand falls to his thigh, covering it up discreetly with a cough. Denki glances up at him, and Katsuki tries his best to avoid his curious, searching gaze. “Have you ever put anything, like, inside there?”

“None of your buisness,” Katsuki huffs, pressing his hand flat to his cunt again. He’s starting to feel… pulled in, magnetized towards Eijirou and Denki’s electric glares, and if he doesn’t get his hands away from himself he’s going to do something stupid—

“Can we?” Eijirou asks.

…like that.

“Can you what?” Katsuki asks, even though his clit gives a throb of approval.

Eijirou blushes, and reaches down, adjusts his cock in his pants that Katsuki finally notices is tenting spectacularly. And, ugh, it seems Denki is in the exact same condition. Maybe he should have just let them jerk off—it would be much less distracting than knowing they’re feeling the same way he is. “If you’re trying to put your dick in me, shitty hair—”

“No, no!” Eijirou’s eyes widen as his throws up his palms, reddening even worse. “Like your fingers! You can do it, it’s just… to see? What it looks like?”

Katsuki huffs, thinks, glances at Denki because he’s being suspiciously quiet. “Kami—”

“Can I?” Denki blurts, and Eijirou’s head whips to look at him. “Can I do it? Fuck, I kinda really wanna put my fingers in you, Kacchan, I can’t even imagine what that must feel like—”

“Not now,” Katsuki chokes out, finally managing to cut off Denki’s babbling. Eijirou is still staring at Denki, wide eyed with surprise, and Denki is staring at the bed with his lips pressed tight, an embarrassed flush over his face. “I’ll just… jesus, I’ll just show you two, alright? Fuck.”

He shifts a little lower onto one of his arms, the other pressing gently at the inside of one of his thighs, bumping up against bone. Fuck is he… is he really going to finger himself in front of his friends just to sate their own curiosity? He can feel the slick dribbling down his ass, and he knows the extra eyes aren’t making this any easier, as embarrassing as it is. He feels embarrassed and heady, drunk and aching for approval, for some kind of touch, for one of them to say something that’s… that’s—fuck. Permission.

“You better get your fill,” Katsuki grumbles, and slides his middle finger up through his slit, sinks it inside of himself with a quiet exhale. It’s tight, like it always is, and as strangely… alien, as his fingers have a tendency to be. Fingering himself never quite tips towards pleasure, even when Katsuki is two digits deep, frustrated and grinding against his hand.

He gives a few gentle pumps of his finger in and out, aided by how wet he’s gotten, and Eijirou and Denki stare in absolute silence as he goes, the room dissolving into the quiet schlick of Katsuki’s fingers.

The frustration is starting to set in, pleasure coiling hot in his belly but not having anywhere to go when there’s no pressure somewhere that actually seems to get him off. Katsuki’s legs twitch, and his cunt clenches around his finger, trying to create some kind of intense sensation.

He jumps, hard, when he feels something brush up against his clit, head snapping back on instinct as Katsuki whines, long and low. “What the f-f-fuck?” he spits, cut off when one of his friends presses up against his clit again gently, and sends Katsuki’s toes curling in the sheets. “Oh f-ffuckk, I thought I told you two not to touch—"

“Do you know what this looks like?” Eijirou murmurs, and Katsuki presses his chin down to his chest, glaring as he realizes that it’s Denki with his thumb up against Katsuki’s clit, his fingers spread and reaching up towards his naval. Katsuki goes to curse him out, even as his hips give an involuntary grind up into the digit. “You’re so wet, Katsuki. Fuckin—” Another gasp rattles out of Katsuki, unused to Eijirou swearing. His hips jump off of the bed when Eijirou presses a hand to his thigh and makes him spread wider, Denki turning to circling Katsuki’s clit in mind numbing grinds of his finger.

Katsuki’s fingers inside of himself twitch, and this time it feels like he’s been shocked, his cunt gushing more slick as he moans into the air. But holy fuck has this never felt so good, his fingers stretching him to the point of feeling full and hot as Denki keeps playing with his clit. And Eijirou, Eijirou keeps his hand on Katsuki’s thigh like it’s not driving him insane, stroking up and down as he mutters, breathy gasps of fuck yeah, fuckk yeah’s and a single harder, Kat that makes Katsuki’s knee jump up, his hips grinding up into Denki’s hand and then down onto his own. And then he feels Ei’s hand join his towards his ass, gathering slick up on Eijirou’s fingers and pressing just towards Katsuki’s stretched hole.

Katsuki glances down just in time to see Eijirou’s finger pull away, connected to his pussy by a translucent line of thick fluid. Katsuki groans, and then feels his hole clench again because Eijirou sticks his tongue out, pets across his mouth with the fingers coated in slick.

