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The Madagascar Tree

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The Jupiter 2 had just entered the orbit of the planet they had hoped to never return to. The planet where the kids never aged. The whole family was gathered on the Bridge. They were all curious about the response they were going to receive.

“Jupiter 2,” They heard over the ship’s intercom. “This is Bartholomew, what are you doing back here?”

“Bartholomew, This is Professor Robinson. Will was in the Pod when it went through the wormhole. We need to get him back.”

“Will? Why did Will go?”

“It was an accident, but it launched with him on board. We need your help.”

“It’s out of the question. First of all, there’s nothing we could do. We have nothing that would go through the wormhole. Your pod was the only chance. Secondly, you are not welcome here, turn your ship around.”

“Barth, this is Penny. You have to help us. Will is all by himself. He didn’t want to go back to Earth. He wanted to stay with his family. There has to be a way to get him back.”

“There’s nothing we can do Penny. A Discoverer Ship was supposed to go to Earth when we first left our planet. We never knew if they made it, but we sent our last Scout there in April of eighteen ninety seven, Earth time, just in case. A month later our radio telescope picked up a tiny radio wave, coming from the wormhole.”

“Marconi,” Judy said. “He sent his first radio signal across the Atlantic in May of eighteen ninety seven. Maybe that was it.”

They all looked at her. “What?…I read,” she said, sounding exasperated. 

“It would have been too weak,” Don argued.

“Maybe for our technology,” John said.

“When we received the signal, we had hope,” Bartholomew said. “We assumed that the signal was sent to let us know he had made it. The boy we sent. But we never heard from him or anyone else. And that was our last Scout. Even if we wanted to help you, we couldn’t.”

“Bartholomew, bring us in,” John said. “Maybe together we can figure this out. I think you owe us that much.”

“It’s out of the question,” The boy said.

“Bring us in, Bartholomew,” Penny said. She was crying now. “Please. I promised my brother I wouldn’t give up until we got him back. He wouldn’t give up on me when I wanted to stay there, and I won’t give up on him. Please.”

“I’m bringing you in, Penny.” It was a girl’s voice. It was Marti.

They heard arguing but the microphone was cut off. A few minutes went by, then Marti’s voice came back over the speaker. “Prepare for landing Jupiter 2, I’m locking on your ship now and guiding you through the force field. I don’t know if we can help…but Professor Robinson is right, we owe it to you to try.”