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Put Those Field Medic Hands to Good Use

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When Eddie had woken up that morning, he had not been expecting his day to hold any surprises. It had been a morning like every other morning. Eddie had woken up to the sound of his alarm. Layed in bed for an extra ten minutes trying to banish the most recent dream, that had heavily featured his best friend– to the dark recesses of his mind.

Ever since Buck had told Eddie and Hen about wanting to get his nipples re-pierced, it was basically the only thing Eddie could think about. The image his brain had so traitorously conjured of Buck’s chest, rosy nipples impaled by delicate pieces of metal– haunted his every moment. He was losing his mind, imagining what the piercings would feel like under his fingers, on his tongue. What would they taste like, what would Buck– Okay, yup. That train of thought was dangerous and Eddie needed to shut that shit down.

Eddie spent the rest of the morning frantically getting himself ready for work and Christopher ready for school. He had maybe spent a little too much extra time in bed, thoughts spiraling around Buck, and now he was going to be late to his shift.

Christopher was dropped off at school with a quick kiss to his forehead and shouted “Have a good day at school,” through the car’s window as Eddie sped off towards the station. Miraculously, Eddie found himself pulling into the station’s parking lot with five minutes to spare. He had definitely violated some traffic laws on the way there, but that wasn’t the important part.

The station was bustling with activity as everyone got ready for the shift change. Eddie made a beeline for the locker room, ready to put on his uniform and throw himself into the day. What he was not ready for was coming face to face with Buck’s bare chest.
His morning greeting died in his throat as he made eye contact with nipples. Buck’s nipples. Buck’s pierced nipples. Holy shit. Buck had been serious and was apparently trying to kill Eddie.

The oxygen had been sucked out of the room, Eddie was sure of it. That was the reason he was suddenly dizzy, not because all of the blood in his brain abandoned ship and headed down south at the sight of his best friend’s new piercings. Yeah, that was totally it.

“Hey Eddie, I was actually hoping I could get your help with something.”

Thinking of all the ugliest calls he had ever been on, Eddie responded, “Uh, sure, Buck. Anything you need.” he cringed at how breathless he sounded. Buck was making him look like a fool.

“I ran out of gauze at my apartment, and I need to cover these bad boys up before shift so they don’t get caught on my shirt.”

Eddie swore as he banged his head against the inside of his locker. Holy shit. Buck was actually out to murder Eddie.

“Y’know, thought I could get you to help me, put those field medic hands to good use.”

Eddie was pretty sure someone could have fried an egg on his face at this point. He barely heard what Hen said over her shoulder as she left the locker room, over the sound of Buck’s explosive laughter.

Once they were the only two left in the locker room, Eddie felt like the tension had become visible in the air between him and Buck. Everything stayed silent as they both pulled on their uniforms. Eddie was so focused on trying to maintain a normal facial expression, that he almost, almost missed how much longer Buck was taking to pull on his uniform. Every one of his movements seemed to have an added flare.

A realization hit Eddie like a wrecking ball to the stomach. Buck was putting on a show. For him. That bastard knew exactly what he was doing, and he was teasing Eddie.

Well, two could play at that game.

Eddie watched as Buck pulled off his shirt. The fabric of the t-shirt was dragged up and off slowly, fabric balled up in Buck’s hands. The t-shirt was tossed into the locker as Buck turned his body slightly, exposing his piercings to the air again, and to Eddie.

Making sure that the younger man was looking at him, Eddie shamelessly raked his eyes over the skin in front of him, with hooded lids and a lip bite thrown in for good measure. There was no mistaking the intentions behind his gaze.

Satisfaction pooled in Eddie’s stomach as a surprised look flashed across Buck’s face, quickly followed by a rosy flush. Oh, Eddie was only getting started.

“How about I get those covered up for you right now,” Eddie offered, gesturing to Buck’s chest.

“Huh- oh!” Buck’s flush got darker, nearly blotting out his birthmark, as he realized what Eddie was referring to. “You don’t have to man, I was–”

Cutting him off, Eddie continued “Nah man, I’m happy to help out.”

The disbelieving look on Buck’s face melted into one of cautious optimism, as he watched Eddie take the first-aid kit down from the wall.

“Sit down.”

Buck scrambled to comply with Eddie's order, swinging a leg over the bench and plopping down with an unexpected amount of enthusiasm. Huh. Eddie would definitely be tucking that little bit of information away for later...hopefully.

Mirroring Buck’s position, Eddie sat down on the bench and opened the first-aid kit between them. He pulled out a couple of pads of gauze and a roll of medical tape. He knew that Buck absolutely did not need his help with this, but it was the game they were playing, and Eddie was playing to win.

Their knees pressed together as Eddie moved closer down the bench. He held up the first square of gauze, ‘accidentally’ brushing his knuckles over Buck’s nipple. His breath ghosted over Eddie’s knuckles as he hissed out a pained breath.

“Whoops,” Eddie could barely contain the smirk in his voice. He knew Buck had heard his insincerity, based on the narrow-eyed glare shot his way.

Even though it wasn't the most sanitary, Eddie held the roll of tape up with one hand and ripped a piece off with his teeth, leaving his other hand pressed to Buck’s chest. Just to keep the gauze up, of course. There wasn’t a single part of Eddie that regretted that move as he watched Buck’s pupils dilate, his tongue swiping across his pink lower lip.

Eddie took his time smoothing the piece of tape over the gauze and Buck’s chest. He was nothing if not thorough, so he made sure that both squares of gauze were secured in place with ample amounts of tape. It would hurt like a bitch to take off later. Eddie fought a smirk at the thought, it served Buck right.

The air of the locker room was charged. Eddie watched Buck, all of his little reactions as Eddie openly stared. The bob of his adam’s apple as he swallowed thickly, the flutter of his unfairly long lashes as he stared at Eddie’s lips. The pink plushness of Buck’s parted lips, glistening as the tip of Buck’s tongue swiped across them.