“Fuck!” Katsuki shouts, hips twitching again, grinding against his and Denki’s fingers. “Fuck, fuck, fu—uck! Wait, we c-can’t—I ca—an’t, I think I’m gonna cum oh fuck, please we c-can’t—”

“Really?” Denki breathes, and captures Katsuki’s clit between two fingers, sending Katsuki into a fit of jerks of his hips and breathless stutters as he fucks his finger inside of himself faster. Denki presses his hand up under Katsuki’s thigh and pushes it back, splitting Katsuki near in half. “Can you really cum like this, Kacchan? Holy—let us see, please, please—”

Katsuki gasps and tosses his head, as the heat in him blots out all his other thoughts, comes hard and fast as it wells up underneath his skin. Katsuki is almost afraid of it, because it’s so much more than it’s ever been by himself, his back bowing off of the bed with a shaky plant of his feet. Katsuki’s breath catches, and his hips jerk, and he feels himself clench like a vice around his finger, his cunt twitching as he cums so hard he can only take stilted, stuttering breaths as he cums, and cums, and cums, unable to stop twitching, his hips jumping.

“Holy shit,” Eijirou wheezes, but it’s hard to hear over Katsuki’s own loud keening, torn from him without his permission.

“Katsuki cums like a pornstar,” Denki breathes, and Katsuki doesn’t even have the strength to kick him. He can barely catch his breath, legs shaking as he stares up at the ceiling.

“You two are so dea—ohhh fuck!” Katsuki jerks when he feels two fingers slip through his creamy cunt, tips slipping into his hole. “W-what now? Wh—hhy?”

“I didn’t get to touch,” Eijirou says, and there’s something half apologetic, half petulant in his voice. Katsuki feels his walls flutter around the tips of Eijirou’s fingers, and he whines breathlessly, reaching down to wrap his hand around Eijirou’s wrist.

And Katsuki, oh fuck, Eijirou’s fingers do not feel like Katsuki’s. They’re thicker, a little softer, and send Katsuki’s whole body flooding to life with heat again, his chest heaving for breaths that just won’t come. “Your f-f-fingers—” Katsuki stutters, wholly unsure of what words are when Eijirou’s fingers press and curl.

“They’re like sucking you in,” Denki says in awe, and Katsuki opens his eyes just in time to see that Denki has settled back against Eijirou’s chest, watching as he fingers Katsuki into a shaking, shivering mess. He’s still so sensitive he thinks that if either of them touched his clit he’d fall apart, but it’s not like the fingers are any better, stretching Katsuki like a—like—

“Oh fuck, is this what your dick feels like?” he babbles, grinding against Eijirou’s fingers. He feels Eijirou’s hand tense under his palm, and Katsuki gapes up at the ceiling in disbelief. “I didn’t say that,” he pants. “Holy fuck, I did not say that.”

He feels Eijirou’s fingers twitch inside of him, and Katsuki groans into the silence.

“Katsuki…” Eijirou says slowly.

Denki gasps under his breath. “Do you want us to fuck you?”

Katsuki’s brain has several answers immediately. Yes, no, yes, yes, yes, please. Not in a million years—Immediately. What comes out of his mouth is closer to, “H-hhuh?”

“Can we?” Denki asks, and Katsuki slides his eyes open to catch him staring, eyes wide with Eijirou’s chin hooked over his shoulder. “We’ll do it so good, promise. Please, oh my god, my dick is so hard—”

This is such a bad idea, a bad, bad fucking idea, but Eijirou is still rocking his fingers up inside of Katsuki, making him shiver and whimper and wholly unable to rationalize why he should get more of this.

Fine!” Katsuki groans, whimpering as Eijirou’s fingers slip away. He throws an arm over his eyes and groans. “I’ve never… more than my fingers though. So, don’t just… shove it all in, half-wit.”

“I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t,” Denki insists, and Katsuki shivers at the sound of him shuffling out of his pants, peeking open his eyes to catch Eijirou’s offered aid as Denki struggles. And then he can see Denki’s cock, flushed and hard, and Katsuki swallows, watches as Eijirou gives Denki’s cock a few pumps. It’s the hand shiny with Katsuki’s slick, sliding easily around Denki’s length. Denki groans at the contact, his head falling back on Eijirou’s shoulder, and he looks… fucking gorgeous to say the least, thrusting up in to Eijirou’s hand. “Okay, wait,” Denki breathes, and pulls Eijirou’s hand away.

Katsuki blinks, and his breath catches when Eijirou lifts himself up a little bit, guiding Denki forward and pressing the blunt head of his cock to Katsuki’s hole, and then it’s fuck, Katsuki feels himself twitch, Denki grinding against him at Eijirou’s aid, and then he’s sliding in slowly, aided by so much slick, Eijirou’s steady hand.

