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when night falls (with swords in hand)

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It’s day six of the battle.

The ground remains trampled from all the previous fights—the soil has been upturned, tufts of grass strewn about. Pieces of chainmail, broken arrows, and dried blood cake the surface below.

Yet neither side will relent.

Despite the losses that have been suffered, numbers dwindling significantly since the start, neither leader backs down.

Today the soldiers once again pick up their swords, and head into the fray from which they might not return.

The scene is filled with the sound of yells and screams. Of howls and roars. Of metal clashing and striking against each other, of the bloody noise made when that metal reaches flesh.

The clanging is particularly prominent where the two leaders are. The strikes are as fast as lightning, and wherever that lightning goes, heads of blue and red follow.

“Give it up,” the red-headed man grits out. Diluc is his name, and he has a penchant for fire.

The one with the blue hair—Kaeya—likes freezing his enemies out. “Dream on,” is how he responds, and the two exchange quick slashes.

It’s chaos all around them, with people getting wounded and killed right beside them, but since day one they have all known to never interfere.

The first to try was one of Diluc’s men. He had thought it would be a clever dirty trick. With Diluc distracting the leader of the enemy he could easily sneak in and puncture his heart.

He was wrong. Before he could even raise his sword, Kaeya turned on him and slit his throat. The very last thing he saw? The terrifyingly dark expression on Kaeya, and pure malice in his single eye.

Diluc was beyond pissed off. He thought his men were smarter than that. Before resuming their fight Kaeya smirked and commented, ‘Well that was stupid.’

But it was soon his turn to be pissed off.

A soldier from Kaeya’s side this time decided to try and insert himself into Kaeya and Diluc’s business.

Diluc didn’t even have to turn to drive his sword through the man’s chest, and his blood splattered all over Diluc and Kaeya the next time their swords met.

‘I see they are as foolish as their leader.’

Kaeya’s tone turned dangerous. ‘Be careful, darling Diluc. I don’t want to have to cut off your tongue.’

For the first time that day, Diluc smiled.

‘I’d like to see you try.’

To tell the truth, both men are exhausted. They’re just going off pure adrenaline and the desire to stay alive. If it were up to them, the fighting would have ceased days ago. It’s obvious there will be no winner—not at the cost it’ll take to achieve the victory, anyway.

But alas, there is nothing the two men can do except play their role, dodging incoming attacks and trying to land their own, just waiting for the night to come.

Because once night falls they retreat. They take a headcount, tend to injuries, and talk strategy. Then they can finally recuperate and rest, with the grunts on the field earlier instead being replaced by—

“Fuck me harder, you coward.”

Kaeya has Diluc on his hands and knees, thrusting into his hole. He rolls his eyes at the command yet complies, increasing the force at which he moves his hips. The sound of skin slapping skin is loud, as are Diluc’s stuttered moans and Kaeya’s short grunts.

If they were anyone else someone would’ve rushed in already at the noise, concerned and on alert, but as the leaders of their respective groups they have the privilege of a more private tent, far from where they would otherwise be overheard.


Kaeya brings his palm down to strike Diluc’s asscheek and he lets out a cry, one that is so loud Kaeya pauses his movements to glance at the entrance, just waiting for someone to burst in.

“What did you stop for?” Diluc complains from below, rocking his hips against Kaeya.

Kaeya brings his attention back to Diluc and slaps him once more. His skin has turned a pretty pink, a few shades lighter than his fiery hair, and it is the colour Kaeya likes most on him. Normally Kaeya sees Diluc covered in the red blood of his subordinates, so this is a welcome change.

“You’re confident today,” Kaeya points out. It must be because they’re on his land. Last night when they were in Kaeya’s camp Diluc held everything back, only making noise once Kaeya started hitting his prostate on every stroke.

Tonight he’s just putting it all out there, as if he doesn’t care whether he’s heard moaning like a whore.

Perhaps his soldiers already have their inklings. That every night their esteemed leader Diluc takes respite by having a good fuck. Kaeya wonders what they would think if they knew Diluc was begging for it up the ass, by the very one he spent the entire day trying to kill, no less.

“You gonna come soon?”

“Yeah,” Diluc breathes out his reply. He reaches behind himself for Kaeya’s hand and brings it to his cock. “Just—”

But he doesn’t need to explain any further. Kaeya leans into Diluc so he has a better angle and starts stroking, relishing in the weight of Diluc’s length resting in his fingers. Because he’s shifted his weight forwards Kaeya can bury himself even deeper into Diluc, the results of which are clearly felt by the both of them.

Kaeya groans with satisfaction. He has never had anyone as good as Diluc. All the men and women who came before, they pale in comparison to the man currently in his bed. Kaeya drives himself into that tight wet heat and continues working Diluc’s cock. Diluc’s vocalisations become more high-pitched and strained, a sound as delicious to Kaeya’s ears as the finest wine is on his tongue.

When Diluc sobs and spills into Kaeya’s hand, Kaeya finds himself dreading the moment this will all come to an end. Not their sex session tonight, or the one that will come tomorrow, or the ones for however many more days this battle will drag out, but for the actual end.

The one that results from one of them having taken the other’s life.

It’s a grim thought, one that dampens Kaeya’s arousal, so he’s grateful to be dragged out of his thoughts by Diluc pushing him away and out of him.

“No coming inside,” he says, as if Kaeya needs reminding.

Too much hassle apparently, despite Kaeya’s offers to lick it out of him after. The issue is that Diluc doesn’t want to clean up, isn’t it? So he doesn’t see why he won’t oblige even though Kaeya says he’ll do it for him. Regardless, Diluc has never budged and Kaeya has learnt to stop asking.

Because in the end, Kaeya will still be coming in a hole. Just not the one he was fucking earlier.

Kaeya wonders whether this is why Diluc doesn’t let him come in his ass. As much as he loves a good pounding, maybe he needs a cock in his mouth just as bad. He’s clearly good at it too, holding his hair to the side and bobbing his head like nobody’s business.

You can’t not come from the sight of it. The way his mouth slides over your cock so gracefully, a skilful tongue adding to the pleasure. He doesn’t neglect your balls either, running his fingers over them with the ghost of a touch.

It’s enough to bring Kaeya over the edge and he comes without warning. Diluc stays through it all, not moving until Kaeya is done. Only then does he draw back, lips maintaining a tight suction all the way until they pop off the head. And then he swallows all of Kaeya’s seed, making sure he can see the movement in his neck.

Kaeya wants to kiss him, almost, but he won’t. Not only because it’s incredibly stupid but because he needs to go back to camp as soon as possible if he wants a chance at catching any sleep tonight.

He does give Diluc a smile though, just a little quirk of the lips, before getting off the bed and pulling on his clothes. He walks towards the entrance of the tent but pauses before stepping out.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, yeah?”

“Yeah. See you then.”