The world could have been ending outside of the locker room, and Eddie would never have noticed. All of his attention was focused on Buck’s lips. Eddie wanted to devour the open-mouthed expression off of his face. He could feel himself leaning forward, the heated space between their two bodies being eaten up.

If Eddie hadn’t been so attuned to Buck at the moment, he would have missed the tiny gasp that caught in the back of the man’s throat or the way that his pupils blew out, consuming nearly all of the beautiful blue iris.

Their breaths mingled as they both leaned together, helpless to resist the draw of each other, trapped in each other’s gravity.

Eddie nearly bit his tongue off as the shrill sound of the bell rang out through the station. Buck didn’t look like he was in any better shape, mouth hanging open, eyes wide and shell-shocked.

For a brief moment, Eddie was consumed with the strongest desire to stomp his feet and flail his arms around like a toddler throwing a tantrum. He cannot believe he just got cockblocked by the fucking bell. Instead, he scooped up Buck’s abandoned uniform shirt and tossed it to the younger man. Buck fumbled to catch it, clutching it to his chest.

“Put your shirt on, and let’s go,” Eddie ordered, before striding out the door, leaving Buck floundering behind him.

The rest of the shift was passing slow as molasses, and Eddie wanted to tear his hair out, or slam Buck up against the nearest vertical surface and ravish him. The rest of the team was avoiding Eddie like the plague, clearly sensing that he was in a dangerous mood. Except for Buck. He was sticking to Eddie’s side like a magnet. An exceptionally bratty magnet.

It seemed like Buck had made his sole mission to tease Eddie as much as humanly possible. Everywhere Eddie turned there was Buck. The man was going out of his way to rile Eddie up, making sure that he couldn’t forget about the new additions to Buck’s chest. To accomplish this, he was draping himself on any available surface, so that the fabric of his shirt pulled taught and the outline of the gauze could be seen. The fucking gauze that Eddie himself had taped over Buck’s fucking nipples.

His pierced nipples.

Eddie knew no peace. Buck draped over the couch, draped against the side of the truck, draped over a confused-looking Chimney.

He was going to fucking lose his mind, or his dick was going to fall off from being half hard since his shift started.

Of course, Buck didn’t stop at just showing off, he was also going out of his way to touch Eddie.

A hand ghosted over Eddie’s side as Buck walked past, a warm hand resting just a little too high up on Eddie’s thigh to be considered appropriate as they sat eating lunch, but the final straw had been when Eddie was reaching for a cup on the highest shelf in the kitchen.

Eddie could feel Buck come up behind him, felt the heat that radiated off the taller man as he pressed up right behind him. His body was a line of scorching heat all down Eddie’s back.

“Need me to get that,” Buck asked, his breath ghosted past Eddie’s cheek, lips brushing against the shell of his ear.

Eddie couldn’t respond.

He was rooted to the spot because as Buck reached over him to grab the out-of-reach cup, his chest was pushed into Eddie’s back. Eddie could feel them. Through the layers of their shirts and the gauze, Eddie could feel Buck’s piercings.

That was it. If Buck kept up teasing Eddie, he was going to break, and that would end up with Eddie bending Buck over the nearest flat surface or Eddie fucking up on a call. Both options were not great things to have happen in the workplace.

All the air rushed out of Buck’s lungs with an ‘oof’ as Eddie whirled around, switching their positions. Buck now had his back pressed against the kitchen counter and cupboards with Eddie pressed to his front.

Taking two fistfuls of Buck’s shirt in his hands, Eddie hauled him down so they were nearly nose to nose before he snarled, “Cut that shit out, Buck.”

Wide blue eyes stared at Eddie, and he watched as Buck’s pupils ate up the color. Pink lips were open in a surprised ‘o’ and it took every inch of Eddie’s self-control to stop himself from leaning forward and kissing that expression right off Buck’s face.

Buck seemed to recover enough to taunt Eddie, asking “Cut what out?”

Eddie was going to absolutely destroy this man.

Since there was no one in the loft, and because he felt like doing some teasing of his own, Eddie roughly shoved his thigh between Buck’s legs.

The sound the younger man made as Eddie pressed his thigh up into Buck’s crotch was the most wonderful sound he had ever heard. He tucked it away into the back of his brain to be examined later with help from his right hand.

A shiver raced through Buck, Eddie could feel it as he leaned in closer to growl in his ear, “You are such a brat.”

With that, Eddie let go of Buck and strode out of the loft, leaving the younger man to flounder after getting a taste of his own medicine.

For the rest of the shift, Buck kept his hands to himself. Eddie still caught the other man giving him heated looks, and pushing his chest out a little more than necessary when Eddie was watching.

Eddie felt like he was a pressure cooker about to explode. The end of the shift could not come fast enough.

After Eddie had left Buck in the loft, he had rushed down to the locker room to take a breather and to put his plan in motion.

He called his Abuela, asking if Chris could spend the night with her. She had agreed, excited to spend the time with her great-grandson, but had asked him why the change of plans. Eddie told her that he was going to hang out with Buck after their shift.

There had been a heavy silence over the line, long enough that Eddie thought she had hung up on him. Then, Abuela had laughed and told him to ‘have a good time with Buck’ before she did hang up.

Whether or not the evening went as Eddie had planned, he knew he was going to want the house empty. If everything worked out, the house would absolutely not be an appropriate place for a child to be. If it didn’t work out, well, Eddie was going to want to wallow with a tub of ice cream in peace.

The end of the shift had finally arrived. Eddie could have kissed Bobby when his captain told everyone to hit their lockers and head home. Eddie refrained because there was a different firefighter that he would much rather kiss, no offense to Bobby.

The tension in the locker room was palpable as Eddie walked in behind Buck. They both changed out of their uniforms and back into their civvies without speaking.