“You’re tight,” Denki gasps, as Eijirou guides their hips together, and then Denki is moaning, grabbing handfuls of Katsuki’s hips and squeezing. “Holy fuck, this is—hnnn your pussy, Katsuki, you feel so good, I can’t believe you’re so tight.”

It’s a little funny, complaints sitting on Katsuki’s tongue even as his brain swims in his skull, his thoughts slipping out of grasp with how full he feels. Denki’s cock isn’t big, but it’s certainly bigger than any fingers, and so, so hot. Katsuki’s toes curl and flex, and the first jerk of Denki’s hips has Katsuki choking, his hands shooting down instinctively to cover his pussy.

Denki catches his wrists and holds them together, grinding up inside of Katsuki as he starts up a slow, easy rhythm. “Fuck, when you hold your arms together like that,” Denki pants. “Oh my god, oh my g—od.”

Please,” Katsuki chokes out, the first words he’s even able to track down. He can’t even catch either pair of searching eyes, because Denki is staring pointedly at Katsuki’s chest, and Eijirou is watching Denki’s cock slide in and out of Katsuki with a reverence that rivals miracle.

Katsuki is having so much trouble keeping his faculties straight, especially as Eijirou shuffles slightly, his hands going to Denki’s hips as he helps him fuck Katsuki harder, better, grinding his hips up inside and making them both groan. Katsuki’s wrists squirm in Denki’s hold by he just tugs harder, panting as Katsuki’s back bows off of the bed.

“Shitty—” Katsuki spits out, eyes rolling back in his head as Denki fucks somewhere so good it sends him reeling. “Kami,” he groans. “Kamina—ah, fuck! Denki, h-harder, Ei, make him go harder, fuck me harder—"

Eijirou shuffles again, and presses his nose under Denki’s ear, holding him steady as Denki plants a hand on his thigh and fucks Katsuki until the bed is rattling.

“Are you close?” Eijirou whispers, voice low enough that Katsuki can barely hear it over the loud slap of his and Denki’s hips together. It makes Denki shiver, his hips stuttering for a moment before righting, and Katsuki’s fingers flex in his grasp. “Look at how he takes it. Your cock’s all covered in cum.”

“Oh my god,” Denki rushes out, and tips his head back against Eijirou’s shoulder. He squeezes Katsuki’s hip again and then starts pulling him back to meet each one of his thrusts. “Oh my god, oh my—fuck.”

“You should cum in him,” Eijirou whispers, and Katsuki gasps, his body jolting at the idea. “Can you imagine what it’ll look like with all that cum pouring out of him? He’s gonna be so wet, fucking ruined—”

Denki gasps again, and Katsuki bites his lip so hard he’s scared he’s going to draw blood. “Can I?” Denki asks on a punched out breath, pulling Katsuki all the way down his cock and then holding him there, groaning as Katsuki’s cunt gives a weak flutter. “I wanna cum in you, please, please—”

“H-hurry,” Katsuki chokes out. “I’m gonna—fuck me—I’m not gonna last that long.”

Fuck I wanna feel you cum on my cock so bad, Katsuki, Katsuki—”

Katsuki whines as Denki lets his wrists go and leans forward, slamming his hips up inside of Katsuki as he shiver and shakes, feeling another intense orgasm pressing down around his cunt. But it’s… its different, harder, and he can feel himself twitching so bad, fuck, fuck—

Denki,—” Katsuki chokes out, a slight warning, and his back arches as he cums again, his legs drawing up and together, and then fuck he squirts gut clenching as Denki and Eijirou both moan, loud, Denki’s hips thrusting into him harder.

“That’s so fucking hot I didn’t know—fuck, fuck—I didn’t know you could squirt, Kacchan, I’m gonna cum, you’re gonna make me cum,” Katsuki is still quivering when Denki slams inside and his cock twitches, spilling messily and filling Katsuki with hot cum. It’s one of the most disgusting things Katsuki has felt, and he loves it, even as Denki pulls out, shuffling away with a ragged breath.

Katsuki sags into the bed with a groan, watching blearily as Denki rolls off to the side, sitting at Katsuki’s hip to catch his breath. And then, oh god, Katsuki can feel the cum start to come out, trickling slowly from his abused hole. He covers his face as he flushes, shivering as Denki presses a hand to his stomach and presses until the slow stream of cum turns into a gush.

Fuck!” Katsuki shouts, knees drawing up as he feels a finger nudge against his clit. “I can’t, anymore,” he sniffs. “I can’t cum anymore—”

“Hey,” Eijirou says, and Katsuki bites his lip with a shudder. “Katsuki. Look at me, baby.”