Buck kept sneaking glances at Eddie as they both pulled on their clothes, and it was taking every minuscule scrap of Eddie’s military training to not break in that moment and push the other man up against the lockers and destroy him.

The tension was electricity crackling between them as they walked out of the station, shoulder to shoulder. The energy was drawing tighter, spitting sparks. Something was going to give, and soon.

They made their way out into the parking lot and the pair came to a stop by Eddie’s truck.

Next to him, Buck inhaled before turning to face Eddie. The bravado from earlier seemed to be leaving him, as Buck sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck. He muttered, “Look man, about earlier. I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable or pushed–”

Fuck it. Eddie was done listening to Buck talk.

Twisting his hands in the front of Buck’s shirt, Eddie pushed him until his back hit the side of the truck. Before Buck could say anything, Eddie was hauling him down into a bruising kiss.

He kept it brief because they were still standing outside of their workplace, but Eddie was pretty sure he would have passed away if hadn’t finally kissed Buck.

When he pulled back, Buck leaned forward, chasing Eddie’s lips.

With a chuckle, Eddie leaned back in so his mouth was right next to Buck’s ear, “Oh, I’ll make you sorry for teasing me like that.”

A delicious blush was beginning to crawl up Buck’s neck, and he turned his head, open-mouthed with shock to look at Eddie.

“Do you have any idea what you’ve been doing to me,” Eddie growled.

Buck didn’t look like he could form any coherent thoughts to respond to Eddie.

Eddie couldn’t help himself. He ground his groin against Buck’s hip, making sure the other man could feel just exactly what Buck was doing to him.

A wounded sound punched its way from Buck’s chest.

“So here’s what’s going to happen. You’re going to get in my truck. I’m going to drive us home, and then I’m going to show you how sorry you can really be.”

Buck was a bobblehead, nodding his head so quickly Eddie feared for his neck.

The sound of the truck unlocking was followed by Buck scrambling around to the passenger side and nearly ripping the door off its hinges as he threw it open and bodily threw himself into the passenger seat.

Eddie laughed to himself as he climbed up into his seat. If he had known that bossing Buck around would get this kind of reaction, he would have done it years ago. Would have saved everyone suffering through a whole lot of sexual tension.

Smirking, Eddie told Buck, “buckle up.”

Buck shot him a glare, but the severity of it was reduced by the deep flush painted across his face, so pink his birthmark was almost invisible.

Complying with Eddie’s request, Buck moved to buckle himself in, hissing when the fabric of the seatbelt dragged across his chest.

The leather of the steering wheel creaked under Eddie’s hands as arousal swooped in his belly.

He needed to get Buck in his bed yesterday. No traffic laws were safe.



The drive to Eddie’s house was torture. Finally, after years of sexual tension and dancing around each other, all it had taken for something to break was Buck getting his nipples pierced. If he had known that, he would have shown up to his second shift with Eddie sans shirt and sporting some new jewelry.

Eddie had barely gotten the truck parked in the drive before Buck was tripping over himself to get out.

Buck got out of the truck and nearly ran to the front door like someone had lit a fire underneath him. He didn’t wait for Eddie, just went ahead and took out his key for the front door that Eddie had given him.

Impressed with himself for being able to fit the key in the lock with his trembling hands, Buck opened the door with a noise of triumph, quickly tripping over the threshold into the house.

He was halfway through untying his shoes when warm hands slipped underneath his shirt and smoothed over the muscles of his back. He startled slightly but quickly turned into Eddie’s embrace as the other man shut the door with his foot behind them.

Eddie’s hands felt like brands where they rested against Buck’s waist, underneath the fabric of his t-shirt. Eddie met Buck halfway as he leaned in for a kiss.

It was the single hottest thing Buck had ever experienced.

The kiss was rough, their teeth clicked together when they initially crashed their mouths together, but they quickly settled into a heated rhythm of lips and slick tongues sliding together.

If he had the functioning brain cells at that moment, Buck would have been embarrassed by the small whimper he made in the back of his throat, as Eddie thoroughly devoured his mouth.

The door rattled in its frame as Eddie spun the pair around and slammed Buck against it. Buck brought his hands up to cradle Eddie’s jaw, deepening the kiss. Eddie’s hands were still on Buck’s waist, and he was pretty sure there were going to be some fingerprint-shaped bruises in his future. He was ecstatic.

The space between them became hot and humid as they broke the kiss to suck in much-needed air. Buck couldn’t take his eyes away from Eddie’s kiss-swollen and spit-slicked lips. He swiped his tongue across his own swollen bottom lip, and Eddie’s dark eyes tracked the movement. The other man’s pupils were blown so wide there was barely any of the beautiful brown color left. It made something primal in Buck preen, he had done that. He was the reason Eddie looked like he was seconds away from losing his composure completely and devouring Buck whole.

Buck dove back in for another kiss and was unable to keep the frown from his face when Eddie brought his hands up to Buck’s chest and pushed him away. Unbidden, a hurt noise fell from Buck’s mouth. Had he done something wrong? Did Eddie just suddenly decide that he didn’t want this? Didn’t want Buck? Of course, Buck would respect his wishes, but that didn’t mean it wouldn’t hurt like hell. Buck wasn’t sure if he would even be able to bounce back from a rejection like that.

Eddie, who always seemed to be a mind reader when it came to Buck, noticed his spiraling thoughts and quickly grasped the back of Buck’s neck, bowing his head down so Eddie could press their foreheads together, shushing Buck.

Eddie’s voice was achingly serious as he breathed into the space between them, “Buck, you have to tell me right now if I’m reading things wrong.” He took a deep breath before continuing, voice barely above a whisper as if he didn’t want to break the intimate bubble they had found themselves in, “this can’t be a one-time thing for me, and I’m pretty sure you feel the same way, but I need to know for sure.”

Nearly choking on the sheer volume of his emotions, Buck babbled “I do, Eddie I want you so bad. Not just one time, and not just sex. I want to wake up next to you every morning and I want to make pancakes with Chris. I want to call this house my home–“ The mass of emotion in Buck’s throat stopped him short, overwhelming him. He just felt so much, and he needed Eddie to know that. He needed him to know that Buck would take anything and everything Eddie would give him.

A startled noise left Buck when suddenly, Eddie was crushing their mouths back together.

Where his words had failed him, Buck tried to pour every ounce of his emotions for Eddie into their kiss, and he suspected Eddie was trying to do the same. Their bodies were pressed impossibly close as if the proximity would allow their respective oceans of feelings to bleed into each other.

Breaking the kiss, Eddie panted, “God Buck, I want that too.”

All Buck could do was cling to Eddie as he continued, “We will talk about this, about us, later.” Buck nodded his head.

When Eddie spoke again, it was with the tone of voice Eddie had used when he had ordered Buck into his truck outside of the station, “but right now, I am going to fuck you,” Eddie paused to whisper hotly in Buck’s ear, “if that’s alright with you.”

It was a miracle Buck didn’t give himself whiplash with how quickly he nodded his head, “Yes, sir.” He had meant to say it jokingly, but it had come out far too breathlessly to be anything but genuine. Eddie didn’t seem to mind, in fact, he seemed like a big fan if the catch in his breath and the telltale hardness pressing into Buck’s thigh was anything to go by.

“Good boy,” Eddie growled in Buck's ear.

Holy shit.

That did things to Buck. His insides were molten lava as arousal coiled tight in Buck’s belly.

Hot breath puffed over Buck’s neck as Eddie let out a huff of laughter, seeming to realize just how affected Buck was. The hot breath turned to wet heat as Eddie sucked a bruise at the juncture of Buck’s neck and shoulder. It drove Buck wild. They were both far too vertical at the moment.

Bucked whined, “Eds, please, bedroom–” He barely got the word out before Eddie was hauling Buck away from the door and towards the hall that led to his room.

Picture frames rattled ominously on the living room wall as they careened into it. Both of them refused to take their hands off of each other, so getting to the bedroom was taking longer than anticipated.

Buck threw his head back as Eddie bullied his hands up the front of Buck’s shirt, brushing his thumbs over still gauze-covered nipples. Another bruise was sucked next to the first one and Buck choked on a whimper as the suggestion of teeth were pressed to the exposed column of his throat.

Eddie definitely had an oral fixation, but Buck wasn’t complaining.

The journey to Eddie’s bedroom was attempted again. No furniture was safe, and Buck was pretty sure his legs would be covered in bruises shaped like the edge of the coffee table for weeks, but it really didn’t matter at the moment because Eddie was kissing him again, and slipping his hands down the back of Buck’s increasingly tight jeans.

Eddie smoothed his hands over the slope of Buck’s ass, the thin material of his briefs doing nothing to minimize the searing heat of Eddie’s hands against Buck.

A startled yelp left Buck’s mouth as the older man hauled Buck close to him by the firm grip on his backside, but it quickly transformed into a moan as Eddie pressed their hips together in a filthy grind. Buck could feel Eddie’s hardness pressing against his own, even through two layers of denim.

They were both wearing far too many layers right now, and Buck needed that to change in the next second or he was going to lose his mind. Eddie seemed to have the same thought. His hands found their way to the front of Buck’s jeans, nimbly he worked them open. Buck reached out to Eddie’s jeans to return the favor but found his hands slapped away.

Teeth grazed Buck’s earlobe, “You have to wait for that.” Eddie’s voice rumbled low in his chest, bowling Buck over as he felt the reverberations travel through his own ribcage.

Somehow, Eddie managed to work the jeans off of Buck with neither of them falling over. Every movement was interspersed with filthy kisses that rapidly turned into just panting into each other’s mouths as Eddie maneuvered the rest of Buck’s clothing off, leaving him pressed against the wall in just his briefs.

Buck was pretty sure one of his socks had been flung into the potted plant, but he wasn’t able to ruminate on that long as his world was suddenly moving. Eddie hooked his hands around the back of Buck’s thighs, hauling him up so Buck was forced to wrap his arms and legs around Eddie.

The sudden rush of arousal was enough to make Buck’s head spin. He knew that Eddie was strong, but seeing, feeling that strength was intoxicating. Buck dragged his nails up Eddie’s back until he could tangle his fingers in the soft hairs at the base of his neck, pulling Eddie into a deep kiss.

Despite still being lip-locked with Buck, Eddie was able to maneuver the two of them through the bedroom door without any injuries.

The mattress dipped as Buck was unceremoniously dumped onto the surface. He flailed for a moment, trying to organize his limbs. Buck finally got his knees underneath himself and scrambled up to grab Eddie from where he was standing at the end of the bed– only to have a hand firmly pressed to the center of his chest.

A small ‘oof’ rushed out of Buck as he fell back on the mattress with a bounce. He looked at Eddie with a questioning look, and he was maybe also pouting.

Eddie’s gaze felt like a physical touch on Buck’s skin. He resisted squirming underneath the heated look, but only barely.

“Stay put,” Eddie growled, sending liquid heat trickling down Buck’s spine. Being bossed around was really working for him. That was something for Buck to unpack later.

The mattress dipped as Eddie knelt on it, crawling up the length of Buck’s body with all the natural grace of a predator. Buck nearly choked on his tongue as Eddie, maintaining eye contact pressed a searing kiss just below his navel.

A whimper worked its way out of Buck’s throat. Eddie smirked against his stomach, working a trail of wet kisses up his torso. The rough drag of Eddie’s stubble was driving Buck wild and he automatically reached out to grab hold of the other man, needing to ground himself.

His hands were slapped away. He was about to push himself up and give Eddie a piece of his mind, but his train of thought was completely derailed when the other man gathered both of Buck’s wrists in one large hand, pressing them to the bed above his head.

Buck could hear the smirk in Eddie’s voice as he said, “uh-uh. No touching. You’re being punished, remember?”