Katsuki blinks open teary eyes to glance up at Eijirou, hovering over him. “We were just looking, okay? Just looking, we’re not gonna do anything you don’t want.”

Katsuki sniffs, and tries to press his thighs together, restricted by Eijirou between his legs. “You didn’t cum,” he whimpers.

“I don’t need to,” Eijirou says, and Katsuki feels Denki’s fingers smoothing up his stomach, petting across his skin soothingly.

“I want you to,” Katsuki says, squirming. He reaches between his legs, and pushes fingers down his slit, shivering as he feels cum gather on his fingers, before he slides his fingers through his folds and pulls them apart for Eijirou to see. “You can slide it through,” he says, and carefully nudges Eijirou with his foot. “It should be easy.”

It shouldn’t be hot how Katsuki can see Eijirou’s pupils swell, but it makes him throb, his legs shaking as Eijirou puts one hand on Katsuki’s thighs, the other down his own pants. And Katsuki’s mouth waters when he pulls his cock out, because Ei is thick, intimidating enough that Katsuki feels his breath catch. “Are you sure?” Eijirou asks, and slicks his hand up on his cock, glancing down when Katsuki’s thighs jump. “You don’t have to—”

“Eijirou,” Katsuki growls, and reaches down to grab Denki’s wrist for stability. “I want to feel it. God, if you grind that monster up on me…” Denki laughs quietly as Katsuki tips his head back to groan, his free hand twisting into the bedsheets.

“You can’t imagine,” Eijirou says, and Katsuki gasps, as fingers slide through the cum gushing out of his cunt. “You cannot imagine what you look like right now. Fat, pink pussy all twitching for me—”

He startles another groan out of Katsuki, taken off guard when Eijirou slaps his cock up against Katsuki’s cunt. “Oh, s-shit—”

Denki cups his face as Eijirou grinds his cock down onto Katsuki’s clit, aided by Katsuki’s jerking hips, trying to move towards or away from simulation, he’s not really sure. “You’re so wet, fuck, you’re so sexy—”

Eijirou,” Katsuki whines, and turns his face into Denki’s hand when it slides up his chest. “Hurry, hurry, it’s too much.”

Eijirou leans back with a quiet breath, splaying his thumb across his cock, fucking through Katsuki’s pussy and his own finger, grinding up against Katsuki’s clit until he’s mewling weakly, his legs struggling to jump closed.

Denki’s eyes keep jumping back between Eijirou’s face and Katsuki’s, his cheeks flushed and his pupils blown out. He pets over Katsuki’s cheek like it’s subconscious. “Fuck, this is so hot, oh fuck, Kacchan, if I was hard I’d put my fucking dick in your mouth—”

“Use your fingers,” Katsuki breathes, and tips his head to the side, angling his mouth towards Denki’s hand. “Put your f-f-nnnngh! Put your fingers in my mouth—keep looking at me, k-keep—”

Denki slides his fingers past Katsuki’s lips with a quiet swear, and the weight of his salty fingers on his tongue, the grind of Eijirou’s cockhead against his pussy pushes him into another stuttering orgasm, Denki’s fingers petting over his tongue as he cums with a wheeze instead of a scream, Kirishima groaning from between his legs.

“You look so good,” Eijirou croaks. “Cumming just ‘cause Denki shoved his fingers in your mouth you’re a fucking—slut—”

Katsuki whines so hard his voice breaks, and Eijirou’s cock jerks against his cunt, spilling across Katsuki’s clit as he rolls his hips away with a groan, coming up Katsuki’s stomach towards his chest.

Katsuki is so spent he can’t move, staring dazedly up at the ceiling as Eijirou pants, as Denki strokes along the edge of Katsuki’s jaw. “Do you want me to take my fingers out?” he asks. Katsuki closes his eyes with a flutter, nodding weakly.

“Dude,” Eijirou breathes, and Katsuki feels his nose wrinkle at the catch in his voice. “You are, like, covered in cum.”

“Whose fault do you think that is?” Katsuki croaks at the ceiling. He throws his arms over his eyes. “Jesus. I give you three rules, and you break every single one.”

“Sorry,” Eijirou says, sounding adorably apologetic.

“Sorry, dude,” Denki says, and Katsuki reaches up and hits him as best as he can, because he sounds about as insincere as humanly possible.

“I’m making a new rule,” Katsuki says, and listens to the shuffling, humming as Denki and Eijirou voice their assent. He spreads his legs, shivers at the cool air. “It’s your mess,” he grunts, and wraps his legs around Eijirou’s hips. “Clean it up.”