Buck whined, throwing his head back into the pillows. It was so unfair how hot Eddie saying that was.

Removing his hand from Buck’s wrists, Eddie smirked as Buck simply moved to grab onto the bottom rung of the headboard instead.

“Good boy,” Eddie practically purred.

The praise shot straight to Buck’s cock and he could feel it kick in his briefs. Eddie smirked, looked like he had noticed too.

The breath caught in the back of Buck’s throat as Eddie created a path of bruising kisses from Buck’s collarbone and over his chest. Eddie paid special attention to Buck’s tattoos, sucking a bruise next to the one on his shoulder and wrapping a possessive hand over the one on his ribs.

Buck felt like he was being taken apart. Eddie seemed to know how to press every single one of Buck’s erogenous buttons. It was totally unfair, and he wanted to whine about it, but couldn’t get his mouth to listen to him, so all he could do was lie there and take it.

Teeth grazed over the edge of the tape on his chest, and Buck’s head shot up to stare at Eddie as he caught the edge of the curling tape between his teeth and peeled it up and off.

The adhesive from the medical tape caught on Buck’s sensitive skin and he whimpered, “ow.”

Eddie looked up at Buck with a smirk, “serves you right.”

With the gauze now removed, Eddie was really going to town, barely giving Buck a moment to draw in a shaky breath. He dived straight down to Buck’s chest like he was a starving man and it was his first meal.

Buck could hardly pull in enough air as Eddie laved over the hardened nub with broad strokes of his tongue. Then he bit at it teasingly, his teeth clicked against the metal piercing sending shockwaves of pleasurepain straight to Buck’s leaking cock.

Buck couldn't help the whine that slipped from his throat when Eddie wedged his thigh between his legs.

He wanted to touch Eddie so bad, but he wanted to be good for him more.

The wood of the headboard creaked in Buck’s white-knuckled grip as he pushed his hips up into Eddie’s touch, chasing the delicious friction.

The heat in Buck’s belly flared red hot as Eddie bit into the meat of Buck’s pec right next to his tattoo, before swiping a calloused thumb over Buck’s nipple.

He threw his head back, keening.

Buck had already been dangerously close when Eddie had thrown him onto the bed. It had been a while for him and he was working with a bit of a hair-trigger.

He whined, not wanting the fun to end so soon, but if Eddie didn’t let up, Buck wouldn’t be able to help it.

The small noises Buck was making served to only spur Eddie on. He trailed molten hot kisses across Buck’s chest, lavishing his tongue over the bite mark he had just left before trailing an electrified path of kisses to a nipple.

It hurt as Eddie jostled the metal with his tongue, it sent bolts of lightning racing down Buck’s spine, bowing his back off the bed. Having his unhealed piercings played with really shouldn’t be doing as much as it was for Buck, but here he was teetering on the edge, one push away from going over.

Eddie leaned back, surveying his handiwork. He hummed, pleased, “Look at you, so pretty. You’re such a good boy for me.” His words were accompanied by a rough grind of his thigh against Buck’s groin.

That was the last push Buck needed, the words ‘good boy’ rang in his ears as pleasure bloomed in his stomach, balls drawing up to his body as he crested the edge.

He shook apart underneath Eddie, feeling the mixed flush of his orgasm and his embarrassment crawling up his chest and into his cheeks, nearly dizzy with it.

“Did you just-” Eddie cut himself off when Buck nodded, ducking his head and hiding his eyes from Eddie. God, he was embarrassed.

Strong fingers pressed underneath his jaw as Eddie forced Buck to look at him.

There was no brown left in Eddie’s eyes, his pupils were completely blown out. It took a moment for Buck to place his expression. He realized with a start that it was awe.

Diving in for a kiss Eddie breathed, “Holy shit, Buck. That’s so fucking hot.”

All Buck could manage in his post-orgasmic haze was a mewl as Eddie devoured his mouth in a searing kiss, pressing his hard length into the cradle of Buck’s hips. Buck squirmed, the rough denim of Eddie’s jeans rubbing against the now tacky material of his underwear, it had Buck riding the knife’s edge of overstimulation.

Suddenly, Buck’s front was cold as Eddie peeled himself off rolling to the other side of the bed to rifle through the bedside table.

Eddie made a noise of triumph and settled back in between Buck’s legs, holding up his prize of a bottle of lube and a small foil packet.

Buck’s brain kicked back online, “wait, wait-”

Eddie hesitated, suddenly looking stricken, assuming Buck had just decided he didn’t want to do this anymore.

Buck squirmed, feeling a bit embarrassed, “I um, don’t want to use a condom,” Buck plowed on as Eddie sucked in a sharp breath, “I got tested, I'm in the all-clear. I can show you my results i-if you want…”

Eddie gave Buck a look, raising one eyebrow.

Buck shrugged, “I was being optimistic.”

Eddie chuckled before leaning down for another kiss, condom forgotten on the bed next to them. This kiss was different from the others, it reached right down to Buck’s very soul and he could feel it ache in his bones. He was so gone for this man.

“I’m also in the clear,” Eddie whispered against Buck’s lips.

Buck mimicked the expression Eddie had made.

“I was being optimistic,” Eddie said with a small shrug.

Buck laughed and Eddie joined in, their shoulders shaking as they clung to each other. Yup. Buck was completely irrevocably gone on this man.

They were pressed together, as close as they could be, but it wasn’t enough. The fact that Eddie was still completely clothed while Buck was just in his cum-stained boxer-briefs– it was killing him.

“Eddie, Eds, please can I touch you, please-”


Buck would deny the whine that left him until the day he died.

The mattress shifted as Eddie left the bed and Buck became frantic for a moment, letting go of the headboard and going to follow Eddie.

He stopped and slumped back down to the mattress when Eddie pierced him with a look and ordered him, “stay.”

All the air left the room as Buck stared, enraptured as Eddie stripped out of his clothes, revealing miles of beautiful tan skin. Buck felt high as he watched him.

Saliva pooled in Buck’s mouth as Eddie dragged off his boxers, letting his cock spring free and slap against his abs.

Buck was 100% drooling. He couldn’t help it. That was the most beautiful cock he had ever seen in his life, and if he didn’t get his mouth on that dick in the next minute he could not be blamed for his actions.

Eddie laughed, “Oh, really? Well, come here then.”

Oh shit, Buck must have said that out loud.

He scrambled down the bed getting up on his knees. Eddie met him at the foot of it with a filthy kiss, pressing their chests together. Buck’s piercings kept catching on the ridges of Eddie’s muscles and it hurt so fucking good.

Eddie pushed Buck back, causing his legs to fly out from under him. The fabric of Buck’s underwear strained as Eddie ripped them down his legs. The display made Buck’s soft cock twitch, already filling out again.

He nearly fell when Eddie pulled him off the bed and onto his feet, pressing their bodies together from their toes to their shoulders. The feeling of Eddie’s hard length being pressed against Buck’s own pushed him successfully from half-hard to fully hard.

“Is it okay for you to kneel?”

Of course, it was okay for Buck to kneel, nothing had ever been more okay with Buck. Why wouldn’t it be okay for Buck to kneel for Eddie? He would do anything for Eddie.

With a start, Buck realized that Eddie was concerned about Buck’s leg that had been crushed. His heart swelled in his chest and Buck swore he could feel it pressing against the inside of his ribcage. At that moment, Buck knew that he was so fucking in love with this man.

“Yeah, yes. My leg is fine, Eds.”

Eddie grabbed a pillow from the bed and laid it at his feet. The gesture made Buck’s heart flutter, Eddie was just so fucking good.

Coming face to face with Eddie’s cock was like finding God. Buck knew he was being dramatic, but who could blame him, that man had a perfect cock. It had been a while since Buck had given a blowjob, but his skills used to be renowned and he was going to give it the best he had.

A scent that was just so Eddie washed over Buck’s senses as he dragged his nose through short curls, as he mouthed at the crease where leg met hip. Above him, Eddie swore, winding his long fingers in Buck’s blond curls.

Alright, it was time to get down to business. Buck mouthed kisses all down Eddie’s thick length, feeling the ridges of the veins catch against his lips and tongue. He paused once he reached the flushed head, making sure Eddie was watching Buck as he licked a broad stripe from root to tip, before finally opening his plush lips to let Eddie sink into the wet heat of his mouth.

The grip in Buck’s hair tightened until tears were gathering at the corners of his eyes. He hummed around the cock in his mouth, working himself down until he could feel the head bump against the back of his throat.

Eddie’s hips twitched forward, like he wanted to keep forcing himself down Buck’s throat, but was restraining himself.

That wouldn’t do.

Taking a deep breath through his nose, Buck struggled for a moment to relax the muscles of his throat before pushing forward until his nose was buried in short curls.

“Holy fuck, Evan.” Eddie’s voice sounded absolutely wrecked as he stared down at Buck with raw affection and awe painted all over his face. Buck preened under the attention. He swallowed around the heavy length in his throat.

Eddie moaned, “Evan.” It sounded like a prayer leaving his lips, and Buck decided that he would like to hear Eddie say his name like that again.

He pulled back, sucking air in through his nose as he sucked on just the head of Eddie’s cock. He felt it twitch against his tongue as the bitter taste of precum spread across his taste buds. Buck hummed, reflexively swallowing and tonguing the corded vein on the underside of Eddie’s cock.

Swearing like a sailor, Eddie pulled Buck off his cock by the curls. There was an obscene pop as Buck lost the battle to keep the head of Eddie’s cock in his mouth.

He whined, licking saliva and precum off his swollen lips, before turning the full force of his pout on Eddie.

Eddie groaned, “Don’t look at me like that, Buck.”

Eddie pet a hand through Buck’s sweaty curls, and he couldn’t help but melt into the touch, forgetting he had been upset a moment earlier. He was soaring and didn’t know if he would ever be able to come back down to earth.

“I promised I was gonna fuck you,” arousal curled down Buck’s spine as Eddie spoke, “if I let you keep going, I would have come and I’m not an energizer bunny like you.” There was a smile in Eddie’s voice, but Buck was hyperfocused on the fact that he had made Eddie almost lose control.

A shiver worked its way down his spine and a broken wrecked whimper left his mouth, his throat was definitely feeling the abuse of having a cock shoved down it.

“Get on the bed.”

In a flurry of over-enthusiastic limbs, Buck launched himself onto the bed, settling on his back in the center. Buck absolutely did not squeal when Eddie grabbed his ankles and dragged him until his ass was at the edge of the bed.

Buck tilted his head up, a clear invitation in the movement. Eddie acquiesced and blanketed Buck’s body with his own as he stole Buck’s breath away with a kiss.

The sound of the cap to the lube being opened was loud as gunfire in the bedroom. Buck felt like he was going to vibrate out of his skin with anticipation.

He wanted to touch Eddie so bad, but he hadn’t said that Buck could do that yet, so he tangled his hands in his hair, tugging harshly on the curls to keep himself grounded.

He jumped when a hand settled on his hip, holding him still as Eddie probed slick fingers between his cheeks. Buck’s cock jumped against his belly, smearing precum on his trembling abs as Eddie found his entrance, except all that bastard did was pet his fingers over the tight muscle.

Buck keened, he was way too keyed up to deal with any teasing.

“Eddie, please– ah!” Buck’s begging was cut off as Eddie finally pushed his finger in to the last knuckle. The breath in Buck’s chest stuttered around a whine as he spread his legs wider for Eddie.

Eddie also seemed to be operating with the last scraps of his patience. He quickly added a second finger scissoring them as Buck writhed on the bed.

Shooting stars exploded behind Buck’s eyelids as Eddie crooked his fingers, grinning as Buck trembled, a moan dragged out of his chest.

Now that Eddie had found what he was looking for, he didn’t let up, rubbing the pads of his fingers ruthlessly over Buck’s prostate. All Buck could do was whine, desperate noises hitching in the back of his throat as his cock leaked a steady stream of precum on his stomach. He was completely at Eddie’s mercy, his whole nervous system alight just because of Eddie’s touch.

P-please,” Buck begged, he was at the end of his rope and if Eddie didn’t fuck him right now he was going to fall apart.

Eddie removed his fingers, and the disappointed whine that left Buck turned into a disgruntled noise as Eddie wiped his lube-covered fingers on Buck’s hip.

“You’re gross,” Buck said with a wrinkled nose.

Eddie only laughed at his expression before reaching for the lube and pouring probably too much of it into his palm before slicking himself up.

He got one knee up on the bed, tapping Buck’s flank with his palm to get him to make room. Buck quickly scrambled backward, laying back on the bed and spreading his legs wide as Eddie crawled between them. Buck stared as his heavy cock hung down between his powerful thighs as Eddie crawled up Buck’s body. He whimpered, that was going to be inside him.

Eddie sat back on his haunches, smoothing his hands down Buck’s front, tweaking his red and swollen nipples, watching the muscles jump and contract under Buck’s skin. Impatient, Buck used his long legs to hook around Eddie’s waist and pull him closer.

Eddie swatted Buck’s thigh, “brat,” he growled, but he leaned over supporting himself on one arm as he lined himself up with Buck’s entrance.

Buck couldn’t make any noise as Eddie finally pushed into him. All he could do was stare unblinkingly at the ceiling, mouth open around a silent scream, and just feel.

Above him, Eddie let out a groan that sounded like it was drawn from deep in his belly.

God, Buck wanted to touch him so bad.

As if reading his mind, Eddie dropped down to his elbows and rumbled in Buck’s ear, “you can touch now, Buck.”

A sound suspiciously like a sob ripped out of Buck as he scrambled to get his hands on as much of Eddie’s skin as he could. He dragged his tingling fingers down the plains of Eddie’s back, feeling the muscles shift and contract with every thrust into Buck’s body. It was intoxicating.

Tangling his fingers in Eddie’s hair, Buck felt like he was hanging on for the ride. Especially when Eddie shifted up to his knees, hitching Buck’s legs higher up on his waist, and began driving into him hard and deep.

Shooting stars were exploding in Buck’s eyes at the change in the angle. The head of Eddie’s cock driving into his prostate with every thrust.

The squelch of lube was obscene, the sound of their skin slapping together was obscene. Everything was bordering on the edge of too much and Buck was in outer space, soaring through the stars as Eddie grabbed the underside of Buck’s thighs, pushing them up until he was nearly bent in half.

Eddie made a punched-out noise as he took in Buck’s flexibility, his next thrust particularly hard, Buck swore he could feel it in the back of his throat.

Being so completely at Eddie’s mercy was making Buck’s head spin, he couldn’t find any words, the only thing falling from his lips were little punched-out ‘ah’ ‘ah’ noises.

With no warning, Eddie was suddenly pulling out. Buck whined frantically, reaching down his body to try and pull Eddie back.

The world spun as Eddie flipped Buck over with a bruising grip on his hips. He bullied Buck’s knees apart and pressed on Buck’s back until he bowed down, chest pressed to the mattress and ass raised in the air. Buck’s head spun with how easily Eddie had just manhandled him into a new position.

With barely missing a beat, Eddie thrust back in, the extra lube squelching out of Buck’s hole as Eddie rode Buck for all he had.
There would definitely be bruises on Buck’s hips tomorrow, Eddie was using his iron grip to pull Buck back into every thrust, grunting as he made Buck’s toes curl.

With every thrust, Buck’s chest pressed against the sheets, and his nipples were dragged across the fabric, catching on his piercings. It hurt so fucking good and Buck was spinning out, hurtling rapidly to the edge for the second time.

He wanted to warn Eddie that he was close, but he couldn’t get his mouth to work, all he could do was pant open-mouthed where his face was shoved against a pillow, a litany of moans spilling out. He couldn’t have controlled them even if he tried.

Eddie seemed to sense that Buck was close, he was close too. Buck could tell as his thrusts lost their rhythm, stuttering as he draped himself across Buck’s back. He sucked on the knob of Buck’s spine as one of his hands worked its way down Buck’s chest and stomach.

A sob was ripped out of Buck’s throat as Eddie’s hand wrapped around his cock. It was just on the side of too tight, but the copious amount of precum leaking from Buck eased the way.

Eddie pressed impossibly closer, getting his lips right next to Buck’s ear before crooning, “Such a good boy, Evan– Come for me.”

The tension that had been coiling tight in Buck’s belly snapped at his words. Eddie pumped his fist, once, twice before Buck was coming apart with a scream that he was pretty sure would have been able to wake the dead. His vision whited out as his body went rigid with pleasure, there was nothing left of him, he felt like an exploding star, burning up with the intensity of it all.

Above him, all around him, inside him was Eddie. At that moment Buck’s whole world was made up of him. Eddie still had a hand wrapped around Buck, working him through the waves of his orgasm. Buck sucked in a desperate breath, teetering on the edge of too much, feeling overwhelmed and oversensitive.

He whined plaintively, turning his head, desperately seeking out Eddie’s lips, needing him to ease Buck down to earth. Eddie’s lips found his. It was an awkward angle, kissing over Buck’s shoulder, but it was perfect.

A pitiful mewl was forced from Buck as Eddie gave one last desperate thrust of his hips. Eddie clung to Buck like he would fly away if he didn’t. He panted raggedly in Buck’s mouth as his hips ground forward, the force of his orgasm drawing a punched-out moan from him.

Sparks danced up Buck’s spine, and his cock gave a valiant attempt as he felt sudden warmth seep through him as Eddie came, but he was too exhausted. He felt wrung out and raw, like an exposed nerve.

Eddie collapsed on top of Buck, pushing him down flat into the mattress. They stayed like that, the only sound of their heavy breathing as they both waited for their heart rates to calm.

A warm hand soothed down Buck’s trembling side as another smoothed the matted curls back from his forehead. It was nice. Buck closed his eyes, letting the post-orgasmic glow and the feeling of raw affection wash over him.

He shifted, feeling Eddie grow soft inside him. Sweat and cum were drying on their skin and it was rapidly becoming tacky, sticking the two of them together. Buck whined and then whined again as Eddie pulled away, his dick slipping out of Buck followed by a trail of Eddie’s release.

Eddie shushed him, “I’ll be right back.”

Buck could barely muster the strength to nod. He must have drifted a bit because he was startled at the sudden touch of a warm washcloth between his legs. He rolled onto his side, spreading his legs to give Eddie easier access. He whimpered when the rough fabric of the washcloth dragged over his abused hole. His cock gave an interested twitch.

Eddie laughed in disbelief, “you’re insatiable.”

Buck gave a huff of his own laughter, “m’done. Promise,” he mumbled into the sheets, feeling the heavy draw of sleep.

The washcloth was tossed to the floor and Eddie was spooning up behind Buck, dragging the forgotten duvet over both of them. Buck knew they would have to get up soon to actually take a shower, because a washcloth could only do so much, but even if you paid him he would not be able to, nor did he want to leave Eddie’s warm embrace.

He snuggled back, letting Eddie drag him closer with a strong arm wrapped around his waist. It was everything he wanted. The moment was so achingly wonderful and perfect. The dance that he and Eddie had been doing for the past couple of years was finally over. Eddie brushed his lips over Buck’s shoulder, holding him to his chest tighter. Nothing would be able to ruin the moment.

Buck’s jaw popped with the force of his sudden yawn.

There was naked mirth in Eddie’s voice as he said, “Oh, am I boring you?” It rumbled through his chest, Buck could feel it reverberating in his own.

Buck laughed, turning around in Eddie’s arms.

His breath was swept away when he met Eddie’s gaze, his brown eyes shining with such deep affection Buck could feel his own eyes welling up in return.

Their kiss was achingly sweet as their lips met in the quiet space between them. There was no heat behind the press of lips, they were kissing simply to kiss, to reassure the other that they were there, and they weren’t going anywhere.

A grin split Buck’s face, “if I had known that getting my nipples pierced would result in the most mindblowing sex I’ve ever had, I would have done it ages ago.”

Buck laughed as Eddie swatted his hip, before succumbing to Buck’s contagious joy, his rumbling laughter warming Buck to his very core.

They still had to talk about everything, about them. How they were going to tell Chris and the team weighed on the back of Buck’s mind, but he let it all be washed away as Eddie pressed a kiss to his forehead and tucked the blanket tighter around them.

The moment between them right then was perfect. Everything else could wait.



Hen lounged on one of the couches, yawning as she waited for the first pot of coffee to finish brewing. Without her permission her eyelids drooped closed, lulled by the sounds of the firehouse around her.

She cracked one eye open as she heard the shuffling steps of someone joining her in the loft.

Buck’s back was to her as he made his way into the kitchen. He must not have seen her from where she was lying on the couch. She pushed herself up, about to call out a greeting to the man when she stopped.

Why the hell was Buck putting ice into sandwich baggies?

She continued to watch him as Buck filled two clear plastic bags with ice from the freezer before zipping them closed.

Her eyebrows crawled up her forehead as Buck brought the two bags up to hold against his chest. His sigh of relief was audible across the loft.

“What the hell are you doing, Buckaroo?”

Hen felt a little bad as Buck startled so violently he dropped one of the bags on the ground. He winced as he bent down to pick it up. Hen didn’t think her eyebrows could go any higher, but they tried.

Buck looked at her sheepishly, before shuffling over to her, baggies of ice still pressed to his chest.

“Morning, Hen.”

She watched as Buck surveyed the spot next to her on the couch, before gingerly lowering himself down, wincing for a moment before he was fully settled.

Oh. Hen was starting to get a picture now.

It was not lost on her that Buck had ignored her earlier question. She turned to face him, a sly grin sliding onto her face, “So, what did you and Eddie get up to after your shift yesterday?”

A firetruck red blush stole over Buck’s face, blotting out his birthmark. The picture was becoming clearer by the moment.

“How’d you know I was with Eddie?”

Hen fixed him with a look.

“I didn’t,” Buck spluttered, realizing his mistake as Hen continued, “but you just confirmed it for me.”

Buck squirmed, clearly struggling with trying to decide how to come back at Hen. At one point it looked like he was going to just get up and storm away from her and the conversation, but he had no sooner moved to sit up before he was falling back to the couch with a pained hiss.

Buck turned to look at her, pouting, “turns out, teasing Eddie has some consequences.”

Hen’s laughter exploded out of her. She couldn’t believe nipple piercings of all things were what finally got these idiot boys together. If she had known that, she would’ve held Buck down and done it herself years ago.

She was still laughing when Eddie joined them in the loft, holding a cup of coffee that was clearly meant to be an apology as he handed it to Buck. Eddie hovered around Buck with a guilty expression as Buck pouted at him, rearranging the makeshift ice packs on his chest.

Hen spoke up, laughter having had finally died down, “make sure to sterilize those piercings, Buckaroo.”

The pair of men turned to look at Hen, twin quizzical expressions on their faces.

“You don’t know where that one’s mouth has been.” She had been guessing at the reason Buck’s chest was so sore, but she knew she had guessed right at the scandalized expression on Eddie’s beet-red face.

Coffee forgotten, she got up from the couch, laughing again. She had to go find Chimney, she had some money to collect.